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Weather forecasts 

Vlcton* «iid Vicinity; Light to ruoderntB 
windi, generally fair, not inuoh ohange In 
t»inp<<r»tLire, shower* tunlght or on Monday. 

l-iower Mainland: Light ' to inoilorale 
wind*, generailly fair. »h'iwern lohlghl im' 
Monday, not murh rhnnge In tenip' lal'T^- 


Colonist Telephones 

BuaineBB OfTlcs 11 

Circulation 12 

Job Printing 1!»7 

Editorial Rooms *" 

tE.sT.VU].It>llKD 1«68.) 




nWi All 



Antbor of ramou* Song in Sued by JW« 
WUo toi Alimony 


Unanimous Verdict of Province 
in Coming Election is An- 
ticipated by British Colum- 
bia's Premier 

I tnuu 


I ml I I 


Neither Mainland Nor Island 

Arc Willing r to, M^ii^fefi 
. .the Splendid'-ft^Sfi 'Qf #ie 



Jl^ C. March 28.— 

w» ♦i»i^* a«<< worn out. 


^ i *»•**■ 

-utiuuriwitic than evw 
over the fut«fiir% tt» pwtvtooe wWcb 
he governs drably. Premier McBrlde 
leturns to hU home In the mornlns. 
His last moctJne l it tl wt Of wny tt Un y it-: 
side the Victoria. 4(t$llM9t tO«* pufi» 
here tonight, ihW |tt|l)[tl«atlr <i»Of*«l« 
une of the mast eiMMMti IHNl «(P«mMXi 
the OTOBi suc6e»sfot-.'j^J<*B«a Iwwi ever 
undertaken by a P«V*»i<SfiWyW*W*r, l» 
Canada. During their tomrP»l>{W«»nIer 
:i«d Uto Attorney-General felt* ' travel- 
led over three thousand miles by steam- 
er, train, motor and team. The adtJrea- 
slng of twenty-six meetings, great^as 
the strain and iatlguc 
been the least part o( |!»^ si 
of the tour. DppUtat|MJ|/ 

I 1 ihemseUestij 

opporluniiy n iiibpect .'Jc^c^(^] 
ln.-3tllutlons v.Uioh au bcins w. 
\v!ioii\' 1)1- ii. i>urftfcfti)tt"iddt.' 
, in! tr.-n,sui-> .^tfPHWV* ■l»wRl -^WpF-Tif. ir 

K';inii Mip.-. 1.. . Istoke, Golden, 
Nakusp, -Now Deu\er. Nelson 
Kzalo (two), Fernlo, Cranbrook^ 
Ilossiand. Greenwood, Pentlcton, 
owna. Vernon, Aslicrgft. Nicola, MUncr. 
- icouxer, New Weatmmster, 

in.l ^adysmlth. 

One of the most gratifying features 
of "the Prrmler'3 tour was the alghrof 
mUe aftfir mile ot actual com»tructlon 
solng en '"'H connection with the first 
portion <■ ;ovBrnment'8 rallw»jjf 

• oljey. 1-. V... .Homing, as he nc^S . 
ictoria, he will see further evldetrtilfj "_ 

.... ...,> l.-,\A r,n t)<a iRlnnd aCCtiOlli.* .^ l' 

t .tile i3v«:«.i i^..* --- *'^' ' - * 

Meaaage of Victory 

To a (.'Olonlst icpu-acntative tlilB 
fittcrnoon Mr. McBriUo dtcUr«|.,g^W»»l^ 
as tired but iiaPl>y- lie Is . 
that the government Is. goln||.: 
~ lure <-■•>■•'■ '-'^ntested scat 
jng . . go forward with Its work 

in the Kno\vic<lge or the uuauuuv>at; 
vcrdU'.i Of the province. Discussing his 
tour. Mr. McBride said: "We addressed 
on our lour the largest audiences I be- 
lieve that have ever rtssnnbled in the 
province to listen to political dis- 
cussions. Despite thn manjfc election* 
l.y acclamation. Mr. Bowser and I. in 
cprder to acQuaint the people fully with 
the issues of tiie day. made It a point 
to round off our full programme as 
originallv arransed with the one excep- 
tion of covering Yale Instead of Simll- 
kame^n. .■ ■ ' 

Tltetc can be no auesUo" of the out- 
come or the Mainland constitiieooles. 
which unquestionably will return a 
solid phalanx of Conservative members. 
^ Opp-^lt lom .-(Liberal and Spciallst> 
s no'l been looked upon at-rlously and 
It I.S quc^tionoble if any of them will 
save their deposits. On the Island, as 
far as my advices go. there are Indica- 
tions of a similai* swtepln 
■,;ver the r-nuplr.v the peo; 
lo express at the polls i: 
i.*factlon with the programme ot' devel 
Cantlnaed on Page 

LONDON, Ont, March 23.— Cyrus: 
C. Warman, known the world over a« 
the author of the famous song. 
"Sweet Marie,' is being Bue*! for ali- 
mony by his wife, Marie M. AVarman. 
who resides on Cheapside street, in 
this city. ■ 

Strange to relate. It was Mrs. War- 
man, then a student in the academy 
of the Sacred Heart here, who inspir- 
ed Mr. Warman to write "Sweet 
Marl«ISipB|||||i:^teen yeaxa ago. l-'o? 
somfllllil'lK^Varnian and his wife 

htf'tt^li^'jIllCTyK"' ""*_ '^^^ ^^° ?^^^'^ 

mill aeclUi«« ^ b«l«Vt fHf •Wpt -. 
Mr. W«f«wk <^t laU V**** Wl viWk 
.tH* chief wrttwp ot th» 9ttb^j»)tt 4«t. 
IMurtment ttt «»• tswgia TruMI «* Wi 
GrMi4 Trunk Paclfto nOtwisrt ' 


ir«w tew ot OAMMo to V^^ JMmrt* 

TORONTO, Ont, March «<— All prt- 
va$« hoapitals of tb« pcovlttca ar« to be 
brought under the InnNKsttdn and con- 
trol ot the provincial governmMi^ »y » 
roeaaure tntrodHcart In thw iMfflllilty* 

Government's Minimum Wage 
Bill as it Stands Will Not 
Effect Settlement of British 
Coal Strike 



« 'z 

C^ Ho0e t)f Sdtution Appears 
• to be the Withdrawal of the 
Owners fiom Their Post- 
lion : 

by Hon. W. J. Hanna.' pro*tt»^ «W»»- 
tary. According to the proi^os** la.#, 
every private hospital Including ma- 
ternity hospitals In which two or more 
p atlW l tg wa n w e l ye d »q» l a df e d > < i t iM 

satna wk^ must oMslaxa lM#me fMMl 
the provlnoM #«orat»cy* »liA •haU :^$ 
under gowrtailwital tei^iMttMU. 

iLOimoH, IKureh ff*— '?«i* «OT«m. 
mam miauniim wM* but «» it ataads 
wiW iwt wlUi turn lat i al auitt e i tt ' h t < ■ 
new •iiiiiutedoii i^ MiMh Therefore. 
trHh tha frraYMi 4mawrf ttM owntry 
awaits tlM ruNNHUi ^ tha inlat oonfer- 
•Md at «e«l 9W1MM jUA sUsmw e% 

' iiiiiiity' i 

rrlsonar Junips from Train TraveUlag 
at 60 MUes An Hour 

TACOMA, Wn., Mar. 28. — George F. 
Smith, a prisoner being taken to Seattle 
from Ban Francisco escaped tonight 
near tjouth Taconia by leaping from a 
window In a tjhasta Limited while thb 
train was travelling close to 60 miles 
an hour. Tho train was stopped but 
Sergeant Dagner of the Seattle police 
force, vvli" I'-i"! guarded Smith closfely 
thrQUghii jurney failed to-iflnd a 

trace of uie :nan. It Is believed that 
Smith could not have escaped Injury. 

Smith was charged With having stolen 
a motorcycle and a typewriter In Se- 
attle, and when arrested In ^Mt i^im^. 

ttPi t« mitka hl». 



Not'^ro be increased by] 

to waive iKliir.4iWM«l 4«Mmri>iileb '.: 
h«r»tff<mi''^M«:,|»ve maMrtainw a»"iaia 
«ttty biMl^^'Jettlement which they 
would accept, but they will Insist upon 
their demand for the five and two shil- 
ling minimum. The government ad- 
heres to Us refusal to embody theetf 
ratea ta the bill. If the owners a^ree 
to concede this demand, it is tha general 
opinion that the strike schedule will be 
settled. It they do aot It will make 
little difference vWherther the bill In its 
present. arhape be paKiiad or withdrawn. 
A curious feature of the coal crisis 
la found m the ftoct that AmerUiaa 
managers in London are be- 
pr^mlnnni- S&i^lsu stags 

' . aN«r. «Mdi 9»Mm '■ ' 

KBW YORK. Mar. M.-^A. aaeend In- 
ternal uaohine. aimliar in alawM h^i^ 
respect to the one he reoelVjHl ^hfpaiJSt 
tha naU a vMk <W0k wiM in|iu« iiwt 
Wadns^ jk« J«4g« Ott« BoMMky it 
the c'ourl! «t »enaral aaalona, a«og#« 
ln« to jtha TlaMs this nwrnUifl;. tfaa 
seeond bomb It In MUd «•• reef iTfd 
In an uptown sub-station «t .Qm pbii- 
offloa whara postal lnsp«Qtot» iMMi-bflNP 
^in ^^ ^« tufiMmt TttfT 
to th» mil* •!««#»• 
wbieb b*.^,;JiBi 

Germany to Establish Extra 
Battle Squadron and In- 
crease Personnel of Both 
Army and Navy 

COAL CRISIS il\l U. S. A. 

Decision la a Pew Days as to Whetber 
460,000 Men Will Quit Work 

. ' V,{;^/rt'tt- 



New MlBtary Corps to be Cre- 
ated and Rationed .ort 
Frontiers of France and 
Russia ^ 

flU^t ot t«r« addltioha^ oofpa tor the 
i»rt«-ian itywL ineraases to tha Baatbn 

CLEVELAND. Ohio, March 23. — 
Wlieiher the 450.000 union coal miners 
ot the United Slates will quit work and 
cause the mlnea to be shut dowr prob- 
ably will not be decided earlier than a 
few days before April 1. wiien the pre- 
Btnt wage agreements expire. 

Officials of the miners' union today 
decided to take no action on the wage 
dispute of the anthracite miners' tmlon 
until after there has been a settlement 
of differences with the bituminous 'coal 
miners, or a disagreement. This means the coal situation will remain un- 
iii]tM tntU aft^r^^Tuesday. when there 
ilaother conference. The bltum- 
eo&l miners jare aakln^ for a ten 
tsent. increase in pay with a reduo- 
'tton ot Working hours. The anthracite 
miners are making similar demands, but 
lu addition want material changes in 
tiliiMr> worlUng conditions. Including a l: 
/MHibpierte recognition of the union and 

tin MMte '^Tmn mm of wmm'^ 

\ fTiiinmnn 

Vanquishes Socialist Inter- 
rupters and Gives Mr. Par- 
ker Williams a Very Uncom- 
fortable Half Hour 


OiEn S cLcOTiuiM 

Sr-r-mi iHiirkl V A 


and Bavarian armiea, an* the eat*b» 
itshnient ot an astra naval bftttla 
witiaA'bnt l» a«many# answer to the 
«*M)«i * ps«i h ot wtBuMon ipeaaw 


;|». t^ |ii4«INI* «intteB.-«r Iha 

-tilw fH(hia ' 



f^ff^^^™* ^i^*^^^^» ^^ppftwW 


IS victory. 

a. Col. ."5. 






x„-:.Tr -Ml Along the Line. AwaUi 
H^BUlt of conference. No Roduction In 
.Armament.. ITlme Minister at 

2~How the Fight l» I'rorff.ding. 

8_}j,ttl*ri>- aighu at Nunoimo. 

4— ICdli'iilal. , 

I — Telpgraphlc K»ws. 

«_Na^j( r.t the C:ty. 

7 — ivews oi tU* City. 

S In Woniftti'ii Realm. 

5 — gporllnif .News. 
XO—Two PromUintt "IXopca" 
11 — AddiMonal Bpopl. 

I'' Real Kutato Adverts. 

13-Be8) Eilate Advert*. ....^^ 

14 Mr. Pooley Beturna to tho AttacK. 

\ 6 — Marine News. 

1«.- .\ddlll"nal Marine. 

17 — Soelal and Per.'pnal. 

l»_-a«neral Adverttsemenlt 

lt>--TologrBrhl<' New»- 

20— J. K. Harvey and BlUott-Siv Advia. 

:;J— Saanlfh Llbcrala Hear CanOidnle. 

•jj— Mr. I'noley Ketuni.s to the Alt<iok. 

••J — Telegraphle Newa. 

■1 in- Id S))cncer. .J^tmltrJ. 

Jn \"lew. 


1— Opening of FUhlng s«Bii"n. 

a— C'osl. Cvlula In Oroat Pritalii. 

I — Lltoratur'*, Mu»U< a"J Art. 

4 — An Hoiir with the Killtor. 

t — Oftrtadlaii Northern rM'Mri. " 
ver Island. 

I — Things 1 lientrli.-al. 

7 — The iJreenhouBp .Myatory. 

I — The Great rstorm of HOJ. 

9 — Field Hporta. 
10— The rhildren'g P«ge. 
U— A Page for Women. 
II — Happenlngd In World of I.»t" 
It — Ad vert Isem vita. 
14 — Advertlaementa. 
II— Advertisements. 
II — Of Interest to Women, 
it— Advertleement*. 
If— Advertisement" 
1 »— ,Ad v«»t»«»m» n ! » 
2» — TUaelfled Ad^ ti-. 
Cl—Tlaialfl'-d Advt». 
"i — Advartlaemenip 
:l— Stocfc MarVe1» 
2 4 — AAr«r>l«einen;». 

\n especially largo audience, attended 
nJt^ ChjrWt' hall, Sooke, last night num- 
'-^^^- e nelghborhddd of 180, to 
to Mr. Helrav,Ken. Mr. 
^»LS chairman, and traced 
frogresB of the DevelCp- 
latlon of the district, which 
Ullr. Helmcken'a special care. 
iRbnUEtlt down the minister of 
M'^P'l^et the residents in 
p6^aiL"^ii(^J%l|£ir.«r.0und for himself, 
v^iX»0i!0^0§^m^n they had ask- 
ed tor rb^a they bid got them. He 
would answer. the question that every- 
JUili'JWiK^ *"*'*"" Just now: "Who was 
IMVOnnBi^* tor the dismissal of the ml» 
-superintendent of roads," by saying that 
iia une ItaJ dono thls, icast ot all Mr. 
Helmcken: Mr. Peatt had merely com- 
mitted suicide. He had only himself to 
blame tor his loss ot place. 

Mr. Helmcken traced the history ot 
his connection with tha Sooko district, 
and the progress of the Development 
Aesoclation, which enabled the people of 
the district to, as they had a right, make 
their wishes known \a.t^0ij^^,t& their 
own affairs. It had al^^MiM|Mlil-'e> Pleas- 
ure and a honor to workTfwiftem either 
as their member or even when he had 
suffered defeat, but yet had some Influ- 
ence In. respect to the patronage for-.the 
district. He was proud of the loyal sup- 
port he had received, aiid glad to have 
been able to do something. 

Mr. Hclmckon touched on the record 
of the McBrlde government, which had 
brought In a railway policy which they 
had been working upon for years. There 
was practically no opposition to this 
even on the part of the LlbecalSi and he 
would pass on to the railway dovclop' 
inent of the Island. He would remind 
those present he had pointed out In 1908 
that tho presence of the C. N. R. on the 
Island would wake up the C. P. R., and 
thle had been verified, and within a few 
years the people would see railways all 
round the Island. He accepted the gov- 
ernment's policy as to the timber hold- 
ings and the land; If they were weak 
points- in It, he would strive to amend 

The planus in his platform were: A 
Ht.Tntiard ntinlmiim wase as ndoptrd In 
l!;t.- '.i'.y for work on th" rondB In ccun- 
tr' ul.strlcte. where the people felt the 
pluoh of high prices even more than the 
dwellers In the city. An eight-hour in 
place of a nine-hour day at the name 
work, aiid the exclusion of aliens from 
any governinont work. 

He had hoped to have got through this 
contest without making personal refer- 
ences, but he was compelled to answer 
.some charges that had been made by his 
opponents. Mr., R. H. Pooley had made 
a atatenient — t'cferrlng to some of his 
remarks about the Esquimau Water 
Works- — to the cffpct that his father. Mr. 
C. K. Pooley, had done his bpst to modify 
the bill relating to that company when 
It was Introduced in 1886, but had been 
unable to effect thl.s. But Mr. C. B. 
I'ooliv wan actually In charwe of that 
bill, a private bill, and had power to do 
wliat he pleased with it. 

All knew how unsatisfactory the state 
of the road had been .since the comjiany 
dug It up. He was not opposed to In- 
duFlrlal development, but the stronft arm 
of the government was needed to keep 
laige corporations in their place. No 
charter could depriye the public of its 
just rlBhts. Yet the road, which was 
their.", had been 

in spite of remonstrances from the gov- 
ernment, to whlrh the company had paid 
no attention. Tho re.sult was the pro- 
Continued on !*»(« 8, Cut. S. 

including actor managers, anx- 
to obtain American engagements 
H^mmedlately to oacaoe the depression 
Incidental to the strike. The continued 
curtailment ot the subiirban train ser- 
vice has hit the theatres severely. Tho 
managers fear that the future hold» 
out .4. worse nrosotict. Charles Haw- 
trey has acci American engage- 
ment and wiii .-,1.^*. iicxtyweek. Seymour 
Hlcka has taken a similar ftep to es- 
cape the hard tiroes. 

Preferential JPrlmary I«aw. 
SEATTLE. March 23.— The King 
county Republican committee by a vote 
of 16 to 6 declined today to adopt a 
resolution urging Governor Marlon B. 
Haji to call a special session of 'the 
legislature to enact a, presidential prefr 
erential primary law until all of the 
vanouB Republican organiialiona art 
heard from. The meeting was a stormy 
{>n«« '■"-■-■■■ 


Gold Output of the Season Es- 
^ted at $750,000— Hon, 
M Young Returns from His 
Well Satisfied Constituency 

Premier McBride Leaves 
Shortly for London to Take 
Up Question with Board of 


VANCOUVER, B. C, March 2».— The 
Important announceruent was made by 
the Hon. W. J. Bowser, at a mef-ting In 
Ash hall tonight, that Fremler .McBrlde 
would leave shortly after the eiectlon.s 
for London, to take up With the board of 
directors of the B. C. Electric Railway 
Compiny. the whole question of the 
company's franchises In Vancouver and 
the surrounding municipalities. In 
fully explaining Uie attitude of tlie pro- 
vjncl^ government on this question, 
Mr. Bowser declared that It did not 
want to bo forced Into legislation which 
might weaken the wtablllty of this pro- 
vince in the eyes of tho investing pub- 
lic of the Empire's capital. .V great 
deal of the Atlorncy-Gencral's speech 
was devoted to a coBBlderatlon of the 
financial standing of the province, and 
the favor In which U was regarded aa 
a field for Investment sind he ga\e 
Htatlstlcs to show how British (.Columbia 
nari been financially regeiifrnted. 

'i'he subject had particular Interest 
for the ward in which Mr. Bowser wiui 
spfaklng, and he reminded his audience 
iliat before di.itrlct Jot 301 and Hast- 
ings lownslto becamo porllon.s of the 
city, they were unotganlzud territories 
an-fl under the government. 

Hon. Dr. Young, provincial secretary 
and minister ot education, returned to 
the C^apltal yesterday, after a ten days' 
visit to bis constituency of Atlln, hlB 
tour to and from the North having been 
a peculiarly delightful one. rendered 
none the less enjoyable by the mlttls- 
tfcr's re-election by acclamation as Atr 
itip's representativB in the Ibcat parlia- 
ment. Having read his own title clear 
politically, it was Hon. Dr. Young's 
intention to stop .over. at Prince Rupert 
ahd one or two other placea In the 
Skeena district to assist Mr. William 
SSansoR in bis campaign, but tU». was 
found to be impossible, the American 
Pteamwr Humbpldt—whlch he. caueht at 
Skagway — being unable to call at a 
northern Canadian, port. The Humboldt 
proceeded direct to Seattle, from which 
city the minister crossed to Victoria yes- 

"Sunshine all the time," summarlaes 
Hon. Dr. Young's account ot his trip. 
Not a cloudy day occurred from the 
time of his departure from this city un- 
til that of his return, while the weather 
in the north Was almost ppi'lTigllke. 

"There wasn't an Inc' 1 the 

glassy ice of the rivers. _ l oung 
enthusiastically yesterday, "and I had 
no use for fur coat or parkl on all the 
trip — didn't even need a cap. Wore this 
llRht hat, the one I wear here, all tho 
time." ' 

No serious- oppoBllioti to Hon. Dr. 
Young m this campaign was even so 
much as suggcste'l, and the fact that ha 
would be returned by unanimou.s choire 
of the riding was 

A Torogone Conclusion 
almost from the first intimation of the 

"Conditions in Atlln are especially 
.satisfactory and encouraging," says the 
returned Mlnl.ster, "and tho gold output 
for the season promises to eclipse that 
of any year since the birth of the dls- 
Iflot a.s a placer fi'ld. Last season thf 
gold commissioner' .« Btatement shows 
approximately fSOO.OOO to have been the 
gold yield of the district, but as tho 
official record takoa cognizance only of 
that portion of the otitput upon which 
rnynlty Is colltctable,, exempting $3,000 
in each case, this is coiialderably under 
the actual production total. Speaking 
the triip total exceeded half a million, 
th etrue total exceeded half a million, 
and thlB season It will well over-run 
J75O.O00, and may reach a mllHon. 

"The weather (conditions have been 
such that the Individual miners have 
been able to w6ik steadily throughout 
the winter, and as a consequence every- 
body Is feeling sBtlsfUd and contented 
in the district nnd ntoney is plentiful. 
On Spruce creek there l.«! every prospect 
of a bigger output for this financial 
year than during the past two. I'at. 
4'nntlnued on raice 5. «'..l » 

.' the iBoaaur^. 
appear in ~JHKplbrd Deutsche Allge- 
mcine ZeltSir^ Tor the extra battle 
squadron three additional battleships 
and two cruisers are to be constructed 
before 1920. The estimated additional 
annual cost Is 184,250,000 in 19ia. 
$31,750,000 In 1913 and $28,500,000 year- 
ly after that. 

TJie personnel of the navy will he 
increased by 75 officers and l.GOO men 
annually until 1920. over and above the 
Increases provided tor in the existint: 
naval law. The bill provides for an 
lo 'n submarines and for several 

u> .IjiOOSS* 

Tho aimy reforms will Increase the 
peace footing by 20,000. They include 
the creation of two field artillery regl- 
ments. ^ne Saxon cavalry regiment, 
one 1 Infantry regiment, four- 

teen u'j.m.Mml tWrd battalions to 
bring up the streiigib of all regiments 
from two to three battalions, and the 
Introduction ot machine gun companies 
in every existing regiment. New corps 
will be stationed . on the French and 
Russian frontiers. The bill prwldes 
increased pay for the men. 

.-, Secrets ot the Matlai. ;,_,-.. 
VITERBO, March 28. — Senor Dlnlch- 
Ito, the lawyer representing the In- 
former Abattemagglo, at the trial of the 
alleged Camorrlsts began his speech 
for the defenae today, but had not pto- 
.ceeded far when ht became ill. The 
sittings then was adjourned until Tues- 

li.wjMtted lA thfit mr tor cUasea fVM« 

'm)»ii« tiMM imUftM ^Pbeember it . 

_ -II, j^\Vm 1 grtewart, wHcTwar " Che* ■TJ<5nservatiV? " 

•WW candidate in the last election.' There 

was a lar^e percentage of friends of 

|[!he consider 

Fear of Massacre in Chinese 
City Leads to Suspension of 
Business— Attempt to Con- 
trol Silver Market 

SWATOW, China. -March 23. — Busi- 
ness has been suspended In this city and 
people are fleeing ir. tscasands owing 
to fears of a massacre. 

Fighting has occurred between a 
body of Cantonese troops and a force 
of local soldiers at Chao Chow Fu, 
about twenty miles north ot this city. 
Thtj^ Jvcal soldler«^ -k-bts defeated with 
heavy loss. 

Further troops are being sent here 
from Canton. 

Voters of Nanaimo Rallying to 
Support of Mr. A. E. Planta 
—Losing Sight, of Party 



LONDON, March 28.— The Pekln cor- 
respondent ot the Dally ;T*legraph says 
the HKwt Important feature in refer- 
ees. .to .the. propoaed loans, is... the . 
struggle to obtain control of the sliver 
market In China, inasmuch as virtual 
free coinage of that metal, which is 
Inevitable means an endless demand 
for sliver. At present observers believe 
that the success of the Russo-Belglan 
loan Is a healthy aymptom since the 
methods of the four-power group were 
becoming beaurocratla It la believed 
In Pekln, according to the correspon- 
dent, that the biggest of India's silver 
buyers are behind the new devela^ 
ment, and that silver will reach the 
highest level in years during the coin- 
ing summer. 

In reference to the foregoing. It is 
understood In London that the Sas- 
suona, the wealthy .Indian ahd Londoii 
bankers, are practically identical with 
the Russo-Belglan syndicate which has 
taken up the new Chinese loan. 

the late member In the hall and dur^^ 
Ing the earlier portion df the premier's 
remarks these gave considerable an- 
noyance to the rest of the audience, 
but it there wag any expectation of 
disconcerting the prime minister it 
was speedily dispelled and the tables 
neatly and effectually turned on the 
interrupters. Mr, MciBride assured 
the disturbers ot the meeting that all 
their loud shouting" would not save 
Parker Will jams on Thursday. In the 
end he won a tribute of respect and 
was heard out in quietness. The 
meeting on the whole was decidedly in 
favor of IJ?.^ Pier, whose ciectlpii, is, ; 
■^ assured. 
, Dr. Dley, who was given a hearty 
reception, reminded his future con- 
stituents that Ladysmlth had set the 
pace in the fixing of minimum wages, 
and asked the electors of Newcastle 
to set another pace to the Ladysmlth 
voters of the future by capturing the 
seat for the fifovernment on this occa- 

Mr. Parker Williams, the late Soc- 
ialist member for the district, whs 
courteously granted half an hour in 
which to place his views before the 
meeting-, and devoted a large portion 
of th^Vtiirie "allotted to dealing with " 
Mr. Thomas Graham, chief mines 
inspector, and in the course of doing 
so was sharply tripped up in a mi.s- 
sta.tement of fact He figured that, h' - 
cause of ties of blood and frlendshi;>, 
Mr. -Graham would not bs as strict lis 
he should be with mine managers like 
Mr. Stockett of the W<?Bt«»rn Fuel On. 
or Mr. Charles Graham of the Nicola 
district. He went on to speak of the 
latter as being manager of the Dia- 
mond Vale mine, where seven men 
were killed the other day, and after 
proceeding for some time along that 
line, a man in the audience corrected 
him as to the mine of which Mr. Gra- 
ham is manager. There was a sharp 
exchange back and forth on this point, 
until Mr. Wlldams appealed to the 


Spanish Troops Sustain Ziossas in En- 
counter With Trifcesmea 

.MAXiRin, March 23.- -.\ dispatch 
from Tnngler says that a .Spanish 
force had a Fev&re engagement with 
RlfRan tribesmen here yesterday The 
.Spaniards lost a cdlnnpl, three lieuten- 
ants nnd 29 men killed. Seven other 
ofTicera and 81 men were wounded. 



A public meellntt In the IiUit- 
eflta of Messrs. Hon. R. McBrlde, 
H. B. Thomson, F Davey and H. 
I-". W. Behnaen. the four Conserv- 
ative candidates In the approach- 
ing provincial eleetlon, will be 
held at tht, Victoria West school 
tomorrow evening, commencing 
at eiRht o'elock. Matter.^ of Inter- 
est to Ward I. will be dlsctissed. 

NANAIMO, B. C. March 23.— While 
there Is here what Premier McBrlde 
called a pleasing and attractive variety 
of candidates as compared with other 
portions of the province I'hlch he has 
visited, there will be no variety from 
the rest of British Columbia on the 
evening of March 2Jith. This la only 
another way of saying that so far as 
Nanaimo is concerned It will v^ry Its 
representation from Socialistic to con- 
servative, and do it by a handsome 

Nanaimo, like evary other British 
Columbia city, is beginning to come 
into its own and the railway policy is 
going to have a wonderful influence on 
the .future development of the city. Tlie 
C. N. R. In the extension of Its lino 
will doubtless come to Nanaimo and 
tlie C. P. R. extenplon northward along 
the la.'st coast of the Island, will be a 
errat benefit to this centre. Already 
its merchant.^ are realising what the 
.McBrlde government policy means to 
them and they are found rallying to 
tho support of ex-Mayor Plantu, tho 
Conservative candidate. 'In the stip- 
purt they are according him. party lines 
are lost sight of, and Liberals as well 
as conservatives, are to be found unlt- 
iiig In hit* cause, that of the mainten- 
ance of the gov;,rnmeni. Aid. Henry 
Shepherd, the Llbernl cnndldafe, while 
popular In the community and a good 
citizen. Is not receiving tho support 
front hla own party that was expected. 
.V or are the Socialists standing behind 
Mr. .lohn Place as might have been 
looked for. 

There are many who think that the 
lale member could ha-.e counted on re- 
Con tinned OB rnge S, Col. 8. 

FIGHT FOR $6,000,000 

Control of Proceeds of Boada of Alberta 

and Oreat Waterways Railway 

Xn Dispute 

EDMONTON- Alta., March 23.— The 
second round of the fight between the 
government of Alberta and the Royal 
bank for tha control of the six mil- 
lion dollar pi'oceeds of the sale of 
bonds of the Alberta and Great AVater- 
ways railway, and the Interest now 
lying In the bank, opens in the su- 
preme court on .Monday when the ap- 
peal of the bank und the construction 
companies -will b« nrgii^d. Whatever 
is the outcumc of the case it will be 
carried direct to the prh'y council. Th« 
appeal Is against the decision of Jus- 
tice Stuart directing the Watirwaya 
funds to be handed over to the con- 
trol of the provincial treasurer. 

premier. ' 

Mr. McBrlde quietly informed him 
that the Diamond Vale Is not th© 
mine of which Mr. Graham Is man- 

Mr. Williams was taken aback for 
the instant, but was understood to 
promise some sort of authority lor his 
statement before Wednesday. 

Hon. Mr. MoBrlde was received with 
cheers and at once plunged into -a re- 
ply to Mr. Williams' criticisms of the 
mines' de'partment. He pointed < out 
that the adoption of the Draegem oxy- 
gen appar.ttus was due to the depart- 
ment itself acting on what was seen 
to be doing elsewhere — an announce- 
ment whicli was news to the audience, 
which had been led by Mr. wniliams 
to believe that he did it-all. 

On the point of Mr. Graham's ap- 
pointment, the premier said that Mr. 
Graham was chosen because he had 
an Al record in the mlnea where he 
had been employed, nnd was first In 
hl.s calling in the province. There was 
no ijuestion of his politics or his con- 
tract with persont) or compantas, but 
solely of hiH i|nnliflcntion to control all 
the mine inspectors in British Colum- 

"To his appointment." snid the pre- 
mier, Mr. Williams Is the only object- 
or. .My Instruction.-; are that no <'on- 
slderation.'? are to come between the 
Continued on I'age 8, Col. 3. 

Fiftg Years Ago Todag 

<From The Colonlit of March 24. ISUJ.) 

The Estlinnlofl— On Frldny last the estlmalea for 18S: were laid before the As- 
»omt>lv, ai.-i-oini'anlsij by an approximate atatemenf of revenue and expehdltare 
for nifil. Th.- estimated revenue for 18C3 la aorne X?2.000, or nearly 12600 ?••• 
than the actual revenue of 1*81. 

Letter from Cariboo— Mr. George Weaver furnlahea u« with tom« Ute new» ftoja 
Cariboo. He left Beaver Lake on January 2H. The weather bntJ b«»>" v«.ry eoia 
from the firai of December up to the date of hla leaving — murh eolcler than « «nr 
time laat .vear. Not nearly «o much snow fell l"hl« year aa, In the wlntM: ot 
UKO-ei. The mercury congealed on the night of December 1 »n<J on tn* JSth fcna 
I«th January, fhe mej^ury congealed with the mm faWtrtg ftttl StPVR U. Two 
thermomelera at Wllllaraa Loke burat with the effect of the cold. Quite * 5T2?^ 
of men had been fro»t-bltten. A man named WMaon waa froal-Mtlen «t **!?njJ:;*T5' 
after half- an houi^a expomire. Another maa aamed Feriruaon. at ihs T«W{ W 
Qusenelis, whJ:« cbapptcg »'oa: ■«rtfh. leather fcasts ^ai..^!!i! »<•• f""* rrommxiL. icr 
was worth M( a hundred at the Forks and ♦>• at Alder ere* »*con at A« 
was aallleg at $1.2t pw. pound. 

H. M. 8. CbaryhdU. »t cuaa atrtvad y Werdfty afternoon from ^^/b. 
ordered here ewlng 10 the tWrtateaed awKnnHW t>erw»Mm Bn»«M««r 
United Htatee, growiog aat et th» MasofI ♦ad SlMdell affatr*. 




I lll» MW 

.^ .„Mfjm>xinar.>.'i»jllmn*attj: 


Sundssy, March 24, 1912 

Just Arrived 

A z.crrz'i.Y LOT 
OP rrNE sncvEB 

PXiAT£, (laadrujila. 

Vmm will find In 

ently fcrtiui'><l t>jr 
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lection, a, brand 
n- w Mhlpment of 
Quadrupla (RUtir- 
antcortj SILVEa 
PXiATB foi tloni 
(stU use and con- 
slsUnB principally 
of the following: 

T«a Seta. Bako Dlslie., Tray*. Bon-Bon »l«li««, 0»M«role«, «tt»d witu 

J^btedU the .Hove, as shown by as. toe Dw»nK«mt to beauty and 
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mth $100 Cash 

We are just beginning to know the poteotiali- ^ 
ties of the City of Victoria. Matters of nattotiia , 
scope ate shaping its commercial importance. It 
seems hard for some of us to realize that right here 
will be onfc of Canada's greatest seaports. 

One hundred dollars invested now,"wh^re de- 
velopment will be certain and rupid will reap a 
|>eantiftil profS*^ ... 

•Where is the development mcwe certain and. 
r^Hd than along the Siianich Suburban. '^ .. , -,- .. 

See v»8 at once about the splendid liaK*acr< 
blocks we are offering for ,. . . 

$375 to $750 

^pp cash, bal%« ealjib ^: «*^:- , ' -^ v ^ ^ 
Autos leave onr office at 10 a. t^%j^ 3 P*l w^i :;^ \d 

• . 'n il < " ' « I- t 

tee & C%irke 



Xonsarvatlves in the City Sure 
to be Returned— Esquimalt 
Situation Offers Only field 
for Speculajiipn -. 

thustastlo reception ih'tl has b««» ac- 
corded Mt.. McBride In *!» Itlnewity 
throokh ttie province convinced 
the ak^frttttii Uer« that what ts regard- 
ed as' gooff fop the rest ot tht prov- 
tnee must 1« the same, or even In a 
grfHtwr meftauTB. PP good for the city 
of Vlctoilia AniX for Vancouver Island: 
and consequently much of the flght 
"that was'r*puted to be In the opposl- 
ttoti mo weeks ago has evaporated 

B^rvatlve candidates will 'turn the 
trick. Neither the Liberal "nor the 
Socialist Is conceded a chance, or at 
least, not more than an outside 
chance. Mr, Jardlne represented the 
constUiienoy M the last house, being 
elected as a Liberal and switching 

oVer to tna gpveriunwu ' s id e -o n — *he- 
questlon of Jhe railway policy of 
which he Is an ardent supporter. The 
fact that he represented the constltu- 


Th* «]KMFtMig paraphrase "an over 
bar thb «!»oiatii»ir wHlIX applies to the 
tfttUtleat slttMiaon In the city ot Vto- 
toHa and tlM afe«tor»l dlgtrtct».,lw<r- 
roundlng. Bttt for tHe m«» lg«*"' 
ity of vote caitteg .OB tt» ***"»"J^ 
Conservative evt^di^tes masr r*»^' 
^«l»«m*4avee'a>r detf^, tt^ma^ ^' 
.^ftiiieiit JdD^' tear of a fall, corner 
jiSl»W«S^»*t»v« chamber best 

wHted-^'^^^ t»«t£s> 

In tat «t^ ^ Vtc|ort«»T»li«rfl tM» 
ore' two Wt»ei»J» IHm^ race «gaiwt 
foln. «oBteir«ftttv«i, ^fce TK«tm 'Is bo 
generslly lakiettifor gftn^rt/ttwA mile 
crno vi»«H» eathoelaemii oaOrtbltod 
1 hy the paailOk At i»» #iifwt «t^ **»« 

gg-JSn^e aptx^'^i'e'^ t|» be & feel^ 

n««UdMj»"«ll»n before, if euch a thing 
wA^'portriMe. The knowledge that 
howevcri*Mwe»«al the LibMata mU»t 
be, they «i<|Jtr ftot tbtTm^lima toj 

•aiMoectau* mlnorttr H*a *!•» bad 
•itg«WMKtt the public mind as 

government y*»ildfm''^''''^^^rrWp'*' 
Th6 fact thet mm M M Vfm ^iNw||Pi-'WBS' 
eatered cand;Jat«i m bw« » Ww_^ 
etitiiencles cut deep nnd strong " 

W4plM ^^ iieiiwiiii raina tft nave 

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ha\'e the best — 
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when "20th CEN- 
a no larger call on 
your pocketbook. 

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li^ Young Men's 
Gotbea you'tt always 
find in "2Dtb Cen- 
tiiry** garments — 
shoWi lixdusively by 
US in Vktoiia. - . 

A spiendl^ i9^rvice 
in these ,^arments, 
ioo — and the satis- 

faction that a man alwa^rs feels whpn we^r* 

^!^lSSi^^^^U*^ki,iK the eut; 
frfegea of thA electors lar.tlM^ ^«]r Ol 
Vlgtorla or In tif iS»(iBi«Ni3t Vt 
Ittiatcft electoral dlstrlcta e' tat tlwt 
SS^wiy where else I»m ^atogjjjrted 
tlMtl an opPMltteii fe» »tet • «*»*J*^»; 
trot iiiwt *ii«r.<l0,in«»W**»« »• *>»* *! 
tfi^ LUNdM* «f IN Ksrovtace ceanot 

tbeme«lv4» »»*•««»» ****i!^**^*Ki! 
that taci gttJittdeatly to influce tl»e« 
^Ul^^ato'eaaaM*^ *"A tbe plat. 

»«re ap»,e.ueu *p «* - *-- . V(^fc|P«* tt^. do It tor tbejB. 

M ^^.mm be powlble by tbjS^ .^#iiir||Mi|>tn:«lH> entire province there 
SStlKtt* ConnfrVBtlve r^ ^^pfe^^i^pagtlta^nvy that • offers more 
S^m now^S*tm tbif^SBtton as to the result than EM- 

* \*- '.; 



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wotikbe able to "plump" for their 
cia nl Utet M aa^a |n that way roll v»i 
Txi^m^U #!t#<tbr them, but whdn 

i^if ., 

"the 'un«tel4i i i Bi(> iy c" 

Qmil^i^'s description Store 

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We eee'lVWmi^ :''*<' are enrttful and use the best in our work. 



Reigns supreme, not only regaMing the 
future prosperity of our city, but of 
B. C. generally. True optimism is some- 
thing more than a continuous perfor- 
mance of prosperity, it is the joy of liv- 
ing— made an actual fact. Just as 
temp's Beer is a "joy" to all who make 
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MMlv'ImtU at 

oio'lMfinlnllTit are ll 
**^*""lfeiille there is und 

i^e room for J5J)flCU' 

the result, that speculAtlon l»« 
ally confined as to which of 



widely as a sufficient reasofa" ftfr re- 
turning him. 

opmettt'twlt Wbave submitted, and we 
ore by no meeiMi prepaj^td «o Jeopard^ 
the splendid l»romlM In eWre «w tJ&e 
country by any eneouragement at all . 
totMirda our opponents. ^ 

' Ajtoeof^r _*t weeljf-oi . - 
"Already In anticipation ol- the 
strength which the government is 
tmma to have 'after the SSth Inat. 

ibiw|g «;»^.«i»*i<>i'>9« «M ft|P^V^*!2ii!^ * 

which we Wi dosed odgtrante !are 
Idelng nd time in protoeedtnjf on .the 
ifork and there is every rea«4» tp et- 
peet that on the Island as well n* on 
the Mainland we ebiai see an a<Hlvlcy 
jireseiptir that wUI^eves outdo what' bee 
JLtuf gfllieiiniiit etnee IMMl:) Tomorrow 

ij hope ie, return to VIetorta nnd I will 
MMk^*iMmK.ff« V'0#iei)|ej(,^flFS#ng;in 

oclMttee en tbi; OMMKfiillt^'.tliOket 
and mVself will be retion^-WM^- 
some majorities on Thur«#JR?iJ|S!»."«^' 

posltfiHft.tbet la offereOUl^^^^* 
ot jtli? ditiftH and to-W^^SMpfr**"*^ 

^pm>ni, to mi.mS^^^^'^^ 

etanrf eo weU In Wj»P»^ «>d have 

as to >^ iMisvg y' '^^ SiS*f i ffi ** 

'■the EiUPlre It wouW haVl|,l|lilfe 
graceful act on the pea-t at'onf 
friends had they refrained from 
up a cimdidate," '^JFr'sJ^.^^ji^.^^'^ 

erf's -Si' 

ing real GOOD clothes. 

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mjSb J. Wilson 

"-' '*!•■?pj^, aiea's ClotWnif Centra 

► ■■ -■! ,('* and TTOunco *.venu« 

? ^a^*; 

^/fe^ -"J^l 


q( I meniber*; 

MARCH 28th, 1912 

List of Cqndidates 

CSonservfttlve. laberal. 

J. G. C. Wood ••• 

Hon. H E. Young • • . . • ........ • 

!. TS,. '•-■■■ ■ 
"Miciiii ■■^"'*.t:, 

Samuel A. Cawley . • ••• • •• •• ; 

H. O. Parson 

H. K. Foster. * ' 

Comox . . Mloliael Manson W 


W. Lefeaux (Soc.) 


wiioLi'S M.i". .\(;i':\"i's 

Victoria \ ancouver Nelson, B. C. 

W. H. Hay ward .... . . AU'X. 

T. D. Caven .... • • •• • • • • • • 

K. J. Mackenzie . . . .John Oliver ... • • 

\V. J. Manson 

A. MoXetce. • ••• 

John Jardlne .... • ..M. B. Jackson 

n. H. i'ooley . • • 

U D Helmckcn • • • acorRO Oliver ^Soc.) 

Hon. W. R, Rosa ■•:^^^ ' " •^"»- «»^''^''°"' ^^^^^-^ 

J. p. R. F- Lelghton. 

if. if'. MacUay • 

rVn n A McDonald. S. Henderson ■ 

^'^^yJ;,o A- E. Planta Henry Shepard John Place (.Soc.) 

NeTor William R. Maclean ".A. Harrod (Soc, 

11. wrir'iu ma.)... •••• 

Newcastin .... '^r. R. B. Dler • Paricer \Vllltam. (Soc, 

N. Westminster T. Glfford Oeorg. Kennedy 

Okanagan .... ««"• Pj-'^^o ^"«,**" " 

.UcvelHloke. . . . Hnn. ThOH. Taylor 

•Klchniond T" ^- "?*"'!!■?_'!!" 


<<iiond Korks 
Greenwood . . 
KamloopB . . . 

O.V.B. To Xnv 

aamitinr Monnl 

WINNIPEO. Man., Mti^ Ttt.— THe 
Canadian PaclHc Railway Co. an- 
nounces It will send a corp* of expert 
engineers to Frank, Alberta, to ex- 
amine the overhanging top of Turtle 
mountain with a view to report on the 
poEslbllltr of dynamiting It a-nn mu* 
saving the town from being buried. 


Sudden Oust of Wind Hnrla A«ropXane 
and Oconpauts To SestxuAtlon 

SEBASTOPOL. Runala. March 23, — ^A 
double aeroplane fatality occurred here 
today. Hub-llcutenant Albonoff and 
his assistant, an engineer, were maklnff 
a. flight In a biplane at the flying: 
grounds attached to the military avia- 
tion school when the aeroplane was 
overturned by a sudden gust of wind 
and hurled to the ground. The two 
aviators were Instantly killed and the 
aeroplane was destroyed. 

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Tho Islands . . 

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, . U \J. Taylor 
.William M'ol.i. 

Ivorne A. Campbell 
Hon, D. M. Kberts 

I.. W. Slitxtfxrd 

William MnuHOM A- M. Manson 

Dr W. n, riavton. . Aid. .MoiilKonieiy (,.SoC.) 

William Hunter .Vntl.ony .shllland (So.-) 

Hon. A. McPhUllps 

Fercy Winch 

Hon. W. J. Bowser 
II H. WatHOn . . . . 
A. H. H. Mnrffowiiii 
C. E. Tlsdull . 

O. A. MrOnliP ... 

.Ualph Smith 

. W. S. Cameron . 

.r. W. Enrlght.. 

.Maxwell Smith. 

.1 N« 

.W. Bennett (Soc.) 

J. Ueld (Roc.) 

A rrltchard (Hoc, 
, . .J. P. Lord (glnc.) 
. .J. MoI^Jnald (Soc.) 
Haniucl Greer (Ino. i 


.1. Perrv (Ind.J 

Hon. R. Mrni-1'1' 

H. B. Thomson 

H K. W Behn*-' n . H. <:. Br.-iwster Victor K 

Fred, bavey . II. T. ICUlott. K.C B 

Yalf. .. Alex. LucuB ..Inlin !• McConnell 

Ymir'.'.'. .:.. J. H. 8chof!eld R. P. Pettlple*e 

• iSIected bv acclamation 


A Public Meeting 

Will be Held in the In- 
terests of 
Government Candidate 
in the 

Soldiers and Sailors' 
Home, Esquimalt 


Tuesday, March 26, at 

8 P.M. 

Prominent speakers 
will occupy the platform, 
including the Candidate. 

Ladies C(>rdially in- 

Victoria Fuel Co. 

Agents for the famous 


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Sunday, March 24, 1912 


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^r^™""" V ^^ "■M' iK ^^f'l^H ^^^^ ^^^ _^^^ ^^^^ ^^1 '^ 


Premier McBrlde Kefuaas To Be Held 

Up !l^or a Promise Beapectluff Coal 

Claims in B. fe H. Belt 


MtaVMLOmit Oiooon, 181T Q/vimaaunA Wb, lEipB. 80, n. 08. Uvior »n>t. 68. 

w *• 






•jEt-.' ^'•'■•Lt 

Invttatiens Are Out 

f b all the Ladies df "Victoria td >^ftit Our $how rooms, 65?; 
Y^^ ftfiertmd iii^tfbt our Ga^^«^ t^ btaMPt^k^i^^^ 
trittA3e!4li$i»s }oa^4!le^t>tisy koosiiewife. A coairteous istaff iitifl* 
make ali callers.^i^Icome. Drop in tqitl^y. . . ;■- * ' 




NAiNAIMO, March 23.— The once 
burning question of settlers' rlgrhte 
flamed Into a brief bla*o last nljfht In 
a question put to the premier at the 
close of his address. Mr. D. J. Thomas, 
u former Liberal candidate aalted what 
the government intended to do In re- 
gard to granting coal rights to set- 
tlers In the E. & N. belt who had not 
filed their claims within the time al- 
lowed by the act. Mr. McBrlde re- 
minded his questioner that tho Set- 
tlers' l^lghts tct carried the case as 
fur a.s the privy council and won out. 
If it had not b^en for Ralph Smith go- 
ing out aiM ' ■ lug tUo people by 
teiliiig.thoni governjiieafi plan 

was all political rattletrap, those who 
had been deluded by his tlrado would 
have got their rights as well as the 
others. The premier told Mr. Thomas 
that he did not propose to be bullied 
and ht' t a promise at this 

time. I ion now before the 

irnnici.t \,\ould receive every at- 
u when the elo<-tl«?ni> wwe over 

other ^aelmStodfii* ^^ 

that th0'>«ebteii«iRHmdiif/.l9iill*^^ 
the 9. C. Fed«irat!«ii of/iMtMH; 'il'MH^ 
be referred to the wAiftiMtitai «>»%> 
bor for love«tl«»ttoii IMM ^toiug<||Nt- 
tlon. .- . ' " ^ 

, Mr. Place, the SocbOlst candidate, 
if^as iwesent at Ihe meetlngritn <b 'front 
WtAi but he nwdA no commante and 
aiidied no queattons. Mr. Place by the 
way la reputed to be worth |80,ooo, 
which la Invested In -Vancouver real 
estate. ^^ 



An^ua Campbell & Compang, Limited, 1008-10 Government St. 



.i. ^ I .\frt.j^ 

ConttauBd. fnm Vmf t. 

> HW WK L .* * '< W ^ 

1S2 Tafes St 



You purnot Bscp^ 

^^ if Vour 


f V. 

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5c^' entirely ^§t»^r Oil CBskiOt-a «mrse 4{ this excelknt 
rem^y. Pliant, sale and efficient. At this store only. 
Pr^jf $i.oo per bottle. > 



*^rv 1*:- 



duty the Inspectora owe to the country 
and the safety and Uvea of the coal 
miners of British Columbia. There Is 
not an Inspector who haandt author- 
ity from me. through the chief In- 
spector, that any or aJl mines may b* 
closed at ofice so th«t jthoje .oan 1^ . 
Adequate protection o» tH« m*k-^ lite 
ni^'iBllgiaM^Ui fltar^JMftrddui ocon. 
ItalkiB;^ T[ o^^ Tibneally aay 
that I h*v«^i»ora coneem for the 

■•M# «e «M XtaMin 
than hfta Mr. ^iSHtutC 

Ur. StoPrlde gwnanuHriwMl what he 
bad done for labor 8lnce he has been 
In the lyxiM. «i|dk proved to the work- 
ers In the atuBende that th«y cannot 
flnd better fTidtdii tUililiinhe govern- 
-tatnt netr aiVi.>dMi«' devoted to their 

U» aavoted JUM* attmtbm t» Ux* 
wiiltaau aai itrtttt tw emeft f^\ 
gentleman's <-4i«labie t«nsu« ^ in, dao- 
trap, and had him «qvlntt|a« nt Ills 

. fsm* <^ time rOti^'^lMiiP Wit- 
Ilanui evejTv cnMked ft amUe," said h^ 
«inui w|i«» tm had awie one by the 
ilSSfc-tWit.^^***^ lMiiMM»-h«ppaB*. 
tor««r^tfe»^¥f«Ml8r tM.-vMui «h» Jm»p1m» 
"BiMir ffltt iirili'* '' ' ~ •■i^ 

tn^ fWMiiMr mif * qomm* ifliMtfti; 
of tfxe tK&mer poHca^ and ct-KiML n 
wUI iriMti^teMItt wMla piwrtiuM^ sM 
eo«ifl»4t« with a ^fM n«lM( 8l«'1te 

,«Mntly «»p«*Ml tor Ik. BUrntstwrtL 


TO fir pwiiyzeo 

As shown at "Campbeirs** represent an 
interpretation of the prevailing modes, 
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•sei^, plain and hairli^^i^pes and a number of nwry aerges a^d silk' coats. 





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Island Lumber Company/tM. 

Duncan. B. C 

Manufacturers of !Flooring, Rough and Dressed Timbers. 
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nMier iiiv^f»lr had 

i llumble ailrvant him- 

Metal Trim for Modem Store Fronts 

Wc wish to announce that we have tak«n over the agency for theHes^ 
ter System of Metal Window trlm.c end «h^U be pleased to render esti- 
mates on any such work. 


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Street, this wcolt 

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Stein way Grand 


idlng cltlxens at Harmony Hall Piano Warcrooois. Fort 
is proof pv''''-T ♦l-nt llnrnionv TTnll Pi:in(i V.ihi«« are 

Tiie Best in Victoria 

Whilst tbe prices of STEIXWAY PIANOS are higher than for any other 
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eorlnlnly further tb«ir own Interests by calling at HARMONY IIALU 
783 Kort Street, to heer the STEINWAY before arriving at a decision. 

r.EO. H. SUCKLING, Concert Direction, 

bis (U^ 


Mead lerjja 

waa tha 
■eUl ' ^ 
ijMMtla hiil tMnaeasi i» «ha aleotors 

to *We«t ||»i»/aiia^««,»ieitt**|pi*r* 
and to tha -wM at the qnaipattae.ata- 
tlon. "If ye«Hwfc*t vote for t^ooley your 
heads win be chopped ofC" Both these 
statements had beeo maAa X»J0mi^n^, 
Mr. Pooley's, .■ oandWature..*, XCfeJ||i|8f* 
should be more careful aa; to iltV ioSa- 
pany he ran with. 

Mr, Helmcken read qorrespondence re- 
lating to tbe dismissal of Mr. Peatt to 
substantiate his emphatic denial that he 
had had anything to do with the dis- 
missal of that gentleman. These w»» re 
small matter.^, but ^^^i|M^B^I|pi^'' ^^ 

If he were returned to parliament, 
there ■was one thing to which he Intend- 
ed to devote his energies, and that was 
to secure -the pioneer, the man who had 
done so much for the country by hi •» 
personal labors, from undue taxation of 
his lands, which had the tendency to 
force him to dispose of them. Because 
some one In a district dlsposid of Ws 
land, at a high figure, tbait was no ua- 
flon why all his neighbors shoui.l havo 
their holdings assessed at a, corrp^pond- 
Ing inflated figure. They should not be 
thus penalized for the part they had 
taken or were taking In developing the 
land. (Loud cheers.) 

He would also endeavor to procure a 
policeman for Sooke, not because ,Sooke 
poople-nioeded JUife' attontlbBs nOf <euch ,an 
ofticer. but because strangers were com- 
ing into this district in large numbers. 

In conclusion he reminded his audi- 
ence of the splendid record of Mr. Mc- 
Brlde m all that related to the promo- 
tion of the prosperity and progress of 
the province, and said that under his 
government the people would be nssurca 
a continuance of good government and 
even greater prosperity. 

,'!Mr. J. A. Murray hoped that' "that' 
coy maiden, Esquimau, would choose 
out of her five suitors a good loving 
husband and a good provider." (Laugh- 
ter.) Mr. Hclmcken's record in the past 
was warrant of what he would do in tho 
future, and he would urge the electors 
to vote for the man whom they knew, 
and who was always with them. 

Charge of Homicide 

NEW YORK, MMicb a:!, — ■Benjamin 
.lackson, the wealthy real estate broker, 
arrester! tonight after an aRercatlon In 
the voBtlbuie of hla home wUh Henry 
Lavelle over the latter's .sister, during 
which I^Avslle was shot fatally, wa.^ 
liekl m IIO.OOO baJl tonlRht, chargipd 
with homlelcle. .Tackson furnished ball 
and was released. 

> M 

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Sunday, March 24, 19'.;e 



Z\\t jlaila <$tA(srC\%\. 

Th« CoIonUt PrliitlnB «nd PubUihluK 

CompHny. Llinltcd l.Ublllty. 

lSll-121t Bro»d Street. Vlutorlfc, B. C. 

3. 8. H. MAT80N. 


Ocllvored by carrier at BO certta per month 
II vxd In aavance: sue per montn it paid 
after the 20th of each month. Mailed poat- 
Vald, to any part of Canada, exce)<t the city 
or luburban diatrlcte. which are covered by 
uur carrier! or the United KliiKdom, at the 
lullowtiiK ratea: 

One Year »6.0« 

Six Montha 2.50 

Three Mentha l.X« 

L,ondoa Office: 90-81 Fleet Street. 

Manuacrlpt ottered for sale to The CoIO' 

nist muit he addressed to the bualneaa office 
otherwise the rompany will not assume the 
tvaponaiblllty of the return of same to the 
euthor. M. S. S, accepted by Other than 
mo bualneaa ttianaKfr,lftt^|H|%,iayMlhl; (<>'• 

«'SWi<»rilHl#W>Wi.|^iwiWII ] " V,' 11 1 _ I ' ll 

can say even beyond hta own. C«rtalllly 
,t u IS n. ;oii« before XXm fleflclt waa 
wiped out and the banks, that had 
looked iiBkunoe nt th« provincial ac- 
count, came to regard !t an h. hlglily 
desirable branch of their bUBtnesa. In 
the coiorse of time the deficit was con- 
verted Into the ffreateat caih KUrplua 
ever held by any Canadian province, and 
we think greater than ha?; over been 
helu by tiio Pom'.ntoa i: 
able indney. 


'•TW Indication? ar« thai the adnUnls- 
'l|»ttoa. of Vbtcli Ur^ Hiohard McBride 
^Is tbe trusted leader, will be endorsed 
''■m^ the polls on Thursday next as no 
«ther sovemment in Canada has ever 
b«en endorsed.. So certain does this ap- 
pear to be that many Liberals take the 
position that it would have been wt«p 
from the party standpoint not to have 
put any candidates In the field. It Is 
worth while Inquiring how It has come 
about that such an unprecedented poli- 
tical condition has arisen In this prov- 
. Ince. Our Liberal friends have -not 
endeavored to explain it, ana we thlnU 
with good reason, for they would have 
to concede that It Is due to the excel- 
lence of the Administration, or to the 
weakness of the Opposition, oir to both. 
Our own explanation is ih&t the ex- 
cellence of the Administration has de- 
stroyed all opposition except that of a 
partisan nature. It is not assuming too 
. macb to puppose that, if the govern- 
ment h»d been guilty of ||fy serious 
sets tit inalf«a»anc6, or of any notable 
fteglect during its toA ysara of officft 
some one would have pointed it out In 
Buob a manner that the pubUo would 
- have regarded It as calling for.e^lana- 
tion. Of crltfcism. not jalway* «» fair 
and b()n«st ay It might be. tb«r« bas 
bMn aa idMittteiiea. but the publlo lia» 
not b«en iinpressed thereby. The fact 
that nearly a decade of Conservative 
government has passed, and there is 
not toilay a single specific act of policy 
or administration, in regard to whioli 
the Qppdvlliott liave been ipible to pro- 
duce upon the public aia impression un- 
, itavorable to Mr. Mc3ride and \Am 9ol* 
.; leagues, demeotatrates in the most «on> 
olusive way possible that the affaira of 
'Ithe Prdvince have been carried on s(\ 
%t to produce restUts satisfactory to the 
t^euple. TUero ««al}y ^oes not seem 
to be any way of escaping this conclu- 
sion, which, we think is one that any 
reasonable, unprejudiced person would 
draw from thf facts as <they stand to- 
day. If wc sbould read that, in any 
Other province bf Canada or any part 
of the {iiropin. tiie governatrnl W«m so 
antrenebed In popular favor that it was 
confrontsd With only a formal opposi- 
tion, tbo cdnclUBlon we would reach 
,!irould be that, although the govem- 
'jnieat doubtless might have^ made errors 
In minor details, its generjiil policy and 
Its general conduct of affpirs were siU- 
Isfaetory to the pitavple €t large. Wa 
ftote that our LiberU frteMs bave not 
advanced a single proposition as an al- 
ternative to tbe government policy In 

any of U»^si4^M0Nrt*- ^l^ev' li^*** «iv«a 
absolutely iii reason why they should 
be eatr^ff^idl with office, pr cited a 
valid reason why the presence of one 
of their ,o«w^^i^,<4];i.t&« nmiaa would 
be qf ffdTttatijN ttt ,iXm eoutttry. An 
Opposition that stands for some prin- 

no piae* In «ii^ a^UfSIb liriNtirlianentery 
government for an Opposition that 
simply opposes. 

This great result was achieved not by 
tho imposition of taxation, but by the 
Judicious utilization of the great natural 
resources of the province. There were, 
it is true, a few additional taxes impos- 
ed, but the receipts from them formed 
only a small part o< the revenue. We 
r«i!«kt that the testomtlon of the pro- 
vtnclfil credits puBul the change df a 
heavy deftolt into ate xiifipMo«lent«^ f^t- 
plus was the result of the Judicious iitll- 
lintton of the natural resources of the 
province. Criticism bas been directed 
aaalnat tbe maoaer in which revenue 
has been derived from these resources. 
It is only fair to state the nature of this 
criticism, but in so doing we shall strip 
it of adjectives, with which those who 
employ it bolster it up to make It appear 
formidable. The use of adjectives Is. to 
use a famous simile, like painting a lath 
to tnuke U look IJkG iron. The obi«f 
sources of receipts from natural re- 
sources have been land sales and timber 
licences. The allegation has been made 
that the sale of crown lands has retard- 
ed the settlement of the country. The 
facts completely disprove this contcn- 

By fAr 

[. ,N i«ice as murli for the privilege, and 
lwlc^• aM much for thf timber, and he must 
ciU his timbers and take care of hlB-Uni- 
ii.M ll^ lie Bimll be directed by the gov- 
ernment from time to time. To call such 
a policy as this the surrender of th« re- 
sources of the province to speculators is 
to Insult the Intelligence of the public. 

Having by these means and others, 
Into which space forbids us to enter, 
piabW me irovince in a sound pool- 
tion financially, the government decid- 
ed to take 'such steps as might be found 
advisable to reduce the direct taxes of 
the people, and with that object a Royal 
Commission on Taxation was appointed. 
The report of that Commission, which 
wan not made in time to permit of Uio 
preparation and passage of the icglsla- 
ticsn necessary to give It effect, but 
which th* Premier has stated will' be 
aote<l upon at.«|)*.;,4pil'fiMl«fl|L «« «»* 
LeglBlatiire. will *• W-«tMit M«»<,,«o 
the less wsaltby and tba poorac jQlAMtt 
of the community. Even tbe Loader o* 
the OppositioiS gave it bis unaualifled 
approvaL The puHcy «! thfeYsS^St, asd 
it is tbe policy of the government, is 
to derive as much as possible of tho 
revenue of the country from natural 
resources and lighten as far as possible 
the direct burdens of the peopls. 

With a full treasury, restored pro- 
vincial credit and an assured yearly In- 
come, the Government was able to in- 
augurate a policy of provincial develop- 
ment. I'or this purpose Mr. McBride 
resolved to employ both the money and 
the credit of the Province, feeling that 
the only proper use to put the aocum- 
ulated millions to was the provisioh of 
needed public works, and that the pro- 
vincial credit could be safely employed 
In assisting the construction of neces- 
sary railways. It is needless to re- 
capitulate what has been accomplished 
In this way, or to go over the plans 
which the Premier bas told us be has 
in view for additional Oavelopment 
work. The effect Of thl» polloy of pro- 
gress Is seen ob every hand, and ev.ecy 
line of business and indaatry is feeling 
the beneficial consequegcea The whole 
Province ttas recelvad stieb an Impetus 
as was never enjoyed In the past and 
has never been surpassed In any part 
of the world. 

Space will n^t fwrjinit more than men- 
i tton of soflio af ''iW-''«M|^'-»^^ 
policy with which the name of the Sfc- 
Bride ministry will be a«soelat^ 
Among them may ba mentioned the 
masterly way la whieb the claims of 
the P««»viae« upon the Dbntlnloii. Uk all • 
their varied aspe«t«i, h»ye b««n bandied; 
the enactment «f lefM*,tto<> ^•(Uinf 
irttb water rtlrbUi, *l*a cwitdtence of 
which has never beeii failed In <ia^- 
tlon;'the Joint Stodt Companies A*t: 
tbe Labd Aet: .ttwj j«»««U fneouragement 
extended to |«rlenlture: tbe extebalve 
system of sitrveirg eaftHa d>^tr tb« 
praiMwbrtby «ffbrt to mt«t All reasons- 
able wisbes of the worklngmm so far 
ss they can be dealt with by leglala- 
tson — these and many other tbings com- 
bine to make a record of extraordinary 
merit/ a record that dtsanna opposition, 
a repord thk etfaeto of whieb upon the 
futare of the Province wUI be lastingly 
advantageous. There Is no oocaslon for 
surprise^ tbelrefore, that under tltese 
oircUmstaaees the opposltton to the 
Government ban become purely nominal. 

tlon and establish the contrary 
thu greater part of the settlement of the 
province during the past ten years has 
been upon land privately owned. Pre- 
emption, as a means of settling the vac- 
ant areas of 'the province, has been 
proved by years of -trial to be very 
largely a failure. There are areas in 
this province open to pre-emption on 
which there is not a single settler; there 
♦«re other areas, no better situated or 
more suitable for cultivation, where pri- 
vate owners have built up very prosper- 
ous communities. The policy of permit- 
ting private persons to acquire large 
areas of crown lands, which it will be 
their Interest to place In the Hands of 
actual Battlers, sbould be Judged by Its 
reaultti wid m i^wlfs in British Co- 
lumbia have b««n sat&sftictory to the 
public. It is true that th(^ original 
grantee^ of the land may in some cases 
have made a "handsome profit but the pro- 
vince has n^t lost this. No one has lost 
It. tor tie pui'aiassrs have bad *»lu*for 
their monajr. Tbe provtbee luts .gained 
not Qjaly b7 ijie ,mofieyjpeM^V|* the 
iandi but bjr.*tw conversion «V non-ro- 
venue producing area* into taxable 
areas, but even more so by tbe convers- 
ion of what was once wUdemsss Into 
thriving settlementa The comraunttiea In 
tho great Okanagan Valley, which are 
the admiration of all who see them, are 
not due to tbe policy of pre-emptlon» but 
have resulted from the broad vision of 
private owners, who went v^ the people, 
told them what tbe land was Uk«t and 
brought them to It What hsa been 
done there bas been done, and Is belnft 
done elsewbere. and every person, wbo 
bas made an impartial study oV tbe 
question, must admit that British Co- 
lumbia will' only be successfully colon- 

ia»d;teroug|i tbe tustcumentaHty of (prt-j'stad that evai^ ee^tltoeney tn twr 

iprovlhce seeiil|i llks^ to sendt to XMi 
next House none bat suMMrtets of a 
ministry vbleh baa aocomvllsiisd ao 

K^ate owaera It may be said ^at tba 
govemmsnt "bas recoi^lxed the sownd- 
ness oC tba OpposttlonerltteMnby wltb- 
drawlttg large areas from aalo; ij^ttt thM' 
Ic^not the ease. Tbe wftbdraw«I ot 
these areas to not an admission that tba 
salsjn^Ol^.'MMi wrong, but 4pjr^t It 
was mStHA WIvlsable to.|^iiliyK>licy 
work Itself out before PtipHl^iK'lotber 
blocks to be privately acquired. It Is 
pOMflH»g 1^ that it magi Iv f!>«4<»lo to 

iii. rrm I III 1 1 i I I . s 

our Ubsikl fvlMdtf tea us Itet fbere 
Is need of an Opposltfon. Tba public 
do not seem to think so. 

wl Wj|W»»i II i j 

Th**|MM8fi«libla is developing among 
miMpiiklllk. Stop Itt This remark has 
no ilSriB^rence to ' the unfortunate acci- 
dent of Krlda>'. 

y^i Why has the opposition to the M«- 
r#'lirl,de administration resolved Itself 
into a mere effort to keep a political 
party alive? The answer is to be 
found in tha>lN(Mr4 of the ministry. 
When Mr. M^pi|pV«00k office he was 
confronted with' two principle problems. 
One of' them was how the public credit 
could be most speedily restored, and the 
iMlica- was how the province could be 
most Kpcedlly and advantageously de- 
veloped. His most hostile critic will 
not deny that he has placed provlnclisir 
credit on a very high plane or that he 
baa been instrumental In inaugurating 
wot-ks or development on a scale com- 
mensurate with the greatness of the 
Province and the reasonable aspirations 
of the people. When he took office 
there was a heavy overdraft in the 
bank wliose managers were In a posi- 
tion to Impose their will upon any 
government that mig^t be in power. 
We db not claim that • Mr. MoBrlde's 
pr<!dcceB8or8 were lacking In n sense of 
ilic possibilities Of our Imperial domain. 
There Is no need of dlsciin-slng this, for 
thp fnct Hi;ind5 out lii tmld ri'llrr Mi.if 
tiny Iiinni tlu;m.seU 

treasur.v «tid an Impaireii pu'oKc cifcilil. 

.u f.iti, i lo prrnf i'o«sI ve 

\l . Ii: ,.:.■ ''irsl. 

financial I'ondl- 

<;ir<' M ^ iiiiifieiil 

two ^"T 

<luly I'o 
tioiiJH and 


to warrant the Introdn.-Hon of progres- 
sive measurp.n In lecocdeO 

..-..- I-.- 

b&yond vXi 

more aeceptabla stn^i rrf^'iuw-iMHtekf^ 
suits than either the sale of landf in 
large areas or the pre-emption plan. It 
is easy to call the man, who buys a tract 
of land, subdivides it and sells it to set- 
tlers, a speculator; but that proves noth- 
ing. If to pay the government for land, 
to survey and subdivide it, to advertise 
it; to bring it personally under the at- 
tention of ipersonS suitable to become 
settlers; to bring the settlers to the 
lancl; to assist them In making homes; 
tb give them long tlmei for payment; to 
establish communities in lieu of isolated 
farms; if to do these things on the 
chance of making a moderate profit is 
speculation, then we suppose the land 
companies are speculators; but they are 
doing a gx^kt work for the province. 

In respect to timber licences w« frank- 
ly confess to be unable to see how the 
critics of this branch of the govern- 
ment's policy have been able to convince 
thomselves that It la in any sense ob- 
jectionable. The province parts with 
nothing when It gives a timber licence, 
except the right to cut the timber. It 
does not sell the land; It does not sell 
thn timber. It does not oven close the 
land to eottlemont. It docs not bind It- 
self to accept a certain sum a-t rent or 
a certain royalty on the timi it 

reserves the right to Increase uuiic: of 
thttse wlit-never it shnll vipf nt. The 
lidldcr i>l 11 1 imbi-i 1 1 ,i i 

lbl2 pa.vH }140 per Hquuru lullott fur the 
j>riT'H'.'j;e of cutting t^^e ilmt>cr' 2.?5d if' 
h' ii«- must pay fio rents a tboru- 

sand. Next year, If the Kovernment of 
*|.o ' ftrt^'n I M r^ ba*»- fl' )>f» mr»«' Iim**'"' '•'» 

'<'As4^tl<il *>9iifiinvLW to 

tims. The afr has been by hO miiatts 

conquered. Man has not yet succeeded 

j in deyiopstratlng that Nature Intended 

I he should fly. • 

We have a letter from Mr. R. L. 
Drury, which when published ought to 
be accompanied by some comment. As 
there is no space available for the 
comment today, the letter is withheld 
for the present. 

Germany seems to be determined to 
add straws to the already heavily bur- 
dened camel's back. This needless 
wastefur diversion of men and money 
from peaceful industries- to warlike 
preparations means national bankruptcy 
sooner or later. The end of the fever- 
ish haste to provide armaments cannot 
be far off.. f- 

The noble way In which the well-to- 
do people of Great Britain are respond- 
ing to the demands upon them arising 
out of the distress caused by the coal 
.strike is worthy of ^e highest praise. 
It has been a time of deep trial, but 
tlie prospects are that the nation will 
come out of It stronger aiid more united 
than ever. Ood grant that it may be sol 
Wo are gravely Informed that the an- 
nouncement, that a new s«vntem of 

audltInK III" ]nilill.- nccnni:' 

Inaijguralod, shows Mic eCfecl o^ tlic 

Opposition rniunnlKii. ScoliiR that tlia 

dePlSlon I lipvii 11 men ( Im iiiUo llii^ 

Step waH leMtlied several months a-xo. 

111 ILL ot;i-t.»i «; nlfei V •*«• - -• ■* * • -• ••»^<i«i«-4, ^..i. 

reasoning by whlc^ nolUfflqn ro- 

ferre'i to Is rcacUeU U\>e» not seoni 

CUT C31.ASS, of all Hicr g^Hs, U j^ 

, You cftlinpt sen^ any|iilQg at tibe 
price that'll be ' itior* a^^reciai1^4. 
, fi^tlfetitbf^'^ibbcy's." Her first 
thought Avill ^, "Is it Lit^ey's? U 
it isti't^timiftQitit^ent. ; |f it is^ 
unrestrained delight. The name i$ 
graven in each piece->-iion4^ genuine 
without' it. 

We are the SoK Victofii Agehte 

for this beautilnl Glass, iti<l i| ^n 

anticipate the purchase o(<a wedding 

.gift, we strongly advise that you >e«s 

"^bur magnificent display in 0)ir s|«!- 

eial Cul^GIass room., **fJb^* StMt 

'Glass is conceded to be tii^ wc»i1d^» 

standard, and our Cut Glass room is 

^M*9»k^ ^%!Sf#^ Canaia, if not 

^^'ifi^SPsf^TOS* Donrtmi^s 

the «^lbit. 

Water Jligs fi'om icadi ; . . .?7.50 

:■■ %#||ffc:J||^s; -irom. " 

■;^ :/WI?NilpWilwbm ^'cach :>...,. $10.00 

: : ■ Biutter Blsheis from, each . .$5.00 
:.i*^::' .;;d^BWwti^iK»»#:-f*ch;:.v.\'. . .$6.00 

1 JP^WWH^ IBiiiti^ftrom, eac^ 

JPiltt$3i 1|i|i(«ls» smalt size. .$30.00 

Oil JBottles from, each i..:;. .$3.50 

Rose :Bowis: . MS^^^^&^-^^ 
Knife;: ■ and vF^ri^C iJ«|rom, per 
■ ■. pair' .V..,-.rt^iiii^^Ki , .$4.00 

Puff :'H^Ppl,: each .... .$9.00 

Hair'^HPi^i'<^"^' '^^^^ ..$9.00 
Large Ice-Cream Plates. . .$15.00 
Perfume Botties from .... .$7.00 

:. J ..ii" Mim 


Hall Seat— Solid qwartcr cut 
oak. in cither golden or Early 
English finish ..... $16.00 

Hall Mirror to Match $16.00 
These arc two splendid 
piecee for the hall. Same as il- 

607 or 608 

We have installed a Tele- 
phone Exchange in our Main 
Office. OVir numbers are 667 
and 608. All you havetodo is 
to phone either of these num- 
bers and WE will connect you 
with whatever department you 
wish. We have installed this 
system, to enable us to cope 
with our ever-increasing busi- 
ness, and give YOU bur im- 
mediate attention and satisfac- 
tion. Phone 607 or 608. 

Hundreds of 


Here For 


Easter Bride 


Mahogany Princess 
Dresses — Dull finish. 
Size of top 21 X 40. Brit- 
ish mirror 18 x 38. Same 
as illustration $32.00 



14-piece Wedgwood 

Salad Sets 
Electric Lampt 
Dinner Sets 
Tea Seta 
Fancy Ornaments 
Kettle and Stands 
&c., &c. 






By Mail 




Sunday, March ii4, lai^ 













il^ee of ^he Newest- 
See Them at 



- i\ 



Vf4a'**.^jj I 1,1 

'^o have a taom* ol tny own." I wiU 
ktiaA ]»(>« « bouse on jrov vatiant lot 
OB tM^ to iult yottrtri|;,,-T » 

CwtMUBtor' and BulMl* 

iiilt|Sifi':"V'i'if.Miii:ii:ff"iiii'iiir m • 


rw i' 


Baua KesponaibI* for Court Houie A*- 

■ asalnivtloit on Eva of Being 


MOUNT ■ ^' '. Muixli 23. — 

Three me i he .\llon clan, 

Claude S\van»on. l>iylher . of Floyd, 
Frlcl Allen, son of .Tamos and Weo- 
lo.v I'Mw.irds, were !■■ •>■ the de- 

tii-t!\c^'. :'■ 'lii. Tii.u i north of 

,\!'".!i!t A Thpy 

;r inuiMllg U 

i predlctcd.they 

will jiui be. UiUcu wiLlioiit bloodshed. 
The outlaws were located late to- 
day, word was sont here ana leu. • 
loretnionta (iskHl for by the posse. Iin- 
inediatt'ly the sheriff of Curry county 

^^■■•l■ ■"-■■• ' r -' ■ , 

i.d i;c| 
»iW»t.ui. iu49 iJft^ n^l!<. iiicy '.vul vurk 
their way to 'the south of the place 
where the fugitives are hiding. On 
ths nogrth the outlaw.^ are confronted 
l^#)MUriMd|;'.«Dien. detecUves. deputy 

Htlf^rtrtBl . , < ^. 

'Atvy jpiuiiW'iiijiilii; •v^Oiir MoAh tam 

and try to ctrf > ot0^fir«Klk]g^i «^ Wk 
outlaws, etidna-" «Ewp. ies3«r" of t^ 
clan. IB aupfHUUfd t» Da htAlw on 
. Sugar Xxiar Mouiitaitit. flvo mni^r away 
from where the Edwards boy «l)dtbe 
other two Aliens are said to have been 
located. ■ 

It is believed here, that Jasper Allen, 
father of I>>lel, wIU lejgAv the pos»« 
which goesj^^o SIdna ;£nefi, the rea- 
son aas!gn*& by the people here for 
Jasper talcing up arms against his 
brothers- If he 6houl4 fbtlow this 
course, is his endeavor to save his ttuu 
Friel from th6 electric chair or to 
secure rcvengo on those whom he niay 
believe are responstible for tn^hicjtttt 
his seventeen year old sop to partici- 
patB Ift. tho trstfnAy *t «?!«» Htllavllle 


, IMt .Oovenuaeat St. 

mm iN^imualENTs 

■t ii t"» 


sb»neone ebe waitts^^^^^^^a this old estab< 

ic house U so completjC that it can meet every 
iie«!^ aijbd watit of everybody. 
groiir ©wil^atisf action makt it a point to visit FIRST. 

Vf # ^#t <;otn{^r}Ron at all times. 

WM^ i 

«ourt iouse. 

G.\L.AX, Va., March 23.— Sidna Ed- 
wards, the mountain youth indicted 
for Tjiurder in connection with the 
Hillsville court house tragedy, arriv- 
ed here from Hillsville tonight on hl« 
way to the Roanoke, Jail, where his 
uncle. Floyd Allen, his cousin, Victor 
Allen, and his obuin, ^yrd Maion. are 
held pending trial. He was lodgee ?n 
a farmhouse for the night, and will 
Continue to Roa w>lte toxporro w. 


VhM* of MWMit of xalaiMMrtMy Vnii> 

' XbxisON, March 23.— Three edtt««« 
and printers of the Copinunfafit paper.^ 
th« Syndlciallst. who insn aztsMttaA teif 
Issuing Inflammatoir publications 
shortly before the azciat oe iTott MMmt, 
^ labor leadar. ^mm^ 4ci^nce4^ ^as- 
terday to ierms inanglnr fVDin Ms M 
nine months 'Imprlaotiaient at hard 
latwr. ' "" '"./•;^;' ; . - 

OkiMM mmmm BetoM «* iriQines la 


i Eiano Hoii^ 

'The':^Iiar|riMif ln.'Vr4«t«rn'Canida ' ^'■"' ■•:"■.■'•■'' 

^mHi>m, MmMt, il.— A Nanking 
dlspilbh skys the diUiese aufTrafrettea 
th«>m«tiawtlsft«'d wli& what the^ term 

the'i»i|li»fcf"'i|ipM "res- 

olutlpttl*^; ftvbi^V wbtiiah suffrage. 
ft>K:e(f ; an ei^try: tef the apiMUnbly. and. 
after Kiwxikim'^owti ^he pdilee guard. 
smaabed like Nlttldic^ of 1^ building. 
The me«tt|ii: ItcA to^ba adloumed tor a 
tini« and #aa rf-opeued under miiitarf 
protec«^ii.:'''._t.,_J^^V,";, ■ ' ''~ 

You can order your hat Jrhethar 
stiff or soft. We make It but ^f 
the' best felt tifc.i«ii|^ .your bWn 
tafte.of ;COlor.' W|i8|i||^ 
feci fit. Pfttronisa iiift Industry, 
and get siEtUef action. ; 

Victoria Hat Works 

^ ,,.<(*» ▼xrw gx. 


Vtovlaela|<««t i|lil1ptWI- Kspartweata 

Foley r.aa^lteen Idiidelng alt tHnter and 
baa taken put . ^tO.OOO. without as yet 
touching His dump, whi<;h seems to b« 
rich. AU the miners working In tha 
district are . 

TJv,"¥:: "'-^ 


A Ladv 

Regarding our lots at the 
end of the Mount Tolmie 
car line, "They should sell 
like liot cakes." They are. 
The purchasers realize that 
they are what wc claim, a 
first-class investment on the 
easiest terms — $50 cash, $10 
per month. Price $350. We 
want to take YOU out to 
choose one or more before 
the best are gone. L.^DIES 
especially welcome, they arc 
often the best buyers. 

Thi» Departimil- 
CMl*tan«o of tha' HWl i t er of 
for the Domtnioa, affStPS for 
fitids of grain, potstvaa. corn, flotdF'i^ta | 
and fodder crops. Thes* compctlttoni are 
to be nri m a m$ , >f p*Ht? l^Wi«rt»e«*l Depart- 
ment of A#iilt«i4'^#A.««l4ucted under 
tti» aua^ltuiaiMjnM* Vaffdsrr ,Xn«tft«tc«, and 
aarh iasl^iii|f';liM-pr«fM*'e<rtMMttltlon« for 
set mere;/ffip|':Jl4£%kMi^ «f «wife, cam, 
|MtUor» ^m !«|^PMli'9AH» -^fff^ «nir < la 

htn ^ ^ _ 

N«tfiieaiRHi JSS -T'i„,_3s,,.v i , .- ^ - - , 

oropK >' muat B« forwarded to iha 

Pcp.t .Vgilculture hfri" not later 

than ....IX 1 Mil. Ten 1 " "'■ f-ntiles must 

appcur for i-arli cofni and an en- 

try fee ot not less tha nts and not 

nioii> than ,11.00 will l>e ii't»iilroa. 

In oaoh com;)ellllon not less than «7n 
may be ftrfoiod In chxIi prlzrr>: First, 120; 
nBcond, Jin; third, tt2; icltu pilzes for 
e!WliilJtliftd''-'<*'>'it "^c enlrlea ovvv ten ne 
Mnip^^t'ourtli, tin: ftnii. $8; sbctli, $0; 
«o*-iM'**f; •■» »">' •■"!•« omount *«0 tvlU li« paid 
I tile rftnmlnlkir 11$ par- 

; i»iitiv feea, (o be con- 


Til' M..partinent of Aj- 

rlctili ■< expense, will furnltli judges. 

OVit >>■ • esaary the (natunte mnst iur- 

nlah a non-biiorested KUldo to the pounfry. 


Finch & Finch, Ladies' Outfitters— "The Shrine of Fashion' 


ImikIs us in the happy i)ositi()n of holding those rcHiuireiiienls which arc so rcachly pur- 
chased at this season oi' the year. . 

The most com|)lcte assortment of Ladies' Dresses, Suits, Coats. Millinery and smaller 
necessito^we are placing befontJPHilhiis week» and invite an inspection Irom ladies to 
viiBw tl^ll«fit «f Dame Fa^l^^ ^(eifl^^, 

In laMmf Obgakhi CH^tm, ftmut guarantee^ 

fBfi&Diml price, . . 

» «4 

fashioned and seamless feet, pries 





B«k«tlffnlly VsUaiSd ■ntts — in whipcords, autttnge, aergea and .Summer 

tweeds. |«0.u« to ■ ■ f 19.75 

aisgaat &aee aa« 8Uk Ooats—FVom |90.oo to f 25.00 

Vsvsst Otaatteas la Ohssmteg Aftwvavm aat ■veatog i»rassea_ln the 

most favored materials. 160.00 to 1(112.50 

Vhs BslBtlest OoUsotlos of Xtegerts and SUk Wslsts. 

A Fm 

TOemt of 

Ladies' WMteweair 

O0nra«M^Xn the weU known Thomson's Olove-Flt ting. "P. D.,' «imI Good- 
win raakea An expertenoed fitter always at the disposal of ladies 
to advlfe on the adaptattoft of the corset to the style of gown worn. 


lilBepy a Veff :.Stroiig 

])ipartiini<giit With Pb . 

we OMM* «IH» •mwa with fhs most experieaeed designers that eould 
ba Sbmimt, tfvm Nettr Toiic sad their preduotHem are at «ne« most 
are «n exMbit op Moadi^. tneludlag Imported Ifodfls ta TaltorM Bat* 
and Dresor MlUlaery. 

g'Dosea WUte Uagsrte »»*«wa~Squ«ire >eck and short aljw, ^ 
dalntlost of embroidery and iace triimrtlng. Regular value **'»v-^^ 

clal price • • • • , , . . i . ♦ . , ... '^fW 

The moat complete stock of Ladles' Blouses are arranged In tkO^*"' 

section, sUk«. ninon. voiles, sajin charmeuse. Marquisette, linen fUd fiUtn 

Shirtwaists in newest styles. 

Blaok and WMte dumk Vaffeta Wlk SlUrwraUrta— .N'eatly ta""*^'^*** 
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Bsantlfal Maea Bloasss — Special value Ninon Blouses, white with bliack 
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3 Bosen AU-OTSr Sbsoe Blouses— In all slses to 42, long sleeves and high 
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a Bossn gnperlor Whits Bhulla Biagsrle Blouses — Embroidered and trim- 
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» l ae ¥e ai bu t to a I s fr e nt , s l ae at b a o b a tyl ea. — R e giiflar — vein s tV B O . Spbt 

cial price 

0V VWiU 


dMMMM-SMMiM^In «*vy Unto ktru^y^iaiAf ftihusei atii 'plated sicii^, 
T^rittiMa^wwmnMa fcwit* and twoM bottoa*. eiees «. t. «. t« aad u 

ysara tUwvtet viftvoa up ^m 4t«.^ tUfanom pHoe . < . i-k»-, . >-> m^JMNH 
•iiM» tmMmm IMMMl^In aavy. brown- and red. loag walat and platted 

aurt, tmnaMa mth braid *Mi buttons. Itavular valuea «4^* to 

VS.«9. a»«)ial prU* (fM^n 

aiMMf Wtmm0t/h-^ beautlfttk ssleetlon of Babiea' Boaneta In Tuscan. 

vr^mr trlaime^ wittt ribban and twnm. Spoelai price.- 1«.50' to ftt*VS 
nilWltll" 'WWn Wunn IMwiHMh-^rtBUMa irJbar handsome embroidery 

jiMUSea, twtM nfWi tiut long *»»ft wnn *lbbjm «|Mih. si«e« S to y?wj 

||lP9Cl|fl PiflOft **•••«*«•••»»•> '>*fK «4**s«e^«aaa«**«ase«<-aa***«a Ip^B # 1^ 

JUJr^ypWsg in arbtta ln#k trimmed «ltb emta'roidery and »««»._f*«M» 
» to 14 {r«ar*. .Reguiar mua. f3.ift, Special pries ,.,..#1.9» 

0aif mitt im» mm* mtiH t . v ti^ m white, aises < to M mj^ 

. (SbMAlftl lil^lMl •«>•»«•«• ••■•«»•»«••■ ••»»«s»»**s>a*«ft*s«*t*4,-'^ *<^Ar*.4HI 

•Mil> 'Wtmfmm m n mm i n ftght ^tJoe, awe navy; nicely tHmmed in 
lao* «»• JMMtona, toH* « to «• year*, dpnelal price fl.ttO 

0S>0 lifiwib ttlMiii^'-^4%»<aM- tttttS -msv^ atU V6<I. ioA« waiat a'ttd ^trtns; 

a vufy AttntotlH^ dMas. f,^i anil iM ywr*. apeetat prie* f t.SO 

We' bold a perfaeUy aeir albeit '^ Chiidren'a Prlttt and Oitinbaia 

''"iftteosea and iiball be pleased i<^ show tbeau --.- ; 

laadies' H0iinse BIe^ssos 

Baoopttoaal Talna m Aadtss' Xoase BveoafS— In striped and check wa^ 
fabric, now stylea Bpeclal price • '. I|^%^.50 

LtdiM' Whlteweir »4 -iSnmf^ 

SailM* Wg ft t g g wim In jslipover styles with shbft sleeves, ^^g^lffi^f 
cambrtc and finull yoke effects and Bmpire etyies. tmisheQnftUkxlJ^ 
lace and embroidery. Special prices, $5,00 to >','.>.. fll.25 

XMtat* nmmvtB—in white cambric with deeip flooace of embroidery and 
kMa, <ptilors with ribbon insertion and tucks. , S];>ecial prices from 

^2.7B to ............... .....♦..«*•♦.. •«.•«..■^... .....•.*••••' 'tiO* 

IMttM* Tttlimss nipa— la rarled styles, plain and embroidered and fineiv 
ttrlmmed with lace. A nice assortment of Qifi*' SUPs ai»<iag.:,the»i 
Several of these garments are hand worked. ^Mwlnt pMoea'J|«^MIi9.00 

Xirtfir'tWiili •" « larga-Wutr at liadiesP-'ftt^Mw-iMmMtr' 
alao^44Mfc tlouBclttg #f amiir«Uiery, rfBboa ■llMSttfRliB;'''^ 

IBfsaolorso Tn fine strong cambric with embroidery insertions, othPi'^ 
plain with double under arrna Special price ^^ T5<; 

Ooe aot a i rhe most oomplefb range of "P. D." CorseU to .f lock, "Amazon 
.• B." .Bpeetal at|rt# lor a«nit «f1«w^es m heavy ''f*^, Mide ..„ r-en< i. 
., Unas,, a sj^j^endtd, wearer f»nd.p*rirfect fitting, ttpecttit' ^nnce ...$5.50 

Another style for,^}^end^|;^^{(|pites. extreme low bust, straight in;. 

Tlilfc m ■>■'■ ' milt< • ritlti'g- O0 «a » B i A feW^ nj»«F- modela in this faiuoua cor- 
set bare anivoA and to Introduce tbeso lUOdamta iKCbHi^u4MiM«. w> 
are making A apeelklprkw on them, b&r l^der IblTli^fSI'Vlilrlmaa. 
in fine batiste. long hip and high and low bust. A very h#|'W»ariDK 
corset « <V'^^1.54^ 

A strong line la eonti), goad* moulded lines and trimmed in Insertion. 
■ A aplendldl medel" !n Importe*} striped mat^ral, fl»He,J^}th tnetlium !"« 
bunt, long bips, with bias «ut lines, giving every <wp»1mrt to the wearei 






•tsls' WAdy atoaswh— kn white duck, detachable collar and cuff.s, in na\ ^ 
blue, neatly trimmed wtth narrow wMt« braid. Sizes S to 18 yeai<^ 
aq^Hoeial pdcea 4S.75 to ^ ^1.75 

•Mi' WbtM Sawn »isMOS— -PrettUy trimmed with a^lMMMMl^'and 1ul< 
j)t«M»a taS4 y«ars, AsffulHr vaIuoh f.l.eo tma ^S.TK. IW j f i wWyt'yftOi-. $1.95 

fk. WpHiriWt iMMtWMrm ai p/UUt' Bew"' jft i il l l il i Brasses— in Rini^Iiui.i'- 
pHnts, duck aijid sephyrs^ beautifully Madi;"' spetiai prices $;.:''> 

*0 '••aot**«'«aas«***a ••••^A«^« •••«■»•• »a»«*«»«»*»«*Bs««*««.*(r**, ;M^f* 

rations are belntf 

companies operating 

d, to eittend tl^eir woape ot 

g the coming "seMan. Vf; 

Malwyn has taken out enough 'gold to' 

pay for his deadwMt, which if notr 

about done. ftn(|il|rS»^»ln8: in M0,0«0 

to .|»tL«tf ^.tgr <v 'ttlHiilBery, etc.. this 

'' " ' J.WmSl^iC'iWiflk also the sea- 

'^*^. I admp&n y lUMi^ juil&i iHUtair jftUE an cSb' 
''***» iiiy .,„ « inW^'^iriSfiitttms. 

■ reek, to the east Of 
Suiiin.-ic iHKf, -w Vance, formerly with 
Col./Cbhrad's cempany, has taken in 



Just Above Douglas 

Pacific Province 
Investment Agency 


I'hone 1671 


Ultine fHar: Kole. 

PARIS'. Manh u.i!i 

hardt. tlif K' 

self In ;i ncH 

toilimi (lui'liiK ijiii of ilu; enti'actei! ut 
"I/Alijlon" at her th«atre' and taking round 
a, plnti? collecllnfr for the National Aero- 
plane Fund. Kiich an Innovation was natu- 
rally not n-llhout success, and when Hi* 
irreat actr«sa appeared In thi> orchestra, 
slim anj elegant In her costume of white 
end gold, the RUdlenee' at the matinee, 
larKfly coinpoeed of French schoolgirls, ap. 
plaudcd her even more warmly • than they 
applauded her flnal tirade .lust before the 
(■urtain w*nt down. Othar arttata ftillowed 
her, and vary rapidly the coMactloa plate 
was tilled. 

Dancing Season Tragedies. 
. .VIENNA. March 3S. — A suicide and a 
fatal duel are anionic the trsgedtes of .leal- 
ousy which the present dauolnv season In 
this country haa brought In Its train. Ai 
nzf'szow. In Oallcla, a student named Stad- 
nlklowlcx shot himself Ihvoiiirh the head 

■ilildle or '• ■.■•.. , ,,;|. 

a Bin, 1.1 ' ;,,i 

.11 ■ I Ml lilm 
I'flitk clerk, »H ■' ' 
wii'st fit the trill 
a «l»*li fi om the 

N ' 1' li Inlil o|icn liiK hf'Bil, face and cDcsi 
i.,tiisliis Injuries to which he suc'u.Tibpd. 

option on some likely looking properties, 
anil will brlriK in capital to open them 
tip oh an exteiiBlvt' scfljle. MoKoe and 
McDonald are also taking In conBldev- 
abli; modem macMnery. and shoiild do 
well with tl^eir (•laimw.** 
Hon. t)r. Voiitr^s arrangements for 
the closing Uay» of tlie compalgn are 
hot yet made. He lia.s necf.ssarlly been 
out of touch with, the m it of 

events duriiiK- the JUrtt l>a iiiglit, 

and will block out no prograinnie until 
he has opportunity to consult with Pre- 
mier McBrlde -tomorrow. It is quite 
no..;«niin iiiiwrv.r, that be may vlsIt 
nalmo for the closing 




election If ho iidate, but 

all agree tltat no other SpcUillBt here 
could poll anything like the same vote. 
Quite apart from dlvii^lona in the ranks 
the Socialists as well as the workers 
In general, are sensible of the benefits 
which will accrue to this city as a 
measure of support from iliit rmarter. 
His election is ansured i|ue.s- 

tlon is one of major! t: 

The 17nwxitte& 

i-Hli-ACO. March .23. — FtmiK l:. H.i 
IS foviml guilty li'. tl.c mui- 

ijls wlf" fltnl hi- nn-nt wn.s 

ill! y. 
■ .1 hi» 

Wife after a dlvoroetncnt and to have 
.«ihnt >iM>- "111., ii. caritased her, pl^-ail- 
liiK t\ i i me hack U> liltn. The 

illiwrM .. ' ■ '■ I; ' • ' • , • , ',,. 


^7 f>no 



1 26X I io. fine factory site. Single lots in this block 
at $5,000. Price for quick turn $7,500 

Only $1,500 and the balance i, 2 and 3 years. 


Alichician sircct. near Mr.ntrral. <^nxf2n, with dwell- 
ing- $6,500 

Terms over three vears. 


The Call of Spring 

L,et ua - 

BX.OOJ> Tonzc 

supply yon with ynnr 
Spring Tonic 
Mandrake Blttavs, for the liver, 
cleansas and purlflca the blood. 

Prlcie ...... 500 

Burdock and BarsapariUa, with 
Jiidid Potassium. The most ap- 
proved alterative blood tonic. 
Prluo . . . . . . 6O0 and f 1.00 

Ivel's Pharmacy 

1416 Oovarumant Street 
■\A'(;.stliolmo Hotel nulldlntf 
Fhone 3963. vr* saUvar. 

The Home of the Soda Fountain 
That Is Different. Ice Cream — 
our own make— rEvery Day. 

riionc 645 

I2T2 Douglas Street 



The beat Oak c M ... osany. 112 par foot 

— at— 

7. p. aoas rsBBT co^ 

es4. onffarla Ux.. vaaconvax, u.ix 

Fifth Street to be 

A petition Is now being clrnilaled 
for the grading, dralnM, sewers, boule- 
vard and paving with asphalt, rifth 
Ktrpp! from Bay ' •> Finlayson. The 

tielltln,^ I« now. 4> t lite offlt-e of *JW>r 
Mucken.'.le. 1309 I^ouglas Street. All 
property owner* along that atreet are 
reuuestert to call at saMl office at their 
eai'iltwt convenience and slJBn seme, aa 
this will be a great asict tu that slrekt. 




Large variety of Flower. 
Vegetable and Farm Seed arrived, in original 
sealed packets, direct fitAin 
Sutton & Sons, the King's 
Seedmcn, Reading, Eng. 


6i5 Fort St. Victoria, B. C. 

Sole 'Agent for B. C. 

Victoria West 

The cheapest lot in the district, 
Bi/.r 50x160, Isrsl, grassy, no rock. 
half block from the Cmilrflower 
Road L-ar line, attd overlooking tine 
Gorge. Price tU/tHK on very 


W«icb Bros. 4£«4^ 

tooa ttoveraaMM tk. 



Advertise in THE 



Sunday, March 24, 1912 

Chatham Street 

;k'!iiiti!».'«<',-i ."■ " 

Owner leaving for England, will 


Investigate this at once. 

Johnson SreetSnap 

f p^ 

Between DongUs and Blanchafd, 60x120— 

Price is good for one week only. In the same block 
- lot* arc selling at-$3,ooo per front, foot* 


(Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange) 

639 Fort Street Phone 140a 


BUffbtly B»tt«~lo»leraay iiiornin* 
Superiiiteniliiu Campbell of the provin- 
cial pollc« received word I'roni Vernon 
that tho condition of Conaisible Aalon 
was slightly Improved. 

Boliool »«opea»— Tho Sir James Doug- 
las school on M08B street, wl-lch ha» 
betn temporarily closed In consequenoo 
of a mJld epidemic of meaales. re-opena 
tomorrow. havln« been thoroughly fumi- 

Hotal Xmprovementa— The heW pro- 
prietors of th« Dallas tootel have deter- 
mined to at onco proceed with a polk-y 
for the complete rehabilitation of that 
hostelry. It is to be enlU'lv refurnished 
and «ome Important li' .iterations 

Will be made befoi .-nnimmo of 

improvements hais mpleted. 

S«kM mBTarfrUa. Orcli««tif»— Mr. 
Jms* I^pnjirHeld l>as taken charge ot 
f||0 ordiMtra at St. An<lr«)w'8 Presby- 
ti»!ril«a oburch «l««fuUy ■<mool, wl»l«;b un- 
der M* AlrMtle» wiU «fv« a boneert IB 
the near futitr*. Mr. LoD«A«ld twa «9n' 
ducted the -Jtetropelttan' ll«th*di*t 
church Sunday achool orchestra tar the 
past two and a ihalf yeki-s, a«d l» well 
known In muaical clrcfe^ locally. 

Women of the Blue— The monthly 
meeliug yesl«3it]«.y Of tiio ladles society 
of St Paul's Lutheran church at the 
home of the Misses B«hnson. Spring 
Ridge, was well attended and a delight- 
ful and profitable afternoon was spent 
by the members. After the devotional 
exercises and disposal of routine busi- 
ness, the second of the series of short 
lectures on the "Women of the Bible" 
was Il8ten<«tl to with much interest and 
an animated discussion followed. 

Boye' Brigade— The 1st Victoria com- 
pany Boys" Brigade, has a chanee of of- 
tlcers, owing to preHsure of business. 
Captain F. V. LiOngstaff. of IBth batta- 
Itnn niJHt aurrey aegimfaHt. la \^9 new 

'A Merry Heart Maketh a Cheerful Countenance" 

should be a glad time, and at our store will be found hosts of 
good things to gladden the hearts of the "Little Ones" and 
the "Grown-ups." 

EASTER NOVELTIES in profusion, the finest "Daffodil 
Blooms" for decorative purposes, etc., etc., in fact 

Ot s«asoxMtbie sttggesfiona and the favorite shoppin|^ place f<&t 
Victorians. Our goods are always fresh and our qualities and 
prices unexcelled. 

Webb's Famous Easter Novelties^ a splendid aj&sortment of 
Chocolate Eggs, all sizes. Bunnies, Chicks and Toy Novel- 
ties. Prices from 5c to /:~tr'.:. . . .'. r-. . . . .92.00 

White Wax Church Candles, each .... 



Yellow Wax Church Candles, each 

... 1,9^- 


We always have on hand a hice lot of fine Blooms. 
Per dozen 20^ 


We have a complete line of STEELE BRIGGS, I?ERRY'S 

II I I . !■ . . I ■ ■ 1 ' r 


is the time to get your supply of eggs for packing away. Get 
them here and you are sure of getting them new laid. 


Qrocen^ Dept. I Butctier's Dmt 
Tels. 178. t¥B. Td. 2078 

Liquor Dent 

""«',' 'f 

741, 743. 745 Fort Street 






»a:. c^iuKOF 

itt- 2t-j*- ,.ZX, M i-"- 



Sitch as Asbestos Ccment» Millboard, Paper^ Rope* Wick, 
Etc. Klingerit Packings Palmetto Packing, Asbestos 
Sheet Packing, Swarts Packing, Etc. . 

We have just received from England a large shipment os 

Lion Packing and Walkerite Sheet 

and wc now inform our many customers, who hav? been 

waiting for it 

captain; Rev. Dr. CanH»bell is the chap- 
lain; Mr. Wutson, Mr. Caldwell and Mr. 
Blakemore are the lieutenants. Recruit 
drill will hereafter be held every Wed- 
nesday evening at the First Pr«ahyt«rlan 

▼iotoxla SabattBg Soeiety. — Tomorrow 
evening the members of thla society 
will Journey to Victoria Weet, where 
Messrs. Qale and Rolston wUl represent 
them In a debate between Mesera. 
Weight and Ensore of the yictorla West 
Methodist churclt. Messrs. Qale and 
Bolston have the negative side of the 
question of the government ownership 
of telegraphs and telephones.. Uessre. 
McKenzIe and Thomas have kindly con- 
sented to act aa Judges and Rev. A. J. 
Wood UB chatrmanA^ 

The VoUoe Oourt— Chun Wah and 
Tulck Oee, two Chinese.' arrested by li- 
cense Inspector F. >I«teher. charged 
with havii^ 800 l>utU«» of bMiV 38 bot- 
tles of cln, champagne and nthet liq- 
uors in premleea. on Cormorant it., for 
sale without having a license, pleaded 
guilty to the charge In the police court 
yesterday morning and were remanded 
until tomorrow morning for the Impoal- 
tton of a pienalty. Major Falrweather. 
an insurance inspector of Winnlpegr who 
was charged with cruelty to animals. 
W|M di*nHf8ed< . He ■,• «n» ctaarsed 'wt^ 
Mcidiig a dogv ' It waa «b<i«rn that he 
accldbntally stumbled against Xb» atilmail 

Banmat Baefci aswiayt -It is stated 
that a writ will be Issued tofnorretw 
by Aimfien. * Austin. eollcMor*. isB be- 
half of R S. lU^mum. taypilMUst. In a 
suit for 125.000 damages against Bfiiy^r 
John U Beckwlth and Joiin M, Imriifitv, 
chief of police, for alleged false ar- 
rest* and Imprisonment, loss occasioned 
by cancellation of threa performances 
and of dates arranged In other cities, 
and annoyance and adverse publicity. 
The suit arises out of . tlt« &rr««t of 
Barniun on the charge of attempting to 
give sA tndeciQOt periomianee at the 
Victoria theatre , on several occasions, 
lbs hypnotist was t^-ied Ip the police 
court and the charge , was dismissed. 
Mayor Bei^wlth states that ho recelvad 
a letter several days ago announcing 
that the threatened writ would be issued 
prior to the 82nd— Friday last It ha* 
not yet come to hand, however, and his 
wonblp is in no wise worried over the 

Wdl 0U«hCMa VMMEKllOB— At* WMt- 
log of tbe Oatta^lao olab ajteoutive tha 
proposal of Mr. Oha*. It HeOnllougta, 
former president of the Hamilton Cana- 
dian club and a member of the aaeocta- 
tton of Canadian clubs, for the ceIeV>ra- 
tlon o( the semi-centennlat of Confedera- 
tion, and a series of national reunions 
I^A'Ui 1911 was^i the secrc' 

BarvlcoB OanoaUcd — Owlntt tu neces- 
sary rei'"'r» to the furnaoo, tlie BtrvlceB 
ut the Fciiibcrton ohapel. Jubilee lioapt- 
tal, win not be held toda.v. 

SaugUtara of Pity — The rngular 
monthly meeting of the Daughters of 
Pity will bo held tomorrow (Mondny) 
at 2.30 p. m. at the Jubilee hospital. 

An Ezpraasloa of Tbsnks — The Bisters 
of Ht. Joaeph'a hospital extend cordial 
thinks to their friends for the generos- 
ity with which they responded to th« 
InViUitluii Kivtm tiieni io be prrneiii al 
the annual linen shower on Tuesday 

Bospttal 7aaa— At the next meeting 
of the city council a bylaw will be In- 
troduced to amend the present regula- 
tions regarding the fees paid by pa- 
tients at the Isolation Hospital in auch 
cases where contributions can be iruide 
by friends. ' ..-—...... 

Jpsspaotion NeoeaBaz3r-.~'rhe danger ex- 
isting In eleva|2qirf and the heed for hav- 
ing thetn .'tslpaeted was forcibly 

day aveolBA •ad'''afv]io' (Maia- liM#-'^ 
any provlaUm in |b«' am»ietiM. by^lfil 

tlon was referred to the isityiaolliisitor 
and the building inspectbr for a" report 

BesSd^nts Objaet— SxveptloQ ^as bees 
taken by residents of the district to the 
pruposed emotion of a ^0-room hospitai 
6n Rudlln street. The petition againat 
the proposal has been brought before 
the council and a committee has been 
appointed to look Into the matter, Mr. 
J. C. Perry intended to build. 

SUgh School Problem — Tho question 
a« to which street the new Hli^h school 
will front upon will probably b^ taken 
up at thf m«etlt>8 of th» Schnol Board 
to be called this week. It is expected 
that a start will be made with the con- 
struction as soon as the customary bond 
Is put up by the contractors, Messra. 
Dlnsdulc and Malcolm. 

Clean Btablaa — Tha minltRrv condl- 

I, (bury, Mr. JB". X aahf. , rsqwi^stfid. tn rtms 

E. B. Marvin & Co. 

Die Shipchandlers. 

I202 Wharf Streer 

Electric Heating Apparatus 

Sec otir Complete and Up-to-Datc Line of tliese Useful 

Lowest Prices 


Best Quality 

Electric Supplies 

Hawkins & Hayward 

728 Yates Street ^ Telephone 643 

I ^^lii^te with Mr, l^oCivjHiouglh a«>4 ^> 
'™'i^t'Gila further information from him 
on the matter, which will be discussed 
again at a meeting of the club to be 
held later. The promoters of the scheme 
are .of the opinion that the great event 
which In 1867 welded the provinces of 
eastern Canada Into one should bo flt- 
ingly recognized, and' in order to do 
this they advocate thn start of Ave years 
80 that the celebration when it does take 
place may be fully worthy of the great 
occasion, Its observation in the lARt 
West ralffht be fittingly repreaentecl by 
a provincial celebration akin to the plohr. 
eers' celebration at Xew Westminster 
four years ago, only on a more exten- 
sive and elaborate a scale. 

Katcbery Tor 7ish Xiaka — 'At the first 
of the coming " month, Mr, I.edgerwood 
of the Seton I<ake hatchery will leave 
with a. crew of Ave men for Brldg« 
river, wTiere, under Instructions from tho 
provincial nsherles dejKirtment, they 
win establish a hatchery at Fish lake 
for the propagation of trout. Only a 
temporary camp wlll'thls yecr be estab- 
lished, a«t ihe work Is In the experimen- 
tal stage as yet, but if the undertaking 
gives encouraging roaults, permanent 
bulldlng.s will next year be erected, and 
the hatchery become a fixture in the 
district. The special object of the' un- 
dertaking is to stock six or aeven lakeM 
in the Bridge river region that are now 
barren, end also to supply fry to other 
lakfM and .slreama throughout the in- 
terior as the dish supply therein be- 
comes depleted. At presont there are 
two men employed at Klsh lake whip- 
sawing lumber for the tempornry bulld- 
Inara. so that there will be no delay 
In Initiating oporatl(>n« when Mr. Ledg- 
erwood and hl.s pnrly arrive on the 
sround. At the Scton lake hatchery 
thpro hovn been already planted this 
season about nineteen million healthy 
young humpbacks, and there are about 
f;l'j\en million more )ct to go ia. 

tlon of stabling premises Is dg:&tn en- 
gaging the attention of the medical 
health officer and the city council. In- 
structions are being issued to livery- 
niea wltii a view to preserving their 
premises from becoming nuisances to 
the general public. Under the present 
bylaw there la dlfflctilty experienced in 
enforcing sanitary conditions, but It is 
claimed that once the new bull<)lli)g by- 
Uw is passed and in operation, the 
hands of the eotmcll and tb« medical 
health officer will be greatly atrengtji- 

Ttat Baaenia StUfW-^It has been 
tbotiirht well to postpone the proposed 
public meeting of the property owners 
of James Bay and Victoria West In the 
interests of the bascule bridge acro^ 
from the reserve to lAurel POlnt.^ uhtu 
f^teJ the provincial Sections. The ihoTe- 
meat has, however, aroused tba greatest 
interest in the ture sectfona of tbe city 
mentioned, and there is every assurance 
that an organlsati<ya wUl be formeii 
wblob wiU be in a position to exerclaa 
a powerful Influence in connection with 
the projected enterprise. The one obsta- 
cle to the success of the bascule bridge 
scheme is thought to haVe dlpapplarMi 
in the opposition of the. tntter^Ma^tiHr 
association to the proposed -harbMHlnillM 
way, . lund as a resfalt : of. tha prot««|» 
which <have: been lorwair^; M^. CJitfUW 
against the latter, it is atiated.that tlf. 
project may be abandoned iathraly. it 
is known that a pumber of tha pr«h' 
moters have expressed a daifre to witli- 
draw. Ibis announcement having been 
made privately some weeilia ago. 

▼.X B. xasffoa— The maetihg of tha 
executive branch of tbe Vitnpoavar -la- 
land Development I<eagne hel4 yea^day 
morning to consider tha pregraniaia ot: 
adverusng for the currcttt ^'au-MMt. th* 
getting out of fresh suppIlM of utara- 
tnrSb stands adjourned until ^Tuesday 
next at U am. In the board of trad* 
rooms. )t being felt that v^ltb such im- 
portant business coming up j^r dlaeua*. 
sion as larjra an attendahcs aa POaati^ 
la desitablf, A gentleman writes 8«Bra> 
tary MoOattey from Southaihpt<6h aali- 
ing for the names of hoteia and board- 
iifg houses in this city and thair Urtkp 
His brotlter will soil Immediately on r«)r 
ceipt of the information and hopaa to 
settle Aere, and on his report will da* 
pend whether the writer himaelf . wtQ 
ooma hare.- Be baa raeeiyM^ttie'.moat 
satt«£a«tiary aptf (fmrnM^)^ ' 'iattera 
from a taaUaiiMui^tttiwMliy aatUed^ at 

cowichan, ^ifiiikp.^msimWtl^ 
and his tuxrii^mmn^'-m^SF-^'' 

shown your letters to xatmmmiiiWltfl 
aro greaUy taken with sit yoidi ||f^:fif ^ 
kindly set forth concerning the 

• 411*; A» VataWit- **i»^>*' ^Mi ii* *'ift ri!S ^"aw'i«i." ;' 
ttelaa. "fhiU r«af<^li'«rtest^ itiVend 
ocming to this country to engage in the 
wholesale and retail tea and coffee busi- 
ness ant} ask whctlier Victoria would be 
the place to locate In. 


We are pleased to announce the 
arrival of another shipment of 
our Spring Blouses in the latest 

l^rices from fl.OO to $4.00, alRcT 


Tho barometei ,^ high along iho 

coast and with til on or local show- 

erg the weiithei .,..., .,.run tair and mild 
with nioclerute winds olons' the coast. The 
weather Is mlldm- tii Cariboo and Kooto- 
ijay and turning milder In the Prahie prov- 



Victoria ,.,......,.. :ti» 

Vancouver ■.....,,. , . , :: ■> 

Kanilonns , I, 

Burl :•[> 

Prli. a :; ■ 

AtUn ■-> 

Dawson, T. T, 
cr.ilBarj-, Alfa. ^ 
WInnlppg. Man.' 
Portland. Orp. 
San Franclacfo, Cal. 


HiKhest r.O 

Lowest J9 

Aversgp n.. '. 45 

Bright sunshine, IJ minutes. 

Rain, .02 Inch. 






I £jjjf\. 


ahd at other meal times wc 
'-.TH -^orve you well. 

The Tea Kettle 

1119 Bouglaa St., Opp. 



Marked at our dose prices, and 
will be pleased to show them to 
you if favored with a -calL.. 

Ageiitt ' ButC^«!lr ■ Patterns 

Just look in our windows 
and get an idea of the high- 
est quality in this durable 

Entree Dishes, Cake Bas- 
kets, Fruit Baskets, Nut 
Bowls, Wooden Lined 
Bread Triays, also plain and 
engravoi- -yaricd .» Candle^ 
abra. •-■"' *•"■ 


.,. i 

Vf. H. WiOierson 


s:.> _i:, •■-'j:-.> ■■;! 

>»U'H. ' "JV 

J i..^ i* i. '.* " 


CT^ * ■■ 7JTi,", J 



;■ . , . 1.^ ■ x. 

ha4 her Spring Suit tail- 
ored by us. 1 

^14^2 Government St. 

^^^liii . 

Pearls and Diamonds 

These form onp of tho most attractive combinations of precious stonea 
It Is possible to conwive, PHpeclally In the form of rings. 

An Exq,ttlalteT hree-Btonad Ring — Consisting of a large pearl and two 

diamonds. Is priced at Spzei 

A Olustar of a pearl and ten diamonds Is only ................ .8203.50 

Haadsoma Blagu— Of three ptarls, are priced at 194. BO, »67.50 and f 3l'.50 
We shall bo glad to have you look at these and the many others to bo 
seen in display. 



[inning nowatY.M.C.A. 

^a*-«.k* . . . ■,-(»* . 


Qtialitjp and QuanUI^ ii otir 

HaU & Walk^ 


it. •naa*' £s : 



OMM Uaportara of an UaOa af 
<itfaUUMr «90«i ft •*«¥ dasenp. 


Call and oxaintais ear atoek »•> 
Cwra pMabMlss 











The Cheapest Acreage near 

Good land, i6o acres, for 

$30.00 per acre. 
Good land, 75 acres, for 

$30.00 per acre. 
2^ miles out, ready for sub- 
division, 160 acres at $75.00 
per acre. 

Easy terms can be ar- 
ranged. : ' 


Member Victoria Refti i-Jatace 

Room 12, McGregor Blk. Tel. 2901. 

634 Tlaw St., ▼lotorla. B.C. 

Enjoying a Quiet 
Little Meal 

at our Cafe Is a pleasant experi- 
ence for those who appreciate 
artistic cooking, good service and 
polite treatment. We have 
everything In upason — fresh, ap- 
petizing and well cooked — and our 
prices are as. low aa if you had 
It cooked in your own home. 

For Tour 

Sunday Luncheon and Dinner 

Try tho 

Hotel Prince George 

Douglas and Pandora Straatf. 



ING CQ^t^lf^^p. 

jmWoTt Street, 
Opposite Kirkham's' 

Dairy Lunch 

Try our Home-Mado— 

FIEB and 



— orders taken over 'Phono. 

Langlay and Tatas. 3%ona 1949. 

i » H I I'll m ■> ,«■■ ■ I i 

The latest interior 
finish for buildings 

Exact reprodfiQtion 

^:^4:^j^ri;0 i'^hift., ', 



2:1 J 

ai! m 


« ■ I .ia.rf-,:.,Vjs.| 

;^/'r,^/.of' Lee 'Block, 

overnraeni St. 

t&^mi .. X.asa =001 

;■ ■''/' "'I-:-,:'-; jDesa. Asai tai..':' ^, 
VAnrxEB's ozuruxmi oz.i> 
W£x.x.zisraT02!r ooax^ 
Try a ton; today and b« convinced 



rbosa 630 

S04 Cormorant Stxaal 



Baxter & Johnson 

Co., Ltd. 

Agents Untf^rM^d Typewriter 

721 Yates St. Phone 730 


Pongee Silks, in all qual- 
ities and prices, also 
China Silks in aH colors. 

Lee Dye & Ca 

Next to Fire Hall 
Cormorant Street, Victoria 



We have a beautiful 
lot 0! new materials for 
summer wear — Jet us 
make your suit now. 


1 434 Government Street 
Victoria, B. C 


Sunday, March 24, 1912 




$z5 iuin 


Ladies' and Misses' Suits— Splendidshowing of new Easter 
suits ill plain tailored style, self or faiKiy trimming. Among 
these are fine quality serges in navys, browns, fawns and 
greys, also in pencil stripe and heather mixture, fine tWeed 
effects. The coats are all satin lined, three button style 
with skirt of stitched down front and back panel Price ?25 

New Tailored Skirts— A delayeil shipment of the newer : 
spring styles in fancy tweed effects, plain and fancy serges, 
voiles, Panamas, vicui#ir«|c. Front, and back paiicTstjd^^ 
A good selet|kpi#ttp liun ..>!. ^i.'. Ui;i»=»i^«-»fv''^'-*'?P 



* <v. "*■ 

649 Yates Strci^t 


^ Wf want to cleaa out our pres^ht stock of SEA GRAS S 
tiNe end oi this i«(eek.r , 

ijfwT^TIicse "^Irs are wbrnrflouUtetli* 

• ^ :: 


Tor Bnrnah Foor— Mr. li W Uavlen 
U anxious to open-H aubbcripuon list 
for t)'*" -iHior In i:n^liiiiU fsn/ferluii 

lUa Inienuuii ui cuuu ^iniUng '"»lO0 to- 
waiiia uucli u fuud. 

Aaftlyat'a 0«io« — UntlJ the new office 
wUlch is tu acooinnioaate the mei^lcul 
oflicsr, th« jwnltary officer ami the 
unaJyst, Is wee ted on the new site ou 
jaarKei «ire«t, temppraiy aH»ri»t«» wi** 
ielni provided ^or Uie last n«.med oTnce 
In tlie city hall building. 

ExtoMloa AnuuUed — On tlie ground 
that tUo propoiie'J extension of Field 
street from Douslaa street was neither 
more nor less tlian a sifbdlvlBloo 
scheme, the city council Itas decided to 
n-.'cinil the motion pro\idlng for the 
.JcM-ioiinient. ShoiiUl tho owners now 
<vani Iho 'V Will 

da \u lu u ! , ,. . .' 

Tltut Aid to injure*— Flrat aid to th«f 
Injured lectureb arc to be glv«n I^KJ^ 
Bepiy bufore oniplojeeB of '**• ^*P^j , 
Adlun Pacific Railway In this city. T bw f 
^rv to be inaufc'urt^ted iromediawsq^ 

,„^glf1W&^^*S 1 

vm0h»m: 9m» I T fa».<»>ty .ottUcltor 
\ff0 ^n tii«tr«ot«4 M tak* wbatevor 

f»tepfi^» ■:wik?ni>i»W -*^^ , ^* *<>**■ 

tigstytw(i<* n W^ n _ ^. 

qiptuous attUjifle" o« Itf^i^opiitMy at 
tne'ioeBans o? fitw comj<^U w»<t ^j*r«d 
tteat U WM abotij tline the compwrty wau 
told wh«re it st^oa tn t^e^ipatter. 

«»• Oampatffa 1« «» lli%«r»«— Tele- 
grams from Qolden ye8ter«l»y artnoonoe 
that Mr. H. O. ParsoOB hit C6i*J>1*te(I 

Ward Plve Committee MMte — An cn- 
thu.iiiistic unJ liiL'icsUiia m.etinfc' of the 
commltiee worl<era of ward- Ave was 
lield at the Conservative rooms last 
evening, notes being compared and 
.short, pithy. InsplNtlng addieauoa lUten- 
c»l to, The reminder is again given that 
every man who believes hlmwelf to be on 
the voters' list aliould maUo aasuranco 
doubly sure before the day of voting. 

Mr. "xberta at Cedar K»l-»Al Cedar 
HUi laat evening Mr. D. M. EbertB ad- 

■ ■ ■:,; of 

, liir caii- 

clti! 'd at wliic'li 

dlda.w one of hbi < 

vigorous and logical addrissos, elabor- 
ating the govenuntnt'a courBO and 
polity. Tomorrow evening llie Conserva- 
tive standard bearer In Saanlch will 
«pealc at Colqults llall and on Tuesday 
at Oak Bay. 


vatlve opjionent — for tlielr 1» neltU«r Liberal 
no,- Koclttllm. ufferlng In thin Held- -was also 
In th« clly yenurduy. ha, loo. hevliig but 
Just conipliled a tour of the ilUtrlcl. And 
lie al»o expieairi hlniaiflf a» iiall»fle<l of 
Buccesn. It Is «uch difference of opinion, 
a« "Puddin'head Wilson" would iay, "thai 
makes liorseracea. " Ttit? only difference Is 
tHat whereas Hon. Mr. McPhtlllps looks 
lor a niaJurUy of 150 or :!00 on Thursday 
next, Mr. Whub niodistly conUnts himself 
vylth (.'laliiiInK from 60 upwards. 

In connection with the campaign In the 
Islands. Hon. Mr. McI'hl'.Mps— recognlilng 
the public's appreciation ol* such arrange- 
ments — slates that he extended In lilR op- 
ponent an Invitation to come In on his Itln- 
erarr, a'tcmating tacetlngs v.-lth h!m- H" 
has as yat received no acknowledgment of 
the Invitation. 



reaslblUty of Project Endorsed and 

Ooveniment To Be MsmorlaUzed 

.It An £arl7 Sate 

B tou r M c pium t y it ^ 

« has be«n aoconti; 

illlHoa— and 1b now 

g on Thursday ah^ 
outcome. Hto opponent Ja Mr. FwroBter. 
liao a ConaervaUv'e "and a gentleman. 
Q( large property Interests to tlie con> 
ftUuency. Hon. Mr. Tftvlor. who has 
iM>«ii IHUup»ijP)iajV with .Hon. Mr. $Lfme! 

% mim(''*0^' ^*'»'« iiw»iiMii4 *«' 

[fit *irrtfrrUr..:4«««»Wkl#» '«»|k9a«ti« t*? 
Mr. Bttwrt llendvrBoq of ttUa etty. > 

mkWlm"k'VW atoiion.' 
WKi imll0 «C won eom-' 

9 ifp n9$tm %. «M««w«, m ofr, 

jim4% W^Mk. m m SMuHor. '•w«n9> 
tvn^t of tb« IB. # N. Htn^ftiy' Mm- 
liMfi i«^r«f«ptitft '«*• sm» «oUJWBa4" 

~wm wamtm Mi tu nvuriinMi^mt Hft- 

It to «*tmtm tUM DtWMHV «tMll :t^l 
eome an Imsattsnt dl«fi>llMtti«f WMi 

listtMi^ ^ «ki^U^ for * pemaiient 

'^..IDllMMlIji jHel|>-»Tb« annual meeting of 

'ga te at gt."' OiH '' g* ii * !»"*• a?>^ 1i*ttjKt\Uiru 
fif, H. Ueerge ate r«4ae«ted 'to aftetiifl a 
aeeial clveit by. the 8ea| tomorrow •ventag 
at tbe^BiigiM batl< ■ ■ '. 

Vonag aiea'e lCeetllit~At I o'clock this 
afternoon a meeting ter 3rDun|f\meR will be 
held at the T. M. C- A. Mr., B, 8. Day 
will spea^ on "The Call Of the World," 
while Mis* ^herritt WUI flng. 

"Cheats of,Tod%y"— Ti»e Victoria Splrltu- 
■iiat ■ BosiMcty wtij nota- a meeting at the 
K. r. hall today at 8 p. m. Ura iSima M. 
Gill will iccturc oii "The Obast? of Today" 
and Mt^rton Hotter, the youufeM teet me- 
dium on I bo platform will glv* teata 

A. O. I'. W.— Western Star t«dge. jio. 7, 
wiu hold a Bpoclul rally tomorrow nighi. 
There will be an Inltiaiion, musleal pro- 
gramme, retroshments. and a discussion on 
the Oi'and Uodge 1 Rcprcseniatlvc's coport. 

A »l m e niUei B u f th e er dei aiu In rt t ed t e be 

titM)hilU|t Sleeting In £wialraali-~OQ Mon- 
day Aigut. at S o'ulovk, Mr. George Oliver, 
tlie Socialist candidate for Eaaulnalt, WUt 
address a mooting in the Soldiers' and Ball- 
ovr itonie. xn'nxt other tsandtdiiim tor 
the district have been invited to be prea- 
ent. • 

aoelaliait aieetInga~>The Boclallst party 
have artangad to bold two meettnga today; 
• ,p, m. in the EMpnsa thi«*lt* fid 
the other, at a> in the ^ Cr)ntai|i theaiPPft^' i Mr* 

Aa a reetilt of a visit of Inspection 
paid yesterday to Mount Douglas parlc 
by a Joint committee of the city coun- 
cil, the Boanlch municipality, ,tho -OaH 
Bay <.-ouncll and reprcsentatlvea of the 
Automobile club, it ia now piactlcally 
ffat^rf a 4:tmt at a vajry^ e«ly date t)>at 

wmimtf!tmm «• <<MRr .iMiiAcent \^ 
i» tit* 9mm^m¥m^Ti»ii^^^ 

' TiMi tMMOMtWt mm goaaposvd of 
Mayor BMlMritti* AI^mibms f«*v«n and 
cutttbert. Misainl.ll fiL Ker asMl •). A. 
Bin ton, Sl«^t^ Vimi^JlifVH «f flaaaleh, 
and CoanelUor Mi^r«»or ar, <3iak Bay. 
Tb* ground wiui vary oarafirtty tone 
over «sd tha mambara of iite comioU- 
te« w^rt tn agraainutf that the prolact 
of arraogtag Cor a raaabuUdlng acbene 
was thoroughly teasipie- 

.Pending the etecttonB oa T^uraday 
next nothing will ba dona la the way 
of memorialiaing tb« government, hut 
immediately thereafter there will ba an- 
other session of the Joint committee and 
a report prepared. 

Doubtless you have heard sound-reproducing instru- 
n-ients — perhaps you have had it in mind to buy one— 
maybe you are uncertain which make to buy— but 

Have You Heard the 


Play an^^mberol Record? 

You caq do this^ tlll im^Wi^P:f^m'^^ ^^v, 
When yo^ go, note the longer playing^lfee of Am- 
beroi Records (playing twice as long as the Standard' 
Edison Records); note the Amberol selections, not 
found on any other record, otany kind.; note ^^jfi,*^ 
reproducing pdint of th« , l^lson f»^^Q|»|^ -'^ 
never we^Jf %J?^£a|idTieyer needs ch^figi^'t^ ^tor, 
tliarruns a^ Sifently and as evenly as an- el^ttiic de- 
vice, and the special horn, so shaped that it gathers 
every note or spoken word and brings it out with 
startling fidelity. It is these exclusive features, vital 




caytdlitt of the' 

* " i | i i | ii j i Ji|lii | i ^ W 



F«fHHU aottaffa, wttu larfa l)am *»^ ^^*9 lota. 


^^Jj.* -^ w» 

1^ Jn Wi$ Itaaatttf 1 ^abdlvtoioa. Frloa, each. . . ^ f 13S0 


|il||||iP'tf"'K'l|trtti' 1 *er«4 tKHt, tm. oatatA* i-mila alreW 9tm. 

oKf at •< 

the otbar at * in the Crystal 

Victor Ufdfley. Soclaltat oandldate for VJe» 

toria and'Kr. A. Anderaon niiU apeak ikt 
both m««ilh«a i ' 

MMhm a i % ai ip a Maadar fvi 
batber teagpa «x 4|t PaU^a 
chureh wtti b«W ita davotiediM i 
yoaag geoiple Wllt ,«ai>dne« tba ^__,., 

tt •!# Mmrttr cwnated that 'paJwiiia 

Of tho tK •€■• r, % •«\ sft mn aalSw 

i^^wt^f^ '•**^!fe' 'Ster™^ 

'iva to. 

The propoaal to extend Bhelbourne 
atreet ao aa to connect with a roadway 
one hundred feet Itt width runniag dir 
rect to the park waa cloaely iookod into. 
'TMg plan ~ had ~ been proposed by' Mf-. 
Sidney wmiama. p.L.S.. and la deemed 
faaaibla. The <|u«i«ton of flnanotng ttaa 
undiridMiig wiUL bowever, be a mMter 
for Jtwrt^ ^gt^wattapMi m tlia |Mitf i af 
the oommli^ IMiiikih bate* «f Itw 
opinion that tha wofk al^otiMi ba 4oma 
VAder |i>e local improvement fUm^ 



Jimfbrnv at tba . , 

^ ^^iirfti^^»%iSu»*'^'*'^- *^ '**'^ 

K^ ^MJm BS^SZilftlSf Ti£T!aJ 

SiMa iUMi^Ba /Mf^av Aaafeft aC 
"OeQrga ftobart Htflnma, died Jo}y 


«W i ci a i lut «»#' ia>ree soorig tMk tan 

Sut one •ip' 

era tha toacH^^ 

i'ltoc in wmifir: 
4ea4 tiojrw-< 
by one ot 

to perfect work, that should claim your attention, 


OmM* Largevt Mvme Dealers 

t Street Telephone 885 


Carter's Oriental Rug Store 

Opposite Alexandra Club. 719 Courtney Street. 


iftM x Je ii 

"^it;i!tf I'll' Sill 


Mpm t it 

Kr 1 

rmncy s 



707 FORT S'^.fffcxrre/fffr^, 

PHONE 2440 



Only to take advantage of our 
•Toull never buy «rocfeery, «tc., bo 
(.heap again. 

In Beta or by the piece until Tueeda.v 
nlRhl — One-quarter Off. 

See window', next Terry'8. 


a few evenlnsa ,_^c™j,.- .~ 
Xlbrary' Isoirlttii' 'hl|^?w«teF 
iiunibcfa and Interest. Mr 

a /meeting ^eldl 

IsSiiC ,' Carnegie' 

*inark In 

Joiin "W. 

Letliaby waa chairman, and paperfl or 
value and reading* from "Martin Chuz- 
islewlt" by Mra. Hardle, Miss Lawrence, 
aire. ChrWttle, Mtsjjre. John Dean, A. 
; JijCcIntyre and other members made the 
gather:; "" value. The secretary 

neportp irdtf * wrlttftn to the 

lljOndon bteugh of the Felowship ask- 
ing for the loan of a series of slides, 
giving gUmpei^s of Dickens' London, 
und it is hoped that a lecture will be' 
given on "in th« did Country with 
Dlckene" at an early date. As the lib- 
rary commissioners cannot i^rant the 

use of the r'»op» 
that the future tn 
will be at 
ttesdai' wf 
Law," anti 
Htudy of : 

ii is hoped 

1 ollowshlp 

!ub. Qn Wed- 

1 iiibelf oh win! 

l)|i-k«!n.H and the: 




Bom Bt.— Double corner, l.iak Un;.. $1000 cash. 
Biz-roomed Honse — Ontario St. $1750 ra!«!i l"rf< 
Blx-roomed Houae— Speed Avenuo. $luOii 

. $3600 

W. R. Macfarlane & Go. 

595 Saywara Block 


Sick headaches— neuralgic headaches— splitting, 
blinding headache.s — ail vanish wlicii you take 

Na-Dru-€o Headadhe Wafers 

THav Ho net contain phcnacslin, acetanil'.d. 
morphine, opium or any other dangerous drug. 
2Sc. a box at your Drupgisfs. 123 

Nationai. Dnuo 4 ChcmicalCo orC«MAO*. Limitio. 

ICach memb«r ia invited lo bring a. guest 
and all Dickens lovers will be cordially 

9100,000 the Cost rr.ond 

6r\\y in aiii.-jwnt 50 ■ ■ idltlon, 

to the Parlliiii-PiU HiiildliiRS, was issued; 
yesterday by ttia buU'lin-,' ir^n.-rtor' to'. 
Belmont Ltd., the fo; -vhlch' 

the Norton O^lfflths i-ii-^ri ■ onsnructlon 
Co. Is building a seven-Btorey modern 
building to cost $400,000 at Humboldt 
and Qovernment streets. The excava- , 
tlons for this building wer»» quite ext'en-'. 
sive, involvini' ih*^ rfti-'noi r>f # large| 

£nntlty ■ tated the.; 

Bt of this "ork n.nno wns |20iOOO.TV. 
building on which work win now ; 
commenced will bo a «oven-storey re-, 
Inforced concrete structure with stores,- 
offlrca and apartmenls, and wll! hftve ISO 
rooms.' OthT permits Issued yesterday '. 
were to the Capital City Buildlnir In- 
vestment Go. for an eight-room dwell- 
ing on Iti'bert.ion utreel, to coal $.1,100, 
and to T,^H. Browne, Tor an elpht-reoiu 
dwellUm wii JHarrlmm street «o cost 
$fl7t)n. Conirarts have l>«en aW«rd<>d for' 
fbur re»ldoni;es respectively for K, Nor- 
rts. on the Gorge road, H. Fuller on K!- 
fbrd street and Mra, A, A, Walker, 
Cook streat, and O. T. Hughea, on Km- 
ma Btre«l 

Mt'ML'iimk'Jbtlimmmnmnist. Andrewa 

#pd Caledonian Socttty are holdlUr their 
iabitthly cone <rt and -dance on TMeaday 
evenlna In the A. O. V. W. hall, when 
amons those taklns ?art In the prOvramme 

win bp >{r- -"—mlth, soprano, .MlM Dlh- 
kU', .Mias \. champion international 

(Jiincer, .Mi iamsQii, Mi'. Jack Mrlvlllo, 

oomottlan; -Mr. Mark I* Hardy, venirilor 
dulit; Mr. Ralph. alocudonUt; Piper. Rath- 
nay, of Bantiy's orchoatira; the Maea, who 
wlM Siva a cnnslca] quick-change musical 
act, and the Mlscs Murray and HaatinKB, 
the aanclnynildBeta, who will give a novel 
turn. The committee m chargo of the. ar-. 
rangcmenta feol sure that It will prove one 
of the maat ■nuucf.aaful untortalnmenta yet 
Sivcu una<(r tlx; ausplacs ot the aoolety. 

Prominent .SftlraHonlat Cen>lnR^~-An Inter- 
eatlng visitor In town at the end of this 
week will be Colonel Oankin. avstiitant chief 
■ecrotnry of the Canadian branch of the 
Salvation Army, who will Ifirturc In the 
lfi,:,i (-ii'ifini next Sunday aflTnoon at 3:1S 
<' 1 and How Thry Arc <"'auKlif." 

.\ ipplle*. the sp-'aker will di^al 

aniiiii(( oilier , matters 'ime nolablo 

converalbna ti' .ind bis ad- 

drcas piomlaea to bo '""" inierestlmit and 
instiiirdvr. The colonel, who ranka third 
In coinniand ae fnv ••" ""> «<■!»-„ ii/,n Army 
in tlilir country 1^ be ai- 

companU'fi on his by Mr». 

QasUln, ^' <»■ (irsen, provincial 

offl'-'r* f" umbl>i afid Ptaff Cap- 

t . I. ThU win 

ncn his ap- 

,1 ML...... .1... ,....., >..,,■.- iiopes , to be 

able 10 arranK" for somo prominent local 
perAonage »« twk* •■h* '-hnlr at Ihe piefHnK. 
further partlculara in connection with 
which will 1)9 annoimced later. Colonel 
Osckln ba» apent the paot nlxletin year* In 
thia ■!<-flii;iiryi having boen fleld Aecretary for 
a number of year*'. 


Hon. Mr. McPhilUps I^ooka for Sweeping 

Victory — PremleT McBride At 

Bldaey Tuesday 

Hon. A. B. MoPhllllps returnad to the 
Mtv yesterday evening, having during the 
'f completed a comprehehalvo tour of the 
'lluency which he has ao long rapre- 
s.ii:c:d Irt parllamoni niid for which lie Is 
again n caiidUlate, In adtlltlon t" holrling 
and addreaatnK meeii'."" "•'thualasHcally 
loyal t^ the govi>rnm «nd pulley, 

at fiabrlolh, Pender, ^ lul other Isl- 

BiidA. Mr. Mcl'hllllpa Iibb-msIh blx cam- 
piilit'ii f'USloni — made « perxiniil rHnvAA* of 
Din i-lillntr. AA a r»N>ili. of whit-li he Is JuAtl- 
rtiMl. h« bellfVA, l;i predicting ti-,»l tils op- 
l>nn<'nt. Mr, peroy K. A\'l.irh, will be »n sig- 
nnllv defeated as to suffer the loaa of his 


The President of the Couni'll has hut two 
othtr meetings to address befure tha de- 
I'lslve day, these belnr at Onngns tntnorrnw 
t^t\A Al SImOotv nn T\,t,mA»y. Premier Mn- 
Brlde appearing with him at the lattjr cen- 
tre and disrussing tha admlnlKtratlon's 
rer-ord and Its pollnv. 

Mr. Winch, Hon Mr McPhllllpa' Conser- 

distinet 8« it waa 
is presumed t& have 
^ome one who lived 
jiflBVernment House, wl 
^l^fdeata knew as 

tB&tnw of the daad boy, if it 
waa Bhe who wsjre the ring, muai 
long ago have loUow^ed him into tho 
unseen world, and there Is something 
almost weird In this discovery b^ a 
convict and this proof of her affection. 

Can anyone tell the Colonist whom 
the wearer of the ring may have been? 


Reed— -The funeral of the late Ifra. 
Jennie Reed took place yesterday after- 
noon from the B. C. funeral parlors. 
Rev. Joseph McCoy officiating. There 
was a large attendance of the friends 
of the deceased, and many beautiful 
floral tributes covered the bier. The 
pallbearers were Messrs. J. Wilson. A. 
Wilson, Tanner, Whlttaker, Spofford 
and Sheets. 

Andferson— The death occurred on Fri- 
day In this city of Joseph Watson And- 
erson, the one week old son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Joseph Anderson, of Helenslea, To- 
pa7, ave., who arrived In the city Just 
before the deceased was born. The fun- 
eral took place yesterday afternoon 
from the above residence, Bev. J. McCoy 
ofnclatlng. I 

Watson — The funeral of the li-tt Mr. 
Alexander A. Watson will take place on 
Tuesday at 2:30 p. m. from the family 
residence, 668 Montreal street. 
I 'I I ,1 1 1 I 11 I II I , 

Births, Marriages, Deaths 


PRBVOST— To the wife of H. F. Premst, 
nunean, 8, C. "ti Mm-'-h :;. a sen. 

AI.>EXANDER— March Jl, at the family 
residence, '■Rot'cebella Garden," corner 
Quadra and -Extension roads, Nanrv Alex- 
ander, wife of Mr. Charles Alexander, na- 
tive of St. Louis. »ged 78 years. 
Kuneral on Monday, at 2 p, m., from the 

above residence to Sandy ' Creek cemetery, 


Vrtanda please accept this Intimation. 
. Flowers may he left af: the Hanna- 

Thompson parlors. Pandora avenue. 

WATSON — On the 22nd Inst., Alex Altken 
Watson of 168 .Montreal street, aged "» 
yesra, Born Anstruther, Flfestjlre. Scot- 
ThM funeral will take place on Tue«day, 

at 2:S0. from ibe above address, where 

services will be IfUl, 

lnterni»"nt In Ross Bay renieterv, 
KrJwnds please arr»pt this intlmstlon. 

~~ funbraL xotick. ' 

Mr. James .McOuire. better known as Old Lvgsn of Ooldsiream. will be burled 
from the victoria Undertaking parlors, Mon- 
•*-— I!*^*J^ 3t 1 •* T?^ ,*!' h** '^M fr**.?^**;; 
are cordially Invited to attend the funeral. 
The pallbearers are Messrs. Hugh Mc- 
Knlght, W. Payne, Chaa. McDowall, Evan 


lir^ iJie sto^,p^j|a|tee the quality, and KEEP 
PRlCTS/"cKme in and convince yourself. 

0ePjAfm^FMOTg KOOT^ OATS, 8-lb. sack 

<a®K01WHEAT, per pai^i! V^ 20^ 

CA^PP^iMll^G SUN Bi&5 ^ttOUR, per 

^^^^- ;;. $1.80 

ttMim MmVlA'tm> SUGAR, 20-lb sack 

for ..#.••(•'»»•#«••••••••••• ipx.oo 


#^J> -6$scuim^ei»|ib 15^ 

?.^PllSH MIXED PICKLES, large 
a<>-oun45t iiDttk «^^^^ ^2^, 

•flNW^I3^irai0KNIi:;^TEWING FIGS, 3 lbs. :5&^ 

jar arid get 3 lbs. for 50^ 

PURE NEW ZEALAND JAT^I, all kinds, 4-lb. tin 

for . *j\yff 

We sell everything at the LOWEST POSSIBLE 


u • wssmi. 



Corner Fort and Broad Streets 

Groc. Dept. Phones 94-95 Liquor Dept. Tel. 1632 

Quick Delivery. 

Garden Necessities! 






need 1 

( ir 





a lawn 


to a 







Sunday, March 24, 1912 

Of Interest to Men 


and Young Men 



■■f lKI*llt**l 











Silent ! 

How far will ^ent movemenl to 

sepurute IndUBiiics iiom the home g«? 
There are middle-aged men and women 
living In Cavada >»-Uo can rtmembur 
when "spinning and weaving were part 
of tilt! work of women. The mother or 
aunt was the tailor who made at icimi 
all tho suits for the boys and the every- 
day clotrtea of the men of the house. 
The stUchlng of the llnou shirt boaoniB 
ana collare wa^ an accomplishment 
which every girl was expected to learn, 
and little less difficult was the Ironing 
of the stiff Sunday shirts, and many a 
lilrl has spint weary hours trying to 
Uurn the secr< refractory 

garments. T'. ;..ys before 

sewing machint'B found llunr way Into 
any save wealthy homes., I'Jtjs^purlng 
of hams and bacon and ^g^lMl''?* *' 

for h«r«4)r> a^ ti*tMBW«»,<M?«|P 

who «ould contwi ;t»iwi«n«» «* Wr ikMt 

ment. thoulh wltWIi* and ■tocWttWi W 
bis an4 small must t>6 r«w9jr tot tti« 
wlnUr. iQ-sumtner tbenrtlkliMr <?f cows 
and the making of butter and chesBo 
were added io the labors of the vonien 
of countrjr bomes. Wonderful as it may 
aeem. tlmO- was found by the younffer 
Women to do much fancy work and cro- 
chetlng knitting and netting wer* u^nd 
for trimming. The floors of the well- 
to-do were covered with woven woollen 
carpets, and long'. Ions March days were 
Bptnt in hooking mats that would keep 
out the frost and form oontfo«-labJij sit- 
ting-room floore during the next win- 
ter. In homes where women were less 
B R llf ul. the rugs wer e p la i t e d Into ov «rf 
mats, which relieved the bareness of 
the floor. No wonder daughters stayed 
ut home and that the training for the 
..jKNsU^on Of mistress of her own home 
often shortened the girl's school days. 
How these women contrl- Ni "to nurse 
and train their children may well bo a 
matter of wonder to^ thtlr sranddaugh- 
tera and great^graaddaugfaiei^. But 
tma with the coofclav of the notels was 
looked 'upon MT a matter of course by 
women- wboae lives were not devoid of 
pleasure. When, In the stress of har- 
vest or baynutklnflr, heip was - askod from 
ttte strls Of the famliy. It was usually 
gjiyen as iinsrudgtngly •• eftlclontly. 

tor of that, a bound book, or a china 
illHh. If for no other rea-Mon IhU Kraft- 
lug of the home iiptn the public utUlly 
will go on because In the end It pays. 
It isn't a question of whether we In- 
dividually can afford the greater ex- 
pense of home production; It is the com- 
munity that cannot let any of us waste 
money or muncle or brains. For, whether 


Splrlluul l.*st,ure.'j- U« )!JUhila.y cv.'n- 
Ing, 7:30, March 24tli. 1912. Mrs. U 
Reese, B. ■ U, will bcKln a series of 
Spiritual Lectures at tr.e- Eagles' hall. 

mui.ry VI— "- — -> Oovernment Btrcet. Kirs, lecture— "The 

we intend It or not, whether we boo It or I houI Climbing the DlvMio Height." Soul 

not, what one wastes, either in labor or • ' - — ' -* 

money, Is taken from all the rest of us, though each industry has to be 

packed out of the home separately, thgre 

is no manner of use In trying to derail 

the train that Is thundering them to the 

eager corporalon, for they have heard 

the call of economy and they will go."' 

All this may be true, but at present, 
each housekeeper must do the best she 
can with the appliances and the means 
at her diaposa). As long as this old 
world la.8tB tho making of a Uuppy home 
will be the most Important work to 
which women caa devote t'lomselv.s. 
Whether the manual labor that 1h done 
In it be much or little, it must still be a 
,Wtiere Jove and af Section can tak'J 

_^^^ -f om tile toll and trovVblW ot the 

Caiiaaa oe ouips jtfit, >iee4 lor nm^ w"*^ 

.ii -ii^ii'. ■.- Jl^-lUa '^oMd .wonwl 'iwu. tfttstt 
are not wmntifw »»rM that th» ifamlly 
tio le WraktotOK. It IS fov Canada's 
women to cherish and deepen In iheir 
own hearts and in 'those of all who are 
dear to thsih, the love of home. It is 
only as this is done by mothers. «lves 
and sisters that this people Mn fc-row 
to be a great and an enduring nation. 
A aiaadtr 
Some mischievous busybody has pub- 
lished In an English paper a statement 
to the effect that It is unsafe for a wo- 
man to go about at night on the streets 
of Victoria and that it Is even worse in 
Vnncouvew. The statement purports to 
hava been acnt^n a lettbr from this city 

mesaages at cloai .if l-.-cture. A cordial 
l;ivUatlon extend"! lo eU. • 

Meet me at the Jameo flay GrUl. We'll 
dine together at ft:t8. 

Merchants' Lunch will bo served as 
usual from 12 to 8 at tho Bandringham, 
729 Fort etreet. ou and after January 


S. p. C. A. cases of cruelty. I'hone. 
Inspector aussell. 1921 secretary's 'phone 
L1733. • 

Why Waste Time?— Some "fool" away 
their time by trying to master t^ltman's 
shorthand according to copybook. We 
have got ihem fooled. We teach "Pit- 
man's Simplified." Kasy. as writing 
longhand. Come and see. The Royal 
Stenographic Company. #0^|ppjrward 
■ ■ i j.:iM!tife ! Jl^iAi:» ^aJmW'tf si 

IPlanO -Warerootns, lit.- Port Street. " 
B«»0T»l Votleo 
On and •tttsr Mareh 1st th« ftra^ ot 
Messra. J. Valo 4b Sons, wholesale pro« 
dues and provision merchants, will carry 
on t>o>lness trom their new warehouse. 
comer of Bay and Oovernment Streets. 
Thanking our patrons stnoerely for their 
past support and trastinc the future 
may reaUse a continual and steady in- 
crease of their estet>med patronage, we. 
as ever, yours truly. 

3. VAIO * SONS. 

Smart Ready-Trimmed 
Spnng Hats, Just Imagine 


There Is no foundation for such a report. 
Not only la It safe to go about the 
streets of this city in the evening, but 
women do not hesitate to visit theii* 
CrUnds, t4^atiend.. concerts or do any 
necessary business without fearing an- 
noyance, much less* serious danger. No 
city In Canada, perhaps none in the Bm- 
pir«. is. In respect to the protection af- 
forded Its oltlMln*, In a better position 
than 'Victoria. 

Pcrhaplt tke «r«t great change came 
When the wooUmi mills took the munu- 
I facturlng of cloth from the horn*, th* 
Ifcporta^ «f cotton, an^jl woOftw ma- 
terial help«d. Tho aewlng maoUne In 
the home took work ttom many twnds. 
<t^« mo«^er and binder -and titii thresh'- 
Ing macblnO made It possible for the 
n*|i; to do Oit outdoor work iloas. 
Qutter and ohee«e tactorleo relieved the 
Women On the fanws of til* oare of nrilk. 

^ jito«klaSi> too* >•"* •»»>«^«> *" **•• '•"*' 
^:&ri«8. and gradually tttoM took th«; 

■'tliUm '**!4s -^Of ' more salHMaHfalt hMid« 

U# ll<^ W4>re toyenid ,w|bi raga Md 

> Th€ three great quialilteatioiis that every wcKCilan loves to 
find in a motor car,, but, seldom 9ucceed$.. 


Call or write for full partkttlars of the "WAVERLEY" 
ELECTRICS— the most perfect Electric Cars made. 

Hinton Elect He Cdtklpat^ 

LIMITED , ' *' 

Sole A^U for Silent "Wavertey" Electrics 
G&ventment "Street '*^ . Phone aa45 

Anyone who goea into thepoblic li- 
brary dnring the aftwnoon may notice 
Uttlo grops of boys and girt* atandlng 
waiting. If the observer wiilta tUl the 
aaslftlant tlbrarlan la dlsttngaged it will 
be aefco that the young S«^» ere asking 
for advice. Ifembera^ of debatliic ao- 
oletisa want «» Jkoow, perhaps, where 
thojr call And a^gdmeots on tbla, or tMit 
atdo of SL ouetUon, Otbeni .VMt to 
knaw wluit book will gl«e tham tnfor* 
matlon upon the subject of an csaav 
they have been told to prepare, ft may 
be the description of a battle or facta 
regarding some historical character t|iat 
the librarian Is asked to settle. To each 
and aU of tbb enquiries atlfntloa la 
given. They are ahotni wboro to And 
tha beat boolfc or artleia on tb* aubject 
or tt^oMur b* givon the information wltb- 
a9lk-M*.'Wm^ <" further search. Bn*> 
qeirii#4ir^iiiit oonllnt-d to children. Oldet 
'oftekers after information have learned 
t|i«ft^,i^_jMf|M^f>^.-tb« UttfjtXX^KP 

«MP «t!iaOi|W 'MMtffet.. On the pOMt. IHHMl, 
tti^f iMniil tor- 4k food totfT tnm ^o 
young imti i/fiin 9t)m 40 ^ «ia|iil«vt 
may be hciiiNt Wtoogi at nny Wi*nr "^"-^ 

Spring Summer 

We are now showing a full range 
of choice Importtbd Woollens dl- 
jtaet^Jxom. tha Old. Country. _ 

L lu JMi[ pfl * C! C 


A a. rngmwrn* nf* axofd 

Tf you were not aware or uur prices and saw the Hats you 
would easily jqxiJect to pay $7.50, yes, and $10 for such models, 
but "R. & A.'s" cash price system accounts for their low and 
sensible pri,^^ 

^l€9;il^>of them are of the new fleaftibljB fltrawft trimmed wil^ 
■ !jije£i..xi?' '^^ plain ribbons^ or, if fSiQ^p^WSf^^ cordT^W 
1. Of course js^^Mf^thfi floral trimmed hats a9 well, 
and nc^1^«r&1>eiHg largely iis«d as trimmings 

by tiwiBGwl jpwminvnt i^Uiners, 
N<nt^*4^&S^Jak$^ STOPS APRIL 1, NEXT. 

■ . ■ -v ,) • "■ .«.•:■:■ ■: . r . i • , •• 



« - 






Yon Cannot Qbti 
Good Resiiltft E» 

Your Gard^ 

'*'>^'f». 1 

St 6fe(»iite's Sckod for ^is 

Moved to Ttta U(«t«li, BckAOaid ikVn. 

Wbaa the XCindergartan departnont 
wiu bo i^openad' natOar.Mlaa AabuMirtb. 

1 • 

Bay* ttttdor I admutod.^ 

'' . 

unless you buy seedd from reliable f irm$--fi^ina v&iis have IJI 
reputation fof the high qualities of their products, ^Uch W 

Price, per packet, loc and .^.»f ••.«•»• ?►.'•„<♦ i-^wv ' 


■ Wben you buy here" you gieSt' - 

"!B!ower sk 'V<rgfcl«^ 

■t5*"^l^^'f **'^7:*if'**^ *fr^*^ -^ 


^j_ _. .11 I , .L ' JU ^ 1 I I I I I I . J i 

Water Olasa* for Preserving Eggs, per tin, 50c and. . 


%rpi|ff.,,#9igk;-b^ ^i9Meb|ndi|^. '^;tb« 

hooitint^nd nailtMll *m>^ f«Q«pNM ^, 
the garret tbe loom nnd the ai^nntng : 
wheel. "IrVUh every chante tha glria 
le^ their homes to soi^ new employ- 
ments. The setrlng ma^tiie encour- 
aged ibe trade of dressmaking, and in — --4 ^ „**» gi^^a |g ,„r« 

vUl»g*S and towna young women earned T^ ^.rs;^«»^- j^a^r thit 

ll,*lr Uvlng by aewlng for^inaw torn- j J^^^^^. ^j^^^tt of «orit io 
-...^ ^^*M^ -t.j. ttMrtrtng the C»»||M«le library 

9S«4;i|$t4^«»r9a(i<f In this city 
la i^:m^i»l»ilt\i. to fill the 1 
thtf iren'er(ft.||*bllo with ifOO<l 
If Bossibio^'iiir form a Chll«M 

bo' »»iiy '-<m.>i**ro will JJOJin improve- 
ment not onlf Vfa^al^i.^lWP' '-"t 
In the morality ■i^l^'^^S(^W§^tsi^Ji^' 
yOjinger people ia ^''wP^^BJjJj'^ 

of oiiir ctty In the near futuro and flMtt 

It will be an Institution in wHich her 
citizens can take a Justifiable pride. 


Fort Albern* values liav*' increased 100 per cent. 18*^ 
months. The Albernl Land Company have atai a numl 
sale %• the trlglnal prices. • 

44 -fo^t io>.s fion. ......<...... fSSO 



__. ., _ ■♦■"• ^^»* e a "a"- 

Terms ' f-T ■6aitl''kn<r' balance ov«rai»» yeam « O^w 


, Agent* Port Albernl Land Co., Lid. 
601.502 Sayward Building. Victoria, Port Albernl. B. C. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 


Beautiful situation, junction of Wilkinson '-^'•'' ''"-' 'PC. 
Electric car route, which runs through centre. m 

Victoria. Quartet acres $350 and $400. Half acres $75° and 
$800. Easy-itHIM^>T- 


Real Estate and Insurance Rpom 7, 1007 Government Street 


Wm V novel gifts for the youngsters and the 
grownups: Chocolate Eggs, Chicks, Rabbits, Fish, 
Shellfish, etc. 

Nani(- I'.^gs in colors, our Qncrinlty to order. 


Wedding Cake Specialists 

740 Yates Street 

619 Fort Street 

nies inotead of ona. The lAlldrett, whO 

«ottId, under new oondltlona. attonji 

ieiiooi diirtnlr aumtner as well as win- 

ter. deeded more tteehora, andjrtrls wore 

quicjc to' take up the worti 'nr mrblcli 

ihoy «rero - specially adalHed. Theiyr 

^em in .the hoqies wor« .taken by^ 

siirong^armed girls from the old lnn4t 

or from pioneer seMlementa ttk wftoMt 

the work of wasbtng and scrubbing and 

much of ^th^ ooofclog waa left. In tha 

urgar cltfaa,"* domand a^omo for the 

jbeap lab«r.|^ wowon to ■«««•• nnd it^ 

tones. MM ^ te sua* nboat tbat. 

(hough tN^ 1||ln|«!l#'#1ifc to do m the 

honms, «Nh^^«re. »» busy as ev^r. 

Nuralni^'<''Wb|i|^^Mks always been lookcu 

on a« or?c of^"the ehlet borne dutlen. lui-^. 

, in our time, passed Into the hands o? 

those specially tr-'i-lnH fir the work, and 

serious illnesses are nursed" in the hoa- 

pltalH or by trained nurses. .In this 

A ay a very heavy iaurden has bten taken 

from the house-mothers all over tho 

TfW. "ii tlic other hand, a woman 
=Wnployim'iu iiaa beeii ii eiil^idi "Which h 
taken inauy of tli of our Blrls, 

' both physically and imuiuily, as well as 
those higher attributes which go to the 
maklnir of a fine character. The new 
employment of typewriting has attract- 
ed many girls to whom neither the 
teaoher'H nor "ihe nurse's Avork has ap- 

The lT«w Home 

So far, the demands for women's 
work outside the 4iome have gone be- 
yond the supply. The "rvn<=^...K-.Ao€. has 
been that even the ini have 

suffered. ,In bur owa country we have 
Been an attempt mode to ween girls 
away from the lure of the city anil to 
elevate her work of home-making Into 
a professlo'n. There are departments of 
domestic science In our colleges whore 
graduates In arts turn their attention 
to tho old homely duties upon which 
science has shed a new llRht. In the 
old land gentlewomen whoae mothers 
had many servants, ure training them- 
.lelvos to do the work of the kitchen. 
Many women see In thin movement tho 
solution of a very difficult problem. 

A writer In the New York Outlook, 
however, does not tUInk that relief will 
come from this direction. She consid- 
ers thot, so far from re«torlng the old 
Industries to the home, more and more 
of them will, by the progress of In- 
vention, be. rem<>v«.rt from Jt. Elec- 
tricity Is fast taking tho place of wo- 
man's wofk In the kltch«n and laundry, 
but even this will be only temporary. 
Speaking of housewives who have chosen 
to send th«>lr clothes to a laundry and 
employ a profcflslonAI cl.'aner. the writer 
says: "Their experler.res show tho la- 
bor-saving device, modern ns It Is. In 
tho act of being ahsorheil Into Rennral 
Industry like tho servant brforo It. And 
(hey'ro only doing what, tho rest nf un 
ilo whoiirvxr wo l>oy S roady..modo 
,if or bread, or, for the mat- 

jua fMffc. VMaslpb lli'Oi. 

•eUNftt lUgb-arade 0«r aad 

aMudMHl eaS^ia <»r mytr of t "ii 

Mk xMOb ,»mmmmf •».»«««»«> 
•sbBS* g wlj» **li l * J > w [> j > .. '¥i ! •""--' 

.teSSrat^ «»»»«•«• osWaaWoe.- 
«t» t is i g fj z. 

9. w. cROBCB. as. A. 


-* i 




After Dinner/ Miftts. Lime or Mint Flavor; per tin, 75c, 35c 
and .....%r* »#>.'. «.-• 


. ,^^^i.4w, till —.^..iM.w.^.— — ..— ■ ■ I I I ■ — A. 

AniwarafC Potitil^* e??tra good^ pet- ^adc ..:.... . ^4^ i:.|*'2j?^,,§s 

THE ■ = 





Pbonea 28^19^^ 




Beeohwood ATentie— lA)t,32. Block 

5. Price .... .....fl060 

One-third cash, balance «. 12 

and 18 months. 

aoos Bxnrs xw oak bat 

Oak Bay 4.Tenue — Lot 47x120. 
PrS<je ...v.. ..........92100 

Oow»n Avenue — Near ■Victoria 
Ave., fine high lot facing south, 
60xl7» fl250 

Olympls Avenue, where tho car 
line 1b likely to bo. Three lots 

at respectively IflOOO 

and iHlOSO 

and 91100 


SO acres of good land. 10 acres 
.•l<»ared, with a shack, 10 miles 
from the -city. Price, per acre. 
on easy terms 9*00 

P. Edmonds 

Fhoae 0559. 318 Pemlierton Bldg. 


and Johnson 

Phone io6 

Afj^ to Remember 

'"Hi^ntlis.' M. 
pi-ise. DO'lT 

.u on to E^STOi^ENUE. Good 
immfx^yt^K^II^M^^^II^ip month for three 
:r 'cfianfeeTO jge^ ftt''^ a working enter- 


From Regent Street, Ix)ndpn. 


749 rort Street 

Terms Cash 

Almoure Agency 

325 Pemberton Block, Phone 770 Real Estate Department 

FIVE ALBERNJ LOTS, good location ;tHe whole. . . • .$500 
GORGE, new house, the last thing, in homes; terms. .$5,250 
CEDAR HILL ROAD. A certain winner; very large $1,250 
JOHN STREET, good revenue, two houses, tempting offer. 

Price ........ ...-..' • <po» o 

HILLSIDE AVENUE. Front r ^^jifeia e-third cash, balance. 

I, 2 and 3 years. Price •' J HP'' ••••••• $4.0°° 

HAMPSHIRE ROAD, up to date^roSm house; all in, $5,500 

buvs this. • » : 

HOLLYWOOD CRESCENT, below market, new 6-room 

house. Price . . ..... .... .^ ..... . ^ • ....•.• •$5»ooo 

ROBERTSON STREET, $150 lower than any other on street. 

Swell. Price ■••• $1,100 

JOSEPH STREET. For best in locality $1,200 

You list and we Sell. 


The Sir James Douglas School, 
Mciss Street, will reopen on 
MONDAY NEXT, March 25. 

(Signed) E. B. PAUL, 

City Super, of Schools. 


on .\i)ril 1 li' larger quart- 
ers at 1605 Government St. 
Our Spring Suitings for 
Ladies and Misses arc now 
PRICES FROM ^27.50. 

Charlie Bo 

Ladies' and Gent's Tailor. 

Almoure Agency 

Call from 9 to 9 and talk them over. 
325;Pemberton Block 

Phone 770 

Collegiate School for Boys 

Rockland Avenue 

Victoria, B. C. 

Central Situation 

Spacious and Well-ventilated School 
Recreation Grounds Gymnasium 

Cadet Corps 
Under the present management a special feature of the school 

is its' individual attention to pupils. 


Assisted by a Resident Staff of Masters 

Easter Term Begins Tuesday, January gth, at 9 ajn. 

A Preparatory Class has been formed for Boys of 7 to IO years 

of age. 

For Prospectus, apply 

The Prindt>a4 

Sunday, March 24, 1912 



The Sporting World 




Home Soccer Football Team, 
by Defeating Nanaimo Unit- 
ed, Yesterday, win Provin- 
cial Championship 

Victoria, 3: Nan^^toi-jUftityNV^r 

fast game when t^PlNN^i^m mm 
here were not <i' 8WijlJ^8||lii»'C-yi8tl)^>jl^ 
afternoon at q«tdlK^^wtf t P9^ tn- 
|reate4r<;rpwdr|iHP1|!|«4'iaV « .flPtttBt 
,^0fmtA tran thu vmv» 
>•*» •». *oA hookey tti 
ji^'vprfoty. Ther« was «om« 
ttiM i«o it«»m« went 
ittMOt* il!«a a flniafa to the com* 

, an tttstfht iaxat tha Jk 



AJl Sort* of Taotlo« Employed In Battle 

In Wbich Jack DlUou X<o«ei 



ft^CT'fr'.W*',^ 15^ <lifc' ■&«^# #**»-««>*tt«^^ Hove.. 

Wl* MWWA not only by the apiiited 
>l|Mlrt«iH#WtitcA'{lMy pushed the pace 
" , the ^pentny. but by the number of 

of th^; 

began to 

Sent boostera^bey brought with them. 

Jktti^' 1M|^ other spectators amused 
. ! i i >a aa tM t HJ jn i baoa mof lust a iifetia 

^inm-wmm<M fettifeff "r**." 6«it 

|)i|Wltors cw«?e not able to get ttarouffh 

„„_ and. aliSioaf)t the 

>;'««(«#' HUM !« MicgtelM 

^ wltl[tta9K«r. who Is 

-in Nanaimo, they soon 

^' ittf BOA than thln«ii 

^9S6-itb»t goal wao » Uttie 

unsatisfactory. It came from the foot 

uf Centre Forward |^^e»inKt'«nd rolled 

I'rom Goallceeper 8hepPf>rd*a hands past 

thR sticks. a;tb»(<it4>Mtllk dactttob ihnoyed 

the NanaimoltMl «liil. fn tiiUr behalf It 

tibe atihui i^im i d «hat it was lars*- 

I -flC -Hood fortune. 

-t'^BtJIirMMiM^tto next coal was not of tho 

►'*ootWfi ityl* ' 

was 'cAi#ri( from \toot to boot.' «en> 

tred at tho ^Migrehological moment, and 

sent iw ta th > m i Wt|t s Tlgor that was 

too ngmi4Nt<St««B to» th^ belU««rant cu8> 

t ^ i Mi | »;. iy (><»» »rd. The third. aMM^ while 

1% iumm.tM^ a penalty* wm m.t^t and 

swMT* 'point for the loc»la. flay what 

vIsmuMi ;su|tporteva will, and tinqtuea* 

t|iiiiiiJEKj^«lr,f1JB J90ili9l the ne^tt two or 

W^MMwyortnar to «oi»vln<»» 

^VKd IttMn thlit bat f mr Re- 

Dsft, JVdjDiMqpkiNi 4mMob* 'they 


, „^„.^_,^ , „, , little the bet- 

tk ot (|l*|l«lM«^Jfal.-^««Mnd padirfl 
the- difTorencA -KaMtPt aatf^UAg that can 
b» boasted of. Ki#'^iiFil%> said that 
tlia home lada had anyttkllitf Ilka all of. 
tfte honors at any pericfd. ^thmjjSllilstSt'fi 
filter the interval, injected 

MRT mtm 

Louis Nordyke Sympathetic 
But Reticent— How Differ- 
ent Players Look, from Press. 

I I ^. >■' -ily 

Islander Jlortb%estern League 
Bis^# Squad Take San 
Jose's Best Into Cmp in a 
Fast Game v 

SA)E$r 'J06EV Cal., lUrflft Xt«»«-Ia * 
game marked by ei^rorless fielding tl^e 
Victoria Bees were sue«essfta In the 
ftrnt eeheduled practice game of the 
training period today at Santa Clara 
college, defoiktSiig a picked 8an Joso 
team inciudiMT wonw rias th« 'YletorlK M i 
■qtwd by a imore ol'C#o'^£& <teik 

The hitting mtS lltfit. Kiuitielmer. 
sighed to ioin VlotocUk Ui JttBe. pitch> 
lug jonr tottfiags of •«ifi'i b*tl oxalnst 
the regnUum. a» ylitMd 'l»ttt two aata 
hits, one to Utnk ailff <Ae to Tleo Tate4 , „.^ 
who followed hl»<oe,4P9W B«nli»^ Y^. 

hit safsly by Haolels tiH«o «od by Ken- 
nedy, Fr)ene> ffteytos third for the 

Yannigaas. hit for two donblsa ■ ani i-j^^w «Ti.t_ a«>i».^",«:k,- __*- ^ 
near^f, tore Jtvo-I^ft^^^ J.^^ *5»^Wf*t J^ ^ rf»»^«?»%^ 

opped. tae 'IJ^rtlWIi 

rApti thii't Wei^ 
monbcj; <»f Kt 


lihi&'^^UaiUt by 'i|0i«|^'3 

^■;J»e' is' ■)4wi*',» wmtas: , to smile 
#lth one, but the following l» the oum 
and substance of ihalt a doseh attempts 
dwiner the past few days to draw him 
out regarding prospects and players: 

'.•Good morning, air. Nordyke." 

•Hiood morning." (Smile.) 
ftrUbS'-; Colonist. wObld Mk*- to know 
what y»i think* ot the itwMBpeetf Tor the 
season. " ^ 

♦better talk to Wattelet about that." 

"Are the new men on the sauad show- 
ing promlser* 

'/Too cirly to tell about that." (More 

I "This thing o^ comW to California 
to train Is an cspcrlment ' with the 
yorthweatam Iisagaw,'; .aald~.Prflaldail . 
h. A. Wattelet of the Bees today. "I , 
was advised against It by most of the, 
other owners In the league, who brieve 
that th* Maxim. wp lofliw vp.nvmy 

ino oofth. '"' '*v" i 

|"I aa Uiehn4 ti» <U*|firt« with them, ! 
howe4«r. iaiftniiilc^iiilr twlnn wHl get off i 
with • ivmps^^-in brttor uondltlTO- 
ttaw a»y «t tlioni.'' 

jkltl|Oti«|idSttfM|Al« lukf it»ldWi^ of' 
sprint r«teii -tiio iN«»ioi^.s« 1^ ainoo 
tratalag bagwi-^MHl bOM brllUiM^ al- 
though thOM hM' bo«R' w i >i p i <i>r »»le 

"m^" ^ ^ m^ at ffutm mm tfco »iwr- 

Seeretwy T 1». ttoOoiMMitl i^ Vi*. 
McCailiM*b vlMtsd the trallifejki ««nv diu-* 
ittg tho w««k. And 'wvm WmcM' sftMuNfA 
with the work of tho wtnad. Wbtch they 
w*«<ihed «a»««ally «uHnt thttr «jt4y. 

left SMI WmutitiBtt bf <«l«iaMr 

1«M «»«k nor tht-ooKir iKfli«r< ti^H^itS. 
'A9W* tonr^iil<^ Mt^n^Hika i«(km tttJM 

SAN FRANCISCO. Mar*rl> 23.— Frank 
Klaus, tho Plttsburs "Bear CJat." out 
roughed, but barely outtouffht Jack Dil- 
lon, the Indianapolis middleweight, in 
tholr flglit at Coftroth's open arena this 
«. I. as a result of which he was 

p; i the winner by Referee Welsh 

afte^ -0 rounds of the foulest mllllnis 
witnessed in a local arena in recent 
years. An eleventh hour rally on the 
part of Klaus enabled him to leave the 
ring with Dlllon'8 scalp (Iguratlvely 
hanging from his belt, his determine* 
aland In the final round, during which 
ho landed fearful stomach punches 
wiihoiii loturn, contributing all that 
\\ 10 determine a winner. 

xi.c i..iii.v. from start to finish was 
contested with tl>e men: going It hammer 
and tongs each with head and slwuders 
resting against each pfher, They 
,W>:estled, Showed. ''butt*^|ttM^ "back 
)4ifieled,"'the"':referee warinippppEi ,tlmc 

jilnivoie to let them settle their diKery. 
•nces In their own way arid will ndt 
tnt&rfere. They are both equally eolp* 

As the ctmtest was fdught, there 
never :tvas a dvU moment, each man 
fighting ceaselessljp In his peculiar way. 
piilfl^ siiowkt hl#-superlorlty at bojdngt 
frequently staggfeHhg Klaus with sharp 
right hqoks to the Jaw. b(it th« latter 
proved capable of thwarting the blows 
and never at any stage of the game was 
In distress. 

Dillon scored first blood, a right hook 
In the s^ond round opening a gash on 
giaiiM- face, in tlie fifth ' 










:s t^-i^^'-x 







Do the work in 

I la 1 1 

the time. 

Further information and prices from 

E. G. Prior Co., Ltd. Ly. 

Corner Government and Johnson Streets. 


round, how- 

■y.^ftf'' .'.m.-^it't^*^'-;' 

*n Ih* bSlit U gsaies •< teas»tna 
relied du^g this month a 

wen cm •vtftui mimr* euyttasa, 

wUI bar. given. Tbu prise : |« pre- 

-snttea by ths *«tane flhap," <U 
Tatea street. 

Arcade Bowling 

reatbertoa Block. Fort St. 

Smoke Silver Tip Cigars 

Factory Phone 960 

M All DcalerA 

ever, the Plttsburgor sent In e smash 
to the mouth and until the end of the 
fight DUon bled from the effects ot this 

In the t hi rtee n th p«»mi4, IMHon almost 
dropped Klaus on three different ooa» 
•Ions with powerful rights- to the chin 
and the crowd yelled Itself hoarse. KlaUs 
however, weathered thtf gale and bnnMH- 
dlateiy resuqvoA 1»# mm«U(mi pMH/Ofittt^ 
of body punohes wWelft ^y«(fl,» »ota|B,t 
factor to wai^fwa^g mil0 *m «<»«^^ 
llhg hlro to l(ftpjp*l^4lstaaeo. 
; On the wiW><iw ^tlatt# #«#tt# ««« « 
dtsavpotacxiMat tfr tho m)4oj»ltorf ^vlw 
•ftrM<( tBaC i» a' MftM <iM«r «i« IvK^O- 
Btito fMm «t Qtte«MH«y Hf ^has vauj^ 
to leatB. ■"■'"■''' ' '' 

Klaus «M |t«ittfr tleO0«rty .ol.O»h« 
Hesh ac« ihai^ed to fight at Cofittotha 

'Mittoii^Ml^ as the iraiwm immvn 
H» tba b«tttti« 4rif to T. 

\ni!f'»«ii4^m^mM^^ over 

'Walter 'mli|p *«>» rapltfUre rounds. 

t)»«tr efforts, th^fmmm 
aiqKiciaiiy that «f^mj^<rul>t #lng. 

ft Ittinateiad 

%olnt They 
to <3ao*- 

<.sasa >fMI. 



hi^ fo|rC^|,tOh^' taa '' 
<»tieheirai In the iame anA used 
nineteen playersv <^l> <|||il4. vX>antels, 
Priene, Concannon. Barier. Ireek. Kor- 

TlMl fottolrtog i« *it» aoore: -^^ ' -■- 

Motor Cycle 

6 h. P- twin battery. Boschr 
High fension magricto.^Freie "■■ 
engine and disc clutch. 


■ < ■ ■ ■ ■■ - / -.- ' . , ■ ■• , .•' ■ - . .w 

Get Your Fishifii 

where you can obtain the newest, largest sdectiona M ittoiifc 
moderate prices — at CoUister's. . , 

FISm3«G RQI?9. »Ba?l^ .aiwf*^ 1^ )■'<- 
of every description. Call- In- and Mc bur stock. • 



' "i 


'■ 1 "■ t^'- 


' 5 ■ ■;. . 

n *■' .:■ 


„ „,_„ __ 

....— .i,* . 

'' I'T^'TT?^' i 


"' ?' 

T -V' 


'y;:^1t |^S-S!sa^ 

vi iV. , 



" • '. 

• A'. 



' 'i 




wfii hftn til* m^ tci|to^«»«f%.^7 0if ml 

great wofk t^-mik^fJ^imm^^m.^m^ 

as an ttoiSMdar dkft ls««« liMtai lilt 

n^^ i: hits. «: «rro»«» 0. 8atterie»^| !fi«afn» laiun «§ joi liMfeittddlr 

rt''1it''nso>i'-'' 'M^^Tg,^ IDoaeawftolfci d|>r'« tiaM'|NM| lb < 

a feature. 
|!:^t|ie left wioM 
the goal f or^'j 

. l^tb^^^m^^v^ WteMllNi <rdh ^ 

Dan McDougal did SMflf- ^*>'^^ O" '^ 
fcree. He might hav«'lP^Jtllttle anwa 
stringent both Ways wtthoui WMM|^. 

The teams follow; 

Victoria: Qoal, Home; backs, New- 
lands and Tommy Miller; half-backs, 
Wilson, Crawford and W. Mlllfer; for- 
wards, Wilkie, Thomas. Pickering, Muir 
;i ■ ' ■ '-.ion. 

; iiio-TInited: Goal, Hhppp<>r<l; 
full-backs, Mossey and Cojleen; half- 
backs, Mitchell, White and Mossey; for- 
-""-wardq, Dpherty, Bryan, Qibispn, Mc- 
Qurty'ana Worrall. 

heiitoli^Tat<i^t^.,l6»t«i|»l»^ ,l». Wfts 
off^Beir«er In %wo "^ tiwfnak; aenaottl 
witiioB In «no iiUKiQt; : Ohm >«*t If <»- 
Creitr i» -i^ !«<**•. *nd jtw* «f « Con- 1 
cMwhda lit ^(ittte iluOiiiil fMC'^,^^^ 

wtv ?rt«BMir *' »t«>c* ottt by^KiMitVKl 
beaiM'. S; WUaoib 1; TaiM, t; WhCrMiry. 
1; Coneannoa, «: baaoa ott bidlg. <^, 
Berger. l; off XoCitorj^ 1; «Cf Tate«> 

g; off Concannon, 4. > a' 


Kit tl» new battttry men, Burke, the 
^chsr, Uijiitilllttv » cVMit MkmrMpi 

' 1th Ilia hA9|tt|r» tiMiiaiit mM ti*^ 

Kard-Fonght Amateur rootbaU 1f»Mh 

jM xeaeon SlU^—Basy Tletory 

70T Garrison 

Tlctorla West ../.... » 3^T Ti 




The report from South Africa Is that 
the veldt has produced another Reggie 
Walker for the eprlnts, and his first 
acquaintance with AmbrtCans atfd oth- 
er crack competitors will be at Stock- 
holm. The name of the newcomer. Is 
<; H. Patching. His experience on the 
i>aiii extends over a period of two years, 
but It Is only lately that he has shown 
Ills true form, which Is said to be well 
In.Hidfc: eveip flguree for both tho 100 
jards and 220 yards. In the month of 
June, 1910, when but a greoh performer, 
PatcMng surprised the public at Pretoria 
by winning the furlonjr on a poor track. 
In '^2 1-5 eecon'i iire which v 

iiccppted as tile uth African 

cord and which adorns tho books at 
present. Since then Patching lias had 
tiome good coaching with the id«a that 
he shonW be ytoll wound up for the 
Olympic game8^ It was tht intention 
to keep him lit* tho dark, tho same as 
was done With W.ilkcr four year.s ago, 
nnd spring him on the Tnnkces and 
Mrilishers at tho lost moment for a 
genuine Btnention. Very little had been 
done about Walker previous to the Eng- 
lish Olympic, but In the eeoond round 
of the 100 metres, when ho. tied the 
Ulynrplc record by coming home In 10 
4-5 Bfecond.H, It dawnod on those looking 
on that tliey were watching a real dark 
one. It Is ancient history now how he 
bent Rector » yard in the flnal. asaln 
doing 104-6 seconds. The same plan of 
campaign was mapped out for Patching, 

)>iit tv%i, trtiftminm »tmi%nA TCatfll oniiM nnt 
keep quifct, po by July next thn South 
African will be as well known, to fume 
es tiio "phenomns" of other countries. 

f^ijfa. great 
'ilhapo iif«iN'«M itii0mf'tM,miim has 

"^ ^ "' ma. ■ ' 

Santa Mun- 

fleldlng is all 

Ikfd the pitchers 

w.caknass at the 

• feet 10 inches 

and Is running 

James Bay o 

Sons of Bnglahd .... 2 

Fore8te*s 2 

T. M. C. A 








Beanlts Soccer Oames 
Sons of England, 2; Victoria West* J. 
Garrison, «; A, O- F., 1. James Bay 
defeated Y.M. C. A. by defatUt. 

By far the most interesting game of ; 
the Morley Cup series yeste^da,j- iwae 
that In which the Sons of England and 
Victoria West figured, the former play- 
ing surprisingly well. The result was 
a 2-2 draw. The match- took place at 
Beacon HIU before a fairly large 
avu) :.'•'•'• Strange to say.' the teams 
di- nors most evenly, the Wests 

scuni.H i.>vo goals in the openin-g period. 
Messrs. .Peden and Sed«er being respon- i 
sible; while in the second- hs^l^f Hymc- 
nnd Kerley, for the Kon^, put thei 
>a8ls. Kefereo Allen 
iorabla criticism. Tlie 
Wests complained 'bitterly when he 
gave the Sons of England a second 
penalty after they bad sent the ball 
over tho bars. In the f ix'st instance 
stating that Prevost had crossed the 
penalty line. The second effort was 
successful. It put the Sons one bebind 
the green Jerseys. About seven min- 
utes from time Kerley managed to 
oven matters. 

In the Garrison-A.O.F. matcli, which 
was played at Work Point barracks, the 
former were the victors, 6-1. The For- 
esters held the soldiers down fairly 
well in the first period. They were 
able to make but one point. In the sec- 
ond half six goals were made, one for 
the A. O. I', and five for the home team. 
The Osrrlflon's g^als were secured as 
follows: Oreatorex, 2; Brown, 1; Taj-lor. 
i: .Tnn««, 1 (from^'oenalty): one by re- 
bound from Forester man. 

The Jamc.-^ Bay eleven won t)i'<lr 
game from thf Y Mi > inf.Tim. 

b«en mUMnti 



tall, bin 

the bases w, i,. 

Manager :^ordyke is Slightly troubled 
with a tfore arm and stiff legs, but the 
trouble Is wfWklng off r^nUPv md he 
■expects to be Ir "the pii. 'n" 

hy thi^ nml nT -^nnther ^ .. of alreadjr /,ln^ mid- 

seaHuii 1.UI 111 .11111 in Keeptng in the back- 
ground giving tbe youngsters a chance. 
Fred Raymor is another veteran who is 
playing a great game, seming to be in 
better condition than in many months. 

The most promising Infielders after 
a weiek's work seems to be Nordyke at 
first, Kellar and Raymer at second, 
Merrltt at short, Friehe and Rawllngs 
at third. Merritfs inexperience is 
against him, however,rand he may give 
IJIace to i( mof e experienced man. 

¥16111 iwbt«9«y tft 

tnttrlttttiBi'MMl' fittiK 
n% vMip ' 




10 ft..»u «o U kooa. . 

Children ..•..••.•••.....•> Afir 

Adulte ,..,,',...,.....•.... VKjp— <« 

8 p. ab to S V. a. 

ohiMten aBf 

Adults 9ttw 

MM V. m. to 10.30 ». Bb . 

rl^2 Hateel Raleigh and Cleveland 

*\uiii^l'v' M^mt m,^^» ^k^k 


He win meet George Ireland of the' 
J.b'.A.A. in tho I2|-lb. class. In the 
forthcoming wrestling and boxing tour-j- 

vs. Pride 

BowUng JhrlseS 

CHICAGO, March 23.— Prizes won by 
bowlers In the two meh team and indi- 
vidual events of the American bowling 
congress tournament, which ended today. 
Were annoiu of the 

citntestantR i today > 

•a. Tho; 

. - .-- ... ,:,.LLon,. oft 

Rochester, N.Y., in the singles, and Phil 
Sutton and Nelson Owen, of Louisville, 
Ky., In the doubles, while the all-event; 
prixo went to Phil Suttbn. Phil Sutton's 
total In the All-Kvents Was 1843. The! 
victory was due to hlH splendid work in ; 
the doubles. AI. Sallandor, of Chicago, 
Ifindcd second prlhc In the A,n-Events 
With a total of •18158. T^e bitly new , 
tburnament record was madti by Louis ; 
Violestlch. Kansas City, who set a high : 
game mark of 280, beating by one pin 
the previous record held hy Wm. Winer, 
of Chicago, and Harry Muggley, of St. 

At the Arcade AUeys 

The schedule for this week of the city 
league games is as follows: 

Monday-Finland Builders 
Cigar Co. 

Tuesday— Flt-Rlte vs. Drlftrd Barkers. 

Wednesday— Style Shop vs. SlandardB. 

Thursday — Bowman Manufacturing 
Co. vs. Wholesalers. 

The contests for tho Style Shop $25 
suit and tho standard Stationary Com- 
pany smoking set are drawing to a close 
and U»c competition Is close and keen. 

Moro try-outs will be held this week 
'. for the selection of teams for. Van- 
cou%'f*r and those interested in the game 
should sign on and lake a chance. 

Ballon rolled a good nvo game average 
ytstorday with the following. Scores 
2,44, 234, 205. 2fl^ 1 <1T iiVT'i'imthi; 216 for 
the five. 

e Day, Q(t^ 


_^^ lite Colonist 
" Phone 
Fishing Tackle a Specialty 

English and 


Singers, Hunibers, Enfields, Kirmers, Minstrels, Masseys, Standards, 
speeds, three-speeds, coasters, free wheels, oil bath gear, cases, etc., etc. 


< — ^ 


Heavyweight Championship 

KANSAS CITT, March 23.— Jack 
Curley, promoter of the championship 
fight Botweon .Jnok .Totin»on atirt Jim 
Flynn, left here tonight for tho wnst to 
take a nnol view of all of the cities that 
Wi4iit to stage the hlg nght. furley must 
announce the scene of the fight befor« 
Mny 1. 

ISatohlsg Johnny Kilbaae 
OLKVELAND. O., March 23.~Johnny 
Ktlbane, champion /eatherwelght boxer, 
received today an offer of $5,000 or 40 
per cent, of the receipts from the Madi- 
son Athletic Club, of New York, for a 
tcn-vound match against either George 
OKoefo or Johnny Dundee, the Scotch 
champion. Kllbane to name the date. 
Jimmy Dunn, Ktlbane's manager, said 
hf was Impressed favorably with the 
offArs, and will leave next woeA to close 
The agreements. 

Kathleen Parlow Bonvenir Piano Sole 

j.'or I'^xtra y.incin tmrgains in Pianos 
and Player Pianos Call at Hnrmony Hall 
Piano War'-ronnis, 736 Fort Street 

Harley Davidson and Indian Motor Cycles 

Repairing of all Kinds 


Store 730 Yates Street 

Garage f37 Jphnsoh 8#*f| 

Phone 698 
^Tf You Get It at Plimky's, It'* All M^t" 


. .^M■; ' w jag fiyp jii^ ^ 



Sunday, March 24, 1912 

Hake Home HAPPf 


The charmiu)^ Laalciul niSj' •, :■.■.:: 

premises will give you some idea of what we 
can do to beautify your liomi. For beautiful col- 
ors and superb (juality our showing of rugs is 
easily first. After you have seen them wc would 
like you to say if you think we have^aggeratcd. 
Be vour taste fo'r Oriental, Floral or Conven- 
tional designs we are quite sure of being able to 
satisfy you. 

AXMINSTBUS, ?^ to ?85; WILTONS^ J18 to ^52 
BBUS5E1-S, $14 to f^i VELVET PILE,|i|ttiO to fSO; 

•1.1 *.■ ,»u7 ^^tlK.C 

'IKII'ES" !iN m 

Soldier Kearns Has Come Into 
Prominence — Should Make 
Ai. ratzei a ociiuuS nival — 

In ftri 

n urieens, Browns and a charming new Silver virey shade. 
Dii-ectly imported from the best English mills. Floral 
desi|:ns in delicate drawing-room colors and nice conven- 
tional patterns for stairs or hall. Prices, per yard, up to 

Piece Carpeting ' . ^ 


In many designs, more particularly suitable for bedrooms, 
etc. Easily cleaned and splendid wearing. Many new pat- 
terns with smart botders to match. Prices, per yard, up to: 

For Easter Wear 

Fashion has d^^reed th&l Embi^o i d^t-y D f tiiti, Will be TtiE th i ng t his East er and w e a r e pre pa r ed ae e o f d i ngly. Our 

Trimming Section is just an enchanting maze of delicate tracing and gorgeous color in Laces, Veilings, Embroideries 
and flouncings. J"st to mention one item indicative of the up to date character of our stock we \\'ould draw your at- 
tentlpn to th;s— . ' ... * 


—in elaborate baby Irish effects. This is 27 in. and 45 in. in width and prices range from $1.25 to $5.00 per yard. There 
arc several different patterns and while some have the usual scalloped edge, others are finished with the, ntyr hcmm«4 
edg^ >!i^ce^e ale^ ismt^^, fini^^ h^a^ to match, which are priced from 65c to $1^5 per yard. «' 

Before finaly deciding about that dainty Easter gown which you have been fondly and carefully planoipg you simply 

Soldier Kearns Ih llio. Jatftsl to hUl for 
"white lioiff" honors la the ICant. I »ee 
whore he dittpoaeU of big Jim Coffey, re- 
cently ovor I'rom the old country •with 
t' being the best man 
iuced Blnce the days ot 
I. icr Muher, Coffey was glyen several 
niatchea with third raters 
good, but when he bumped 
the Boiaier It waa "curtalna,*!^ 
t BfLvr Kearns box Jn a pref" 

iiiftK«.up ««ua rttjrte ta i»t!ft'}<wmm -__. 

JOmetSpS sm'~zt ««»$ tlasfc «» *«* 
VM V#ry crud*. but hto inineb waa 
mifiity. «o$ If i rwttWfiJbW swrectly he 
knotsked out bis man In tbe first round, 
tbe Mine as he did with Coffey, the 
Irishman, the other nicht 

Kearns and Palzer are the sort that 
can be developed Into contenders Cor the 
htfhest . honors In heavy-wet«ht puflJ. 
Ism. They are both Jewess In the roiish. 
and what they "need most is. the rifht 
sort ot tuition and training to put on 
the polish. Palzer is fortunate that he 
hooked up with Tom O'Rourke so early 
in his career. As a result he Is now 
ecneraljy recognteed as the most danger- 
ous white heavy-weight before the pub- 
lic. I do not know who looks after 

Too Late to 

Llndra Ave, and Fulr«lHrt Foad— 

Tills tl««lrable ooiiicr, 011x1711, in ■ 
If deltvcratl for a few day* St 
i|i'.',600. Ttrmi one-third ca»b. 

l>uliirn-« 6. 13 ami 18 ni" *' "tr- 

l«h I'anadlKn Hmno Hyi 

::15 Say ward Bldg. Pli_::^ : - —. 

Blarkwood St.— New 4 -roomed pi''t- 
Mity, large lot, 50x1 3D. iwo Iuik' 

< ili'kril liouvon miu iiii '• i.- • ^1 ..:". '. 

. ••rniiit, floor I 

If '^1)00 ; eaah ^$ 1 

HrltlBh Canadlun iiM:iii- 1. 

312-310 Buyward Bldg. 

1030. ^ 


Kca r nB. t in t rtto pc n e m in gw w i i iiamim 

It would be little less than a crime to 
roar the future prospects of this promls- 
ln!K youngster through Incompetent 
training and advice. 

chHpnian St., mod' 

n lot 60xl.w I" 

:i; tirm» to Hull. 

ifciiK- ItiiPd<.'r». 

,10 loau 

I third cuuh. 

1 monthB. Hi 

dlan Home Bulldt-is, iU-iib bs^- 

ward Ulds. Phono 1030. 

i j i l ii l ilin il i^ l l|i *> ii|i |i i> »H l l i I 'm ii m M i l > 

IfteUm Wei(MLs»fford St. «*» 
medera. C^rootasd houee <«!««• 
lot, with 1>oUls*ard etreet end all 
improinMnenMi price t^ooo; terms 
MW-aiUWter oash. bslanco »«.«»"• 
«rttish Cahfedtan Mome Butldet*. 
ai2-9l( Sayvatd Pldg. Phone 


Lots I and 2, Block 11, Lni- 
versily street, Ca'-ey roa<l, 

1.35x120x75. One-third cash. 
The two $1,100 

I.t'ts 14 and 15, Block 5, 
Obed street, 50x120. $200 
cash, each $550 

].')\-. II and 12, Blpck G.., 
Newport avenue, 50x120 
each, $690 cash, balance 6, 
ij and 18. The two $2,565 

Grogan & Crook 

Phoite 1865 

JTamee Bay^aiensla* 8t.. fine lot on 
oar linv. «»»»«; litU t« good bv.r'- 
Ina at 9S.SM In view of tho devol- 
opmanta in thla locality: terma 
one-quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 
18 inontha Brltlah Canadian 
Home Bulkier*. 812-M* Bay ward 
Bids. Phone 108 0. 

fSOO Cssh sad tU. Monthly— New 

four-room modern house, bath 
room, eleetrio "|lsht», ♦at—. '■'«>»« 

to F ort alr^ ' l ? !&•■ — B r UW I l r aua" 
dlan Home Builders. I^td., 313-3t& 
Hayward BIda. Phone 1030. 

OX.ITB STSXUCk. 60x120 f J.100 
T99AM ATSmni,, ^asr oj: PWth. 

■15x1 1;) ... — f950 

0AUI9OVZA AVB, west of Cook; 

SOxUD ^ f4gOU. 

monama kovkb . , .'^.^ 

hot eOxlio. with tjioroughly ^iod* 
" "eTii""rtwminir - Jb!9n*^« ' newjir f ♦- 
rooms, hot water betttlmb 1 J 
bathrooms, 3 tsAlets, fittl.^«MS* 
ment. For quick •*!«... 




Sole Agents 

for Suadacd 


739 YATBS 



Sole Agents 

Dodd*' Shoes 

' 'V^ ' ajU ' S "^ ' f"" 

♦w Wi^ tt t tfis «r«4(«st Muadwrs lA Anker- 
%mt Ctaoimatt tiraded * MM t»i 

Halhewsoa ior % «(W(t pftehelr named JBusle. 
, When StrUi&r^ttadid ThnH-rtagweA 
Srswn IS «iMM*lr» Mr ladt 9a|rt«»< - 

Xiimiik* TtM^'tttHTS^y stosa ta the 

M -lltrwdaM snd eatled Raiab 
/k voltMmaB. 
elin Ammsen stols sewmd wTXb 

,„ (fgft, 

j^.Wmii laek. ^IwaMro io«t a world's ckan- 

jlOpity. <nt a, nt^Vi «(teh, 
Wntn Merkte faiml 

lost a peaaant. 


to to^eh second and 

M*rlWir'MWHS tiie 
allo'wed MUlcr Hug- 

at at. 

on bla 
Loutt, Oc- 

■*!|w(pliwSWdod Magen bolted FInneran 
on the bugle. 

When Plttsburfr and IJctrolt paaiod jiji 
Qrover Cleveland Alpxandor. 

When CInrlnnatt allowed .Maitv O'Totfle 
to aet awny without a trial 

When Hugtiey Jennings underestimated 
Babe Adams In 1S09. 

When Cleveland let Ned Klillan go to De- 

Wlien Bresnahan made faces at Umpire 
Billy Idem. 

When Horace Fogel switched his famous 
Herrniaii-Murphy lellera 

When McOraw parted with Mike Donlln 
th« IBU world'e fr\f<, 
; mrSSSna. Lou C'ria-er toutO'i :v I'.iiin no n 

' ^*«hehe«d. 


WIKNIPEO, March 23.— From Calgary 
Tommy Burns, fbrmer heavyweight 
champion, today has challenged .lack 
Johnson for the clianiplonship of the 
world and a purse of 130,000 raided by 
Calgary friends, to be held oh Labor 
day. To prove his good faith, 8urna of- 
fers to take .Tohnson's place against 
Flynn in July and bent him If Johnson 
will tlien meet him. 

The crop of old-time flshters with a 
desire to shine In the flstio flrraament Is 
not dlminlabtnc so very fitft. The rumor 
win not down lti4t ^Im i'HttrlBi has de^ 
terminad to tnake another t>^d for the 
tha lehfttmrtonUrip. ithi 'i>i«r fetiow^ de- 
nies iMy sntih IntMittOtt ilrhen the aue^ 
ttoa I* |>«t d^raettr to JiUn. but word 
TMateea tamtMia Ion AnfiMM that «*• 
former «hltfsfrton la doln* a Mt of qttlot 
tmtnlits. and that he la ebveetad 1)«fdre 
long to make a public announcement of 
Ma wllttttcsetM to take another ctasncc. . 

chamttlM. «llMi |wt Is ««« tn Uufifm 
tommy say* be irtll ieenftM bla MiVle* 
tnekta jUi-tb* ftt^ttMtoaamlMtAJKUbJlMm 
of bU <fiftt tiAoti ittd iron** ?»•*?? **.. 
Falser to shoot at «* » at«rt«^. Mr. 
l^ma modestly adda that be woold not 
be arerae to meeting; Carl Morris should 
Palasr not (eat Inclined t« do battle. . 

' Dlapatebea state tbat Ldfbt-Weigfct 
Champtoo Ad. Wol«nat baa decided t» 
^raauiAo bis cMnpslSB imh « •erl«r' oT 
limited rotmd bdatg In K««r Torttmty. 
Ad*B lat<»st idea Is to try hfmso!f ottlr«m, 
mt or-two-Wlitd rataiis bsfone takfaMTim; 
Ijli* fdaoJIar hor*. It Mt Ondo Infc la tii»: 
i%m9 Murdy youth of 9S|fb»dop«w«Nsir 
dsyii. tbe »la» will bo to meet nit CMMpr-" 
ore gaatear ate g a ri a nd i sSttaae smt. 

WboB Hrfaroo Cbarley White dUNiuall- 
eod One nonad no««B In tbo rooeot 
muteb'wtUi Mm^ Ci'olM in Keir T«n^ 
bo not only provM an honest $M Pit»- 
siXit otfetal; but 4bekM»ttaXei iMiM fe»: 
baa more than the AToMieo alftooilt <tf 
f^«rv9 Allotted t9 ordtoory mortala.. Mot' 
tbat White did not long ago qualify for 
tho tryins duties of third man In tho 
Mtwr,. tn Uie Old days wbon it was p«(t 
Ot w arbiter's ttm/eVf^m J^^ ♦f*r« de^ 
iMkmB, none ffj:r«Jif^ •^m^^Xl 
te tho 'role th^'#iga>^;^?l| ■ 
votormn. But it to&K oJitwHhi.'ablo edui|^» 
a«e to pull that dlsqualillcatlon thing In 
the very flrst round of a contest that 
w«s expected to be the moat stubbornly 
contested AOnir «n»nsed between IMrht* 
waif hta In nionUt«» tuM ,bofOrft oil 1»- 

during tho short life of the scrap that, 
ho mtist obey tho rules; Hogan oir^uaad 
four times without punishment, but the 
nfth was the straw that broke llio 
camel's bacH and White's patience at the 
same time. In connection with tho dls- 
quaUflcatlon, which by -the way was tho 
first to take place since the introduction 
of the rule compelling clean breaks, the 
only crltlclam leveled at ^ that 

he was porhat>8 a bit hasij. x ijolleve 
Charlie did exactly right In stopping th a 
fight when he did, and disqualifying the 
Callfornian. The boxing commission has 
Introduced several now rules of late, and 
good ones, and It's up to the referees to 
enforce them. White Is the first to make 
trouble for a refractory boxer, and In 
doing so has set a good example for 
others In his position to follow. The 
really unfortunate part of the affair was 
that the spectators were the only suf- 
ferers. The( commission should take 
steps to protect the public against such 
rtascos in the future. 

Osfc Bay— North Uamushire road, a 
■ Ana -and. . well .^bulU 
honse. 7 roonu, Juat built, on lot 
46x190, line treesr BTIce «480O; 
terms tUOe cash and balance ar- 
rsnga, British Canadian Home 
Hulidars^ tHa-H* 8ai>«erd 8>dg. 
|>h«ii« lese. 

,nu '"^^Fi^ ^ 


*rm. tML, .4l&Ue yon eaa at «1.10 
par ehafo. 'In ad^ttJaa to j|>roUta 
from mtr tnaidlac, dApartntMmt the 
Real Wetat* dad nsuraaiee dapart- 
mstots emtrtlMite to. tbe divuesda 
oa Bbroe «U|lld«'s sbarea SImd 
for ptHBepectes H will Interest you. 

aw» itHm<$ ao, 4»a Her <n»^ ind«sod 

. IbNil liMat* OMPartineat. 
Mambotfs Vletoria Seal, Anate ftx- 

Third y^oer. Sayward 
m«ns 14M. 

Braeat Ksaasdy, Waaaglac 0(n»eter. 

May StfoftlU S8*t 

foot tborougbky 
for furnace, full 
$ rooms.' on 30 feet 
t rooms, on^ if|fr foal| 
OS att^; 

■i. ■,f.ri'.''j!f, I 







Wc can offer too seres at. Sahtlam, td miles abbve ^ ^, 
with river {i^ontage, upon easy terms. Iddit lot tii||illfi^ 
residenci^, Good fishiog. Price, per acre . . ^« • . . *.< 



Ti;lephone 36^ 

103-106 Pembertcai? 


tnlnrr |a£ii>< tws inruMs sov wahc' to nAiue .now. 

Only tbr«» |H>xl«* lou left m our ■abdlvlateo, >• .mtniii^HrlKO^ the Mt. Toi- 
mie earline. which we nlaood on the martcet last Satartey; ttiee f 300 each , 
t^rnui ITS «asb, baTaacs (is per month. Best bfiy<m-:0§ui^|Msh^3- <cinei 
lUebmoad road a^d M*tl strwMs, tHDeT Che«j»«{|rt^ ^r^l^^f^>^ Wstrict. Ox- 
feM." stioetk (aebig CasMbrtdgs St.. 11140. ' Fitae hicb-^fliAiM .^^ of 

Seaview and aooes at, for fWOe. |>a«bls eeraer oi| ttmbm^lM^^rt road. 
two bloeks off iUltelde ave.. f»r tUM, T^^W Jl^imMlkMtl^'^^?^ nxt the 
corner of mil0tllm,,wiiti)^ on naiOoeOIre read, ^rftb mWmK' tO*ely open fjre- 
itt0tL.tUMKmt:Wi»ii<», cement walk, large basement, ato.. for (4S«0; easiest 

Dm^0i^ & McMorran 

Telephone 1*09. 

neal Estate, Customs Brokers and 
RulldlHK, 1112 aovcrnment Street. 




Railroad Track Tragedy 
MELVILLE, Sask., March 2.S.— Tho 
body of a man fount! cut to pieces on 
the G. T. P. tracks near here, has 
been iflcntlfled as that of lR(?v'. Joseph 
C'zcrkowskl, a priest of the Grqek 
Catholic church. J. A. Useischuk, a 
farmer near Qoodeve, has been ar- 
rested chargofl with having murdered 
the priest aud placed the corpse on 
the track. 

Will Keotnra on South Pols 

WASHINGTON. March 2.1.— Roald 
Amunfilsen, discoverer or the .South Pole, 
will visit tlie United States next June. 
Hla first lepture on the successful 
Antarctic expedition will be made bo- 
fore the National Geographic Society In 
Washington. President Ht-nry Gannett 
received to<lay a cahloxrmn from Cap- 
tain Amundsen, fl<'ceptlng thf nocloty's 

Alarm for lUluer 

llAMB'trRG, Mai is 

I)rp-"»sed by tlio Gprrnuii-Aiintrallan 
that tho strHTHfT A>iK.«b\irK. which 

.N'ew York Fphnwiry 2 
ha."! met with <ll»t«tnti»r, 
arrived or been reporl 
a crew of 39 mea 



Cape Town. 

«h«» hn=: nnt 

Packey McFarland made short work 
of Kid Burns in their return match at 
Kenosha. Burns, whoso sole claim to 
fame rested on the black eye withwhioh 
he decorated McFarland when the boys 
boxed In New York some few weeks 
since, was never in the hunt, and his 
seconds were forced to throw up the 
sponge in the eight round. Friends of 
mine who ran up from Chicago to see 
the match say that Packey fought like 
a member of the vendetta. He was mer- 
ciless In attack and cut Burns' face to 
ribbons. And all on account of tho 
memory of a discolored optic. 


Hunt Olah Bun 

A pleoaant outing wa.s held by mem- 
bers of the Victoria Hunt Club yester- 
day afternoon. Thpy atnrted from K. 
Henderson's rosldenc-P. Quadra streAt, 
8nd sallo|)od over the country nesiT 
Mount Tolmie, finishing In the vicinity 
of Raper's farm. Among those present 
were Mrs. Cox. Mrs. D. <' Keia, Miss 
Holden, Captain Rothwell. Mop^rs. E. 
Henderson, nromley. Beviry. MoTshall, I 
Uouney, MoClefve, Terry. LloiK. l$utlsr | 
and Ur. Mede ^ \ 

Greatest snap on the market — 10 acres 
facing Beacon avenue, ready for subdi- 
viding into lots, six blocks from the railway 

station, for .fOCK) per acre. Two-year term. 


Box 374, Colonist 



Sunday, Mi»rc'' ?4. lOl^ 





Now i$ ^Wtfef^ W^Wwy »lonp HmiidS.JbVenj^^nces 
will undoubtedly" enhance qvickly with the advent of the car 

f^HQUI^ ^^H^^ BtJfBDi^lSiON. Ev«ry one of thew is a 

V • Jf ^V^ciwld Jv a giod deal more in favor of these lots from 
Wln\?stmeht standpoint, but it will be more satisfymg to 
'Mti^i iiiyou go out and feee the property personally. We 
m^ tlj|refor#4hat.i^u study the plan carcfuHy as to Ipca- 
Si,]Ea<&i lotafetcrsfnd then make an appointment to sec the 




. ,i . . i'lie 

giK' 1k< l.ockey team won tiie pro- 
les.siorml hockey cliampioushlp of 
tlje world here tonight toy defeat- 
ing the AVanderers of Montreal In 
a rough fast gamt 8 to 4. To- 
il, . il the series 

I s, the Htan- 

Icy pup holders huvlng scored IS 
goals anil the "Wanderers eight. 






I like the action of Joe Wally, the 
iipw c.itilior. who comes from Red Wing, 
jljn, s a good arm. too. At the 

hat lit- r-u.i.iised everybody by. meeting 
^he ball snuurcly on the nose, and eve«» 

ttre from twaetaU th* <!l«t> trlU 1M It 
'.Vft^iif gooa ■hww «M>yw«y.*-P»»w«» «•»!• 
r|^.igMtts«^.I»^ -t^ dMorlbSiiii * trkUtlM 

*-*he inflnW win be n«w, tfl( a iBwa* 
sxtent. owln* tp ttoe I6»« of Ba«i, Learf 
and Ort. Bddle HouaetooWw wlW b« 
missing from the outfield, and I guesa 
Jimmy Wigga and Sage will not b« oo 
the pitching staff. I suppose that the 
loss of these players, and the fact that 
I am m new In the Qu«<m City, baa 
something to do wUh t)i« stories colas 
the rounds about Seattle being, a second- 
division team. Baseball is a hard game 
to dope, but I hope we shall be able t» 
kct'p out of the second division. Wt 
shall certainly hustle, and I shall be 
as happy a^ President Dugdale If we 
make a good showing."— Manager Barry. 

Xlmroy to St. I.ols for Mike 'Mo^rtry. 
If tin: di-al sue."! llnoilKli. l!i«- Oa'it f"i 
third haf«- Johy will la- hi-tweeti MiK« 
tind Eddie l^ennox, both of whom are 
former enistprn leuKutr* 

Mano"'"' ''■•\H>i, of till < I. \',-l.. ;..i ■<,ir.'i 
and th« ily fan' 

inif f i'e« I : v ••hh Oiegg, h nu.-.- invhiiix- 
liig siialhpnwint; stuiits enabled the 
N>H8 Jo make a whirlwind fli- 
ficason; has dossi ted the hold 
nient. .V ciii.i.i 1 .ailing for IS.OOU ma- 
iMti.i.I liifn 


Capital BaiketbaU Team Will Play K«- 
turn Engagement Wext Saturday 

Arrai , have been made for a 

ret\irn .'11 match at Duncan be- 

tween the Capitals and the Cowlchaii 
Valley chnnvplons. Mr. McA lam, of 
Piincan, was In the city last night. He 
Issued an Invitation to the locals to 
visit his city again, which was accepted. 

The CapiUls In '"nlnfr practice 

ImmeUJately *•■ u-'l be !n 

^||IM|«f,^o put up {k^MMRt^lP •^WW* 
It^UBStPiC^-^hay *» ««il|iiiPiP9> ffi***', 
iTKe l>«ae«nlt«a am nHW.(*iA to be eon* 
i»t|«ni«s tlt^^niMA^wCi '•• Ihat Ui« wtaK- 

.laat alMuld ba MairHaA> ^ .y-^^^i.'^!,. . 





?. iKoV«m lamtvmm THAI^ib Olumptai 

I* ft Hi ■ 

^- frra' 1 ^' 

/=v?-£r<:r/y£-r7-£r strccti 


U t l l m St>at t lu Oianis, intef T le ^ ^ e di 

Cmjickshank, tht outfielder, has evi- 
dently lived a correct life all winter, 
for he looks to be down to playing 
wei«ht.rJrht now,. He h«f_not algned 
h(a 8«attl« oontraot yat, but If he de^ 
cidea to play this year. tfc,ere will be 
no trouble' about that part of it He had 
a bad leg last year and for a while 
thia spring he waa. «ndecld«a whethe* 
be wov^d ?l»y a|iy>Bore or not, but thla 
'fine, ba^BbaU ir«#tlMir tail, atafl^a* ^* 
,i>»» to tr«rlE(tii «»a i»».&uMm w Qmt 
be wlU bi' on d«<d« at irtnMiilIng tfina* 
* Crulckahank Is a far fca^jtiflr .ba» playar 
than the recojrda show, A>lr tot l» a dan- 
gerous bstatnan and is fast on the 
taaMa wt^ffi kin pi«B« jir« aMa^ 

Uarty 6'TooIe. ir^o aajpantad iha 
H0n. B. tiv*yim$ itom UtSim iA toai 
ittrsi claw AiDi*r}o«n 4B0ln» mada biy Bar* 

ntey IX MqMn;lf» if ;MI« jM» V^<> *■ **** 
ing UD «M»ol»r »tte»«!o» mtfca National 
lea«ue oUtftaiai. 7%enft« ssems t« be s 
lurking Misplelop tUfct Mar^it hurt htti 
tmrowiiur wtag,Jii(« i^aion «o #uch an 
ex^nt that he #1B flgnt-e^ in «|ie ^affrlaa 
.class, who cannot rfctam. ' 

<tae thing aboot OTToole and ttMt til 
iie has the stuff. He aays that hit arm 
Ip an to the roerryi ;and if that be 80 
ttMi Pirate #»»<|nse bili oogbl: to pripnra ft 
-valiant urotlBMr for B^J^ Vlartf*. T«« 

al>wndaiH!e^«r«« and oow^nOI. When tlie 
ii^ddte flrat tcocd Ms mMpipM lunrMn«)B 

In tbe big abow, tbe..«iHrl«iui;aiM>M««t* 
'tried^to. t^i hlBd, ' ■, . ■ ■ --k' ^ ; 

1^ f&«ed tile CafOteSlf «1#ttl^^« C^ 
ond or third gam«. iuid t«r<«fis flrliat baV» 
pened there: 

EMrst time Hatty pltebif^l agaio#t tlia 
Cardinals^ HuggMi* d*ft«n»MM(d ^ %^^ 
Hiro out. ,i Matty AVWti^ ^w tSiraa 
*mke» riiht .off, tiif m«I and Hoigiiaa 
iat down. Oakea or BOvtser foltaMva 
the Rabbit at the plati' and BramiMMm 
issued tHa aastiie waltjHif or^lfli*. OWtAif 
<iame ilili^;;W«ijk.*witi»:%J**:«l^lM^^ lii-' 
log^ ndUiiilg Mi'm *pmm. ^:^'':': 

"The etiap wh(» told ine that (/'toolis 
baby Uolted cont|«I must be crossayed/' 
•hotitoMl BreajAfiHan to p«org« Vllis. n«xt 
liian Ww "tovt hod better ta>;e a awlpa 

And Ctmgam it. t>uinping a iioar 
to right iKwdfor two bags. Thereafter 
^jhe Cards tried to hit (yToole, but 
Uarty tnanaffsd to beat titam aft«K.» 
•pirltsd battle ^ 

Kick wuiiams sterna. t» b« jMotm- 
.^l^bing great ijdMltf^^^tiis^ f)H#i^»*' 
,|#lt;getUne t|B,^b|MMi^.«f^ 
^ht the castoffa fi^6m the Bit-U afid 8«n'- 
;'.|^ors. he is signing a number of prom- 
rirtMr buahers. ihtfMm-rvt wIioiA la 
"1!WTO' Baseman ^^^im-iSun Francisco. 
He wlU#.avo Wt.lit^nA at Redding part 

Qt^f!(Ui%IUl.W^^9^;%,.Ti'' :.1mdy 

ljjil|tjt^jM | ijii and fmn^'nt oi' e i i t' t %.rn ms 

The Sheffield cup, a handsome piece 
ot silverware preaeated by Mr. T. W. 
ShcffUAd fur a» *»a»*l all-round swim- 
ming competition in this city, was won 
by Jat-k UeN'ein at the last 
night. There were seven ej^trles, as 
follows Messrs. McNeill. Cameron, 
Codfrcy, llalyoakc Hoiling, Stock and 
Kipper. They were ruaulred to race 
three times, -using, respectively. th» 
bach stroko. the side stroke and the 

trudgeou. Mr. McNeill was first, U 
Godfrey second, and J. Cameron third. 
There was a good attendance. 



ft Yuur Lawn in Shape Now. 

To insiirc'p .-,,1 t ult.s lawn ^iiMuIti i>c -iv eti aueuiion at 
,ce. Go ovr.' v.itH :. l: i. Mno,a!i-n.nnin-j: mower as 


a starter. 

40 acres facing on two roads, 8 
.use, R acres oi: orchard 
price 940,000, one third caslv ba)-> 
bee I and « yff^rs, ^ 

w mm 9^ tmoon. JiviMw »«t 

'^eloas to towipsita', pjrtca ^fH** an 
acrt: «9h ■!>!»• tWrdi bal*nee«t- 

•Mil aeros on Beacon Avenue prac- 
tically In the townslte price fiaOO 
an acre balance arranged. 



Tite SPgli Se4i«ol Cadets held their 
weekly tiMMit Wi«etl«B at Hm Ctevar 
Poini 'IM||if||i yaftMday, -#i^n tha rol« 
lowing Mi|i9»' wara mad* oat ot a pos- 
sible 8»: I^iMt. Ca«i«rAh S»: Cadat 
Bdwards. 31: OMt»h 8te«|la«. 2«: UtUt. 
Ford. 8S: Gapt. Itannlnfti^B, XS; Qr.- 
Master Ctraves, )3: Cadet Mfinlliii, 'tl' 
Cadet WUltab |0: Cadet B. F0i4. SO: 
Cadet SinMlrolt. 9«: Cadet Xhivls. 19. 

•7 acres faring on Saanlch ftoad. 
near Beaver Lake Station, one- 
thlTXl cleared, ISO fruit trtes price 

tt. ' "^ 

SACitAMaNVa Havak 23.-^11ie Sac- 
rameata Oaaa* l<«ain»srs' dafaatad Alia 
J>orti^ tsMb '»r "the Xortlfwtdtt^ra 
Leagoe. & t«L 9.. 1»«rt today in the first 
of a aaven game series. Tbe Portland 
olUb waed t7 «m»; the Sacramento ^Inb 
ten. 1lc<»»: 

Portland *..>>»(•.,.. V 9 4 

Sacramento • * * 

Batteries; Oaly. Artn*trong, >la«- , 

■mfUtt miL »imii;-^tw«Kr'%i«ioiiiitf' awi*« 

iams. B&U4I and Ttittu ' 

■m^i^l* tj^^Arm. and «oek Btreets. 
very close in, 12 V6 acres, house 
and buildings, (acres in orchards, 
price •as.OOOt cash quarter, bal- 
-anee armnlged» 

10 aoMSt 4 acres cultivated, SOO 
yards fronUge In view of Pros- 
pect Lakfc, price 1900 as acre; 
«a«b (1999. 

We l»ve also acreage ln.AllMrnll. 
Bhawnlgan, CoviehaM, «n tt.a X9l* 
aods and slaawliarsi. 

The ECLIPSE Lawn Mower 

^^■hi<;h :we are making a specialty ot. i'^.^^ l^^^^'f '""irh^'^^ici!^ 
of the-li- ' - ' r -inforcecl Ifdfter plate with special n>^nt..,. ; to u«e that a cliiM c^n handle it 

i6-in. sijcc. Su-S^j'^Srin. -mzc $15.50; ^o-.n. ^i/c $16.50 


These arc first class mowers, giving o*rf«l|leiie,^iMMwte^»^W 
au4 a§i1y kept in order, T4t^^ ru» stoooth and cut clwi. 

; 'M75-in. open wheel, 3 knife ♦ ^*'^^^~ 'A 

14-in. open wheel, 3 knife. .,..r. .,.»<*••»• '^^^ff "' '^'- 
16-in, open wheel, 3 knife, .'...' .••■;< 'W^f- 



f f 


Phones 82 and 161 r 825 Fort Street ^ IV O. 603^683:; 




/ V 

* J'^r^ 

1'" ' ' . ^ iRWIgiHH vaaaqas* wohssk 
FAJtra, liarcb H.-rOti tba ttitafmK. 
"mm •«!**»»• t«>2 «>»"« ""»• Mw**^; 

f^tttMniiftltt W|lleb mut continued here. 
today. U. VUXnik, of Belglumr, defeated 
3, Perdinand FogginbcNrg. of New York,; 
|t]ba>tti«rle*a «ba«i9iiJm by ««9,to %U. 




Members of the Victoria Battt 
SMata Bxebange 

Vietorias best «ti<| bigg<fet **!bttost." 


An illustrated weekly newspaper ^B^ied thr^jji&itt 
Canada— EVERY SATURDAY, Managing Lditor, il. 


~i>i^zS-~ -*.^*-.T.- 

*K *'-."%*■ 

Wturr dmaili. the -tnWMMkVKbtfr Miora- 
tfiry of the T. M. C. A., waa the ra*' 
^tpiant or A gift of snr art f a tafcem th^ 
boys of th» gysRHainnk and tbe Junior 
eounail tha other day, tha^jjveoasion b9r 
iag bis recent marriage. ' ,. .'-^y^ 

"• 1 1 1 " »; .' 


swiicilMr^ ^aa rt«irftcd aftar/ «' bhoqrl 
aejoum in Southarb Calttonila. B9 I* 
In tin* shai>e bat aays that ba intabda 
aliowing the honors he has won to ba 
«kM« ^9 by some dther aiplrlng ath- 



Only 17 Lots 

In 'J'liis Subdivision 


Lots I, 2 and 9, Block 1. Each ........ ...^r^^rrf. . . .^800 

Lots 1 , 2. 3. 4, 5, 7, Block 2. Each ^825 

Lots 12, 13, 14, 1 5. 16, 17, Block 2. Kach $850 

L..ts T and - '^' v-t- ^ Each $850 

Terr ill llic aij. casii, balance 6. 12, 18, 24 months. 

A.S you will notice, every one of these lots has a fr.-n.-i.vp 
of 60 feet, and they are all quite close to the car line. 

Island Investment Co. Ltd. 

Sayward Block Phone 1494 

Branch Office 431 Homer St., Vancouycr, B. C. 

Agents Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Co. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

^'.«na Yannigans, 

San' jPranclaco scribes arc figuring on 
Howard Mundorff to make a try for 
the third base berth. Unless Howard's 
arm Is In better shape than it was in 
Portland, he will hardly last long there. 
Munday Is too good a hitter to be kept 
off the team. 

The San Franoi ichlng staff at 

the present time , a peculiar an- 

sortment ,of names. The^e Is a Baker, a 
Miller, a Strand, a Taylor, a Moore, a 
Toner, a* NoyeH (n© false alarm), a \ 
l.'i.nnin,.- rin.i a Walk. Thfey should add 
;'.d ;a..-Bftse:-on: BallB. ,..-■-.■■■. , ■■-. 
.vi im 'i wj.K. Or., — March 2S. — llalph 
Burge.s.'', a clever soutl.paw pitchtr of 
this city. '!< played with Medford 

during tl M\'f> f'Pnfon'". has signed 

11 r with 

t > .. ircouver 

t ng practice 

W-., i,..,. 

SANTA MARIA. March 2S.— Another 
prouiislnij: lad to drop into the Beaver 
cuiiip here after paying Ills traveling ex- 
ppiisoH Is Jatnea Dean of I>os_jVngeles. 
tJi-an la a pltclicr of the Gene Krapp 
type, only a little smaller. 

He may be sent to"- Ntclc Wiliiam.s 
for a try on the Northwisstern team. 
McCredIi' has seht transportation to 
Jack QllUgan In Minnpspolls, a pitcher 
of {he r!(;ht-hand»;d type, and from all 
accounts a good one. who will also prob- 
ably go to Wllllama. 

He will report iuin ly. Ullllgan 

was with the Vancouver team in the 
Northwestern league* In 1900 From Van- 
couver ht. went to tha St. Louis Browns 
and would have made good buf. for his 
lack of control, I^ast ypar l.e pitclu-d 
for the' Miiineaiioi'iH and Milwniiker 
iluliM. wlnnlriK f.|Rht and loslnc 11 


•lusi wli'ii w i> lu'ar that Hi-.lnle 21m- 
niennnn has signed a contracit with tl.e 
Hftiilfl!* for tlii-i'n ,v«'nrs. ilu-i-»i ronn-ii 
Ilia rmor of the Impending trade of 

A dtiebat oluti hn-* been fofftl?..-^ 
Oak iBiSiPllr, J. -V Greenhlll, aPtgllM! 
all-Canada University player, has been 
appointed honorarv wecreUiry. The 
committee in (^ ' arrangements 

iBffiirtH* Messrs. i>n .?.tlls, Bchwengers. 
Oww^^'orseith, Uewett and Oreenhlll. 


8 f»T, " 


-til," .A 

Draw in Taooma 
.TAeU' .rch ^3.— TliB UnUei«Uy 

(,r t>5*»-'',,.., and Tacoma Nortliwcst 

teams played thirteen innings 
tills afternoon to a 1 -I draw. 

ftt J^ittlliattMtSt - 

# aenia Vbdar Bin Platriot; Oonv 
owiittiNl alti^Mi^ wftb h^autifut 
«ak tira*^ M jTmlt «oH,.«o rocH; 

Xdst Of the Candidates and Their Agents 
for the Bsqutmalt Xlectoral District. 

' H. D. Helmcken-— Agent, W. J. c:ave, 
Douglas road, 

M. B, Jackson— Aeont, .T. C. Mcintosh, 
Constance avenue. 

John Jardlne— Agent, B. Montrop, 
Constance avenue. 

a! OH ver-— Age tit, Ralph w. xJrey. 
Lampson street. 

n. H. Pooley— Agent, A. 13. Bannister. 
Pendergast street, City, Victoria. 

Returning omcer. i;.<'qulmaU Electoral 


Cadbavtt Bay. trattrfrontaga, Im- 
^f«««A: ideal spot, with feood an- 
" chorage. ^ . V , - , 

Wa 4iave large and «^l?^et« In ''' i \ 
iia%h at prices rfght. 

'FeviMn'-'A^t ^W and modern; ' 
good view: »3050; $800 cash; bal- 
ance to suit. 

TiouMe corner Saratoga and oiiv<r 
linu.-o and frnlt trees, $6,250; 

$i:oiiO raf<h. balance «, 12, and 18 

Ijot on Ks<i'*imalt Road, near city 
limits, 63 fefet frontaRc; J6000; 
third cash, balance '•■\>'y. 

See Us For Mai>.i 


NEWS AND VIEWS— €mp ai»<l csiitdid comments on topi. 
id the week. 

*"" and land development in the city and island 

ISLAND NOTES— Notes and news from all parts of IfaW 
couver Island. 

BuiUSi» Stelw-*S»e>»^« No^S-t1»e Wfcek'« Commerce— 
Ct^H^ofmcil DoiniA-AiimiPPents and Coming Events 


.SPE<::rAt,*./VWlci-ES AI^D JNTERVlEWS-"Men W ho 

Count." .' ' 
VVHEi^ TQ GO A^^D WHERE TO STAlMiiifle to 
^ viBiipts,. 

^.^■%'|^^«es to rent and for sale. Map of \'icioria. 
' PubSsto by The Wakeficld-Bickers AdvertiMii- v*^.- Publi-b- 
■ ing Cd. Yewly aubscriptions $2.50. All comnuur.c.Uions to 
•' *" tfife- editor, 418 Sayward Biiildingf, Victoria. 15. L. 

Bright, Newsy and Up-to-date' 

: \ i \'A?-^[X^' 

.\ri>olrt SI. — 50X120. Rood. 8;ia»»y. dry 

l,,t; J MM .iiKh, :.'l''e $1200. 

Tivo I.0U close l(> Onli Bey avr.. 
50x173 <>ach; IBOO c««h; price ••' 
oBih, •l.'SOfl- 

.Mitrhell •»( 

Olive .St.. K....:.. ... ...-■;.. ■. snxHO. 

line view of «ea and mounlaln», 
one-third vttuh; price •1376. 

Crnnmnre Road. n»fir Wlllowd ■ "r. 
lilKh and »loplnB. oHviMi; nnii 
iHRh; price S)*M. 

liampithlre Rood, tliroe fin* ViIrIi 

HloplllB lf>'«. - hlnokn OnU 

Hrv nvr ».v^'i <i«»h, i.ii.-.. »l.^no 
. .1. 11. 

Real Estate Co. 

S08 Femberton Bldg. Fhone 1094. 


.\ Public Mcctin.^- will l)e 
SCHOOL tomorrow. 


1309 TJodgTBt St. 

Phun* a»7«. 

A Genuine 

Beautiful Home on Richard- 
'^on Street, large corne>i lot. j 
grounds nicely laid out m 
lawn and shrubs, and only 


Sec us about this 1 ' 
t<iM late 

MAR. 25. 

Aid. George A. Okell, Chaii - V* 


Tuesday, March 26tli 


Lipscombc 4 Taylor 

514 Sayward Bldg. 

Victoria Theatre 


Wednesday, March 27th 

The chair will be taken at all meetings at 8 p. m. 

The meetifttt,H will be addressed by the Conservative can- 
.lidates who will be assisted by several ^J^her gentlemeii^||jj= 

All Conservatives sbouhl call at the Inquiry Office in |" 
Conservative .V-ssociation roopis and sec it tneir O"^ /* 
their friends* names arc on the list, and Which watiia 

'"'A'straight vote for the BIG FOUR is a^^>tfc for^ 
tinned Prosperity ot Victoria. ?.et 3iomc c , 
elect Opposition. Victoria wants to ^^foni^^ Wil 

■^-^ iiUtMt v^y^jtA ^i t\^i-i 


Sunday, N'lrVch 24, 1912 



Semi- Business 

40x138 on North Park Street. Immediately above Blancbard 
together with a 7-i-oom house. 

FBIOE 910,000 

On«.thlrd. cash, balance 7 PM ^^^h 

100 Acre Farm 

About 100 u,cre»», only two mllus from Courtney, being 
part of lot 38, Oomox EXliitrict. Lena than ono mile from 
C.P.R. rlffht of way, on good road. 3S acres cleared, 35 acres 
of excellent pasture which could be entirely clearid for »3S 
an acre. Unlimited water supply, one-quarter mile frontage 
on river, ffood barn close to which Is a nice high spot for 
building a I1OU80. 20 acres of prutty woodland. Price, per 
acre, 9160. »5000 cash, balance 1, 2. 3, 4 and B years. School 
just across the road. 

Trutch Street Home 

Trutch Street, 2 lots each 50x164 to a ' lane, together 
with an n-room hogso. quite modern. Price for the whole 
ilO,B0O. $5,000 mortgage at 7 per cent, cin remain, balance 
of equity, 12,000 cash and Jl.OOO per annum, with interest 
at 7 per cent. Hdutc rents for |50 por month, 

■ ■ ' ' 1 . ' ■.. ■ "" ' ■ • ' .'" ' "' '■.■':, 

£^:^ :. 

,:,j»jn»; ■■B»y-^Bw*i' 


Hlpq^:'' One-ttalrd cvl^, 1Nl«»«>^i,. il::*nd^ » 


:(,<■ -.f, 

with a lOwrooro jnoder^ d^velHiW and larc* Iwnt Pt*».^f*WW' 

VQge_iiaarter cash, fealasee at 7 p*r eent- 

'-linfHK l^i^^l■^f»^|ll « l ft ^ p W.lW^ i ^WWWlW i l '.j-uWi 

Victoria West 

■■■; ■ .:'Ocwffir lot, sojafliV' "" 

■:: s r 

B. G. Land and Investment Agency Limited 



A Fort Street Snap 

Fort> ucL west of Vancouver :,i.^^., unimproved, at only $550 per front lout. 
Terms one-third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months at 7 per cent. 

A North Park Strec 


»'iv ■■■■ ■■■"™ ■•'■■"- 

50x140, unimproved, bet\v^^ Cu ok and Quadra streets. Price, $6,300, 
Terms $1,800 cash, balance 5, 11 and *7 months at 7 per Cent. ■ "^ \ 

m Pirc Insurance Written 

,»^^^«»f'V»'»^-^.,,.-»ft,h **«(■*;..,,'♦ ■■7»*>i«j.w.<4*U'4*»n4>i 

Sait Agent 

Phone 1076 

1 1 1 2 Broad Street 

-'• ' ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' ^ ' '"' P;OlBox428 
Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 




too Acres, situate in the heart of this famous farming district^ withiii haM » ^ 
mile of the lake and railway station of Shawnigan. With the exception of t^f^^ 
acres on which thete is a Uttle rock, the whole of this pi-operty can readily be p# 
under cultivation. The timber has been taken off and stumps thoroughly burned, 
so lllat the clearing amounts to practically nothing. Pippcrty is nearly level witlif 
very gentle slope-to the south. Adjoining land with a north slope has sold for#ipd 

■per'. acre.''' ■'■'". ,''. ' ' ■'i'' '■.''"■ ■' f ■%"":/"''*' ■ .^'p4^'^^^'%--' 

For a family or investor wanting good farming land.'beiow market value; that 

will enhance in value, we recommend this. " ; ^ , , 

Price only fe<).00 Per Acre. Terms, Third Cash, i ^nt "a Years 


Oak Bay 


TWO FINE 5-room homes, moderrt in every detail, btiilt-itt sideboard, piped for furnace, con- 
crete foundation, on nice lota. Cash $750, balance as rent. Prices $3,900 and f 3,500 

BUNGALOW. Six large rooms, extra well finished, dining room oak, panelled and beamed 
with open fire place, laundry tubs, cqncrcte foundafi<^, c^ent bail^mept. h^t<ld,:|»^;tl«^' 
vyrater. ^^lilli $1 *d50, bdl^nc^ arranged. Price ..•..«...•.... * 1 .....•«.>. .^4tOOO 

BimCAlPW^i five roottisi Mining roomj-f^i^lll f|l«fe :bttr|iip|«§ 

JiiriO^ p^^ieilit basemenrand walks. ■Te*#|''4fraSfi^"":^r^ ''"''■'' 

T6e$e Hpmcs^ are within one Wock-of ■car'j«id;we^,.w>r%/3^i»;^ 

)0<^mim^^J^^ ^good building lots. ;i^ce'^.*ciwto;,;t^^ 

... ..,.:.,.,,,. , ... .. ,■ ;,■ -ust ■.{!*:. ■ ■, ■• ;; ,-.,-; , 1;,- ■■, ,V'.-...i'^,:v'-J:»J-.'i-» i. ■»...- ■■-■.■...■ ■ ■' ■ 

Metitbers l^etoria lbj»| JEstate Exchange. 
" '^ "^^ icMf vStreet .■;'■■ v." ;'■ ;: 



3.r6omed cottage, loi 6dxii8>, near Ced# JW i^ 

cash. Price •• •••- *•««««• 

Duchess Street-6 rooms. aU modern, lot sSxnj- • • 'f5j^f"» 

Detj^ait- S^eet-New; house, four j:cjpps. S^zs^ 


. m tf • * • * ■ 


Pembroke -Street-New house, 5 'oorns, ^a*«"»««^^^ 
: ^00. Price .............. ••* ......yaiowy 



Nortb West 

Members of Victoria Real Estate Exchange 










-m0 mr^ 






Members Victoria Keal B«Ut« Exchaftte. 
Bayward Block. Orouad Ploor. 

Pbone 8984. 

\ i 

Great Site, lor Apartnent 

Five, roinutea wsSs tt;^' 
post olfiice^ close t6 Bimcbn 
HHl paric^ 176 ft. on Rupert 
street, £62 ft. on North 
;fite. %tzppo cash 
let ' "■ 



? 8 


We have stlU a few lots at own 
» era prices. ^^i-' 

C(n7^«r ,^«nTy and Seventh, ^ 

^X: RCSOME0^^v&f^m^ ck)ae 

:..: '.to <a«- Jijie,ai^..|wi8r:.ilie B. ^'Nw:Riilj*ay:r:-II^3i»^^ 


; C0N$1VVN^ijk^ilgJi^ Ew#iaia^_ __^_ 
€^Ei^AVi^llfe;^*>^ off ibi^ jR«ad, |s^ 

■',PARKP^|^;|.,8pl^Mli4, edii>^ 





I'Ma^S $ 

■ 9, ■ i 

' '"..66."leet: 'eo'View,'ttei»^:';Blaiichtt:#'r^^ :bearit^i " :Cine- 

^*\«Mi,-'a « ' .k.iK; « A''.»-- '4 ..« " «.'. m:. 

;i|(6^;feet•. 6n' Tf^tes 'street; -ne^^^ 

Phone 95:1 

506 Savward Block 





I>oiU>le coi-ner In EBqulmalt dle- 
trict, on Fraaer Street, Just off 
Bsquinialt Road ... ..-.f 2800 

Eafiuimalt dletrlct, one lot on 
Lyall Street between Fraeer 
and Admirai« Road .. .flSSO 

Five acres, Strawberry Vale, high- 
ly improved, 700 fruit tre«s con- 
sisting of apples, cherries, 
plums. 1300 c'lirrautF. eoose- 
berricB, ■-■ IcH, logenber- 

"" and : . '6^. There is a 

:i) house, stable, chicken 
si ore room. Chinaman's 
farming Implements, 
1 lit-. Only ...*S600 
I ms. 

A. W. Bridgman 

1007 Oovarnment Bt 
Heal K^laU-.. L->ans. In.H,. : 


Kobmrtsoii StrMt, 1 .lot 56x 

no V.'...f 1300 

i>aiteE.«*-r-ri; iot,eoxi«o .. xwo 
aottti»jr»t«»t.,i lot 60x120 1900 

Quadra K«i«ht«, Glaegow 

Ave.. 1 lot 45x113 ..._..; 1000 

•hObOUnM St., 1 lot 40x170 800 

Easy terms on all |he abov«. 

f 105O OX EASr TBIWr >. 
This jiriCn holds good for three 
days only. 

A von Girsewald 

Real Estatft 
Oomar Von and Quadra Streets 

^fe3g:jLast Chance for a Cheap Acreage 

lib Acres of Good Land— Very little rock, six miles out, on 
the West Saanich Road. The B. C. Electric Line passes 
through the property, $250 an acre? on terms. Well adapted 
for subdivision. 

Patrick Realty Co. 

Rutley k Smith 

Boom 9 

luvii ii;sttitf 

Green Block 


! '1 T.:»n(tlcv St- 
.,.„,.,• of nu.n;^'."aT'^ul AU.1>«^ ""cot 
3 JOU. 177X120. »«,B00, «<. 13_an<1 J_H 
uionth«. Corner Hurnniri.- .»«.. •";"/-^^- 
«trcet. lot »<:«1--B. »:i.4B0, ono-thlrrt CMli. 
« n IK morHhn. Mount Slc|.h,.n c\.,»<^ 
ti> KInK'K I'l.i'l. l'rl» »< ^n"! '" ' 

Punjab Realty Co. 

Aintitn BinKli Itl8 GoTernnient 81. 

Corner 6C BuinBldo roaa and Alpha ilreot.. 

3 lom 130 ft. Burnslda road and ISO ft. 
.M|)tia «t., JG500; 6, 12, 1» monthi. Corner 
of Burnst<3e road and Irma St., lot S. 48x130, 
»2000; third naih; «. 12, 18 months. Corn«r 
of Uurnsldo and Bmma at., lot 1 and 2 each 
47xl.U 13600; third caah, (. 12 and II 
iiiuiiUib; i-tit.up lot Aiiiiiu nl.. x'7i T'tfUisiHii nl. 
8)e*. 40x120, »1,1B0; on«-thlrc) innli. 6. 12, 
IS iisonthK. I'orniM' of BurnKl'lo nl and Bm- 
rna utrcpt, lot No. I. 4gal30, 92,000; third 
caaU. (, 12, II moiitha, 


Fernwood District 

Frlnoeaii Avenue — Near George 
.lay school and car; good lot and 
6 roomed bungalow, modern, 
terms $1050 cash, balance 125 per 
month, Including Interest. 

Rock Bay 

John Street — Wear Rock i;.i.v -Wo. 
fine lot, Bisie 60x120, attd two trix- 
roomed/ houses In ifcood repair; 
both rented. Prlcf oir terms only 

HUlSlde Ayenua — .\.«ir Uouk liay 
Ave., lot Gbxr.;o. Price on terms 

Heinekey & Shaw 

919-390 Say ward Bid?. 

645 Fort Street 

Phone 2556 


OKzaxNAX. TowarsxTX 

t. Block 6. Each $750.00. 
Lola lu &. 17, Block 8, revenue producing, the two $H3t>. 
5 acres L/Ot 5, Block "D" $1626 oash: balance 6, 12, 18 months: Price 



Members Victoria Real E.slnte Exchnnse. 118-119 Pemberton BnUdlag-. 

Burnsidi Road 

Three-roomed House, on lot 75 x 234 feet 
PRICE 93,000 


ice one and two years- 


Members Victoria Stock and Real Estate Exchange. 
101-2 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria Fifth St., Stewart, B. C. 

Beautiful Homesite 

Lot 53x1 

on Victoria Avenue, with fine view ai>a oak trees, blgrb and 
residences. Oood termH nnd all Improvements ...1^1200 


Phone 304. 

!->'ntc K-Tchanjift 

704 Tort St., eor. Dong-la*. 

Quadr» 8t.— Ono* acre, with 210 feet 
frontage on Quadra St., high and 
dry, with splendid view of moun- 
tains and sea and w'lthin l<)4 mlips 

of |h„ r-ltv )l:lH. 1-.1 l-ll»ll. C. \J. 


Uiiadra .St. — Largo lot, 62x204, plaiu- 
rd In fi-iii' tv.-.p3 hlirli and dry. 
1-3 cnsli SKOO 

llej-wood Ave. — 7-Rooni houae. mod- 
ern Iniprovements. tran range and 

heated for balh. Kaay term* 


Montrrni M. — .N<:" B-room cottHjce, 

full sUf haspmenl. Ba»y terirja . . 


IMlviT M., clnBo tn Slioiil Bay — N'Ico 
level lot, 60x140. 1-8 cash, B, 12 
nr.l I.S mo» ^ • $1080 

Hond 81.. off Mom and oioae to May 
St ear line— Wn* lot, SBxUO. »1800 


Memhprs Keal Estate Kxchanire 
MoCalltun BUUr. Plibqa 9889. 

1333' Donglaa atrMt. 


Where Things Are Moving, 

41 acres, waterfrontage on 
Shoal harbor, 25 acres under 
plough, stumps only remain- 
intf on the balance, rotted 
and easily cleaned up. All 
Ax land, level and well 
drained. Will make fine sub- 

PRICE ^r20,000 

Terms one-third cash, bal- 
ance to suit. 

Grubb & Letts 

Green Block, Broad Street 
Open evenings. 7:30109 
o'clock. % 


Sunday, March 24, 1952 




Riverside Homes 
Alberni Hp Somas River 

We have a choice subdivision of Sectipn 93, 3 miles from Alberni on Sproat Lake Road. 14 
Blocks of from 2 to 7 acre^, have river frontage of about 300 feet each. The soil is of the best, 
large patches of cleared land being intersperse! with trees of maple, dogwood, cedar, fir. and 
iildcr. - . , . ^v. " ^ ■■■- . 

As this property lies below the forks o[ Sproat and Stamp rivers, whifh flow from bproat 
and Great Central lakes, the fishing is unsurpassed on Vancouver Island. The rtver at this 
point is navigated by small boats and canoes. The banks are not over 10 feet high and the 
shore clean and gravelly. Call and See Photos, 

Prices about $250 per acre. Terms over 2 years. 

R. S. 

& B. 

^3sxi J^m S^rsgekVictorlat B..a 









Good Buy On Gloverdale Avenue 

Foiar-room Cottage, lot 60 x 123— $500 cash will handle this. Price. .... $2500 

See Our Half Page 


yAlrU^M'^* '-U*'- '^..^IHt « UiJ 

„!« . r-^-r .-.•*■ 


Werner tangley and Eroughton Streets. ^ Phone 'S'S 


A Splendid Home 


8-room new house— one lot— splendid view of sea — 
r -"Kowe Avenue 
Numerous replies should follow this ad, for it is 
a good home buy of a first-class investment. There 
are 5 bedrooms, 3 upstairs and 2 down, hot and cold 
water both up and downstairs. Dining and sitting 
room are panelled, ash chutes as well as a good fur- 
nace. Price is $6,500 which can be handled with a 
cash payment of 

J ft- * V 

•*iltUt4-Vt»»^^^iHii ilywllMkitii 1 1''^)^** 

Good Buys 

5 Acres close to Sidney, adjoinino- property 
sold for $1000 ay acre. Hp 

PUlLl^ .>/00 Phj^nuixiii -^fflwar 
2-Acre Block, cleared andlPI soil, 9 miles 
from the city, close to electric car, school 
and post office. 

ra^ PER ACRE • 

Members Victoria Stqck Exc^iange 

Members Victoria Real Estate ibcchange 

II McCallum Block Phone 766 

P. O.Box 307 633 Yates St Pbone,664 

... .'♦ • 

Money to Loan— Fire Insurance Written 



Business Property 



» ■, 

Tjiiiiinii it 

i'V','' ^v^ 

Double Corner 

MqtiWey and'Saratoga, fine level, grassy lots, comer 
4^t^ a nd inside 50x130. 


Terms arranged. _ . : ^, 




Phone 3612 Corner Fort and Dougia* SU. 

Aemu for the Manufacturers Life Insurance Comiiany 

(Members of Victoria Real Estate Exch^ttge.>; 







■^:^ ■ 

^^|:*jfll^ limm .^Bi8tri«t? 

S^'finc lots on Bay Sfreet, I>4 mile circle, half block 
from ^r line. Sire 50X i4oWch. Price $950. Easy tehns. 

H *> .-i?' 

403-404 Sayward Building; 
ie, Puncati^ V. I. ' 

Telephone 27711 

Lot 60 X 140, close to City Hall, Price. .^6,000 

A ft 

T^ For Further Particulars Apply 


Lot lO"; X 114, near Douglas St., with four houses- 
Prices »4o,oao 


1^: Manager Branch Office of Great West Ufc 

' -P- O^ Box 167 

ARTHUR COLES accident instom^os 

Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agent 

laos Broad Street, Next t,o, Colonist Office 

«9r««r 100X110. ottiir 

-Netr-' 8**ooin 
modem beuM on fdU alacd lot 

lot wltli ■mall shiaek. nMir oar 
and with view of wm... 91400 



. ' Over 600 Acres in Rupert District, parts of Sectiopa 17 wd 
M, Township 3, must be sold soon to close an estate. 



High^ sightly lot on May 

Street, near comer of Moss 

Street. Tcrma«»- 


Beautiful cast front on Lin- 
den Avenue, on high ground 
and «afly terms — 



'■A ■■■■ /'•'f,-'.-' }i)^.'>:'Ut^ 

; :..;Xonaatv Oao-tilif^^ 

• D AYIE> : A*|p 

5xa Sayward Block 





l , ^ Ji .lfall 

%oaa. 60X110, i'i.;iIOB»-'' 
ftioluxkona A»««*. 60x106 • ^ 1*** 
Beaohwood AToano, 50x115, 1380 
laiiMx and Xryi3»«, 60x120 1880 
UUlan and Biobmond 80x180 1«T» 

»ob«rtaon»t. 60x120 1080 

TUtb at. 2 loU 60 1»6 each 3800' 

Queen City Realty 

J. A. ABkUnd and A.*^ Vtoatcx 
1413 X>ougl»» Str«Bt 


trncr of 1«i!f*^4il Quadra 

^ 6oft. X 6oft. 

rf 1111^20,000. Terms 
$3500 cash," $3500 in 6 
iMi^iths, and balance in 3 
^ ^* fftnnual instalments. 



Itdu Sttnot, M flood aa a eonior, 
aiMtt to Dana* . Boad, SOixUO. 

k'; .."Pirtoa .*».,*ytj. -■♦■■..•♦itl"*. ' *«i.*SSO0O 

Manobeater and Suttiaa Btreet, 
cdtaer'JOiit for .. . . ^ . ... • . .fMOO 

Hollywood farli^ Bfaoltwpod Aym^ 
..„. . . , clow.. t9;,v^|NilBii^^ ^ -. 

* < 

. Everybody is* buying In ^-4. 

Beautiful Gardbn Gity Pftrk 


643 View Street, Phone 3307 

Pricerfaoo tp $600^5^ acre |»todj Tito • IPO^ 
' at your service. ^^ 

^ t;ot. Victor street, no rock • IvSS 

Jfinto Street: bctwcen.Mosa and Richardscwi, ^^^ £^^ 
DouUe Coriser. King's Road and Ce«l Street. .^.W 

'ISilSifc^ l^ett and Fool Bay Rdtd, <»"«"«**^325 

^ Price, ich ..^..♦..v*...w ffjJK 

Doo^ Conier, Hdgywood *^»«-*V''**Ar* ' ;T^2r^ 
^ a«a«»ifeir Nine-room Residence, » lota. HoWywoqdW^ 

™rras. Price...... .........-.-..^^WW 

Eight-toom iiouse. Prior street (ttnr>..— v7j 
Prior Street, close in ....*. ^.••♦••••'••••••••*****^j 

<>v«mment Street, «»«««»".•.• ''Uiiv ••••'*•" V^^^^ 
Five Xot«»K^|i<^ 503^130. Asquith street .^»»if«»v 

McPherson & Fullerton Bros. 

6.8 Trounce Avenue, Victoria, B. a Phone 1888 



' : Fire, Ufe mA Accident 

Rooms S-7-9-XX MahoA.BUIi; \.^ , Victoria, B.C. 

(Members ihiAoria Real ;Bel«^SJB*«i|pf^ 'W^^W-^ 





*-► ," 

John T. Reid 

Member Real Estate 


81* aaywaira Jnit. Kion* aeoo. 


7 Acrea, new B-room cottasc 
barns and up-to-date chicken 
Dlani. all urxler cultivation, 300 
yards from car line — 
PRICE f 10,000 
On term:? 

J. F. Belbin 

Office Phonos llf-t^- I'»"»- R-288*- 
G17 Cormorant «t., Victoria. 

IiOflrau ATenna, 50x120, $250 cash, 
balance 6, 12 and 18 months. 
Price 1H850 

Fortair* AT«nu», cloae to Gorge, 
a nice clear level lot. $350 cash, 
balance over two years j^SOO 

XUton Street, Oak Bay. $360 cash 
and balance 6, 12 and 18 mos. 

Price fllOO 

We have a few nice lots near 

):iiriif"i<l.- .'I n.i I (.1 1 rifi, • w.sf- to 
car anil splendidly sliualeO, from 
$S00 to $1000 on eiisy terms. 


643 Pandora Street. 
Prince Oeorgft Hotel Bloc u 



I ' '"' • "r-r ■ ■11 ■■■ " ■■ ' ' I i ^ ' ' II ^ 1 ■ 

3 rooms— Meadow Place, well fln- 
ibhed, water, electric light. Cash 
$250 Price .............. Sl<600 

B-roomea lionae, all modern, new, 
chiindpllers, installed. "» Cash 
$450. Price fa,950 

5 Koosna with large. attic, cement 
floored basement, piped for 
furnace, built in buffet, book- 
case, wood lift, hall seat, and 
everything modern. Price $4,200 

5 Koome, nearly new. Cash $500. 
Price ...... 93,500 

6 aooms, new, well finished, ce- 
ment floored bas(3ment, cash 
$800. Price $4,500 

7 Kooms, nearly new, with large 
attic, two Ipts, fine lawns, on 
Oak Bay avenue corner. Third 
cash. Price $8,750 


Oak Bay Realty Office 

:?o5C) Oak Bay Avenue 

Phone F1605 

^Richmond Ro^ 

J ..»»tBse new. close to 
Nice 6-'-«"";T^,,^?,h"rftnd up to dat». 
jar line, ".''"^.''hi.ernonl. on Itood lot. 

very much eate r. APP 'y 

Gordon Burdick 

Pemterton Block 
Phone 2508. 620 Broughton St. 
All KlndB of Insurance Written. 

Cadboro Bay 

12 acres close to the "Glen" double 
frontage on Cadboro Bay Boad; 
Sinclair and Wilson, with four 
roomed cottage, beautiful ppop- 
»rty to subdivide; Price $3500 
)«,r acre; long terms. 


Room 10, Mahon Block 
p. O. Box 7>S Phone 111$ 

« it i ?B."„ 

m Acres, abduiemiled from Vicloi^Si. near 
new electric line ; part cleared— 


T f 1- 

Acreage near here is fetchfiifseveral times 
this price. Particulars from 


It. V. WINCH & Co. 


521 Fort Street 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 


STAMHA»D STBEBT-Cheapest lot on street. 50X120 fl050 

riWI.AySO» STBEET-Two good building lots. $260 cash. Eao[h..f760 



,j^ 725 Fort Street, Victoria, B. C. 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 


unnTT «TRKF;T~9 loU. »t»ft 50x110. Price 1550 t-arh. 

!.':°ZLJ!T _!:"„.: .... I,.,,,,.. B... nn* lot. .Uc 50x155. Price |l,«f.O Th.. 

"'^ r; th'; b/.r buVln^U-Wn for-ono we.k. O^^r want, to leave lo^n. 

2019 nnulrU. St. Oomr In and U.t pro5«rty for Qt.lck .«•«. P. O. Box 1066 

$20 Per Month 

Interest and principal. 
Cash payment of MOO buys 5- 
room new house and lot— 6 lots 
from car line. 


604 Tatee Street 

Just Completed Modem a-room 
Honse on Sontbigate Street — On 
lot 4 7x125. for $5500 

rive-room Cottage on "Vancouver 
Street, near Colllnson, revenue 
producing- »25 per month. 

Price J^SSOO 

Terms easy on all above. 


150ft. frontttKC on Admirals Road 
and Con.slarioe Street, with 210 
fer'.t depth, south of Eaqulmalt 
Uond nnd 2 minute* from the 
Bea. a splendid, property. Thla 
<an be had for $8000, on eaay 
terms of payment. 


Phone 23S. P.O. Box 1461. 

Boom 4 BrlAffmaa Bloolb 


Richardson St 

Spl«ndld t-room houti* irt|:wti 
large oomer. rooma 
houNe modern In eTWf| 


For t«fm« «n<iwi 


Vlxoaa 940. 

Waedjr, aOMtt 




Sunday, fttarch 24, 1312 



]\ Mil FOOLKy limiliNS 


Wai find the Fick of the Real Estate Market in this list. We 
are making money for other^. Why not for you? 


Hampshire Road — Thoroughly modern new bungalow of six 
rooms. This is a fine home in a choice locality, with full 
concrete basement, piped for furnace, and is on a lot 
50x130 feet.- $1,000 cash and arrange balance to suit pur- 

Ouotes Journals of the^House 
and Transcript Evidence to 
Show That His Statements 
Are True 

chaser. Price ?4, 

Woodlawn Crescent— Six-room bungalow that has been fin- 

.. ■ ished- to -perfection. Full cement basement, furnace^ etc^ 

beam ceilings, built-in buffet and on a Very large lot. $i,ooo 

cash, balance i, 2 and 3 years at 7 per cent. Price- ^5,500 

Beautiful Nine-room Modem House on double comer, loox 
120 feet, on one of the finest streets in Oak Bay. The own- 
er built this house for himself and built it well. Grounds 
are all tile drained and laid out. Cash $2,000, balance to 
suit purchaser. Price .. . . . . ....... ........ ... '. .1^10,000 

St Patrick Street — ^Well situated 7-room modern house, a 
home to t)c proud of^ in the district of jgood hom^. Full 
cement basement, stone foundation, oii the best lot on this 
street. Cash $i,5£X>, balance arranged! Price ^9t2l^ 

Moss Sti«et-~-THe street that riii^als Linden Avenue. A 7- 
room modem house, dining room, living room, breakfast 
room and kitchen on the ground floor. Fall cement base- 
ment, furnace, etc. Grounds laid out in garden, and fi;uit 
trees. Cash $1,000,- balance arranged. Price. ...... Ip6,300 

Robertson Street, Foul Bay— J^ew six-room modern bungalow 
on lot 50x123 feet. Full cement basement, foundation, fur- 
nace, etc. Cash $1,200, balance 6, 12 . and ;i8 months. 

Jrricc »,• • •,•• • • • • • •• • • • • • * • ....•••t '..• • • ••» ..... . ^^f*W^ 

At the Goiasti-cam hotel last night, 
Mr. R, H. Pooley, in pursuance of hlB 
candidature for the representation oi 
tho Esquimau district, returned to the 
attaclc on the question that has been 
raised in regard to the asBoclatlon of 
the Hon. C. B. Popley with the Esqul- 
malt Water Works Company. Mr, 
Pooley aitoted the Journals of the houBe 
t9 •bow titut, Ids eontentieo waa rlf bt, 
$ M t l w Hi h f 1MH 1 ' ^m ttflt In law^. Wife 
ild«ntlfled with tbe oqnpany »t tlM tUn* 
It obtained its obarter; also, tbat th« 
cbartec anil -the aniwMlinaot ~to tlui 
cbarter w«re gtvan M^ tb» itiWitM •('« 
miMott from the 7eeHI«iifB wA WOftM*? 
ownaM in the diatrtet Wf. FoOIay waa 
accompanied by Mr. W. BWunooffi, wbo 
delivered a short address on tha attitude 
ot the opposition, ahowlnc fhat they are 
making no serious attempt to fight the 
government. The chair . was taken by 
Mr. Bvan BumiBtt, and there were about 
tliirly pfeavnt. 

After again denyying the allegation 
that had been made against him In re- 
gard to the road superintendent getUng 
back his Job if he were elected for the 
constituency, Mr. Pooley at once took 
up the larger issue involving the honor 
of his father. He said: 

"An0lh6k' mailer that I wish to clear 

up once and for all Js that relating to 
tho Esquimau Water Works Company. 
We know that the roads haye been in a 
disgraceful condition, especially where . 
the pipe crossed the road, bat I would 
ask you to remember that It la not poa- 
aible to ha^e auoh works accomplished 
without bavins tba roada put tn bad 
shape for a time. Of oounie yeu all 
kobw that tlie name of tbi eompany baa 
been dragga^ Into tbta «aaeUon beeauae 
I happen to be tb»,aa3teltor for It. I 
cannot see any {MuiiaiMilar crime m jny 
association with tto* oompinyi nor *mo 
1 see how IfwiU pireiMtttt nisftfom dla- 
cliarging: oorilutlea w iwor slwresenta- 
ttve. My arm were aollottora Cor tba 
eompiwy lenv beCiira I «aa oeiNi9et«l 
w«b it ttik oohQMEtty «nsy b#va «raBa- 
treascd. Ko doubt thejr havej but I am 
not to be held respoMbte for that. My 
a^vouidera. are bi«a#^b|it Z 4o not tm- 
aSlne that they are b»^^~«btftli^^td Vtw- 
the sina of all my cltenta. 

"A definite charge liaa been made, and 
It Is* rAy desire to clear it tip onee and 
for aU. It has been Ba;id agalnat my 
fathi^ that he was a mamber of tbe 
^onie imm. ana that be d^ »ol look 
^ Itftef Ota Itttereats of bta eonatttu^ 
here, by allowing;:, aucb a bill aa tb« S«- 
<»uHnalt WaCei^ Works bill to pass. Tha 
charge U IKM tbat be wag aettpc im^ 
' aoUtiitW" ««*';'<lw:'cdtoi«iiy 'Si :lhiif Hta», 
.^ .« abaimlit^^ im ti m 'tif^. itnpt a 
«it^tar. ,:i ba$r« lapwuiy «|m»i*4 «; aiMi 

•traigbt Ut^e-th»t bald ^MtTttfr Htbir- 
ancM were- not comH;t ott the aufciict 
Itow-ilt *»t*B*ttoa|' -Jiftppena that as 
•olicitor for tbe company t know eorae- 
tblag about tha matter, x hav* due up 
the eaa* of Vletorlft «ty asaiast «l» 
iBaaulnali Water Wotka Cowitosy. and 
I nam ban all the infenaatiaa fn haiMI, 
In wdar tha< tber^ naiy %• no jfoeiitait 
about the matter ftmimt, t Haoala^ngitt 
tha ioittnata of th* twtfmt wltb nta, ta 
tbe ATM pUMe H baa been aaia that at 
tbo t^me «be MU went thr»ach the 
bouae, jny tiuier did. not look af«er tbe 
tatexwita pf bfa oonaitUiMats. Ob tbe 
ttA of February I flna that Mr, ftwNy 
IMTcaeoted a petition for leave te liitr»- 
duce A p*|v«t<k^i-~uie mawtvMat Wkter 
worka rm m m$: Mil. MmgHtopttm** 
a peutioB ttim sunenm.MiMentb «n< 
property wm» t^ m jUPitelet avthor^ 

through on the petition of tl9)|t jpi^erty 
owners and residents. It hag bein'sald 
that Mr. Pooley was solicitor for the 
company and a Bharenoider at the time. 
On that point they are wt-ong also. 1 
have here the transcript evldoace of the 
case In which It is sworn "that he never »- 
had anything to do with tho comlN()||ft i 
until eight year* atteTTVards— in ifl^rf 
when he bought Ziiharcs and paid |126 
for each of them. The evidence also 
states definitely that he was not secre- 
try for the company. (Applause.) 

"With regard to this end of the Water 
Works Company buelness, that was only 
obtained through a private bUl passed 
m 1892. In that year they got the 
charter amended so as to give them the 
right to Jay pipes from Goldstreani. And 
In^hat connection I And In the Journals 
of the h<puse that in iho 10th February, 
1892, Mr. Bberts, not Mr. Pooley, asked 
leave to Introduce a private bill to am- 
feiiu Uke Esquimau Water Works bill of 
1^85. (Applause.) I have it all marked 
here In the Journals of the house so that 
anyone can see. You may also be sur- 
prised to hear that that amendment to 
the act was made on the petition of the 
residents. That petition was signed by 
*72 residents. I hojie that Mr. Helracken 
will be satisfied with that. He should 
reallao now that when I made that state- 
ment I spoke the truth. If he cares to 
challenge my statements. I have every- 
thing here marked out for him, and he 
can see for hlm.«!rir. T nm satisfied, and I 
thmk you . fled also." (Ap- 


ooley reiterated his views in re- 
Kird 10 the government railway policy, 
and the various othor Jssues before the 
doctorate at this time. 

Mr. W. Blakemore, In a short adOre.-is, 
twitted the opposition upon the feeble 
stand that Is bolng made by the Lib- 
erals, not only in the city of Victoria, 
but throughout th« country. Tie pointed 
out that many of these orli5lnH.lly nom- 
inated had wUhdr.nwn, and he had nn 
(Joubt that before election day th«r« 
would bo still fewer of them to contend 
with. It was obvlo\is that they were 
not malflns a bid for power at all. Even 
Mr, Jaokson, the I.lboral candidate for 
l'>qulmnlt. ndmltteft thst. In his opinion, 
the Jjlberals wer« iiiaklnjr a mlHtaKo In 
Cnntlniml on Vmgc S2, Col. 4, 

?iiijl> „j £i 

..Jik-k' ?j1 Cu-'feS ». ii 

l.^j.„.,l^x Uz. > l^^^ iat ^ ^ .^^i ^^ ti ^pJL wJ'iiiK 'jix^y:! . l ^'i!a^ 

We ^|..^cmlize in Hats 

And Carry the Largest Stock on Vancouver Island 

. , ,. 1, ■ , , 

Every new style in stock from the rakish knockabout to the conventional silk and opera hat. The best of shapes from the best 

o f make rs . 

« ^* rJl,)u^k 




We have a complete list of homes ranging from $3,500 to 
$3C^ooo. Come in and lo<rfc it over. We should be afcle to 
suit ypu. 


Corner op Montreal Stfee|^>^I til^^ f r^.6 feet, including a 
modern house of sev|n rctom^'^ipiiii I'lent, etc., rented iai 
$35 per month. Therent wittjjaifjNi large proportion of the 
interest and all charges while your investment is making 

, big money for you. $3,000 cash, balance i, 2 and 3 years 
at 7 per cent.r' Price ..,,..., ^lO^SOO 

Oswego Street-.-6oxiso feet, next to a comer, for quick sale; 
$i»50o cash, balance 6, i2» tS and H months fkMMMI 

Simcoe Street-— 6oscKri feet west oi Oswego street. This is 
ihe cheapest lots in James Bay as it lies in the Railway Belt. 
One-third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. Price 1913,200 

Montreal Street — J.0.K120 feet with four-room house. Cash 



o. Price oiilv 

a « 1 a » a 




At' !!»4&ini£fll6n, 150 yards from B. C. E. R.— 100 acres of the 
finest farm' land in the Saanich Peninsula. Sixty-five acres 
cleared and under cultivation and the remaining 35 acres 
cut and burned ready for pasture. There is a good house, 
barns and all farm outbuildings on the property and it is 
at present a going concern. The terms make this an attrac- 
tive proposition for subdivision as it only requires $5,000 
cash and balance to suit purchaser extending, over five 
years. $5,000 cash, balance over five years. Per acre Sp400 

On Elk Lake — J wcuiy acres of the finest land adjoininji im^ 
future summer resort. Twelve acres under cultivation, fine 
.$2,000 house, barn jox^o, and loo fruit trees 3 years old. 
The railway adjoins this property and the outlook over 
ihe lake is of the best. The terms are very attractive, only 
.?i,500 cash being required and the bala'nce can remain on 
mortgage to suit purchaser at 7 per cent. $1,500 cash. 
Price iM ATarch .-^i. to' 2 Sj57,O0O 

Herbert Cuthbert & Co. 

635 Fort Street 

STETSON'S 94.00 

IMPERIALS ...... ....... . . •fS.SO 

M ALLOR Y'^S^ up from ...... . f3.00 

BORSALINOS, up from . . . : . . ^.00 VON GAL, up from fS.OO 

WALDORF ASTORIA, priced up BUCKLE Y^.^^.^^. '. '.!'"" '' 

from .............. ....T^?a.S50 ^HSATH ..J^''™?*'!! 





608 YATlgSSl^^ 

I .1' i tir"iiT'i,'nug 

ilii^llW oi^ JlojBB^ 





You need look no further if you con- 
template buving a lovely homesite for a 
LITTLE money. 

If you're paying rent, for pity's sake 
stop — buy one of these lots on easy 
terms, then get a house built on easy 
terms, after which you're free of that 

Pricesr$ 1 ,400 Pe^ot 

and Up 


f AMPSON PLACE is one of the highest and most scenic spots in Esquimalt and Only one minute from 
car line. Huilding restriction $2,500. 



PHONE 140? 



8u"^day, Murch 24, 1912 



On the Waterfront 


Preliminary to the Preparation 
of Plans and Specifications 
for Victoria's Modern 





..£ J :: jmUORBOW HOmilNG 

^' I Tenders to be Invited with the 
' : Least Possible Delay for the 
*, First Feature of New and 
! Important Harbor , Worlds 

Mr. D. R. «»«♦», C. B., will tomorrow 

morning beirfin the work of making 

', BoundlDKS for thft preparation of plans 

. and 8P«clflc»tlons on which tenders will 

bo invited for the construcUon of tho 

shown by tho I'aLt that Iho li.'sl of lost 
urtlules includes a. ' $25 sold Watch, a 
»;j.50 fob. a »26 gold chain and a $15 
Kuld I'liiK. To cOniplcto th« pi ~ 

ho dressed up, he liud a $5 Ur , :ra 

plpo and a 12.00 KngUsh walking hat, 
with a couplo of Scotcli capa on the side. 
He carried a $3 tobacco pouch and own- 
ed a ys tobacco cutter. 

In addition to the • articles already 
lisited; there were nineteen woritinff gar- 
ments, knives, curloH, toilet soup, oil;- 
sklns, chest expanders and a clock. In 
fact Urban'a list .-jliows an all-unmnd 
taate for luxury. 

^W*§ift ,s SCARCE 

"ti»t»»H«*^-«*i**««"ii*«Wi<» > f^ t''^.- Wld«i/-N* HK'4hT^'c<4-.w« K vita mi* -t^in ^nUb^rV*' >.."» 

Vnrto OoaaUUMmDly tn Ssmw of 

Ogden point breakwater, the llrst work 

of th»' ext«]Mlvo outer harbor Improvc- 

mentfl to be^ provided to equip the port 

uf Victoria to handle the great steam- 

~*~»btp triijfflCpr:w6tc1» wm te enjoyed by 

XbtH portH ^ew years hence, when the 

, Panama canal is completed with the re- 

■i HuUaOt revolutiott of ocean trade in the 

.^eiOff. Mr. C. C. Worsfold, of 

• th.> department- of public works of the 

^ Dominloi} government, yesterday ap- 

''^lnt«4 the well known local civil cn- 

V ItlBMr to make the soundings and-r-4f 

' tttu iigl^Slim '|M«mlts— Mr. Harris will 

•' run Jig^life^ trimOgden point In con- 

' ; f ormitttoit wt^li the plan drawn by m«". 

^*0««lii^J»i«it«f*l. I- C. B.. for i8.600 feet.. 

..^11 '«''#tt«««y «*««*•«"• and wUl make 

thts miff^mxV' i^oundlngs from a small 

boat iOl^ttg tbeae Uiii<w. 

v"' VtoUoi^i* -t|(W Jopmpletlon of the 

pa<l^>4md speclflcatioi>B will 

«U preii«M3|B*a^-:tJ«intractors ^ln«t<?d to 

' tender «# wo **n»t»uctlon of the break- 

■ i water, wblph. It Is iestlraated. will cost 

* III tho ridgUborhood of »1,259,000. It is 
„ ..aerstood that some of thei grea* «**, 

inueerlng flrnia oi ureal Britain, #Me* 
'have had considerable experience lal»a«^ 
iMii construotlon are Intendlnr ta sub*, 
mit blito for this work, Incladlng tl»at «»« 
Sir Xobn Jackson, the eminent Brltlah 
c«s!inAer. wfioso «m,.^.w»t «»« «KT:! 
fbr^akwatdr and *arbo^ at Dover wid 
txnany other important works, and re- 
cently opebed an office in Montreal to 
'C»mpete;;f%r engineering '^'*>^» ^^^^' 
ittda, th^SWiJ! known Norton Orlfflths 
> Steel 0«iwt*actlon Co.. which has the 

• contract for #<» 8*- J«»"» *^'*°' ^'*'^' 
and S, IPeftrspn & Son. tho firm which 
built the WS iaextcftn harbors and other 

. engineerings^ v.'orU«l. 

^ As soon ay» Arrangements are made for 

itlie bunding of the Ogden Point brcik- 

•''%«t«r.,ttio anktoeers of the public worKS 

'^Ai-partment will commence work on the 

^borings and foundlnga on the lines of 

ithe oonoret* piers proposed In Mr. Louis 

''<Joaltf« pl«»». A««> »"> time will toe lost to 

dkrepafs tw «!• <ron«tructlon of the great 

iilfw with «i»lt warehouses and other 

^iiflUtlea for h8ii«l»B'»»»lM»»*»» *»■♦»«""• 

^.•, By the time the world'n dii^lnir »»«- 

'irtna to piy through ihi P^aaate sanai 

|fc» tUa North PacMlc. the harbor works at 

Victoria' sheltered behind the OgafO 

' point breakwater will bo ready to offer 

'.bt-rtlis to the big vessels, which will 

come here. The live new piers will offer 

an agirragate length of wharflng of 6,400 

Co. Tho first wo^k to b*c undertaken 
v,-hen tb.eLjtrtattfiem<»nt Is made for the 
OA.icn pal^i^tekwater )« a thorouBh 
-urvoy, wfth -borings, of the outer ha*- 
iioi enclosed by the breakwater, and aa 
«uon t9r.p*if Jiwrvey « |iotopl«t«a.r v- 

11 notion t>t the first pier. 

e!6aslderabli"coii«iie6t ,18 befii^.' at- 
tracted by Parlftc boast shipping men 
by the almost phenomenal demand for 
cargo space and the scarcity of time 
charter tonnage. Outside reports .also 
show that It Is quite as nptlofsable In 
Australia, Qreat Britain and thp Fai; 
Kn«t as It Is on the Faulflo <S(*Bi»t. Thfe 
volume of freight being moved is esti- 
mate at thr<>« times that following 
the period of revival which begai) In 
1881. Not only ere there more ships 
employed, but the carriers are larger 
and faeter. 

Pacific Coast siilp-brokers say they 
have never seen a condition tliat even 

Big Fleet of Deep-sea Halibut 
Craft to be. Built— Import- 
ant Indus- 

Coatraeta have b«eo plaoea with phip" 
yaMls on the Humber River In the 
United Kingdotp for the conatruotloa 

of' ihree^lllilteribtall^^U^ ' txi^* 
the CanadU«| Flsi « 1^ |Bong% C^, 
and six modern scho(nper'^9ged fiiAi^B 
vessels will alsO be it>llt. eome of them 
in the United lUngdom and some on 
this coast, for the eompaoy'a businees 
In northern British Columbia waters. 
The three -larger steamers will be H5^ 
feet In length, 22 feet beam, of deep, 
draufltlft. and egulpped with powerful 
engines. Each will be capable of carry- 
ing 200.000 pounds of fish. The vessels 
will be completed In a few months and 
win come to this coast via the Strait 
of Magellan, arriving about the end of 
the present summer season. Some of 
the fleet of six smaller vessels will be 
built at British yards and shipped in 

no dirt, and to thp cmplete comfort of 
all on board, tho Solandia Juat "plugged" 
her way at ii speed from 11 to 12 knots, 
to KlusbliiK and Antwerp. The 8-polnl 
luins in the Scheldt weru noltiinK to lier, 
iiud turning round to liead the tide- she 
motored herself into lier berth at Ant- 
werp ••witiiout breaking an egg." It may 
bo added that the Ant\*erp pilot wlio 
•brought the vessel the tlfty miles from 
Flushing to Antwerp stated that In all 
his forty ,« imd 

never hm ■<<■. and 

■ !,. .iBd the opinion that siic •'would 

h oukU the eye of.a needle." 

facts an<! Plgares 
The net tonnage of tlio Selandia is 
3,173, and the Kiose tonnage 4,968. The 
double bottom, togcthor with two wing 
tanKs, carries 1,000 tons, of fuel oil. I'er 
twenty-four hours the consumption of 
oil, including auxlliarieB. with the en- 
glne.s running 140 r.p.m.. and indicating 
;• ... .111, upacity 


or 346,000 bttio sjMicc. Tile between 

dbcks, except' for the englhe-room trunk- 

,ynft i|>e clear fore and aft, an'epormoue 

V4MMiaui|^'j^vftit^«««^ M1^> tov the 

Double Corner 


Tlila property la tlie cIicuik'si of- 
fering In this neigliborhood. It 
^ can be purchased for J8000, on 
terms. For a double corner in 
the next block oast 115,000 is 
asked, and for a single corner 
• one block west 110,000 is asked. 
The U«Uibln ovi'liei iiun" cTtcra^ 
iH H fine buy at ijISOOO 



remotely resembles the present one. rne 
Improvement in sh^lpplng was noticeable 
as early as 1S>10, but it was not until 
1911 was well under way that U reached 
a remarkable volume. Ships that could 
kbe chartered a year ago at |6,000 a 
m(mth are now demanding 11*0.000, and 
are getting It. The demand for ton- 
nage from this coaat to the Orient, to 
Australia and the West CoOsl W heaVter 
than In many jmontipi-g^nd hkf\fn.^i 
are tbelns pal»Lip9pejia|b' ¥«#♦€*** . 
portation of flfir «»# cotittn . • «L, a«^ 

In the last few months, while the 
volume of trade hae been heavy, the 
freight has bee«» handled promptly and 
the only- congestion wa* that of cotton, 
which waa relieved by the fixture of 
extra vewels to augment tbe .runtular 
fleets. Were tennkge ali^Ui^e tj&prta- 

ikthe meantime. *be a^pyarda of the 
Atlantic and Paol«c Coasts are busy 
with orders fo,r Ofurrlera of ail dlmen- 
siona tojR hoik, oaiatwl** and off-shore 
j^vicf. ' Oii l^e j^»mf\we are a »oof% 
< 0^ aff^am. solibonerii o^ered and ui^r 
ooAstcuetlon. ,: VesB«ia for Ume charter', 
are ecorce and for the ship broker 'It la 
a strenuous time- The eteamsbip Owner 
naturally baa a different vtewgpiotet. ' 

- •'■■'-■' r ' m -Q "''V • « m "'■'■■■"' ■*''"■''. 


salt Of flhmm On tlia Vatos ^napaaT* 

pteAflun Mve« viae* *o 


During the past few days «Mie Union 
Steamship comiiany's vessels Carooaun 
and Chelohaln, which were dlatlngulsk- 
ed with a er^en belt of paint arou| " 
tliem 'l»et ween "the lower *A<i >Wil,«„, 
decks, have had the oolor replaced 
with a WiMiU bait. ' Tito . Venture- and 
the Vodso have been painted black for 
some time and the improvement In- 
dicated by ttifa latter color decided tbe 
cHTficlals . of the company tft pateu «ll 
tlie larger veaaels of tbe fleet tba Mmo' 
color. Both tbe Chelohatn aa4 fife 
Cmmuiii$iimritxgii^^ *»»e Unltad 

9inf4«m '^mi a greuf 'fielt. of JMtOl^ 
but itm Ventare always bad tbe black. 
Tbe lM*^--.u0iRd on abort local runs will 
^Uln Iheir geem belta. Tl^e uw»et 
worka of -all the VesseliL are White. 

- ..jA^jt 

' , I > I.I. 

StrtftW»MUv «o B#4giy» t8&_By VnA' 

•oirti Say <i|impr »rom 



Porecaotle Hand of the StrathOlbjrii !• 

Suing Por $5450 Tor Clothiagr 

.I^ost ' 

Law suits are multiplying in United 
.states courts, as a result of the collis- 
ion on .Tanuary 12 last between the 
Btc-amcrR sirathalbyn and Virginian, the 
lust being tlie claim of a seanjan of the 
Strathalbyn, WllUam Urban, who asks 
no less than ♦6,«0 for loss of clothing 
and personal effects, and $5,000 on ac- 
count of injuries, and Is bringing a libel 
action against the steamer Virginian 
for this amount. Urban, lost -, fifteen 
snItB of vinderwear. 6 dress shirts. 3 
overcoats and $12 set of brushes and 
(.ther toilet artlclc.-J, an English diction- 
ary, a German dictionary, a French dic- 
tionary, a Spanish dictionary,- a Russian 
.llcllonary. two pairs of expensive slip- 
pers and a few score of other things. 

Urban's belongings were stored In the 
Strathalbyu's starboard forecastle, which 
was carried away and dropped Into tho 
Sound after the collision. His fifteen 
suit.i of underwear were divided as fol- 
lows: seven wool suits, costing $22. and 
oitiht cotton suits $16. Of his outer 
suits the first listed cost $20, the second 
$25. and the third $25. His five dress 
shirts, .with "a large quantity of collars 
and tie?"," .wer«» vnlufd nt $20, 

Sictiosarles Cost Money 

His Knglish dictionary coft |R iind his 
dictionaries of foreign languages cost 
$2.50 each. There were also $10 worth 
of other books. .Aside from two pairs. 
of worltlng shoes, each valued at $4, and 
tho two pairs of slippers, each costing 

slioes and a $6 polr of brc'.vn.«i. 

That he could present some front in 
tlio Jewelry lino before the collision Is 

BHUtluuii ta Vane o u r e r , w hil e e th e r s w ill 
be built on this coast. It Is anticipated 
that one or more may be built at Bsqul- 
nrwlt. The smaller vessels will be 90 
feet long, 1^ feet beam ondc nine feet 
drauglit, and each will hav« capacity 
of 100.000 pounds of oalibut. It is ex- 
pected that the fleet of nine veaaels 
will be ready for operation by the 

A n-eat .Impetaa wtU i>e clven to 
tp #tp.#a^stakiv te«|uitry m BriUah 
C^ul$i#^^r«.fbU'fM»on. and It to 
exjHseted tliat a fleet of lai«e dlmen- 
aiona will a^bn be In operation In the 
northern flabl^S VN>unds where United 
States motor-propelled scboonera have 
for some yeairi taken considerable fish, 
ahd poaobing Itoa hot been infrequent 
The Britlab (Solnmbta F|iberl«e. Ltd., 
in wftieCi^ »iraio|i||ienr Orlmaby fieltermen 

' :»,. iftpa.^ms^ ■*» ■ **• 
'larsaly^'^nipeated,' ar« 

: 3&.--l^^««- m*i»!itQ5 

mgnafer Of the compooy. left for the 
north on the Inst steamer to watch the 
eoaatructlon of a large cannery to be 
eveeted at Aliford Bay. Q. C. 1^.. by tftf 
WMtkoime i^V«K< c<*£ ot tbi« city, aja|| 
m^e~fi«i>««JniloQii fi»r the «ra«uon of ti. 
large cold «t«M«e>pl«lnt atEoreketr Is& 
land. Acting foi" the oorostany. Mr. 
Simon l«is«r puvetaaeed ttte niit^g 
''i|te«a»er,,«*Fle -irlliai' tlta'iv.,v*iwel. cW- 
demoed alter setitiire by H. M. C fS. 
Ralnibow aa a pMuAe*. waa aold at »<»- 
Uon. and the tug FolaOtt haa been 
bought at SeatUe. Both -veaaelis wilt 
be registered Here aa BHtlah bottoms, 
and will foHik tUM nuoleua of a lari^ 
Mr, iU l^ Hager, general manager of 
tbe New Snglanid Flan Co.. the Itnlte*! 
i^tates concern Wbich operates - tUtee 
.,. ;^erlcan fishing vessels out of Van- 
■^*^Hofer, kas left for Boston to arrange 
tin blinding of additions to titat 
flaet. ' . V 

IMie Canadkui Ftob * CoM Storaca Co; 
has Us cold storage plant at Seal Cov«b 
near Prine« Rupert, well under way. 
This plant win b»ve capacity for 
%.4fl9,900 pounds of fleb. and wiU have 
jtinHliavoiui ImuM^s for fish curing and 
for naklov feytiiW|M«Lfi9h not. edible. 
It' l>etiis expectML ^ c» . OS^ a Urf 
Tnarkat in Bawwii and Japan for ibis 
by-proOnet. ^Vbt firm wUI handle muoh 
e^lsb and wUl turn this product oat 
m boneless brick, form for tbe market 
Smoked barring and practically every 
.type Of tWk wUl be put tip. baUbut, 
iliB«n40A<| and herffttg^' beln« «iven 
„.ieclal attention, and bass will also be 
put trp for shipping. Th»<«IaQt At Seal 
Cove will fM«|klM|t«!^^ 
%' l>ri]li||j^:flM»'Mtelte«:i&«t«i and 
will make a business of marketing the 

Iteded draft la M feet «' inches. It Is 
Intended to fill all ber oil tanks at Bor- 
>^> each' voyofice. The price, tut the oil 
laf expected in range from '3ft s. to 36s. 
■^ too. The veasel will carry eufflclent 
oil to enable her to do the round voyage 
from Bangkok to Bngland and back wltb' 
out reoliing anywhere. Only ten min- 
utes' notice is required by the engineers 
to be ready- to leave a port The vessel 
ha^i ^n eng|ne-room staff of eight engln- 
"etfrs, one iilectrlclan. and two boys for 
cleaning up. A similar steamahip would 
average forty-seven to fifty tons of coal, 
and would require twenty-four men in 
tho engine-room department. The wear 
and tear of the engines is expected to 
be much less than that of the steam en- 
gine, and there will be no deterioration 
of the steel work forming the coal bunk- 
ara, as Is the rsHfi In a Hteamari to coot 


Vacant corner Dallas Road and 
South Turner Street, 55x130, 
one o^ the few proi>erties to be 
had at a low figure. Price for 
six days, one-third cash, and 
one and two years ^6000 

Also Dallas Road lot near above, 
76XJ40. This is also a very de- 
sirable property. In another 12 
months you will bo wondering 
why you «ver|BB|p||.,j|iimit^|pr- 
galtts. Price, ^j^--^'-^ >•— * 
only »»»»««"«Lt •«•■••»' 

tend with. 

Tho Jutlandlo, a sister vessel, build- 
ing on the Clyde, and expected to under- 
go her trials early In April. The third 
vessel, the Fiona, now under completion 
by the builders of the Selandia, is ex- 
pected to be ready for her trials in May. 

Lots «ftlli:iyl|. WMtr Moss Street, 
' 'VIumMb lota are the finost on the 
street, and have a lovely situa- 
tion. Price, each fSSOO 

■ooxs Brm 

SlUrtateen acres of land fronting 
on Sooke River. Tills Is a short 
-distance from the mouth of tlie 
river. The Canadian Northern 
runs through It ohd It is but a 
short distance from the station. 
I.og hunting lodgo la on prop- 
erty. Acreage no better situated 
has aold at from 1800 to »4a« 
per acre. The price for above 

"Is faooo 

S. S. Prince George 



Connecting for certain Q. C. ISLAND Points Monday lo a.m 



Use the DOUBLE TR.\CK LINT' rmm Chicago liast. 

We issue through tickets with choio >utes to Chicago. 

General Agency Trans-Atlantic Steamships. 

W. E. DUrEKOW, JAS- MpABTirtm. 

CHy Pas. and Ticket Agt., Tel. 1242. »otk luid Freiitht Agt., Tel. U^t. 

L. H . Elli s 

Veemoa Vaases Vp 
.j The steamer Keemun completed dls- 
dtorling ber cargo at the outer wharf 
yesterday and last evening proceeded. to 


8 Sb 


Room 6, Moody Block. 
OoiBsr Tatas and Broad Streets. 

Phone »40. P.O. Box 110. 
Hemfeer Real Bstate Exchange. 

Caynadian Pacific Railway Co 

Ttoftsta wm Be On SaSe ror tSxa llMte 'Ha. ttfr VoUmiPllHr "tjNUD.' 

April 35 ,26 and 37 to St Paul and Minneapolla. 
May 2, S, A, ». 10, 11, 17, 18, 34 and 29. > - 

June 1, 6. 7, 8, 18, 14, 16. 17, 18. W, 20, 81, 84, «fc Vt. 11 WW t^ 
' July 8, 8. 6, 7. 11. 12. 16. 16. 20. 32, 23, 26. 29, 80 and 81. 
Aug^ist 1. 2. 8. 6,' 7. 12. 15. 16; 22. 28. 89, 80 and 8X. * 

September 4. 6. 6. 7. 8, 11. 12 and 80. 
Final Return limit October 81st, 1012 Btoiiovera In botb tflrsCtlolUk 


'X I 

(Vinnlpeg tsaoo 

Chicago f7a.80 

Oetrolt 982.60 

Buffalo 991.50 

Rochester 996.30 

Montreal 9109.00 

Atlantic City 9111*00 

St. Paul .. 
Toronto ' . . . 
Sioux City 
Pittsburg . 
New York 
Boston . , . . 



Point Qrey— wind S,W., 

■wa^ifll; 80,j:?; 48:. Se*^«|miP<»||| • '. '.' 

40t'^«ea WmV ^-'rvi ■ —~~ - -":;*'-'?- ,;■ 

Tatoosli--<ao«d»# wind" ^eat 4 miles: 
80.10; ♦«; pea moderate. In. otr. Tallas. 
attir a.m; ■ 

EMiiBlltenA-^vercast; wind 8.B.. llthti 
a8.»li5«8; sea smooth.. 
i TEM(!mtr-^itmi^i wind N. W., light; 
«k8*8; '4«j sea smoolli. Spoke Itenama 
Hard at 1.30 a.m.. 850 miles from Es- 
tevan.' '!*.'"■ ■■' ■■./ ■.'..' 

Tnan*ie-<r«»««i4r «*intB«: wind i«.^. 
9 miles; *•.♦«;. »»; light sarell. 8poi|» 
lliakara «.t 8 auw., position at 8 p-W. 
l4a..4$.iK nortti, lobS. tS$.S7 w;est, t|0 
miles from TUtoosh. 

Xked»— Drissling. iH»«Dortli; 8e.0»; 
40; ll|8bt swell. Spoke NtJittadra off MU- 
bank at 8p.m,. reporta Oiay at Boas 
Harbor: .two whalers off toere at 6 a.m. 

PrtiKaiaupert— Clear, q^m; 80.17; 84; 
sea smooth, in, Vadso »t 7 a.m. 
., fiiead^^re? y«tot---Cloud3r, wtod nortk; 


MUUgmn Mrsslt jr«m«s Bay, near 
Oswego. Bea«tlfal f-room bouse 
and ground^ pise .69sS80. Splen- 
did ctMuiCB for Investor. Bee us 

/ abtmt U todsark. Tbe pr|o«. fiin. 
easy tsmtt, tov ttw Ogys vtAr, 

will be opertSii 

Zt is roporjtofti.! 

lee OB, the'Sk*«— , — ,,— 

MgOlarly on tbe Sttklne this summer 
by the Jludson'a Bay company.. The 
Poll, Simpson la now lying on the slips 
at iblgby Wl^tid. Last year abe was 
chartered to take a large hunting party 
to the Stlkliie district. The chief object 
of the company Is to cater to the touflst 
and hunting fraternities. The steamer, 
wiilch ha« fOK^« several years Operated 
on the SkMpnii. i.'t a fine stern wheeler 
and has :i jdatloh for about 200 

passengers, one wtU connect at "Wran- 
gel with the coast steamers and go as 
far up the Stlklne as Telegraph Creek, 
a distance of 100 miles. The Stiklno Is a 
very swift flowing river, and the voy- 
age up, which takes two and a h«^lf 
days, Is compensated for by tbe return 
journey, which only take- '">'<" •< -ity. 
The river iB less dongc; !'« 

Skeena, having fewer shaUowfl, mough 
there is plenty Of excitement In warp- 
ing over thfj riffles and through the 


▼essel With STovel Proxralsion Xas 

Trial Trip Across the Horth Bea 

With Snooess 

f^tAt ciieer-~cioady; ^i«>: thuwh 
wartf; 80.p3: 47; sea smooth. 
. c<ape ljaso-<:toady; calm; t0.ftl; M; 
sea v smooth. Prince Oeerte p«Med 
through Seymouf MarroiNi. ;gontiih«aad 
at>.4il480 a.m. 

Tati>(iMi«'-43oudy, wind W., 9 miles t 
89,10; 48; sea mbderato, Oat, str.. Am- 
eriey at 11.49 aim. 

g^ghaaa Ctoady; attm;. S9.8S;'4S; urn. 
smooth. ' \ , ^' 

Bst«vsn-**-Clou4y; wind N.\V.. llcbt; 
89.«t; i4£. HiWt swell. 

Tda;i|ftt»^vercast; wind N.r 89.5B; 

88; Ilgbl iweH. 
Ikeda— Cloudy; wind N.; 80.08; 43; sea 


Prince Rupert — Cloudy: wind "W., 

light; 80.17; 47; .flU^JHtote. Out, 

-Caraosun at 8.80 iiiik^'im^t^tiXM John 

at 9 a.m., Princes* Beeitriipe at 11.80 


]>Mid VN* -ftiaaiimmimi^ifAm- «m 

i» .. 

« « • f •*•** • • • . 

GriRWMii ft BoMKtt 



" 9*e» Vletorta »-*,«(. ever y We dnesday, 
ft 9. inCATIUUA er CXet OF vpSM^aad 
;!• a. m. wn VTMsy, fr«tt Seattle. & K 

8. & a 8P0KANB or tntV OF SBATtXiB 
leavee Seattle » p. m. 
' jbeoHt and raU Uek*U Itf TRvm tvflt wai 
all otl(el> e|ttee via 9an . FnuwiMNB. 
' might a»d ttoket OffMMMd u» Wharf 
«, r. meataai 4k-«<k« OmmcsI Agents; 

tSiMBtm A. 90S«iT. Fae^*h««r Alieiit, UIO 

jCMinMAes-Jttreeti . - 



» I II I' (HJ i 

steamship Movements 
SEATTLE, March 23.— Arrived: stra. 
Lakme, Ia^s Angeles; Asauon, Hamburg; 
Oleum, Ban Francisco, Palled: Btrs, Lu- 
cerlo, Port T" r.. Drakf>, 

tow. barge 9S, 

SAN FRANCISCO, March 28,— Arriv- 
ed: stra, Nile, Hongkongi Roanoke, 
Portland, Balled i str. Atlas towing 
barge 95; Governor, Baattle; Enterprise, 
Aatorlai barkentlne C, II, Crocker, WUl- 
apa; ahlp Star of Rusala, Cooks Inlett 
achnr, Ottlllle Fojord, codflahlng, 

I.OS ANQELKS, March 88.— Arrived: 
RoHo City, Pqrtlandj Klamalli, S«n 
Diego) Northland, I'ortland; Aztoo. Bai- 
boai Coos Baj', Han Francisco, Sail«id! 
Melville Dollar, •r.i..ii,,o: c.Tr),.- I'ori- 

IKiNOKONO, .Minili j;i.— .\ri i vhd ; 
(previoualy) Korea, Ban Franciar^j Ti- 
tan Taconio, 

Earl Qrey, former Qovernor-General 
of, Canada, -j?]!!,;.;!?!!!*.)^^*^ notablo 

passengers ill^M^^^^0i\.\aX .trip ..on 
the motor shlli'tnlkillJbi'iii^ the North 
Sea to Antwerp, and in a wireless mes- 
sage sent by him to Sir Thomas Shaugh- 
ncssj^r president of the C. P. R. telling 
of the success of the new method of pro- 
pulsion, he advised Sir Thomas to look 
well after the "OU-Ked route." The 
Selandia is the first ocean-going oil-en- 
glne-drlven liner which the world ha's 
seen. At the outset. It should be stated 
that tho Selandia must bo regarded as 
a dn' • rival to tho steamship. She 

Is (]• as an awning-deck ship, and 

her principal dimensions are: 370 feet 
In length, 68 feet In beam, 30 feet In 
depth, and of about 7,400 tons dead 
weight. Apart from the great beam the 
hull shows no material divergence from 
tho ordinary design. The propelling 
machinery consists of two dlght-cyllnder 
Diesel motors, each of 1,260 1. h. p., and 
driving twin screws. There ere also two 
auxiliary Diesel motorB of 250 l.h.p. 
each. The deck ciiglnes are throughout 
electric. All cargo winches are electri- 
cally driven, as also are the wlndleas 
and the ateering engine. Of deck erec- 
tions, there la a large one amldnhlpK. 
which la Intended for pansengera, and 
the accommodation ban been carried out 
In a speclalry fine yachlllka tyle. Thf 
engine-room te B feet ahorter than wonlil 
b^ required fop eleam engines, yet it In 
more apacious on account of tho coni- 
poctn«'R« of the machlnory, 

On. the run from tliw North Forelanil 
to Flushing Btrong winds, and, for a 
lime, conBiaeraDie iiea were experienced. 
In Bpltp of thene advcrF*? condttinns llio 
veBsel was aliHolutcIy steady, With no 
jimoke, no vibration, no noise, no smell. 


6 p.m. 

Tatoosh — Part cloudy; ^ wind S., 11 
miles; 30.10: 45; sea smooth. Out, schnr. 
Nome City, 12 p.m. In, str. 3>kme, 3.20 
p.m., str. liOop 3.26 p. m. 

Point Qrey — Overcast; calm; hasy; 
30.03; 44. InrBritlsh Empire,, 12.40 p.m. 

X.aao— Clear; calm; 30.02; 45; sea 
smooth; 3.30 p.m. Chicago northbound. 

P^chena— Clea-r; calm; 29.81; 47; sea 

Estevaii— Clear; wind N.W.; 29.74; 48; 
light ewell.-* Spoke Tees -and. Nootka 

Triangle— bVercast; wind N., 40 miles; 
29.67; 35; sea moderate. 

Prince Rupert — Clear; calm; 29.87; 48; 
sea smooth. Out, Princess Beatrice, 
southbound 3 p.m., Prince John, 3 p.m. 

Dead Tree Point — Cloudy, calm. 

Ikeda — Clear, wind N.E.; 80.08; 40; 
sea moderate. " 

I have now a large list o! 
Yachts and other vessels for 
•sa^ Buyers please apply. 
0|in|#i selling, please list 
yottr t>d|^iM^Mr 
Marine ifistnahce Arranged 


Ship and Yacht Sale Broker 
519 Sayward Blk. Phone 3690. 


160 acre dairy farm, 15 acres 
cultivated, house, barns, imple- 
ments, 110,000, Half cash, balance, 

Good acreage, 40 acre blocks, 
836 per acre very easy terms. 

Robert F. Hickey 

TarksvlUs, IT. X. 





San Francisco 




Full particulars and reservations 
Claude A. Solly, Passenger Agt., 
lyio Douglas otrcet, or K- P. 
ttlthet k Co., HIT Wharf street, 








643 Discovery St. Vlotorla. B.C. 

Fisher's Old Stan.l 

Prompt Service and Good Work- 
manship Guaranteed 

The Household Pest 

Many exterminator com- 
pounds used ag.iinsl bed 
Dugs have a pungent odor 
and their use is therefore 
objectionable. Keatin^'c 
Powder is odorless. Stain- 
less and harmless excep'. 
to insect life — yet it i- 
efttcient ftnd p«v«r.f«irmr 
s, drives them away and pre 
r coming. Sold by ail drug 

,:-« .^..,1..- 10.1 OC\r . aKrt 

A«.t all nthAr principal Dolnte In tbe gaet. For reservattona and furthwr 

jMirtlculars apply: 
. &. o. oKSTmAK, Oitgr Vaaaeagat Afast. 
1102 Government Street. Victoria, B. & 



The Union Steamship Co^ Ud of B. C. 

M, CAXOBtrN<^7or Prtnctf Rupert gsd 8tftW4fft V99rr Tueiiday. 
*•. OHSliQBSXN— ]^>r Skeena BiVer, Prlnee Bmwrtp Naas Biver, Fort 
BtimMOB Md Oooae Bay everjr Qatoydaar. 

•nn womoomtsm mnuammm (Mnonunr^ wbo.' 

g.«. VXasrrUBSr— For Campbell River, Hardy Bay. Rivera Inl4t, Namu, 
Ooawn viH, Bella Coola, Bella BaUa* avery Wedtteeday. 

*«, VAD80-T-C^M■ Skeena Rlvez; Priaoe Rupert. Naas. every two weeks. 
aakt MlUny yabruary a9tli. 

' ' KKto^ B.&BNSLJQT. Agent. 

Ptuma IMI , ' ' ■ ' \ ■' ' P'* Tatea Street 


"g?'H ' ..! ' .■■ 





Fiiic, Urge Store on Fort $treet, ,w»th two showropms an 1 
workshop. Every convenience 


q. F. de SAtIS, LTD. 

Haynfft Unlock, Fort Street 

I ' i II I I I ''» I ii 


mi I'-i-^ * --il 

M^r-' ■ >cv • ■ 




IHWWd rcV.l >i.-«Hi^ 

«£ii;.: , , . 

iiiiii iMii a^J 

■'''.■■. V' - 

fmfv/n AU Over Tti 

"He doth bestride the narrow World like a^opusus 

— Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. 

Uii) in the Yukon, "where the North Lights gleam and 
curve and stream," the DAVIS' "NOBLEMEN" Cigar is 

On the shores of the Mediterranean — in the Island of 
Cyprus, "NOBLEMEN" is inquired after. 

In London, England, it is asked for, and we have te 
monials from all over the wof Id, praising the 

2 for 25c 


IS "full of quality" — that is why it is sold 

:.^ «j 

"NOBLEMEN . , _ 

in every town and hamlet, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 

•Clear Havana — Cuban made— it is a dupli^^ate of the high- 
grade imported article, yet the cost is half. 

"NOBLEMEN" size 2-for-a-quarter. 
"CONCHA FINA" size 3 for 25c 


Makers of the' famous "Perfection" 3-for-a-quarter Cigar 

ThcWhite HonsF 
- Cellar 


Tlin rrjiutatton of "WHITE 
MOUS'lC" Whlnky hn« b«en xlowly 
hunt up liy unqueatlonablc quality. 
noi« ithstandlng rheap ImStationn. 
ftrnl not by extravagant ^ adyertl(iln| 

Hose and Brooks Co., Ufflite4, Vancprer, Disl 

m i III , Ii M i l l 'l iii ■ iiiiiii ri riiiii < it n i »i iiiii. .. iiii«..ii. i I .'' I ll i V ii r il \ H i ii ' J i' j i l M r ii| l i i JlMj I j I 



Sunday, March 24, 1912 

The Modern Electric Shop. 

at $5.00 

.^.__^T^^<H^ Toast il'iDftde .by gfttess— tiot tdksied'^^N^, ti»kf4'^ 

^ilSwi"6r|ftini6d'to a crispH-4>ecau^^ the toasting psocess candiot 



Wephv^iently watched. 

I With OUR Electric Toaster this uncertainty is removed 
] atid you can seA^e the toast when it gets- brown and 'crispy 
' .enough to suit yours or somebody elses taste. 

J : :r7 .. 1 

Creech -Hughes Electric Co. 

; 1 163 Douglas Street, next corner Fort 

Phone 466 

-jWho Has paeo ? 

■"■'■ v'' •■ ■.- . • ■•■■ — j^ ' ' * '_ — — 

I (ircat Snap fm* Monday Mor^ 

I ^ ; ' HOUSE, NEWlY BUIW ^ 

I Lot 53x127, all fenced, splendid soil, ready for j^mting seeds. 

I $500 cash, balance $15.00 per month, including interest Ten 
i . . minutes' walk from the car line 





PUND^SON & CO., m 

h'^ ' Builders and R«al Estate . 

A, E. MITCHELL, Mgr. Real Estate Depl. \ 

Residence Lt^- 


To tlio Electors of Vloloru: 

In acoeplliiif the nonilnatl'jn to rep- 
resent tho Liberal party In the City 
of Victoria at this provincial election, 
wo wUh to lay before the electors tho 
following statement of our political 
principles : 

We are In entire accord with the plat- 
form of the Llt^erals of BrlU»h Colum- 
bia, adopted 'by the Vancouver con- 
vention March 1, 1912, and particular- 

l."We tjolleve in t»rln|flnff all depart- 
ments of municipal government under 
direct control of the mayor and council; 
and that the abolition of the police 
commission and board of licensing com- 
missioners, or their being constituted 
elective bodies. Is an Imperative pubUo 

3. We believe In extending tha right 
of franchise to womon; and ore Impress- 
ed with the iB»{>«gjal necessity of so am- 
ending tha Municipal Act as to allow 
women tiiU right of rrauohlas at all 
municipal elections. >. 

I. W« believe In the a]»«Qlut« prpblt)!- 

» atnMclit iiuMort^ vote «i tlM 

t^ Wf believa ttot tli* ippolntment 
ot roas DMses and au government oftl- 
clals entrusted with the expenditure ot 
public money should be made regard* 
laka of politics. 

B. We believe in the necessity ot 
adoptlnip a policy of giving greater pub- 
licity to the detalla of expenditures of 
public funds. 

f. We believe In a revision of the 
land laws so as to safeguard the pub- 
lic interests and to promote settle- 

7. We believe in making collection of 
workmen's compensation for accidents 
and Injuries coUecUble without litiga- 
tion; and in the shortest possible time; 
tmd '■ 

S. In conclusion we i>eliev« that the 
adoption of a form of government bas- 
ed on the principles of the IitberaJ 
party '•'Will tend to the welfare of the 

provuice. R, T. BEtlOTT, 


Vletorta, B.C. March 12. 191,1. 


Thrilling Story of th« ■.•■cue by rish- 

eriuen of Orew of Staaxaer 


Mall advices from the United King- 
dom report that the Lowestoft trawler 
Pentlre has landed at Padstow fourteen 
of the crow of tho steamship Oaraanll. 
which was abandoned twenty miles north 
of that port. Extraordinary bravery 
wa« shown by the crewii of two Lowest- 
oft trawlers, the B. M. W. and Pentlre, 
which between them saved twenty-four 
lives. The Osr)mnll, of Glasirow, with 
2,400 tons of coal, for Naples, was 
caught in a hurricane oft Trovose Head 
on March 4, and was driven fifty miles 
by the storm. Her flres were put out by 
the seas, which continuously broke over 
her, and she became helpless. 

Rockets were Hred all night for assis- 
tance, and at daybreak tho following 
day she was sighted by the two trawl- 
ers. The steamer's lifeboat was launch- 
ed, but became useless through a rope 
fouling tho propeller. The trawlers 
launched boats, manned by the mate and 
third, hand of each, and with great gal- 
iantfy tfasjr made flv4' t^ps^ and too^ 
^IIM(' cr«'»(f ; of ■i'wWtHtosfc^ 

'" -"-—''■ ' -- '■ :ia*#a *•*•*■■; 

Pcdcn's Tailoring Specials 


to- Vdta, ««xll4..Siri«^C>>r 

"• TTil|ianff'''Tff't*^ - ■''"'^* '*^** '^""^ stteat. On ientts ...':..-; ^Tllll' * 

IMtltOUlUb •'. WnUUIV— liOt 46x112. On tsrms. .•«.•.•...*.«•••...».• 'tfSfOtt 

■MeOJU0mxi»b imtaBtHS, Victoria Wortr^ lots in tb* mil^ajr <boam oan- 

^,, tre.;?':;W|kl»t offers? , •• - 

■ vm0ll^'if^^ iiOttage. Ttais Is e^rsry vHrSetlv* |MM|g^r jk 
ainaU invostor. On terms ..,.••.••. ...••■^^••^'•..^,..ji..« 

■JlfJI'illMilil. Oak Bay— Xjot &OxlX«. dti t«nm» . ....... .4«.^.. 

fRBMOnr— OotUge. 4 rooms, lot (OxItO. Onst^blM <P|^v 

mia^i^f^^aiciJMytUX-ltMt aohm wid poultry 1ioag»». MOotHa iwA ftet 
%a8vbe«n Bub^ttvide^ AloBjcsttfe the nevf 9. C. Ki«ctrle oar tine. 4?Mc« 
aha t«iraiB tan. kt>pli(!atfon. ' ^ 

.-.;■■ ■■;,... Rlili 
phons a7'M. osHMBk 

«,, Insurance and General Agents 

330 7«mb<tftOll'Sl00lC 

gpMtfoUy bitf* 16 <p«WttHBigth<a 
«OfdbiuN» uritb tbe Ika^ttiiiMnMttt pr*' 
▼i«wilar maA», that h« «rsit Iw «M4tdata 
In «.aiwoift «t tit* UOftUttt 43«v«nkBMai 

Kf. BOtMfm wttl mSagUa ^Mim- 
iat auMftJlNitst '^'f * 

Jti4itfttai»; S«llM«f V»m«, IteHMmrSb. 

UtWtmin, iStk Mwrtdi, 

'mmtm, Sm'mmTi* « p. ». «om.' 

Bgan^Malt, SolOters' and Sailors^ home 

Man Who Drinks 

Help Him— Advise Him How He Can Be Rescued 

from the Liquor Curse Through the NEAL 


1025 Yates Street, Victoria, B. C. Phone R3188 

The Treatment That Makes Happy Homes 

Tha drinking man is helpless. He Is the victim of a burning thirst 
that (finnot be satisfied. — His sy.stem Is poisoned with alcohol, which 
constantly "demands more Intoxicant. Drive this alooihol poisoning from 
(he syetem, and the liquor hnblt is conquered. This Is whet the Neal 
cure do«s — and In only three days. 

The marvelous cures effected by the Neal three-day treatment have 
elicited the endorsement of many prominent citizens of Victoria. 

Call In person at the office of the Neal Institute and have a confiden- 
tial talk. Make a thorough Investigation of the personnel of tha local 
Xeel Instlttite and the National Neal Institutes Company. Find out all 
about tho physicians' remedy for the Uanor oiucse — effective, but harm- 
less, safe and positive. 

There )» no longer any reason to feel that treatment for the drink 
liahlt 1« slow and danRcrous.' The Neal treatment takes but three days 
and leavVis the patient In gre«tly Improved mental and physical con- 

If you have a friend who Is a victim to alcoholic or drug addiction, 
send him to us and we will cure him. 

If in need of help yourself, come and we will do likewise. 

The Neal Institute 


Tfttes Street, Victoria, B. O. 

Phone S3188. 

Notice t<k stmporters of 

.',' ■- '^* ■'' ' '■ 

Tholrtiro Hdiis^, Jiear 


Streeti Esquimau Roatt 

All friends wisbif^ vuC' 
cess to Mr. R. H. Pooley 
arr invited to attend THIS 
EVEmKO at » e'dock y 

' :i%'n ' ' «ii if \* ' ' ^' Hi N j,! Il l " I ' M 'W »f 

to TheG^^ erEM^mah 

IT *•• 

off fOBglMfg 

Botaf Ooad Work , 

The rock drilling plant of^ the publio 
works department will bS moved to- 
morrow to Beaver rock, in the vlolniiy 
of Songhees Point, and will commence 
work on the removal of that obstruc- 
tion, which has proved ^ menace to 
steamers when backing from inner har- 
bor wharves. The plant has been en- 
gaged for some time on Dredger rock, 
which has been out away to a depth of 
twenty feat at dsag low water — Xba. 

Lobnlta rock ^crusher will pound a few 
pinnacles left and the dredcer will then 
sweep this up. fThe I/Obntts rook 
crusher has been doing very cood work 
ilncB'lrtttcea ttt- -commission, - tlw bl» 
chisel pounding away rock in scant 

Ml* oMiie of Q««MBay. «» <3f!>*«ft»* 
t«ry iBl^ irtM*» tJii im^-^fmip^ 
18 oraoiUBS ft imettcir. Mtd #Bsli liM K*ett 
nftfSe • port (tf otil fot^ tho nerkbero 
•teft^ani. luMi been (B^ltc»(l t* ^Nns^7* 
otte&a iMtiee of tbe «lu«sre boC^tlift gto- 

'srspttte«irMi«':«if'''^s««»te:«s»t)»». tm^ 

b<M« n)cet*»ft mr tie iiiiM^ of tbe 

' ''• II '•-^ i " ii f"iM ' < ■ :^i' ■'itii i > i W > l | ir i »' i i(i i|iii < i i» i i | i: ;^".'!tV;:\"" 


' AmtwesMuits bft**.b«eB iqM* 1» Isv 

ft cable between <rofiiift )M%miftBrA % 

lan«» eoaneetlttji ^ llK^tMipn^ *< %• i 

•n&aiid* to i8^$r<l4aot »0li9f,.«ni» «)• 

dbftSft ^ mmmatMUm %f mmiainmt.. 

'telesnwii *3»aK Vm wmt mitmt 41 ▼««- 

Iptwntt UlmM. Xbl* tabitHm t« be Uid 

:i>r ii*M i^ttbUe wfttM «apftHnMC|t for the 

vmntnk KM rm^mm i e» wtm «t t fo tm* 

»M^ th^ Uf*-MirtB« fftilUttafl. «a the 

of ViiBMlttVMr 


'•im^im iinDiilWiiir 1 Might-. 

graph dratha. "AliM, Sflly 8«rt«lit,'' 
All lirter«t(that irtmjr «e the preient 

Joe Webber pre«entg the ^iMMl «H- 

umph 0£ the past yearlnPeMiSAdl^ew 

W;&dayr27th'M«ch, ^9U;*,;i'V'i:i^ J ^*''«' «*"• v. Hobart-s English Version 

Dated at Kosebank, .mmilil»$i,r.^.. 
11th- day of March, A. T>., 1"WS. ' 

Esquimau "^ 
Electorate District 

aceeiiags Za Support of 

R. H. Pooley 

The Oovenunent Csndldate 
Will bo held as follows: 
Thursday, March Slst, Oolwood Xall. 
Saturday, Karoh aSrd, Ooldstxeam KoteL 

Monday, March S6tU, Otter Point School- 

Tuesdays March 28th, Bba'vraigan X*ake 


Wednesday, March 97th, Masonic Hall« 

Victoria Theatre 
l%«iclay, Mar<;b 26 


Where Do You Live? 

By Paul Harve. Music by Jean Briquet, 
with Charles A. Murray. Nannette Flack, 
Aubrey Tateji and a great cast. • 

Prices: $1.60, fl.OO. 76c., 60c. Beats on 
skle Saturday. 


HOST. SZOHABD McBZtXDE has promis- 
ed to address tho meeting on the 27th 
In support of Mr. Pooley** candidature 
at 8 o'olock sharp, and will afterwards 
speak at the Mass Meeting at Victoria 

Pathe Weekly:. Topical Events. 

Path* Weekly:. Topical l^lvonts. 

Jean and the Wolf:. Vitrasjraph dramas. 

The Hack and Schmidt Bout:. Ks.sanay 

The Oowpunoher's Olove:. Edison West- 

The Polished Burglar:. Essanay Com- 

SPECIALIZATION is "the thing" in 
business today, and it's as essential in tailor- 
ing as in any other business. Reahziiifi 
which, we long since adopted the most mod- 
ern methods — methods that make it abso- 
lutely unnecessary for a man or young man 
to wear a ready-made s 




';*■**'»■ ti 

^y , 






■■'V .*. 

ttH iW( 









;lm;;K J: 



:,■■-.»• ■*.'• 


>■ -<«.*' 


':-■ !»i«i»r*Tfc' 



V^i rji: 

Meti's And Yott»g"Maii*s Choice English 
Worsted Suits, in the very newest designs 
and made to order. Pcden's prices, $35.cxd 

Men's and Young Men's, Hand-woven 
Tweed and Harris Tweed Suits, in ex- 
clusive patterns, with extra pair of trous- 
ers, all made to order. Peden's prices. 

$56.00 tb 

:^* • « ft ft.f •'• 


Men's and Young Men's Guaranteed Indi|^Q 
Blue Serge Suits, made to order. Peden^s 
prices, $42.00 to «*.,.... lpS^.OO 

E^GWSR,]SJJl5rp^'liroduce an English mo|^ ind^^s^ ^mM^iiiiS cf* 

f^tt-^hifi latter for ta©!^ ^oasei^Fatiy^ dr e^^i!^* vm 

p# Eiijg^^fh^ stilts ti%in^^^ ''qtoccr" 
tftider the: name Eiigfltshv They arc sensi 

buslii«^::^i!re|i^<^ UM 

„fA>?Ji :u ^i-^iv'^^r'tenji 





i ilj U i l iii i in if f i i ii 


0#ts' i^ow; Sayws^ 








The book of the Real Bun^alovv . , ,-,. ing sixe of rooms, floor plans, etc. Nothing like it ever 
published before. The Cream of looo Beautiful Designs. If you are going to build, call for 
"Craftsman Bungalows," which includes Hints on Bungalow Building, written by an expert. 
Price only $1.00. On Sale Tomorrow (Monday) at 

122 Pemberton Block, Victoria, B. ۥ 

Craftsman Bungalow Co., Seattle, Wash. 

Biswanger, Oak &Co. 
Mill Wood and Coal 

Orders promptly attended 'to. 

Old Bsaulm*lt Boad. Phones i P39S3 
. Asd aS48 . 

Glenshiel inn 

lato Criterion 


Under cntlroly new management. 
Suites and rooms up-to-date In 
every way. Term.«i moderate. 
First class coolt and oompotont 

T»ble S'Kote Dlnnar, 6 to 8 75^ 

Bpaoial Dinner Sonday Bran- 

liMT" fl.OO 

Miss Jean Molllson, 

Mr. Fred Cancellor, 





In tiifl culglnal comedy pantomlne 

"A Soldlar'fc Drea^n" 

Direct from the Emulre Theatre 


Reproduotlons of bronze classics. 
Recently from Lew Fields 



Tile clever coniedlnnR. 

X.XK zxumaiBMJLS 

WtilstllnR Impersonations. 



^OE WEBER: PM^iHlS 6E0 V.HOBART'3 E/<ai5H VEDilO^ 
Of TH"ri/0RlB*5 BEit MU3 1 CAL COMEDY. 

V/M E R E P O Y O U L I V E • 

byPaulHarvl MU.5IC by Jean Bpioi'lf 

REY YATES, and a grfeat cast. 

Tom Dillon, in the Seattle P. I., said : 

"The audience laughed themselves out '01 tnelr "Se4t8, 
'Ahna, where do you live?' on last night's showing, easily^ 
holds the laugh record of The Metropolitan. There is really 
good music, some of it of the catchy sort, and all of it easy 
to listen to." 

PRICES: ?1.50, J^l.OO, 75*^ AND 50<- 
Scats now on sale — Curtain 8:.^o sharp. 


bunday, him 


One Price-Evcrjwhcrc' SOCIAL AND PERSONAL 

iDEN^^^^ApY clothes have all the virtues. 

jf a Clothier offers something else, don't trust him. 
trhcre may be more profit in it for him in cheap clothes, 
but the pipofit for you is in good clothes. 

Mr. J. il, .\ialtl«'ui-ni)uifnll, of Dun- 
can, Is visiting t 

\t- '^1 II ' ■■•: . .1 iK-ouver is 


- .Mrs. U. A. Macduiiaia nas returned 
home- to Vancouver after visiting In 
thts city. I 

Dr. J. D. Helmclten and Miss Helmc- 
ken left yesterday for California, and 
expect to be away for a month. 

AllBs Alice Kaveniiili ot Cubble Hill, 
has been visiting Vancouver as the 
guest of Mrs. Peter McNaught6n, 1934 
Barclay street. 

Mrs. J. R. Wells, of Fort Wllllftm, 
accompanied by her little daughter. 
Miss Dorothy Wellu, hnai arrived in 
Victoria to visit her slater, Mrs. SUill- 
Ings, of Burdette avenue, and Mrs. W. 
J. McRae of Oak Bay. 

The many friends of Miss E. Pauline 
Johnsoiji, (Tekahlonwal^e) the well 
known Canadian poetess, who has been 
very 111 for the past few weeks, will be 
rallivad t6»«*di tlwt Mbe t» rt^Ktrted 
tnufifet sirpflVey cgkbi. 
. ^Tli«. JBtlCK»lDj#t. . <■. -JMl»o«"c«di ^w_ 
Mftraruerlte Nett}e, aecondl daughter dt 
Mr. J.t H, }«. Ifloftaby and Mr. Charles 
Qcrttva <Ilut«». fuuturttpt son ot Mr. and 
Mrs. J. a. Ciufe of New. WtatlnitoSlei". 
The marriage will Uke plac« early in 

The friends of Mrs, W. J. Sargent 
of Belmont, avenue will be glad to 
know that she Is as well as can be 
expected after her rather serious op- 
eration at the Royal Jubilee hospital 
on Wednesday. She will not be per- 
niltted to see any visitors for a tew . 

Mrs. Doull, accompanied by her 
children, left on Thursday for Van- 
couver en route to Montreal. They 
were accompanied over to the Main- 
land by Very Rev. Dean Doull, who 
returned home on Friday. He will 
follow them east in May, when he 

.\prll 16th, In the A.O.U.W. hall. Invlta- 
itons will bi; mulled very shortly and as 
a very capable committee of the Bur- 
lelth club have the matier In hand the 
dance jn-onilsea to bo one of the brlght- 
eut affairs of the aeuiton. 

Mr. James MacOowan left for Vancour 
ver yesterday after a few days' visit 
to Vlctorl.a — 

Mrs. Ijodwell has returned from a 
short *vlBlt with Vancouver friends. 

Mr. Thomas J. Dunn has returned 
frnn) n hiisiuc .. . i lo tlio mainland. 

Mrs. Itos: has returned 

from a month's visit with Vancouver 
friends. • 

Mr. M. J. aillesple has left on a six 
months' Kuropean tour. 

Among the Victoria, visitors to Van- 
couver aurlng the iiuHt few days have 
been Mr. K. B. McKay, Mr. H. S. Scott, 
Mr. K Moore and Mr. H. C. Harring- 

Mr. and Mrs. Percy Shallcross have 
been over from Vancouver . for the 

Exhibition bout — 135 lbs. — Joe Bailey 
vs. T. Jiiiockton, V. A. C, or Bruce Ash- 
man, Cle-lSlum. 


1S6 lbs.— Jack Talt. J. B. A. A. vs. V. 
Rhand. n. V. A. C. U McKay, Victoria, 
va Geo. O'Conner, Ntw Westminster. 

Oak Bii',' Cuuiu-U — The next meeting of 
the uaU Uvy council will bo held tomorrow 
iivenlity 'Jt 8 o'clock. 


The Amerlcan-Vancouvef Mercantile' 
Agency has appointof! WllUHm Hocking 
as their special tivc; J. J. 

Wallace, manager. 

Aimrt VmniMt VUMUlk WMk WhOio; a 

OisTsr 8s»a3i' l»fati* fe ja* B«»S^ Sas 

OiMtee of aetWBkiea ami tolimaa 

ana M r s. P tiul l win mave f or E n gland. 
Mr. W. M. Le Page, managing direc- 
tor of the J. Robinson Co. Ltd., of 
Winnipeg, has arrived here on a visit 
to his brother. Mr. J. H. LePage, and 
his sisters. Miss M. E Lepage find 
Mrs. Herbert Wheeler. Mr. LePage. 
who la accompanied by his family. Is 
en route home from Southern Califor- 
nia, and Is greatly Impressed with the 
rapid growth of Victoria since his last 
Tialtliere. , ^ ' 

The Ck^ltat Athlettts club will hold 
Its closing ball of the season on April 
22 at the Alexandra club, the function 
being of 9n Informal nature. The 
music will be provided by WllUs* fpll 
orchestra, and will include all the lat- 
est dances. The other two dances held 
this season by the club were attended 
by marked success, and as the same 
eonoiinUtee has the atratlgements In 
hand the third Is likely to bo equally 
etiioyeMe. Its members arc Veiuiri. 
R. Bray, J. Jones, G. Brooke, B. l»UlUn, 
N. Croghan, B. Irvine, H. Mlln«^ O. 
WlUe, T. Brynjolfson and A. Pike, 

The Alexandra House company In- 
tend holding their annual ball on May 
1 to celebrate the Jlrst birthday of the 
present Alexandra club. The l^les 
forming the committee are sparing no 
palas to make tbis a veritable gala 
4a;y^ »l»d ai»„iniroducl|jg seyeral ipes; 
lai features to a^d significance and 
ffovalty. These will be a rWay pole 
dance,'* In which several af Victoria's 
most beautilfal daughters will take 
part, and a huge birthday cake will 
conceal the ring le be competed for 
by all alike In the true spirit of 
Leap- year. "The programme Itself will 
be a 4atnty souvenir and will be hand- 
painted. Miss Thaln's full orchestra 
win b« In attendance. 

The social dancf* held in the A. a 

13p^, hall <on Monday last by'yictprla 

iBOva No. t. lAdles of the Maccatiee? 

il |b« World, wai a grand sttoceis. 

pia; Jdaeomtiona from celling to bal- 

Wnii;*«)r« In tha colors of tha order, 

bia#/ ^«k>NI white, with an Im- 

r ' jff^^^^ ampended In the centre lo 

"^ll^rld. The railing ot 

rail covered in white, 

evergreens and Ivy; large 

liuyiiiieka' ot green glazed paper. w<»re 

ia|*tt**I liaw »nd there, interspersed 

.Mm siii»It ^«» of the o*der all over 

'JM'%m^^pii/illl^^ ftnd Immenaa 

1 mim^mtL^ieai:MM:jat the Mune. puptst 

pibi(i|ft ttttder «aeli cluster of 

'■■ ■ ■ tef i t«L: j«»c* -.itlia ■ waiis 

,iho'-irlsh v<l*»aii!>^^ f^* 

tables were loaded with good tllltt|« 

htJd -decorated with raised pobi' of 

shamrocks . covered In '. gold whlcll 

., ii>owad evct^ leaf of the plant«|«y«A^ 

•'''iNiElilistc, also tall crystal iValMUnUnfl' 

,ii)W>wiri«ltif"i " tljtirtwf ' ; W|; Afc|>t., tttt .lift* 

Several clever bouts, besides that in 
which Joe Bayley Is billed to ngure, 
are assured for the wrestling and box- 
ing tournament which will take place 
bore on the 29th Inst. One that is at- 
tention is that in which Albert Daviea, 
J. B. A. A., and Price, of Seattle, are 
matched. Uavles has a coterie of local 
supporters who believe that he is des- 
tined to make a name for himself. Thus 
far tie hasn't been extendjed. Price, how- 
ever, is known to be a fast boy and an 
experienced ring general They should 
so three very even rwinds. Then tbern 
Is the contest betwetn J. Willis, of fii'j 





J. c A. A., ana C. qurflun. the jo l o r jd 
lad. They are flrst-class glove artbit^ 
and are sure to furnish a splendid ex- 
hibition. It is just a littie bit doubt- 
ful whether Joe Bayiey's injured hand, 
which is reported to iwve betn hurt in 
the fourth roiind of his engagement 
with "Kid" Scott at Prince Rupert, will 
be Bufltciently healed to permit of t is 
boxing. The- promoters, howsver, be- 
lieye that he will appear and a.-e ar- 
ranging to give him the choice of Tcm- 
oiy Knockton, of Vancouver, who Is w^il 
known here, and Bruce Ashman, of Cle- 
SSium, Wash. 

The programme arranged for the 
tournament follows: 


lOSlbs.— Albert Davle% J. B. A. A., v. '. 
Price, R. V. A. C, Beattla 

tlS lbs.~W. O'Keefe. J. B. A. A. vs. 
Cook, Vancouver. 

IMltos.— w; H. iJwvfea, T. B. A. A, vs. ; 
Oeo. Ireland^ J. B. A. A, Scott Cooper. 
T. M. C. A. va H. Mltoholl. Kew West- j 
minster. D. Riley va K. Monty, New ' 
Westminster. j 

ISClbs.— Al Jens. jr. B. A. A. vs. Wll- \ 
llams. Seattle A. C. Scotty McKay^ 
y. W. A. C vs. F. Home. New Westmin- 
ster. ' 

146 Ibai— J. Wlilfs. J. B. A. A. va C. 
Gordon, (colore^), Victoria. drove. J. 
B. A. A. va Red Beeson. Kew Westmla- 
Bter. Melntyre. J. B. A. A. va Halk- 
'Ipard, SeattI*. ■ ' ■. v 

itSlba — J Heady, B. A. C. va Seattle 

IMtba— Bert Pftwley, ^. a A. A. vs. 
Seattle entry. 

Special bout (colored) lSSlbs.-~A. L«e 
vs. J. CampbelL 

rt ''^rAi ^-1 MaMMMi»i*g l |hi j y ^^l<l^ ^ |^j^l^*«^» <l^ ^l il>.fW rt «Wli W > l t l f ft ilrl»* w , '*!iW 

Eggs, local fresh, dozen 30c 
Hggs, Cowichan, do^eii. 350 

Butter, Island, ib 45c 

Butter, Cowichan, lb. ..50c 
Butter, New Zealand, lb. 40c 
Cowichan milk fed poultry, 

lb , 35c 

Whipped Cream, pint... 40c 
Milk on and after April i, 

i8 tickets for $1.00 

Try our famous Quality Ice 
Cream, Neapolitan Sher- 

bet, etc., for parties. 

Wholesale Prices on Appli- 

Daily deliveries to all parts 
of city. 

Satisfaction guaranteed 


131 1 Broad Street 
' Phones i344 and i34S 

Acton Street, 40 x 120, high lot, good view, $200 cash . .$850 
Alpha Street, 40 x 125 to lane, one third cash. Price |J»^^ 
Arnold Avenue, 50 xi»0,->one minute from car. Price ?A>^50 

Asquith Street, 50 x iicone third cash. ^ Price.. foSU 

Avebury Street, 50 x 120, $200 cash. Price ,. . ..... • • • *;:^}J 

Bank Street, 60 x 135, one-third cash. Price . . .... f J'^JJJJ 

Beach Drive, 50 X'^ao&am-q^^rter cash. Price T-^i"" 


^-paaii y d^ ^^^o, $200 .cash. : ||ea^ -f7o<> 

limsiim BitA Cemowsi Streets, PQ f#«S?' ^«<*^^ij' IS^' 
entte prpducing. Price ...... • » ^► * • • • ••••*>•• Ti;j*»"rX 

• spvmuf^f)B^u^^^'^^(>.—v „;•..-, .. ^•^- •••'•••■• '■'"J'oJU; 

Bowker Avemte, two lots together^ 140 x 150. ^^^%ff '§?J; 
Brooke Street, ^ x 120, one-third cash. Price . , . , '^'Jttft 
Brooke Street, 60 x 120, close to car. Price ...... • •Ty'^^ 

Byron Street, 50 x 120, one-third cash. Price .... * 'Jjt^? 

Cadboro Bay Road, 50 x 232. Price * tJfSS 

Carey Road. 60 x 120, cash $150. Price "iiriPJSS' 

Catherine and Mary Streets, 150 x 120. Price . . •f^'jfjjjj 

Cecil Street, 50 x 1 10, $150 cash. Price 'mfJSSi 

Central Avenue, comer lot, 50 x 120, extra long terms, f l^UO 
Chambers Street, 50 x 125, one-fifth cash, balance '» ^ and3 

years. Price • ''^«22 

Cloverdale, 50 x 120, one-third cash. Price •...•.,.' ♦,;;^Sk 
CoUinson Street, splendid lot, one-third cash. Price f3»,Vf& 

Cftlvill,. Rr.arl, rlA«>«> tn car, one acre. 



Cookman Street, Oak Bay, extra cheap lot for ivPSSC 

Cook Street, 50 x 1 10, $600 cash. Price • -^xSa ' 

Cook Street and Ric^hardsOn Street, 120 x 175. Pncc V^^t^^ 
Cowan nAvenue and MitcheU Streets 49 x-iii.- Poce^?! 
De^ Heights, 50 x 132, one-third cash. Price .;.r4.A , 
Dean Heights, magnificently situated on high e^'o^i^JJ 
splendid double comer for ......... ^ . ^ ....•••• • '^Jt^^ 

DougUm Street, corner lots, 120 x 120, for . . -♦ 9*8» 

Dbttglas Str^t, corner lots, 100 x 15^, producing ^B<;g^^_ 

Price TS^^ 

Drake Avenue, Esquimalt, 50 x 159, ^ne-guatter cash f^y»^^ 
Drake Avenue, Esquhnalt, double comei*, too x i$o . .|^,&uu 
Duttsmuir Street. West Bay, 50 x 120. Price ..... ?^40« 

Dytart Road. 62 J4 x 120, one-quarter cash. Price ^i^u 

•Bmfkt Stwet, 50 x ««5. one-lifth cash, balance i, ^s^nd ^ 

years. Price »....,.,. *..... . ., . •?*»^J^j' 

Fairfield Road, 109 « 190. Price .... * . . » . ........ -f^^'j?"" 

Fern Street 80 x »40, magnific^gnt lots. Ea«h 2?'2Sk 

FHI&IStreet. two Ib'ts, 50 x 125 each. Price, th« two, |1j^75 
FiMMftrd Street, close in, 60 x 90, revenue producing. ;|S4:,&vw 
FiwtMrd Street. 90 feet on Fisgnard, near Governiiient 

Rice : r' •••:•• «:-^S4'S«ft 

l^gli^rd Str<i«t. «l<»e in, i» x 90, and house. Price |»»0«0 
FMbes Street, two lots, each go x lao. Price, the two 51,700 
Port Street, close in, revenue producing, 30 x 112, iJ^^SnU 

Fort Stneet, 30 x 11a, close in. Price ?X^,&Mtl 

Fort Sti^ andTW^ Stttt, 47^ "3 and 45 ^ ^Sh cash | 

Price ,.,....,..*..•.•.» *^* '**'.;.".** *'^^ri^rte\fki 

Fort Street, 60 x 112, terms over Aree years. Price 9f !>»^i?5f 
Foul Bay Road. 60 x 120, one-third cash. jP"ce ...?!,-- »o 
Fourth Street. 50 x 140. close to car, cash $250. ?"« J>^oO 

Praser Street, no x itz, one-third cash. Price f g'^jJJJ 

Fraser Street, double corner, 96 x 1 14. Prjce 'Pi^c^X 

Garden Street, near Edmonton Road. Pn«s ••*-'*^,??rtIi 

OlMffBw Street, two lots, 122 x 155. P"ce ^jJS'JoJJ 

Gm« Street, close to water, 50 x 285, good terms, ?12,500 
Gore Stretrt. si x i|7, one-quarter cash. Price .... I^J^-J"" 
Qov«nit|l«llt Stteet. corner lot on good terms. Pncc |^'^y« 

Criiton Street, three lots, close to lane. Puce. rj— ^^^ 

Han^pttl^re Road, two lots, each 50 x 1 12. Price . . 
H«a^ll»^ and StratOglu double corner, 100 x J20 

Harbinger Avamie, 50 x 149. Price 

Kaudtain Btreett 50 x 150. Price 

Kertm Street. 84 x JiS * 142 x 130. Price ^ ^ ^ _^ 

Hillside Avmne.^ splendid corner lot, 73 x no. I"ce?5,oOO 
Hflai:y«^ood Cwscem and WiUNrood Ai»«iiue. 50 x 134 f 2,100 
HbUywood Crescent, waterfront lot, 53 x 136. Price . . $1 ,57o 

Howe Street, 150 x 82. Price J?'!?^ 

Hultdn Street, 50 X 172, one-third cash. Price IV'^^IJ 

lalliftd Road, ai^l*5o- P"ce ^l,ZOO 

Johnson Street, 60 x 120, one-third cash, balance 1. ^^and 3 

years. Price ^"*^2S2 

Kings Road, 50 x 139, cash Si 50. Price , • • • ;f J^O 

Lang Cove, near the water, 52 x 103, Price ^.3,100 

Lillian Road, Foul Bay, 103 x 174. $650 cabh, balance over 

I 71 

it "-I" 

Semirready Clothes are sold at a close profit. One price 
IHU the tinje^ — everywhere — ^here and elsewhere. 

J^o cloflaercaJi offer you better tailoring than ours. 
rirhc profit fl^ you is in the value of the garments. 

ttits mid Overcoats, $1$ to $$$, 

i-feady Tailoring 

' 'W ^' -V-'h 


& Fuller 

Comer Doagl^^^^ & View St 


I A Divisional Point on the Grand Trunli P6«ific Railway, midway between 
J the flourishlngr oltlea ot CAtXiARX and. BOMONTON. 

lr* partly o«a. waA Imt* Vo> •■!• SM Amna Mjodatas *1m (wntlMna 
.>^*'-'';" "■."■" iMmaawy Of atnusoB. 

i '«.'■■'; ■ 

I ThUlmverty wn* subdivide into 1600 fifty foot lots, 120 feet deep on ««• 
J "^.., foot streets and SO-foot, lanes. * 

i ov» nnop n fvsjo^ mm aobs. ov tbbikb oi> om 

I «lid ttM balance In <«ie«nd two yeftre at 7 per cent per annum. 

'i Flture Wa oat on li basis of flOO for comer lots and ISO for Inside lots, 
i then come and see us for further particulars. 

ay Street 

you why Hock Bay pro|>erty near 
iield for big a<^§|p^, l5«t we ivill keep^ this inforrriiK- 
while;^*f3(^!pivwhile^ w^ 
modern ,j^rQC>m house atnd lot for the smkl^ 
illitiiWfl. balance i.i ^a^ 


S Aeriw ott VSUdasoa BoaA— Near 
Burnslde. On good terms. 
Price . '--.^MIOOO 

&axK* i>ot tn Ooiv* TImf— With 
waterfront rlvbts. On sood 
terms .... ^KMMI 


■aa&rr oo. 

•so 9<aamaa M> > Ttotodto. 


1? " 

Four houses on Yates stre^ fof ^2mBj^ 
a snap I don't know of one. 


Phone I 136 

304 Pemberton Block 



Peechwood, 50x115 

^|U)!i5Si;.'.|Q3tti5 *'f,:;-, 

• .*«••. I 

f . • 

• '■• « •■•■•.,• 4 ■k,*i d-». 


;*;;.\« «•''».»' >'«.;«'«' «'>';*'>• . . k . . . . «pXy«JW 

Ross and Beechwoodidottble corner. ... ..v .$2,400 

yilian atid R^ $1,250 


Children's Print, Duck and Muslin, ^2.7,- 

Children's While Muslin Piiiafures. 75c. to 

IMain Vclvetcciii., 24-inch, all colttr-, ner yard 

Cord Velveteens, 24-inch, brnvv u 

Velvet Ribbons, M to 2'/- in.. !".m .>.i; 

Silk l-'ringe. 3 in., per yard 




Bpiendi(^ jSliliitlcBt^ : ?Witv>Mi«lte.;iWiB' 
supplied l>y Miss Thaln's orchestra. 
° The utinuai ••linen shower" held at 
St Jfoseph'K hospital a few days ago 
was fls successful an event thlis year 
!i« It has been In any ot the past Jour, 
The reception room, parlors and cor- 
rUtors wtorc daintily decotated with 
pussy-willows and Ivy, white vases ot 
duff odlKs. tulips and hyacinths formed 
im attractive addition. Tea was servctV 
In the sun rbortis, the tables belnsr pre- 
sided over by Mrs. CE. Wilson, Mrs. 
W. K. Moiiston, Mde. Parlzeau, Mrs. 
W. P. Regan and Mrs. Wm. Sweeney. 
The musical proRranime. kindly pre- 
pared by Mrs. H. nrtsgs was choice 
and pleasing. The soloists, ably ac- 
ooiniianlcil bv 'Mv.i Gibson, were: Mr.s. 
J 1 Hicks, 

i\! ;.i. A : :, . ! i'BSi Mrs. 

iionoillct IMntly and Mrs. K. J. God- 
ilsn-a of Vancouver. Miss Lour: con- 
trlbiitod sevcrftl excellently rendered 
Instrumental selections. Under the 
competent management ot Miss F. 
Mayer, the "shower" has become a 
woll-organlzcil event. The reception 
committee on the present occasion 
comprised Mrs. M. Carlln, Mrs. W. S. 
ihambers. Mrs. A. E. McPhllllps. Mrs. 
C. B. Wilson, Mrs. A. Lineham and 
Mrs. H. BrigRs. The presentation ol 
bed linen wa.«» a just criterion of the 
esteem In which St. Joseph's is held, 
and In a short but appropriate ad- 
dress Mrs. Robert B. McMlcklnj 
voiced the scntlitienta of the generous 
donors. The Rev. Mother Provincial 
responded In a Icollng manner, ex- 
pressing the sincere thanks of tba Sis- 
ter J3ui>erlor and Sisters of the'hospi- 
tai, while K-e emphasized the wek-onic 
that was extepded to those who hon- 
ored the gathering by their presence. 

t>ivncin(r pefvl"* "^ '''•' c'ty tv.,, ...c 
pleased to iifeir the nnnouncf mrnt of 
lli-i annual dantee of tlie Biirlolth Tennis 
club which will b« held on Monday, 

230 Pemberton Block 

Phone 2883 

• •^n 


We have lots in Sidney from $250 to 
$1 ,250. Acreage from $700 to $1,000. 

We are specialists in Sidney property. 
Get in now while the boom is on — ^^see us 
for the choicest buys in the Saanich Pen- 


3 year.s. Price 

Xillian and Beechwood, 

XaiXITiw OiiO a.\.«4oo\»ii>A| v.v/a Ai-v 

Linden Avenue, 50 x 11 ^ 


' Price . 
Price , 







... $S00 


John A. Turner & Co. 

Linden Avenue, corner lot, 67 x no. Price 

Linden Avenue, near car line. Price 

Linkleas Avenue. 50 x 113, cash $250. Price... 
Lyall Street, 50 x 120, a money-maker. Price. . . 

Lyall Street, 65 x 120, one-third cash. Price 

Lyall Street, several 50ft. lots at, each. 

Manchester Street, magnificent, large lot. Price 

May Street, 50 x 199. Price - $1,150 

McClure Street, close in, 50 x 120. Price .$4,300 

McNeil Avenue, 50 x 120. One-third cash. Price. .$1,050 
Golf Links Park, four 50ft. lots, including two corners $3,600 
Michigan Street, 55x122, terms over 3 years, close to car. 

Price ••• $4,650 

Monterey Avenue, 50x120. Price $1,025 

Monterey Avenue^ double corner for $3,150 

Montreal Street, 60x400, waterfront lot. Price $40,000 

Moss Street, corner lot. Price $2,000 

Newport Avenue, 50x120. Price $1,250 

Newport Avenue, double corner, j'rice $3,200 

North Hampshire Road. f'^nxi.'C. snlonrlid rnrncr lot with 

building. Price . .» . $2,100 

Oak Bay Avenue, 53x120. i'ricc $2,350 

Oak Mount Road, two 60-foot lot> for $1,000 

Oliver Street, .'Aplendid lot, 50x140. Only $950 

Orchard Avenue, 60x1 10. Price ■ • ■ $1,350 

Victoria Avenue, 50X 135. Price $1,100 

01 rimes liluck 

Beckett, Major Co. Ui 

643 Fort Street 


Telephone 2965? 



' \tT\' l iT i 'um'J w i iij i^ 



8und«y. March 24. 1912 

May We Show You 

An Exceedingly Choice Residential 


Which we heartily recommend to Investors or Homcscckcrs. 

On the highest |';^'^ fif Cook Street, to minutes from car. 
Part planted in fruit trees and part tile tmderdrained. City 
water, very low taxes and magfnificent views of mountains 
and ■^ea. 

and is .'^u^rounded hy large and i>cantiful residences. You can 
have any size lot you like fron\ 60 x 125 for $650; 55 x 150 
for $700"; 81 X 189 for $1,000, or 80 X 289 x 136 for $1,500. 

The Terms— 20 per cent. cash, balance 6» 12, i8, 24 months. 

«* . GuUin & York . 

. Mtaib«rs Vtctori* Rtal fsUte Exchange 
> , MfcCillam Building, Doiig}«« Sttm Phone {19^9 









618 Pandbra Av^ua 

fandora Sail 


Tent Factory 


■■' ■ '■■% ■ ■ . »"*" 


Live in the open air, be healthy, sav« rent. We have tents 
of all ^ixes, for all purposes, and of all jprices. How about your 
iaunchr-does it nee^^ « f^P^/^y i|diJ>r^ 1^ yacht 

^:;:;n€«d sails?. .Makc^3gur||«p^ir%s,lFo|-^|«^^ 





-„^„._.^#«iy« an'idea cfi tM^lf,».a4»d,§«ft.i9>,?riQr^Y,iew of,tlif,^jS^ii|l|i:rt#tt^9<;iornifirly owned.^and occtipied by 


cx-Licnt.-Govcrnor Dunsmuir, and 

X, 'sr 

*»tt»^iwg|»1u*tide to the btmiiM «ifei«h f Wffe' palatial h^mt. It ddcs ndi^i» the b^iUtiluUy carved; «ak hall and ^'^gJI^f^Ji*^ If^^^^^'^,^^ 
polish^ «oors.^h»e«R on the right Is m the. reception hall, with c«»y comer *nd niantel (mfohid throughoat m birdwyc mapte. ^^ r°«\^kii^ .iit/^ 
Islh keeping wit|i t^e rooms desired above. The house is heated throughout with both hot air and hot water. The aife may be estimated, WIM|^si|w *>tatea ^ 
there are 13 bedrbojns on ft»e second floor alone, about 10 more on the third floor. v -' 

V TH iJouse Alpiie C(|^f $75^0 

Twenty lots go with this house at the price quoted above. Those in front are w4terifont I6ts facing Victoria Arm. Basing the value of these 
of adjoining property— 

ae va! 


The Grounds are Worth $30,000 

't must be patent to the most ca^jaal observer that the property is offered at HALF PRICE. 

»!. 1 

:an be cov<^i'6d Iti 15 ffllnutes; and iU« Qui^e t:aidiue^^a^&ta.iU^,p^weyt> - jiyhff ^ ea^i ■ ^,^^ 

II seeking .such a home. "' '■ " /■ i ■ '' ''^^-*^' ''-^^''^j^^''^'' ■MdL-Jlj.L^i I 

fhe distance fepm^the tempress #c?l by water can . -. ■ , , , ^w ■ ,saai" la. «»•»»«**«««,. 

.l^o better property. couM be offered^lo l^i^.per^n seeking such a home. ^ . ■, ^ : ;' ' ii.! ^[^uljU -j,' £^, Il^ll¥T,M".l^J«i»^^»J-^i3lll*' 

to Sanitarimtt pr^oters or those seekhig a similar investment in the way of a Tourist Hotel, this P"*f»ff:»»f^|*gfJ?^ 
where tourists laud Jind so easily accessible by trams, motor or water, t^^ 
vertising in brdcr to establish a good business with those attracted by Victorias splendid climate throughoutTte. ycaf.. ,;. , ^.-. , , ^^ *i^- >&^^ ^M 

It-is Without question, a swendid buy for those to whom *it would be suitable. • . •' * - ' .K ' • « '^. .^l 

■ ■ lilt W a k V a^J^J L ^J %m^^ VT f^A^* wAtt flpt liTMrjITM *■ %V,v4Hi **^ *^ J *^^ ■ ^ w ^r «.n^r ^* ^ V « *— ^ — — — ^v -^ 

I- Wfe would be glad t<?40fwird #|n3 and photos with full pitfticulars to those interested. 

-t- *4a*>l 


.^iOi the coniiruc^^ ^ lia^ Isici3iti«» at 

here. Do you appreciate what it will mean to have 
' ' ;;bf ' ^tlie Pacific '<^|||*ce.'. to: arid ;" from;: 
tr arlsrshii^^ al; j^^^^ Such trade 

reaches a very Mr iiP«P«<^^f^^ 
creasing by leaps. The Panama canal will revolu- 
tionize the world's ocean traffic in our favor. 

We believe Victoria has 50,000 population to- 
day. Under above conditions, to say that within 
ten years its population will exceed 200,000 is, we 
think, a modest prediction. Recall the growth of 
Vancouver and Seattle, 

The Prices Range from 

$375 to $750 

For Each Half Acre 

$100 cash for any remaining block, the balance in 
payments over two years. 




a line frornEsquimalt harbor to Tod 
y sets aside the territory on the 

- - - ri «~ 

In Colquitz. Heights we oflfcr half-acre blocks at ground floor prices. It is beautiful 
land of intrinsic value. It is on the Saanich Suburban, which means immediate develop- 
inent. It is on Wilkinson Road, a splendid thoroughfare out of Victoria. 


^ right as suitable for city property. 

Note the present area of the city. Multiply this 
by four and roughly lay out on the map the area 

;upied by 200,000 population. 

Is this an object lesson? 

It is easy to see where to buy for a money-earn- 
ing investment. It is plain that values are going 
to increase rapidly in the districts that now adjoin 
the city. To pick a district for investment is to look 
for the most rapid development. That will be to 
select the Saanich Suburban belt. 

The Prices Range from 

$375 to $750 

For Each Half Acre 

$100 cash for any remaining block, the balance in 
payments over two years. 

620 Yates Street 
Phone 471 


620 Yates Street 
Pbone 471 

bunday, March 24, mii: 



J 11 ilic Spring a young ^Ian■^ iancy lightly turns to 

thoughts o£ 

In one of our spring suits 
vou will find the distinctive 

character meii 

■'■■'" '■''^^■■"'''^■r"'.«(V''f\ 

are exceptionally attractive 
examples of style and qual- 
ity at moderate cost. We in- 
vite your critical in&pecticji. 

Allen's new address, corner 
Yates and Broad» 


rinal Chapter In Tragedy of Havana 
Hartor "Waa Wrltwu Yesterday 

WABHINOTON, Mar. 23.-— The final 
chapter of the trajfedy of the warship 
Maine waa written today when the bftnea 
of sixty-seven unidentified dead, resur- 
rected from the harbor of Havana, were 
burled in Arlington National cemetery. 
P)-f"t'''-!>' 'I'ui'i Hnii his t-iiblnot, both 
I ., , . ■■ar of- 

rifiiUM VI iiif t;<jvi 1 iiiii. ill --.-i .lomag;** 
to the dead. 

Before the services at the Rraves a 
service was held on the south front of 
the state, war, and navy building. This 
was attende<t by the President and Vice 
President, Chief Justlcb White and his 
f,>jtii:t,.nt u iif tho bench of the supreme 
■:' liitb li(ni.'^"H (if con- 
»'i'' ' .l:;ll-L^>^< I'l both lij^CilUMI-OX-J^O 
in ! ! 1 1 :iry H'TVlCL and 

djM jtpi n ft t tc corps, 

/IJlljjiii^^ thronged the strsiBts of the 
da^ital M. the tiftrtflW proceeded. AiU 
bri^iUHii i«!«« jHispanded* The crowd* 

M|>t on Inaitivuniliion dio^., ,. 

Amid much oe^mony. Che eofflna ha,d 
been removed from the scout erulser 
BtriBtnarhaih at the, qavy yard at aaoa 
and escorted to the scene of th« first 
ceremonial. President Taft occupied a 
chair In the centre of the esplanade. 
On his right tht Cuban minister sat 
On his left were Rear Admiral Charles 
D. Slgsbee, who was captain of the old 
Maine, and . Bear Admiral Richard 
Walnwrlght,' who was executive ofllcer 
of the illfated vessel. Both bowed their 
heads when Father Chadwtck. chaplain 
of the old Maine, recounted the scenes 
that attended the destruction of the 

XT. B. Ambaaaador at Faris 

PARIS. March 23. — The annual offi- 
cial dinner and reception of iho foreign 
ministers given tonight by M. Poln- 
cfilrne, was In the nature of a farewell 
to the American ambassador a«d Mrs. 
Robert Bacon. A reception to whdch 
4.000 Invitations had been issued, fol- 
lowed the dinner. The newly appointed 
ambassador, Mlron T. Herrick and Mm. 
Herrlck arc expected to arrive a few 
days later. Ambassador Bacon and 
Mrs. Bacon were the guests ot honor 
at the installation of the headquarters 
of tlie European bureau of the Carnegie 
International Peace foundation today. 
A cablegram of congratulations waa 
sent to Andrew Carnegie. 

nor of tlie n«ival home at Ph^ 

arrived here today to assume .1 

of the Pacific reserve fleet alalloaed 

at the Puget Sound navy yard. He 

win raise his flag on the armored 

cruiser Pennsylvania on Monday. 

— '";;; "— ' s>fi.-i''t 

Sale of KaUway - %, 

PORTLAND, Ore., March 23.— The 
sale of the Mount Hood Railway prop- 
erties to the Portland Railway. Light 
and Power Co. was completed today 
and has been approved by the directors 
of both Interested concerns. The Mount 
Hood road will operate through a rlcJi 
country between Portland and Mount 
Hood, a distance of sixty mllea Ove» 
twenty miles of Che road Is in opera- 
tion. The exact consideration haa not 
bQen given out. 

Penitentiary Vnrders. 

LINCOLN. Neb.. March 23.— Condi- 
tions at the Nebraska penitentiary have 
so nearly reached tht normal that the 
COmpary of state miUtla stationed there 
thd I'ay of the outbreak, left the prison 

Tetnrn'~!of 'ljlw!ii||ram|«i| '■" cell 

•ft«r hft h»a''li^;:'lMiipt.;|«.v tW' euy'. 
-Mtat-giymti -a-httgittBfiytiJr f^ 
on iho ohhrge of - IctUtng ■Wairden D«1«* 
hunty and Guard Herman. Morley 
pleaded not srullty and waa - bound ovar 
to tht disirlct court without ball. The 
(EBRie decision was made, In the case of 
Reed who Is accused of complicity in 
the killing by Albert Prince of Deputy 
Warden Davis, \ 


aapaanftttoiia to bf Meld In B.O. Osntt— 

OOBunsaoiag on May 3 

Admlzal of VaoUSo »••« 

SEAt'TLB, March S3.— Rear Admiral 
Alfred Reynolds, until recently gover- 

SmuggUng of Ohl&ese 
LOS ANGKLbJS. March 23; — A verdict 
of guilty of having con-^plred to smug- 
gle alien Chinese Into tne United States 
was returned by a Jury herre today 
agajnst Wai Won.g Chung, Wong Wing 
Bal and Tifpng ye^ Woo WAl Is one>r 

ott* «f iha most promtnent Chta«M 

mercbahta In thf country. _______ 

S»tbl«n VmOpv SottTWBlr 91«bo W»i» 
For Extra Good Bargains in Planoa 
and Player Pianos call at Harmony HaU 
Piano Warerooms, 788 Fort Street. 


tiAXATIVB BROMO Quinine, the world 
wide Cold and Orlp Remedy removes 
cause. Call for full name. Look tor 
signature BL W. OROVE:. 86c. 



Week End Specials 

,j.mM^&::. Examine the following carefully: 

134-^SouthWest corner Orchard and Island Road. $55o cash, 

balance arranged ?1,350 

i9--01iver street, 130 feet south of McNeil, 50x140. .?1,050 

42— Monterey, north of Central, 50x1 13 • • • • • • ?1,000 

53~-OUyci» street, 300^|l^!|om the sea. . . ... . • . • • .?1,050 

«4-^ewpdrt avenue, ::iio&^puth of Orchard. 6^iato 

.-' - '■. ' •":"' .•(..■ ■'■'', "a* ■' '.'1 "• ''' -,. - ', ;/'.,. ' '■ - '■- ■^■■'\ ' " . ',' /■ ■ 

Phone 2724 ^3 Fort Street. Victoria 

Members of Real Esdi^ ^c^i^i^ / .-^^ 

I J. i 



- i For you-in |2 monlhs, if you liuy H11& 
double <^r»er, W ■ 





« Victoria West 

132 on Catherine. 120 on other street— 




OTTAWA. March 23. — The civil ser- 
vice commission gives notice that gen- 
eral competitive examinations will be 
held on Monday. May 8, and following 
days at various points, including Xel- 
Bon. Vancouver and Victoria for the fol- 
lowing Inside positions: Seventy clerk- 
Hhips for men. subdivision B. of tho 
th^ ^ivfglon. with $.n |nltlal salary of 
9fi<W.; M Itosltlons and stenographers and 
ty(k^s.ts for men of the same rank and 
salluV. 20 position* «s stenographers 
and typlata for women, the same rank 
and salary, and 85 clerkships for mep, 
subdivision B of the aepcnd division, In- 
itial salary, fSOO. Oeneral examinations 
for messengers, porters, packers and 
sorters will be held. Applloitions must 
be filed by Aftrll J^i. 

mxmk mmx^m 

;(|Ei|^fourth cash, balance easy 

Broad Street 

» "J.- 



CHfllUAHUA. March 23.--<3«n«ral 
Pascual Orozco, commander In cbtaf of 
the rebel foroes, regard* It as highly 
probable that the first decisive engage- 
mtst of Mm Itunirreettan ai;!^9»t tb% 
mAw«l%giit9t^xMat' w&k lie 'loiigh^^t 


^B»«^%'%tt^-idob* viniNB«?'«|tuit«l': 
on a sandy plain midway between Jlm- 
Inex and Torreon. All •vallabl* troops 
have been sent t3)«re, leaving only the 
garrttiHW at Chlhuahus, and & mete coi^ 
poral'k gufli'*! lit Jltolhes. Which hil4 
been the ba^s^ of re«ent opertttons. 
E^sealon la not? occupied by a.800 Ldber* 
jals. while the Federal force which It it 
expeCtad wiU make the attack tomor- 
row, numbers about 2.000. having b««n 
reinforced by a regiment and a pla«Mm 
of ani» «»yy t«>d»y. .„ . . 

Wisa^sr* Aywtnmt VlMks 
WlNNJPEa. March 28.— Following 
thtt withdrawal by the legislature of the 
^lau|*' of the Public Health Act at last 
liBssion, whiijb. placed >ery stringent con- 
ditions on the erection of apartment 
blocks In the province, three permlts^for 
big blocks were taken out at the city 
building Inspaetor'a office yesterday, and 
a number mora are to fdUow. The total 
building p«rflilta granted yesterday 
re»c)ied 1197.000. 



At LoBt a PotiHek' Cutw |fa» Bftn Fo«!|i/ fi>r 

<% *- 

r ' 


Kaauf aotured at IMl OolUngon >««••« la ilM BOW f O Wf W t 

Indian Herb Cure 

H.^<| ^ 

ManofMtnnd asA put nv in Viofc«El» IV <9» 9* 'MMMUlBIMEOKi XMX 

CnllncoB ■mtttfi 

The following testimonials are only some ,bf the many which have 
i.rrw willingly offered In ^vfrt^tlon of the nq/tmOul cure which has 
boon a(Milcved by the tiso '«f*iB»* preparation a. fW short time. Other 
testimonials of well known citizens may also be seen on calling at 1041 
Coninson. Street. Many who are ttow using- the preparation for a abort 
time only are oo thoroughly oonvlnoed of its beneficial effects that 
they feel they c8uinot say too much In praise of the wonderful „rp«ciUs 
of this simple and harmless remedy. 

Why suffer affliction, lost time and money with aM A^ga j-jMMW? "' 
able foreign productions celled "Asthma Cure," when irotfMipljSyp|^|jcm'' 
vinced In a very few day.s' use of the INDIAN HERB CURfe.'that you 
er^ on the way to permanent cure. 

To those afflicted, or having friends afflicted, with -tbls BtM|>born 
heretofore incurable disease, will do well to call at above add r ess and 
be convinced. 
1174 Broadway West. 

Vancouver, March 18th, 191-. 
Mr. Fltzpatrlck: 

I have much pleasure In testifying to tlie great betiefit I have 
received from your Asthma ciire. 1 had suffered from .Aafthma and 
Bronchial troubles for over six years, and a.fter taking seven treat- 
ments I found myself completely cured, and it Is now nine months and 
I can safely say I am free from Asthma and feeling fine, and can 
recommend It to all sufferrt*. Yours sincerely, 

1226 Rudlln Avenue. 
Mctoria, B. C February 9th, 1910. 
Mr. J. F. FltzpatrlcK. 

Dear Slr;^ — ■> am pleased to give you my testimony as regards your 
Asthma Cure. Contracted Asthma last year, and had a bad attack, anil 
finding It return with much vigor this year 1 resorted to the doctor, 
medicine, and patent smoke, which was doing but very llftlc good. I 
have taken eight bottles of your medicine, and for several weeks have 
had no sign of Asthma. X have been bothered with Catarrh and 1 found 
your niefllclne to help It greatly. 1 found great relief from your medi- 
cine almost from the first dose. I remain, yours sincerely, 

Victoria, B. C. February 12th, 1910. 
Mr. Fltzpatrlck. 1010 Yatr: 

Dear Sir: — Just a few lines to let yon know how much good your 
Indian Herb Curo has don© for nac. 

I hRvp suffered from Asthma for o 
affected my breathing so that I could not sifpp nigiii.s, nm l migiii say 
that I folt relief after Inking two closes of your wonderful cure end t^'o 
hottloe curerl nie entlrrly. nn(1 I will Klarlly rocommend inybody 

suffering from Anthmfl. Yours Iruly, 

J. A. I'llKDETTE. 

«3« SImcoc Street, Ctty. 

' OTtAWA. Mawh *t.-w^h* Jun* con- 
{jiwitipg ' Utn' ittduest on the vietlnw of 

-the fatal wreck of the C. P. B. at HttU 
on March 8. returtkcd a vordtfit. practi- 
cally WEonctating Harvvy "Boat, the C. 
K B. tele«r«f>n OfHsrator. for whose 
arrest a waHteftt HKa been }0BQ9d, end 

. vittBl^^* ^* i>1am* for th« collision on 

P..H. c waywy. 

i > 

CINCIKNATI, March 23.— A commlt- 
tc«! representing members of the 
Brotherhood of Locomotivo Firemen and 

^ew "orleanr^JSraiibiiFStW^ (Qtitftn 
fi^ Crescent}^ railway presented de- 
t|>an<$B for a new scale of wages and «|)r-^ 
Ijain ^changes In working rules to <N#^;;^ 

i«m|l iMHTWff"- Horace Baker today. Vt.' 
SM^^tMk the matter under advisement. 

confesses His Otlma 
MIL.Vv'AUKEE, March 23,-^Arthur 
Koohler confessed todaV;, upon his ar- 
rest, the attempted murder of Miss Anna 
Miller laet Thursday, when the girl was 
fatally Injured by blows from a hatchet, 
and koehler,^ a. cousin. Of Miss Miller, 
was fatally injured In the attack. MVss 
Miller's dekth la expected. 

jyPlea of XTot Onllty 

CORVALLIS. Oregon. March 23.— 
George and Charles Humphreys entered 
pleAs of not guilty to the Indictment 
charging them with the murder In tho 
f| degree of ^r.s. Eliza Griffith near 
PhUomatli Junction. June, 1911. The 
date of trial will be fixed by Judg'.- 
Harris next Monday. The prisoners 
showed little interest In the proceed- 

Bevonteen Oasnaltlec 
ST. .TOSl'U'll, Mo., Marcli 23. — At 
least seventeen persons were Injured, 
five of them seriously, late this after- 
noon when a passenger train on the 
CharM ii'h of the Bui-llngtnn rail- 

way, ■ irackB aiul lurnftd over 

Bt Coisby, Mr>.. ten mllp.«< north of St. 
Josep'h. Most of the Injured wore wo 
men. According to railroad officials a 
drrall'-d track was lonscned owing to a 
soft rnadbfHl. snrl wns thrown \inder the 

1' ii-ain ns ii pnof. d to lake a siding for 
another passenger train. 

Endless crowds throng the Empire Clothing Store daily. All records for cHcap selling i& liow 
shattered. ■' ■'.■'. ■ '- "■'\'' .::"'.:.::'■":'■'"■,: 

People stand appalled at this reckless slaughter— a wonderful opportunity now prevails f^ryoii to save 
money on g^ood clothing, furnishings, hats, boots, shoes or dry jgbods. >^,/ •jli; / %^ 

■V ,„!V'ii'n:£ 

'i-r ■* -W*-V«f' */4<*'-'.*iMv«;B-!t,V«i! 


■ ■■.>*■ 

The self-same $io.oo Sui# for business wear, suits 
that always sell for $8.50— alteration price $4.45 

Men's Suits, in high-grade dark silk mixed cheviots, 
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v'v roow • ••••••"« •• ••«•■•••• •* • •• •*.■• ♦•••• • •..:••• •^s^ 

Fine Worsted Suits, also Tweed Suits that sell every- 
where at $20.00 — sale price .....*........ .f 9.8^ 

Worsted Suits, silk mixed, ^pf««tly t^tlor«dr U 
seems a pity to sell them so low. JSLtgixl^r price up 
to $22.50 — ^^sale price .*...... — . . .$11.45 

Suits, all colors, for best dress wear, hand tailored. 
You might go to any store trying in vain to dupli- 
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Men's High-class Suits, that sell regularly at $30.00 
' our price .......... ... .....»«•••••••. ^jkw«^i(0 

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Children's Pants, worth 75c — ^now 85# 

Children's Suits, worth to $3.50— now ,91.35 

Men's Shirt's, prices 75c to $i.ob4-8aic price Z&f 

Men's Shirts, white and fancy patterns— price, $1*50, 

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Men's Underwear, worth 50c — sale price 25^ ) Men's Soft 

Men's Cotton Hose, sells at i5c-rH8ale price.. ;..5f^ 

Men*s and todies' Handkerchiefs', hemstitched white 
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Wool Underwear, worth to $1.50 65^ 

Silk Ties, worth to 50c — sale price 15^ 

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Lot of Dress Goods, worth 25c to 50c a yd.-*7nOw 
Turkish Towels, worth to 35c— now. .,..,;,. >|5^ 
Men's Pants, worth , to . $2.25— now .....:., ....Ila^^MH^J 

Men's Pants, regular price to $3.50^— now-,. .4^1.65 
Men's Pure Worsted Trousers, worth ^^oostUd $5:00 


— sale priC9^^ . . . . .?»i 

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' Men's Shoes, every ;f^r guaranteed tor 
many of this lot arerworth -^^xjf^^t^ 

Men's Shoes, ■foi%busitt^s|iyeaiit;^t'iW3^ 
comfort. Atl'^apes for spi^, ii^^Wjte $3^SP-^ 
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Men's Fine Shoes, every pair guaranteed ^lid actually 
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$5.00 Suit Cases — now. . .' • 

$12.50 Trunks — now $6.95 

Trunks, worth $7.50— now. $3.95 

$2.50 Suit Cases — now .$1.15, 

Whole $78,000 

Stock Sacrificed 

M crchandisc 


and money 


Be here v hen the doors open Monday at 9 a. m. 


Empire Clothing Co. 



563 Johnson Street 




Sunday. March 24, 1912 

Which Would You Choose of These 

Tu/A MaHi>Ic Th^it Apd pAromnct In F^ichiAnc Faimr 

I TTV 1*I\/UV1.J lilUi /IIV 1 VI VlllViJi 111 I U»)IIIV/11J I UTvri 



%t^»^ nr ii Mr i«<|i m'im i H P i »#»iiw w ii n Bi i iiw « w n i)i '#'i i«* By «i 


YoifU note that they are both made in the natural shoulder style so popular for li 
there is where they differ— both as to design and length — in fact the lapels arc playing a 
of a suit. We have many other styles to show you when you are ready to inspect. 

Dressy Navy Blue Suits 

IN THMsm mmmYtEs, 915.00 

-V If yovLv choice is fpr a navy blue Suit* 
you can buy them in the same new 
styles as the fancy garments. These 
blue Suits are made by the same de- 
signers and bear the same guarantee for 
satisfaction. They are made from all 
wool serges of British manufacture, the 
best in the world. Every yard of cloth 
has been thoroughly shrunk, tested and 
to be fast color. They are stan- 

ns present ' i. lUit note the lai>els, for /< 
very imppru.,.. ,,.111 in the pleasing selection /^ 

■■"■■■:■:'' V 

Spring Syits 

dard cloths with us that we can recom- 
mend with confidence, $15.00 to $30.00. 

. StBD&, 415.00 TO ^IlOO , 

Made ex&ttly like ithese iUkdtrations, 
also in other styles. Designed and tail- 
ored by the leading artists in the. tailor- 
ing- traj(k. . i P€;;f ect^ fitting in every re- 
spect. Sold to you urider our own label, 
bearing our own personal guarantee for 
satisfaction in every way. Made from 
some of^'the finest of British Woolens, 
rich Scotch heather mixtures, dressy 
English worsteds, , genuine Donegal 
Home s pun S i durabl e Canadian 

and Homespuns. The colors are browns, grays, greens, in 
both plain and fancy cloths ,$15,00 to $30.00. 

The swellestof New Furnishings manulactured for this season 

Reliable merchandise bearing every new style feature or 
klea, aild also the utmost of good value for the price asked 
.« See them in cmt windows. 


Can be had' at this store — ^the finest arrjjy of new styles wis 
have ever shown^ made by Hawcs Von Cal, Stetson, Christj^f f: V 
imperial, ffiOO to 

\--Ktr't^i^ -.1 »*. «i^j'.<u*'i~.i 

^ Yates Street, Victori?^ 

t^olc'^r.^hc Red?4^pA 


■ - .,1. v: '.*.•■ ■■ V',-", . ; ■■" '• 




'^v ii i^imi 





iJ"- 1 I 


S:'.,S52VS»fc I 



l .| l ! iii.i <! i ! iiilil ( i | i [^;il| iii j l . 


il^-t '' 'f ' 'l ' @j ' .wy ' !.V 

-irmT r!Ttrri» 



r 'm:rpEMtii'*«B.'^"'*.';v .W)i«riinfrt/V'',w 





:oi*i ^©^1^4 






Offers variety, large level water-vievv' lols, all cleared and free from rock — 

ONLY $400 

Easy terms. $40.00 down and $10.00 per month. 

ONLY $500 

luisy lcrm#$50.00 down and $10.00 per monlh. 71iese IracLs lay lii<^ii and Iiave 
an nnobstructed view of the Esqiiininll haiix)!* \\\m\ VovVaq^q Inlet, fine trees and 

just enough rock. 



$100 cash and $15.00 per month. Only two left — you will have to hurry if you 
want waterfront. 

Our autos are at your service. Regular trips daily 10:.'^0 a. m., 1, 3 and 5:'30 
p.m. Call or phone 2974 and make your appointment. A marked plan fur- 
nished upon recpiest. 


laOi) Douglas street 



^nrcroKLv daily coi.omst 



Dear People 

I d( 

' 1 i 1 

h '^M 




)n I niiiiK inai one in fifly oj you rcaiiy apprcci 
iiulcrrul future that lies like^in open book before you. Most 
of you know that in a hniited way we are growing in popula- 
tion, in wealth and prosperity, but to look into the future and see 
big ships lying at immense docks, and train after train loaded 
with wheat and lumber and merchandise, and a population of 
150,000 people in Victoria, and theSaanich Peninsula a net-worfc 
of mterurban railwaj^^^d el6yators and Hour nJiUs at^^^c^^ 
ent points and the coiittiipei:;!^^ 

^,^^ems ala«l%yQnd the^^r«yem^ 

Hie^aver^ ni4ti |s afraid to talk that way because of the ri- 
dimi^ of thelnan tliat has lived here for years and who does 
not ^|eye tBij^ these things can come to pass. But they are 
cominygf and^^^qoming faster every day. I just wish every man. 
womip aii^|#tUd in Victoria could have heard the addresses of 
Mr. PHerson: Mr. Lugrin and others at the meeting Friday 
night. : You wou^i come away from a meeting like that, so 
chuck full of optimism and enthusiasm that you wouldn*t get 
over it for weeks. Now, all these things are going to happen 

.^'.« rf 




'■'4 I 

■■:Z f 

and tipy are going to make Victoria a big city, and while Vic- 

toria ft growing, there is going to be another city spring up on 
-the low6F peninsula and that city is going to he SIDNEY. Now 

place that firmly in your mind, Sidney on Bazan Bay. Sidney, 
^. ili^a few months will be on the B. €;^€|tfrc li|e|^ Sh^ pll h^ve 
'^^eap power: The, same rates wM prevail tliei% for late qiian- 
'^^Wi^^l^ load that prevail in Victoria and other points on the 

IsImB^fA new and improved water works system will be in op- 

ersffiton bel^^re many months. . 

,<• 1 ... , , , . • . ' , 

Now can't yon^ that the present is the time to buy in a 
place Hkfe this? Slbre fortunes are made in judicious real estate 
investmeJST4^15lal|^fii any crther li^^^^ the time to buy is when 

the town is in the making. Don't wait until many of these pro- 
jects'are an accomplished "fact i ^ r 

Prices will advance as the project^j^vi^e. * , Sr i I 

We donl^ d^ business on Sunday, but if it is a nice day it 
^ wmild pay you lo take a run ^CMit to SidB«^ mid^K^ tliie ^tu^^ 
liiO oyer. Any week day we would be gllui to go with you. ; 

^j|^^ will make good and in a surprisingiy dwjrt while 
fslSipii it iiiGi intend that you ^alt ako; l{^ th^ l^nter's ink 



Small Attendance at Meeting 
r Last Night at Saanichton — 

City Speil-Biiideis 



To some fifty electors -Of Saanlch, 
Mr. William Noble, I^lberal candidate In 
the district, explained his position last 
evenlnjif, his remarks being elced out by 
Dr. Lov.'l8 Hall and Mr. H. C. Brewster, 
the latter the critic of the government 
in tlie iMt legislature. It .took Mr. 
Notllabnt twelve mlnutv> to outline his 
i^0lt§ia,. the chief plank of whlcth ap- 
jiMi04 to W afi earn^at endeavor to 

would Bt>6 m jil lmm$0 ^^>^''*'*^^ ^ 

increased ,mi^l;\mt^jM»m$^ '«■ any* 
' y ottl(8 gpr ta^TO JtgMH i lt' . i^Pf iv. Nobl* warn 
in what h9 ^^^pl^bid ail"». "small way/* 
but hd j>rosi}}$^v bis bearers to do his. 
best for tb« district, and promised tbat 
he would .;*(jet even" with that man 
"Bberts" apme,,tttpe. somehow, and he 
oqnoluded with an appeal to the :«mall 
b^y af ele^iors prevent t'to ^rotnrn ma 
and*Vwi will taavs. • lire one." 

Dr. l<ewls HaU was In food fettle 
and delivered a rousing Liberal address 
alottK the lines Of a general attack upon 
the policy of the Conservative govern- 
ment, contenting blmseif with general- 
ities and claiming that if Mr. Brewster 
wejre returned, the destlijljjs . of the 
country would be preserved. ' , " ' 
Mr.' Brewster was placed In a some- 


T^ /^^ C^ T^X TAT T^ 

On the line of B. C. Electric Railway 
and close to SIDNEY 




if iSUr^ ■^'ajffli'IkV^IIII 





.1. iMilx'-.^.^^ 

^ - " 1to4 for close-in lot& on the main thproughuM^. 

fie leiiiil^^ easy^ ; 0ne-t^^^ cash, on^ aiidifeo ;^rs the 

what difficult poHltlon. iie^ admuied 
that he had to be preserved from his 
friends and while be disclaimed any 
credit that Dr. Hall wpuld have given 
him. be admitted that during the past 
session of the legislature be bad done 
his best as a critic of the government 
to bring to the attention 6t the elec- 
toit of British Columbia the true In- 
w^dness of the legislative moiuraces 

Mr. Brewster devoted most of lils ad- 
dress to the necessity of woman's suf- 
frage, claiming tbat th« bii^d tSiat 
rocks the cradle is entitle* to e*»t » 
ballot on matters directing tbe welfi^e 
of the country. One or two memberv 
of the audl^ce, more or. les* unruly, 
sought to tntenrupt the speakar, and a 
lively interchange enllTened the pro- 

l«he roeetlnr was supposed to bo ad- 
dressed by one or two of the local«al stalwarts, but imy tallad to put 
In as ..appearance, and af t«f tbie apeU- 
blndera from the city Slid Jj^v tmA 
tbelr addresses a n^otlon t« '«4J»«p wi|» 
proontly put and oarrlei^ *Wioh^;*» tbi | 
4Jsa»|Mltotm«t#r^he cbatri#ufc^l^^ F.' 
Ckiit4>l||lrtl» Who ^side am Mjimest ■•PpeaT 
to •^li^bae wbo wants to*! t« coiOB t<»* 
w«nl and address tbe m«ettos> 

At last pi)^ ar^ ^4^gj«lf^iig to^^^ the WsoiuterM 

part «f Itoajtttf^-^i^aMk, an4^ Sasxd!dx:f^^k^sx^ 

companies have been the first to see that with such a c&|i( ' ^ ^ ^ 
able scenery and fertile soil, that it only needed trsmspor^G^$^^t$^^ 
portion of British Cohimbia with the finest kind of sctUerfc v£ ff^i i ' 

As soon as they made known their plans for the buildin|^;of ne# suburban 
Unes, development immediately started, and it is safe to sajitlhat tH^ only the 
beginning of things. 

ROSE VALE is one of the finest pieces of property in ail Saaiiich, and it 
is entirely cleared, and has been under cultivation. The soil is rich and fertile. 
These facts alone are going to make Rosevale one of the first places to develop. 

No pioneering work is to be done, such as laborious clearing of hpiui e^* It is 
all ready to build a home and grow produce. The fact that i^e B. .C. Electric 
passes close to the property, and schools . and churdaes are mjar Ijy, is another 
strong pdnt in. , its fovor. '' ''^Pll^^^ff'^:- ' 

BQSI»f4|iB ema^mttd^ a l^ff^ ^^^ o^ ^^ f>ai^ii^»g^ <^#ntnr* The 
propetif:(^''f^ divided iiife city Iptfe but into 



■f- ...4V. 



MTlaBaed tnr tA, Cat. A* W, Carrie, oom- 
tJXiSicthe FUtta Regiment. O. O. A. : 

1. 1^tlsted---The followiBK'iftew have been 
diitV attested and are tatoa «» ^ •**^»» 
<rOT tbe aAt*# «p»c«led; KA. M, Onr. 
mebiaa O. Norris. 1». 8. Hi No. I. Onr. 
Jobs Holmes. 20, S. 13; No« 11. Onr. Donald 
Grabsnt. 20. 3. 13. 

IL Dtsmlssed I>rllV-Tb« (olle^ta* mm 
«4r.^S^<»cniit drill by t^ •ajtttani, 
urit-'irtKMi'to MOi 1 company: Mo. t Onr. J. 
UMmmlti»> iU^^r^ o. Orabsm. 

a.' Gotttt «r Iwinlrir— ?A oo«!rt «I iaqainr 
wm sssmnW* at the Prtil ball on Wedaee- 
day, a»tli- tost,, at S o. ak. to inoalM Into 
and repert lapoa tut* ««*ww»»v;»« '**!S? 

Onr., W. ■ ■ ,. 3Bta*#r, ■ , , <9p>^'>0*^y^^JP&fSr' 

oaFti^. -torsiii^ailis.'lWiS^i^tt^ "«iJ' 
S.mala «<*'-WK!Sda-Hn»fv««rM'-|W»rdsd 
ss a^«w»» «««f t»t 9miKi^Jh*ta* m 

gSw* #^SSsf to »% fr CO»»»W. » 
■"^fesd) ft'Ai'v||ibl«**«^t«*«it.J 

.. ,y^r^. '-.^ ,^., . : • s<br\Actini4^ttt«at.;. 






»». ' } '* , 

4 * 



3-f . 



T^ *ii*4ftft»tt* «MfOd«e ?rWe 0« the 

:«^^^(^uested xa^Mi^J^tfttm^'im^m^lt^ 
ing of March 2»th. Urgent btwUitpiB. 
3rfng your contribution books ajid »«* 
celjpis, ' 

By^ order of the yr^ V. 




Two Acre Blocks 

Western Dominion Land and 
Investment Co., Ltd. 

With which is incorporated 

Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited 

Members Vicloriii Heal l^^.shilc I'^.xchaii^e. 
222-3-4 Sayward l^>ld^^ Phones 2470-1 

Beacon Avenue. Sidney. R. (]. 



There is one sure and certain way for 
every woman to have beautiful hair, and 
that is to give it intwlllgent care, which 
includes the use of Newbro's HerploWe. 

This remarkable preparation kills ab- 
solutely the dandruff germ, eradicates 
dandruff and prevents the hal^ from 

The prophylactic action of Herplclde 
keeps the haft" free from dlaeaae. and 
with the scalp sweet and clean a nat- 
ural hair growth is Inevitable. 

Herfmlde hair scintillates with health 
and vigor, light' and' luster produced 
only by the well-known scalp and hair 
dresBlng Newbro's Herplclde, 

Ml druggists sell It and guarantee 
one dollar aUe bottles. 

All flrst-claso barbers and hair dress- 
ers use and recomrrend It, 
. A sample and booklet will be sent to 
any address upon receipt of lOo by The 
Herplclde Co, Dept, R., Detroit, Mich. 

O. H. Bowes Se Co., Bpeolal Agents, 

PMHM— Wa*~MI Ilia ■_ I ■■ ■ II «!■■ ■■ 11— III ■ l> M^M^H^MIIMIl^mMH^MIMS 


Dr. T. W. Butler will deliver a Pro- 
gressive Thought lecture at The Em- 
press Theatre this evening at 8 o'clock, 
Hul),)ect, "The Majesty of Man." The 
public is invited, • 

You can deposit your roon jj .a i per 
cent, interest with the B, O, Permanent 
Loan Company and be able to withdraw 
the total amount or any portion llipreof 
without nollcp. Cheques are suppliod 
t.t each dCDOHltnr. I'aUl un r.n.nltal nvwr 
It, 000, 000, aBHels over |3, 000, 000, Branch 
ot'flci;, 1210 Uuvurninenl sUeeL, Victoria, 
B. 0. • 

. :,'!pi*r.>'ST»raf f ;" 

V 14 '.-L 



Terms— Quarter Cash 


This is your chance to get a block of the finest suburban property in Saan- 
ich at ground floor prices. And even if you do not desire a suburban homesite 
just now, it will pay you to buy at these prices, which will certainly go up with 
the advent of the car line. 


You should see this property soon and get a first choice. Our motor car is 
at your disposal. Come in and get a plan and make your appointment now, 








PHONE 856 

Members Victonn Real Estate Exchange — Victoria Stock Exchange 




\ \\ I < MU \ !)A!LY 1 UIA)-MSl 

Sunday, M^roh 24, 1912 

Motor Accidents 

the liability imposed upon him by Liw lor damages on account ol 
injuries to the public. 

WE DEFEND in the name of the assured any lawsuits which 
may be brought against him on account of such injuries. 

WE PAY all cosLn ci^.tinsl Ihe assured in any legal proceeding 
defended by. the Compafiy. 



Continued from I'bk« II. 


LIMITS $5,000 TO $10,000 f 

iaw * i i" i> iM i i i ' 






tits Lan^^ Street 

Pitone l040 



pimcoNY OF victoria: 

trying to put up a fight, Un had said 
tl'ut It wouJU be better for them to let 
till' eovernmeiit go back with acclama- 
tion on^ hang by their own weight. 

In poBurc'. to the plurality of CoBaer- 

'.lateH In tho dlMtrlct, he rep- 

I ^iflrB. Hflmokon and Jardtnu 

f\d, Htatlng 

' ■„ ■, ,1. t wouUl, tiL u 

time llko the pi<>Heiu, innk the reputation 
of the party by insisting upon running 
when there was neither invitation nor 
n( :fc.s«ilty for it. In regard to Mr. 
lltliiicken he thought that having Bul)- 
mlttpd his name to the convention, ho 
BliciiM abMe by the decision of the con- 
vention, and In regard to the candlda- 
ti.rp of Mr. Jardlne he said that he 
would have more faith In a Cpnservative 
who had served a longer period In the 
ranks of the pArty. 

Tho meetiif]^ closed with votes of 
thanks and cheers for Mr. McBrldc. 

'Fri9ha» oTliirt^ac'^^liliiiyv who i» 

to c»Uf oraUi, and left y««l«rday tor t^ 
GoMsn Btattt. The dumtion of Ms «fb- 
•enoa from tho city will, of oourao. bo 
contingent upon the rapidity df his pro- 
grtsmm toward recovery of his ixorraal 
health. It i» ataited that Mk*. Jaifsluion to 
threatened with nervoiM breakdown. 



▼latoite VtarfM Who Will Voot Vaa- 

tfooTor Bb nw* MKMi of mucUm 

Spring Coat Season. 


q So are Fashion-Craft Models for 1912 in the latest 
modes of light weight Overcoats. 

^Too early to do without an overcoat yet you want 
to shed the heavy coat you have worn so long. 


The local amateur hookey all-atar 
team, which meets the Vancoorer atar* 
In the Urst of a series of two gamea t 

tha Terminal cUy tomorrow ev«nlnc>^ . 

has been selected ajd follows: <}o»l> Mw- 
woll, Wtota; point. "Curlojr" Corbett, 
Wesu; cover, w: Hooper, Wards; rovar, 
Burnett, Wards; centre, XHatXr Wards: 
rtyht winy, Bown, Bays; left wing, A. 
ArOhlbald, Wests: spare, Corbett, West*. 
The b^ys l«avo tomorrow «ft«moen, a«< 
eompanted by their tealnor, pinn Bis* 
sott It has bwn sormftcsdl tlMkt,^t)i« rs» 
Mm game here be pl«)re4 oik ilhunih t9, , 

Bulldertf Notion l>aocs. ' HrlaAows; 
gUus, etc, \n s|o«k. Obt our osttmiM*) 
»booo RTM. Xm PisguvA.BtMSfei lb' A. 
Orson A Co. 

Do it now. 

rSHd Fit n0wm 

* - rt "m 

h ^«r p-* 

j^M Mid W^m beHi^iiit tiMk ^popidar, tiio««ft mora 

l^am^^'^'i^ to 4iu, . .p..;; 

■> -''.■c '■''■ 

;■:„:,■.■ .;,* 


fiOT m gold will belaid to the inan or womsilii who find* BHl first Kyou 
caiufbt fmd Bill h<Ae, €0§e and tt%\o iinA him on ^hc origri^patetmg .9! this 
pict^e, ^hicijs i>aw bg^display. in ow windot a^; 1202 g6«^laaSStrc|^ 




^ Never before were ywi olfered an opportumty Hkc this. Wc arc placing on 
the market 3po of the dioicest lots in the ,UpIa«gis 4»str^ The«^ lots witl be 
oiily a few Wocks froi^ the H^Mde avenue caiQi<i4,fii«l lire wJttp a few blocks 
of the cejebrsited UPia^NlElS, ^e#e soittc of lie 1n(»t^m#»P^^^ home? in 
Canada will be erected . WE ARE UPENDS' NEXt!^Pf^it NEiaHBOR. 
It is the most desirable tract di>|t has ever been offered't^Nfefe ptibiic, high, well 
sttifated, cleared, no rock, streets laid out and with a world of natural beauty 
stretching for miles around. TRULY THIS CAN BE CALLED THE BAL- 
CONY OF VICTORIA. The lots in this splendid tract will only be a few 
minutes' walk from the Hillside ayenti^ car line, and when the UPLANDS is 
completed, the cars will run very clo^ to this property. Wouldn't you have 
a g<)od deal 1» enjoy, with an outlook of 100 &im& of mountain range, long 
jstf etch of verdant hills, the ocean, elttetftldt vaJliys and the whole city fr<m 
every part of your property? You can enjoy such ^^¥Sii§t& at OAKHUR^. 
Her nafyi^l^uty has been preserved forever. j] . ;. |' ', 

Notwithstanding the-fact that we have not previously advertised this sub- 
division, we have up to date made a number of sales. If you buy OAKHURST 
you are buying into the heart of aristocracy. This section of Victoria will bft 
one "of the finest residential sections on the American continent. With the im- 
.prp vements that will be put in on the UPLANDS it will make thi s subdi vision 
■' '*^-' Qf the best investments in this rifv. to tw^roperty will be.*"^**^^*™^ 

nis courts, parks and beautiful boulevards, etc. 

If you want to build, a home or purchase a lot for- an mvestmetit, call at our 
office and we will take you out and sho^y you over this beautiful property. By 
-purchasing now it means that you are getting in on the ground floor, and it also 
means Just so many dollars added to youi^ bank account. 

We have 110 hesitancy in stating that these lots should be worth several 
times their present prices, within the next year, as every dollar that goes into 
improvements in the Uplands will just mean so many more dollars Added to 
ihc value of these lots. Adjoining lots are now held at $1,000, so you can see, bj- 
this that you are getting an exceptionally .good buy. Prices of these lots will 
advance within the next few days, so get in and reap the benefit before • th42 
prices advance. 


Inside Lots $650, Corners $700 

Terms ^ cash and the balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. 

25th. AUTOS LEAVE OUR OFFICE DAILY AT 10:30 a. m. and 2:30 p. m. 


yViKy OM^Tudhope ^our" Sells for $1,750 


MPORTING at a high rate of duty has 
placed a false value on automobiles 
sold in Canada. 

An imported car which sells for 
$1,100 in the United States is class- 
ed as a $1,500 or $1,600 car in Can- 
ada, because that is the price it has 
always commanded. It is an $1,100 car just the same. 

An imported car which is really worth $1^50 
»*"«iust be sold in Canada for $2,300 or more. The 
■"Bdtural result is tnac ii is c«asi>ca as a^A,ovR» wo*. 

The Tudhope "Four" could not be sold for $1,750 
if it were not wholly manufactured in Canada. 

Tudhope Cars are made in Canada in a thoroughly 
modern factory. The parts of the motor, the gears, 
the axles, in fact every essential part of the car is 

made from the raw material in the Tudhope Factory 

This plami»TiOT rafpassed by any American Fac- 
tory, either for its efi&ciency of equipixiient or its 

The cost 01 manufdctuVing cars in the Tudhope 
plant is as low as is possible in any American plant. 
SELLING PRICE. Tudhope Cars are sold at 
their true value. 

To the Canadian buyer this means that the value* 
of the Tudhope is far beyond what the price would 
lead one to expect. The Tudhope "Fours" at $1,750 
have the appointments of imported cars selling in 
Canada for $2,300 or $2,400 They have the same 
high-grade features, the same superior equipment. 

TUDHOPE "FOUR" 30-36 -11 Onnch 
■wheel biwe, 3S x 4-inch tirei. 
Two.Pa««eng*r Ro*****'''--^ 
Delivered in VancouTer, $1,675 

Bximine Tadhope Carg; The powerful, lon^-stroke 
motors have cylinders oast en bloc. They are equipped 
with the Bosch Dual Hi<h-Tension Ignition system, 
iivini two independent and complete currents. The 
cars are strongly built, the material used in the 
transmission ({ears and rear axle is Chrome nickel- 
atecl, and these together with the differential are 
enclosed in a dust-proof housing. 

The strong frame is mode with e double-drop 
to lower the weight-centre without reducing tho 
road-olearanoe. This lessens swaying and the pos- 
•ibilitiea ot upsetting or skidding. 

TUDHOPE "SIX" 48-127-inch wheel 
base, 37 x. 4>^-inch tires. Equipped with 

Truffaull Hartford Shock Absorbers. 

Six-Paiisenger $2,375 Five-Pa«seng«t' 

$2,275 Two-Passenger $2,275 

Delivered in Vancouver. 

Phonr 2T^T 


1202 Doug^las vStreet, Victoria, B. C. 

Jolting or bouncing. The long wheel base and high wheel, add to 
the riding comfort and the large tire. lessen tire wear. 

tires to be made in a few minutes. 

The bodies are gracefully formed and are finished in dark blue. 
The seats are wide and are handsomely upholstered in hand- 
buffed leather. 

All mottl trimmings are heavily nickel-plated. 

Large springs and ahook-absorbers prevent 


An extra Tire and Rim with weatherproof case and t!re-iront 
•re supplied with every Tudhope Car. The Special Tudhope 
Equipment inchidcB a Speedometer, steel tool box, a heavy English 
Mohair top with side storm-curtains and envelope, an adjustable, 
plote-glass wind-shield, and two gas head-lights, thrae oil lamps, 
gas generator and horn. 

The Tudhope Booklet contains information of interest to every 
Automobile buyer, Write for it. 


The Tudhope Motor Company, Limited 

TUDHOPE MOTORS, LIMITED, 925 Main Street, Vancouvci 
Victoria Agents, Pacific Motor Co,, 836 Yates St. 

Orillia, Canada 




»• » 

Sunday, March M, i»ir 





YouiLff Woman Baakl&g^ to 0»rr7 Maana 
of Bacapa to Prlaonara, Za Arrasted 

One of the moat darlnig: schemea evn- 
attempted here to secretly curry aUl 
to prisoners In Jail was halted tonight 
when Sheriff L. A. Thomas took tho 
precaution to search a young woman 
who ,'•'••• ri to be a sister of George 

mail, ' <dOrc)o X^iuG, UpoTi lii^r t u-* 

ciuost to euuimunlcate with her brother 
and his accomplice. Paul Webster, ar- 
rt'sted last Wednesday night on the 
tharge of smuggling opium into the 
United States. 

Hidden In the bosom of the woman's 
dress was a 48 calibre revolver. From 
her stockings the olticers extracted a 
dozen new 8t««>l k;ivv»« and a bottle of 
oil used in the operation of sawing 
steel ^bttinfc,— ,;, 

TlS|^^itt-' woman,: who. is : of a pre- 
p08iNlnw''^'iK>peai'ance, appeared or. 
Friday, with a permit, and askecl for 
IjfrnalMlotti^^^ttik^'lth^ M Permlg^ 

: rt »i > ' #» ■ II igiii lfl f 1( 17*1^ '^ °^*^ ^^^' tn«. jilu' 
alone. Ton%ht ii^, rg^rtW||lt ;)>Ut< 1^ 
no permit.' iM ' . ■Jt^Steir* ,.'.«». ■'■■iiwlff: 
wbtild allow her t^entjer: ^ ^U he 
told her sh« muat submit to a seanih. 
She then told the officers aha jwoti^ 
defer her visit until her sister arrived. 
However, the search was made by the 
two women officens. but before it had 
been completed, she said, "W^I, we 
have the goods all right, and may as 
well hand them over." She tften gave 
her name as Qeorgia Allen and said 
her home' was In Vancouver, B. C. She 
was detained on the charge of carry- 
ing coitcealed weapuns aud allempling 
to offer aid to prisoners. 

When Mulr and Webster were ar- 
rested in BeUlngham on Wednesday 
night they had more than 11000 worth 
of opium in their poesession and are 

llegad by the ciiHtnois nfflrers to 

leaders of an organized gang of smug- 


SKaa Wasted pr Xflaho Aathonttsa OaaiM 
Vp Tot axtraOlti^a, At 

Earn the di.stiiiction ol being aiiiuii^ I lu- 

be ^i 

men in X'ictoria by wearin 




The satisfaction they have been giving is responsible 
for our extensive clothing business, and we feel that for 
spring, our cloth ^f ity)<tt--#^ i ^'gawf -pattern s will surely 
intertisi; yoti and place us iiigli up in your estimation as 
clotjies cfeileT^ ^4Ve are reaching^ mxtlof -yoar business" 
and are striving to make you a satisfied customer by of- 
fering you "correct styles" in Proper Clothe? at iWlpW€3t i ; 
possible prices. { : ' 

' See them in our windows. 


- kuSA 

Itie smart Spring Oversack here illustrated is submitted to clothes 
critics as an example of the style qu^U^ thaitsood dressers have 
learned to look for in all 20th C£HTI||tY WAND garments.; 
Even if you are not at all p^ticul^ir ahl^ yoikr c|£»t|ie9^ y{M^«riS N 
Interested in the very smart;, t^tj^^ ^h^H^ l^^\fBisii^ W^^f^ 
witit fourteen others, -we.c^f ^lf?Fi#P^iliillMi^^ ' 


VAiNCOUVBR, B. C, March f«.--Bx- 
traditlon proceedings in tli(> case o( 
Bernard F. O'Neil, charged with hav- 
ingf embezzled several sums of mon^y 
and having Issued a false, report. wM|« 
president of the State 3ank of Com- 
merce at Wallace. Idaho, enfaged the 
attention of Judge drant this tnoiai- 
ing. There wcra '. many witnesiM 
isom I'eho prasenJU but th« ttma of 
the court was taken up iirfth legal ar- 
gument coneemtng toelmlcajl objec- 
tions. The, proceedlQf • , were jfedjourn- 
adL -» i.' T • . . - - 

0*Netl In the writ astctng fbr hia 
aurrotder to the Idaho officials. Is 
oluurgad with having on May It, ISlil, 
while presidciii; and a director of tha 
|St«t« Bank of Gommaree at WalU^«; 
MM^ wtHfuUy U»w«« % faiM iaod 
TrmM^ittftf MXport of th« banlCa aftairi 
ttt.;<i^j^Mir^jl#:jbilat*«4 tha,puM|c. Ac- 
cording to^ th« allefed false report at 
the dose of April 27, the bank bad 
accounts amountlnjg to $013,000. bonds, 
•luf^a*^ etc, representing $180,634, a 
-inSflf&kt of $41,846 and an overdraft of 
>^ty $27,633. The real state of af- 
1 fairs, 11 is alleg]^. was that the ac- 
counts totalled $5i2,61i. its bonds and 
holdings were $70,68$, with a surplus 
of $31,842 and an over-draft of $227,. 
$$8. The removal of $200,000 from the 
overdraft of the assets was alleged. 

O'Neil la further charged with hav- 
lag OB February 7. 1910. embesale*) end 
appropriated to his own use $1,2S0 hO'^ 
4oB|rln|r te- the bank, .on Oettibtf tk, 
Itto. |l,sMk »IKI pn June $1. isn. 
There are aleo; eeverai charges that 
on May H. XnX, CPTeil reeelved • 
number of deposits from eustomer* 
knowing that the bank at the time 
waui Insolvent 

* ■- 

Hfife have a number of splendidly situated lots on 
KewpcM^t Avenue, Oak Bay 

f" \JJ •"• " '^ 



Jno. Armstrong 

H. Topp, 



. R. Fin lay. 

J. L. O. Abbott. 


Kmest Kennedy 


Ay^Lst quantity of Victoria money.Jhas bficiL. .^ 
and is now being "sent aw ay for ■^iifepii^''"3fe.V - 

■ ^^'" --^B^S^^" ^°"**^ ""^ ^^^ investments, 
no a^6tiM"wfrilurn out well, but with oppor- 
tunity knocking so persistently on your own 
door, which you have but to open to behold 
the marvelous growth and progress being 
made here, it seems strange that investors 
should grasp at something they have been told 
of in preference to that which they have seen 
for themselves. 

No city in the Pominion of Canada today 
can show the legitimate and healthy growth 
of Victoria, and British Canadian Home 
Builders, Ltd.; shareholders are pafticipatin 
in its prosperity. 


$11.00 Cash 

Home Builders, Ltd. 

Anthorla«d Capital - $500,000 

1100,000 SubBCrlbefl. 

313-316 8ar<rard Bnlldlnir 

A«antR Koyal Inauranoe ComDany, 
I^iverpool. Enar. 

Vlion* 1030 

Emeat Kennedy, ManaKln^ 


In addition to our Building Department, 
we carry on a general Real Estate and Insur- 
ance business, the profits from which go to 
swell the dividends. 


With $100,000 now subscribed, we will be 
11 a position shortly to declare handsome 
dividends, in addition to building up a sub- 
stantial reserve fund. 

Send for prospectus. It will interest you. 


Ail LJiiLv^.i.s aiKJ oLhcrt, connected wuii 
this company paid at least $1.00 each for their 
-harc^. Tiie small shareholder will receivi- 
tlic same i)rotection as the larger ones. anT^ 
participate proportionately in tlie profits. 






Hew West- 

Ijondon, Bag. 

OaU for Vraa 
Map of Olty. 

B08T0K HCareb SS.--Arblle the eta«e 
of the week (0UI14 Improved condlttOM 
In tiie Umttmf atirtke eituation. mopt 
9f tli% mlU* M«iniUft# trltlL f uU erewa. 
ftfbor miMMlft «l Vftnoa* ptl^r mM- ■ 
uf»ctU(t||P>H9Mtre» in HaaMwbuMtUi, 
and a 'Bmlw"anion£r the S0,000 opera- 
tivee in New Bedfora was considered 
tonight a ' probability of the near fu- 

I.7iialil2iff la Arkaaaaa 
.^JIHTH. Ark., 

molt :JMKl£.:«i(to the Jail 

bis Andrew Carr. T!i-' 
black' was dragged through the princi- 
pal streets ih town to the front of a 
hotel and hanged to a telephone pcAr. 
The police did not attempt to Interfere 
with the mob. 


These lots are of good siie and priced lower than 
any other lots in this locality. 

MSoife & Johnston 

Corner Yates and Broad 

Telephone 627 

Matlay on Oonlioat 
CHARLESTON. S. C, March 23.— 
U. fij. marines from the revenoe cutter 
Yamacraw have charge of the Hay tlen 
gunboat Ferrler. the crew of which 
jnQtlnled here, today. ; The men wont 
on Btrlke because they had liot been 
paid for thron months, and fearing ser- 
ious trouble, called upon the captain of 
tho^ Yamacraw for protection. The 
United States officer sent Lieutenant 
Brookway and fifteen marines to the 
gunboat. There was no resistance to 
the marines taking charge. The Far- 
rier has been here since March 5. 
, . .,_ __ 

Vaoinr Starvation 
HILL CITY, Ka.s.. March 23.— Only 
the fact that the temperature Is mllil, 
prevents acute suffering In the tovns 
along the Lincoln Branch of the Union 
pacific. The regular food supply In 
exhausted, schools have been closed an(| 
the coal bins of the. churches have been 
raided. Farmers* are burning fence 
posts. Overcoats are btring worn In 
homos here. Today's storm again 
blockaded the lines ivfiro provisions 
and fuel reached' herr. 

Capt. B. X. Bntler Bead. 

23. — Cnpt, K. n. Butler, who Ka.s bi**-n 
In fnlllng health for some time, di'd 
yeBlerday. He was a graduate of Ox- 
ford and had been sheriff of Portage la 
I'ralrlR fir many ycnrs. 

Xatlilaoa Parlow aauTsnlr nano Sale 

For Extra Oood Bargains In Piano » 
and PlRyer Pianos oali at Harmony Hnll 
Piano Warerooms, 733 !• ort HtreeU 

Last Chancnir Ground-Floor Coquitlam 

Business Property 









(A) Come in and we will tell yotx the story of the 
man on the bridge who controls all points from his ad- 
van taji^eous position. Victorians HOLD this strategical 

Don't throw this in the waste paper ba.sket and" say 
what's the use, I have no money for investment. 

(B) We are ^ble to prove to you that there have al- 
ready been ten millions invested in Coquitlam. and that 
jthere will be another ten millions invested in the very 
neaf future, and you will admit that this cannot be done 
without developing an important center where these en- 

ormous sums are invested. 

(C) We are positively certain now that we have the most desirable business property in 
Coquitlam. So certain are we that-r- , • , , , i,-, i o 

(D) We will take a deposit on these lots and make you tlie judge when you have had a 
fortnight for inspection, and if they are not what they are represented to l>e or do not suit 
3'ou we will return your dei^o.sit. Can you ask more? v * r, 

(E) Our^ !-> tlic onlv property adjoining two water mains, two electric power lines, two 
telephones, tw.j macadaiuizcd streets and the only property containing trackage ; moreover it 
is directly in the wav for all .iiew railways either electric or steam. 

(F) COQUITLAM has at the present time ji passenger trains daily. 

(G) Not one trackage lot in Coquitlam is owned by a Vancouver purchaser because we 
have eiven Victoria and Nanaimo the entire trackage .subdivision and they , have '«"? '^^ ^t^- 

We onlv have listings in our trackage lots left and the lowest price q""^''^^?,^*^'^^ 'f J»»^; 
(,. what We sold at $i,rx)o two to eight weeks ago. Our business corners will go t;i\t same 
«,.... in Mur \'K\V SCIU:>1VIS10X. .ASK FOR MAP: 


304 Pemberton Block 

Phone 1136, Victoria, BA 


Sunday. March '24, 1912 

The Season's Leading Styles 

For Men^ Women^nd Children. See the Win dow 
Displays on View Street^ for C ostumes and Mill iner y 

r ■^ 


(choose Your Jtiaster L^ostumes rrom inese 
Lines— You'll Be Pleased With Them 


THESE arc made ol good panamas and serges, in colors brown, blue or gre}-s, and although 
Lhev belong to the tailored class, thev are relieved with a variety of trimmings, chiefly touch- 
es of silk braids. All sizes are here and you would be ready to pay a much higher price for 
these costumes if we asked it. This is a strong statement to makcvbut the quality of the goods will 
convince vou that better qualities are not to be had for less than $27.50 in most ^^^^^^~f^^'^'^^;t^^'-^'^ 

Spencer's' spfccial value, pftr^.cdstumc JJj^U.UU 


Sfiltttd Votoare very popular this season, stid we are fortunate la haviiig a large assortment to 
choos« from* Sbm* are trimmed with heavy crochet lace and:C(thers with French passementerie. 
The coats are lined with best Skinner satin, and the skirts have «»lk drop Immgs. A" ^jm gc 

here and every model is exclusive. Your choice at ^75.00 and f«f5.W 

SMART COSTUMES AT $37.50, *40.0Cf ANB »50.00 . 
Fancv striped homespuns and fancy striped serges are the materials from which these costumes 
are made.'and the quahty of the workriianship and materials would do credit to garments at a much 

They are New York models, purchased direct from this great fashion centre, and represent tlie 
newest ideas of the season. Will you ca\\ in and inspect the garments? 


■ ■ ^^m ^"v ^"^ rf~^ ^"^ €~^ ■#- ^"^ 4t>« 

Young Girls — Tempting Prices 


HERE are so many different styles that they cannot be adequately described in this advertisement, but we 

invite you to inspect ihcni in the department. \Vc consider that the qualities ztre better than ever and the 

styles are exceptionally useful. You will find the prices muderalc. 

Little Sailor Dresses. These are very smart styles, 
white material trimmed with blue, and blue material 
trimmed with white. They are in sizes to suit girls 
from 8 to 14 years old. Price '. ^2.00 

Girls' Dresses, in a navy blue material with white polka 
dots. They have peasant sceves and gathered skirts 
and may be had in sizes to suit girls from 8 to 14 years. 
Per garment ^1.50 

Gingham Dresses for girls. These are in attractive 
gjif cks, in c*jlor.s brown anU blue^ are pe«isant style and 

SL^JUe trimmed at the ^i^i^^^S^^^&iJISS^S^^^^^^ material 

that gives. ȴ etiept. "TRey aft"^iii*wp^"with piping 
6f plwii «wtt€sfl*!v<j{ a darker tM^f'^Sms 8 to 14 at. 

per garment, only .:..-..... ..^2.00 

StrypiNI CluttQbrmy Ptvsini, stdtailble for p^n, it^mM, ., 

%^|»|ft»«W. These ceinrM^ variety *fM*l««2M6 
'ftrrtrimined with bftttd^ of contrastitt(p jttidiHaU - ' 
pipiftgs. Per garment, ^.50 and .... , « y»a.» *.jf8 

Whke lliM&i 9a^l£ndiff0H«nA Dresses. ^ ^i^ 
and chbica assortment of dainty drcsses.are fiere in 
all sizes and hew styles. Never before have we *ad 
such a big showing and the prices are lower, qnatUty 
bein|^ considered, 9»n ever before. Prices starf^ 
peffc^g|5|i^nieiit ♦.«»*»»»«...«.»t •••••• *•••••.•• ^'■^■■* ^ 


Sample Dressp|iV fi^Ve hare been fortunate in securing a 
big range Cre^feple dret..-c.> and are offering them at 
[)ric(^jSit are quite an ^i^B^'''^' ' ' >^>> > 
Tiier^re'so m^ny styles ipni^iu.i'jMit no two 
atte- .alike— so deitiidl "des^tisii^'^'Cisfenot h^i 
here. We invjte you to ii^pett. them in tfee, 

• ment. Prices from $2.50, to >..,-.,.'. ' v ▼". "^ » 

,'|fi4# Suits. These are mikle of White drill and are fta^ 
"" ' Isned with a bhic sailor collar, 'they^ are trimmed t 
; with blue bands and have l-iiM kilied s|cift.s. Sizes icif\. 
girls froni i» to 14 years old? Good vahte at, P'^J^^ 

'«*,■«••« «!■> 

iHrls' Dresses, in sizes to fit girls 10, 12, 14 and 16 ^reu-s 
old. .There are so many different styles in rthis lot 
that detailed descriptions are impo^slfe P*iib6« piw^^ 

V '■ ^jSirrhent ,)?■» . ^ .'.,.?» Vif,,r.^, «»..,.. •■.!•■!.,» .>»«*';#; •.♦•,»■# . •'•K^«QW' 

Silks and Uress Uoods-^NeW 

■S-'"'^ s J 

A $20 or $22.50 Suit for $15— What 
_4be^JSpeiicer yaiue&Jdeaa taMea,. 

This is a fair demonstration of the savings that the merchan- 
dising ecownnies of a rfepartnient store can offer you. The huge 
lots in wbi^h we purchase our garments, sometimes contracting 
for the entire output of a factory, enables us to secure much lower 
prices than the average retailer, then we save considwahfafjjn 
freight, rent, delivery service and many other items tbrcm|^ne 
co-operation of our other departments. These are the reasons why 
\>'e can offer you such excellent values. We aim at turning over 
the stock at a minimum profit and retain our customers. Try a 
suit, or at least visit the store and see the goods before you pur- 
chase elsewhere. It's necessary in your own interest. 

Worsted, Cheviot and Tweed Sqjts. A large shipm^tj^t has just 
arrived and Jncltides «11 the myf%»t ftatt^rns ^ i^it^jWi for the 

make garrtt«ft$«, the styles are nght im;M|Q^^ we go^?il«t» 

a ptfrU^m^Thm:A0tiM^bim».rt weft p^l^^il^ la]^ «g^% 

style. Wmmimgim^^^^ these frequen|||i:'#fp& and $22.50 
and ^;©asi^ th'fe'm gSM vzWts at that price. *Sp^rfter's special 

valttet, <pd!f'' smh .W<v ' ' * ^v?-*^^*^^ 

Men's Working Suits, in colors grey, brown aj^^^^mi variou^ 

, shades of each. Thejr come in strifi«|V|il4,f^««en checks and 

are well tailored and trimmed. Rare "vallie it* |>«r suit . .3^7.50 

Ma^ke the Best of these Underskirt 


M<»ii:i^ Itlfl^ittfll^iN?.^ Colors, navy blue, saxe blue, pale blue, old 
rose, browh;grey , inole, tan, lavender^ heliotf!ja|>f ^nd black. T1ie 
flmiwe i* t^Tn. deep and made d£ box.iileats.. Price, per^jpir- 
ment 'P^WfPf' 

Soft tM#ji# Mervaline Underskirts, with a loin. accordion 

pl«at®Sll?*^'.P?'><>*"^»'"*^y' ^®y^^' ^^^ ^*"*» ^^^ ^^ ^^^ 
' '"^miG^wimn, gold, vieux rose and black. Per 

a speciaUy Cii^i^f^^^^y ^"^ finished with 

im .t>I#at&; .OMp^', saxe blue, navy, 

iflM^f lliWW«Pit^^ cardinal, white 

.'ind black. I'er garment q>o.7& 

Rich Merve Underskirts, with very deep flounces made up in clus- 
ters of gathered tucks, a row of accordion pleats and frills. These 
arc to be had in Paddy green, grey, royal and black. Per gar^ 
ment .... • . • • • • • • •• • • • • • ■ • • • • • ■ • • • • • • • ■ ^4.75 

Silk Taffeta Underskirts. These are finished with an accordion 
pleated flounce and a frill. Colors. Paddy green, old rose, pale 
pink, grey, tan aiid brown. Price, per garment ^4.75 

Satin Underskirts. These are very handsome styles, are made oi a 
good satin and are trimmed with handsomely embroidered 
il-r.i.cos. Some arc in plain colors and Others are in a variety 
of colored silk, and the patterns are Oriental in style. These are 
specially suited for wearing with evening dresses. Price, per 
garment, ranging from $7.90 up to ^13.50 

grey, m 


MoliiL, ,..,„„-™, 

old rose, green. 

d Suiiffit^^ Wear 


,^^^^H Easter so close at band you ^w^*«^f# fl^'^ *2SI^'^ 
ments of tif^iin^« tailoi^ii, jj^d untHnftrtled^dafeMtffet have beitt^pottt- 

ing in dHtM'^^fast. i0$^^' . v; •„ • 

Having one or*3pP^S^^::*b<yittltty visiting' Wwl^ and Paris we are able 
to keep in touch with all the leading fashion. . consequently our display is author- 
itative and portrays all the most popular ideas of tjic season. 

Xo matter what your taste may be there is a shape,' a hat, or trimmings here 
that will please you and the prices are just as low as they can be consistent with 

quality. . 

We invite you to inspect our stock whethei- you purchase or not and our staff 
of expert milliners will be pleased to give you advice and assist you to make a 

p >r>d' selection. ■- ... 



High-Grade Irish Table Linens at 
Reasonable Prices 

If you require table linens that will wear well, look well and 
give you general satisfaction, these will please you. We^- invite 
you to see them. They are the best on the market at these prices, 
but we don't want you'just to take our word for it. Sec them for 
yourself. The gcjods tell their own story'better than we can. 

Five o'clock Tea Cloths, hemstitched and dra">v ii7.e^45 x 45. 
Prices start at S<; and range down to • ^- .Spi.75 

Linen Sets, consisting of cloth, 2X2 and 2 x 2>4 yard.^ and six nap- 
kins at, per set, $8.50, $7.50 and S?6.75 

Linen Sets, consisting of cloth 2 > .: ... aud one dozen napkins. 
Tlicsc arc a specially good value. Per set. .$12.50, $iT,.5o, ^10.00 

Tray Cloths, hemstitched and drawn. ;ii. cacli, .'^1.25 and . . .jpi.OO 

Squares. ;/j x 36 inches, drawn and hemstitched, in a variety of 
stylo. Special value for Monday.'.s selling, $1.25 and ...^1.00 

Runners, i8 x 54 inches, in a bijr assortment of patterns. Price, 
each, $1.75. $1.50 and . . .^1.00 

Battenburg Runners and Squares. Tliej^e arc in vt 1 y attractive 
patterns to choose from. Price, each. $1.25 and .$1.00 

Bleached Table Damask, 66 inches wide, at. per yar. 75^^ 

70 inches wide at $1.00 and $1.35 

j2 inches wide at Si-So and $1.75 

Table Napkins in many patterns and qualities are here to choose 
from, H napkins at $1.25 and . $l,0O 

I ;__ -.^ — -»f> .>«■ n^r At-tyen St? nri ju.l SRI .Ti* 

Size 22 X 22 at, per dozen. ^2.75 an^l . .$2.50 

Now Is the Time to Buy Your Refrigerator 

When out to buv a refrigerator it pays to make sure that you arc buying a good one- 
one that you can depend on at all times and give the best results with the least expense for ice. 
We have made a careful. search of the markets and the three lines that we have chosen 
arc. in our opinion, the best lines that cia"' be sold at a moderate price and give yon -^- fac- 
torv results. , . , 

' There are variou.s si/ccs to choose from and a ^^ -amples are now bWitg $how« m the 
Broad Street windows, but don't be satisfied with a distant view. See them in the depart- 
ment and examine them thoroughlv at close range. 

OUR SPECIAL— This line comes in three sizes and although it i^ the lowest priced refrig- 
erator that we sell it is absolutely reliable, well constructed and neatly finished. The case 
•is- made of well seasoned' hardwood, fini.^hed golden oak, has five walls insulated with 
ceritc paper, bmn-ze lever lock and hinges. The ice chest and the food chambers are lined 
with galvanize 1 the shelves are moveable. They are easy to clean, strong an.! 

effective. No. i sj/x. ncight 40 inches, 26 inches long and 17 inches deep. ni. -•ach. $7.50 
Vr, .^ si/c, height 42 inches, length 29 inches and 19 inches deep, at, cacli $13.50 

45 inches high, 32 inches long and 20 inches deep. I'ricc. each $17.. 50 

THE CROWN REFRIGERATOR is reliable in every detail and is a refrit^ciaior tliat we 
strongly recommend. 'J'hey are to be had in two sizes as follows: No. 2 is 46 indies high. 

^2 inches long and 20 inches deep. Price, each ,$19.75 

V,,. 4 Crown is the favorite of this line; having an open front door to the ice chamber in- 
vlead of the ordinary lift-up door, .\nothcr good feature is the three shelves for pro- 
visions against only two in the other lines. Height 54 inclies, length 30 inches and 20 
inches deep I'ricc $27.50 


^^ ^^ V C^ Spring - ^i4 

^JE^oooore SSfc* wUh self color spots in sky, Alice, «ixe, navyTKJ^"" 

pink,, rplicda, tan, brown, maize, champagne^ and cr<^m. Tftis 

material Is 28 inches wtdb^^fiid M^ 5kt . . . '. .^»"», 25^ 

Pongee Silk, in all the $#101% ibiifing ^Jl^Mri^ .^f^'^^"' 

brown, saxe, Alice, sky,-jiSivy, Nile, fcse^Jpii|^||Me>- pinl<:> 
, helio, mauve, ligl^i^ijirey^'rf^rJc grey an^ ;|p|i^Sa|i|.vare 26 

inches wide and are i^C vatues at, per ywm^,^^^^Vi-^^ti:.^.oi).p 
Foulard Silks, in stripe and spot designs and a^|^Hle collection of 

colors. Per yard 75f^ 

Bordered Foulards. Some very attractive designs in this lot. Per 

y stq •••...•....•►.•••■••t»*«»»*»-' ••»••*»••••*•*<*••■•• tp.*-*"^^ 
Satin Charmeuse, in a full range of the xitvfiMi^yMi 42 inches 

"Wide, at. per yard (^l**^^*?-.^^ ....;: ;p^.ov 

Striped Suitings, in light and df^^p£pl, tan. brown, and green 

mixtures. They are 52 incheS^l^B^P^ ^^^^ ^^= P^*^ V^t^^, $1.50 

Suitings, in black and white StHpes,' 52 inches wide, at per 

1 S51 T5 

yard ..••••♦•.............♦......*•••••••••••*•••■•••" •p-*-. • *.* 

Navy Serge, a fine twill and fast dy$s, 54 inches wide. Price, per 
yflrd •••■>•««» •••••••••*»••••• •.»*••••••••*••••••••• tpx* w 

Navy Suiting tegffe mthS'M^ tw'4}, ^MWJ^^^- suited for tail- 
ored suits^'ii^M^i^^iftWiiifiili^r yard. $3.00. 
$2.50 and • tp^»\TKf 

Printed Scrims, Portiere Curtains 
and Tapestry Carpets 


Printed Art Scrims^ These are' a si"piiie»t ol the newest patterns 
and come in such an:||g||^i|& as^ort^^ patterns that 
description is ont of thf^'efil^ipif 'I'her marry all-^over j5at- 
tems. and some cxccption||S|||at border designs, with plain 
^^ixentres,^' to' choose' trom. ; •' "rsee'-'tlfc 'AMew' Street' windows."-' ^'^They' 
are 38 inches wide, at, per yard. , . . . . . . . : .35^ 

Portiere Curtains. These are made of heavy mercerized tapestr\- 
and come in shades of red and green, mostly two-toned effects, 
and arc finished with heavy fringe. They are 3 yards long and 
48 inches wide. A splendid \'alue at. per pair. ......... $3.75 

English Tapestry Carpets. These are closely woven and are a 
specially good value. Fawns, reds and greens are here in both 

floral and conventional designs. Sir.e 25S x 3 at, each . . . .$5.W 

Better Values Than Ever in 
Women's Spring Underwear 

Women's Vests, with low necks and no sleeves, and finished with 
neat lace round the neck. They are made entirely of cotton. 
have n ^"th finish and will not irritate the skin. Per gar- 
ment, . ::d .-, ,,,..,...>..,.. 35C^ 

Women's Vests, with low necks and short sleeves. They are made 

of cotton lisle thread and are finished with lace around the neck. 

All sizes are here. Per garment, 25c and .'. 35< 

Women's Balbriggan Vests. Tliese garments have low necks and 

no sleeves, are a. very fine quality and are worth 50c a garment. 

Special value. 35c and • 25^ 

Balbriggan Vests, with low ncck.s, short sleeves and fancy tops. 

All si/.es arc iierc at 35c and ...:.... 25^ 

Women's Combinations. These have high necks, short .sleeves, are 

loose at the knee and may be had in all sizes at. per garment, 65^ 
Wornen's Combinations, with low neck, loose at the knee and no 

sleeves. .All si/.o> .it, per garment ...... . . ., 65^ 

Women's Cotton Drawers, loose at the knee and trimmed with lace. 

Per garment : • .3Bm^ 

D. M. C. Crochet Cottons 



D.M.C. Crochet Cotton, best 6 cord. This is a mercerized white 

croclT't cotton and comes in large balls._ This cotton is used 

extensively for Ifish crochet work. Sizes, 3, 10 and 20, at per 

ball 15^ 

Sizes 30, 40. 50 and 60, at, per ball 20^ 

Sizes 70, 80, too and 150. at, per ball 35^ 

D.M.C. Mercerized Embroidery Cotton, in white only. Numbers 

8 to 70. in short skeins, 2 skeins for 6^ 

D.M.C. Cotton Perle. This is a mercerized twisted embroidery 
floss, in all colors. They are fast dyes. Numbers 3 to S at, pff 

dozen fw^ 

D.M.C. Mouline Special, size 25. This is a mercerized diviyible 
cotton and may be had in white and many colors. The ^^tt'^fcpe.^ 
positively fast. This cotton is composed of six strandt and$a^ 
number of strands may be used with satisfactory resiitti. T%o 
skeins for »8>^ 




■.< a ii w lin i« lw i »«iH , l n l«l| M(H« <l <»l | l ^ »ll>II W < . < « i« ^ n— 

iaila €d0ni^t i^^EZI^ 




i. ■i'»k-'Vi>tljl£!i&a 











.'^^IS^^^^iiA.^- ■ 


>•« It;'.. '^. 




Capihio QuiyoJL, lejj'l^^coiiver. 

the year -w^lw^ 
fish'sioj&^Fmy: in t 



which iias"'becn SnJtioitsly avvaited b> nun 
dreds of cnthusiaslic t&llovVcra of- ti»e cu.t 3 

« and salmon-dishing of British Columbia is to 
avoid an appearance of exaggeration to those 
rea< miliar with co"^'^^°'^ ^-:^^i^?^ 

hen. . nw^u M ... ,wio have travelled stj.,'" 
n(.iciitlvabout..theDrovince and fished in pt*-' 


.■rpdand Ime.,-- :; ,v ..-■.■-:■,■.,-■■ v'-:;v-.. ,;■,-,.* \; 

the chief bekutyW 
angler's pditit of view is that its pliy sicial ch$T 
acter:.and.:its.xl.imate._are sfiiMitei**"' ***"*" 
in it Is nearly all for ganie fliR'^'rW^ 
ing nature, fishing for *'eo||^e^sl|j 
amusement that few iaf'**"*^ '*"*' 
bother their heads about, s. 
everywhere of trout and 1 
thfe ^oast. .",.;^':, :.•,-■; 

A slow, sluggish, river is;Jfc|^|t thing to 
find in British Columbia, the ^OT^l "vers tof 
the country, and in numbers they are multi- 
tudinous, affording ideal fishing water with 
their swift currents and tempting successions 
of riffles, pools, glides and falls. 

Even the little pond-like lakes which the 
wandering angler will find tucked away in un- 
suspected cuniers of the mountains wjU all be 
found to contain trout, and usually trout so 
plentiful that he will be an unskillful angler in- 
deed who cannot speedily catch all he needs to 
supplement the "pork and beans" which is the 
standard feature of the moimiain cook's bill of 

The chief difficulty in writing of the trout 

^ adjacent to ■our large cities, will know^ 

personal experience that it is next to iif . 
; sible to be over-enthusiastic concerning the 

^y' of the lisUi^tjiian.;: ,., ,,;,;.. 

hom?^reams,'jf ' ttiere is one drawback to the 
fishing of the country i^^^glfefyes of the skill- 
et. ittl angler, it is ^Pg;^^^ IS too. 
'■1piJ|^yand';'^Pl|M^Wte to/tcst 
■ '' ■sipicieiitly.. the ''tii\Wl^j0^^^- skill. 
; .-■:Wpiece:'of: Ted' ,-1^liP?ift'big .hook-i^ 

i^'tiyii^^^^ *^^ ^'^^^^^ ^^*^ the prospector' rfe- 
fp^fels necessary to catch his mountain trout 
for food in waters, which as yet are innocent 
of the sportsman's artificial fly. This of course 
would not apply to such rivers as the Goquit- 
1am or the Cowichan, where the trout have 
been thinned and educated by the attentions 
of Vancouver and. Victoria anglers, every sea- 
son since these cities attained to any size, yet 
it speaks -^olumes for the abundance and fer- 
tility of the fish to know that even in these 
waters handy to the big cities, the skillful an- 

when to go expecting to get fish, will seldom 
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^/^m ' 



»;;;/ • \^ir"y 

'" Li*]! «« in I 11- 1 - \ ^ ' 




V ■, 

^^Jttmtmt^mmn .i i«yiitM^»J^!<ij«»A.».-y>g;j 

^^:;v5 ' 




\>\» _ /I,' 





.v-> ,:<■;■■■• 

.1 1 m i l mum i m il * ii iii miuK i m tiii '. i r;'- 



BuAdajr, Maroh 24, 181S. 


■ y r. JfAlPIB* S£NISOlT 

It is an interesting fact that certain wells 
are found in different parts of the world, where 
if the tops have o\\\\- small oifiiinr;^ liio ^\r 
sometimes blov, 

drawn in. These wells in most cases act as 
enormous barometers, and the cause of this 
peculiar action is practically the same as was 
recently described in these columns where the 
writer changed an illicit whiskey still, into a 
*cry sensitive barometer. 

The following taken from a recent number 
of the Scientific American describe^ in detail 
this interesting subject: 

The term "blowing well" 'is applied to a 
well which, wndcr certain circumstances, ^iyes 
outi^ fttrr«i»t of air from any small apertttii 
-.4l)p|ii!ntft^,.-Thls •■current,.^- is^^; often"'^^ 

§mti[over the apei*iire; or dn^jjjiy^ 
caijng of the w«E Ite «Miw«<» 
ttCjE;oni{)anied by a whiistlmfc rOftring of moan- 
ing noise, which may bt aiidible it a distance 
of several rods^ 

As a rule "blowing" wells are also "stick- 
ing" wells, i.e., at times the direction of the air 
current is reversed, the air being drawn into 
the well. Cases are recorded, however, of wells 
that always "blow" and' of others that always 
"suck," but these are rare. Tlie term "breath- 
ing well" has sometimes been applied to the 
common type of well that both "blows" and 

Many years ago the foreign scientific jour- 
nula deserihej a uuiubcr of wells at MeyHit, a 
little <;ommune in the canton of Geneva, Swit- 
zerland, which were utilized as barometers by 
the inhabitants. These wells, which were yery 
: deep and~ were ho' Ibhger^^^'u 
water, had been tightly blocked up with ma- 
Bomy except for an oriltice of some three c^en* 
titneters in diameter, through which air car- 
rents Issued and entered in the nuitifer above 
deseribed. Ofte df tliese h«d been fitted with a 
whistle, whereby the sound Of its btoWtng was 
rendered Audible at a great distance. The in- 
draft of the «ir Was regarded ^ a prognostic 
of fair weathei': white stirong Mowing was be- 
lieved to be a sure taken of a coming storm. 

Jn r^eiit yeaVs the occurrence of blowing 
wells has been reported at many pla<^ in En 
rope and America. Those in the Unitird **" ' 
h«Vft "been Stidtcd by the GeaI^|c»I^g_ 
and their phetioi^ena are now 0rly.,w«aV-. 
derstood. The Sttfvey has recently jfktibfislild' 
statistics of the distribution of such wells. 
^ The names "weather well" and "barometer 
•vy,eH" ofte% l^attyi t^lied to wells that blow 
and sudc f^tettn* |«pular belief thatthe be- 
havior of tlte^ Wells is governed in some way 
by the weather; and this belief is in the itiaift 
correct, i.e., the phenomena, in a majorl^ SI 
cases, depend upon fluctuations in the baro- 
metric pressure, aifd these in turn are broadly 
related to ehahices fn the weather. One nf tbf: 
first persons to test this hvpothesis e^f^N^^ 
mentadiy was P*of. J. T. Wiflard. of the Kan- 
sas State Agriciiltural CoUege. Havit^gi^rd 
of a well of tlus character «t WfttoftM^ilCian- 
sas, he visited the spot, sealed the top of the 
well airtight by means of mortar and j4i^terol * 
pari« and' Inserted; -if-i^niU- brass tnbe €^»fteel^#* 
ing the well with a gauge. The latter consist- 
ed of a U-^h^py «:Uw*^be,|5H^%^f c^ iitlMch 
for &cvtm mches •dp was fitted with water. 
The fluctuations iii the level of the water, read 
^jy ^^^!feM *" attached scale, indicated the 
(lirewMWplna force of the air moveni|,e|ifcjit the 
top of the well. By coi^iiHsbn'Wiflti-eftdi^gs 
of a mercurial baroni(BttM{ - it was shown con- 
clusively that the a^'?»^. .i?rell exerted % 
pressure outward whii<i«i=SiiJe«eter fell, and 
yielded to the pressure of the outer air when 
the barometer rose. The explanation of the or- 
dinary phenomena of sucking and blowing 
wells is, therefore, that a body of air. inclosed 
ni the earth and communicating with the ex- 
terior by only one or a few small orifices, set.s 
up strong outdrafts and indrafts in adjusting 
its tension to that of the air outside. It must 
not be supposed, however, that the inclosed 
body of air m question is merely that contained 
within the well itself. The volume of the lat- 
ter would probably be far too small to produce 
the violent effects observed. As Prof. VVillard 
pointed out many years ago, each of these 
wells doubtless taps a subterranean reservoir 
of air, probably filling the interstices of sand or 
gravel beds. When the pressure of the exter- 
nal air is diminished some of this imprisoned 
air escapes, and the greater the fall of the ba- 
rometer the greater the force with which the 
air is expelled. The fact that the majority of 
deep wells, closed at the top except for one or 
more small openings, do not exhibit the phe- 
nomena of blowing and sucking is, therefore, 
explained by the fact that they are not able 
to draw upon any considerable body of im- 
prisoned air besides that contained in the well. 
A serious result of the .sucking process is 
often observed in winter. During the occur- 
rence of high barometric pressure and its usual 
accompaniment, low temperature, a quantity of 
cold air is drawn into the well, and the water 
freezes, even at a depth of loo feet or more be- 
low the surface of the ground. 

The foregoing simple explanation of blow- 
ing and sucking wells does not apply to all 
cases. Fluctuations of water-level may doubt- 
less give rise to similar phenomena. Suppose, 
for example, that a heavy fall of rain causes a 
general rise of the water-table in a water-bear- 
ing stratum of large area lying beneath an im- 
pervious stratum, the latter being perforated at 
only a few puitfts by wells. The air imprison- 
ed above an extensive sheet of water will thus 
h^ fnrred through a few small openings, eacli 
uf which will be the source of a violent air 

Fluctuations in the temperature of the out- 
side air may also play a part in tHiese phc- 

nr^mona. It is well kiwuvn iiirnn- (-;i\»'rim 

inicating witli 
opennigs. blow in summer auil suck in winter; 
the air within maintaining a nearly uniform 
temperature while that without varied with the 
season, .\ccording to Prof. Barbour, many ol.)- 
servers notice a dliurnal reversal of the air cur- 
rent in wells, corresponding to the diurnal 
period of the tenjperature. 

Passive Rcsi&ters 

An extraordinary .scene was witnessed re- 
cently at I'oodosia, in the Crimea. \ party of 
Mohammedan pilgrims, returning from Mecca, 
oach carried ;i lar^,'e box containing holy w^ater. 
'JMie railway authorities ordered them to j)ut 
these boxes in the luggjige-van. They quietly 
l)Ut firmly refused, saying they would rather 
(lie than be separated from their beloved boxes. 

About a hundred of them then lay down on 

' rails in front of the train. The anlhnr- 

nicr> were powerless. They tried moving them. 

The men did not resist, but as soon as one was 

lifted, another would take his ])lace. 

Hventually the station master was forced 
to give way, and the pilgrims were given per- 
mission to take their holy water into the car- 
riages with them. Then the train started, two 
hours late. — L,ondon Chronicle. 

The London Spectator recently printed the 
answers made by a number of English recruits 
to a set of questions. From one post these" 
were the returns : 

Who was Afred thic Great? — Three answer- 
ed correctly, eighteen knew he was a King of 
England, fourteen were completely ignorant. 

Who was Nelson? — Thirteen answered cor- 
rectly, seven knew something about him, fif- 
teen were comjjletely ignorant. 

.Who was Wellington? — Eight answered: 

€®al CrM 


correctly, sixteen knew he was a poet, eleven 
fourteen were completely ignorant, one man 
(five years at .school) thought he was Lord 
Mayor of London. 

Who was Shakespeare? — Eight answered 
correctly s,ixteen knew he was a poet, eleven 
were entirely ignorant, one man (five years at 
school) described him as a man of maiiy wick- 
ed deeds. 

What is the United States?— Sixteen an.s- 
wered correctly, four knew something, fifteen 
were entirely ignorant, one man (eight years 
a tschool) answered '\'\n English colony.' 

Who was Napoleon ?— Seven answered. cor- 
rectly, twelve knew something about him, six- 
IIMiti.were )e»^ely ignorant, one man (eight 

'ym»' wrw^^-mMf&cir*ws^ teoopuT to 

win battle atJWiaterloo/ - v . .< ..■;.. 

Who is die Prime Minister ?<>^ix:t«ea-.anp> 
wered correctly, nineteen did not know,>five 
gav« Mr. WtifHOa Chtirchill. 

What is France?— Nine answered correctly 
seven had some sort of idea, nineteen were 
completely ignorant. 

What is Xondon ?— Twenty-eight answered 
correctly, five knew nothing more or less, two 
were completely ignorant, and one man (ten 
years at school) an.swei-ed, 'A gay part of Eng- 
land.' ^ 

At another post one man mixed up Wel- 
lington and Washington, and twenty-six out 
of forty knew nothing about France. 

Chciago is now the largest piano produc- 
ing centre in the world. About 100,000 in- 
struments are made there annually. 

— . , . .,r—- — ■ -jp — •-- — — - - — - — 

The problem of what would happen during 
a prolonged strike has been occupying many 
minds during the past few days in view of the 
fact that the last great strike of miners lasted 
from June to October, 1894, says the Sjihere, 
from which the accompanying photographs 
arc reproduceil. In ihi.s case the strike only 
concerned ScotlamI, but even that partial dis- 
location ran coal jjricos up to over 40s. per 
ton. A total cessation of coal lasting for over 
a (|uartcr of a year conjures uj) such a gloomy 
picture that thoughts 0/ starvation niKl other 
lirivations flood into the mitid. hi nry 

to remember that however true it is thai mod- 
ern civilization is at present built upon coal 
there arc mitigating circnmslances in nearly 
pvcry conceivable arrangemc ;^ 1 human af- 

To IheLondene' w'-.::- w-li/--:-, •.h-.w he ::; !>ut 
one of 8,000.000 comes the thought. '"Knw am 
I to be fed if railways cease running for lack 

of coal?" The answer to this is that he is in a 
more fortunate situation than he imagines. He 
lives in a port although he rarely sees a ship. 
This fact means that supplies of food can 
come up with every tide to the metropolis, 
and horse and j)etrol traffic will distribute' 
the food to the usual centres. The large pro- 
vincial town is not in such a favor,Tble situa- 
tion. It vvtjuld depend possibly on road cart- 
age and petrol-driven lorries for its food sup- 
plies after many weeks had exhausted the 
available coal. With the very thought of a 
coal strike every horse automatically gains in 
value. The despised cab horse becomes a 
means of hauling food and oilier necessities to 
one's door and larder. 

The anncxad map gives a general view of 
the distribution of the areas concerned' in the 
[ircsent strike. Starting at the north We have 
Fifeshire, the Lothians, Lanarkshire, and Ayr- 
.sltjre coal fields, which were concerned in the 

great strike of 1894 already referred to. Then 
crossing the border we reach the Nortli- 
' umberland and Durham coal ficMs. To the 
westward, separated by the Pennine range, is 
the smaller Cumberland field and the North 
Lancashire field. 

Then there is a long ga[) of nuiorland be- 
fore we reach the huge South Yorkshire. Der* 
byshire, and Lancasliirc areas. The white 
space which divides them is the lower portion 
of the Pennine range. Then f(jllovv smaller 
carboniferous areas in Flintshire, Denbighshire 
and the North Staffordshire field. Scattered 
like a sort of jet-black PIcaidcs arc Shrews- 
bury. Colebrooic Dale. I'orest of Wyre, South 
Stafford. Warwickshire, and Leicestershire. 
I^\irtlicr south as small pendants the of 
Dean and Somersetshire. To tiie west is the 
wealthy South Wales coal field, whence comes 
the finest coal in the world. The 
Pembrokeshire field strciches still further 


.^/} f Continued firom Front Pagv) 

come home without something to show for his 
skill. s n 

Although^ practically speaking, all xhk wa- 
ters of Bmblf -Columbia contain trout, there 
is by no means a m<Mriit|Maious sameness about 
all the fishing to be^'had. There is quite a 
wide range of choice both in Xhh nature of the 
waters and the fish. 

There are the ste^^^idB.«tid the giant lake- 
Jrput of the larg^J||ii^JteJte ,n4tt|.wh0^4^.. 

' ?r size. The firg yq ag i si ^iiagBwqglala^ 
ter and early spring ,ftm the aea tip most of 
the coast streams,, aiid '»Kbrd&g the finest 
sport on minnow '<Hr salmon-fly; they have 
been compared ty those who know to the sal- 
mon of Scotland lor tLppegtrntM and sporting 
qualities. The aifttic ^rbttt-Hritlitei a fish which 
attains to a great size, and is found in abun- 
dance in the waters *f Northern British Cdt*.^! 
hmbitf/ '^Then co*ie the rainbows, plentiful 'V'- 
many' a river and lake, and running to a good- 
ly girth, ttollyVard<ntfl»ttt (strictly a char) 
itmad m the b^idter ffeMMT* »i»d ^ving f irst-clas.H 
sport on a Devon minnow or similar tackle. 
gmyling, silver trout, cut-throats, and the feea- 
trout. which run up all the estuaries- of the 
coast from the boundary line of the States to 

This is a fish whieh is liard to hmi 
fighting <jitalities. and is a fish ;«lJfctfi, 
good sport from the beginning to the end of a 
long season, wrhether in the salt water of the 
bays and.e«tuftries or after it has run itp the 
rivers on the way to the spawning beds. 

One of the most enticing forms of fishing 
is to pick out the ''whoppers'* rising in the cur- 
rent in some river mouth, where as a rule they 
will freely take a fly. 

In the hot we«th^ of the summer month.s. 
when the rivers «f«io# and clear as glass, the 
angler would have little chance of sport in the 
daytime were itJIItApv the sea^trout which 
take well all thw&pi this season by the 
.salt-water, and will afford excellent sport with 
a .small bright .spoon trolled behind a boat near 
the surface even when they will not take a 
fly. As a rule, however, the only time when 
it is u.seless to try the fly even in the tid?I 
water is when there Is such an abundance of 
their favorite and natural food, the small fry 
of the salmon and other varieties of fi.*ih. in- 
cluding their own little brethren, that any- 
thing smaller and less succulent will not temn) 
the fat and full-fed cannibals. 

The angler who can land on light tackle 
a big percentage of the sea-trout that he hooks 
has nothing to be ashamed of, for he will in 
every case be trying conclusions with a fish 
that knows no surrender and has to be played 
to a finish, after a succession of runs' and leaps 
tugs, hcadshakings and antics which will kee;« 
the fisherman's heart in his mouth, and will 
make him respect every specimen of the tribe 
with which he comes to a close acquaintance. 
for he will never strike a sulking fish and he 
will have a tussle in every case with an enemy 
which he cannot bring to basket until the last 
ounce of his fighting strength has been ex- 

-An experienced fisl'.ernian will of course 
understand that the excelence of the sport in 
different waters and lakes depends on condi- 
tions of weather and water, and that the best 
time to fish one water is not necessarily the 
best time to fish another. Many of our rivers 
arc glacial fed, and to fish them when the 
summer sun is discoloring their water with 
glacial mud is to court disappointment, al- 
though a visit to the same water in the au- 
tumn or sf^ring undoubtedly would mean the 
making of heavy baskets. 

Another thing which must not be forgotten 
is that the in the coast streams arc mi» 
gratory, many of our best coast streams de- 
pending entirely on runs of fish from the sea, 
and lucky is the man vho just hits off a run 
of sea-trout, for they averaee biir .|uid they 
fight like heroes. 


Sunday, March 24, 1912 



'"'■"'.'"Mi'S'si "1 if 






'l'.. ,11; ! M- ;■!> ,1 , 11' .1 : I - \. ;>" ; illlJ 

To keep our English Empire whdte, 
To all our noble sons, the strong 

New England of the Southern Pole, 
To England under ItnUar) skips. 

To those dark mllUbna ol her realm, 
To Canada, whom we lOve and prlzi, ' 

Whatever statesman hold the helm: 
Hands all round! 

God tlio traitor's hope confoundl 
To this great name of England drink, 

my friends. 
And all her glorious Empire round and / 

, ,„-„.,,^_ - t«k«n by Gom' 

mwmm^-^wmmimtii^i^ Alexandria, 

ilitolt^ I^iga^HftHfax, Canada, "Gazette" 
vfSsWfelfeb*^ Antigua -created a crown col- 

llwiill'aBb •r387.----FIcmbh fleet of loo sail de- 
feated by the English, 80 captured. Hydera- 
«'|Wia captiM-ed by the English, 1843- 
March as, 1807.— 'Abolition of slave trade by 

Britain. . - 

Ten years gone. First turn in the race. 
A few broken down : two or three bolted, "^-v- 
eral show in advance of the ruck. Ca 
a black colt, scejns to be ahead of the rest; 
these black colts commonly get the start, I 
have noticed, of the others in the first quarter. 
Meteor has pulled up. 

Twenty years. Second corner turned. Cas- 
sock has dropped from the front, and Judex, 
an iron grey, has the lead. But look, how 
they have thinned out. Down flat, five, six— - 
hcxw many? They lie still enough; they will 
nptVget up again in this race, be very sure. 
And the test of .them, what a tailing off. Any- 
hody • can; iMyi!^.ifc J0?^ 


bright iotrieJ;' riodei^" by the fellow mth^ yttf 

the lav<>ri^|)fftll ipaiiy. Ittr wh^ is tibat 
other one that hiasrlyeeii len^ctihig his^tnae 
from the ;5rst »nj now shows dose up to the 
frontfl)on'i you remember the quiet brown 
colt Aster9id, with the star in his forehead? 
That is he; he is one of the sort that lasts; 
look out for him. The "black colt," as we used 
to call him, isdiL the background, taking it 
easily in a jretmectJcSt. THcfe Is on« diey used 
to calTtfie "Jilly'' oil account of a certain tem- 
iniiie ajr hei»»jdi W«^l up, ypu $ee.>tJi<f Filly is 

notto bede^pis*a;tny boy. 

Forty years. More dropping off, but places 
/much as before. 

singing Tristan at the Metropolitan House, 
and who has had a few Tristan like troubles 
in his own private cati led for Europe, 

on the New Amsterdam ium Tuesday. Ac- 
companying him and occupying a suite adjoin- 
ing his was Mrs. Adolph Dingles, with whom 
the tenor eloped from Dresden last summer, 
being afterward chased over a large part of 
Germany by Mrs. Dingle's irate husband. Mr. 
Burrian was glad to go. "This is my happiest 
day since I have been here," he said. "There 
is no liberty in this country. Because I gave 
out a little interview saying that 4 love this 
woman I get into endless trouble." 

lover by infecting him with her own disease a 
climax is reached that has seldom been ex- 

, -11 .,.4 

iyit - MwA fc^ <ijMi i^ «i.p R i yiii it M . n i f , 



"l^m " T he Auto CTat at the Breakfast Table." 
Oliver Wendell .Holmes 
I .find the ^eat thing in this world is, not ^ 
8fr taitch v^re we stand, as in what direction « 
we arc msopng, To reach the port of heaven 
we iHUSt sail sometimes with the wind and 
sometimes agaiflst it, but we must sail, ^d 
tm «lnilt pr lie at anchor. There is one very 
s^.ihilig in old- friendships, to- every mind 
4hat is really. moving onward. It is this; that 
one cannot hel», using his early friends as the 
seaman uses 4ie log-^to mark his progress. 
Ev(^y now and then we throw an ^4 schoc>I- 
fB|ia mf^, the stem with ^ string pf thottght 
-^g^iitm, and leok-4 am afraid with akiad^ 
iSt^^BBWBrious aiid sanctimonious compassion-^ 
to see the rate at wluch the string reels off, 
while he lies bobbing up and down, poor fel- 
ks#r and'Wc'are dashing along with the white 
foan^ and bri^t sparkle on at our bows; the 
ruffles bosom pf prosperity and progress, with 
a s^rig^diaiiio^d?,. stuck ia it.; But this is 
. o^.tl^ '3^l4menta}.si4fe..of~the matter j for 
i^^»'^mast,,ii weotttgrow all that we love. 
., I^n't ,raia»nae?sjtand . t;hat metaphor of 
heavj^g the iog, I beg -you., It'is merely a 
sniait way of saying that we cantiot avoid 
measuring Q^f' rate of movement by those with 
whom iHjEe-'haye long been in'the habit of com* 
»arinfi[ ourselves ; and whea'they once become 
aiationary we ^e*»-g<^t our reckoning from them 
/^jthi painful aect|raey. We see iust what we 
were when they were our -peers, and can strike 
% fetet t^etveen tbitt and whatever we 
• ti^|i^^i^Wi^i'««Rsehres.tofae now.. N%dottot tliat 
we ti^y sometimes be mid^t^cn* I^ "^^ change 
«^r^t simile to that .very old and familiar 
ijlle'of a fleet Seating :tW harbor and sailing 
. far company to some distant regipn, we caii 
get what we want out of it. The*c^s one of 
o|ir'v«$si(p!^H|ipaftf. her ^streamers were tbrn into 
' f|tJi,|l»4|rtrt.^into'tWopdtt sea, then 
by and-Mfever sails blew otit of the rop& 01)^ 
after a^Mfier. th^^xmjmf^i^^ilpi^^^-^ 
as night came ott*i^4l^lier^» «««|llii^j^iW«i5k^: 
at> we flew under our pyramid of cahvas. But 
low at dawn she is still in sight, it may be in 
advance of us. Some deep ocean current has 
been moving her on. strong, but ^lent, yes, 
■>:ronger than those noisy \yinds that pg^|^' 
sails until they are swollen as the ^^lig^ 
the jubilant cherubim, And,»jhe?*:iiliiiil#^ 

black steamtug with the i^|^|||||i??,... 

■comes- -out; of the ^mist s mm:^:'mvk^^m^ 
takes u$ all in tow, grapples her ani|i^,.„. 
panting and groaning with her, it is to that 
harbor where all wrecks axe refitted, and 
where, alas, we towering in our pride, may 
never come. 

So you will not think that I mean to speak 
liglitly of old friendships, becatise we cai?not 
help instituting comparisons between our pres- 
eirt and our former selves by the aid of those 
who were what we were, but are not what we 
ire. Nothing strikes one more in the race of life, 
than to see how many give out in the first half 
of the course. ' "Commencement Day" always 
reminds me of the start for the "Derby," when 
the beautiful high-bred three-year-olds of the 
season are brought up for trial. That da^ is 
the start and life is the race. Here we are at . 
Cambfidge, and a class is just "graduating." 
Poor Harry, he was to have been there too. 
but he has' paid forfeit, step out here into' the 
grass back of the church, ah, thereit is: 

"Hung lapidem posuerunt 
Soch moerentes." 

But this is the start and here they are, coats 
bright as silk, and manes as smooth as eau 
lustrale can make them. Some of the best of 
the colts are pranced around, a few minutes 
ach to show their paces. What is that' old 
gentleman crying about? and the old lady by 
him, and the three girls, what are they all cov- 
ering their eyes for? Oh, that is their colt 
that has just been trotted upon the stage. 
Do riiev really think fhfme little thin legs can 
do any'hing in such a slashing sweepstakes as 
coming off in these forty years? Oh, this 
lerrible gift of second ^'ght that comes to 
some of us when we begin to look through 
the silvered rings of the arcus senilis. 

All that are on the courSe art eomlng in at 
a walk; no more runnnig. Who is ahead? 
Ahead? What, and the winning post a slab of 
^hite„ or _^ey stone standing out from^Jhat 
turf whe»«'tB«re. Ig "no more jockeying or 
straining lor victory. Well, the world marks 
their places in its betting book; but be sure 
that these matter very little, if Ihey have run 
as well as they knew how. 


^ t^l^JtipJr/*^ yo» fe9k tor fe»» t<? «oa|e * 
in «t tW <S^r»irtlilwifilei^ *^h,^^^^ 
tuniat who disdlin* #i mmt yet pleyf ^ 
game, , a conjuror Wh0^ 5»H |»ke:4nythin^ pai 
of his hat from an a4ptab|c Artistic novelty 
to a threatening epi^at»i-^ a showman, adant^ 
ing bear," a flower girl, ajtencourager of noWe 

?liitrpnage, a caterer to the gallery, a JPicd 
iper who is able to make them all danc©alter 
him. And if he ever shcjultl come up to'"^« 
hole inahe hillside he wrpuUJ continue to let 
',era all go in while he himself stood outside- 
ready to look around for another venture, an- 




„ jier^ li ail a^ifeciation of the Ci^itn 
Met|dciteeoh»efaoit taken from MusicaVA*!fer- 

V !" Canada's latwefi^ chorosjthe^HenildwShtt 
C^m.fft'fotQnl^ considered^by ijiw gthM- 
sia^ to bfe one. of the greatie8t,.ljr.iiOt *»« 
greatest singing body In- the world, made a 
musical invasion of New York City recently, 
after m absence of five years. The appear- 
ance 4?t this choir in tw^ concerts tDok on in- 

tematioiukl MgiM^ca^cej,«i^fito'^<>''®PPf«*»*>?. °* 
Chic»#r» ithiQdor* ThonOrflrcheatt*^ which 

i»2t only iMiMed the 8iiigef%4Mit 400^ «ev- 
eral numbers of |b own to the prograunmt. 

the Canadiaiilarty comprised aoo singers, 
headed by their itmarkaol^^dllrectdr, Dr. A. S. 
Vogt. They came to Jtor Vork in a spei»al 
train of twelve PoHmaiillelpers^Mid totfr din* 
ing. cars, haviis^ife.- ^e members of the 
Th<^mas Orchestra' 10' Buffalo, where a con- 
cert was given. Besides their rehearsals amd 
concerts the visitors' time was taken up by 

other crowd tO pipe to.—New Yuik SuH. ' 

The New "Ch^lemagne** * - .^ 
The eiaat-Qf^tM gf ^S<l_Qpera season, of 
Marseilles was the first performaiice Saturday 
night of "Charlemagne,^' ah opera in three 

Geraldine Farrar, of the Metropolitan 
Opera House, has decided that she is tired of 
hotel life and wants to keep house.^ Conse- 
quently she has removed her goods and chat- 
tels from the Ilotel Knickerbocker, where she 
has resided for several seasons, to a house at 
No. 220 Madison avenue, where, of course, her 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Farrar, accom- 
pany her. 

Those who heard De Pachmann play in 
r Victoria recently will appreciate what took 

in St .] 

■^mmm^Mim 'lodal riot/^ JDe f ^ch 
^mmm was'iftOffertl^'^^wiiall^^fhi^^ciw^ 
t^^vibr that night, taHdhg to the «r$^estri^v 
Iti^^hc audience iwHtte he fiayedj ftnd by hiW 
"^ttfiftiid and one mannerisms enormously 
WiiesUiig the. spectators. After his final num- 
ber, when he had twice responded to an en- 
core, ^.the audience continued to clamor for his 
reappearance. The concert was given by the 
St. Lotlis Symphony Club, who were unable to 
surt their rn«mber following De Pachmann's 
(ii^e, and the. director, thoroughly disgusted, 
threw down his baton ^nd dismissed his men 
from the stage. De;]^achmann, realizing pre- 
sumably, that the audience were clamoring for 
further exhibition nf his rrcf ntricities, rather 

delusion. The 'soul, never' comes or goes. 

Where is the place to which it shall go, when 
all space is in the soui? When ^^hall be the 
time for entering and departinu, '"en ail time 
is in. the soul? 

The earth moves, cau-sing the illusion of the 
movement of the sun. but the sun does not 
move. So Frakriti, or Maya or Nature, is 
moving, changing, unfolding veil after veil 
turning over leaf after leaf of this grand book, 
while the witnessing soul drinks in knowledge, 
unmoved, unchanged. All souls that ever 
have been, are, or shall be, are all in the pres- 
ent, and to use a material simile— are all 
standing at one geometrical point. Because 

gthe idea of space does not occur in the soul^ 

ISeretor all that were ours, are ours and wiW" 
he x»tirs ;# always with us,, were always with 

;. ^^jjjid^^^tWSf j;^^^ We are m 

•them.. ;■'' 

ittoon, creating fh*iH«8H 
moving. So nature, boc^^mfctt^ mOiT^^^^. 
creati^ the Mtusidn «««™6^ so^ ;^ 
Thus we find at last, thWtHhat;ms|<hCt ^Jg 
spiration?) which men" of every fiiCe; Mrhmg 
l)igh or low, havc'had to feel'thiprw^^ <** 
the departed about them, is true ^itcnec|^f 
also, ... r|. ; 

Each soul is .a star, and all stars are U!^ 
that infinite azure, the eternal sky, the Lgg; 
There is the root, the reality, the real mdim- , 
uality of each end. Religioil begah with the 


ih^ intends, to 
ftl^'for six months 
'^^^^I^'With tl^ 

-; The pi)em i 
' eagea ftse i|i 

neAMng ipTew c 

Of the ffi 

wtHi Fni 

than to hear htm play, left the concert hall in 
ai, fine rage and the concert terminated 

abrtlptly. .. ■•''' 

7' ^tost^^dfTsalU^^^ 

ftt-the 6l^jof hel- o|»era season in Australia, 
^He MCtb^y withdrew to her new country 
home there which she calls Cold^ri^. Af- 
Wji^jSm^m^V' rmjihfice.^. K?m leave U 

led to return |^;|^Wfti^^iN|p8^^ 

acts by Jena Marsete, music by DturaQdijBiJptlu 

Leading Parisian critics and »ota)3i|iti<ys)^( ^ 

mtisic worid had travcUenf to^thatrcitjr to mih-. I 

.Hess this "first night/' nejtvOn accontttTe^tW r 

iMitional hero poriirasM ili'^s^.new }«i^^ "^ 

heMiise the score and IfttriBllo wtittrmm»^ ' 

to be oi ecxei^tiooal merit; ^^/M|fsele:»^i!he 

author ol several short p||yr#flicKh»v%]fttMl ^ 

.produced on variotis s^f|^'<tat M. Dltat^. 
-:3ociV'>wi»le he fa^-,9Pfl^|^#e#j^£^iKff«^^J9#: 
^|iia^>>!fem8, JJas-! 
i7^^«,era. The 

ihoQid «erve to^eoitfi^ yoong^ e<to^^i«^4:^ip^lf«i':a^^ wi 

who^anthition laurels io^gnitdQA^.^;'i^#4.-#; >ialiirlnevitable advent of 
. ; iSf^ewe ol rChariemag^u^ m^m^ 'Se but necessary , farewells.-' sy 
'./t«ki^'lfOlail ihe Wious soi^l'df^the htlfll^ ^presented her with « gold-lovl 
'/deeds' .ol<imMl4:s»<(^<P^^^ ^^ Charleymajpe^l permitting her to take her depa*- 
lly in verse, while many pas- "^ 

* ^ JPT°^^* '^^^^ author of 
''^""have aimed only at 
of Roland"^ to the stage 

search alter some of tH^t HUlb lUit Iwd M* 
ed beyond our horizon, and end^d in fitiding 
them all in God, and ourselves m the fitaie 

* -Uj 

§ i |[ ^ fei f > im rices: ' A^ 

ssible, and main- 
try characteristics 
ly liberty which 

sightseeing and numerous receptions ^ven 
them by the Musicians' Club, the aohemieps, 

Ever an enthusiastic admil 
Hammerstein's venturesomeness. 
Convent Garden will e^cperience a^ nm^seur 
.lou in finding herself for th< -'^"'"a^'™«- 
iiic vanguard of the f(^r(peft;jlW^L 
American impresarid."''»"!i»' "*^^' 

Jb^ women, thong^^tjcj^ 

into the play ztf.i0S^ 
^ . Roland." Aside (thm tfifs 'ferindeSjItm' l^s 

JSrCanadiii aub-'id the"MeiM«»ha Gle^ } >^|l t^«t"cal conventionality whidi ^ 

r-iT.u ' • ^ JWiit?' . . i'^MMy admit oi-gmmo^^ma. wathoal^ ^ 

" " " ^ roles, "Thc^^^^w|«P*gil^^:|-a'raS»"**^:*^^^^ '• r- 

•SSdosely the origijS»S^I^1tia'talWii I'WSlBenhimself m^^lide into 
. *W*tepre of thisiyjwra has met with unau- , prymf-;40will^»y intrude unless ^^ 
iimms pl^, though Se influences of Bach, \ He «t«« ^(Mer and summer, for the 
B^dioven, Beriioz ^d e&{!ieciadly.Wa^r ace 
parttcttlarly noticeable. 

The programme was miscellantous in «har» 
acter and when Mr. Stock took his place be- 
fore the orchestra, to direct the Schumann 
"Liebes Frul^ling" overture hardly a seat was 
found vacant in Carnegie Hall. 
- throughQut the Jfvening^ the. choir, fcHly 

mairttaih^..|t%..i«J^ ^ A»« 

sonorous tdne^^sdity,«b8oittte preciaioii of at- 
•iack, and exqutstteiy graduated dynamics. To 
Watch t>r; Vogt direct is, in itself, «, distinct 
artistic ple?isure.* Such ab^M^^.i^JWMtn»nd ol 
the vaifeij^ources of his smgin^ %0i^*. « 
sqch g id ^ii Kig discipline is indeed mffii^Wim. 
and bespeaks' training of a very superior, or- 
d^r. IWtiiip ind employing only 

the simplest and most direct methods ot cou- 
ducting, he accomplishes miracles in subtle, ex- 
pression and telling effects. 

The programme itself provided an embar- 
rassn^ent of riches. As excellent as each. item 
proved- itself, it js .<iuestionable if any audi- 
ence has. the mental capacity to absorb so 
much that is good in one evening. An abbre- 
viation even of such opulenc* might hav6 
been desired. 

No more strikingly effective rentree for the 
Toronto singers couid have been conceived 
than was afforded, by. the JUotti "Crucifixus." 
The opening crescendo from a mysterious 
pianissimo carried througli with the most skil- 
ful gradation of tone to a full-blooded fortis- 
simo at once produced an electric thrill in the 
listeners. By the perfection of balance, the 
tonal finesse and the atmospheric impressive- 
ness achieved in this noble work the chorus set 
itself a standard which could not conceivably 
have been a higher one. Any. apprehensions 
that may have arisen that such a standard 
could not be consistently maintained were to 
be dissipated by the well poised dramatic in-, 
tensity, the tonal variety and dignity that fair- 
ly transfigured Gounod's somewhat theatrical 
setting of the 137th Psalm, as also by the man- 
ner in which the following three numbers 
with orchestra were given. Undoubtedly the 
most overwhelming climax of choral beauty 
was attained in the "Sanctus" from Bach's 13 
Minor Mass. Here indeed Dr. Vogt played on 
his choir as on a great organ, and the effect of 
the wonderfully lucid contrapuntal singing, 
building up ever greater masses of tone, was 
truly sublime. 

This chorus is such a supcrii nKsiunnciu m 
itself that it seems to be ca])able of its most 
uriiqtic efefcts with'.nv •■ ; 'n5tr«fr>'^"f?l ^'d 

ftotii the.lJwail ^ 
In the Name:Ot.God, ihe, Comj^assionate, 

the Merciful • , , jj* .w . .J^ ^^ 

Verily this,present.ltfe.J|,J#e^^e water 

which is sent down Ifom heaven,. a»a the pro- 
duce <>i the earth, of which men and cattle 
e^t, is mingled with it„;tillthe earth hath re- 
ceived its golden f^m^9^ is decked out: 
and they who-Hwell onii 4eem they have 
power over it; byt. Our behest cometh to it 
by Wi^t or by day and iim)m^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^^^'^ 
been mown* *s, il it i^5l 1F^ teemed only yes- 
..ietdijr. .'rah«^..J^^a^..pur signs clear to 
* those who cc^aaiatct. . '"£^1^*."?^ 

And qod ^^,^Mji^^^^ ' ^"^' 
He guideth^whom Hct'^ttt mkm m^^^ way. 
Goodness itself and an increase of it for 
those who 4^'^JEQi94iL''!lMS^fS9r' blackness nor 
SK5e «SSt!»^iip2. These shall be 
the inmates o|,^^ggpa^:^^ 
abide lorfcyer.j ., , 

''}'' 'Prom the 'CsSfe 

Yashas the youth of^'St . 

At thaj time.^h|i*W*ir1«l^. 
youth, YMakmhtfrnt"^: 

8orrows>of the world, 'l^fm^ — ^ . 

the «ight^ «ad< stole Vtm^tti the Blessed One. 
. The BJ^l^-Ont 'Wfflr.. Yashas the noble 
youth apoidiWM&g jtimil ri ir And Yashas" 
cxcUiimed.*^Sfe»fc-<J»»*ss. .What tnbu 



shall they 

^es a noble 

a wealthy 

about the 

itly rose up in 


"'Aid^'* JEf<^ - Ywni Old 

rAJd*.** .yerd^«ff«»laT opera, had Ite fof- 

Mii^hMmif^imMmAry on Februarys. 

This fact, together with other interesting ^ta 

" concerning the opera, was pointed out by Max 

Halpersoui music critic of the New York 

Staats Zeitung. Verdi wrote "Aida" under the 

solicitation of the Khedive of Egypt, for the ; 

celebration of the opening of he Suez Cana:! 

anfl for it he received $40,000. The opera was 

first produced in Cairo on December 24, 1871, 

bu the official premiere, under the personal 

direction of the composer himself, was not 

given until January 8, 1872, at La Scala, Milan. 

•It was nearly two years later wdien the Strak- 

osch Opera ' Company gave a production of 

' \!i; (t ie Academy of Music in New 

York, but it was not presented in Berlin until 

1874; Vienna, Warsaw and St. Petersburg not 

until 1875, and London- and Paris first heard 

the opera in 1878. 

"Aida" was pronounced a failure by the 
Staats-Zeitung critic, who preceded Mr. Hal- 
pcr<(ni. and only a short life was predicted for 
the work. Octave Torriani sang the title role 
in the first American production, while others 
in the cast were Annie Louise Gary. Italo 
Campanini. Victor Maurel. Nannetti and Sco- 
laro, Emanuel Muzio was the conductor. 

The title role of Richard Strauss' new opera. 
"Ariadne at Naxos.' 'which is to be produced 
in Stuttgart on October 7, will be created by 
Emmy De.stinn. Miss Destinn cabled list; 
week her willingness to. appear in the opera. 
She will also sing "Minnie" in a Paris produc- 
tion of "The Girl of the Golden West," with 
Caruso, following the close of iIi' Mletropoli- 
tan season. 


('.III Bujrian, wh<i 

■ lllv LCIKM IUjv\ 

An opera marked both i^-, the l.rilliany of 
the work and for the horror of its text was pro- 
duced in l'*aris at the Opera Comique. It is 
called "La Lepreusc," and is from the pens oJt 
Henry Bataille and Sylvio Lizzari. Lazzari'? 
music fitted in perfectly to depict the grew- 
someness of the story, and in character is remi- 
nicscnt of Wagner. Unplefte^nnt as ♦h*' theme 
is, dealing with leprosy, it is forcefully dra- 
matic, and when the .qirl decides to win h^r 

XteAtiHWt M Jcold weather. 

The r^mt' hopeful of an int^«ai J|# 

bhttseJftei^^ed with a w^« j^Jf^*^ 
rounds ^i l^hhds. Tlte gate in this"W!i»'^4s 
toeked and without a keeper. No servant is tcT 
,b|yjtrart«d:|i|;ihe importunities and tempting 
bfflwsW'jCmerican tourists. 

Instead there is a card which bids those 
who seek admission to press a button that 
rings a bell at the house and to give their 
names through the speaking tube. If these are 
recognized and the visitors are desired the 
gate is unlocked by another electric wire and 
the path leads the way to the house. 
Strauss is an indefatigable mountain clim- 
ber. In his knee breeches and stout shoes he 
will tramp over the sides and summits of 
these mountains by the day, jotting down in 
a note book the themes kindled in his imagin- 
ation by the beauty, and grandeur outspread 
before him. Thus he has found a "programme" 
for-his new piece at his very doors. 

. Q 


"Praise the Lord all ye nations. Praise Him 
all ye peoples. For His merciful kindness is 
great toward us. and the truth of the Lord 
endureth forever. Praise ye the Lord 

Some extracts from the beautiful Vedantic 
philosophy as translated by the Swami Vive- 

"At first the goal is far off. outside Nature, 
and far beyond it, attracting us all toward it. 
This has to be brought near, yet without be- 
ing degraded or degenerated, until it has come 
close and closer, the God of Heaven becomes 
the God in Nature, till the God in Nature be- 
comes the God who is Nature, ami the God 
who is Nature becomes the God within this 
temple of the body, and ihe God dwelling in 
the temple of the body becomes the temple 
itself, becomes the soul of man. Thus it 
reaches the last words it can teach. He whom 
the sages have sought in all these places, is in 
our own hearts. Thou art He. O Man. Thou 
art He." 

The surface of the sea rise.s and .sinks alter- 
natelv, but to the observant soul, the child of 
light, each sinking reveals more and more of 
the depth, and of the beds of pearl and coral 
At the bottom. Coming and going is all pure 

Uitions.' ,. , UTT *- 

The Blessed One said to Yashas Her^ris^j 
no distress; h|»l#D tribulations. Come to me 
and I Will tei |^. the truth, and truth will 
^dispel your a(lii|eli».'' 

AQdwhen'^lMllM^ noWe youth, heard 
-.#t1t' there Wi«|fc«il^*h*'lf- distress,, nor tribula-_^ 
tJdo*, nor sofWiril, his heart was comforted.! 
He went into the place where the Blessed 
One was, and sat down near him. 

Then the Blessed One preached about char- 
ity and morality. He explained the vanity of 
desires, their sinfulness and their evil, anTK 
pointed out the path of deliverance. 

. Instead of disgust at the world, Yashas feU 
the cooling stream of holy wisdom, and hav- 
ing obtained the pure and spotless eye of truth, 
he looked at his person, richly adorned with 
pearls and precious stones, and his heart was 
filled with shame. 

And Tathagata, knowing his inward 
thoughts said. 

Though a person be ornamented with 
jewels, the heart may have conquered the 
senses. The outward form does not constitute 
religion or affect the mind. Thus the body of 
a shrmana may wear an ascetic garb while his 
mind is immersed in worldliness. 

A' man that dwells in lonely woods and 
yet covets worldly vanities, is a wordling. 
while a man in worldly garments may let his 
heart soar high to heavenly thoughts. 

There is no'distinction between the laymaai 
and the hermit, if but both have banished the 
thought of self. 

The New Testament, Romans 15 

We then that are strong ought to bear the 
infirmities of the weak, and not to please our- 

Let every one of us please his neighbour 
for his good to edification. , 

For even Christ pleased not Himself; but 
as it i^ writtou the reproaches of them 
fell on mc. 

For whatsoever things were written afore- 
time were written for our learning, that we 
through patience and comfort ,of the Scrip- 
tures might have hope. 

Now the Crod of patience and consolation 
grant you to be likeminded one toward an- 
other according to Christ Jesus. 

That ve mav with one mind and one mouth 
glorify God, even the Father of Our Lofd 
Jesus Christ. «,*. 

W'iiereior- receive ye one »nuiulKT|"15l"< 

also received, us to the glory of God. 



Sunday. March 24, 1912 

s;\P^^5~ij y 'r\ 




remaiuc(i under Roman dominion iwt 
five hundrerl years. At the time of the Roman 
conque- population of the country was 

probably uikkt five millions. No reliable sta- 
tistics are available, but such estimates as were 
made by contemporary historians do not war- 
rant the assumption that the total exceeded 
this number. Many of the original tribes had 
wholly disappeared. Some, like the Basques 
and ?Ielvetii. had fled to the mountains. Others 
had been wholly exterminated. Others had 
been so reduced in number as to have been unr 
able to maintain a separate tribal eadstehtc; 

Thofer.<iUwi •mmm^^m^. ■ divided; ' ^w.^^:tfM!^,^ 
tto, that w«lfe|E^t ap^*t by tli« te^^^ 

meitt of small m^Mm^ij^^'. o^sit)^itic#.r^!Et 

the RTcat m(njti^Bsl^;d*ct«?d it liybns ifyrtmk 
the completeness 0\fh5s Rdtnaii 'coftqiicst Atli^ 
the inauguration df the ^orh^n' Peate; thi^ire 
were representations of sixty different Jocal 
governments. Roman legions were quartered, 
in the country, and other legions were recruit- 
ed among the natives. Julius Caesar took care 
before he returned to Rome to see that the pro- 
vincial governments were well established. He 
divided Gaul into two provinces, that on the 
south being called Gallia Togata, to signify 
that its people might wear the Roman toga and 
«».njoy the full privilege of citizenship; that on 
the north being Gallia Comata, that is Gaul of 


Christianity made their homes. Here also the 
terrible persecution ordered .by Marcus Aurc- 
liuS -was felt in' its forms. Histopiiins 
and philosophers have tried ui vain to recon- 
cile- these persecutions with the higli ethics 
and noble philosophy of this Emperor. ' Pos- 
sibly the accounts preserved of them, written 
as they we^e, almost exclusively by Christians, 
may have been tinged Avith some exaggeration; 
but making the fullest allowance for this, 
what was done in I^yons seems to have bt-cn 
the acme of cruelty. The only room for doubt 
arises from the fact that human' nature could 
not have borne the tortures said to liave been 
inflicted upon the Chri.stians for days to- 
gether. The account written to the Eastern 
/^^?.!^I5^^??» M*^^ repr^Qjii^ced I » v Euseb ius, • wUo 

wMm^'mmmmm:.:^^' mBrnptmrn^, i*he 

«^r*t^l'«^«»e wholfrnwitter ii th*t Christianity 

Aher the death of Conmntine the Greati 
and during what has been called the Imperial 
Anarchy, which lasted until the overthrow of 
the Empire, Gaul was subject to many inva- 
sions from beyond the Rhine, but they were 
all successfully resisted, although not always 
without tremendous sacrifice, until the latter 
quarter of the Fifth Century, when the Franks 
under Meroveus made a permanent .settle- 
ment in the north. Then began a new chapter 
in the story of. this land, and Gaul became the 
country of the Franks. 

the lonf-halred;' attd Its people were treated as 
a subject race, but with much kindness. Caesar 
left Gaul fairly content under its new masters 
and in a state of peace except along the Rhine, 
where there were almost continual collisions 
between ihe Roman troops and those of Ger- 

In the reign of Augustus and in that of his 
successor Tiberius this satisfactory state of 
things continued. Caligula acted the part of 
the mad tyrant in Gaul just as he did else- 
where. His successor Claudius, who was born 
at Lyons, extended the rights of citizeship to 
thie long-haired Gauls, and in his reign the 
coutttry prospered. He was responsible for 
an act the effect of which tvill- doubtless con- 
tinue as long as time endures. He resolved 
that alt the jRoman world should speals the 
kngttag<b of Rome. It is told of Augustus that 
when a messenger came from one of the east- 
em provinces of the Empire with a petition, he 
refused to hear him because he could not speak 
in Latin, but he made no decree enjoining that 
all citizens should use that language. Claudius 
was regarded by his family as a dull man. Hts 
mother called him "a shadow of a man, an un- 
fintshed sketch of riatiire*s drawing,**' but lie 
was statesman enough to recognize that there 
cottld be no assimilation between the various 
peoples of the Empire unless they were all 
taught to speak the same language, and to 
read their laws out of the same writings. iMie 
doctrine of separate laws, language and re- 
ligion was not tolerated by Roman imperial- 
ists. The effect of the decree of Claudius was 
to replace the ancient speech of Gaul by the 
lan^^uage of ^ome, and thus was laid the foun- 
^tfon of modem French. So complete tvas the 
chatlge that the Franks and other Qermanic 
tjtbes^ which later> entered the country, adopted 
the language they found there. In England 
these invaders imposed their speech upon the 
people. In .Gaul nearly five hundred years of 
Latin culture had so established the tongue of 
Italy that it could not be replaced. Qn the 
contrary, it became the language of culture aiid 
of the cQilcta aUwer western Europe. Later 
it becaii^tlhki £ij»^age of diplomacy^ and it is 
only now being slowly replaced by the spieech 
which the Germanic peoples brought witto 
them into England. 

The peace of Gaul did notjremain untjroken. 
There were numerous ^iil^iSBngs, but. none of 
them met with even a moderate measure of 
,su<;qtS)|,^^,.Gau|l,€ame, as the yearf rolled Ot); to 

im kf/ilfmktjM more important p art in the af-_ 
, »«r€te%'^^BOil^aj^,^*t.)^wln'6ur .senes 
Of artieles tm the ISloinan'Etrtjiwrors, on more 
than. one occasion placed her favorite general 
on the throne of the Caesars. The religion of 
Gaul before the conquest was Druidical, whicii 
has been described as more of a political or- 
ganization thain as of feHgious character; It 
was obnoxioiai|ii|^e^^ R^ who regarded it 

as a source «lllil%er to their power. Hence 
the Druid priests were driven from the coun- 
try, although no attempt was made to itnpose 
Paganism itpon the people. The Roman pol- 
icy of permitting all religions to exist side by 
side was adhered to in Gaul, except so far as 
the banishment of the Druidical priesthood 
was concerned. There was One exception to 
this rule of tolerance, and it was Christianity. 
At first the emperors regarded it with indif- 
ference. Its adherents were looked upon only 
as a sect of uninflucntial Jews. Suetonius 
sa3s, "The Emperor Claudius drove from 
Rome the Jews, who, at the instigation of 
Christus, were in continual commotion." This 
took place about twenty-five years after the 
Crucifixion. Suetonius wrote about fifty 
years later, and his words show how the 
Christians were looked upon by the educated 
Romans at the close of the first century of 
our Era. The persecutions directed against 
them were at first political, that is. the Chris- 
••;.po 'vfrc made scapegoats on various dcc.i- 
■^ions. when it was necessary to lay the blame 
of a calan,\ity upon some one. Thus Nero per- 
secuted them for the burning of Rome. The 
jirw religion was introduced into Gaul from 
Greece and came by way of Marseilles, where 
there \v€re rminantc of fhc. n](\ Creek colonies. 
I; made its headquarters at Lyons, and here 
eome of the greatest lights of the early days of 

aiiii having lived i- i . iod old age, uc ma- 
jority of the peopK .ted his teachings. 

Alexander is said Lu have burnt. tine, of the 
oirly two copies of the Avesta. The Greeks 
are.sitpposed to have stolen the other one, and 
borrowed from it all their scientific knowl- 
edge. It is a complicated system of religion, 
and presupposes a long period of development. 
The doctrines are subtle ; the ceremonial order 
of worship, loa'-'-'d with strict observances, is 
interrupted at every moment by laws, describ- 
ing minute details of the ritual." 

In another article we will try and gi vie the 
story of the creation of the vjcf 
in azda, taken from th 

— Q i H i i i _ iii jji i I 



V «i.J7 ~T ca"»* o^ •tl»i|.0t*C4al Period 4s unknown. 

'^raiedli^^ |0 accc^At for it ar«t very well sup- 
ported by facts, but fl© evidei^^'^fs^ available* 
that Is not open to objection. liii&ptA there are 
tliose who deny that there ever was a Glacial 
Period and who seek to explain the phenomena 
attributed to it in some other way. Many 
feaders may be familiar . with Ignatus Don- 
nelly'* Ragnafok, in which he seeks to show 
by rcierence to certain aspect? of the Drift 
and to the older myths and legends of man- 
kind, that most of the so-called glacial pheno- 
mena can be best explained by supposing the 
earth, to have been mi collision with a comet. 
Hia book is rery . rea dable fur the facta . -. ct 

forth in it. His arguments at times strained to 
the breakng point. Without taking this writer 
seriously, he may be said to represent the ex- 
treme school of tbo»«« who believe the Glacial 
Period was due to astronomical causes, that is, 
to causes external to the earth. We shall deal 
first with the astronomical theories. 

Fossil remains prove that at a time ante- 
cedent to the distribution of the Drift, which, 
as was' pointed out in a previous article, is the 
geological term for sand, gravel and clay, si 
much warmer temperature prevailed in high 
latitudes than now is found there. It is an es- 
tablished fact that in what is known as a Ter- 
tiary Period in geology the temperature of the 
North Temperate and Arctic Zones was much 
warmer than it now is. A* these articles are 
being written for, the information of *, 
tvho have paid tittfe attention to such'matters, 
it may be added that the proof of this arises 
from the fact that in the rocks of thfe Arctic 
Zone, in a regtoi^ no^ covered *tth"lce per^n 

face of the Sun. These things show the Sun 
to be a globe in constant and tremendous ac- 
ti\ity, varying fFOm time to time. It is suggest- 
ed that during the Tertiary Age the activity 
was great, and hence, greater heat was given 
off, and that ttjis activity was followed by a 
jieriod of lost activity and consequently of less 
licat, and then the earth become ice-coated. 

A frturth explanation is that the earth's axis 
r'^'fted during the Glacial Period. This theory 
1 found a great many supporters,' but it 
•^ ns open to insuperable objections. It is not 
reconcilable with the distribution of the Drift'. 
It also seems to be too great a cause for such a 
, result UK it is supposed to have produced. It is 
Jw^hough one,-having found d broken egg-shell, 
mold argue tl»a^ it must h^ve been |&Jte|l|s 

ward -_ _.,_. ^-.„ r^-,,.^^-^„. .^^,^.,,„„. 

|>eriod8 and will bb trH>rrtfif3sl^jgcumhg x^x»t 
larly with intermediate' perJadif of H^im'^^' 
perature. These changes may be due, it' ti' 
suggested, to the precession of the- eqruinokesi, " ' 
This needs a little explanation, but it will %^ 
more fully explained in the next article of"thJ§ 
series. It is interesting apart from its bearing 
upon the Glacial Period. 



Media\el art and mediaeval theology have 
<r'ombined to give u& what i& very probably an 

all had on halos. They were only a little band 
of friends, one of them a very boastful fellow 
who showed the white feather at a critical mo- 
ment. He was sorry for it afterwards; and 
wept bitterly,, and in after Hfe he showed that 
he had the courage of one who dared anything. 
Another of them was one of those questioning 
people, who have to be sHowri things before 
they -will believe. About the others we. do 
not know very much. Prohably if wc coiild 
have seen them we would have thought they 
were a very ordinary looking lot of people, en- 
tertained by a fine-looking young man jtt an 
evening meal, a pleasant -social gathering. It 
proved to be very much more than thi^, for 
Jesus took occasion to speak to Hi<i^*' frifii44 
as He d of g a iRt appear to have spoken to tibem 

'^•*^*^^$^^i^^^'^^^'^*^"'^^ "^ ''' '^^^^ ^'^^ ^'^^^ ^****» 
aaClIe^M* frojn ;do\v. K you have '• 

•nc^ttctimm»MB0 9m9mtmm)iAt He said, 
read ft thijf ^plp. l^u ii^lbWt tl4Mgin: 
ning at V^i^gg*!**^ pttlEii iToccu- 
pies the vfiffOSmet of tftifk mmr and extends 
^ ^ eni^ opi^bapter 3CV:tt. ^ jThe address to 
^e • fitt^lpWr r- ^nds witir u^se triumphant 
jvordfr. fti ^hje close of the.XVL chapter; "I 
have overcome the world." Chapter XVII. is 
a prayer, a- prayer in which the divine in Jesus 
rises above the hu|nan sid.e in His nature. 

Take another scene, the agony in the gar- 
den. It is not the Son_of God who exclaims 
"Father if it be possible, let this cup pass from 
me J neyerthelesa not my will hut, thine ht 


Median Mytholo^ 
V'ery little is known of the history of the 
Median empire. Her early days are hidden hjc- 
hind' the mysteriotis curtain of. farKlistant 
time, and we can catch here Atid there 6iily 
tantalizing and. elusive glimpses, which give 
us but a vague idea of the b«auty, the power 
and the mi^t of that nation, which dared to 
rise up against the conquerors of western Asia, 
defying at first the omnipotence of the great 
Arsur-bajni'pal, to whom Asia and Africa, even 
haughty Egypt herself, had bowed the knee, 
and finally to overthrow one kingdom after 
another. , 

History tells us that the country was rich, 
and the people luxury-loving, though their 
manner of living was more primitive than that 
which existed in Egypt or Chaldea. Their 
political and military organizations were 
strong, and, indeed, the whole social system 
must have been admirable in many ways, for 
it produced men who w^re to become the con- 
querors of the Western wodd. :' . .., l 
Particularly \fras the xeligion they professed 
an interesting one for us to study tochiy, f<ir it 
was that religion common to all the Irahlans, 
the Persians as well as the Medes, ;itnd ^e 
name of whose founder is familiar to most of 
us. \Ve call him Zoroaster, but in those au)* 
cient times he was known as Zarathustra, and 
he^ is said to have been the first law-giver and 
prophet of the Iranian people. 

According to the very oldest accoiiints, Za- 
rathustra was born in the region Between tht 
Araxes and the Kur, to the west of the Cas- 
pian Sea. We take the followtng siiotiy of fci^ 
birth and manhood from Maspero's Egypt, 
Vol. VIII.: ' 

"In the belief of an Iranian, every man, every 
living creature now existing or henceforth to 
exist, not excluding the gbds themselves, pos- 
sesses a Frohar, or guardian Spirit, who is as- 
signed to him at his" entrance into the world, 
and who Is tfienireforth devoted entirely. ' fa* 
watching over his material and moral wett- 
being. About the time appoint^e^ for the ap- 
pearance of the prophet, his Krohar was, by 
dfvljie gAce, impHalmii in the heart of a Hao- 
ma, and was AbiO#lNed along with the juice of 
the plant by'tift^iest Purushaspa during a 
sacrifice, a ray or heavenly glory descending at 
me same time into the l;NOsom o^j^^^en of 
^noble .rac.e,name4,PttglfeiuwhQS3Kdiaar. 
pa shortly afi^^ards espoused. Zoroaster 
was engendered from the mingling of the 
Frohar with the celestial ray. The evil spirit, 
whose supremacy he threatened endeavored 
to destroy him as soon as he saw the light, and 
despatched one of his aigents, named Boniti. 
froin the country of the far north to oppose 
him J but the infant prophet immediately pro- 
nounced theforrhula with which the psalm for 
the offering of the waters opens : 'The will 
of the Lord is the rule of Good.' . . . Boniti 
immediately fled aghast.' Again and again did 
the demons assail the child Zoroaster, but. 
aided by the good deity, he. kept them all at 
'bay. When he grew to young manhood he 
had become so strong and so wise, that the 
good spirits thought him fit to be conducted 
into the presence of the Snprcme Being. Of 
the Deity Zoroaster inquired, 'Which is the 
best of the creatures which are upon the earth?' 
And the answer was given, 'He whose heart is 
pure excels them all' .\fter having pas.sed 
through many terrible ordeals, physical and 
mental, Ahura-mazda. the Supreme Being, 
gave into the prophet's hands the Book of the 
Law, the Avesta, and he was sent from Heaven 
to his native land. Arriving at the court, the 
wise men gathered about Zoroaster and tried 
to bewilder him with their questions, but he 
replied to them all clearly and unhesitatingly, 
and betrayed no confusion of word or manner 
or countenance. Then, when baffled, they 
stood silent before him. having questioned him 
for four days and nights, he opened the 
precious volume entrusted to him by .Ahnra- 
inazda. and read from it aloud. ,rpon hearing 
the words <.'f wisdom the wise men were con 
founded and put to shame. Henceforth r. in- 
verts flocked to Zoroaster, and before he died, 

exceedingly maccurate idea of Jesus as a man. 
The artists have g»^'eh Him a mournful face 
and placid ^prcssiOttjT the IhfMofeians have 
f°'^^f X ^, ~W ^: m'ihh;^ a role. 

They ^ not Wlp m't6 St-pmm^s his con- 
temporaries saw Him, arid although that may 
be impossible, perhajis; if Wt tKihJ? over a few 
of thfe iBtcfd^ilts ofHis life; v^e ftisiyget a bet> i 
ter idea of what He was likie'tfa^ti'm^t'^ ua ' 


s u 

nially, f^sil remains are. found of pl^iM^ 'i^»fi?Rti|^,th«..v«! 

^^J^qt,e.tion tW^WL^ 
Wi'^''«l*iPi,^»'^ great differeni»^"'' ¥** 


mate taa 


1Kicf:-suii^.,^_,., ^, , ^ 

<^eEr;var|^'ai^;gii^ftfe*^ _ 

jDivti' tllt^s^ is baiftd npoh 

fact that the 


years. of. age/atitlwpiwne of the Crucifixi.^. 
1 hiiiee ^j^ .iwstltoife v«#*t4»irpod; to be idnttHir i 
porary ^^j^^^s of ;H«b. one of wl^ch.dft-. 

'^l^^pMiBMIiyitN^Sji^fs -mission' 

t«ic<*i,Ji8J^]ptt:Jiiilh<oo4cw#& _., ^^r^ 

.and tfe.rfmuirjBs obTeffm-ia ,th^ imaginati^ 
to convince. us. that He was a;fittely. developed 
specii^^.oi tifean, vigocoua mait^uiesa. . That 
Me »omf^ tilt qualtliea:of l««^ig^iB very 

■ jentry into ^Jerusalem 

r .' ^W a|>precia1^ iifis we 

must try to put ourselves in the l&cl of pae 
^ann.nji the ciowd that strewed m^hes<- in 

\\a3 W e take aU.^iajt Jas S'ibatter of 
course, becauhcv^e -lia'"- ' " " "" ' 

^or# ^^ 

done." This is the ' hear^bQpalfif^ cry of a 
man in tJie vigor^pf ltf^,fin^t}Ura%the potential- 
ities of manhood before Jyini,, wli^ has realized 
that the- tinu?>;ha>. <;9fiiy; tyiii1^jj|y^!mn st set-the- 

seal Of hfs btopdi^^psufi^^rji^^ai It is an 
m^nsely hurntmiiik«n^,3^^fj^^ by that 
m.wkcb,w#;:t'ioUC^M38ij^4 the 

(this morn- 

. .w^»^^ij-T™— I appctaclc 
oud:fflf httmanffy. His abso- 

-possession; his 

_ .. - ,-.s«,^;^>?i(l^''^|lMM^jl^d' the Ro- 
JMm .0QverAor^4$i4^>;6y^ the re- 

imposition of the 
Ta triumph of self-re- 
fMummi^ of emula- 

r-ip-,--- - ^ .•-,r-'3?7r^-v**l2l- jMii^^ ? the nature 
of^tr^irmaiifin^sfi. Pc^feilOfrc, 'thought of 
^tW^ more and of theolE|i||i:jM:,d;^nation8 less, 
we ^nMlld be aH the better for it. Remember 
it was the Man, Christ Jesus, who iywjptrfd His 
followers with the s|>iritjthaj ^.i 
the world. ? ^ 

%M' hpw.'it'ia gegeyypft^ i^ JP Pit' ^iHg^ ) 
tioti IS arotttid one of the ^M&Vr^'M^^'i 
kj^Wtt a»^?lfer1»fctaaes. t1^; i&nf ^ifw^ 
vanced that in this motion tlihMig1i«^ce the 
flolar system Is'swept through strata of vary- 
ing temperature. This is- pure supposition, for 
it Is not known that an;y such Strata exi«t. 
There are certain facts which seem more easily 
explainable upon the supposition that all space 
is not uniform in temperature, electrical in- 
tensity and otb*erw?se than upon any. other 

really nothing more than a guej^t advanced to 
meet the difficultes pfesented by other 

A second -proposed explanation is based 
upon what seems to be an established fact; It 
is known that there are swarms of meteors in 
space. Whether these are connected with our 
solar system or are independent jiWmbers of 
iS^'l.gEeatcr system is unknown. Wc kn-.w 
that twice -> ' '■'>- «)<" ,v....<i. .... — .1.1 — 

*^**»^ «.^r<v* •• .^..1 titv- Cuiiil prt.->th iiiiii;!^ j 

meteoric swarm, which in .some years is very 
much, more numerous than in others. An as- 
tronoitiical theory has been advanced Iv me 
authorites, and been'accepted as not .i 
> improbable, that the heat of the S 
tained by the impact of meteors n; _ : i .. ;„ 
can easily prove that a thing may be be made 
hot by a succe.s.sion of blow,s. If you take a 
hammer and .strike a piece oif board a number 
of sharp strokes in the same place you will find 
the board warmer in the place struck than it is 
elsewhere. The impact of many meteor.s upon 
the Sun would undoubtedly its temper- 
ature, and so it is suggested that the Sun 
plunged into the Sun and increa.sed its heat 
made hotter during the Tertiary Age, and 
then passed into a stratum of space barren of 
meteors, and consequently grew colder, arfd 
hence arose the Glacial Period. A variation 
of this theory is that a great comet may have 
plunged into the Sun and increased tts heat 
during the Tertiary .^ge. ^ This theory has 
more probability to recommend it than the one 
just referred tn. 

A third theory is based upon tlic known fact 
that the condition of the Sun is one of con- 
stant change. Imagination cannot comceive .Of '^ 
the tremendous magnitude of the changes con- 
stantly going on in our great luminary. We' fre- 
quently read of Sun spots, and some of us have 
seen them. These .spots are great chasms in 
the envelope of. the Sun, and are sOnietinies so 
vast that if the earth could be drt.)pi)ed into 
one of llu-in il uonld !u- in proportion like 
dro|)ping an egg inl<i a coffee pot. The tele- 
scope .show.5 us that at tinier tr,iigiic.<5 of flam- 
ing matter^ long enough t(j wrap the earth 
around ten times, will dart out from the sur- 

A MINOR pomr 

O0#, and ihcre- 
ivc'been extend- 

-. ~;^^ ~.^j;^^-^WvOe the laost natural things 
"tn t|ie jg;^^< .^3^ ..IQuUttude that shouted 
__.^^..^^ Sdtt4j|. David. ^Blessed is He 

|N;**^^ith«^Lord, Hosanna 
**''*^ -*e%miiqgf Jesus the 

th*ir ^ -:::.^-;^T^ ^^sW^! ayt^omtes ? And 
2»«r m«««^pt»4j|f|^s|^tirwas Jesu?, the 
^'«P^t;^«*«ai^^ Here 

'l!!,^*P**^^M^^>^m^t have^made 
Hei^d Ii^fll|«j|i9l his thronfe^ft driven PiUite 
from Jertt«lMllf He had so desjired. > 

bet, for If yoii^^i^iSif^^^ie now. you 

)ea^w^*&*l*€lthiiitg^i«^ its stori^'whetf you 

hypothesis; nevertheless this suggeat^ofi^ is' ^P'^ere little, and just here may- we say that mo- 

thers who brmg up their children miguorauce 
o^ theory ot Je'^us,-are robbing -them of 

*.°*?**ifSii' ''•"- ^•^'"<^ ofvvhiich cannot well be 
estimaWd— you re.m<*mber that Jesus was once 
^^i,rrM,,n.i,Ml. with 3 lot of little cbildrcu,- aud 
I Ic them in Hi.s arms and kissed them 

Here we see a man who was able to win the 
ioving confidence of very little folk, and whb- 
loved them in return, lie was able to attract . 
chiidrenasAveli :\ vh aip people. This is 

a rare quality in a man, and the p ng of 

it. serves to show the manner ot nu.i, Jesus 

When lie vveni into- the :-temple and found 
money-changers and small • merchants vvith 
i heir .stalls there, Ih did not go away and 
)>ray, over the situation. He made- a- scourge 
and drove the .traffickers out and Tned 

their t.'ibles. "My Father's ho"-' ..,id be 
a ho;i.;c of . prayer," he excl; as the 

scourge fell, "but ye have made it a den of 
thieves." Here we have the vigorous and coura- 
geous man of action. Do not lose the point 
of tl js incident by thinking of the wielder of 
the whip .IS a divine being to whom no hami 
could come except oi ins own choosing .It 
was a f^nt, vigorous op^eciraen of young man- 
hood who drove out the sacreligious crowd, 
and a "nan .who was ibie to take his own part> 

T \irn from this ^ccne to the tomb of L,az'«« 
a; us '< Him standing there. "Jesusr' 

wepi, >c,;.^ the narrator of the incident. Here 
we have another side of this remarkable man's 
character. Mary, Martha and Lazarus were 
the members of a family with whom Jesus 
was on terms of intimacy. 'J'hey knew Him 
well. "If Thou hadst been here my brother- 
had not died," jsaid Mary, and there seems to 
be a reproach in the ^vords, for avc are told 
that Jesus was troubled in spirit. Mere we 
-«r Him as the loving personal friend. uIid 
mingled vvith the inmates of a presumably 
humble honscliold as (jnc i)f themsrlvrs. 

iWith aU his wistful hfeart be prayefl 
To find the one he longed {6 served 

Although his quest seemed all in vain 
His pure allegiance did not swerve. 

* t 

To be her humblest servitor. 
If she would grant the lowest places ■ 

And then — reward for toiling years-* 
Qfie n%ht he saw her lovig^ught face^ 

^ Not clearly, but as go^en moon. 
Her gi<Mnr> veib^^cliHifK^aktes, 

He dinn/dMt a pYtJS^e, MtV ' 
The brooding splendor of her eyw. 



Mysteriou's eyes^ in which h^^l^d "^.. .^. 

All joy and sorrow felt by man ; '^f ^ 
E^ch inspiration, glory, shame. "^" ' 

Each heart-throb known since time 

With reverence he drew him near 

And worshipped at his lady's feet ; 
Her mantle's hem he touched, and 


The long years' recompense complete 

Since then, a slave to service -sworn, 
Men scoff, he listens not to them, 
fchappy thrall ! 

■■-:—. ..._._._j-j,_ — I' OF Once he .-.-. •.••■ 

'^^^Hfe'r face and touched her garments hem. 
■Georgia Davies, in The Canadian Magazine. 

■ ___o-- 

'[".ikf []\v occasion 

.t the -Supper, 

Here wc sec His character in a new light. We 
find Him siirn»unded h\ Hi.s Ihiimatc 
men friends. Do not make the common mis- 
take of supposing thatrthc group at the table 


The Trouble— "By jove, I left nn- 
under my pillow 1" 

"Gh, - ^^ell, your servant is, isn't 

"That's jnst it. She'll take it to my wife." 
o — '■ 

Unrest in the Near East— "Look '^e, Liza 
Mnllins.did you" say as I'd collared ihr laiincr 
you lost?" 

"Xothink of thekjnd! Wot T said was as 
I'd 'ave found it if you 'adn't 'olpcd uie to look 
for it." — Punch. 

. -O M 

Yearly — •*George. dear," said the young 
wife, "you arc growing handsomer"' every- 
day." - ' 

"Yes, darling." replied the knowing George 
"It's a way I have just before your birthday." 

■ Ot 

Quite Right— Husband— "1 won't say mar- 
riage is a failure, but some are more fortunate 
in what they get than others." 

Wife — "You are quite right, dear; for in- 
stance, you got me. but T — got only you." — 
— o 

An old negro preacher gave as his text: 
"De tree is known by his fruit, an' it's des im- 
l)ossible to hake dc possum down. " 

.After the bi^ncdiction an old brother said 
l<i liim : 

■| iif.ti kii'.ue'd befo' dai •■' li a text wnz 
in de Bible." 

"Vv'eii,"'a(imiiie(i tiie preaciicr. ' h aint set 
down dat way. J throwed in de possum to hit 
de intelligence of my congregation.* 


Sunday. March 24, 191Z 


t ^\ -^ •— — ' ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ — — ■ - - -- --* - — I I 

'"7. V u uick f>rns (jivp'joojfe^rhort^ 

I . . |, > <,, > i. m .ii. - (. i 

ii^^.'^ -t i' 


if ip< 

Jj". >jf 


The ac 
supplied ihi 


■" o-^ ff* -yf- 1*J » ) 




*" * i""*^ 

n bt\ ViKh«»uver 

* of COi 



for the fir->t i.ccliou oi the 


. ilU about tfa^:vj|lfcgress of t»«'»tiWk. 1 lie 

, .^' a ^,^s'is no doubt the f'act'tM p«n- 

ircl) nr>\r ^cc-ion (A the country ^ %^»«g 

-,>uu'l up, iht hue for the mo?t pjTrt' t^^^ig 

1 Mi'jfin territory. ^ ^^.^ 

jun a little'over two >-«ft'IMp iliat 

!T» .._ ^.. . ^ 

Pacific Rail\\a\. by M csSTs/ ^Hf^Li^Plte ^S: 
I * A pom! near Colwood 
1 i\e, was ihc starting post^^^^^' 
■.onie 55 miles graded and 
talcing- the worl.- a^ la, asfilplr 4^' Afc^M.. 
Moore & Pethick ha\e iIk ton tract for another 
.•section of the line, from Alile 6o to Mile lOO. 
Tmw section h.'i> hpen cleufe*. bat the grading 
has no )ecn reached. Incideutally 

it may be mentioned in connection with the 
work being done by Messrs. Moore & t'ethick, 
that thev are making an experiment which, if 


of th& tslaadi 

Indicative of thi«imvSmg\y rough charac- 
ter of the country on the first section of the 
C^l^ Nortliern Pacific and accountinj; to a 
v«tSS[t«:^nU^.tbe time which ha;|; been 
'TX.A,'*.'S' A.^ ^ — ^--..^__ :„ furthering tlic cn- 

cnt that the cost 

;e out in the neighborhood of 
L^^jiTi has already been di>=;- 

their hed4||l||ra5l^/as high a-- i-'oo men ha\ m.^ 
be^ll 4|m|p^pSfcr lengthy periods at gO(vJ 

't^lKipNiipt ^pniu iind- the work uf (grad- 
ing v^titi§vlftced Uj com])lotn)n for the whole 
of the loo miles IciLdin- i > Nitinat Lake. 

'W^Y' 'W^mmU-VMt oificial -tatcm 


successful, n 
spectuig one *>! ^^^ 
ing settlers on ^ 

ting down the 

I I 1 » ' ' > ■ V 

n con ver Island, 

large.. trees 


' (5^5 c/^ 3 i Co ope I* Cove - 

I Bl III mmmmommmmmmmmammm 

esnlts re- 

,r.,-. confront- 

This is the 

■" ir cnt- 

tercd on the grade. Som^ i r*stilts have 

already been achieved, and i« is hoped' that fur- 
ther \voTk with the paw will show it may 
be helpful in land-clearing on a larger scale. 
. As wiil be noticed front a ftrtrnber or the 
photographs, thd'cduiitry \Vhich is trftvcr.'^ed 
hv the sfecfion of line which is being construct- . 
c(l bv Messrs.. Grant, Smith & Co., is excep- 
tionally rough in Mts topographical features. 
li-; has made construction very costly, more 
so in fact than the aver-""' '-.'vilway work 
throughout the Dominioi: ni ii. -mhc 

In avv rock cuts had to be driven m t'he iieigli- 
borhoofl of Pcddar Bay, from Mile 20 to Mile 
-'•55, close to the mouth of Spoke f^akc. 

Near the Sooke Rivet tlv* rjtif way runs 
hrough a deep. canyon, precipitous mountains 
ri-^ins-^on cither side to a height of from 1500 
t.. -200a feet. This country has for long been 
a No Man'5 Land, as since the Leech Kiver 
,L;old-mining excitement there ha.s been no trail 
nr wagon road maintained in a passable con- 
dition,' the reason, being that few pcoijlc '1< 
-'Oil I.' vc;ich that section of the Inland. 

'I'lic hcavv trestle wotkncc^s.'^itatcd by the 
character of ' the country is well depicted in 
the photographs. Two big tresttcs have bf>en 
. .iinplctcd' on the line in Sookc Valley, tire 
larger one being 85 fe<ft in height and Jjo 
feet lon£i. Several of the big fockcuts »long 
Sooke harbor ran as high »^ 40.000 cirbfr yards 
to be excavated. Tlie bitj cut at Pardon's 
I'.ridge h -,T> feet deep and 900 feet long, cott- 
tainifig 50,000 yards. This hi.ifx^ of the largest 
atid lieaViest pieces of work of the kind along 
the whole location. At this lioini the grade is 
within one hundred feet oi the K. & N. Rail- 
way and 34 feet below it 

I Ml 

sJbeen located for a further 
to a poiiU in the neigh- 
River, on the ca-^i •^horc 
ici wnk having just been 

i^l.iiuie at la^t sc-^ion. 

iiV_ ,,...v'\. _.^.. - — 

the PwWMHau Northcm Pacific -Railway o^ 
Vancouver Lsland are making preparations \^ 
rush the work with all speed with the ad\ en 
of 'Spring* tj^f* Joeing in accordance with the dc 

ire of S^iyg^gS^— ' '-"^ ' '^- ^lami, who ic- 
"' >x^ I'M' I'le Liitcrpri^e should 
W!r«\'erv waN poinnjte. iiiv \ci\ 
great amouii: .m' inteic'-t being taken in Van- 
couver Iftland 1>\ the leading transportation 
experts of the wuld i-> believc<l to have actuat- 
ed the heads oi mt- Canadian Northern J 'a 
■^f^0^m0SI0f^-A -' - determination. 

^#^' |iM|[&!fii i'>iii certificates of construction 
tiiW |iWt !>*<»« fihd by the railway compau} . 
and approxed bv the Provincial Minister of 
Railway.'?. These provide for the diversion of 
the .wagon road, 21.95 miles out of .Victoria 
(S<.ok6 District), a level crossing over ilic 
llappv Valley road at Mile 13.15 from Victoria 
(Ajof.'-tiosin)!' level crossings over the Sookd 
I at :Miles 26«S8 and. 26.55 (Sooke Dis- 

trict), and. road crossing stations 524.56 to 
525.28. at Mile 61 out of this city, in Sahilam 

District. . 

.Mr. .\lfred Carmichael. at a recent sc< 
01 the Vancouver; Island Development ' ■ 
well set forth the splendid resource i" 

country which will be tapped by the Can 
Northern Pacific. ' He said: What doc- ; 
mean to von when we tell you that there .arc 
over. 320.000 acre;^ of timber held by lea-^e .^r 
license from the Crown, and that the Esquimalfc 
i»^- Nanaimo Railway Company have alienated 
over 38*000 acres in this district of the finest 
standing timber in the Province, and that Al- 
berni is the natural milling centre for the whole 
of the cut from this ^S^^ooo acres? •■ 

Yesterday you drove through a sample of 
what our Alberni timber is like and you will 
agree with us that 35.000 feet to the acre is a 
very conservative crui,<e on which to brtse an 
estimate of tlu- valur t.. us of cmr Alberni tim- 
ber lands, and yet at thai estimate we have 
over twelve billion feet of timber in sight, and 
thi^ not countin; nimout reserves or 

timber on sections taken up under the Land 
Act nr sold by the Ksquimall c1- Xanainio Rail- 
wav Comi)any as farm land 

'\\ is slated that the cut U the half-dozen 
mills to be established here will aggregate one 
million feet per dav. and granted that this \> so. 
it will tak6 them forty years, working 300 day.s 
i„ ti,o vcar. • that twelve billicMi tcct of 

timber. ... 

What does this rnean tpthc town whicn 
\vilt \it the centre of aJl this industry. Just 
this that for every thousand feet of lumber cut 
?7 in wages will be -left in the town, fht^s f^ra. 
cut of one million feet per day ^'^.J'^a^'''^ 
roll in the logging camps and miW|jf- 
per dav. or $a.ioo.OOG per year. 

If I ^x,.^\^t..^ iU»t ~fAr rvcrv. 


e<l in anJntftJstt^' from three to fiVf ^ 
\ a living. 

II llv V IV I Ojii V ( < >L<> M.") i 

Sunday, M»ron 24, irflie 



One sign of the advance .which 
has been made by American man- 
;ig:crs and hbrettists may be 
-'ound in Joe Weber's production 
oi "Ahna, Where Do You Live?" 
which will be at the Victoria The- 
atre Tuesday. March 26. 

Here is a farce originally done 
in Paris, then turned into a Ger- 
man version for .t;^e^3sr|^l audi- 
ences, and t|ien tJfottgiht' to the 

i^cnnaao^^^*^^^® ^^ Ncw-Yprk 
^iiSSi^^ sBMh it proved tba siMiaa- 
"^'^ISiiJftt'^o! two seasons ago. Bttt thtii 
was on accottiil of the wonder< 
f ultjr pleasing music of Jean Bri- 
quet. All Vent to hear it. Then 
it bipcame known that there was 
'inuch in the book to cause criti- 
cism. This was so much so that 
ti&e attention of Mayor Gaynor of 
K-ew York was called to it. And 
here's where the advance of the 
Americans came. in. Mr. Weber, 
r in the face of all this opposition, 
tbok the Amftriran rights nf the 

piece,, and had it rendered into a 
book with which even the most 
captious could not find fault 

il^he first thing ^bat Mr^. Weber 

(lid was to order all of the orig- 
inal numbers of Jean Briquet re- 
luiiied to the sqore. Tliere is 
n^tight but purity in music, and 
this, action iielped the final re- 
sult. The plav ran a whole sea* 
nan at his theatre, and that with- 
out the slightest objection on the 
l)art of anyone. The original and 
catchy s(^gs, the positive charm. 
of the music, all have been retain- 
, ed. And the bodk iii as dainty as 
the music , ■ . 

C",eorge V, tJobatt, tjic prollfKl 
American comedy writer, was da- 
gaged by Mr. Weber to make the 
English version. The aluccess he 
made of it was phenome^l. He 
went back to the original French 
story and p^id little attention to 
the German as an intermediate 
helpmate. It is Sot this reason 
that the alnggishness of the Ger> 
man "Alma is entirely omitted.- 
Hobart's natural Amai^ft wit« 
combined with the Frettdbiness of 
*he original proved the most en- 
tertaining bit of work presented 
to New York theatregoers • in 
^ some time. 

Mr The excellent company Which 

_ »m muke Mr, Weber*& presentar 
:^ tion here is beaded by Nanette 
''■ J'lxcck, with 'Charles A. Murray 
an<I Aubrey Yates prominent in 
the cast. Others are Charts Waf^ 
ton, Edwin, Carewe, Henry bhci;- 
wood, Pickering Brown, J. Her- 
bert Crowley, Vivijm Gill, Maty. 
Croft and Bae Hamilton. 

The fatrce begins in the morn- 
ing. It is the usual "night be- 
fore" which starts the trouble. 
Theobold Martin and his prospec- 
^^'^tive son-in-law, Gaston Duval, ar- 
rive at home and find domestic 
wrath awaiting them. Tjicir ad- 
ventures have included a meeting 
with Mile. Aima, once the fiancee 
of Gaston. Presently Alma ap- 
pears and complicates things for 
the returned jprodigals. An unex- 
pected happeniiig, however, re- 
conciles her presence to the wo- 
men of the household, 

An eccentric millionaire rela- 
tive of the Martins leaves his 
fortune to his adopted son, Pierre 
le Peach, on condition that he 
•^hall not fall in love with or pro- 
pose io any woman before he 
r.omes of age, which event is to 
happen on the morrow. In the 
i:vent of Pierre's surrender to 
soiiie siren, Theobald and Gaston 
are to divide the fortune be- 
tween them. They immediately 
suggest .that Mile. Alma shall win 
a proposal of marriage from the 
young heir presumptive. It is not 
an easy task for the youth makes 
!iis appearance singing melodious 
^varnings against womankind. 
'I^hese his benefactor had instilled 
ni him. 

.\[oreovcr, Mile. Alma is an 
idealist as well as a Parisian mil- 
liner. She determines to save the 
lad's fortune for him despite the 
conspiring pair. And then she 
falls in love with this farce com- 
edy Parsifal, who is all innocence. 
And finally she wins the fortune 
:md its possessor for herself. 

came Alice Neilson, Tettrazini 
and many other stars of grand 
and comic opera. In "Miss No- 
body From Starland," Miss Vail 
portrays the role of an adventur- 
ous chorus girl, and she is ac- 
companied by a clever cast of 
well known principals and one. oi, 
the pretticbt choruses in Am^alilMiii' 
Of course, ei^yone has heard of 
the sensational dress rebearsai 
seeac ia *^M{sjk Ni&body f^fota 
Starland.'' which wilt be seeta at 
the Victoria Theatre Wednesday, 
April 3. 1912. 

"The Newly weds and Their 
Baby" isj coming to the Victoria 
Theatre shortly. It is a big com- 
pany of 60 1-2 people, the half, 
of course, being the baby. It is 
said to be a magnificently staged 
production, and there is a large 
chorus of unusually pretty girls. 
The date will be announced soon. 

Olive Vail, who appears in the 
title role of the successful Mort 
11. Singer musical comedy pro- 

Starland," is one of Chicago's fav- 
:,ji*r prima donnas, and is a P'o- 
daet of v^an Francisf^. whenrf* 

Europe has contributed no 
small amount of talent which bas_ 
made good over the Sullivan & 
Considine circuit, and the Apollo 
Trio, who will appear on this 
week's bi!) at the Empress The- 
atre, will be no exception to 'the 
tvAt' In addition^ to giving', a 
ai>lendtd exhibition ^ athletics, 
strength and skill,. |iiey poee to 
represent some of the greatest 
works of art the world has ever 
known. All three men are trained 
to the minute in museulaf devel* 
opment. They appear as three 
Rom^n gladiators, and give some 
splen(lid ~ portrayals bt master- 
pieces of art, both sta/titairy and 

Two of the cleverest singiiqi^ 
and talking comedians in vattde-' 
ville are Mumford and TJhompaotu 
who will be se^ at the Empnun 
during the coming wedc This 
team came over the Qrpheum ar- 
cuit not quite a year ago and 
were one of the bigg^est hits on 
tliat all'Star 1>iU. Their songs 
and repartee are of the subtle or- 
der with a wholesome vein of 
humor limning through them. 
, Two clever performers who 
were with Lew Fields when he 
produced "The Henpecks" in 
New Yqrk, are making another 
totiir of the Siiliivan ^ x:oiisidiiie 
idmiit. They toured theVirqiit 
once before, bttt were persnaded 
by Fields to'join his. big musical 
production. As soon as this, piece 
played itself out* both Miss <Dar- 
ver and Mr. Murryrfelt the call 
of vaudeville, and immediately 
made a cotitract with the popular 
circuit. Both these ' performers 
are as clever as any in the coun- 
try, else they would not have been 
with Lew Fields, who is known 
to be pretty certain of the materi- 
al he allows to go in hi? shows. 
Mr. Murry possesses a resonant 
baritone voice, which he uses to 
advantage daring the act. 

"A 5?r.l<iierV Dream" will be 
p; J by Joe Spissel and a 

capable company of pantomime 
comedians during this week. 
The company being splen- 
did athletes and tumblers, may be 
depended upon to give a good ac- 
count of themselves from that 
standpoint. There is introduced 
during the act an aerial warship, 
said to be the only one in exist- 
ence, which will provide plenty of 
scope for pantomime comedy. 

Lee Zimmerman, a whistling 
impersonator, will no doubt suc- 
ceed, as he has done East, in whis- 
tling his way into popular favor 
when hie makes his appearance at 
the Empress during this 
week. He is said to be a remark- 
ably clever young man in imitat- 
ing bird^ and animals. His whis- 
tling of popular and classic music 
has also made him popular. 

"First and foremost in the suc- 
cess of a light opera comes the li- 
bretto," says Josiah Zuru in Musi- 
cal America, "and anything that 
detracts from a clear and lucTd 
presentation of the plot 1 the 
piece is bound to detract, and 
.scenes like those I have cited do 
just this. 

"It may sound strange, coming- 
from a composer, but the fact re- 

vs^ *,,.^.. .■H'>*- ^ *• *-.-^ * *^...-..-.. ....i.t.. ......... 

l*tcA.*lt.i LiicAt «; 1 1^ li ,- wpCi <1 -VV 1 Lll pUOl 

music can succeed if the book is 
bright and clever, but the finest 
music in t'hc v.orld will never save 



a work that possesses a 

"The best work from a musical, 
standpoint that Johann Strauss 
ever wrote was 'A Ni^ht in Ven- 
ice.' How well I 1 )cr his 
leading th^ orchestra thai opening 
night in Vienna, man^p years ago. 
""e looked for a colo|WBMiB"'"P'^ 

but the opera was a dismal' failm|ii J4r. Ade's fijii^^jWpgkj^'^lthrilen- 
simply because the libretto wil$* iler little p|;i|;i^|iHi .i^b 'couldn't , 
dullsmd stupid. *^" *"* .«-««*. *M^i«e .^^ ..^^^ 

"If managers, both American 
and European, would only realise 
this, how many failures would be 
saved them ! 

. "You have clever librettists in 
America; I can see tliat by their 
work. But the unfortunate part 
of it is that there are .so few they 
are greatly overworked and can- 
not in consequence give their best 
efforts. / 

"You have fine playwrights in 
this country who could undoubt- 
edly write excellent librettos, but 
few make the attempt and perhaps 
with good reason — for the amount 
-ol WQiAi spent in writing a good, 
light opera libretto would produce 
an entire play, and then the au- 
thor would i^t all the royalties in- 
stead of being obliged to divide 
them widi the ' composer. Of 
course when a sttcce8$ful play has. 
lived its life and passed to the 
storehouse the author is glad to 
w^come the. composer, who gives 
the piecCf a musicat setting and 
makes it over into a nE^usical com- 
edy or light opera, for that brings 
the playwright additional royal- 
ties whi<li pihervjiisit^Jm: woi^cL 
never receive. -7" --- •-;-". 

^t fat cnougfe-^=1^t the taste 
of the beaux of her home, town 
Mr. Henry Blossom. has bounded 
the best musical comedy libretto, 
which has come from his pen sinee 
"The Red Mill,? or "Mile. Mod- 
iste." Given the combined tal- 
ents of Mr. Ade and Mr. Blossom 
the literary fabric ^of "The Slim 
Princess" is certain to be of a 
high order of- merit. Remains of 
course the big question of the mn^ 
sical setting of the story. Mr.; 
Charles Dillingham, who is l^iss 
Janis' manager, is a lavish produi 

discovered, to his sorrow. Lines 
and sittiaaHons 'that read wonder- 
fully well in type are— oh I so dif- 
ferent — ^when spoken or played on 
the stage, and the very portions of 
a in>retto with which the autlior 

novel by George Ade which came 
from the press several years ago. 
It was called "The Slim Princess" 
and the scene was laid in a my- 
thical Oriental province in which 
ideas, prejudices and cu.stbms 
were framed on close par- 
allel to tho<e current in 
Turkey. Upon the lounuati'Mi of 

per, whose motto has always been 
in equipping the productions 
made undeir his name, "Ge^ fh4^ 
best that mon ey ca n - b o y/^ - ' A 
musical score isn't entirely a mat- 
ter of mqpey, but it takes mo^ey 
to interest ^it^M^^^-^!^ 
most poptilift¥ib0^$ih»i0h^ m^ 

^.%inccs.s," and 
'*M'3*»e-l>0 less 


liagbam wenjt 
score of "The 
engaged to .^ 
famous composi 
art, whose 'nai^ 
household word in A 

well as in Englamd, l>yiM..™._ 

mg meloiii^ ii^'-^iiii^^'Yptter 

music 6i tuntm^^M^tidotar Ti 

is said that ^lltli^dlloasQaHitiU^^ 
Mr. SfuarF^lflml' 

workvd in 

'•Writing a libretto is no sim- ' very bfst talenlf Ij 
pie matter, as many a marr has their hicupijestu^Heiiaii in preparing 

'*The '^iii' .i^»C- for Miss 

fahi**. OeNfliSlty it i-> the most 
congenial vehicle in which that 
versatile little lady ha^ yet been 
seen. It ran for ncarlv a vear at 

Dscar Ragland, Sam Burbank, 
Jharles Judels, W. Doug;las Ste- 
venson, Queenie X'ar.sar. Florence 
VN'illiams. Estelle I'.aldwin and 
Louis Baum. 

Klaw and.Erlaager will present 
che much talked of musical com- 
ply success, "The Pink Lady," at 
"•lif V'ii-inria Theatre shortly. It 
is easy to understand why theatre 
5:oers should lake an active inter- 
est in this when it'is recall- 
ed that "Til u 1 ink Lady" was the 
sensational musical comedy suc- 
cess of the past two seasons in 
New \'^rk. and was written by C. 
M.' S. McLellan, the author of 
"The Belle of New York," and 
Mrs. Fiske's play, "Leah Klesch- 
na,'" while the music vvas compos- 
ed by Ivan Caryll,music^direc- 
tor of the Gaiety Theatre, Lon- 

■ili I iTtYii 

splendid production of the piece 
and a company of twenty prom- 
inent light opera artists, a chorus 
of forty picked voices and a spec- 
ial orchestra are promised. Miss 
Glaser comes to the Victoria The- 
atre, Monday, 15th April, 1912, in 
her latest vehicle, surrounded by 
such noted player- i^ichards, 

Richard, George Graham, David 
Torrence, Arthur Hyde, Rossetta 
Nier, Berenice Whiitier and oth- 

After a dela\ 1 ■ .irly twenty 
yeatrs, and after incidents which 
at the time 'Stirred the Paris mu- 
sic world, "La Lepreuse" (The 
Lepet") has finally i-een the foot- 
lights at tile Opera-Comique. The 
work lived up to expectations and 
the litjretto by' Henry Bataille and 
the score h_\ S\lvio Lazzari reveal 
excellent dramatic and rau/sical 
'^ ' ! ! ' " ictjon oi "La Lepr ettse" 

blind with jealousy, drinks in a 
glass and hands it to her fover. 
who seals his doom' by drin]aug 

ou t of it: 

Scene from Joe Weber's Brilliant Comedy, "Alma, Where Do You Live?" — Victoria Theatre, Tuesday, March 26 

plans to convulse his audience 
with laughter are of ttimes re- 
ceived in the greatest silence. 

"The French composers well 
realize the value of a good libret- 
to and never fail to give credit to 
their -writers, many of whose 
works are not only witty and 
clever "but possess real literary 
value; and, after all, the much- 
abused public, if it only has a 
chance, will appreciate these qual- 

.\'() nui.>^ical comedy (>\ recent 
years has enlisted the combined 
best efforts of three as notable 
stape craftsmen as had part in the 
making of "The Slim Princess in 
which Elsie Janis comes to the 
V^icluiia Tlicatic, riiday rilgiU. 

April 19th. 

Most people of literary bc|it, 
will remember with pleasure a 

Mr. Dillingham's Globe Theatre, 
in Nqw York, and played subse- 
qnent notable engagements in 
I'hiladclphia, Boston and Chicago 
The rich and artistic production 
marked during the Metropolitan 
season, will be brought intact for 
the engagement in this city, and 
the cast will be in all inifjortant 
particulars the same as that 
which had j)art in last season's 

Miss Janis. of course, is so well 
known for her previous happy ap- 
pearances in "The Hovden." and 
in "The" Fair. Co-Ed" that further 
introduction than the mere an- 
nounccniciu of her coming is su- 
perfluous. Her principal comed- 
ian this season is Joseph Caw- 

tliOrn wlio »0 llappitv HsSls'lcd I'tci' 
in "The Hoyden." ' C^Jfher well- 
known favorites in the cast are : 
Miss jnlia Fr.ir_), l-'ugcnc Revere, 

Spring Maid," "The Merry Wid- 
ow," and "The Chocolate Soldier" 
there is a scramble among our 
leading managers for the Ameri- 
can rights as soon as anything 
from a Viennese source is pro- 
duced on the other s.idc. Jn the 
case of "Miss Dudel.sack," which 
is tlic musical sensation of the big 
continental cities, her nianagers 
were the victors in the race for 
the prize which every American 
manager of prominence fvas rep- 
resented, i iaving secured the op- 
era, they selected Lulu Glaser as 
ihe one best singing comedienne 
on our slago. She is said to be 
ideally suited to the part of the 
romping, fascinating Scotch lassie 
who is nicknamed Dudclsack 
which is the ("irrman for bagpipe 
Miss Glaser's lively disposition 
and fine voice fits her admirably 
for the prima donna role. A 

passes in Brittany during the 
Middle Ages when lepers, ostra- 
cized from the world, were forced 
lo Hwait death in a solitary, tomb- 
like house. Washerwomen at 
daybreak are singing and Ijeating 
their wa.>iliing at the village foun- 
tain. In the nearby cottage live 
the farmer Matelinn. his wife 
Maria and their son Krvoanik. 
The latter is in love with Aliette. 
a young peasant girl of the vil- 
lage, who is unfortunately re- 
puted to have leper's blood. His 
parents are terrified when he re- 
veals his love. Is their son mad? 
Aliette is the daughter of a leper, 
a leper herself, and many a young 
peasant of the village lies now in 
the cemetery because he loved 

duo naturally follows and, Aliette 
and Ervoanik decide to make a 
pigrimage to the Pardon of Fol- 
goat, where the peasants of the 
surrounding country go barehead- 
ed and barefooted to pray for 
forgiveness of their sins. They 
hope thus to lift the curse which 
lays on Aliette. 

The route to the pilarrin3a''e 
leads past' the cottage," whe*re 
Aliette and her mother, Tili, live, 
so the second act takes place in 
this scene. Tili siiffers from lep- in its worst stage and hates 
the world and all those who are 
not lepers. Pier only pleasure is 
to invite the small children of the 
village to a glass of milk and a 
slice of bread and jam which 
bring dow^g»u them the ac- 
cursed il!l»"She wants to 
avenge h^S^^so on Ervoanik 
and offers hia drink and food in- 
fected by her touch, 'but ^Iklie 
loves Ervoanik and waiiti'tollSr 
him even from herself. frili.scoCfs' 
at her daughter andtriin toTt^- 
vince her that Ervoanik has b«en 
untrue and that he loves a woniao 
who is not a leper. Ahette has 
faith in -Ervoanik's love and will 
not believe her mother. But the 
latter, whose Hendish instincts 
are aroused, induces het daughter 
to leave the room for a mowint 
and convinces Ervoanik tliat he 
must tell tthis lie to Aliette if he 
really wants her to love hiin. 
Aliftttff hflirvps Kdvoanik and, 


^M! 1 


The scene of the third act is 
UM in front of Matelinnfs farm. 
,.^^^^voanik has returned from the 
yiti-Pardon of;Folg»gt'and is i^ct- 
^^y^l«^«*»/. The scene of l^s 
'n^mmmito those whojB he |om 
and wul see no mOre is heartrend- 
ing, for he must leave his ms4s 
and go and await death w iihe 
"solitary cottage" at the end of 
Milks«».»tee.all lepers acel 
tm^i sOng». % 
The priest, with the cross 

fmiwal garb hliiw%frc 

es to letch Ervoanik and lead 
. . <|0 his last abode. But ^H^gSfi^ 
ap^ts on the scene dresslffm 
tibe black robe and hood of lep- 
ers. She places her hand in that 
of Ervoanik, also in the sinister 
lepers ^dress. and as the day when 
they left for the Pardon of Fol- 
goat so tOft«»^fllB4;tiie tolling of 
the church 'o4aiir.;M|^§lk forth 
together hand 'iiis|p|ggife^ bury 
their love in the '^'w^^^^t' 
tage." where they arcio ws wsftlled 
up and from which neither of 
them will ever come out alive. 

"La Lepreuse," full 61 emoti^»,- 
and horror, stirred the ajti 



low his parents' advice, so they 
le^ve him alone with Aliette to 
bin her a last farewell. A love 

to amuse 
Was enjoying life 
strumming "II 
piario, and per- 
haps, says Le Journal des Debats, 
"that wonderful piece de resist- 
ance of our brass bands still 
makes life endurable in his Salo- 
nika villa. 

George IH.'was fond of shout- 
ing the melodies of Handelian 
choruses for the delectation of his 
court, but the world has seen no 
real royal musician since Fred- 
erick the Great played, his last 
tune on his flute, though of course 
even Frederick could stand no 
comparison with our own Henry 
VII L, who played remarkably 

The centenary of the birth of 
Frederick which was celebrated 
on January 24, has revived inter- 
est in the great man's Tityrean 
piping and a certain industrious 
Johannes Hennigsen has unearth- 
ed contemporary comments on his 
playing. It seems that the King 
excelled in a<lagio movements, in- 
to which he infused a warmth and 
tenderness ofN feeling that would 
hardly have been expected from 
the conqueror of Rossbach and 
the friend of Voltaire. "It is dif- 
ficult <o listen to his performances 
\vithout weeping," says one musi- 

One reason why he preferred 
adagios was that he was some- 
what short of breath, which madn 
him eschew orchestral accompani- 
ments for the more delicate assist- 
ance of the clavichord when he 
was practicing. 

Toward the end of the Seven 
Years' War he sat down to play 
in a quartette and at the finish 
cried enthusiastically: "It is as 
sweet as sugar!" His companions 
<vere not so sure, for Frederick 
had lost a tooth 'and his fingers 
had stiffened with gout. Finally, 
in 177S, lie had to give up his flute 
playing, and "1 have lo.<it my , best 
friend." was the wail of the dis- 
consolate monarch. 

■undAjr, lC»reb 84, ISIB 







So utterly done up was Sexton Blake as he 
journeyed homcvv-ard that cvcnin;_ even 

customary habit of close observation lay 


in temporary abeyance. 

So it was with a start of mingled annoyance 
and surprise Uiat he suddenly became aware 
of a man sitting opposite him in the Tube 
train, watching him with a quizzical smile. A 
strenuous twenty-four hours with scarcely any 
sleep had left the great detective's nerves ra- 
ther raw, and he frowned darkly. 

The offender was a solid looking maa pf 
about fifty years pfag^, apparently pcciipying 
some good position in the city, for he car riea 
a small, neat hand bag, and the end of a g<^- 
motinted fountain pen peeped from his WjMit* 
cQat j>Qcket. ^ton B{aM$.'g k^'pws con- 

tracted, theot;. v. , cjoar^ssSj^ Sccaiae instant- 
ly apologetic, and hrttfn»?d hi* eyes ^\^ay. 
It was abod^A'oMsiclc. The rush of pleasurc- 
ml^^ k&^m'MSiie theatres and music halls 
i^hmihjBTp was a tcmi>orary \i&l No 

. neaif tfeie two, and suddenly ^^p crty 

i^Vl^ptd aAtosi th<^ car and occupied the 
■ "'S^irdon me." said the stranger. "If I am 

''itt«i^ .mistaken, I am addressing Mr. 

*" ] Bt^Jce the famous detective." 
Jmi i(5 my name," said Blake coldly. 
' ^ Jty^ilfltte is Bui^owes. Here is my card. 
ltt^ttVc*cxprain my apparent rudene ss. Do 

■yon Jdiow Wlien i rfecognizea you the though l 

"Hampstead— Hampstead," repeated Blake 
musingly. "I have a great mind to take it on 
my day ilown to St. Albans. I was undoubt- 
edly a trifle short with the old boy— and one 
never knows." 

About three hours later Sexton Blake was 
being welcomed by a very beaining young 
gentleman just awakened from his afternoon 
nap. * 

"Never expected you, Mr. Blake !" he cried. 
"I am absolutely delighted. Quite alone— wife 
and girls gone out walking. You will stay to 
tea? We dine midday Sundays. No? Well, 
something now, at any rate. There you are ! 
Help yourself. My little mystery? Certainly; 
till fem in two twos. . Youni kni^h» I Imow, 
and th^n ^iVe nte the aolutlott. And yet I «iki 
not 80 8urei*'~ai^d |ifr. BnrrowflSfXo^tmigt^ 
he^d wag^ahly. "You mrea't a l^t^of a §ut* 
dener. by any c^anct are you?** 

"I am a little of all sorts!" laughed S^Mrton 
Blak«. "Have to be, you know," 

** Exactly — exactiy. Now come this way, rf 
you pleaae." ' 

.T^ey passed through a drawing roo^ and 
a Ftttidhnnndbw inta a conservatory. 

"Now^l tati what you makie of? this," said 
Mr/ B^^wes, with the air of onil [«$ttling a 
probltrtf. . i 

lite detective cast a quick fiance around. 

"W^l. Mr Btirmwgs, he said slowlv. '*! 

apparent until Friday, after the sun had shone 
on the damaged plants." 

Sexton Blake walked to a basket chair 
which stood in the centre of the conservatory, 
and sat down. As he did so, his eyes narrowed 
slightly and his lips tightened. 

"And you have no idea as to the possible 
culprit?" he said quietly. 

"Not a ghost of one!" replied Mr. Burrowes 
"If Eli Mason were about here now — but then 
that's absurd, of course." 

Blake looked up quickly. 

"Eli Mason— the Prescott Hall burglar" 

Mr, Burrowes laughed uneasily. 
^M^'Mlill^l^^^ man.,- You remember him, of 
" ^^-^ V^ed as a jobbing gardener, you 
y0iMf. Used to put in a day a we?k here for 
ma. .^luit, a£ £aat&t^ he iiiJttia in ^p^h «oJl 
«int it ^e. 9ft8id«», N W^^tt*! std^ at spoil- 
IPC my Keranrnmd.*' 

«Ko. Mid Sexton Blake thoughtfully; "X 
suppinse not. Would you mind leaving me 
here alone lor awhile, Mr. Burrowes? A pipe 
won't hurt your carnations, I take it?" 

Mr. Burrowes lauded. 

"X>o 'era good. Kill the green-fly. Smoke 
by all means! You shall not he distuft>ed. 
G»me in when you are ready, and ring the hell 
in the drawing room." 

Sexton Itlake glanced round to make sure 
the door had closed, then he said quietly. 
'Now, then, my friend, you may come out 

and explam yourself. 

'If you don't tell me wluu 1 want tu 

"Lummy, then, i s'pose I must!" cxclaimcl 
Spikey desperately. "But you promise to let 
me go if I do?" 

"I promise nothing!" said., the detective 
sharply. "But it is your only chance. And 
keep your voice down. If Mr. Burrowes finds 
you here I can do nothing, remember 

"Right you are, guv'nor!" said Spikey with 
a quivering little sigh. "'Ere goes; but it's 
precious 'ard oh a bloke to have been so near 
to it an' miss it, arter all !" 

Half an hour later Sexton .Blake stepped 

quietly into the drawing room^ and touched the 
bell on the table. 
• 1^. Burrowes^^peaired. - 
. HVell? ' h^e mi eagerly, "You ha^ solved 
the •Tid4le? Y*s, 1 knew you woutd. Won- 
dfrful-^wonderful !" . 

The great detective smiled. 

"Your confidence is extremely flattering," 
laid he. "And, as a matter of tact, I believe I 
have got to the bottom of this little affair, or, 
rather, shall do so shortly. •But come to the 
conservatory. Now, then, sit down, Mr. Bur- 
rowes, and tell me what you consider to be 
the most valuable plant in your collection. 

"The most valuable, eh ?" His eyes rolled 
round: "Well, I suppose that orchid ther/e. It 
is nothing special, you know, but I dare say 

It's woilh*^well. sa y a c o u p le of s e vefcignor 

The detective smiled. 

"Well, now, what would you say, Mr. 
Burrowes, if I told you it was worth a thou- 
aamTsovereigns JusTas-lt slaHda?**" ^ 

Mr. Burrowes jumped up w>th a laUgh. 

"A thousand! Ha, ha! Very good,. Mr. 
Blake. You will have your little joke. No, air, 
I do not profess to Ije an lej^pertf.but I know 
eikbufh about it to be qtftte sure there is no 
IJilt^Mpyiid pounds about that orchid — or thou- 
sand shillings if it comes to that. Simply an 
ordinary odontoglossum— quite a common 

"At any rate, I siM|i^ng to ask you to al- 
low me Miit ltt» ^t " ^d Sescton 
^' l*ls dM he^dbiie *?A. 
the plant, providing we are 

will replace the pot — so. There we are. Not 
a penny the worse, thougJi I am afraid your or- 
chid has rather dropped in value. ■ 

Mr. Burrowes stood gaping with astonish- 

"Good heavens!" he -cried, "A necklace— 

a diamond necklace l/rToY on earth" He 

could say no more, Init gaped at the detective 
in utter mystificatiofl 

Sexton Blake laiighed. 

"Stolen property!" said he. "Oh, Mr. Bur- 
rowes !" 

His host turned crimson. 

"But, good gracious, you — you don't im- 
agine that I knew" 

The detective reassured his astounded com- 
panion, ^^t|J;*|«lile. 

,"My 'd&ll^kh^joi course not ! Come into the 

, W 9 ^i^s^ , xom$^ ■% wrll explain «-«i»ig^ w jv^.. 

v%ry, briefly. Two nighte jfcaJMas^^fflivtlilion 

cain4 ^ttc for thjt i^imp^ 

committed a butghtty Mt. " 

Kent. It was not his fir§t job 

This necklace was part of ttip, 

mer exploit. Hard pressi^, 

would be found in his possession Mi- 

your orchid as a hiding place, probably ln| Iba 

spur of the moment." 

"Goo 'gracious !" ejaculated Mr. Burrow^. 

"That same evening he was aiT«4ttd* And 
later on sentepced to a long term <4 JmifMh' 
ment. Whilst in prison he rather i^Vmfil^^ 
talking to a fellow prisoner, and conff^fd ,♦» 


^-r -^.^'" "r:-- - V ° ' u f;„.-i o should say that your plants have the creeping - - . .... 

cr<^e^ my mmd that even you would tmU a ^-cimess, apd thai the epidemic has ct«pt*bout Slowly from beneath the bench opposite 

Uftt 4»y»tery which has been worrymg me lor ^^^ ^^^ ^fcrqugh your I^Wti&ii.**^. ' ^ a.vj the detective crept the dirty and dishevelled 

* i^nv naat day or Iwo-tQ bg one.too many^Jor Iff. Ifairo^a-TuHbei^fo iiiMrliifeeth^-'t^ figure ola^man. He was not a pcepossessing 

-yo^. '' . ' .; I . :' ^YoaTiwoi'lE-at once!" h^ScSeeiullv. individual, and he blinked his eyes in the 


"Spikey Joe. by all that's, gr^t— and other- 
wlaai** cscliimed Sextan Blake. "My woird. 
young man, you haven't lost much time in 
getfttsig on tlie war path agaiat Why. you 
4^^ cMie dtfion Thursday I*' 

^^Stfooth. Mister Blake. I meant no harm! 
1 just crep' in here for a snooate, an* mebbe a 
bufieho' grapes." 

*thit i^ a U«f, „%^yt" retorted Sexton 
Blake cQpiy, "N^^^l me what your game 
" IS. It is ho use ^r }fi^ii^jg at the ve»t^«!»f, 
'i h jreukcama ia -through. Itou can't go nut'j ^ i i itil * 
~4|io*"|uary«t, il «iy rate." ~" "' 

-^i^ey maintained a sullen silence. 
5*4r«^ «Miy IM iKeU wit.wi^ H," continued 
"^ ' "^ wMMfi' '''i^eause the game 

>i^-Wiit#lifd. You won't 
to finish your job, you 

IOW|W» '4* - 

Sp^ey looked up «|iih^. ' 

"I dunnOftffliit you're gettin* at," he said 

...^...,, , ^r^'^ll [ plants ar^t^'i^pi^p^rthe edges.'aiit 

solve your puzzle, whatever U may be.- M tsj^toM^eacfting to tKe^oof;' thus conccalioft. 

you may see, I am somewhat m need of a/f^^j^j^^^ports aud h' * •• - '•••>'- beneatW' 

at present." -^ , v» ' - " *''".-*-'i^''»,iP% ^X About half way rot; .emed in 

IPjJlfect health, but the remamder were droopiV 
*"" Ing 'and appaM||^,||ast recovery. . ':^&r 
.^ftJi^ggn J|Jfi^^i<:»6k up one of the latte^aSi 
^Oftr^'dtthe pr^t quite easily. 

"Why, the lered with— the 

roots hjiaf»-.bftS]U^iMBg»«fe«B5afcj.j!« 

^*^ ""T^i^i-^aying a joke upon ym^^l^ 
S»i*"-.;B|^ke, suppressing "'^s, "* 
^ to»b futile a matter! ''^^ .. . 
^S^r. Burrowes looked at him. 
' ""Joke !" he exclaimed. "I fail to see ii:* 

"Jealous neighbor,|Z|^|l^iybi§iM^§P£ 
know feeling runs hxl^^itl^^'^^fiDrticultU' 
ral' «tftf«sriaats at times, l^er gone in for 

**Neyerr* replied Mr. Bt^mtif 3|«?^ 

Mr. BurrQwe!8 face fell. 
"Quite so-i^ttite so!" he returned hastily. 
"Thoughtless of me— very! I apoldg^el" 
And he retreated lilumsily to his ofigll^ktfeat. 
fie sat there looking so crest-falhftrt m^%^ir^ 
condemnatory that Sexton Blake half'-li^j^'^ 
t^ his l.^Hiene5s,/and as .tlHiy-jappxaffidfsed 
r Sfcr^ he leaned forward. , .' 
*1tt ainsr eixcttae my curtness, sir,", aa«i 
„^ am nearly dead beat. What is-the na- 
|M.*e mystery yo« «!»»?« «>f ?" .. ,. , ' . ,^j 
other's face brightened. '-/ '^-"^^ 

"Don't mention it, my dear sir! As for 
liitle vuj^ste, it is quite benieatb your no- 
r^ h^t ^t to have trouWe4 you. Say 
lii|*ore a^tn|t^it,^l>^^ of you/' ;; 
/ The trafflft^^Opped, There waa no -^me to 
press the tiiatter. , 

^r foe your card, said Sexton Blake. "I 
tSiz^ look you up. Are you at home tomor* 
row — Sunday?" 

'Certainly!)" exclatincd the delighted Mr. 
BufHjWcs. "All day. Most pleased to see you. 
ruiidyitJii5«lti^j|^ dear sir— Good night 1" >> 

glake, ^.^ 

ifeke came upon the card, 

"Edwin Rochester Burrowes,** he ri 

"Corona ^'illa, Bivouac Road, U»mp9t*^i 

> *,«&*. 


._„, batch of seeding car- 
*f a^'valuable cool-house or- 

^lf«s you, yes," returned the mystified 
Mr. Bllrrowes. "nothing easier, I hold it up- 

.,«,«. .^K— .«.. «^*^,T^ ,r^ t "^Sp^*g^ed Sexton ^Jake. "you might 

mere malipe-is out of the qm^^i^'IH^Mc. :--|pw»#,"^^ '^^ trc^mteM,iltmuth out for 

^hl(j|>^&wr^^^idHA^ dozen pot roses of the newest 
'Ta&ti«l'^)-ai't*iouched. As a mattter of fact, 
^i^ljj^^'^t least' valuable plants have been med 

ETSoon" the following "4ay Se3^^p__,: 

*amf. noon the card. ^ . .. . °l^>aljg'fe #jSMaSf did this happen?" asked 

I L p t r \ 

irig io work up a glimmering of interest. 

"Thursday nij^it; but the results were not 

myfcTf ! ' Now let me sce;*^ "fie ^m^^'dn medi- 
talively. between whifs of his p^"'" ''You got 
two years for housebreaking, didn't you, 
Spikey? Being out on ticket you will have 
about six months or so left to serve. Then 
there's this job — on premises for unlaw fni pm- 

poses_ — that will be" 

"Then you're goin* to hand me over, arter 
all?" broke in Spikey. 

charcoal and 


A compact mass of peat, 
brown moss lay bare to the eye. 

"Freshly potted only Jaa^.^klifl|^ Mtd Mr. 
Burrowes. "Last job that INiseal Mason did 
for me." 

said Sexton Blake grimly— "yes, it 
jplsi^ Hjfe he did for anybody out- 
side His ll*|eaty*a prisons." 

Wliile/he spoke he was delicilibi*i>robing 
between the lumps of peat, and atwfwf^ with a 
.-.udden exclamation of trmm||)l^.l)i|^Mitildf<|W 
something that gleamed and sm^tm^^l^i^''^, 
icrnoon sun. Mr. ^^S^^^^'W^ '"" ^ ^ 
his precious orchid On IKS flOPf. 

"Steady!" said Sexton Blake. "Now we 

him as to where he had hidd<w tba Hi 
probably in return for some service |o,tNtli|^ 
dered outside. Qn this feUow cHHaiMlil^r'^ 
lesse-^ e p roceed e d t o, leo l c up t fc|ft 
Untortunately lor himself, not Mup, J paff 
horticultural knowledge. Mn ipkl^pi^. refer- 
«i)ice to'3[n *oaontbg!os>itei^-»«0nfy rjsmained in 
hilt 'brain as t9f;^t|^|^'jp^|pm,* which was 
absblttii^y Usiti^' Aa^'^i'lWt to the exact hid- 
ing place. So there was nothing for it but to 
go' l$^i^oujEdy through the lot. That explains 
li^ffe/yojttlr'llidiWers withered. Luckily, he drew 
blank on Thursday night. Had he been given 
another chance he would probably have 
scored." < .. ^ 

''And-^^S0$'MBfm^ this out whilst mere- 
l$P'aiditi|ii||||||j|§e and observing things," said 
Mir' ^fiPKUfi^; completely awed, •:even to ,the 
exacl'if^iSiE?' Marvellous!" 

"Quite simple,'' returned Sexton Blake. "I 
mu^;thattk,.j^|jC%: a very pleasant and profit- 
able ^<*ii&o«ll?l»i' Burrowes." 

"But won't this fellow come back and have 

' *^'^wipife*'<'%n i^te reassure you on that 
point/*',iSi ^»Slrlfcke. "And, by the way, 
m^^^^^sm^tl^-ioT this little article, 
■<3«f<«ian ^fi«iwi^'j|«i|».ask you to accept, if 
only to wwipfc l iaite 'TfTOrTor the trouble and 
loss you have sustained." 

"I will aipfa^t.'^Eli what is' necessary to re- 
place my' 16s««^*^'-*'f«urned Mr, Burrowes. 
"The opportunity of witnessing your wonder- 
ful powe^f"^^ -ample reward for me. Besides 
— why, th^l^ffow might have come back this 
very afternoon whilst I was asleep had you not 

15" quite possible," said Sexton Blake, 


^ »giktk-M. 

A delightful and instructive lecture was .de- _ 
fivered before the Montreal Women's, Club 
i>y Deaii Moyse on "English as Spoken." 

Dean Moyse was preceded by ^^»|»^f"^" 
man. who dwelt on the wonderful hdrailii''the 
English-speaking world possesses in its lan- 
guage and- that cafe should be taken to pre- 
serve it in its purity. She did not object to 
slang, real slang, which meant -something, but 
slpvenliness in the use of one's mother tongue 
should not be tolerated. "Me m a l"jaodi ' -4*^- . 
mean" were given as two words pt^piUl^janis- 


Dean Moyse gave three examples of modes 
of treating his subject, the first, extremely 
high-flown; the second, containing long lists 
of words, and third, full of platitudes. One 
such platitude was the advice "open your 
mouths." It was possible to get into a great 
deal of trouble, he said, by opening one's month 
at the wrong time. The English opened their 
mouths more than the French, for there were 
many words like "pit" which it was impos- 
sible to pronounce without going to that trou- 

Emphasis was laid on tone, quality, and the 
necessity of avoiding monotony in speech. 
There should, said the Dean, be a bright face 
and as much movement as possible. He could 
forgive a girl with a radiant face and bright 
speech even if she did live "on" St. Catherine 
street instead of "in," as they say in England. 
When "in" is used it means the streets and 
.«;urrounding houses, and the use of "on" sug- 
gests to an Englishman that wejivc in the mid- 
dle of the road. 

The question of accent followed and led to 
a very interesting exposition of phonetics with 
the word "impenetrability," as an example. 
The shifting accent was explained and the au- 
dience told of the discovery forty y^ars ago 
that the German language had a shifting ac- 
cent, a discovery comparing in importance in 
its field to that of a new continent. The habit 
of calling "library" "libry' 'was cited as an ex- 
ample of the evil effect^ of tbr ---- -mplmsis 
of the first syllable. 

A comparison was drawn between Ameri- 
can and English speech and a distinction made 

between what wag now correct and wliat was 
historically correct. 

"The Americans have a right to speak as 
they pleased," said Dean Moyse, "but if I were 
asked whether they spoke English I should 
have to say, Ng." 

Considering th^ number of immigrants, it- 
was a matter of surprise that they had not wan- 
dered further from the English standard than:, 
they have. "Noo York," for New York," arid 
"I guess" were given to show the difference be- 
tween histGrical accuracy andpreSent day cor- 
rectness. The former approached the old Eng- 
lish pronunciation more nearly than "new," and 
the latter was used bv Cha^rcer, but neither is 
correct today. Tfcnry James, speaking at 
Bryn Mawr, told the students the country 
spoke abominably and that they should key- 
up, but, on the other hand, Judge Haliburton, 
"Sam Slick," said the best English was spoken 
on this continent. The chief difference, said 
the lecturer, was the stress in the sentence. 

"Rcrhember," furni.^hed,the next peg for an 
explanation of the silent "r" in such words as 
father, mother, sister, water, and so on. A 
convincing proof that the final "r" was dropped 
by correct speakers was given by the fact that 
the false palate used in phonetics to place the 
mode of speaking and covered with chalk was 
untouched when the last syllable was pro- 
nounced, whereas, if the last "r" had been 
sounded, there would have been a streak on the 
chalk. The long and the short "a" iji such 
words as "advantage," "Newcastle," and "path" 
was a matter to be left to the individual. Per- 
sonally, Dean Moyse said he preferred the long 
"a" but care must be taken not to err in using 
it too often, like the American girl going to 
England, who was anxious to impress with her 
English accent and spoke of "plahn." 

The name of a. popular shop was given as nn 
example of the wrong "o" sound so prevalent 
in Canada, and "bread and butter," corrupted 
into "breadam butter," to illustrate the ten- 
dency to neglect certain letters. "Toronto" 
commonly called "Trunto," was given as still 
another example. 

The difference between the spoken tongue 
and the printed page was clearly explained. 

"Wc arc speaking twentieth century Eng- 

.]ish with the spelling of the Tudor tinf^^; ' 
•can Moyse. 

The different dialects of England were 
touched upon and the survival of the East-Mid- 
land, combined to some extent with the South- 
ern dialect, explained. This w^s practically the 
London dialect and was the language of the 
Court, the Church and the Bar. It was note- 
worthy what little difference in mode of speech 
there was between educated Englishmen from. 
any part of the United Kingdom. .• . . , 

In conclii i> n, with reference to "aitches," 
sounded and dropped, an amusing reference 
was made to George Bernard vShaw and, finallyt 
a beautiful extract from Chaucej was . r""' " 
!4l) the musical quality of English 
spoken in his day. 




That night they took him from the Sea 
(And him 'u\ truth it was, they said), ■'', 

I went not when they summoned me, 
Nor viewed I wanst that sheeted head. 

Not wanst I looked on his white face, 
That bitther dusk they brought hi| 

And shut in such a wee dark place 7 
A, lad who's ever loved to roam! 

i^et now I listen through the rain. 

And foolish-like I still believe 
That back some day he'll come again 

To where the Arran wathers grieve! 

Some day he'll come, wid parrakeets, 
Wid shells and sharms and furrin' lore, 

Come climbin' up the ould sad streets. 
And stop beside me waitin' door! 

And when I'm wid me wheel, alone. 
And all the ould grey house is still. 

I seem to hear, past sod and stone, 
A homin' step that mounts the hill! 

I listen as the sound comes near, 

(And now me ould heart flutters fast!) 

I sit and wait and sake wid fear — 
But iv'ry footstep, faith, goes past! 

Yet dusk by dusk when through me door 
There sobs and sings the ould grey sea, 

Och ! still I watch and listen for 
The Dead that's niver dead to me! 
ir-Aithur Stringer in Hampton's Magazine. 



Islands were favorite li^^l^ grounds 
among the Indians, probably- frorn the protec- 
tion the surrounding water furnished against 
the incursions of animals, and coffin islands 
may be found at different points around the 
coast. In Victoria harbor and the Arm both 
Coffin Irsliind and Deadman's island were used 
for this purpose within the memory of such 
old-time residents as Mr. R.T. Williams and 
Mr. Edgar Fawcett. Mr. Williams, whose 
memory' goes .back to the fifties when he went 
to school from a shack on Yates street op- 
posite the site of the present Prince Edward 
Hotel, believes Colville Island may also have; 
been used for this purpose as well, but di.s- 
tinctly remembers the trees and scrub on 
Deadman's Island and the fire on it described 
in the following account, which is kindly fur- 
nished by Mr. Fawcett from material 'he is col- 
lecting, and w'hich he will shortly publish in 
book form. Mr. Fawcett writes: 

"Like the Egyptians of old, the Indians of 
this coinitry had professional mourners, that is, 
they acted as they did in Bible days. The 
mourners, usually friends or members of the 
same tribe, assembled as soon as the death 
was announced, and either inside 'or outside 
the house they (mostly women, and old wo- 
men at that) kept up a monotonous howl for 
hours, others taking their places when they 
got tired. In the early sixties an execution 
of four yoimg Indians took place on Bastion 
Square for a murder committed on the West 
Coast. All day and night before the execution 
took place the women of the tribe squatted on 
the ground in front of the jail, keeping up 
the monotonous howl or chant, even up to the 
time the hangman completed his task. After 
hanging the prescribed time, the mur- 
down and handed to their friends, who took 
them away in their canoes for burial. In the 
earliest days. I don't think they used the regu- 
lar coffin ; the C(.Mnmon practice was to use 
boxes, and especially trunks. Of course for a 
man or woman a trunk would be a problem to 
an undertaker, but the Indian solved the prob- 
lem oatiilv, a,<s thev doubled the bodv uo and 
made it fit the trunk. For larger bodies a box 
was made of plank, but I do not remember 


seeing one made the regulation length of six 
feet, even for an adult, as they always doublet"? 
the knees under. A poptdar coffin for small 
people was one of Sam Nesbitt's cracker boxes. 
He was a well-known manufacturer of soda 
crackers and pilot bread, whose place of busi- 
ness will be remembered by many old-timers at 
the comer of Yates and Broad streets. 
" "The Indians rarely dug graves for their 
dead, but hoisted them up in trees, tying them 
to the branches or merely laid them on the 
ground, and piled them up on top of one an- 
other. In time they fell into the customs of 
their white brothers, and got coffins made by 
the' undertaker ,and many a time I have seen 
Indians carrying coffins along Government 
street, down to the foot of Johnson, for their 

In i86i Mr. Fawcett with four companions, 
all schoolboys at the time, were bathing on 
Deadman's Island, and had lit a fire to warm 
themselves. Broken coffins were lying 
about and piles of box coffins and trunks; 
these were set fire to, and the boys promptly 
made off to escape the wrath of the Indians, 
who, in those days, were numbered by hun- 
dreds. They made good their escape, and the 
whole island was swept by the flames, trees, 
scrub and coffins being burnt up. Since that 
time the island has remained in its present 

The Indians on the Songhees reserve, also, 
Mr. Fawcett says, buried at two points on the 
reserve, but when the smallpox worked such 
havoc among them, the authorities insisted on 
the bodie« being buried in soil, and 
When the removal of the .Indians was 
accomplished a special amount was allotted to 
provide for the removal of the bodies elsewhere. 
: o 

Prior to the recent revolution Mexico^ 

chased about 6oo pianos every year fn 

factories in Chicago. 

o — 

Not His Fault— Liveryman (to 
"Here, what's this? Half a doUarll 
you've been out two hours." 

Rider-rr!*So I may. liavchut Vyj 
the brute's back only ien minutes*"' 


rim V KJ 1 ( ) III A COLON 1ST 

Sunday, March 24, 1912. 


Of ihe unnuinberecl storms that have buf- 
feted our eaiili many that interest the ordinary 
lust'inan hardly fall within the outlook of the 
historian of science, writes Charles Fitzhugh 
Talman. Librarian of the United States Wea- 
ther Bureau in the Scientific American. 
' The simoon that overwhelmed Camhyses' 
army of fifty thousand men in the Libyan 
desert is historic; so is the tempest that strew- 
ed the Scotch and Irish coast with wreckages 
of the Spanish Armada ; in memory whereof 
ihe English Queen caused to be struck a 
medal showing a storm-tossed fleet, with the 
legend: Afflavit Deus et -dissipantur. So is 
the great gal ^^lw^, c oincid ed. om ioottety with 
fhe death of ^CSWII!!#<II^ A^^' 9t''tllW* - flonusr 
howj^Hj^mre too .ratiifr«^; leiftpwii from the 
point of view oi ph^ascal Ackftoe. to )&o^ im- 
portant places in scientific annal't. 
l;^^^e **Great Storm" of November, 1703, 
which is reputed to have been the most disas- 
trous atmospheric visitation from which 
t^nfflttnd h9& ever suffered, atid which raged 

5nm little less severity over many other parts 
( Europe, occurred long before the days of 
|Rfeflither bureau:) and synoptic meteorological 
charts ; yet we are able today to piece together 
from various contemporary descriptions, a 
tolerable account of its topography and his- 

J The Great Storm bulks large in English 
literature, compared with other occurrences of 


indred nature. Defoe wrote an unacknowl- 
fedged book about it, entitled, "The Storm; 
or, a Collection of the Most Remarkable Cas- 
jUlties and Disasters Which Happcn'd in the 

however the achievement in which he took 
most pride. This l)uilding was much better 
adapted to ad- -ardcn than to crown 

a desolate rock tAjn^cu to the lull force of the 
Atlantic breakers; it was constructed chiefly 
of wood; its ground plan was polygonal, so 
that it offered great obstruction to the waves ; 
and it was loaded down with a (piantity of 
fantastic aiid useless ornaments. Besides ac- 
commodations for the keepers, the edifice con- 
tained the private apartments of the builder, 
including a Splendid bedchamber, richly gild- 
ed and -painted. The contriver of this extraor- 
dinary monument •fea^.sijich fatuous confidnjicc 
in its stability thii*-%'«^rcbs,cd the fiiWIpe?:t)f 

b fili y m 4t- duging:^-^¥B^*»t. g »l c i t l 

ever experience. Th%& wish was tragically ac- 
complished. The day before the storm he vis-r 
rted the lighthouse to BrfpcfiSHcfld some re- 
pairs. A» he put off from Plymouth Quay he 
was warned by an old sailor that a dreadfiil 
storm was brewing, but he disregarded the 
warning. At nightfall the lighthouse was seen 
standing from Plymouth Hoe; when another 
morning broke it had vanished, with its eight 

The falling of ichimncy stacks caused great 
damage to dwelling houses and cost many 
lives in various parts of the Kingdom. In this 
manner appear to have perished Bishop Kitl- 
der (who had supplanted the non-juring 
Thomas Ken in the see of Bath dbd Wells) 

>r| hi«f wiff>; fhnii<v1i .iri-niint^ differ as to the 


all examination of the I^k I'.'mI-. ■*[ ilu- f'.ng- 
lisii men-of-war that escaped dcslrucliun in the 
storm, these old ilocuments being ^tdl pre- 
served in the I'ublic Reconls Office A sur- 
l.ii>in- amount of pertinent information was 
; ,l,tained. The logs of' no less thatv 130 
h ,4 tlic naw were found to contain re- 
p, Mid and weather within the basin 

of the Aurih Atlantic for the month of Novem- 
ber, 1703. Barmoetrir d.Un was lacking since 
neither barometer- 1 '"•' inim .m 

meteorological ap!)araius were carried on ship- 
board at that time. . The vessels were, fur- 
thermore, unfortunately distributed for the 
purpose of this investigation; the groat ma- 
jority were in home waters or on the Dutch 
coast , while west of Ireland" the ocean was 
clear of shipping; so that the march of the 
storm across the Atlantic could iipt be deter- 

, . It is impossible to confirm Defoe's opinion 
that the .storm reported in America a few daysg^ | 
befQrj5s^tl?e -sMh was identitfal with .the. Oreat 

"• ^ fatli lfl j ftl ttgh such nwHirclI hav3e?*I^WJin • the 
case. Wheii the cyclone reaQHed.Bttr6>ett ^kw 
fais ren^airkuble lor Its «xte»'for, ft» viotenc^, 
Reports from the Tyjie and from cbperifaftgeni 
the most northerly points from which, obserya- 
tions are available, show that the storm ccntrfe 
passed well to the northward of these localities 
yet the fury of the gale extended as far south 
as the Mediterranean. 

The worst of the storm was doubtless felt 
in England, over which it travelled froni west 
to east at the rate of about fifty miles an hour. 
This statement refers to the translation of the 
.storm as a whole, not to the velocity of the 
wind. The latter can only be conjectured; 
judging from its effects it must have been al- 
together comparable to that experienced in the 



nir rn canes 'c r r typhoons of the t r o p i c s. — 

Comparing this storm with other general 
cyclones — distinguished from tropical hurri- 
canes and tornadoes — it appears to have been 

Mr. George Heatherbell, of "Green Lea," 
Colwood District, has forwarded to the Col- 
onist the following very interesting account 
cif a trip to Tasmania, during which he paid 
particular attention to fruit culture in that 
portion of the Commonwealth: 

Leaving Victoria on 29th of November, 
myself and son arrived in Hobart 29th De 
cember (their midsummer) thus giving us a 
good opportunity of looking over life orch- 
ards during the growing time, pn visiting 
the Department of Agriculture We were re- 
ceived by the Minister. Mr. Bene, and the 
Driector, Mr. Benson, and given every assist- 
^lince possible to help us j^Mtouch with the 
, . We fowwl the land beiit aiStedl«r fruit- 
gro^t^^ Uml^' altogether different from ours 
ivf #.^, th^t is to aayj the best land here for 
fruit 18 what they cali second, or third class 
land ,&nd is cbmpoised of more or less sand 
on top and a brown or chocolate clay of vari- 
ous depths (sometimes 10 feet or more) un- 
derneath. This clay becomes friable and easy 
to work on being exposed to the air, and is 
the kind of land the trees do best in.' It doe* 
not seem to make any difference whether the 
clay is on the surface or not, Something 
curious about this clay land is that it is just 
as deep on the top of the high hills as in the 
bottoms, and in most cases more so. This 
gives a fine chance to i)lant on the hill slopes 
and have natural drainage, which is. as everv- 

and a printed list of boats and amount of 
available on each one, with dates of arnvai, 
for shipping. The grower notifies the ship- 
per of how much .space he requires on each 
boat .or the number of cases he will have, 
and the space is reserved for him. Of course 
providing he applies for same in due time. 
The most of the apples go to London ; some 
to Germany, and some to South America, and 
a great deal of fruit goes to Sydney, N. S. W. 
They are going to reach the respectable 
amount of 2,000,000 cases for export this sea- 
.son. The prices at times are very high foi 
good fruit that gets to the market in good 
condition; and in good deman^.f^#ightecn 
s.hil)ings for Cox's Orange (per ^Sipi^is i.i%a% 
■inhisual- and as much fw pwwa. -^'^ ;j ^ ^iijjpiv |yigftr 
of thnie shillings, perbox at the shippingr fi^ifli^ 
can be drawn. At once. In- other wQiias^p^ 
grower can get « cheque ior 3 shiHtngiK jpicr 
case as soon as landed on the wharf, and thiei; 
balance, whatever it may be, on the returns 
and the date the fruit has to be on the wharf 
coming in, which gives the grower a work- 
ing capital to meet current expenses ; some- 
thing I am not aware of in B. C. 

We find they are growing what we con- 
sider the best varieties in Washington, Ore., 
and B.C., such as the "Jo^^^l**"' * "Spitz," 
"Yellow Newtown," and the "Ortler" called 
the "New York" there ; also the "Cox Orange" 
Two of their own favorites being the "Stur- 
mer" and "Scarlet" also a very large apple 


cali rd "P r ince Alf re d." — and — an n th er — c alt e d 
"Alfriston." Among the leading varieties of 
pears are the "Williams" (our -^Bartlett") and 
the "Cleaergeau," with many others for 'ex- 
port- "The "BarCletr ts mostly grown for f&« 
preserving factories, of which they have some 
very large and up to date ones. CHie firm with 
he^quarters in Hobart, Jones & Co., ato&e 
use three thousand tons of sugar in a season; 
They have also a. great many peejoing faetof- , 
ies in the smaller districts. Boiling it mth- 
ou^ sugar, Ats^in^ it up in i to 4 ^loii. ttos 
to preserve it while in tran^t to other ffbctor<> 
ies to be made into jam later on in Hobart, 
^dtiey and elsewhere. They also have dry- 
iag houses in the different districts v«rljere 
they pare, core and slice the apples, etc., firy-' 
^g l^ctn for export; etc., all done by th^JiiKl^ 
ITOd^enr machinery for that purpQi5!iK,,^3f!^ib^ 
all the wind falls and small apj^es are ti|«ixlp 
into dried apples of commerce, and even. the 
parings are n^de into jelly, so that you get 
at least a shilling a bushel for what very 

MJ^SP^ympj^f^P^y}^^ «s- y{^ w«r^ ^Jso 

very much ^titerested in a local wivention for 
grading apples. - It is a tnachinc propelled by 
"fed QT potwer> '.l»*y*ng a leather sheet pass- 
ing .0vtt sTollers with round hol«t ^^Uj^^- 
the different grades of apples called '|^iPpi;y 
fall thtough the holes on to felt tilpflb be 
carried to the packers. It is claimed that it is 
itifipossible to bruise the fruit. It is very 
sptedy no doubt» aild a great help in getting 
the work done. 

' TMar have an excellent' system of cold 
storage. A company lately formed having 
just adde a very large plant ot accommodate 
t&c demand called for. The cost per 
iitvit having been t shilling and six- 
is now I shilHng atld 3 pence storafi .„ 
good chance of a further reduction. Tliis sys- 
tem of cpld storage allows of a. large number 
of ^ack^ belhig" employed for nine months 

il there are any hints or 8i||E||Ui^s in the 
few items ^bov^ for B. C. growers l hope they 
wdl avail t^niB«lves of them. 


lAtt Dreadful Tempest, Both by Sea 
Land" (London, 1704); while Addison's allu- 
sibft to it in his "Campaign" — 
So; when an angel by divine command, 
With risitig tempests shakes a guilty Iwid, 
Such as of late o'er pale Britannia past— 
is one of the well worn passages; of English 
boetry, , Its effect upon the popular, itmigin- 
lii0irof the time was prodigious. . Defoe no 
tottbt ei^ressed the universal conviction of 
his contemporaries in calltttj^ it '^e fliost vio- 
lent tempest the world ever «!iw-^ ' ;. ;-: 

Statistics ^the. damage wroU|^:^ the 
stotiR «r«^ coinfliaingv imt-^^^li^ltef^ :o^^^t^^^ 
period agree that throughout , Ihe south 4ftd 
west of England the, destructive effects of the 
wind were quite without preCedeafe Pefoe 
sums them up as follows: Twenty-five p»rks 
lost over ifioo trees apiece, while ih tht NfeW 
Fof^t over '4,000 were blown down; the 
leaden roofs were stripp<Ki from, a hundred 
churches; ovor 400 vrtndmilte.!^^|in6^diSSifcro<yed;u-- 
pari4»eiiig^'l>tow3i down,. and part sit dn"^ire 
by the' rapSd^ Yievolntion of the sails j seven 
steiQ^ were blown down ; over <$ix»i dwelling 
houses were laid m niins; 123^ jiersons were 
killed on land, and hundreds mpre ii^^rcd. 
'; At ste^ the loss, of life wa» far greater; a 
succession of gales preceding the principal 
storm had crowded the harbors and roadsteds 
with vessels, and these were driven awK>re 
by the hundred. Over eight thousand seamen 
are said to have perished, including some 1500 
men of tbe Royal Navy— the heaviest loss of 
life that service , has ever experienced, in so 
brief a period, whether in war or peace. One 
of the victims was Rear-Admiral Beaumont, 
Whose flagship the "Mary," fouttdcredin the 
Downs with the loss of all but one of. her 27$ 
men. In Jthe same perilous roadstead the' 
"Northumbcrlaiid" .and the rRestors^oA" 
went down with all hands* while the "Sttriiog 
C^Ue" was driven on the Goodwins and lost 
half her crew. ■ ... 

The history of the Great. Storm abounds 
in picturesque and dramatic eplM4e4t|M\^$ie of 
ti^c was the rescue. .of two lAlliidftw'^iiiMwnicn 
^'"" *10l*?<3teiiNiii;^ds. Several vessels were 
stranded here at low tide, and their men could 
be plainly seen from Deal, walking aboiit on 
the sands or clinging to the- wreckage, signal- 
.^.^.^..A^ ^.*^. ^0»;,risin g<K><aW- 

only concerned with gathering the booty that 
the sea had brought them, and cared nothing 
for the lives of the wretched sailors. It was 
an age in which shipwreck* were an important 
source of revenue to dwellers on the British 
coasts, and the professional wrecker still flour- 
ished. Only one trian was moved to pity- 
Thomas Powell, mayor of peal, a humble slop 
seller by trade. Powell first appealed to the 
custom house authorities, who refused to send 
out their boats upon an errand of mercy; then 
he called a number of citizens about him, and 
by an offer of five shillings a head for all who 
should be saved from the wrecks succeeded in 
enlisting a numerous party of rescuers. He 
next proceeded to seize by force the custom- 
liouse boats, as well as several other boats 
that were being used in gathering plunder, and 
(luis equipped he brought ashore as many of 
the unfortunate sailors as possible, though 
hundreds perished before they could be reach- 
ed These he fed and lodged at his own charge 
as the Queen's Agent for Sick and Wounded 
Seamen declined to do anything for them. The 
next day several died and were buried — again 
at the expense of the magnanimous mayor — 
and the rest he provided with the means of 
reaching London. Long afterward he was re- 
imbursed by the Government for the expense 
thus incurred; but his noble conduct deserves 
none the less to be recorded imperishably in 
ihc catalogue of golden deeds. 

Another striking episode of the storm wa'^ 
Ihe destruction of the first Fiddystone light- 
liotisr. Its. architect, Winstanley. was a re- 
tircil incrccr, wjio spent his leisure in devising 
mechanical toys, with which he filled his house 
at Littlcbury. in Sussex. The lighthouse wa.-^. 


particulars of their death. 

The total loss of property occasioned by 
this storm in London alone was rated at over 
two million sterling, and threughout the ^^ohw- 
try at nearly five millions. Defoe considered 
it a more serious calamity than the great fire 
of 1666. On the 19th of January following 
the national disaster was made the occasion of 
a day of public fast and humiliation ; the Lofds 
attended a special service in Westminster Abr- 
bey; and the Commons one in ^. Margaret's 
Churchy ■ • - - 

Si|ch were some of the results of the Great 
Stomk of 1703. Turning now to the meteojfo- 
logical aspedba of the storm/ we ,ftnd that De- 
foes' nai'rative. thottgh a curious mixture of 
hialorjr^ j^d crude specnlation, is notev^rorthy 
ir(^iui('i»^^ of view for at Jej^t t^ro^ 

rtssaa^iit includes an enameration, in;tat{alar 
form,- (>f . the nautical expressions denoting 
successive gradations of wind force — thus an- 
ticipalihg Admiral Beaufort .by a. hundred 
yearfi^^Sc^ it contains., what. is. PiTplyjibly tHe, 
Urn. silt^rtttpt to trace the path oi a Storm over 
f)( wt^e area of. the Earth's surface. Defoe's 





A fret^W* — ^ ^,p^^« ... v*-i^-.i 

■A''std#.^ /<^ .-' ^ ' -A smalfc^V"'' *T'^^ 

A temp«*t''"'^'";: \^-- ^4^Ate?i^-,#ae' - -i • " 

ed sdme fortj^'jwsar^'**^*^"**"*''^^ ^^ 

have been little used- or known "At »«1^^MB|^ .; s^ 

judging If^om die i^|»Wifife ^iJ^fiff"^ '"^ 
tempr^n tfie part .of?Rev/.«pii>ii| 
F R.S.* to express the vii)lbHii^^»^«'« 
Storm on a numericai^iicaie.^'We qttote- frlcim 
bis ine|nQtr,inJ^fMo»PptiAcal TraftSftctionft.. 

1704 :..,,.■ .' , ' ^ 

. .;.*Xhe degrees ^f- the wind's strength not 
being m,east»red'butby guess, 1 thus detenmn- 
ed with respect to othet storms : On^ fW)!** 
ary ph 1699, was a terribly storm that did 
m^ii dama^; , this I number .|<). '^ 
Another rennrkikble storm was 
iTOS^- tA whicli time was the |pNft$i!9fl 
of the mercury ever known ; this I number 9 
degrees. Buit tWftfast of November I number 
at least 15 <di#^." 

Defoe's account of the storing i>aih i> re- 
mallea|li|e^ when we aonsidcr that it was writ- 
ten lif^ ^Uaan a «ent^ry before anything wa^ 

fttorins in general. He places its origin in Am- 
ericii, where a tempest was reported to have 
beeri felt a few days before the date — Novem- 
ber 26th.and 27th (O. S.)-r-on which the storm 
reached its height in England. Of its further 
history he says: "It carried a tni<^ line clear 
over the continent of Europe, tr; I Eng- 

land, France, Gecniany, the i*.altick Sea, and 
passing the Northern Continent of Sweedland 
Finland, Muscovy, and part of Tartary, must 
at last lose itself in the vast Northern Ocean 
.., and in this Circle of Fury it might find 
its End not far off from where it had its Be- 

The idea of thus following the progress of 
a storm from day to day over the earth's sur- 
face belongs rather to the nineteenth century 
than to the beginning of the eighteenth. Had 
some one gone an easy step farther, and com- 
pared the directions of the wind at a number 
of places and at a given time with the general 
direction of the storm's movement, one of the 
fundamental discoveries of meteorology would 
have been anticipated by about one hundred 
and twenty years. 

It remained for a meteorologist nf our own 
times, Mr. Henry fl.nries, of the British Met- 
corologcfal Office. together a great 

number of contemporary records to which De- 
foe did not have access, and to give us the 
first scientific account of the (irt-at Stiirm.* 
It ajipears that meteorological observations 
had, at the jjcriod in c]ncstion. been registered 
in T-'ntfland for many ycar^ ami forwarded to 
the Ki.^.ii S.Hiit s ; but a ^ did nOt 

leali/.e that tiicy might be cjt niicrest to pos- 
tciity they were destroyed a=; "usclc?;?;.'' Tin- 
der these circumstances. 11 hiiumiI t.. Mi-. 
Harries that it miglit i -iul. 1- ,.,a i 

one knows, an important advantage in fruit- 

We found in every case where the trees 

the most vibtenf of wTiTch'TiisTory liolds' any werrwctt cared for that they made a remark 



The King has conferred x>ne< c^' the most 
sfgnal honors in his power upon Sir Edward 
(3rey,' Secretary for Foreig;n Af^|i» by ap- 
poiminir him ^a Knight of the Garten writes 
a London correspondent. Thus Sir Ldwardt 
will 'he tfee only Commoner on^tfaeluMiiioral^ 
pand of kttight8;,.af^this exe!«»«ife^^^i<deii,«td 

m tnc lafm. * - -- ' • 

Sir jRobert Walpole, Lord North, and Lord 

?M\m^ir0Mi :yr^ the <»i% o^f M.P.*fi who 

<ece^«A.mi^'^im»ton. Walpole Was^ r^ 

^%Tpd.t2Sf3|!Mbily1^Sr'l«i»JN»»;#^a as'-'*-Sir 


frjg^se.s^tti^re w^s h vacafi'cy in the Or.-- 
fJair Edward' Grey is made a kn 

al cre^ion, as were the Dukes of .\r- 
ijFife at the Coronation. The death of 
r Duke did not create a vacancy. 
..Order^ excluding foreign... Sovereign-, 

lt<ig«i^«^l^.'^««^tiiv«8ted . 
!(iav on bnnjsing^ Jbaok .Charles 

"---m Che mmmoii. m 1660. 

,W|a.rtiile Earl of Sand- 
mKftjmkiimii^^ both to the 


tt from Hb 
Montagu afti 

CdlTV */ '' Vat''*" " - • - . 

'■^M^MM^ the Garter is the oldest and 
most illustrious in the world. The date com- 
monly given for its institution is 1348, in the 
reign of Edward IIL and it is certain that it 
was the battle signal of the Black Prince at 

The adoption ol the Garter as its sign i^ 
explained by the famous story that the Coun- 
te^^ of .Salisbury dropped her garter at a 
state entertainment whereat there was much 
filtering among the courtiers. Edward IIL 
picked it up with the words, "Honi soit qui 
mal y pense" ("Evil be to him who evil 
thinks") and fastened it about his own Royal 

The insignia and habit are most elaborate 
and imposing — and .include the fteorge — a gold 
medallion of St. George and the Dragon, sus- 
pended from a blue ribbon; the Carter which 
i.s worn below the knee of the left leg, and 
is made of dark blue velvet, edged with gold, 
bears the famous motto. A mantle of bkie vel- 
vet lined with .taffeta, with the star of the Or- 
der on the left breast; a hood and surcoat 
of crimson velvet and a hat of black velvet; a 
collar of gold weighing thirty ounces, and the 
star with the Cross of St. George in the centre 
encircled by the Garter. 

Here's the List 
The following is a full list of the Knight- 
Companions of the Order, the date of crea- 
tion being prefixed in each case: 

1892. Duke of Abercorn; 1886, Marquis of 
Abergavenny; 191 1. Duke of Argyll ; 1902, 
Duke of Bedford; 1894, Manpiis of Brcadal- 
bane; 1897, Duke of Buccleugh : 1891, Earl 
Cadogan'; 1906, Earl Carrington ; 1908, Mar- 
quis of Crewe; '1909. Earl of Durham; 1899, 
Earl of Elgin: 1883, Duke of Grafton; 1895, 
Alarquis of Lahsdownc; 188S, Marquis 6f. Lon- 
donderry : 1902. Duke of Marllnirough ; 19TO, 
Earl of'iMinto; i88f). Duke of Norfolk; 1908. 
Alar(|uis of Northampton ; 1900. Duke" 6f Port- 
land; 1905 , Duke of Richmond and Gordon; 
. 1901.' Field Marsha! Earl Roberts; 1892, Earl 
nf Rusebci^y : 1 909. Earl- of Sclhorhc ; 1902, 
Duke of WcllinK^oi). 

Sir E. Grey is in his fiftieth year, lie .suc- 

able growth, and wherever properly sprayed 
were clean, and had good fruit. But we 
found that they were not at all uo to date in 
apjayinK;' especially as to the use of an(f 
kiu>wledge of the great benefits of the Lime 
Snlphur. The land Is not so hard to clear. 
aiiH can* l»e -fiOt..fibeaper than in B. 't" TElhe 
Vjklnte^'^. oi^ards in full bearing and those. 
edming,in bearing say 7 to_ 12 years old, is 
from'^£6o to £100 per acre. 

' The nu^prity of orchards at'e planted a irod 
apart bi^?^^ the trees on the square. At 
■fN»l tWf'iW^fi^ jjtisige^fr' ttto close,' ^- 
lin^tifliyt^ji^SteMlw ' Bnt-tney, iread i;*«|m 

close to ihe gfouwd, liaving few limbs and a 
method of pruning to*encourage fruit spurs 
eldse into the main limbs, practically from tite 
|t«ri5nnd up, which is an admirable -method, 
especially where there. a.r,e.higlj \y hid.?, ..during , 
, tHelr,iiMnr8^son;a}«i^iy^!i^^^|ibrtfia- 

h%f^' ^t^tC 'most-' or '^<%tlil^'*fe^!'t^'w^'*f*w 
from th^'grofitnd ^tMS^Mm^k^Y 
bearing.! At the bame t^plfr^iWlH 20 

tree.s' wolild be better. 'iStVyVTollow clean, cul- 
tivation, but umler^tnnd little or no^i|ng 
about cover t mmensc valu%/-iof 

filjSfiiW^i^'W to 

d«a*d. The cases 


■^iir'tm^'t tb'lend'it- 
^^.^^ ,... .^ , - *>\»t the cases hold a 

hliriri^,llieL"same as ours.' * ..a^iJSul^lu^. .\ii 

" Ip^do not i^pei^klg paper, but wi^p 
tbe, ^I0mk.and put ,wdod Wool on top .andbbt- 
Umjotj^J^x and hafve no bulge. We think 
t^'ey'ire^SMMnewhat ahead of us in marketing 

(191 2) fh^t 

totusk.- So tttdch 
'-•^h each boat, 



ceeded his grandfather, Sir Geo. Grey, himself 
a Cabinet Minister and celebrated statesman 
in the baronetcy. He was returned for Ber- 
wick when only twenty-three, and has reprc- 
isented the division ever since. He served his 
apprenticeship at the Foreign Office under 
Lord Rosebery, and for the last six years has, 
had the conduct of the International busnie» 
of Great Britain. 

k ..jU-^ ■LVJMZI^.UJli.... 




Romantic adventures in the career of Don- 
ald Francis Steuart— Scton were described 
during his public examination in the London 
Bankruptcy Court, He stated that 15 or 16 
years ago he was cattle ranching in Montana. 
His father died in 1884, and Avhen the debtor 
came of age about 18 years ago he received 
from his trustees about i^ 25,000, but after a 
year in London he ran through the greater 
part of it. He bought a share in the Mon- 
tana ranch for £5,000, and sold out two years 
latei" for £1,200. Next he bought a share in 
the Green River Valley (mining claim) and 
got out with a profit of £800, and, as his 
share of , the sale $1,800. 

He was next ranching for eleven months 
at El, New Mexico, and then fitted out 
a treasure hunting expedition for Yucatan, 
Central America. This lasted five months, 
and he drifted back to New Orleans with no 
means whatever. Then he went to Australia, 
and spent two months pearl fishing at .some 
islands north of Caroline Islands. The pearls 
he took to San Francisco, and sohl for £6,000 
bought shares in the Red Star Mining Com- 
))any for £6,000, and in a few days cleared 
£ii,oo'.-). He went to New York and put £9,- 
o{T.:) into an expedition to produce a revolution 
in Honduras. He lost his monc\. In 1896 
he was in Matabclelahd trading and cleared 
about £7,000. He joined the I'ulawayo Fiehl 
Force in the Mat?beh It, and going to 

Angola. Portuguese West Alrlca, made £1,- 
500 trading. 

- He returned to England ill in 1898; next 
he. tried British Columbia, and gave £2,000 
for land at Cariboo Creek. In 1899 he return- 
ed to England vvith a batch of options, which 
he sold "at more or less profit." In 1904^ he 
prospected the remainder of his land at Cari- 
boo Creek, and found his land mineraJ value. 
Ho commenced to write .short stories, and lobi 
'T^i 1 .500 on working a betting system . I n t got; 
he began to' develop his Vancouver land, 
which was becoming of value for timber pur- 
poses. He mortgaged the land for £2.000, 
and put that and £1,000 of his own into clear- 
ing the land, erecting sawmills, etc. The mills 
produced a profit of £20 per mill per quarter, 
but in August, 191 1, a forest fire burnt out the 
whole of his claim. The, mortgage foreclosed, 
and debtor's interest was entirely gone. He 
turned to a naviation scheme in Budge-row. 
which lacked capital and an option on a mine 
in Colorado which fell through. His liabili- 
ties, (£4,200) were mostly to moneylenders. 




The national passion for symbolism and 
love of the mysterious is expressed in the new 
flag of the Chinese Republic. It is interesting 
to dissect the composition of the latest of na- 
tional emblems which has all but been accepted 
by several of the civilized nations as the New 
Standard of OH China. 

In the new Chinese flag there are five col- 
ors, blue, yellow, red, black and white. 

Geographically, blue in Chinese "tsin" 
means the east, yellow, or "huang,]' is the cen- 
tre, red: ^^ '.'tchc," :r, the south, whiic, ot "p^i, '* 
is the west, while black, or "he," is the nbrth. 

Figur?>tively .speaking, therefore, the new 
flag is^a symbolical map of the new republic. 

The second peculiarity about the ncAV flag 
is that it represent-? the five elements of honor 
in Chinese philosophy. 

White, for instance, means metaj, blue i.s 
wood, black \9, water, red is fire, while yellow 
represents the earth, 

Sunday, March 24, 1B12 








Prospect Lake 
Prospect Lake is about eight miles distant 
from Victoria by road, and there is a choice 
of three roads leading to it. 

The trout of Prospect Lake are celebrated 
for their qualities both as sport providers and 
as table delicacies, and the usual catch averages 
well in size, although the lake is not more than 
halfra-mile in extreme width. Tradition even 
tells of mighty four-pound monsters, though 
from half-a-pound to a pound-and-a-liali, Jfal 
more like the usual size cal^s^'l^ 
having been hard £^he4 {6ryiftft;'t!tl« fitocle of 
;^:t'Ttii.ut la this, lal^^|i^^%::^ewH-w^; -as 4s 
pfotRaiL%cJi<lteagxiiM:Mtcli^ wtil^ were made 
lh^%4(^liii^^ib(^ ottljr ^y M\t {ishermea, 
£|ifl«#ifr %#^ the d«vot«e8 of th^ fly rod. 
%^*i li^alMlthing tl^^e are' good days and 
fiit'tffe^ in 'Ktt otters? the ttnc^rtainty of the 
pmttr-h OUV^f'-lts chi«f charms, but, speal^ing 
|[C3iet»lly» the fly-fisherman can enjoy good 
sp6H «t Pl-oispect Lake as soon as the warm 
wcQK&erlyegias and the natural insects btfgin to 
WlXStched Ofit. There is an abundance of this 
l^^bf food Here and the fish ri^e well in the 
* <B"v«i^gs and mornings in the bays and at 
.raft^edged'bf, the water-lily patches, one of the 

thf use nf the fly heiny on the : 

bnt placet fnf 

canoe on this lake for hire. The fly-fishing at 
the outlet is particularly good, and the same, 
flies will kill as on Great Central. 
McCoy Lake 

Tliis is a small, muddy and marshy lake 
about four miles from Alberni. but capable of 
yielding good sport within easy distance from 
home, as the trout in it average one-and-a-half 
pounds in weight, though, as the water grows 
warm in the summer months, .the fish get 
rather soft; there is a raft here to fish from, 
and the flies recommended for the other water 
will be found equally satisfactory here. 

•> ^Uriitii idge and Cox's Lakes, ,. . 
two ismpriiriEC3 four and three m>l«9 ttm> 
tively froBi the towii» »jppe«l more esf^ally 
to-the bait &hermea; as. thott^ ^y contain 
plenty of good trout, from ha!f-«>pouod ta ;a 
pound-and-a-half in wdght.^ey are mostly 
taken with bait, th«5 best time to fish them be- 
ing in March, asjthie fish get too soft to be at 
their best in the 'warm weather; rafts to fish 
from will be found on both. 

An outing on either of the two first men- 
tioned lakes can hardly be beaten for good, 
all-round sport and for picturesqueness and 
beauty of natural surroundings. 

As a change from inland and lake triivel 
the sportsman should not omit a trip down 
the salt-water canal, which can be made either 
in row-boats or by gasoline launch. 

About three rniles from the Port Alberni 
wharf, on the right hand side going down the 
canal is Cous Creek, which affords fairly gpod 
fishing wittisilher fly...or- Mi-ti- tbc besliimc 
for the sea trotit hctc is in the fall, but smaller 
fish can be caught in ^plenty all thlibttgh the 

is Cameron Lake, which is about four miles i 
long and affords excellent trout-fishing in the j 
summer. Sport is also good on Cameron River, i 
flowing into the head of the lake, as well as in 
the Little Qualicum, which runs out of it . 

Ill a word, almost any stream around Al- 
berni will afford good trout fishing, while the 
sea-trout are very numerous in the fall in the 
Somas and near the mouth in the tributaries. 


On March 18, in the police court at Dun- 
ji Alec Mullock, an Indian was fined $75 by 

f-|f,H. Maitland-Dougall, J.P., for having 

three does in his possession out of season. In- 
{ormatioa ww laid hy Peputy Game Warden 
l^'^iS^^ who VKVght'fhe dl^Srafiiani wlthr't^, 
docs ea a ri* cowing <*Ht from the otd Silver 
Mine trail 



Dr. G. A. Still, chief surgeoiT of the A,S.O 
hospital and owner of the White Oak. Ken- 
nels, Saturday last got the surprise of his life. 
He was just ready to give his large pack of 
beagle hounds a workout, when his flunky, 
Doggie Banna, came running in greatly ex- 
cited, saying there were a milHon ducks on the 

pond. Dr. Still g r abbed hia gun and made fur 
the pond. The first shot he got two and then 
bagged one more. Now the surprise : Around 
the neck of one mallard duck wa s w ired a small 
cylinder, anSlniniTs cyHnHer was CsmalTBof-' 
tic with a note and five gold nttggets. tkt 

tion was attracted by a flock of pelicans wad- 
ing in the shallow water beyond the end of tlie 
range. A discussion arose as to the distance, 
and whether they could be frightened away by 
dropping a bullet in their midst. 

A shot was fired from a "Krag" sighted at 
1,500 yards, which fell shot. With mock de- 
liberation I set my sight at 1,700 yards, took 
four points windage, and fired — killing one of 
the birds. 

Several of the squad sank upon the ground 
with a request to l?e carried from the field, 
while I stood in open-mouthed amazement and 
watched the white speck upon the water give a 
few flutters of its wings, while the rest of the 
flock m^md ,i|ew farther W ,||w l^ch, 

SotM^tlnli^ that i;{p^ yake'is a long 
^ wsy to see s p^ffl* Btit npon a clear day J 
Amt gfseat white mrii. with the muddy ii«ater» 
ci Sin fM>^ Bay a^ a b^kground, loopi up 
tike the iNTOverhial "pewter dollar in a mud 
hole."— Jan»*» S. Wilson, Solon, Iowa. 

I I n il i j i I '.i yO" " ■ " " " * ■ ■• ■ 


King George and the Kaiser are not the 
only nifty little hunters, as the following sta- 
tistics furnished by Mr. Charles Askins will 
prove : v 

•'Elephants— Sir Samuel Baker, in Ceylon, 
fourteen in one_ day ; thirty-one in five days. 
These we r e shot with a doubl e four-b o re rifle 


March 26— Opening of the trout-fishing 


Shooting season has now closed for 
everything on the mainland. On Van- 
couver Island and adjacent islands you 
nuiv still shoot geese, if you can get them. 

Brant geese are plentiful on the shores 
of Vancouver Island. Decoys are almost 
an absolute necessity, also a special 
knowledge of their haunts. Comox and 
Dcnman Island, the best known resorts 
for brant-shooters. Sooke, Sidney, James 
Island, other well-known resorts. Dis- 
covery Island sromctimes affords good 
sport in the migrating season, a little later, 
while Rocky Point and similar places in 
the time of migration. Honkers are to be 
had by the persevering and lucky sports- 
man, but, except in a few favored local- 
Jtiee, the man who gets honkers on the 
' coa&t certainly earns thpm and is a friend 
-oi fortune. ^3£lZliX.j£..jKr 

. ■ 'It- •— — ii' --^ '•'i^f' r'' 

; OrflBff ia'ftriri «l$ed rougnffn^ 
mature saUipon, are now to he ^^^M^H 
considerable jtittittbetti^ bjr tt?«iif>n sa^'^ 
water— estuaries 'and wwto. ^TPli* best 
known place for this fishing |8 ^aanich In- 
let, reachied most easily by |B. jfc.f}. Rail^ 
way, i7*llfle Poet StodKm. Boi^ Ifor h»re 
are few and should be arranged tof o^re- 
hand. Sport depends a good deip Pft P^. 
a long run-out in the day geaerally Wfm[ 
ing poor sport. High and fl0odin|^ mfl^. 
better than low and ebb.' ^ ^ 

Tackle, used commonly, ordinary 


ing tackle, the finer the better tor fOSm^ 
sport, with any small spoon or mmtH)f#v% 
the local favorite now in fashion h^^^f 
-gmall .Stewart sjpnon. 


ba4 which runs out into the centre of the lake 
0|»p0site the little island. 
' f heflifost usual and popular way of fishing 
Uvtt is "bj ^ tro llin g with a spoon bait, the exact 

nmML heing to use a large salmon spoon 
(4^mNNMkt*r the better apparently) with a worm- 
MiifeMWl^fcloot or more behind it ; by slowly 
rowtej^i^e big' spoon is made to attract the 
fish iT^%k nnknown and mysterious depths 
of tiipf!;likc, and. doubtless first attracted by 
nothftt^^intL curiosity, the fish, on rising to 
inspect fllt^ reflector, catcljes si^ht of the worm 
behind it, and is thus luted to its doom. 

The fly^ffiherman need uQt, however, jump 
to the conc1t<sib» Aait this is a bait-fisherriian*8 
haunt pure and Simple. The observation of 
residents at the lake sid«} would go to prov*t 
that the most<»l.of- the, fish in thitf 
summer time » the iftSeethte which is on the 
0iHett in my^llds ot a summer evening. A 
smafrfly on alight cast will bring i^sfllts which 
will be stirprising jto the uninitiated. 

There are plenty of 'good suitable boats for 
hire^on the lake at a reasonable rate. FishiniJ 
ffom the bank is practicitty out of the^nee^ 

-.*.«h»V'«rtvc ©rtfde fcottrVicforta is as |ite-' 
^^ne'jis ate sUl'^nth oh VancbUver Istand: 
Tfeinglflm pieces soinc of the roads might be 
b^tterj they are never bad enough to di§cour- I 
«ie^^-a&»ng bicyclist. Apart ffoM its at- 
ttac«di^*as an imgling'resort, the trip to Pros- 
pect* l;ake will afford a delightful picnic for the 
whole family. , , , 

i^ - r ■ ■' ■■(!' ^ — 

^ The e^iffiion'of the «3. P; It: to Alhennlna 
put'withiff^^^ch'of visiting and resident 
ancfers a vast new field for the exercise of 

weighing twenty-one pounds; load* sixteen 
drams of powder and a bullet weighing a quar- 
ter of a ponnd. 

8^on<^ by.W. H. Collins near Ootacamund, 


lassistaiice di some of tiie old 
.^^^Iftts' who have a wide experiencp of the 
fishing in the district of Alberni we ai-e able to 
give all t^ i^\9 necessary of the different 
waters in #tf isSJlthborhood to enable a fisher- 
man to plan a campaigi^^lK|t«ttded or otherwise. 
In the first place, let It he^tt^derstood that 
splendid fly-fishing can be hai-iM^lny one of 
the, numerous streams in the vjilBj^ near Al- 
berni, so that the angler whose time is limited 
and who cannot stray far from headquarters 
need have no fear of blank days, or over- 
crowded water; if there is any crowd, it will be 
a ct-owd of fish, not of anglers. ■ For those 
who have the time and inclination to stra 
further afield the following plac 
ly recommended: 

S^rfaig MtttMi are now ir«tttntnfir 
may be cfl|ngitt in simiun* pUie^ .with sim- 

UarviiJ*l^Wnilte^li^,«BiL:ift'iish rather 

mt this time 
Of ^r. A."deaidlly bait is a herring rigged 
.with'a ($|ifli^|t6^ the tail so as to give 
it a '"wi^^tg"' motion when trailed be- 
hind a boat. 

N.B.-7»f?@tal,*.:" winter" springs give far 
bettei:lli^t livhen hooked than the sum- 
mer ''WTOpfy, but are not quite so numer- 
ous, or if so, not so readily caught. 
Saanich Arm, Cowichan Bay arid Genoa 
_J3ay, some of the best places, being shel- 
yjji ^B p a -Tyaterv: but "si>*iilgs" are found now^" 
'found the shores of almost any inlet and 
near the kelp-beds. , . 

Steelheads now running to the rivers, 
may be caught with salmon fly (favorite 
patterns here, Jock Scott and Silver Doc- 
tor), fished deep. Spoons and Devon 
minnows gi ve good results. Best-known 
places handy to Victoria — Sooke River, 
reached by stage ; Cowiclian and I<^oksilah 
Rivers, by E.:&N. Railway. 

N.B. — ^Trout-fishing for any kind of 
trout is illegal before March 26th, in 
fresh water, salt water, tidal water, still 
water, running water or any other old 

^Shf'.{ye.\ people wonder sometimes why 
disappeared. The wonder is rather 
iithere is any left.^ — Outing. 

— -o — '■ — ■ 



Great Central Lake 

The distance from Alberni to Great Central 
Lake is ten miles; the sportsman can drive 
right through all the way to the lake from'the 
town. At the lake end of the road there is a 
cabin ifi which visitors can camp. There is a 
gasoline launch there and a canoe owned by 
The discoverer and locator of the famous Big 
Interior mine, a vast deposit of copper ore. 
The lake is abotit twenty-one. miles long and 
averages a mile in width. At the head of the 
lake IS another cabin belonging to the same 
owner. Two small streams run into the lake 
at the head, but they are not navigable. 

In the lake are trout, and plenty of them, 
from one to three pounds in weight. The best 
time for fishing this water is in June and July, 
and the flies that have been proved to be the 
best killers are: March Brown, Black Zulu, 
^Brown Hackle, Coachman, and Silver Doctor. 
There is splendid trolling in the lake and also 
good fly-fishing in the two streams at the head 
.is wf.ll as at the outlet. 

Sproat Lake 

The distance of this lake from Alberni is 
?lx miles over a good road, and there are sev- 
eral old houses on the shores where tourists 
can make camp. This lake ,the Lake Lucerne, 
as it has been called, of Vancouver Island, is 
thirteen miles long , with numerous arms. 
There is splendid trolling in this water as well 
as good fly-fishing, the trout running in 
weight from one to nine pounds and being of 
two varieties, large white-fleshed lake trout 
;ind also thr sea trout, which run up all the 
Islnnd ri\-ers \vherc\cr pn'^^iMc. Thrro i'; a 

summer; there is an old cabin about -a mile up 
the creek. 

Six miles or so from here, on the other side 
of the canal, is China Creek, where trout writ 
be found fairly numerous and easiest taken in 
Jttne. Tu ly - ;a>n4 - A ugU3t. The banks are thickly 

fH'IiKioded, S'^lKl^angler w^ho wants fish must be 
prepared to wade. A good place to camp is, 
at the Duke of York mineral claim (deserted 
placer diggings). '^ ' ' 

Granite Creek is about ten miles down the 
canal; it is a small mountain stream contain- 
ing brook trout, and the best month to fish it 
is July. The fishing in tlvese three creeks 15 
particularly good, owing to the low tempera- 
ture of the water coming down from the high 

Nahmint River 

is on the right hand side of the canal going 
down, to the ocean and about twelve miles 
down ; the river, which is about nine miles 
long, is the outlet of a lake of the same name. 
The fis'hing in both the river and the lake is 
hard to beat,- and this water, has never been 
fished much owing to the comparatively long 
distance from a settlement. The big Tyee 
salmon run up this river and can be freely, 
caught by trolling near the mouth in Septem- 

Cohoc salmon run up most of the rivers 
mentioned ; fly-fishing for salmon has not been 
practiced very much here, but they are known 
to have been caught on the fly, so that prob- 
ably experienced anglers who properly under- 
stand this branch of the sport would be able 
to successfully fly-fish for salmon ; those who 
are content with trolling can expect all the 
sport they could ever dream of and must be 
prepared to try conclusions with the monsters 
of the tribe, as the Alberni Canal is one of the 
places where the biggest sort of British Co- 
lumbia salmon run, fish frequently being 
caught .<jixty pounds and over ip weight. On 
Ihr road into Alberni the only lake of any >i?:c 

note was dated St. Michael, Alaska, June 4, 
1911, and signed' by R. E. Flynn. The -strange 
part of it is Mr. Flynn was operated on there 
^&r a fracture of the skull by Dr. Still, who 
trephined his skull, using a silver quarter to 
plug the hole. When Dr. Still was doing the 
operation his assistant remarked, "You are out 
swer was that he would be paid some day. Tlae 
twenty-five cents and your fee," but his an- 
swer was that he would be paid some day. The 
doctor has had his nuggets made into a scarf 
pi„._W. D. Bledsoe, New York City. 

Not long ago while fishing on a river in 
Oregon I had a rather queer experience with 
a goose. I was sitting on the bank of a stream 
fishing when I heard the honk! honk! of a 
stray goose coming up t'he stream, I observed 
that it was coming directly toward me and 
flying low. Wishing for my shotgun, which 
I had left at camp, I pulled my pole back ovei: 
my shoulder and waited for the goose. On he 
came and just as he got opposite me and a lit- 
tle ways overhead I struck with all my might 
with the pole. I struck under his long neok 
several feet with the pole but not with the liner, 
which struck him sharply on the neck. The 
big sinker on the end of the line turned over 
several times and entwined his neck with the 
stout line and I proudly hauled Mr. Gander 
down from his northward flight. I know there 
is many a hunter that has hauled an old gan- 
der down with a shotgi/,n and a charge of «;Iini, 
but I doubt whether there is any beside-^ mv- 
self that can say they pulled one down with a 
fish linc.--Lans LencA'c, Coquillc. Ore. 

While on the naval target range at Mare 
Island Xavy Yard an incident occurrerl of the 
variety one has so miicli trouble to make peo- 
ple "swallow." 

The members of the "firing squad" were 
standing anuuL the ^luH)liIlg .slaiiu, vvailiii^ lOi 
the target to be set up, when someone's atten- 

India, ifi 1903. The rifle used was a 400 bore. 

"Lions— Seven killed in two minutes in 
West Africa in 1909. Rifle a 600 bore, double 
barrel. Nine cartridges were used. 

"I have found few definite records of Am- 
erican game shooting. Buffalo Bill is said to 
have killed over a hundr^ buffalo ih one day. 
In, I think, the American Field of a date about 
twenty years since, some hunter reported kill- 
ing eight antelope from one flock as it ran past 
him. I have no doubt -but that this has been 
exceeded many times. I have been told that 
one market hunter in Southern Illinois, in an 
early day, using a muzzle-loading rifle, killing 
one h^jndred and seventy-five deer in one 
month. He still-hunted, using a dog to track 
the animals, the beast trailing without sound 
directly in front of his master. The saddles of 
these deer alone were saved together with the 
hides — the .saddles selling in St. Louis for 
about two dollars apiece. 

"The English record on grouse is some- 
thing over one thousand birds in a day, made 
by Lord Walshingham. Since 1900 the Dur- 
yeas. of Ncav York, who took the shooting 
rented in Scotland by the late W. C. Whit- 
ney, killed over a thousand grouse a day for 
several successive days. 

"How niany prairie chickens' have been 
killed in a day by one man will never be known. 
The best work, or the worst as you may put it, 
was that of Francke, two hundred and fifty. 

"The English record on partridges is some- 
thing over seven hundred brace, made by thr 
Maharajah of something or other — I have for- 
gotten his exact title, as well as the exact nunv 
ber of birds he killed — also I have forgotten 
where to look for it now. 

"Of American quail an Oklahoma market 
shooter is said to have killed two hundred in a 
day. but I cannot vouch for this. I do know, 
however, of an Illinois market shooter who 

fairly upon the wing." 

By Currituck's long shore we lay 
And watched the east, where coming da 
Spun, threads of dun arid ashen-grey 

Along the ocean-line ; ^ 
The wild-fowl flying overhead 
Through leagues of misty vapor sped, 
Wheeled, swerved, and then with ,wing5 out 

SloAV settled on the brine. 

And five, with necks stretched out and on 
Marking the distant flight of swan — 
As greyer grew the light and wan, 

Came ship-like sailing by ; 
Their broad wings beat the air aus,tere 
And resonantly to the ear, 
The leaders challenge sounded clear 

And haughty from the sky. 

Then from. the reeds our guns were tiirned 
As we their naked course discerned, 
The heavy charges flashed and burned 

And belched with hollow roar; 
The wild-fowl rose in scattering pack, 
Against the sky-line looming back. 
While deep-toned echoes answered back 

And rumbled round the shore. 

Then paused the leader in the flight 
With mortal wound; and from his height 
He drifted like a snow-drift white 

In stately sweep along, 
A victiin to the fowler's aim ; 
And as he set his wings and came. 
Pierced through the air as some thin flame. 

His liquid, dying song. 

No more for him the Polar Zone, 

The trackless ways with stars thick strown. 

The chill air all about him blown 

Like tresses of the night; 
For liim no more to live and be 
As one with wind and sky and sea; 
1^'or him no more the strenuous, free 

Far ardor of the "flight. 

' • ' ■ *. 

Sweet, plaintive notes iirt. mellowed strain. 

That floated o'er the shimrrterirt|r pJain. 
And mournful as an autumn ram, 

By Curritufk's lone shore; 
A requiem in trie dawning w«ti 
That ever lc98ene;^^''on and on, 

of ncvctiir^eYcrmore. 


Sanday, K^cch 34, 191S. 

TiiE niii 


rh<> I'ity ill flndins that will coAt far 
more tliun was exptcteJ to buy the land 
Jiccded for the waterworks out at SooUe. 
}llsh prices have been ordered to be 
Klven by the arbitrators for the land 
11 1 ready ^taken. 

Mr. Carter-Cotton has been returned 
lo the leKislature. The Liberal member 
Mr. Weart has withdrawn. Mr Cotton 
Is a very able member of the Conservsi- 
tlvt party and one of it« oldest »up- 

;■■ - ; y t . 

Tht German coalminers In th« dia« 

"■]'■' of Westphalia have struck for hlvh- 

ii?e» and there Is a likelihood of 

ISlftlU^t and passenvir . ateaml^oat, Tm» 
l^twck «dded to the C,.JP. R. n«et. TMa 
llipkt is Intended for the Vancouver and 
lUnatino run. The people of tt>« On\ 
frlty will weloome the awlft and com- 
fortable boat. 

Beft>n> the new liarbor workfl planned 
by Mr. Louis Coste can be cbtnnt^nced, 
the depth of the water from Ogden 
iPtotnt must be found. For that purpose 
JlJr. C, C. Worsfold, engineer of the' 
pnMIc works department Is maklns 
soundings. The Jireakwater wilt bt a 
b(C pteco of work and large firms are 
«ist? s« f d t » ea wp e to f o r i t . 


back into far worse barbarism than 
that of the trlbs-s of Africa or the 
Indians of whose Jlercenesa and treach- 
ery so many terrible tales are told. 

No cuttUv.o will bsfflvtn poac!:cr2 tn 
take seals in Behrlng sea or on the 
coast of Asia. 1 ne Algfrtne 18 to. be 
Kent there and tho United States. Rus- 
sia and Japan will also send crulserj* 
to see that the aKreement to prevent 
killing the seals at sea which was en- 
torec! Into last year is kept. There is 
a fleet of whallnn ships which make 
Victoria their Iiome port. These have 
set put for thfc season's work. The whale 
flshe-rlea of this coast are very valuable 
but It toay be that the supply of. the 
monstois will be oxhausted nnl'»s« meas- 
uics .lie t,ii>i-ti to protect I < n \ 1 anl- 

ance of their "frlenda in feathera." 

Tills fruit grower had. by care and 
painstaking work, buooeededln bringing 
his apple orchartl up to a point where 
II was .billable Of yielding a product of 
$8,000 a year, only to have the trees 
Kirdled by mice and practically des- 
troyed in one wintor. Nailed up on tli<? 
orchardlst's barn door was tlie carcass 
of an owl which ho had shot and put 
up as a wnrnlng to other owls to keep 
at a distance. After his orchard was 
destroyed by mice he applied to the 
agricultural authorities of his state for 
a remed.v. Th,, export sent to in v«"t._i. 
gate open the stomach of the owl's 
carcass nailed to the barn door and to 
the astonishment of the farmer showed 
him the remains of nine field mice, 
which the owl had destroyed. This or- 
chardist by- destroying owls and such 
like birds which prey upon mice, had 
made it easy for'tho mice to multiply 
and destroy his trees. 

Our American Humane Kducation So- 
ciety publishes a leaflet entitled. "How 
the Birds Help the Farmer." It treats 
briefly of m^ , ^ "»« "»"" common 
birds who«|l.lMpWft in «r<=»^"f • ?."- 
4ipi MIA t»U it w»,^wunic necesBlty. 

; m'^uBmff&^'j mm'.m teg; St :?.'SiS* i.rJS!« 

. ,,i« ,^ , M , » . . >su> to . in, . .. ,1 . , „ Mwwip .» .«.,.w.y». . i,;fa.. y ^rt ty . >s&«S|.ar.y ... . clrculKlSBrWMKWr, tWt'^W* 

All these things the health department 
will try to reform. In one thing pntarlo 

, Wfty years ago, poor people In Can- 
|i4ft ate very little sugftr. Now it Is 
nsed In very large quantltUs in almost 
'nsverr" "fcotniK — "ftr^B tJntted States the 
people have been complaining of the 
I>i|^ price of sugar and the other day 
Coi!aprr<iMM passed a bUl making Us Im- 
' P«i##|li«n free.. , 

Pruiiier SCedrtde and mftny of his eo\- 
leagues have been speaking in most of 
the constitaenoies of the province. Bv- 
eryWhere they have gone they have bewa 
warthly welcomed and eyieiry Where they 
find prosperity and hop^. We cannot 
follow heft.' the apfesch^s they have 
niAde, but :a,U bpys who are 'o)d enough 
should go to tho meettiigs in Victoria 
this week and hear the eandiiiatm. apeak. 

st«mi which blocks the trains and pr«i- 
viiated provisions frchn reaching tlie 
tdy»iL' In Toronto and other parts of 
Ointttuiio there were also very heavy tells 
of snow. In our own city a light tell 
oi Bleat marked at. I'atrlck'a I>By, 
|feMiib.«n Monday gardeners were busy. 
wia^d»ar» wera at wMk «nd preparations 
f or iR|«fiii«nt «f«pa Wnc.uiada m jomwy 
■of't)ii|^«»rei»t4. . ,. j; ■ ;... ;•. ■,v■■;■ 
A great ttiiniber of 'tta>i>«' ''"•!f^»»"*» 
and lttiifb#«Mii are preparing to taka' 
advoiitec* ot the ejct^nslon of the island 
rallroikda: ; .I^ada art> being made into 
the Albemi and C»»wtckan foresta and 
Carlin Brothers are building a mill at, 
Albemi; ■ Farmers, *09, •«» enquiring 
about land in tAe valleys through whlcb 
the Cani^dian Northern and the CaOii.- 
dlan PaolBc will P«ss. Vancouver la- 
land's growth waa slow ftt flret but It 
iooka aa If it wilt Ve y«ty tiM0 Hn 
^Vh«'y**T9^U» .^eanifc.-- ',.'..'■. ,-.■.. ,:. ■ .'^.:: rj,.* 

,,:„ ,..' ;..*,:. .;;.■ , -, ,r-t»" ^- ..:. ■:... ■ ■< ,.o. 4 >■ ^.^ 

^i^M S^ haa be«fh iNWkiM^ 

4MI ^ aubaldy of »100,000 a year in f«« 

mt^u to the aum the prbvlMCii alriiteay 

ae T B an examplt i t o th e w hd e e > Can a d a. 
Thtire art fewer cases of consumption 
in that province this year than last. 
All of Western Canada will benefit If 
the young people In the province of On- 
tario grow up strong and welt. 

Miss Macklem Is again begging for 
holp for the starving Chinese. Thla lady 
la one among the few who really believe 
that 'all men aft-e brothera and that Ood 
in the Father of all. Sfcatella ua very 
tirttlgr that we naarly all have more 
than we ne»a and abft baga ua to aava 
babies and their motliora from the most 
terrible of all dfeathiu Vhera ar* alghta. 
to be seen on the atraata Of CSlli* •*»!» 
fts none of you hava 4*a(|ii)W« Vftn !« 
yoar most tristful dreMiUR.-<!rMbr hwi- 
.ger |i«a. not been cauaed by the wat* 
though tHia may preheat, h^ balny, 
-^ !._ mi^t. r<t>inj>«<.' tjk _.«ltA l t» 'Wswi» thiaii \ 

If he la right this port 
indeed when the harbor 

will grow fast 

sent by rtcU Chinasc H^-«Wi^■¥*f■J^ 1 4^-'iai Mclvuii'tn a olosatf 

Sfarak1«n ^lU b* «Sad to rocciva . tWfe.}:^^ 
ateidlaat auma for iA €%liui it Uttta l«oa* 
ey *oe« a long way. lOai Ib^kiMli Uiraa 
at 1186 Blobardsoo •traat; 

The hospital board of Vancouver has 
asked tite government to appoint a 
oammlssion to eoauire into the manage- 
ment o^ the hospital general because 
n g gn tl eiwaw said the-place waa ovar- 
ruii With cockroaches and tnat he bad 
betn overcharged Jtar the support of his 
son who waa in the hospital from the 
middle of November to the end of Jan- 
VMXV. If tl» ^em[,ttia «« not trwa the 
people who mottt vac the hoapttal have 
An . rig ht-to .ba- laaturked by t^m. W 
tlu^ ar* the aiiMiaiwinwwt muiit ba obkrg* 
adWd. If poMAblab tboaa toJ>l«Mtt*.pun> 
tal»ad. Tha lijp«p|lal at V«»eott<rar la 
ft }»tw» vtm .«M| Wj»ii-«auimf>«d bunding. 

em March, latb a yotmg amurehiili 
HMoM |a«lto% Mtamptad to faaawfeata 

-i^-Hoi^v^^^t Tieur Smaasmub «t 

Hon. WinatonCI»wrcl»in. «r>t I^»* <>< 
«h« - Aiwlvftlty baa ma«a a spik^h ^ W tha 
■ «A«ttt.^ditta^ittr jDngiand t»r. V«f> oojning 
y«Stf. It' Ik aaW that bls.plan lAwasS' 
the ConMWittlv*" hnt 'has disappotetad 
thoaa of Wa own followtts who Ttopad 
for a-graat^ awi4n* of money on the 
navy. It la wtol that evary Capadiui 
girl and boy ahould know that although 
areat Britain will this year spend, near- 
ly two mllltoniii and a liaW. this is a 
little leaa than a million and a half be- 
low what was spent last year. Mr. 
Churchill said that It was believed that 
tour I>readnoug».t» should in: built one 
-year and three the next for six years. 
ThlB would keep the British navy sixty 
per «ent stronKsr than the German 
navy which was, he thought, enough 
for Bofety. If the Qernmns flfccrense 
thPlr r.rt« of building the British will 

^Jt*o"l>s eircuiwar^Mtim twt-wa 
^wrald moat eapwiftttif recommend H 
for, those who do not yet realize thai 
„^<.^^ef^l farming la knpwwlMo with- 
out the co-operation of «ib blrda.— 
our Dumb Animals. 

"Blr, sir, a merchant who passed here 
a. few moment.s ago, threw It on the 
fcTound, saying it was not worth a half- 
penny, and he went away." said H^e 
Ktandnioiher. "It wt» worth nothing to 
him If you value It. take It, giving the 
little girl som« dlsli shw ilkes for it." 

Uui the nierchani would not have it 
so. Ho gave the woman all the money 
ho had. and all his wares. -Give me but 
eight pennies," he said. 

So he took the pennies, and left. Go- 
ing quickly to the river, he paid tlie 
boatman the '•';''" !"■"'. les to take him 
Qf^rnnf til* rlv 

Soon the {froray nui-iiant went back 
to the house where he had seen the 
golden bowl, and jsald: "Bring that bowl 
the bowl was worthless, but another 
merchant has paid a great price for It. 
and taken It away." 

Then the greedy merchant was angry, 
crying out. "Through this other man I 
have lost a small fortune. That bowl 
was of gold." 

He ran down to the riverside, and. 
seeing the other merchant in the boat 
OKt ij» f^e river, lio called: "Hullo. 
aMMHIl! Stop your boat!" 
V^^Mlm man in the boat said: "Don't 
stop!" Mr- he reached the city on the 
othar^lH^'ibf tho i-Ivcr. and 1»«A wrtl 
for a Uma on tka money ttia *o|rl 
brottcbt bim.~-flt. ivtoholaa. 

a deafl tree. The eight of nine glossy 
whltu exgs art) deposited on a bed of 
clean white chips. The youns birds are 
horn blind and entirely naked and look 
more like reptiles than birds. They 
develop very rapidly on a diet of worni!', 
grubs and insects, and as soon as the 
young feathers are developed, they art: 
taken out for their first lesson In fly- 

The birds often build their nesU in 
dooryards or among the trees of cities 
and towns. They ar« rosldent throuffh- 
oui the year wherever found and appar- 
ently ' island the rigors of se- 
verest - Tli«rir beautifully mot- 
tled, black and brown bodies and blood- 
red wings make them conspicuous fig- 
ures of the countrysidn 

Among tha eight inambera of tbf gdv- 
entmant ratamed without oppofl>tp«;«C 
noibloatlCii taajr war* two 
Hotti H. B. Toung, 
and Hon. Thoa. T|y|M^: 
i'w«ntt«..'n;a paeiMa^Ai 

tt'^esmtb 0^ fits 

. ■n^M.-.i^ ba iuA&, JH- 

flre^'^^'hrao' airaik at 'tli« '^MoM^'J^^''' 

of these woufldad an oflleer of^ljilhf .MM^p* 

r<k, Mr. -IMtg* aaotbsr iitnt«k ena of 

lidMa»jifnuHnlf 0)a aunitu^ and a 

ilgtiajl ISO. 4««eh Mlf pUBm--:^ 

4mkT 4r0va on to ii^.i«im^!lim 

follow their example. If on the other 
hand, tlio Germans Increase their rate sa 
will the British, Sir Gilbert Parker, 
tht, Canadian author and member of 
Pftrltam*at,..«aid-ha-. .was ^diaaiiP0iPl«^ 
that nothing had been said aboyt help 
In navy building from the Overseas Do- 
minions. Mr,-No»ton OrlfOtha.- who baa 
much property and business in Canada 
said tb»t>C»iM)d» and ttie otk«r coloalea 
would dva iftor« if Bngland ahtowad that 
aba waatadtiKwdfti. Tht daapatdi .4oa« 
not eay Whaittiar kr* Chnrchtll liiiiiwar«« 
or not 8o;ter.W this country la con. 
aNmaO,' our bualnaaa' is M» .consist 
IdwtKor wa think tha Ifothw^ Oonktrr 
•bould any longer ba tffiW^'Mi t« *«•» 
avsry year this enorntl^iBur Ww*|»i wh^s- 
GwMidMwaMf <!>JH» •*«» »Mf^ ^**'' 

'■•■■■ ,Wa^^|^Wtt.,«*.'«»i'iitfar. aate 

«n MwmoMMxr ov 

Ee-told by Ellen C. Babbitt, from the 
•Makatas." published by the Cambridge 
Press, England. 

There was once a merchant of Sfcri 
who sold brass and tinware. He went 
from town to town. In company with an- 
other man, who also sold brass and tin- 
ware. This second man was greedy, get- 
ting all he could for nothing, and giving 
as little as he could for what he bought. 

When they went Into a town, they di- 
vided the streets between them. Bach 


'^l^jjgif' pa** Ad- 

j,"*^ few days ngo the OlWmeafrvafW-, 
>.4 — « ,-_ -•-'ktaX'MM^^Samksm and 

■" '■"" ■•*«pii|i^tM and 
join In, a 

roan itfftnt up and do w n th e s t f t »ts h o 
had chosen, calling "Tinware for sale. 
Brass for sale.'" People came out to 
their ioor-Bteps, and bought, or traded, 
with them. 

In one house there lived" a pOOT old 
woman and her granddaughter. The 
family' had once been rich, but -now tha 
only thing they had left of all their 
rlobM waa a goldan bowl. The grand- 
mother did not know It waa a golden 
boWK but aha h*d kept thla because her 
httaband used to eat out of It In the 
eld days. It atood on a irtialf among 
tha ottaer ppta and pana. an« waa not 
of|an Ufad. 

The greedy merchant Tmaaad thla 
house, eailWff. "Bttt toy wa-tar-Jara! Buy 
my jptasl** Tba ftenddamtbtar Mid: "Oh, 
AyMMfl^thcr, do buy aomethlng foaiagl'* 
r *My da^.** said tba old woman, •>• 
are too pooi^ to bay (mytli^NNr. I Have 
not-ii»»*»>i*»« ^ «te«^ *»«»t:^. 
, '^tlmSmffiBifer. *€B WWrt tko werohant 
wUl ^ra for tba old bowl, Wa 4o not 
iiate that, sod parhapa ba will tekc It 
and glva n» aomatblng we want for it" 

-Tfea old wonan c»n«4 tba mav«3)«nt 
M ^«v«l W«> tki, bon^. wyifiC. "wilt 
y»tt teka thlai, air. and glva the little 

Tha Man Who Haver ^« XXlS Vfotk. 

Blind people «re very brave- **•* 
refuse to be cowed and defeated by 
their sightlessness;, they are Cheerful and 
gay. and do things which, would appear 
skilful even in people gifted with the 
hSBt of sight. There have been, lamong 
the blind, rulers and atatesmon. philoso- 
phers, poets, sculptors, lawyers, and 
clergymen. One of the most wonderful 
of blind" men was John Metcalf, of 
Knaresborough. who became, perhaps, 
the most famous roadmaker and bridge- 
builder of hlB time. 

'Blind Jack of Knaresborough," as 


Oenersl Baden-Powell, who was In 
command of the fortress at Mafcklng 
when the town was besieged In the 
South African War, has Just been re- 
minding- how handiness helped to keep 
the Union Jack flying. The men had to 
make tholr own guns and ammunition, 
foj iii.\ fMri not enough of either, and 
one day they wanted an extra Cannon, y 

They had no cannon-making materl 

-«i*trV.f ttitiiti" "tvitft f a l W n rtr ' r er r ^Wr'-af* 
xnay .. mump ait v»f t*****»a"- ^v* **r* jt 

' welded thmi round (ha ttp^ Mt im 

the' creat gnomakera windr, mitmi ^ttSAi 

o^r Dreadnoogfct gdnft.' .^i-'$]tal^(1fWl'' 

handlneaa gave totf eking, one. Hlflliaf^ 

WH» WMoh to def'eiid- Itacrt. ' ^ * 



sent Dr. 

yotnui Hbck CO 

mult of tba UnlvaHrtty of BriUsh Co 
Inmbl^ and the new Normal school In 
Victoria aa wall as to finish his plans 
for tbk boapltal for thoae suffering 
from dUsaAgaa of the mind which is being 
bQUtM Coqnltl«m»;Tba'me» of Revel- 
toka <io not think tAat thara' fa any one 
In Ihe prdTinoe wk9 kiww* oo wolt. 
wl|afa*T0«tlf« are wwMad •• *Oo«t tl«n«k 
Taylor.* The other nambara elactad by 
aodlsfaiattoti *re J. ^, C. Wcq4 for Al« 
iMcnS. f. A. Cawlay for Chllll««%» 
■■p.:txni-me tfranhwck. N.- Pt njf^jU^^ 
muikmnmt Minor. Grand Fcrkis^l 
i*vwr* «iftt«rti «inHk4ntaa» 

it, Ifkpnn la » atB(Hl.coimtry ita p**- 

route. BViltp 

found Ity 

^slablish- ^^ ,rtii« 

him from tha 
r wiU raogiTat.^ 

r^vea. The people of the Itttlo in^* ^^ i|g,t« iaatvad to wtek* the md*| of 

vince arc large importers of mano- ^j^ ftilwr iMT which -thara la attcb an 

tectitred goods and so pay a big uttm in- abottdattoa «t hom«< Tbay bava long 

to the Dominion trcasurj-. They do not ^^^^^ noted fOr their iMtl In WWy man- 

benefit greatly by the publlo worka for wteetwrfnt wbat arc kno^pn as Oriental 

WMch so much of Canada's raVCnoa la 
expended. That la/vhy. f^rsnttat Hfttlii* . 
son Ina naked for, Salter f«mnl *•&' 
has been listened to by Mr. Boraen and 
hia noUeaguea. 

There are the mintster of mllltla. Col. 
Sam Hughes believes, six thousand men 
living today who in the Fenian raids of 
i8<li and li?0 went out to fight for their 

country. Tk#'- ]iiN|lil<l. •S"'* Irishmen 

living in th'€lt)l0li9 aliM^ "Vho imaffin- 

pd ll.«y could Injure England by Invad- 

, inx Canada. Tiiey won learned the Im- 

"" 1^^. ia: ■^m^'H '^h Hcheme The 

:.*fK.%ftjii, of-g, IwiidrM' dollars which it is 
proposed to give each of tha. loyal sol- 
diers is not a very large oht, but It 
win no doubt, be welcomed by some who 
f»re no longer able to cam .their living. 

CooOi ntid in ooma of thtmt not even the . 
XMSimt Chirteoo ooyi rival tiip^ »tt.|V 
«aF«r they are llnpentng from IW^^< 
raw material. They get wheAt aia9.«jl^ 
It Into flour and buy bales ofAatliWk' 
to weavs Into cloth. A few days af^ J^ 
a ahtp took from this port logs to aigwT 
In Japanese mills. It Is such competition 
that the "West has to fear. The sooner 
the young people of Canada and of all 
othtr parts of the British Empire un- 
derstand that the nation will in the end 
conquer whose people are most indus- 
trious, most skilful, most thrifty, most 
intelligent and mopt virtuous, the better. 
Wfc are worse than foolish If we think 
the color of our skin or the shape of 
our f^.atures will count for anything In 
the great race that is going 
on in the world. 

Neither the 
Id any aignMt . 
the shot* linfi* 
king's fathar, HtunilHtftt 
ed. There ia a report that tha 
kin til* Itfiur wfw lMa4a In 'ft«l< 
^tsmm are. iti finfopa. tanuf »M»l0 
think tt la right to murder 
and other rnten of the conntry, 
doea not -matter to these anardfttfn 
aSlkfUkta wkMMMr-tiWM rtriam a 

^tm§ and gaatroattir. ''IMflRMkTIi^l 
the iMiMa nil Immenaa omwd 
(o aaipt^ka tllclr tbankfnUM|n» 
escape. l%ere are nUMiy |tattan# 
think the war with TtiHcey « «l»ildka 
bnt th^ae arc not the sort of people who 
believe the murder of the klttg Wotald 
either put a atop to tba 'War or benefit 
tha country. 

"wdfe^ HHf^f^i 

Much of 
prairie p 

roads cou 

wheat grown In the 

ilast year has not ytt 

St because the rail- 

^"Jrif i!«rry It away fast en- 

ough. Th" Bonil^n government has 
promised jta miUta an enquiry into the 
methods of tkij; mtlwisy cc4mpanles and 
to aee to H tliat everything possible 
wltsii 1>« <»os« t.o^«ij, th<i farmers next 
year. 'snadian Northern and 

the Gi-.- . ii-v- i-oached tht. Pa- 

cific ocCas '^ Modian Pacific 

has built a n^«' u'-; xk'-. wheat can be 
sent to all parts ot the world from 
xrltish Columbia. 

For the past two years Mr. Richard 
Greegs has been the trade agfcnt of 
Great Britain In Canada and has lived 
In Montreal, our greatest commercial 
Ity. Mr. Greggs has shown so much 
knowledge of Canadian business and of 
the commerce of the world that the 
rov».rnmeni at Ottawa has appointed 
lilni to the department ot trade and oclm- 
merce of Canada Hon. George K. Fos- 
ter Is the minister of trade and com- 
merce and this English gentleman will 
i.elp him to make what new arrange- 
m»nts the growth of Canada and the 

lianges Kolnsr on In tlio world vhall 
f-ndwr ne('es.«inr.v. 

The I'Mipl.' i>r Ontiirlo hnvt. dPtermlned 
to do everything possthle to make their 
i.iovlnoe a healthy one. The govern- 
pnoi.t sees thai children In the cities 
nrn dylnK htcn'isc Ihey live in crowded 
l.ouues on dirty streets Old people are 
not well rsred Tn, when they arc poor 
nnd not enough piuns Is taken to prr- 
vont the spread of infectious dlseaso*^ 

By this tUne 7000 Immigrants have 
landed at- Halifax and arc finding their 
way to their new homes In different 
parts of Canada. A thousand of these 
are from Uban in Southera Russia and 
1,450 from Rotterdam in Hollatid. Can- 
ada cannot have too many cf the strong, 
intelligent working men of Holland with 
theii cleanly wives and sturdy children. 
It Is to be hoped that some of thttTi 
win find their way to the I'aciflc coast. 
They know how to make the very most 
of the land and Dutch cheese and butter 
are famous the world over. • It Is not 
only stich work that has made the name 
of Holland great. The yioungest of yoa 
loves to look nt the prints of the pic- 
tures painted by the great Dutch artists 
and every boy knows that the explorers 
and merchants of Holland have gont. Into 
all parts of the world. But whatever 
thiey may do the descendants of the peo- 
ple who won a country from the Ger- 
man ocean nnd afterwards saved It from 
the hands of the Spaniards will help to 
build up and strengthen the Canadian 
'tation. On the other hand the poor, 
oppressed Rnsstan emigrants will have 
to learn Imany lessons before they will 
b« fit to be citizens of a free country. 

Mr. H. S. Prttterson. » miiin merchant 
of Winnipeg, lately paid a visit to Vic- 
toria. This gentleman advises tht peo- 
ple of this city to build or get the gov- 
ernment to build a grain elevator here. 
That means that this man who under- 
stands the grain trade thinks thnt wheat 
ran Ije shipped from Alberta In cars 
to Victoria. hfMsted Into an ili-»vBtor hpre 
and then pr»nied Ifito the hold of a ship 
to be sent I', ciitifi .):., in 'u India. 

-jltMiM^'n jknifajltnieilt 

'""ipto give none of their men 
lifnclcnt wage to live upon 
.iUll all gaiM^MUk. on Monday. • 
'«fe Wte they mtwt hftVe the support 
of the Irfibor party.and the Irish Nation- 
alists. As some of you know coal min- 
ing is much easier In some places than in 
others so the lowest wages will be set- 
tled by district committees. There are 
many people In all parts of the world 
who do not think governments should 
Interfere between employers nnil their 
employees. But when the whole nation 
suffers because of a labor dispute It 
would seem thot tht. nation's servants 
have a right to act for the people. This 
is one of the liard questions that men 
must settle In our time, and yet foolish 
people will toll US that all politicians 
are dishonest. The governnu.nt of any 
country or of any part of a country is 
work for able and honest imen and those 
who choose any others to represent 
them will. In the end, bring ruin upon 
the nation. 

Winnipeg is built on the thick deep 
prairie soil, but so well have the foun- 
dations of bnlldlnRH been laid that there 
has seldom been a collapse. This was 
not the case with the splendid hotel 
which the Grand Trunk Faclflc Is build- 
ing -on Broadway. Thousands of tons 
of earth began to move and the east 
side of the partly erected building was 
injured If not ruined. Great steel pil- 
lars are said to have been crumpled like 


Grand Duchy of Luxemburgohe ofenth birthday, becomes ruler of 
Who on June 14th. 1894, her elghte the little European countrles.- 




There Is in Virginia a band of outlaws 
as savage as were the Indian tribes who 
first Inhabited the Blut Ridge mountains 
and quite as dangerous. These people 
set the laws of the state at defiance 
and are ready to kill those who try 
to enforce them. On the llth Inst, a 
band of thbSe outlaws killed tho Judge, 
the prosecutor and the sheriff of the 
county court and wounded the clerk be- 
cause one of their number had been con- 
victed. When an attempt •was made to 
nrresl Allen, ont: of the outlaws, his 
wife and he fought till she was k111e<l 
and he overpowered. The others are 
belns hunted In 'he moimtalns. This has 
happened In rtvlllzed -Smerlr.i and ti.e.-t. 
men are not foreigners but natives of 
the t'nited States. There sre many 
ihlnits lliril nhow us that \miyss men and 
w'»meti arc taught to rule thtir passions 
II will not take loot 'or- tl.em to .;flnU 

How sweet the breath of early dawn, 
The sun breaks o'tr the hills. 

To every soul a day is born 
To meet with dally Ills. 

The shepherd with his flock ■ 
To the verdant pasture leads;^ 

He puts his faith in God, 
For all our daily needs. 

The songster of the wood 

Thit i'rom his soul doth sing. 
From early morn till late at 

The I ' ' ' ' '"''' o'"' '<'ng. 


And S3 when »U Is o'er, 

• We rise a,?aln at dawn. 
To wake upon a happier shore, 
,\n everlasting morn. 



A rn.ii ■c:'"\\'i in Wisconsin recently 
h.'id llu' vshio of owls impressed upon 
l.ltn In such a way as he will never for- 
Kot. It was a bitter experience for hini 
and « R-Ooil object lesson not only to 
orchardlsts but r-veryone who does not 
iccu.ijni,.c 11. e usefulness nnd ln)port- 

glrl horc something for It?" 

The greedy man took the bowl and 
scratched Its side with a netdle. Thus 
he found that It was a golden bowl. He 
hoped he could get It for nothing, so 
he said: "What Is this worth? N;ot even 
a halfpenny." He throw tht bowl on the 
ground, and went away. 

By and by the other merchant passed 
the house. For it was agreed that either 
merchant might go through any street 
which tho other had left. He called: 
"Buy my water-Jars! Buy my tinware! 

Buy my h'"as»')l_„,j^ 

The little arfrl li'afr^ilm, and ^esged 
her grandmother to ste what he would 
give for the bowl. 

"My child," said the grandmother, "the 
merchant who was Just here threw the 
howl on the ground and went away. 1 
have nothing tlse to offer in trade." 

"But, Grandmother,", said the girl, 
"that was a cross man. This one looks 
pleasant. Ask him. Porliaps he'll give 
gome little tin dish." 

"Call him, then and show u to iiim," 
said the- old woman. 

As soon aa the merclmni look th* 
howl in his hands, he knew it was of 
KoM. lie said: "All that T have here l.s 
not wmMli so niucli as this bowV. it Is 
n «oiden howl, J am luH rich enough to 
buy It." 

they called hlVil, waa nut blind wh e n h e 
was bom at Knaresborough In 1717. 
Blindness did not come until he waa six 
years old, when a severe attack of 
smaltsqx robbed him of his sight. His 
parents', who were poor working people,, 
sent him to school when he -was four, 
but an Illness put an end to his school- 
ing, and all that he learned ho taught I 
himself. He was not upset by his bllnd- 
neaa. but set talmaelf to walk alone: 
and ao wel| did he master physical ex- 
ordaea that ha waa afile to outatrlp 
ail hl« ptajmllrtaa a^ tbalr ffamaa. If 
thofi was a tall aM <dMi«eroue tree to 
acala. JajCflj waja thtiboy to dlmb It - 

He could 'waik aaft run.' bo« and wreatle 
rid* and awlm aa wrtl.aa any of Wa, 
comrades in the dkyllght and in the 
I|lti3( he waa moraatihto aaaa .than 
they. HIa a^rtrnming waa ranmrkaUe 
for a blind boy. The lUver HIdd te 
AMSi With tvlatlhg; cui^enUs hoi f«cfc 
wobM clfve iwwat^ feat 2b«Jw aSSBU'WSSi'. 
np property whlcb had been loMt Ift tho' 
water, oi: reaene paoji^e from dtoWkOny. 
Ha bad artlatlc talent as wall aak J&y- 
idCai afctli^ atid biitCame a resUsr vMd 
vtiAlidst ao thiit people were chid *> en* 
cwre Wm to play -for danoaa and other 
assemblies in Haxrogate and pfaho* 

^Onee. When in l^ndoiv he mat CMIonM 
Uddell, a gentle«9«n Who^ 'lm«« Wm. 
In Harrogate, and ^tbe lootsncd. hebwr 
about to return tp Hartngata >«fCeffad 
to take Jack with Wm in hi« ooncb. 
The blind man thanked Wm reapect-; 
XuUir, but answered that he could walk 
lu| Aar tn a day aa the colonel could 
travel In his ooacA. And be W«« aa 
good as hta word.' On the data fixed. 
Metcalfe set out an hour tn advance, 
and tho colonel with a retinue of six- 
teen mounted n^ncants. followed in hia 
coach, All the way to Hateopttn Jack 
kwt Mead on foot He and thv cojonal 
^Iftccd.each day <m **♦# «itopipto(f plana. 
«4^;''«br th,e night, and If the burly blind 
man, •tridlnv »waj;;a8 if In seven-leagus 
boota. alwa:r» managed to keep so well 
miitgfl of the coach and hoecea that ha 
ifrrlved in time to order 1ft ddvanoe the 
meals and beds which the colonel and 
his party would require. 
Upon reaching Harrogate, M i atei i itf 
» rf»nNU»c«i raady-made, awnltait' 
for aeveral years, 

him and a young 

_^ «»M^:^jlli««»#k«Pt «n hotel, but 
j^-ll^ack was poor' and shy he did not 
^" ask the young lady to marry hlnu 

cept hlra, hea'vy though her heart was. 
On the day before the date fixed for 
the wedding, Metcalf was riding mourn- 
fully by her house, when he heard a 
voice calling him. He turned Immediately 
towards the stables, and there to his 
joy, found the girl he loved. They had 
a hurried conversation, and the very 
next day, with the earliest peel* Of 
dawn. Blind Jack of Knaresborough 
ran away with Miss Benson, the pret- 
tiest lass In Harrogate! They married 
in haste, but they did not repent. 

It was the turning-point in Jack's 
career. Her parents forgave the runa- 
way girl and afterwards made her a 
handsonie present. But Jack did not 
wait for that. He 1x»ught an old house, 
pulled it down, and on its site bullti 
a new one, with stones dug out of the 
bed of the river. Then they set up In 

He established the first hiring carrlaKC 
ever seen in Harrogate. He ran a 
carriage for public hire, nnd a sort of 

There came a youth upon the. ear^u 
Somethouaand yisara ago.' ' ' 

Whose slender band* <«ian hothlv 

worth, f 

yrhether to plough, or-resp. or-i|[bWi 

Upon an empty tortolae-abea ' '^ 

He stretched some chorda, mnA'^tm 
Music that made men'a bownia *y«<*j 

Fesriesa. or brimBMd IftW r liyny.wUh 


I ^ 

Then King Admetus, one wbo' iMd. 
Pure ta*te by right divi ne , . ^1^ 

.:... : ..k\ 


Denreed his singing not too ■««, , ^ ,^ ^ 
To bear between the eui>p of^lfbw. 

And ao^ well pleased with helnie^ aitrCNkd 
Into a sweet balf-alaep, '/r^ "< 

Three ttmea hia kini^jr beard ha aspooth- 

Ahd milda hUa vieacoy o'er his iiheep. 

Bta vorda wero glmple words enough. 

And yet ba vfwd Igbam ao 
That "What in othtkr mouihs iras rpugh. 

Xtt nth aaautad muaical and low. 

hlen cnUed him hut a aMftieaa!^'J|y|j[|i'.' 
In whpm no poodH^f" """" ** ' " 

Atiis w^ tt«lwlttMM»yii:|[,,^^^ ,,,.,^, 
They made Wa m0mi^Mlil^*^f^SS^^-<^^^'^^ 

law. ' W4-..,::} AA..4;..iw rfr , l .i X — » ~«t , - ^ 

They knew not how be learned at all. 

For idly, hour by hour, 
8a ' aat and watched the -^dcad leaves 
fan, . 

or »h«4-U|io» n «»'«'^|j^K^,^,i^„^ 

It aaaqiad «ba lov«lin«it>^| 

DM taMAtiMtlilt^Ml flMrr 
tint. In ■ nifra weeds, and stones, and 

Ho found a healing power profuse. j^^:^ 


Men gnoted that Wa speech was wise. 
. Bnt when a sU»ai«dthw 1W»Sht j. .^^.j^cc. 

Of Wa aiim graib «lii'>i#X#i!i; eyes, '^r 
They laucbhd, knd ckttod him good- 
. fer*»ottgb. 

Tet after he was dead and gon^i , 

" And e'en his memory dim, .',^'J<iA 
Earth seemed nwm asft«(et to 

AtiP^immmy more lioly,_ 

rafi»|'#^'lK||f««sC he had IrOdr- 
Tiii httJriNNMfi imy knew 

Their first-born brother as a god. 
— James Busscli LowelL 


FrlMida pave us a cat. a great, fat, 

.iill^'«ai|#wll1lired fellow, -who soon be- 

.^WMMb.'ihe'pet: of the entire household. He 

■lS»iR\%eir trained in his habits and 

had the freedom of the house, so it 

was loeig before Ve dlsaovered frls 

fondness and thievery of eggs. 

Coming into the kitchen late ^lo 
evening we saw Sir Tom upon the table 
emelling an unopened bag of eggs which 
Was standing there, stepping back 
noicelessly we watched further actions. 
He cautiously tore tlie bag with his teeth 
and claws, stopping every little bit 
to listen. Finally the opening was largo 
enough for him to get out an egg by 
gentle little pats. 

Putting the egg In his mouth, be 
Jumped to the floor and began rolling 
it around. Pushing it first with one 
front pnw and then the other, he rol- 
led it against the table log. Several 
times he did this .till the force with 
which it struck broke the shell, when 
he sat down to enjoy his feast. 

Thinking this act so clever, we hav.' 
often left the eggs where Tom could 
get them, hut never have we known hini 
to take more than one. Once he rolled 
the egK from the top of the table. 

As he Is a city cat, like his an^e"t'>r« 
for (reneratlons back, we have wondered 
where he ncquired the taste. 


Had it never struck you what a num- 
ber of terms belonging to cuisine are 
applied to man In different circum- 
stances? asks a writer in Tit-Bits. Some- 
times he is "blflsted," he "boils with 
rage," "is baked" with heat, and "burns" 
with love or Jealousy. He is often "cut 
up!" "devoured" with flames, and "done 
hrown." We "dresi" his Jacket for htm; 
sometimes he is "eaten up" with care, 
and occasionally he is "fried." We "cool'." 
his goose, for him. and often he makes 
a "Roose" of himself. We make a 
"hash" of him and sometimes Into a 
"mess"; is made Into "mincemeat" and 
is often in a "pickle." We are often 
Hsk<»d to "toast" him. and he is f^c- 
qnently put in a "stew," Or ,ls li a 
"slew" no one knows why. One severely 
buy Is a "'saucehox," and a rich father 
Is made to "fork out." 

For LittE® Tots 


Edith Howes 


xxv-BHArrao vT.xoxi!»n 

These brilliantly marked woodpeckers 
hatch tholr young tn a deep cavity dril- 
l«l by the parent bird In the heart of j 

The Man-ln-the-Moon was fat and wMe, • 

Oh, wide and fat was he! 
He filled the moon from side to side. 

Aa full as U could be. 

Ths Maariii-thft^Moon wa«t right a'srayt 
Now where in the world went heT 

1 hunted for him night and day. 
Oh, how i'. worried me. 

The >tan-ln-tho-Moon came back again 

As thin as thin could be! 
Had he missed hU meals? Or. been, in 

Why was he skinny and wee? 

The Man-ln-the-Moon has gone onoe 
And fat and wide Is he! 
What does he eat? Wher* lo Ma etorer 

Oh, how It worrI#* mal. '■'s' '■'''\' 






There is a new recipe for Eternal Youth, 
and this sounds a.s though the much sought- 
aitcr Ulixer of Life liad been unearthed at last. 

Of course, ever since the world began there 
have been people who knew all about it, the 
one and only secret lia*; been "di^cnvcr^d" at 
ca&L a milliou times I 

Yet steadily and earnestly people will per- 
'j^ist in growing old, "shorter of wind, as in 
memory long," grey and wrinkled, ^tiff and 

II does seem stupid of them, d<jcs5^ 
And this is why we only receive v 

It J attain or 

<^tf- c'nthusiabm th^ annowrtcement thit' somic*'^- 

— ^ili^^else has foiffld?«»feiMito4a^is«i»~^^ 
5voung! ^ .)*;^^>^^>■^^^■*v■■^ '.-". ■ 

iJiMkJ-MmL «i»d still work-:iaV4 mis 

^■'ijjilri to >U of us> by any means. 

jJi^ftfe'tlwSftl^hl' why should Ulii all labor 

^-r^^^W^mMs ol many of u»r-»if we 

ai« IIIMI #r>l4, Ot liwitiag up) to the trnth of h! 

^'fiRqfat^^v^^ iftr ol^dJfiy» the method most in 

JNiinor ^f by mean» of incantations and mairic. 

Most of «s have ceased to believe in incan- 

gi4||imi8» and one Has only to go to a modern 

tnifsic halt to see magic exposed! 

^•^hreti there came next a time whew potions 

of horrid qpotent were in favor. 

, . rls.-OOr iai^ we have^^ad a good many \ttO' 
plitjatfttUtig that it is all a matter of thinking. 
. -.. jf y^N^j^l^ thiftk the right things in the 
^ht way-A-oit will never grow old.. 
^Vllfottahately some of the things \vc are 
duik^Qfedit^ think of are almost as nauseous an 
>, aftd alttjost as silly as the incanta- 

An^gl^i^^^^l Its who have tried "Christian, 
Sciencr*^?^|&lettt' toothache, prefer some* 
thing a little-;^*iejlt|f<t! 

The new 4i§$overer of the age is Madftme ;. 

Lina. CSuviUierl. . ,< 

i'oitdcnstinng an immortanty. of 
iribed as a "new rest ttti«"l' - ^ 
w ■■MJ!Mipiipi>»4 Jit^ » jTCSt^Xttf c» one is ittdtfiedm* 
^niid t« iigtec that it !s decidedly ^new.*^ % 
ureiy no rest cure was ever leas restful. 

^o jt^i^d^r it a revival of prehistoric lore. 

^le down on4he floor and stretch out your 
a^ms and legs, ^ea^ fit islowly, cottnting 
«p to eight the while, f hen breatlie out at , 

(J",»iM ;i Iiily Qj^ Siv'i ;! il"'t rr,;M 

depa nie kin 

wr managed to survive vve .shouldii'i 

much energy left to worry with! 

But is the game worth the-candle? 
Kven if it could be accorapHtihed. this im- 
mortal youth, to remain gaily young, while 
everyone about you, everyone for whom you 
care, grows old and-dteSi is-iiot-a destiny i 
coveted by any sane mind. 
But some people will do 
retain youth. 

lady of my aoqun' 
i^vouth, rolls solemnh . . 
njr uotliing so much 
||ffipi|'ipfi|JW"- to ': retain ',her, figure. 

of a lafed *»«|cU hiildI'M hJeh«t^ idtalsr t&^^ 

''thes^f *-"ir""*i ":■::,,: ' . - ■ 

And suj^posiiig Mrhie. Cavaliftri to be not.ti»* 
fallible—imagine peVforininft these sacredirttts, 
...with all due solemnity, only to add to one's 
years, instead of decreasihg themi 

r no lunger in 
, . , . <lay t>f her life, 
;h as a barrel 


My Best Friend— With regard to those 
who iiiUicipate a visit to Europe, and a so- 
journ on the Riviera, during the spring. I will 
try and give you an outline of what is required, 

thiWmk'mt. Th^ nenres win then be rested t h|^ ^ ^mpt/^ 

andJH^*rvtig/-' . . .-^:--'-: ,;.,„...,*^ .„;;^'jili|«,ftfeW.P^ 

Thift»is the prescnpttoa. . ' -, :^ / ^. v; ' ear Idr^^nvl^ m tr 

i» » Gtel^lt be really true? • r ,*.,. v » . In thc-momiirff 

_ prescript 

Cfi|^^lt be really true? ..... ^ , 

Arc the nerves rested so simply^iioi* does 
h \vork?' *f^hcse are questions wHich>i« rtat- 
Mi'al^- to the mind. -' "'. -; -\;. i^^,/'; > 

Ts there som»V«»y*tic "lttfltieil<ie about the 
number eight, ^pilks different natioh^. ^d 
faitih* h^ve found in the figures seven and 
*hr€$?. , .. i, \ .. 

Breathe ia for eight seconds* Ihth out lor 
ci-I-.i second^lpll^FftWf nttnrcs shall -be restcd-i-- 

Madame Cavailieri has said so, and ««re the 
age of miracles is not yet past? 

But. to be sure, this is not the end of the 
exercise ! 

Your nerves bein«,,*^l«*«!'i/' the next thing, 
he pleased to ohii^rv^-Wm^')atxt thing is to lift 
the left leg slowly until the knee touches the 
chest, after which yo«g]^^ it heavily t6 the 

The pronoun is a trifle vague, but %ve will 
Die^ume that it is the leg which is dropped. 

Even so, it seems a hard .saying, dropping 
' nc\ limbs about is apt to lead to such un- 
pleasant consequences 

And this, in Paris, is whai ihey call a 
"ro-t cure"!. 

It is not only the left leg which i- tc ,suff<.'r: 
"Proceed likcv\"i-c with the riqhl leg. Thcn^ 
lU- the left ana slovvly and lot it drop, and ^ 
j^ntinuc with the right arm." 

Vou are, in fact, to convert yourself 'Uto a, 
bundle of sledge hammers! , 

Most people have their private pet physi- 
cal exercises, and ]\Ladame Cayalieri lias every 
right to hers, but floors are apt to be bard, 
:iiid for flesh bruises, we 'prefer to leave Cav- 
alicri to enjoy them alone. , 

These more than Spartan methods may 
produce |>crpetual youth. 

Tlirif is at least one person who ha.s no in- 
resorting to e jcpcri m ctit to f>ro ve 1 
i) I'ut would the game be worth 

he, cuntiic: - ; ■ 

\ perpetual youth of bruises must surely 
he more uncomfortable than a .snug old age! 
" lid persons may also complain that 
liiv ^ iteration is too comical for pcrj^onal . 
Personally th^re is nothing that wouldgive 
me more exquisite "enjoyment than to see sun- 
dry persons of my acquaintance lying prone,, 
raise the left leg slowly until the knee touch-. 
OS the clvc-:." :ni.l llini Mi-i' il ""heavily" on 
the floor! 

But to do il oneself! One would require 

immunity from the sen cing ridiculous. 

■ To be sure, these strenuous exercises are by 

nu means the whole of the prescription, but 

I he rest is mostly negative. 

ni^Hiiri I if abstinence from most 

and you must iJll in aji the details according 
to your own inclinations. 

Naturally, everything depends up«Mi one*s 
position in society and-^tli e twwat^* ati ^f Uit pBgalii 
One rifih yOttng ^ide of ray ac^tt^tkncc, who 
wiH be installed in a very *rtim y\\\v, with 
relatives i« various otbcjr lovel^ hoiises hear 
by, hftS uOktn her trqusseau, bnt then that is 
.quite itecessftry in her case. Sie will enter- 
tain and be ^tertained, a^d^mrttlbe in the very 
heat of the^telittle, $d to W**<« . r 
' //^ the first illusion *hat has*l*ii|j»!feiiwtroyed 
^ls that ttie Riviera is always i.|gp^>**-^*«* 
^telH M hot Mmshine. Mj^nj^/ " 
been fi^aj of a/eally warm sHili^l 
.those misguide^ people whohwi 
4tte.thiiiiiie$t> toilets. Jyst notfj^'j 

try necessities. Then, too, fflotorthg^ Sas 
tered everything, and it is folly to go withoiit 
^.c<toffi^S|te coat that, will do for tlif..<a!^ilg;f .. 
&o4«ftm<yr»Aridior the innuniet*ble'e!«pe«'^%# 

|||$i«^j|Pit «tf jMife. The closed car is used a 

tlltiiwhite dust, but s^ 
^''lihio take doAvn an open 

In' the " momitfg "tailbr-m.ult s-J|^^jBthva\ - 
' worn; '^Mdgfc.t»thi<t;-im#ae;^t«S^ 

:llal)i^ 111(1 \N ill iiLi- r 

" \ttention to detail" was one of the qual- 
itic-^ wliiHi ihc Cen-^or attributed to women. 

;t;- ;i 'li-i 

'I"he general .>cii.-c 
agree with him 

But for ika >easoh it would seem ra 

ther difficutf to allow that it is character.stu 
of women secretaries to allow a crop of sm;'^ 
blunders to appear in their minutes! 

|, I,. ..;:M -<.!ii rather ft case of arguing 
round the (luesiion until one got into the op- 
posite camp from which one started. 


In thesfidavs when most people eat com- 
!i1arativdl6^M%iit, fillets and cutlets oiten 
'^' ^'&lt»ali»^a^^o^ljoint. both at dinner parties 
n^nElid^dfhucr. . 

The filler of beef is the utider^cttt of the sjt-- 


toin, and when bought as *il.fl.j^ , 
fcjbensive. as the femaintng ifppwwit 
tA in value., Therefore it; pays ^^sj-in ajam-^ 
m " ' * '■- " -^ 

.ly of any size to order a sirloin, and to m«c^ 
fillet whole or divided, the ^pptr-m^^ i^W^rt^ 
and, if liked, the flap ettd'^stett'M wfth ^-«i*i^ 
tables and nlacaroni. - ' ' . • «V 

When a good fillet sufficient fof ei{ffi|,J^ 
pie is required, a sirloin^ weighing U ^ii 
lbs. should He ordered, andras this is t^mw^r^- 
large joint for quite a small party, let ««e «tgp 
|r(*s» that several slices are cut off the upper* 
cut, and used for beef olives, t4ie rematnae^ ^ 
roasted and finished eold, the fU»p ettd, with 
much of the fat removed as possible, stc* 
long and-geatlv» or, tf rnafitcrl AVJJikths m. , 
cut, »t can be jttin<sed artil ^5^d fw a:f)ofeM^|^ 

But to rcttirtt to the fillet. Cut it out ftom 

|i<> Joint, and trim It heati^^; then. If it is to 

'served whole, tie it into a nc;jt round and 

braise^ itjfJBtjMj^vc with a thick brown gravy 

and Veg^^Btut ,iiil(' ncai slmjies, or'roast 

"and ''sefS«i^Bp%ith, clear c;ravy. , , 

Wh^ii the service ni the dmner be 
Ee*ciitt»li«8implified owing to ajack of 






l; 1- 
tliing-^. f: 


. ( i 

liH w llir 

>l wato!' 

^"l 111 Millet lake 111 I aii'"iii il. 
only slcnlizcd water, you muM cti 
meat, at-.'l \r\\ ]\'.\]c nf auvihint;' 

1 1 c I L 




}ou must nc\cr 

ill .111 


\\ I )) i \ 




You will then remain young forever! 

with both dark and light sults^'so'«ii to be 
reJWly for all weathers, ^me of tl#S'ate|uii- 
are trtade of veloiirs de fain,e, sfflt>6tli;-^irand 
silky; others are of , ribbed fine cheviot, but 
coatse ribbing, as I.ha^^M. Ii^.friiiaiil.yi'- 
ftomin-g';**^ limgis^ IWBire*:--?^ - - *- ■ 

tt Sarty^MHHg^-ruty m 
plain tai'lor-lilipl, changing/ iiito -marter 
clothes for the luticheon h,<;fW^^or for tlic lun- 
cheon-parties that are s^^iji^ular. Others 
wear a smart costume l|OTiittjPj?riin(l keep it on 
for ordinary oc<MMitOttS;'^^j?mcc many suits 
are so very attri^i^d tlipiife ^^'' 'i'>ne without 
the dbnger of bef«||^t^ 

For example, I li|i^BM$ -""^c" •> '^'^' 

velours de laine, witn ^S^rfet «*kirt >v.rij>j>inj,; 
over to the left ^ide. and a ^mart coat with 
rounded corners and a Directoirc rever. When 
the coat is removed the blouse is found to be 
an adroit blending of black and blue ninon. 
with a touch or rose red and blue macrame 
lade. The hat--*a queer blue velvet shape — is 
worn with a lace veil, and the en.semblc is ex- 
cellent. \ second blou'^e of satin may bcror- 
(Icvod 1.1 \,ca: uith . •rinkled jabot of 

lace. Then, again, a vi r > .iiiractiv^e wine-col-- 
ored cloth suit, a purple kind of tone, has a 
cutaway coat and a collar of black satin. Here 
the skirt is made with a deep hem, stitched. 
arid the blpiise of soft satin has sleeves and 
upper portion of Easter-l)lue nincin. But for 
.simpler folk, the sanie thing can be bought ui 
less elaborate guise. For example a bright 
blue ratine is very smart, and the blouse of 
tucked ninoh, with rose-colored satin buttons 
and- a little strip of roise-colorcd embroidery 
laid upon the blue chemisette, will hold its 
own with ally expensive confection. 

For the smart luncheons that arc given so 
constantly the complete dress and attendant 
coat is invaluable. A molc> velveteen, with 
kimono-cut sleeves and the simplest of skirts, 
is enlivened by a touch of shadow lace and a 
bright strip of embroidery, and the coat, braid- 
ed'or plain, or made with revers of satin, is ac- 
companied by a stole and muff of fur. 

Alany womer?, however, prefer a soft satin 

. gown, a 'cashmere-. de ombination of 

ninon and satin at luncucua iimc. and they will 

wear with it either a Innp fur coat, or one of 

velvet or .velveteen 

For. the warmer days, the . I'rench houscsfi. 
arc ..making coats and skirts, and .i^owns and 
long coats of taffetas, plain, colored, .««tri|)ed 
and shot. Taffetas has musi ;i and 

is to he considered seriously .(.- miu ..i the 
>N>niing permanent fa'^himi^. liovvcver drc.<s- 
r.r lunch and for ifternoon visits 

lo ihc casinos, etc., the \isiiur must have .^omc'- 
ihing'th:!' ' •"^- -''VM-' " lif^'i (he i""at !< ro- 

Mc.i firards _ev.5ning dress, are chang- 

ing. Only a tew years ago a low dress was not 
at all the thing to wear, whereas now many of 
the dinner gown^ are cut square or V'-shapcd, 

The left-hand govHH^ 
der of sable is us'^ 
side. To the right 


|n|^tin veticu with nirion L 

,v-,-^.:.^.™=^,:,,v=I^l ■- fic'iti ■^ and :a ':cl"ster. pC; 
a lime-grccit ninon with back panel o 

aild' are- worn ■w.ith-|«i^.;tW|iUe^o 

broche are all suitable, and';^Mi|ariess semi- 
transparent goxvn - is one 'of^^^irettiesL gar- 
ments iu, the AVOFlcL:r..:lt-^#WiKa;:; thousand 
pities if it 
I aura lit wear, 
d rape ri '•-"(" ^^cc 
Liowns ordcre< 

comljinattons^, „ ,^_^^- ,—- ^ , . ,„ -,.:-:■■ = ., 
of black chantillyand jet arc invariably taken 
out to >Jice and to Monte Cario. 

My list for you,. wh6 intend to gf> out a 
certain amount, would be very much a-.; fol- 

\ traveling coat ana sKirt aiui uiaij— all 
wanted again upon wet d:\y.s. . 

A smart ratine, a da^k blue Setge. a white 

ciiat and skirt. 

A taffetafrock and coat,' a couple of gowns 

of the soft satin and ninon order, and either a 
lon'g fur, satin or velvet coat, fdr luncheons, 
teas, or casino. 

Two or three high evening gowns, two or 
three dinner gowns for parties at the villas. 

' .An evening" wrap, some scarves to match 
gowns, miilinerv lor day and ^vening. inotor 
veils, etc. The ordinary golf thiAgs if you 

mean to pursue the wily ball ; shirts and 
blouses to complete suits of all kinds, and 
nothing of the "chop-in-two'' kind. I beg of 

N I III . 

Lhose who intend tu ic.m .> -iinj'.c .iic, and 
who don't know many people, will require a 
less august equipment, I'or them the tailor- 
mades, light dark, and medium, a cfuiple of 
pretty frocks that will do for afternoon or 
evening, a smart ninon or lace govVn for dining 
at the large restaurant evening coat 

will suffice. 

jThen. again, some peoi .! one of the 

places on the Italian Riviera, and spend thpir 
tim-c up in the lovely valleys sketch iitg and so 
nn. and thev will only need the clothes suitable 
The great thing to remember 
i.s liiai in Ihc land along the shores of the 
Nfediterranean simplicity never looks amiss, 
but'shabhiness hr grubbine-ss. is revealed piti- 
Icssh atmosphere. 


Is woman an accura.le cicavuic.' 
The more queslion, yOu may ri'pl\ 


■- 1 1 - u I 

But there are things than a i|ues- 
tion ; something very like an affirmative an- 
swer to this f)ne haS been given recenllv by ^n 
eminent person, in oiic of those allocations to 

_,^ J wc annually recc'^V^e 

1 li. • <ub|JiPiiL%;ifc^.iptituide^ 
scientific AvW^^liid while admitting thlit:!^ 
had manv valuable endowments— "hitmAnity. 
clcxteritv'in manipulation. clea:nly habits, con 
tinued iilWliltteiiiiii^^ 


ilr acciiracy in re- 

vwnat naa^ocen"-!aon<^i||i#qnally tem- 

i-^jliiipfili^aii will pounce upon this 
adniis-iun that tliis slur seems to takC: its :ori- 
gin from hearsay. 

"What the soldier. said,'- we know,, never 
has been, and never will 1)e evidence; 

But Sir Henry Biitlin says, 'fit has been 
toTd me that the lady secretaries of committees 
and business meetings are often astoundingly 
inaccurate in their minutes, that their record 
of those present ccinnoi ■ " - -li"' -pmi, that 
resolutions which were 1' properly 

worded in the report." 

,So far you will not be inclilicd to take the 
indictment verv seriously. 

.^uch thin;; these have ^always been 

said about the very best secretaries. 

You will observe that a very dubious, a, 
very insignificant inaccuracy may provide oc- 
casion for thcrti. 

A secretary has alwa}>- enemies! 

But what follows can hardly be dismissed 

so lightly : 

"I have even, heard of_niinutes which re- 
corded the wrong person in the chair: .ukI 
what surprised me niore than any other thing 
was to learn that when these inaccuracies are 
pointed out the secretary considers herself the 
aggrieved person." 

"That at least you will have no dilii- 
cAilty in accepting, as the inirc milk of truth. 

Moreover, if there be secretaries in this 
world who cannot even get a chairman's name 
right, w6 h*l best abandon their defence. 

Bitt what we shall not admit i,s that they 
are typically and -characteristically fcrninine. 

We shall ascribe them to that tmfcSrtunate 
class wdiich catinol tell the truth when it tries. 

And, with all due respect to medical au- 
thority, '.he iiphappy sufferci r< .jcrived 
from lK)th sexes. 

Blatant blundoriiiL! i- nui >m nuuli a iiiai 
icr of inaccurac; i general feebleness of 

mind causing perpetual inatlcnti.m and hick 
of energy. 

;\ h.'izines.s about details may he fi nutd in 
many vigorous minds, neither sex has the - 
monopolv of fools, but the other kind of mis- 
rakes may be pefi»etrii{ed h\ people very far 
Hum l)cing .fool?. 

But is this specifically feminine? 

Hfict should he served French 
fashioHUPp i<, sliced and neatly arranged 
down 'tt#^iitre of a deep-sided brown fire- 
proof dish, with masiied potato piped into neat 
shapes, and alternated with heaps of little car- 

.■j->eTn?. or lumatoes. The 
be. lUOiiCi^^^ over, and thus 

^__ ^_^ [<!.,, ,veg^ii^^^ia:re:'Iianded^ to- 

^' gethcr. 
li-' ^ nice garnish, for this disli- is a puree of 

^.Mstnuts or dried green peas, fried potatoes 
twX into dice (u- straw s. and French beans^^ ^ 
Sometimes the fillet of beet is larded. This 
is quite a simple operation, birt it needs a 
.arditig needle an.l .some larding biicoti— the 
latter being easier to use tlian ordinary bacon, 
if the fillet IS to be cooked Whole, put_ in 
two rows of larding on cacli side pf, the flat 
.•^urtace. which will be uppermost in the 
If the beef is divided into fillet*, allow three 
strips of bacon to each. 

.To lartl, ha\e a slice of larding bacon, and 

I cut itinto Atrips about two inches long, thread 

'»^lih into thic needle, and pull it through the 

^eatv-ptttting the ;-ncedle: in -just deep.enoagli 

to jirevent it from tearing. away. Allow about 

half an inch of bacon to protrude on either 

side, and if not quite even trim with a pair of 


if .small fillets arc required, cut the fillet 
into slices about three-quarters of an inch 
thick, anil cut therii into rounds the size of a 
sherry glass or a little larger. Then laird or 
leave plain. In cither case, .season with white 
pepper, and lay in a dish, and pour 'some olive 
oil ovet-. Turn from time to time, and cook 
when required. The fillets will take no harm 
if left thus from, one day to another; indeed, 
they will, be improved by this lengthened mar- 

inadiVig. " 

In .some cases w iitlle chopped gaUic or 
onion, -celery seed, cloveis. and peppercorns 
may be added to the nil to flavor the meat. Tlu- 
fillet l-hus treated may be served n< fillets oi 
deef or tournedos, braised, grilled, r rooked in 
the ov^n, and garnished in numerous lashion>. 
But. however "cooked, the meat should in the 
first place bp hung until tender, and then, 
somevv;lliit lightly cooked, or the flavOr Avill he 
spoiled. Fillets should always he juicy and a 
little underdone in the centre. 

Grilling is ^n excellent method' of cookin- 
fillets or Cutlets; but if thfere is not a ga> 
grill, and it is inconvenient to make the fire 
speciallv for this purpose, the fillets may be 

1 «k «• j-k i I 

III, l?,.ii» 

.cU-grcascd tin, wi! 
paper over, m the oven. They arc then 'crush- 
ed over with w.nrm glaze. 

To sci '• uakcftiCrouton of the same shape 
and size .(a crouton is simply a neatly shaped 
piece of bread frietl golden brown, and free 
from grease), and place a fillet on each, and 
garnish with a stjilffed olive, a slice of cooked 
tomato with a little finely chopped parsley 
dusted over, or a pat of matltre d'hotcl butter, 
or with a couple of fillets "I .iMchovy arranged 
in a cross, and three '(papers put in the divisions 
formed by the ancho\y. 

The fillet.< .should then be af ranged neatly 
in the entree d^ish. with or witliout vegetables 
of fried ])Otatoes. ' ;^ 

.'\nother way of .'idfving is to make a, 
narrow crouton, and arrange the fillct»i 
with a slice of tomato or a mushrooTrtT 
each, and a piece of marrow on the i\K\ 
stead of the crouton a border of m.*^" 
to may be employed, and puree ' 
green pea.s piped ori tfftnrfi fdJet. 

Various other gtl|^ 
compote of crahlkT """ 
or ^glace chse«r*cs,_: 
cream is used to 

biinday, marcn it, i»i« 



We will buy good farming land where the rainfall is suf- 

onstructcd or now under 

construction, that is suitable for colonization purposes. 

North Coast Land Company, Limited 

Suite 62a Metropolitan Building 
Paid up capital $1,500,000 Vancouver, B. C. 

f>itfvf; f iiwa ^ « > nacwiipi 



2^ ■^ 

Lo|s fof ^t^ m ithc^fery choicest location. This 
is ati opportmiity to get into the coming Metropolis 
of Western Alberta at the lowest prices and very easy 

Lots in a sub-division within Nine Blocks of the 
G. T. P. Depot at from $joo to $150. 



/Ro^rt J|?Wwin, Local Manager 

W4 Gbvef|&n?tt1t StreeCVictona" Head Offfce/ Van^^^^^ 

a n i H >ii | iii fej i Limrt' iii < 



WmMm$ to Hmendlier 


hbmi mm onwR Uytniwm &m urawv jttu iMf will 
diffestum will ibo«r it. And «06 «pBHlii iMii 1» 

^ most famooB 

liver and bowdSTtlWl' «» jifeatSWli "^^ 
Pills benefit erciy ««gatt t/l <» IW-r*HiBlSfc^W «f% tgw, 
the brain, tone^ the nerves and Incie aie vigor — bec«H|S Aqr. 

ftenisive tte nm Cnse 




Notes of Interest to Trades 
Unionists Gleaned From 
Many Sourceb — More and 

Amal. floe Carpenter*. No. 1 .... !« < Thur*. 
Amal. Soc. CArpontor». No. 2 .... 1 & S Thum. 
Allied Printing Trade* Council. .2ud Friday 
Baker* R-Ud Confecllonor*. .lit and 3rd B»l». 
Uulldlnc Trades Council, 2nd and 4th Friday 

Barbers ,,,..ana nud 4th Monday* 

Blacksmlth«...,*....l»t and 4th Monday* 

Bollormakem. .... ...2nd and 4th Tuosdays 

noliermakeri* H«lp«ra. . .1st and Srd Thur» 

JiookblnUera.- 4th Thursday 

Bricklayers... -"d i>"'l 4tU Miinduys 

Bartenders... .adays 

Brotherhood otvCai! rs. . 

W^.iy uiu"«»<lay 

BuUdlng l.»bor«r» andl Jiludcairiers...^ 

■TiiiB(lf<l|»W« • ♦ , k . ». . . . Jfl . .••# ■ *K^j 
Oaninip* WiM*«i •••••••?: 'TTZi 

..;.........:... ,.«i»d ana ith Thunteys 

lAuadiT Work«r»....l« •n4_«»d Tu«»4*f» 
iMtbto Wortom «m ««?•?•*»*■:•.•"•• 

, . . . . . . .*« Moadiay at • »• «• 

UMifBbowmen «r«S >«"S*J 

l«t and 8r4 Ttowwdar 



Marin* Bnstneera i" -. " w,- .*....,<>« 

MMiolana i**«r*5 -12 

Patnt«n »■» and Srd M'J'fW'* 

PrinttoK Trades Couacll ........ «ad*^«"~"' 

Plumbers and Steamtttters. .Byery »««'»»J 

PristiOK Pressrijeo -Sod Monday 

BbMt Metal Wortcera 1st and S'^J^ursdays 
8bln«IeMi. No. 1 .. ist and *«'<l ^•^'»«"~*'f* 

8J»»pwrl«hU and and <»»» Thursdays 

Steam Engineers let and »rd Tuesdays 

Steam Fitters 1st and Srd T^««*»f» 

Stonecutters 2a* Thursday 

Street Railway Employees V * " "_ 

1st Tuesday. 2 p. m.: Srd Tuesday.^ p. m ^ 

to ittrike in Hplte of the decision o.f the 
French national minora' ftiJiTatlon 
against such a step. The union oltictalB 
arc trying: to prevent the Hpread of the 
inoviinent throuijhout the district, which 
nx'liidi's Anzein, the centre of the 
B)'falt>ai French coalHelda. 

The brotherhood of l^allway Trainmen 

of th '' '' "'-them railway from 

the 1 m, are* votlug this 

\' u iJioijusltlon •whtthpr they 

1 mlt the Brotherhood of Rail* 
way Trainmen of the C. N- ' 'em 

caFt of the lakes come into i crn 

on; Of which A. J. Ryall, of 

\ salaried chairman. Eastern 

men have no salaribd chairmen.' Six 
nundred and fifty men are arreciea. 

Kxactly what the country has already 
lost by the strike in Great Brltafn is 
Impossible to e.9tlmate, but the exttnt 
of the damage may be gutged by the 
fact thnt the Ioh.i In wages alone for 
one week Is calcu luted at $10,000,000, 

lid cut by chle.f 
unions In ntrtkt; 

iiionB the poor 

■'"'*"■■ ' "' Vet 


«!«.:■ «»»«l»( 



Typographical. . 
T. * L. Council 

About $1,450,000 

mining nnd otjir; 


this . 

The srrowipg di> 

Ainfionr Ihe ^iuatJlyljjmemiaiqyed- 

lalioreniy 1 

fiUarn, ^,900; iMldc.inaJienii 
pottery trorlcani 60.000; Kii* w<i^«r«i' 
se,00ft; ^njlnaawi, lK,4k)0; total l,4S9r,O00. 
In additiopi tti«rvi» ant tlvauwuuls <^ <ooal 
pbrtera, B(Ap afi4 chemical' worken, 
fflass «4}rker, ahop assMtantfl, oommer> 
cial travellers. tj»{^6tn6Bt makers, quais 
rymen and others who are Idle and who 
walk about wsilins for the end. Fur a 
large part of the week upward of 300.000 
other men aod women have been working 
on short time. Among 1.760,000 workers 
on Saturday there wtU be distributed 
scanty tolls^ from the trades uixions 

^mAm, ^tt^vft are ftfflng. g»-ft<^waUy OrftVn- 

V let Mf"*'' 

1st and »rd Fridays 

tiASt Sii^day 

...1st and Srd Wednesdays 

Theatre BtnKO Bmployees. 

.1st Sunday 

ed to the dregs, and this vast army of 
men and women have more millions 
depending on them for the necessaries 
of life. 



Bowman vill* 

855 Forlf Street, Victoria 

:»Btt«ft- Bi«tlMf4H>«a 4* xsarpeatara and^ 
Walters SnB and 4th Tuesdays 

"^nt . .T':* . ."* . .'!*!*ut'"'.*Sd"Vd iViiky. 

SeerstsHsa of I<abor Unions win confer 
■"a flworupoB the I**or Editor U they will 
jbrward 1^ lt«qs of general Interest oo- 
Sirlw uTUieirSalon* to The CoIenUU 

Tha plumlters «it San I>le»o. *'***^- 
have Just re«elv«d'«n fawsreasa firooi ♦♦.•« 
to t&OO. without Btrilte. 

A total of $ia.ti« »n dftaatlona and 
t».6oe in atrtka »«»•«*• »um» h^ patti 
1^ tiw liBtMiatlMMi tmum # drewery 

j^kpaA** new tfbttd UAor uw prohibits 
t the amploysaeat of any ?•»<>» *«■ **»*». 
* ' twalva yea* OW *n«l the employment of" 
wman or'bf «1ilUte«a last tluuEi flftM^ * 
y«wa oW, dttrlsf moro .ttoaa twaWa 

iSa unamploya^ |a Laloaatet, Stegtaad. 
MttlV dtt WIj rtsO ^^lrttlt th« operations <tf 
iSoid S$oJr asehknge; have retomad 
flMiK fSgtMmtion cards and decldad *• 
i6»raef an tw«iat)itoy«d isW aasooiattoa. 

tha'* aaecttUTfa^oownrttfiwiiMi^aCr tho 
Mrlew' rdilws^iaen'a ualMi-lft iMtfUMtd 

br'muiinia vat* ei tb«'lAiilrSdnt-»inwt- 
an tlM aenNi toward anaUlFaidattop. 

A tttfvatfttad atrilca on the K. «i M. 
(aDtwBr at IndlaiiapoUB, Ind.. had the ef- 
]Qket' of WMuHnt a«r««»cat for «!} 
omfta in tHa maetianlcal department on 
ibii ayaliste. y 

r lodtfiMal disniitoB in Boaland'Hin l»tl 
ttb^ttS. Mt.«V9r*l*4M>km«nr ntbtf lost n 
tdtal « JL«,»<W»* workin» dny^ 

'inio icarmeiit workers of Pittamryb. 
•Itf .n«kotlatfai« a now •ffvaennttt with 
, tb^ emplojrars. 

In Bnaland thava 1»»m b*«n tmrsntsd 
a maehtns Wh4«h is said to parform, wltn 
Msolianloat inraelfton «be action or a 
ligitd pollaliar. 

Tha CHfarttakenr «niton desira'to draw 
4».«ttM|tion ot ontudSwd labor to tba 
I 1 ■■■.ritift int 4amaii.lor.the a!iop card 
and «ha nalon i^'c^ipjbls city. 

eba^^Mi#':#Spl'^l|^aatry stMnOd 
b« iiw ^1 fl|^ili|pS>iiili|:#t the work- 
er.— th* wiKH0«t %^ m' i i l *t d. at York, 

The general offices of the Internation- 
al association of Machinists will remain 

at -Washltigton. D. C»,i.?#'P'S^*"**"" 
vote, just completed <)»,'li|a'*'ilPiOBitlon, 
declared overwhelmingly In favor of 

'•.iMt city. ., , , -.0,. ■ 

are now using th«' 'tMSNifcTHiiBijJi"'^ ' 

In union is strength, which brings 
success; In division Is weakness, which 
Invites failure. 

At Sacramento, Cal., the cement work- 
ers obtained the Saturday^ half holiday, 
and Increased wages. 

A large number of bakers of Buenos 
Aires have gone' on a strike ',and the 
price of bread has gone up as a result. 
The management o.f the Austrian state 
railways has sent a circular telegram to 
all stations admonishing the greatest 
economy in the use of cool, a strike of 
AuHlrian coal mine) a beliiK probable. 

There arc now 906 members on the 
pension roll of the International Typo- 
graphical union, with slxty-elx applica- 
tions pending. It Is anticipated that 
In April there will be 1,000 ptttslonors, 
drawing |6,00O a week, or $20,000 eaoh 

The electrical workers' controversy 
InvoK'lng a ' secession movement, and 
which has tied up nearly $100,000, la 
now being tried in the courts of Cleve- 
land. It Is expected that a decision will 

be had In t>i- -"■■■- 'n *'^- -■ "'■- 


The Sprlngfi'-'hl, .Ala-s., T.\ ■ ■al 

union hiiK just rxocut»>d a > 1 i.e- 

mfnt with tlic new.'iipap<»r» In tlilttclty 
for the term of three years. The new 
schedule callir I'or an advance of $1.00 
.for admeti, makn-up.«i nn<i i.i'inf rtoders, 
with corresi)ondlnR infi r night 

work, with 4r> hotirn conKt n ui inv; a week. 
.1, Havelock Wilson, the noted leader 
of the successful Hfamen's strike of 
Grenl Britain, luis written the Sailor's 
union nf th* Pnc'.rlc he I>a<« boon unavold 
Hilly (letalnt^cl In Australia, l)Ut hopes 
to sail for San Francisco the latter purl 
of the montli, arrU'lpir here early In 
April, The SnllDrs* union is preparing 
to give Wm a miinjf rerepiirm'. 

Many coal miners In ppnnin, r rancf, 
in th^ department of Nord, havi^ voted 

the bulk of Its support, has decided 
to Import 2,000 laborers from Great 
Britain, mostly navvies and bridge car- 
Ijenttrsl who are wanted In pursuance o.f 
the KOvornmenl'B active policy of pub- 
lic works. 

From 5,000 to 8,000 miners In the 
WeHtphaliuu coal district have reaumed 
work, thus avoiding the loea of six days 
pay. The mine owners announced they 
would deduct from back wafes, accord- 
ing to contract, if they did not return 
to work. More •■ ■ ■■ ' - ■ the 
Htrtkors In tl'.n dlRti how- 

ever. The mine owiicia 01 thu bJlesian 
fields have announced thulr readiness 
to negotiate with the workers, but all 
attempts at conciliation In the. Loralne 
coal fields have proved unsuccessful. 
The mine owners in Saxony have re 
Jected all tbo miners demands and a 
strike is expected there. Tht leaders 
of the miners' union decided during their 
session at Bochum to terminate the coal 
strike In Westphalia, as they consider 
It .futile. 

sw IT!'!!" )Mfv.» ciostd down In Grays 

u of a spread of the 

inaustnui Workers of the. World strike, 

five of the mills are in Hoqualm and 

four iajj^iiM^ 

their ■ :«W^i;*emain '^mmfm-^ 
lnd#fl5ltt;;prip.'JiW^«^^^^ '^^^Jt 

ployees Of tne'jKtiMinap' »^ aMxtaraa 
bandred employee^ aflRia fUsla tithnbinf 
oompany.'one of the largest mills on Vbki 
Paoldc coast have struck. The mlUown- 
ers hero are \adopttog the policy of 
dosing the plants rather than enter Into 
a controversy with the men. Hlllmen 
■ay they welcome tile altiiatlnm claiming 
to have been running theii plants at 
B loss f<or some time. _ Ac at Hoqualm. 
the strikers here made no demonstra- 
tion of any kind, merely quitting their 
work without assigning any reaaon for 
so doing. As soon as the mlUowners con- 
clude to resume operations the places 
of the strikers nearly all of whom ^re 
fdreifeHers. w i n be niwd wita Amtnean B . 
men of .families given preference. The 
mlUowners claim' that with a. supply of 
dependable American laborers they wlU 

lesB of a paternal government, says the 
Chicago "Record-Herald." It watches 
Jealously and zealously for the welfart 
of Us employees. 1 One of the really . 
great things accomplished during the 
Clemenceau ministry was the passage 
of the so-callud penfcion law. It pro- 
vldts that after a set^lce o.f thirty 
yetirs In any single poet, public or pri- 
vate, t|ie individual shall have the option 
to retire If he wishes on a pensIO'tr 
equivalent to approximately one-fourtt. 
of the salary at the tlmo of his resigna- 
tion. ThiR rneaaurn in ImmnnRt-ly pop- 
ular throughout France. Its application 
presents no Insurmountable dlfflcultles, 
and the payment of the pension is no 
extraordinary burden, because whatevr-r 
amount is allotted is retained .<. 
year from the wages o,f the 'eu. ...... 

during his employment. French political 
economists admit that such a measure 
brings into closer and more intimate 
relations Jabor and capital and some saj' 
that this may bo the bridge which ul- 
timately win unite labor and capital, 
making them harmonious 

The number of WOnifen;, who earn their 
own living in the United 'States has .now 
reached the surprising total of nearly 

''#:;tbiio^'a»»niwbv^Mi' .no|: ;«aity:''f<»r>tlHim> . 
iial*0a» bat for ft.* aupSiirt: rot others. 

Opera torn o f the MtumlnoMS fop l be able to j>sy an I n^ eaaed wage ibe-^ » ^elr chosen flfeld. At fee Sj|iBO tlma. 

mines of PennEylvanlfu Ohdo, Indiana 
and Itltnois will adhere to tbelr demand 
for a reduetloh In the wages paid their 
mine workers. Formal announcement of 
their attitude has been made at a 
conference of elabt <^t>ratora from aaoh 
atata. At tbo XndlanapdUb oonfarsneo 
tb* if^wmtora a^tfro*d^^b»|r tn'ooid igaipand 
a d«erea*« ot ti^ hmm paid' for mlnlai 

na aa "nisK/^ 

4muae of thalr better . workmanship. 

The membership of unions afBUatbd 
with the American PMeratlon of I<abar 
in Januai>. \%X%^ aa per capita faoc. 
pald» waa M»li»S4. lnoom]asta>.rsporu 
for Janoary, tUX. «lve a mosobsrahlp 
of XAVtMA^ malttnr an inrfsajiMtiPaoin- 
barafaip td iaa«ary,il^2,->v4rf<a«iaAMrt3r». 
1911. of \i»ikU. «l«<lMWib«r:,oO«l««^ 
tesr oriMv^lNla'' ^iaiaMnd^Piad br Vs^ 

AMMSlOi^^^ilN^MIOfl «<^l4||^ m 1910 

was Im. nad for lati. Sllti. There ara 
now 1947 volunteer organisers oommlS' 

UMMW nguroa . ai5 „e3s«siuittifa, <!**.. .we - - .. . ■•s-^- vTt 

>t»t^pi|U)mbere4;Por1^p of p^ai|Uidtlna 
"fhioh bears the aame of hovsewifai|nd 
labors in the home to keep the 'botfse< 
Hold together. In fact thii (mstoin has. 
become so fixed tjhat tb^ withdrawal of 
woman from vtt»ia rbuks rois Misiaess at 
this day wooitfl leave the bnsliaess w^l 
rilgh stranded. The'ehange In the pub- 
lic attitude toward women In business 
tas taken place within ^e last half 
century. Woman's admlsflion teto tb* 
ranks of teacKers datejs l^i«||t aavaical 
centuries, and at the present time ehe 
has BO far outstripped men In 'the suc- 
cessful handling of young scbolars that 
the field Is le.ft almost entirely to her. 
It Is a strange fact, however., f|»JHt, for 
AlthAU^h woman Is itadre ^a^bl^ thab 
man In teaching the youna, sheris paid 
on im average much less it^an the <K>m«' 
paratlvely few men who (Jiag^ antarii 

nurtured by the Irresponslblt leporter 
of a sensational newspaper. Sonctlmca 
the story of tyranny or lawhssness 
practice by trades unions Is trie, but 
this lasviesBnees 1h not an essentitl pari 
of trade unionism, any mort than hazing 
1» an essentia! part of the college cur- 
riculum, or the killing or malmUg for 
life of the football player Is an Qssen- 
tlal part of a college education. Trades 
unionism must be Judged not so much , 
by Its mlsdetids as' by Its ideals. We de- 
mand the same thing for the cblurch 
and every other InHtltijtion. You need 
not go very .far back Into the history 
of practically every great movement to 
find duplicated nearly everything that 
We are today denouncing In the iirades 
in»lon. Thi&se all have passtd tl^ougl. 
their period of hysteria The older 
unions arc proverbially conservative, and 
men sometimes say that If all trades 
unions were of their typt no one vould 
object to them. But they were nit al- 
ways so. Most of them were at one 
time as radlcaJ as the newer unions. 
The time will come whtn the vounj 
g-iants among trades unions of 01 
country will use their strength to bet-^ 
ier purpose. Judging the value of 

tradea «nt^^^ rby the general^ 
' In. whlil^'P^p-'lfolhg, It .must''' 

women teachera are ipanicalljr batter 
trained for this work. Tbls la tho sit- 
uation as notod by CroCsssor Tbrpmdyks. 
of Olavolaad unlvemity, wiio baa ff* 
cantlgr fsiittad a book on tbe nttbiscb^ 

l$Main» as it does to tivik^^i^'^^km,' 
1%e time baa^ptipa-J^nb^llMi^'ittt^ ^ 

what Carsia bao mII 

vital vr^m^mm-- 

l^lSJ*^ lii^ the tnany 
^Of serving 


TWsaiiiwbii I ii by 

,«^WM- . . 1lii|MW»«?WM<^<?a!«ate«» 


'Home — and FRY'S 

Nowhere else is cocoa served so invitingly as it is at home — when it is FRY'S, made ri^ht. 
No other beverage is so gratifying to the tired, hungry, nerve- worn man. FRY'S in-, 
vigorates, cheers, nourishes, soothes, satisfies. Serve it of tener ! Include FRY'S in the 
next order to your grocer. He has it. 

Remember: "Nothing Will Do But FRY'S" 




4s-. 1 Mill iittiiijiiiiiiiiil 



Two Railways Heading 
For Fort George 

Now is the time to get in and^buy something. Ask 
about the price and terms of acreage almost ad- 
joining the Townsite. 

The Nechaco Valley Land Co., Ltd. 

Reference : The Union Bank of Canada, Victoria, B. C 


620 Broughton Street, » Victoria, B. C 


f^m^ hM^ at the presfillt n^^e^l 

■■• £mh -.^^_^^_^.^._^ y- , 

^^^^ 0«r pitce for <itticjc salp^ 

'-Im i^'p,'.i^'m¥^$9^ *i^it front foot 

\>\ . Scd* and. Exclusive Agent for the Above. 

iron F^^Street; 135 Feet on Stanley Ave, 
For Fncc and Terms Apply to 








Jng Say#liT#Btn<ik 

Phone 3084 






Mr. John Jardlno, ex-M.P.P. for the 
Ksqulinult district, lias issued the fol- 
lowing electi-on address: 
To the Electors of the District of Ea- 

Gentlemen, — I have the honor to offer 
myself as a candidate for re-election 
as yo»r r«prMi«ntatlve In the Proviti- 
c^al Legislature. 

At the last election I pledged myself 
to support any government tliat would 
Introduce leglblation to provide for the 
development of Vancouver Island by 
railways and for the establishment of 
adequate connections between the lines 
on the Island and those on the Main- 
land. When the policy of the adminis- 
tration of the Hon. Biohard McBrlde 
had been fully explained by him, It 
was eo completely In ao«^rd with what 
seemed to me to be to tbe best advan- 
tMCe Ot tbe people of this constituency 
«p4 of tbe Island at large, and also so 
in accord with wliat had 
Ipriitt^Mn) of the Liberal party, that 
%Uh$uM^ 1% mm, 'Mtuur te yowr iiitw* 
•at*. e» tlT* itay Mnt»t«iie«b tm put m» 
t oontd to "ti^ iccampiuAmwii of iSxwi 
paHar. witboKt JtmifA to ptrty. p»aku,' 

The jwlicf of tlM admmiatratton be. 
lac one ot progrevs and s«neral ad- 
vanoement I resolved to deal witbi It 
upon its merits, bellevtns that X oould 
be more usefol to my oonstltuenfai and 
oould more fittingly disoharae my 
duties as one of tbe represcstatiTes ot 
tbe people of British Columbia by so 
domg than by siving it a partlzan op- 
position. As this policy developed >t 
was siiown to be bo well devised and 
•o fttUy la the pabllo interests that I 
oonsidered It wise to «iv« the govern- 
ment my full supirart. and If you honor 
».« liy again r^hnnmin^ m<i aa voar rep- 




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right spot. It is a great 
food for husky young ath- 
letes : satisfies the appetite : 
easy to digest: and delicious 


;|W||#fiPtl* ^i«lu9lv« «49 of that very choice corner ^t. I^t «. N. 
E. cottier Point and MoM. slM M31U6. This is a splendid realdetttW lo- 
cation, being «bo«t Job feef'fiit^m Dallas road and having • ww*"*"" 
"■ — «, «pleikdM btfy. Tt» price and ^terras are right. Oome 

Jit mmt*^ u««k, 




Hoiiy Trees for Ornament 
And Profit 

No garden should be without a holly tree 

or two in this city of ours, and we have a 

grand lot to choose from. SmaU and large 

riolly Trees with berries, and variegated ones. Well cultivated trees 

repeatedly transplanted whicli will stand moving well. 


Carer Road; Victoria. 

Branch at Kelonna. 

oowASTB nnraonos «oooa 

H lb. tias. aso. pes tUi 





e~i^, acres of c r o w n grant tn^ber lan<l*| lohy 
deep water, well sheltered, close to Wharf, Hotel 
«^T^«,«-i^M'©*««fei^««««t R6ft<ii CttiB^d to contain ao^dO©* 
f4jtt per acre. All good stuff. Price, only $37 per acre. T-eirms 
Qib4&ac4«^^lw»nc« two or three years. - » , ^ 
iree^1ia^,IWl.^tW,?»ck.only s^w^,m4,' 


f -flww, f * ^ -J 


- *!*•.■«* 

^%«tor« Itf to 

iuKt^imA tt 
.our own and o^r 




resentatlve I will continue to do so. 

The programme of the government, 
as ouained by the Prime Mlnlstsr, Is 
of Bu<$b an extensive nature and your 
iiitsrecUi'«i<nBo vtranybOTind -npr-nrtth 
It that It 18- highly desirable for you 
to return a representative who will co> 
operata with bim In carrying it out. 
1!bXm peltcy wlU In tbo oonme ol a few 
roam -rMMlt In gtvlBf Vaaeoovar Isl- 
and foUr «a» tbottiaM mUea of rall- 
««y a]i4 tin k«M ^oaslblo connoetton 
wttb til* MatiilKiiA by oar f«rr^«» and a 
brlOtf*. iNtersft^ (^ oomoMMlal Attar* 
of UiUr «w«lllaMiM»» -mm ba cgatirad. If 
•t«et«A I ilM^ mmtm m-^Obm «o MNtet 
te 111* ttWMtii wBi i M^to ii ^ antii a^^tMUs 

aat; If iM la Mtoraad in pow«r. OtMt 

,^ bo 0«p ifm '»s^i* '*• "^ 

> xyanniiitiJm.' lijMflalit^. JHWMiwr-«ti>f titSh. 
BBsa tax wiffli ba ii3&oiJab<rt ans "*• 
provoBMiita.M fanM «rm lia ifUavfA, 

as I am wsf It i»in Mr to ]WB^ •»# wm- 

Its your heartjr aut^portt' 

7lM •xtattglva fWf^FranktM wt mmjim, 
norm InaatvnitaA by tho igterwrnnfUXi 
te tliBalr aa^ tawMpMwy: la tbt fVfl^ 
of «ba Mtliaatsa tKf rmm» 
VMirtv*^ <tel} aoaMiinatlM|> 
tblok Ui* iMMvallfar «C tta •»• 

M i|p«a aapattMii of tba tMwIi 
omiittittMMww ' < 

lat^Mta of Uie p: 




For resident and day atodects. 

fttudents prepared for degrees 
In Arta. Pitra Sdenca and Mnatc 

8oltolan|hls» an awardad an> 
nuaily. bW all laf iNnnatlon al^ly 
to. tbe warden^ 


; A humbef of W' sections of mpqcI: y 
Farming Land, sitiiated 5 to 7 
from Port Alberni. 

Prices range from $25 to $40 per acre 

Easy Terms 



U life 

i / * 'a 

I -'Si 

'' i\that "A' 
BB'freiiri. V 

Lfl^we can give yoti^ yj^> yoa g^U 
ads produce.! And If your lands can fu|ri 
custom and continuance.' 

iplUcfad and 

«(9tor ooodttio^ 
img nm wb|« 



Are You JCooking for Something 
Below the Market Valu^ 

Of course you are." Everybody is. Th«r^^^ 

have collared a few and can deliver ttfwilj 


Bl7B>rs STREET, off Oak BayT-Two fine lots, size 101X128, hardly any 
rock, splendid building bUcb, Oak trees, high, fine view. Terms, cash 
»80o! balance 6. 12 and 18 months. Price for tlie two ....... ..f2000 

Would seir separately, come early 'arid pick ^^^^^ 

to fflSfCTItit wo 
sale the follow- 


Phone 3371. 

8a4-33S Femherton Building. 


m lutfort to «a«iii« a« 
«p tmsr bo^tf^^^ t6 

loMulaiatat < vMA£^' 

wtOi ^tMk •arl»,4i0«tim^ttwcof 

_,j«tB« tltat offorta bt 

witl ba avrnMafnl. I ^lOifi 

far aa U«» la i»y |itfi(»fe™- -mew^KiJ 

the InduatMal uttaffirtfi y^li|fai i» <yi |it tf3 

uenoy, «ad Z l^ui• ;||pidpr''M|K*i^ 

preiiMMiaiT step* to#at(la ammilalr »he 

erection of a COM storage plant at 

sooka la eoaa^etion with the ashing 
industry. t aball labor to secure all 
,! desirable Imprdvements on the west 
*Bido of Victoria Harbor and for the 
full utlU»tttiK1j|t|||e uneaualled facU- 
lUes of th«f'WN|pi&aU Harbor. WWle 
the last mentioned subjects do not 
come under the Jurisdiction of tbe Fro» 
vlnclal Legislature/ there are many 
things that your representative in that 
bod|r can do to advance them, and I 
to do everythlngr In my 
I congratulate you upon the share 
you are enjoying in the unprecedented 
prosperity of British Columbia, towards 
which It can with full justice b;e said 
that the policy of the present provin- 
cial admlnistrt-tion has very largely 

1 shall see as many of you person- 
ally as I can before election day, and 
shall be ready to explain my present 
position and my future course to all 
who may d eslre me to do so. I feel 
that I can leave jnyself in your hands 
with confldencs :is to the result of tha 
ballottins oi 28th. '-'^ 

Esquimalt. March Bth, IBIZ. 

I^R SAt£ 



Jei!<9bacttD. Bklf^ and 
pfntf «fHr loads «( fnoA 

I.umb«r, Sash and Doore always In stock. We specialize In artistic 
front doors, sloamed slush, grain fir, and Howard's Hush. 


1200 «.- . 
tally ho 
pie gray si 

1 have bought. rapKI. 
30 years. Always Hi||^' 
to three hundred head 
load lota, but will sell 
horses 'hitched and wor 


Beferencei Canadian Bank of Commerce 
at Vani-ouvcn Vlt-tuflii, Edmoriloti and Cal- 


North Yakima, Wash, U. 

S. A. 


Sutter and Kearny Rtroats 

San Francisco 

Ah up-to-date modem fire proof 
hotel of 266 rooms, taking the 
place of the old Occidental Hotel 

and Lick House 

European Flan — 91.50 per 2>ay 

and Up. 

--JCakt: Any Taxicftb from the Ferry 

"B^-Llii»-'li;xpense of the Hotel. 

Real'Estate and Insurance 

Enginef i:s ai^4: Cc^b'i^^rs ; 



,'^Vi t 

V ..' ■ 

iiiLiniii'iiii iiK'n' 

'•9." -T- ' 

■» -fi- •>,-"-^^ 


. [("A J.,"**"- I't'?" ■fsff S5p'f-T7<'t -j^Sl'.T ■*" 

'lion H Fort street, Pariaora avenitfc and I2r^ Bar avenue at a ¥1 

I^lfelJB:^. ' The property 1i&9 tbe best situatiM^^ at this important busi- 
ness tentrc and will dsmUe jn va|pe.p % yer)r^|hort time. Ftill pailiMi^ay 
be b»d on appHatlon to ' , '^ ^"^ '^r\. ^^ - 

'J .|r 

toi3 Btoiiwi Street, Peniberton Block 

pfficcet-New Westmittsiei:; Vaacouveri ChilUwack, Aldergrove. 

Phone 77 

P. O. Box 363 

A couple 

of turns of thr key and j-ou have before you about twenty 
of the daintiest little fishes that were ever taken from the 
sea—" Skipper " Sardines. Why, the very sight of them 
gives you an appetite — the very taste of them gives the 
appetite plenty to do. Get a tin to-day. 

Skipper Sardines 

BONUS PICTi'RK (limlux) perio.ll.— '.Vr will frnH our delirhlfnl 
"OM S»lt" PholO|ri»iirc, rexly for frominit. loc »i« •* Skipprr " Sardiiw 
\%v-\t «n.) »(« c-pi'. «'ampi. ji>l«rk «ppllc»lion "Picture" «nd wd (• 
HAMBLIN At BRERF.TON. Ltd., . , .- 


Mr. A\tidrew8 pralsea Dr. 
Morse's Indian Root Pills. 

A Summer HoWesite For You 




Mr. George Andrews of Halifax, N.S., 

'For many y^ars I have been troubled 
with chronic Constipation. This ail- 
ment never comes single-handed, and I 
have been a viclini to the many 'llnesscs 
that constipation brings in its train. 
Medicine nflcr medicine I have taken in 
order to find relief, hut one and all left 
ine in the same hopeless condition. It 
seemed that nothing would expel from 
me the one ailment that caused so much 
trouble, yet at last I read about these 
Indbn Root Pills. 

That was indeed a lucty day for me, 
for I was so impressed with tne state- 
ments mncie that 1 dclcrniinc-d to 
crive them a fair trial. 

They have regulated my stomach and 
bewels. I am cured of constipation, and 
I clfim tbrv have no equal as a medi- 

For over half a century Dr Morse's 
Indian Root Pills have been cunnR con- 
8tif>ation and clogged, inactivf kidneys, 
with all ihf ailments wliicli rcKuIt from 
Ihcm. They clcaivsc ihc wlmle system 
and purifv the blood. Sold evcjyvrhere 
a.1 2ik. ^ h^~. "* 

Shawnigan Lake will be more popular than ever this year. 

This is your opportunity to secure a fine large homesite at Shawnigan Lake at low cost. 

These blocks are high, close to the Strathcona Hotel, with good soil and a splendid 
view of the lake and surrounding country. Waterfront privileges are included in the pur- 
chase price. As you will notice by the plan, there are only eight of these blocks,, which are 
not likely to last long at the prices asked. For this reason and because of the fine situation 
of these blocks, you should investigate this offer soon. 




822 Catherine Street 

Phont SS06 




Sunday, Maroh 24, 19l2 


cN'iil'es fi'i- tliU I'oluiiin mint i>« ri">'l\c>a 
rot laier ihau 10 it. m.. tli« iiifCuUnr Kil- 


< lirl»t (buroU ( atlirilral. 

[<Ki I'll : muili'a) n» 
, .,- M. ••II. Shull •■ 
»Liii» iiiivt Ml', n.r 
U».v ill Tliy 
-niury 10 Th.' 

■•ij, a'l- 


' rn, "A 

I nil, dUUlt, 

t Mr. KoU- 



,iS« iii M\r 

«(' rin.>u ;n i i-i;';. 


Ion .1. ■ -:-... 

m.; evvnaonK »«' 

)n» Kt 1 1 «.n> : 

'ipin; eVDilaoiiB ' 

■ Tour»; i>»a.lm> (i > 
lut; Nunc Dlinli ■ 
\U. 75t: '<ltau>. 

1 ■■■••VI oriran, "i - 

St. ShvIvu. ^ 

» !• i..ii« Weti; rf. ■■ 
raihorlne Street; firi 
I'ommunlon 8 a.m.; 
Jltany 11 a,m. ; «ven; 
iict of raornln* mi 
lur«; H! ^' -^"V" ■■ 
"II thf- 

'■•lojn wliii adUrus* uu "■ 
1 jlBili-s; the Divinity 01 

8t. Junofi. 

Rector. Ti«v, .1. S. U. .Swf 
munlon at S; matliia and . „ 

SundHv .School at e.30: •vcn^olir a>Hl am 
jntm ae T; the «UI?I0 <«HW<l!t 9T«£«^^<** 

Ooroar •( mwHlkrd *»mI Douclaa: order of 
••tVltiM tor fifth euaday in l<«nt: 8unAay 
1Be]wo>, B.»: t*»* Rev. P. Janiia. the ractov. 
&UI pr«*oh tn the morntaa!. and ihe .Kav. 
iA. J. 8. Ard »n tha aventng: mattas, or. 
can jprelude; Venlte, NovaJlo; paatma Tor 
:4th morrtn*. Cath. Paaltar: Banatflctte. 
auraatt: Banedlctua. Qarrett: hymn 638; 
fttanT aa act: hyrana SSI. 3S5; ontan Poet- 
}ttit«: evcti8on«. oman Preluda; Pro. hymn 
SS9; Masnincaf. f»m«»rt; N«n.i DliuUUa. 
Monk; anth*!!!, "Ood So Lovad the world, 
palner; hymna 860, SI: ameu. Vctpor. Bar- 
Matt r organ Poatlude. 
{ St. Barnabaa 

*^ Corner of Cook Street and Caledonia .Vvp. 
|h*rf nlll be a celebration of ll>e Holy Ku- 
Ih-rlat at 8 a.m.; choral mattna and Utanj- 
— M «m • Ph..rtH PvenBona Hi 7 p.i.i ; ll.c 
ftrpather at the mornlns aervlce uiU Be 
tlu- Very Rev. tJI»e Dean: subject. "The 
i^turlftco of the Croaa.' and at ev«n»oni:. 
Iho Kov. S. Fea. aubjert. "rhriatlan Worka" 
at! aaata are free and unappropriated, the 
(inualcal arransetnenta are as roltoi^a; 
m g in l BK. - WKW W . "P a h otH- • vtr«l»," »iai»- 
^S): VenUe and pMMna. ralhadral Psalter: 
Bto«llleta. etmi>er t«, A ^lat: Benedlctue, 
9ini«3r; hymna it*. 13*. ISO: offertory an- 
thML Mta«er»td: orcan, "CMoria in B Fiiat" 
llhS&»r«5«to«. oTtap. '1 W»i call Upon 
th«lui>««." UoAni paaiAa. Oath. Paalter; 
>I«i»t(KMt, Ndtto IMmlttta. t>r. Bunnett In 
FrWrnHia 18U "3. 403; offertory anthem, 
FltiSeTaW; jpaalm 61i PUinaonc; org«n. 
Postlude. A. V»g; 

9U BlMk'a. 

MSimm^'- Pa*aie» «nnd«y; Hair Com* 
tt^^TTt* a.m.: iia*Una aii«t aortaan. at 
Ji a.m.: evenaons and *Sf5*<M* " P-"*-! 
preacher, ftev. C. B. Littler, B.O, 

Xaval and CMrrlMtt Church. EjtiuimaU: 
rMtin<i 10.80 A-m.; tfnNAMK Bav. % Q. JfH* , 

the Uoid WmtlW 41, -, 


I ii -I 

■ i- i ui, n und 
n. waniicker. 

I H.m. and 7..t0 
»uUJ«rl, •To WUm Purj«o»« 
' tn the evonliia Mr. \V«i - 

f.tri'Et, 7.30 11,111 - :■ r-' "With Chrl*! In 
I' iiit(ll».'- .Mr. ^ '■ill. «r VonfiiUMT, 

p|».ak«<i , iidHla Fi' .,l*><i(lon 

Nuw I'sy.-liiil.m.i . in. '1', W. Hutler will 
•peak In til* li.'ni(ir»-»ii Tlieutro »t « p.m. 
M.i l.'Sly of >l"i. "■*■ 

on I In. «"' 
ll>' I* li. 

The ' 
liiir. u.>' 
come; > 
ment, i 

"Hell. ^ 

51'iiud iu lap. li 
luimr; .1 p,ni. 



iljaiittun : 

.■ will IIIlTt '-'11 

(1. i'romls ViuiM 

.lr«us ,lloM miiel- 

r JI, \iii.l,.'ir« 

llll>l»t' <IU'«>< U\Mt ul 
MoriUnir. ui>aan. 

I pill. I' 
aUul> : 

rilelit ( 


iir Is iH'id Ml" b»iiaii.\ 

Thoalre. Yal*s Bti.-.i 

.vUiiag III fre«.< and all aio <»- 

I'. ,, itlends hall, Coiirr' 

for worship 11 a.m.'. 
ill p, m. ; itll are wni- 


luruishod .'or attractive enterprises In 

»ll ■ubntnatliil lliiei of business 

nallroads. 'J'rBitlons, Wain- and 
Ulertrlc Powers, Jrrl»Bllon, Timber, 
Mlnlna, Agrlcultursl and Indosirlal. 

H..ii(l, Debi-niui* and Stork Issues 
1 i.l.'i written, Vurcliused or Bold. 

ri.|i< riles purchased for Kuropean 
cxiiloltallon and Investment, 

Financial Undortaklu«s or all s'jris 
lift imI '»'d. 

Miwellaneous commissions and f^r- 
ii.-i« 111" all characters accepted for 
fvn. Mtlon in any European country. 

(oirespoudence euclosinv tull de- 
tails at Aral wrlllntt Invited- 

The International Bankers Alliance 

48 Mark I^Uie, I^nduo, Knaland. 



A Olft that latils 1" neat, nssful 
and lompanlonablr one oan'l usa 
m. -ewan'- and afterwards dl»pen»o 
with M. Unqualified satlatav-tlon Is 
guaranteed. _. ,,_ 

Hold by BIBtloner«, 9iM, upwards. 
CaialoKue I'iee. 
MABIE, TOUn « <0., 
Ill York «' . 1111.. 111.. 1.1... ".,•■. 

CORNER-HSftx 180 ft. CORNER 


I am instructed to seW this magnificent business or apart- 
mi;nt house site, the finest in Fairfield, at a snap price, viz.— 


terni< for balaiu-c. 

laudinas lau bi< tit 

1214 Government Street 

ieoui nUvwrnM^ Thtiwjtay »<^** JttL 

free; ntvalc «»«•' jj«««*»^ »J . %.«SlSk 
P»rf»tt; ofganiet, S^ r. **»^ J?»'2SS 

878. "A Heart to Pralae X|v «»*•=., •'••^ 
'MaditiUon.-' Bonhattrj h»mn l»t. 'v^^* 
My aotiJ." hymn ISJ. 'H> Skwfd Hoad. Haw 

entnf, organ i?rmuiAi> tk>5«n *• *► •^- 
llona Rejoice.'.' ««jihaih. "t^ve the Uord.' 
Uoaart'a Ki-rlai fir«*it< "Serenade. Dona- 
hart; ltynttt.49Bi 'TStand trp for Jeaaa. 
hymn !»«.' 'Voma Jeaua, Redeemer, organ 
I'ostlude, Simper. ^^_^ 


rita* . ■ 

Corner of Pandora ami BUtifhard Pis : 
rilvlna wnralilB at U a.m., »'l<i Tf* P"' 

Rev. Hermon A. t::»raon, k.^!. paakor. win 
oonduct the eervleeia and preach; sermon 
theme on the ocoaalon of the Boy Scouts 
paradeiat the morning Bcr»Ue, "The I holcc 
of a Master* apeclal aervlce for men In 
the evening, male cHOlr and aaiclal tnualc; 
wermm thwt^ "Msw*^ -Wa«a tft- th a KUMf- - 
dom" «ab«MHh KohooJ. ' mcn'» own Bible 
olgaa and aduU Bible ctaa for women *t 
; SO p.m.; Monday air 8 p.m. young people a 
aoclaiy meeting in the lecture hall; Tnc*- 
day at 7 i)-«. CMrl Ouldea: Tuaaday at •.!» 
p.m. grand concert under «t>aplee» «C men a 
choir; Wednaaday at 7.10 v-m- Troop . 
Boy Scmita; Thnraday *t s p-m. meeting 

t Bftir Beoa*B: at » p.w. choir *HMHIca; 
atHtoA monttDC aarvlca Mr. A. 0- Hoghaii 
ana Ufm WTorriaaB vrill contribute ijjloe: 
frtwkflb gtHUNtara mMI viattora are eorAiaUy f " 
watcometf hare. 



Corner ot Humboldt «n#'Slil»eli«(4 M|^' 

■^Ar FoW iniwn~Vea»er'ligfnBw 
Clwreb at m^jfjftt 
v.uru» »f Humboldt taS-'VHlt~^ — -^.r.--,- 
n a-m. «a4 t v-m,; aerm«Mt by ■'•^iJSSffif 
W. GMadatotse: mornings HVkm ,* ?»«*# 
Stind" evening, "The ifMpi^.^^t fe»ce.'* 
Wedncaday XI a.m. litany tm« iKPflSlL"" ' 
Friday 4.1S, evening pra^#r wid i»Mt«aa: 
the lladiea' aid wt» **T«5(» ♦1i»>l.<K. *2**' 
and 'aoeial tea in tha W^Ml SLj"*SS*S^ 
Bfternoon: morning aerfMK **••• Fr*Hwe, 
Aithur Page: Venlte '. •m. 9 > S}3K ."'J*^ 
rath.^tPsait*"* Benadiett*%: |M**atet«»i -«J 
h^mni 11«, 3M, itlt OxiM PbaMW»e, W; 
itussell: avenfh* awvleM^friitwi, "Aadane" 
Arthur Page; hymo^ ««ti^«l«Mll«» M, aet, 
rath- Pealter; MaglilltleM.JI*: Na«c Olmit- 
tis, 93: hymn* 487. n% tUwttm ratttuda. 
E. Thayer. 7 

Service thia we:&tlg"m^%n %^^' ifnU 
' K h<aH. 'MSO ,Ooret*«r«nt «tr*«t; ad- 

'fm^mmna tuc yptnt. \i«uors 


Fur full particulars apply 

P. E. Tdwnshend 

Plione 14-).' I 

Do You Feel This Way? 

Do you feel all tired out ? Do you Bometimea 
think you just can't work away at your profes- 
sion or trade any longer? Do you have a poor ape- 
tite, and lay awake at ni^hta unable to sleep? Ara 
your nerves all gone, and your stomach tOOP Has am- 

.... -. X .._ _l J X^ *U..^ mfn^lA ItJt VDU? If J". Vnil 

DltXUn IV »vt4« auvww «»»**•-.- -^ -*• • ^ - ''*'.,, 

miiht as well put a stop to your misery. You can do it «l 
vou will. JUi* fiarSv's Ccldcs Mcdicsi Dis<»vety _?riU 

your appetite W^ ••f'* ■"*' ^ 
'. If there i« anf"""""^- 


A> .^^SStiS^^mpi^ifi^bi out ^0» tarn he 

WmdrSt^ tt«ni awl tlio a«3rl«. cwniMt, Mil tfood wear hu 

4m -mm m ptmmexd hMia aiK 

tki 0% AiConet No.110 i»MtiMMl iMrewidi. to de- 
' '^ ^ WMMflt with • nmd or BMdiam figure and 

Tbto aioddl hM JBedituD bt»t. 

It li BMBte wMMM^' ^q^ 

A MMt, MS mftUM. MMl 

mi, tiM ma( WM »w 4« M» 

The boimmon' Oine^^l^f^^ 

Makers of the Celebrated Li |}pi|N^i|i|^i^^^ 

ft, ruNir* ■niliilnj 

■Modl iHio with to mim.m» 

' ' ' atUlM 


Just to'imii fW^toa* ot th 
ket Buy early betiiAiV tl>«|P arti 

vi •> "j^ \ 


Ain<^rte«ii Barly Bm* oa th« mM- 

riiir^a«a JUb" tt*! 


rorner of Pandora and >Blanchard Sta.; 
Hev. pr. Campbell. *mlnlater; #ervlce* at l» 
n.m.: and 7.30 p.m.; «dil|t Bible claip at 
12.15 p. m.; Sttndajf achot* an S.S« P- "»'t 
urayfr meeting conducted by the Btbfe 
daaa on Thursday evening^ the Rev. A. 1«. 
iarctu. B.A., of Wettmlnaier H*n. will af- 
1^ the piu^or. and preach tha aermtm m 

!*.-„,__ — ,. ^ , — 
:!g!t gctH'lco' at-t S' 
moinlnfr pcrnion «11 
WUh Ohilst 
ft HI be on, 
fning-'at 8 

uwaVtts of til.' 

ifhmt pracl'lco 


.we a«e 


to O; 


rgtiua re;- T^ord> 

ulnv hLhofil nt 

11 am.. Knu- 

■ aiilijcct or 

a Ukc illnd 

L,uilic. I>p.i;,ui w'U 1)P lit d, 
cvciv Frtday e\eiil<VK at 8 





vanish when you take 

Headache Wafers 

ihenacetin, acetanllid, 

other dangerous drug. 

Druggist's. 123 


& ' 

i^-K;' ' 

*Wliw|f ■ 

Donclaa ainftVlfroDghton Hit.: 
- -' - » «.m. and 7.10 

Cornel of , , 

servlcpa -will be ihald *l, -,- .;- 

p.m.; the pulpit *»ll be occupied tor the 
day by **»• »*»< C. W. W*ltc; strangera 
iiearttir «r«|Mm*; the mustfal aelecUona are 
ae immtk MMtataff. organ. "Spring Song.-" 
HoIIMw; mikttn 67; anthem. "Cbrtafl^n, tuo 
Mori^t^.MtlBey; aoioa by Mr. and Kra. A- 
\ CnaaTmymoa^ ,JW, St5; orcwB. "AUw 

gio J'omjposo,'' 



r-\«>iisiinfr," Aiinhi.: ibt ?Barea«aa.'* - HiM- 
« solo Mr. W. Melvillo: pifAlttl W; 


Prayer." imiir: Mr. 
^un of My PL>ul,"_Tm 
uii^au "orr..rtv.'*»3 





.„w _^.„-™™-, .\imv ritndel B»oad :<«. 
TkMU »ntt; dt'lil. II a.'0- hollnrs mcrtlnu 
8 p«m. 8tmdn> school, n pm jiraisc men 

day. FriW. iSWj6Ai^t& at '♦ ' i 

day at (.U. apeibmi service yottsg p<.«> 


Tha aervlce* Ji» tHe A«(gd W» 
will )Nt cNMMMietell lt«t UifrBav^ 
on ^tthdar aftaraeoir.fW * o'eU 

The Wchic BaaaaiNaiir Vqeftf 
day 8 v.m. at A, p. 

Sunday at li a.ih. ftbd 
for today. "Matter." ti 
«v*ty Wednesday at 8 p. 

Wateh Tower .Beadars and Intematli. 
Blhia Studmui: Bgwj ». W» SS!?*abJ 

p.m. t< 

chPibinV tTro''t>lVin"c tfelght" sbul dteftva^e's 

,.1 I '.ii3f I,f 1 fl'l-l" 

ChrlBtadelphlans, A. O. F. hall, Broad 

nn.^ block from 

1205 Stanirr 
.'^prlnu Rldp- 
SI. A., inln'.r 

niul 7.30 p.iii. . i. . .- . i..-. 
:-. iiool 2.30 p.m.: w<;»klv pi 
Tiiursday nlsht' s n'^lock: u^ 
aJi acrvftiiis; a,'- rr.-;t.i'.i. n .mimui.-u 

'If all. . 

SI. ( ..L.iiiba. 

HuUon St-'fi, O.ik I'.f.y: lie.:: n. A, )U- 
'■onnell, pastor; aervlces at 11 nni. and 7.30 
11 m.r Stmday .School and F -r at 

J Is p.m.; congreiratlonal pr; ting, 

■I'iiursday ev.^i:ii;- i: ' ('■■'■',. 

--I !• ml- 
( i;y and .Mary t<t : 

t,,r: D. Macllac, D.T 

Bcr\ !■ '■1' ... '■ a.m. and 7 p.m.; .-..: la 

Hchool and adult Bible class at 2.a0' and 
y. P. S. C E. at 8.15 p.m. 

*• «!'.«* 




,.,TlT»»ia3. '1U» 


iia«i*a>'at ••'' 

B'wsta^vaiaa )fl>' 

, iiliililliill>iii| ! 





Ml . I g 


Id. CO 

in • Tv 

i I 

< » 


.mil 1 


i« » -« 

-• ♦ • - - 

* t ' 

j ( f • >- 

1 t 

JC((lU. . 

lU.U - 

I *• 


ctiUYt 111. 



,_^_^ ■t>n...^i»i.n and Quadra Hlrrcti'; 

pastor. Rev. '1'. E. HolllnK, B, A.) parsonaKe 
SIS Johnnon .Street; order ot sei'vlce.i, \» 
a.m. (UasB meetings; 11 a.m. public wor- 
Blilp; subject of pastor's sermon, ".Man's 
■place In th(> Universe" organ Prelude, «<•- 
leci'od; anthem, "Teach .Me, O Lord." Atl- 
wood: hymn 70i>, "The Heavens IJcclnrc 
Thy Glory. Jjord," hymn "'''• ■-nvloni-. 
While My Heart Is Tender," "M.-- 

roiB Jehovah's .\-wfa! Thronr ;;. ;v... 

Metropolitan Sabbath School; :.'.li ji.iii. Bel- 
mont Avenue Sabbath School; 2.30 p. in. 
WIHows Sabbath School. In the anteroom 
ot the Arena Skating IlInk; ».30 p.m. pub- 
lic -worship In the Arena Skatlngr rtlnlt, 
conducted by Rev. T. K. Holllne. B.A.; 7.Xil 
p.m. public worship; sub.1ect of pastor'cs 
jtermon, "King Conscience" orgran Prelude; 
(aa "Cornelius March," MendelHsohn: (b) 
"STcnade," Wldor; anthem. 'The Heavens 
Ar*- Telling," from fhe Creation; tenor 
■olo, "Olory to Thee, My Ood, This NIeht" 
nounort, Mr. H. Hoilins; hymn 7'», "luflii- 
II, . r.od, to Thee We R«l.«e," hymn m. 
"O Thou to Whoso AII-searchlnjT Sight." 
hymn 770. "When This Sonflf of Praise 
><iiaU Cease" Vesper hymn, "Lord K"ep Cs 
^isfe Tviils Night" all al-e cordially Invited 
1,1 attend the services and meetlnga of this 


— is .111 aliHolute eortalnty, If you 
Kct youi- prescription filled here, 
ijvery prescription is fiUed with 
the purtist drugs and chemicals by 
a thoroughly competent Pharma- 

about US. Let him be the Judge. 

Hall & Company 


In the 

yi ^ Canada was tothc outside world barely more than a name— a 
jL XM.JLJIL K, J M. ^^^ ^ /\.gO name that was synonymous of ice and snow and waste. Today 

she isreckoiied as analion, and every twentv-foiVr hours her population is increased by nearly a thousand. 


Cities such as Winnipeg and Vancouver were classed as hardly 
better than trading posts. Today their respective populations 


Victoria West 

of Catherine and AVils- 

I 'oi ii 
Uev, James A. \\'oo.l, pa<lor; eei • ii cs at 

II a,m. and 7.30 p.m.; service of song at 
:ir>- the subject In the inortving will be. 

Whf-n Is the Holy Spirit Received." and 

III the evenlnar, "The Kac;i'l)e From Eond- 
n«c" Sabbath Soho'^l .md artuli Bible claws 
at 2.30; TUllcum Road!i School m 
•• so" Monday eveiCn* ilic Kpn-orth T..csku«- 
win' debate tvlth 'h». "Vlcoria Uobatlns; 
Society the question, "Resolved that Gov- 
ernment ownership ot fl.-uhoncs and lelr- 
graphs Is desirable" Tuesday at .1 p.-n. 
there wfil be a sp<Tlal nic-tin-,' of Hie 

ladles' aid; Thursday evening. pi;ivei »„il 
prfli»e service; strangers and Vlsltma ai.- 
,, . . .. 4 V. elcome. 

Corgo Road; the pai-'-or. Rev. A. Men- 
dcraon will preach at U a-m. f_'"\^'-^'' M- 
in.; morning citti»» "i 73 ^..... .r. :..r ;-..',r 

lor of the church: Sunday HCnnol 
adult Bible classes at 2,3.f p.m. ; Bpivorlli 
I-eagiie on Monday ev-ntng at ^'-''^"''^ 
*■ th*- parlor or 'he church; Tupsdrf^'.eve.i- 
In* class and Thursday ovenhi«c r-raV'-r 
'n.!.«rr.rboth al * r,:rH.^ .^ the cfetirch 


Photographic aupplies. The same 
reliable goods, aame prices, at 

Maynard's Photo 
Stock House 

716 Pandora Street. 
Ag»'.U for Jackson Motor Car. 


(Successor ■ ! i)averncj 


$3.00 per double load. 

1615 Douglas St. Phone 97. 

Twenty Years Ago 

are leaping to the two century mark. 
^r^ -^CT- \ - The streets of Victoria were rough and unlighted. 1oday miles of mag- 

One 1. ear A. go nitlcent streets are being laid, and at night they will be ablaze with lights. 
Within the next two vears the citv will have an almost unlimited water sui)ply, one of the finest harl)ors 
nn thP P-^cific Co^^^^ terminals whose lines will extend to the northernmost shores 

o?/Si^£l ^ro^^i^S^ of f if t J thousand, by the vear 191^ a population of one hundred thou- 
sand. The spirit of progress! Are you taking advantage of this growth .^ 


Is the «TcalLsl inv cstmenl ever olleretl Victoria. It is now outside the city iiniils, xviiere your Uixcs will lie 
ow vet cilv water is llowing, and lltwing NOW thir-ugh the property, and the streets are being graded. It 
son?^ a question of time before the city will claim it as being w.tliin her boundaries. Do you want to get 

in on the ground floor? 

Quarter- Acre Blocks, $350 to $600 

10 i'i-:h crxt cash, lo per cent qiarterly 



An aiitoinobile will leave the office every hour for tu.xedo Bark. Office open evenings from 7 lo !) p. nt. 





eunaay, March 24, TSTZ 

rilliJ VJUlUlllA tJUJA^iMftll 





h.-.--.-' n fciihi f 


Maje«tic Th«atra — Tomorrow and 
^'Ufsday aonie t xcellent feature Will be 
own at the , Majestic thtjiitrc. "Jack 
ih(^ BcunHtiilk." a fiUiy lale, unfoUI- 
InK the advpntwrca of Jack, his trlum- 
-phant return from (he Majestic height 
' *f the beanstalk with the slanfe Ill-got- 
ten treasures. "A Sister's Love." show- 
ing at the death of thc-lr mother the 
elder sister makes a promise to take 
care of tho younper. and by so doing 
■acriAces the lovo of her sweetheart. 
Who refuses to assume the responsibil- 
ity of the extra care. The elder sister, 
true to lier truat, toils Incesantly to 
provide money for her sister's educa- 
tion, later the younger sister marries a 
licli man, and quite forKels the sacrlflcR 
hi'v faster has made for her. i'Allas. 
H : ! I ■ .<u rgent," dQpiellng a dlamonrt, 
■■:■•!• .^ ho thousiit he had a large cum- 
tomcr. The probable purchaser If'ft 
word with a clerk for the broker to meet 
him that night, but through the forget- 
fulness of thedork, the message. w»8 
not delivered. Later It was dlscovfliiic^ 
j.that the ■ custoroer w«8 .a tji^^dirtM 
iflMHother'ln-Law Halsea^' ■'to' »JlMi|^' 
th&t abq<m4f ^i itbQaa. fBOmy' 

■" ■■: bubbitili'aiiijiwMliPf.''^'" '■'• - ^ 

/;li« tikked forward 
kf {iii«?«st. ta\A this 
^T^f V!p to, the statfd- 
' M*Kl»^l!ll*Jf "|B»^«*i UitereiBtlnff «ub- 
*«t^Jl!^ fSlt,!^^ to the A^-gMi: 

tile |(i^^bU«wV^.<^Ee Bu^nofl Airies suf- 
fered itib iptuiii. "OChe^ aoeuea are taken. 
In New "STwrk. ,Wa»htaston, D.C Buch- ' 
areat, *Rog.tT'a"?a, Itondon, Bng. . "Jtan 
and the Waif" la a Vltagraph drama, 
f eatuxlnc the dos Jean, one of the most 
IntelUceot animals . ever used on the 
•tase: "The Haek and Schmidt Bout" Is 
an Bi^wray «o«wdy, which is one of con- 
ttnaO^M ladgh; "The Cowpuncher'a 
01«V(^-its art'Bdiaoh western story con- 
veylnk aft Inmreaslon of the breezy west 
with Its peculiar and vigorous types of 
humanity. The romantic turn given In 
|he last paift of the fil^ introducing 
the glove as the arbiter of a ' dispute 
._ibai leads io a fight on a awaylns 

Xathlaan Farlow Bonvenlr Piano Sale 

For Extra Good Bargalna in Pianos 
and Player Pianos Call at Harmony Hall 
Piano Warerooms, 733 Fort Street. 

Five Good 


1 TOVBZira CAB — roBS 

1 O. J. k O. BOASBTEB 

Th«'ne car.<« are all in first Claaa 
running order and will be aold 
from fSOQ up. Svery one ia[ a 

eijaiS'''"-"";-"'.^-.^' "■/-■'./'•'.^'''^•■''- ■■ 

bridge ov«r a yawning chasm Is intense- 
ly Interesting; "A Polished Burglar" is 
■ ^ good copiedy. It is a story in which 
k young man to whom a glrra parents 
,,,(Jnil^^'^V^i^t^ a scheme to play bur- 
, 'l^lHTalMl aew* tbe old folks into relent* 
'Ciifll^AHl^Ci fWtto works and he forces her 
-niitnsr itjMfm his hhoes, and her mo- 
-, mm .UltJf^Sm MH VKUIl He gets his in 
.ttl4 Aiuli 1igl^J|«oIe Subject is a good 
Ji|%h and yOtt^ni enjoy it Watch for 
, i-till^ ALmatsar ^Hifi;f«|llii^e in Tuesday's 



rnwl Wi«sk Off ttio Oaltfondaa 
«0Mt Slilbtea Sy the OtaaaMr 
r St. Kolaas 



Tender* will be leoilvud by tha uiidorilan- 
ed up to U«rclt ibth auxt (or tbc rullowing 

Mliiln« iFi N '"'7 'r-cxxea on Spaalah 
Cr«»k, n.. oqulppBd with 

HydrauUi; ^ tor Hydraullo 

Mining, wlOi *tii<ii riKJuid for x&me; auo 

21 S acrei Crown granted laaa at Creaia 
Blauca, Cariboo, with (tore bulldine. atablo 
and dwtiUlnc; alio 

General MerchandUe at Croata Blanca, In- 
ventory of wblcU can l>« aeen on applloatlon 

Meaara. Simon Leiaer tk Co., Ltd., of Vlo 
loria, a. c. 

Meaara. Liorwan, Harvey & Humble. Litd.. 
of Vancouver, B. C. 

Meaara. Harvey, Bailey Ltd., of Aahcroft, 
B. C; alao 

Six li) horaea and harnesa, wacona, I>em 
oorat oucsy, aleish*. etc. 

BIda may be made for tha whole or any 

•j;'be hlgheat or any tender not neceaaarily 

Addreaa caro P. O. Prawer BST, Vletorla. 

B.a.' .>.■ 

W. W. B18BWTX* 



"Navigable Waters Protection .\«-t" 

Notice la h<-r«by given that 'Arthur tJRiall 
and Artliur Kdward Haynea. both of the 
City of Victoria .In the Province of Urltlah 

ColUmblil :]■-•■■■-:- ■ •!■ '■■ -,",;■- 

lUt: f}ll\- 

I"..-.- alili; ... 

"U t*t worktt pi opu^tiii lu lib cuu- 
in West Bay. Vlotorla, Biltlah Cil- 
uiiiuiii, being th9 Ian' '■■■:•?, lying and 
being in tho aald Victoria and 

]<nown, numliorod ami • 1 bk. I^ots 

thirty-one (31) and Lbl> > In 

Block "1" of the aubdivlfi Six 

(8) and parf i>f Block KIkiu im, x k wileld 
Karm. ISaquimait iJietrict, britiah tMiumtjia, 
and haa Uopoailed I ho area uml alto plana 
of the propoBRd worka and a doacriptlou 
thereof with the Mliilatcr of I'ubllc Worka 
at Ottawa, and a dupllrato thereof with 
the ReKlatrar-Oeneral of Tltleu in tho I,and 
Itnglatry Office In the City of Victoria, 
British Columbia, and that tho niattoi- of 
the aaid application will be proueednd with 
at the explir' month from the 

time of the i'>n of this notlt'e 

m the 'Van. 

Dated thin March. A.D., 1912. 

AR : . nnd 

ARiin-ii. i:.uWAKD HAYNES, 

, Petltlonera 

Montreal St. 

Near Mlchlbau 

The cheapest buy on Montreal St. 
is a new modern 6-roon) liotuie, 
full i.'ement baaement, betiutl- 
fully flalshod throughout. Caah 
$2000, Imlance 930 per month if 
deaired. Price for quick 
buy ...95750 

Suf""''"'' Street, one lot from 
,M 7-raom modern houae 

I. c.OxVJO. One-third cash, 

b;cM' ■ 1), 12 ttud 18 iDuntiiB. 

Vii:^- iit6750 

Compare these prices with other 

listings, then let us show you 



Roorna 1) and 1- I'roniis Block 
Phone 1100. 1009 Oovemment St. 

For Sale 

|9tx Rooowxl Hoii'x- iiisi built, with 
all 'I" 

ba> 1-1 

dlnluKiooiu wit liticum leinnti. siit- 
uatcd on high ground in KalidoM 
catatc; only «3'i30 

Five Boomed Bungalow, ih.iuc.-! >^i . 
Oak Bay, full sIzl' baHoiu. 
crete foundation; tc-rnis • 
and 5215 per month for \:. 
ance ».(«>(! 

Ella & Stewart 

1S14 government street. 




Geary Street, above Uaion Sqtiare 
Etu'opean Plan $1.50 a day up 
American Plan $3.00 a day up 
New steel and brick structure. 
Every comfort and convenience. 
A high class hotel at very moderate 
rates. In the center of theatre and 
retail district. On car lines trans- 
£ erring to all parts of city. Electric 
omnibus meets all trains and 


Tliat two tragedies of the eeft. in-;ad, qf oniy one, recentljr 1 , have - ,o«ri 
curr^d off this Coast, has been made 
(.■ertain by Captain Thomas A.>Jamieeon. 
itf the Dodge line steamship St. He\^ns, 
wblcii has just arrlvsH at PortUBtid, 
d»re.. from San FraActooo. Captain 
A^mieson reports that he sighted the 
w-elict recently seen adrift off 
8^|anco, and after b:|ief examination 
-Wf*: tMit the' mUsiiig . 
Ctodfreyi.As ha<i been 


«ktefii^'ft«r' tftMir .4V!as iDiBiMn» 
aM mxtOL ni.lHHr iatl wi could be seen 
ymtm i>alitt«il| iikkA Aunleson said that 
•f near as be pould iodg;e, the derelict 
a. vsssel from 2ov to 2<0 feet ionr> 
ily • Ihree or four-master. , and 
mtly ' haA Men < lumMir-laden, as 
loh lumber was adrift near her. 
f<Tb» presentM ot lumber nea^ the dere- 
thtt i» aecNtpted by shipping men as 

««l«ilslva praof that she cannot be the 
th B> CmtCray. which , waa known to 
twva iNMn earning from TocopiUa to the 
d||am1>fa aiTer to ballaat / . 
Illy the sama. token i4i oannut be 4M 

Stay for Rogue iCtver and ISviTtijuk ,maU]r 
<?ays ago. • ' * '> ' ' 

:'It was Monday afternoon when Ob|h 
tain .lamleson sighted the derelict, ap> 
proximately five miles southwest at 

'"'c Bitjjig^uCM that time it looked 
::s thouttH'jilril^'itnlght be carried ashore 
by tlie waves. Baf^jWiparance ait$||iir^ 
ed a grim,tr^i|Mil^1nir%1htcb aU ^"tim4 
''■"' >oa t'tit(tf lll»a«. B»tf tuay b—tt 
able to maWe Ikm^'ln the boata they 
Would liavc been heard of long before 

'Cc^ptein Jamieson's report would indi- 
cate that the derelict in probably one 
of the lumbet schooners which sailed 
from ,Puget Sound, Grays Harbor or 
ilie Columbia River a short |i||«s:!ij»«o, 
bound cither t&r a Callfo*;^(jp||||^.<>r 
for the West Coast of Soiithf America. 






ar«w O J.m. Tessel Coals St TTrgnyoii 

JPort On Way To Victoria 

From ths Clyde 

The C. P. R.' steamer i^lncess -Sophia, 
Captain Llndgren, en route from the 
.yards of Bow Mcliichlan & Co, of 
i'JPalBley to Victoria. reached, Monte- 
video on Friday, according to a cable- 
jcram received yesterday- morning by 
Captain J. W. Troup, manager of the 
British Columbia coast steamship ser- 
vice of the C.P.R. The Princess Sophia 
ieft.the Clyde a montli ago and called 
at St. Vincent, Cape Verde Islands, for 
coal. Her next cell will be at Coronel. 
nnd she will there take enough coal for 
' - run to Callao, and proceed from the 
ivlan port to San Diego or San 
.:iclBco. AUhoush «hc Is burning 
, .iJ on the run out from Scotland, the 
Princess Sophia has been provided with 
oil burning apparatus an^ this will be 
placed In use when the steamer starts 
■ :v!c« on the northern British Col- 
: Ilia route. The I^rincess Sophia will 
1)6 the twenty-fifth vpssel to Join the 
British Columbia 'coast fleet of the 
C. P. R. 

Kathleen rarlow Sonvanlr Flano Sola 

I- or Kxna (Jood UijrKain.'f in J'lanos 
:inil I'layer Pianos call ni Harmony HaU 
i»lai,n \vnrrr,.,,n)B, 733 Fort Street. 


isrotloels lJeroi>y glven^that Frederick K. 
Hiarn ot Vietariak^.Brltlvh Columbia, is ap" 

M£ii;^f^;'tfli^pHBeni>ncy the aot|«lM|ig' ' 
SWW«w'''#'',PiMlK<ln Council, for ap^pU ^ ' 
oi.jaia»<{MJ^' planSr *lte and deirription oC 
wnnKiliiHMiaed to bo constructed In West 
BajipWWWa Harbor, victoria, B. C„ bvlns 
tho lands situate, lyias and being In the 
City of Victoria, aforesaid, and known, 
ntimbered and described as part of sub- 
division* five ana six. or section thirty-two 
(S2). map 64, and of another part of said 
aocllon thirty-two (32), Vlewfleld Farm, 
Vancouver Island, Province of British Col- 
umbia, and has deposited th^ area and site 
plans of tho projiosed works and a descrip- 
tion 'Uiercof wltlj the Minister of ir-uttllt 
Works at Ottawa, and a dttplJcat^ inercof 
with the Re.Klstrar General of Titles In the 
Land Heglstry Office In tho City of Vic- 
toria, British Columbia, and that the 
matter of the said application will be 'pro- 
ceeded with at the expiration of one raontb 
from the time of the first publication of 
this notice In tho "Canada Gasette." 

Dated this 11th day of March. A.D. 1$12. 



C0BP09&TX0H or 

or OAK BAY. 


Tenders, sealed, endorsed and addres- < 
sed to the undersigned will be received i 
up to 12 (noon) on Saturday, the | 
30th day of Mnrrh. 1912, for supplying: 

Cast Iron v 'ipe. Special Cast- { 


Tenders must conform witli 
terrns of the speclficatloriB, wl.ich um^ 
be obtained from Mr. R. Fowler," C. K., 
Municipal Enffineer, at his office, 10 
I.,aw Chambers, Hastton strfet, Victoria, 
B. C. ' .-^ FLOYD. 

C M. > 
10 t-aw Chamber."!, BaRtion street, Vic- 
toria, B, C, March 14ih 1912. 

now being received. 

SKond Division Comprises Half the Recognized Townsitc 

Gall, wire or write, using the attached coupons for plans, 
price lists, description and other useful information. 

If you missed your opportunity in First Division, see that 
you get in right in Second Division. 

Coquitlam Terminal Company Ltd. 
Coquitlam Townsite Company Ltd. 

Owners of the Recognized Townsite. Main Office-. Second Floor, Leigh-Spencer Building 

Genera! Agents for Victoria- 
Canadian American Realty Co., 1202 Douglas St- Monk & Montieth, 639 Fort St. 


1202 Douglas Street, Victoria, B.C. 

I'tfriprnl \i?.i)t« fni- Vlrturi.T and 


Kindly send me lungiiel folder, 
{•rciss reports and full information 
about the Canadian Pacific Riil- 
way'8 and operating terminus; 

Name . 



I j'r . a ii ^^W j j .ji Wf/.. i * mf^ *-^^ 



Sunday, March 24, 1912 




K<K>tat LvaderM. Thrlr Talrotii, Occnpa- 
tloaii »nd HubbleH. 


ICodea of the Moment 
There is a great deal in tht •"sense 
of eultabillty." In regard to dress. It 
"•eems to me that this la most lamenta- 
.ny nofe-ft/jted iQ the evening, moxfi Pfir- 
■Qaps than at any other Hmt. Alost ot 
ua know the correct thing to wear on 
ihij street, and although many mistakes 
aia made with regard to afternoon 
dressea and toilettes de vlslte, ytt more 
are made with regard to evening dress. 
When to be gorgeous, and vvhen to 
wear gowns of studied, If fexpenslvo, 
simplicity, la quite a question, and one 
which requires a nice sense of propor- 
tion, a sense which Is sadly lacking in 
many modern day women. Some women, 
who dress most neatly and plainly in 
tht daytime — seem to "let'themBelvcs 
«o" at night, ana.tUofcJg'l^lBBye l?or- 
missable to be gorg«e# 0^<l!i|fpi!ltreme 

:,flMI*|«r what ^tI«-«S«it«>li;----- ';, 
iJ^^SSmit'Wlti «o td Bome smart «vMdng 

,_^^^ . till the dowdiest, dingiest gar- 

iBfilBSfi.ilat W«r« «V«r »u»nored with tho 
«t "evening dress." Tben agsln 
of uncertain ago will sa?b thesn- 
sUtires with girlish 0implicity, while 
qiujtie young girls, and young matrons 
wiU ^edeck themselves with finery -in 
^very "questionable tiaste. Of course we 
"all Icnow the popular fallacy that if one 
is rich enough one may defy convention 
and dress as one pleases. But very 
few of us believe It sincerely. It seems 
to me, talking of evening dress, that 
for: little informal dances — mid-Lent 
"hops," small town and country dances, 
dinners and play simple little "dance 
frocks," or unassuming little dinner 
gowns art far more appropriate than 
the "grand toilette." But for balls— largo 

who knows how to put on her clothes 
with "chic" lookb eciually well, what- 
ever her toilette. Speaking of dance 
frocks for small affairs, the skirls of 
thfse continue to bt brief, as to length. 
A pretty Httle French model which I 
saw the wther day, had an extremely 
slim undevdrtss, tight ad to the skirt, 
and only coming down Just to the 
anklet Th'e' tunic, which reached al'most 
to the hem of tho underskirt, was a 
fascinating affair of very transparent 
white chiffon, beaded all over with 
tiny gold beads. The hem, ana a broaa 
band over the dtcolletage being delight- 
ful worked with the t^^ads In the Greek 
key pattern. 

t ' WBHty d a n c es , to w hi c h h e u ee ' p a r t iee 
are taken, large dinners or the opera, a 
woman need have no qualms that she 
will be overdressed. Let hty don her 
1500 gown if she has one. and Jewels 
To liorrespond. Of course, good taste Is 
another matter, some women never look 
so well as when they are garbed in clas- 
sic , oimpllclty — others can carrx wsth 
digi^ty a great deal ,of grandeur. * 

j^t there are occasions for every- 
thing, and tOL my mind it looks as bad 
to he overdressed at a small or informal 
ifunction of for a hostess to outshine 
all her guests in the splendor of her ar- 
ray- — as to bb dowdy and Inconspicuous 
at a really smart function and vice 
versa Beside*^ all of which the W9|ttaa 

The high waist line was' slightly do-' 
fined with a narrow' band of white i 
nlnon, and worn with the daintiest pair' 
o.f white satin slippers this simple little 
frpck-looktd very charming. 

Another little dance i;rock described 
by a friend of mine sounds entrancing. 
The underdress of the palest leaf-green 
soft saitln.(that lovely llly-of-the-val« 
•ley leaf shade) had a tun^c which only 
came to the kne«r<i^yi^^ Of a dull 
slate-WWe»:,.. ■Tlie,.,i|MiiMB!»., :o^ . .;the, 
fioriHW*. glMves and roittiia t)|ia Itein of 
tliits ttmio We of a rvty hMvy oriontKl 
type in exanlsitfr Itnw, of a rather sub- 
' dued tone, innch enricusd hy sold tbrcAu 
and Jewels. . ■ 

Cut into a very low V at the bach, 
and a slighter V parUy filled in with the 
embroidery in front, with tiny ' tight 
sleeves entirely composed of the em- 
broidery, and vrota "with shoes and 
stockings of the leaf green and a neck- 
lace and earrings of oriental workman- 
ship this lovely example of costly sim- 
plicity was immensely admired. A gown 
•for a xaoTt; Important occasion, which 
was shown at a well known modistes 
the other day was composed of shell- 
ptnk brocaded satin, cut "in very'grace- 
ful clinging lineet with an «ftremely 
long narrow train edged wltliv a strip 
of very beautiful mink. 

Homes Our 


Moss street. 6. rooms $6250 

Oaoar St., 9 rooms .... ■• ^O^O 
Prsndargast St., 7 rooms . . 6250 
Wellington St., 8 rooms • • 6100 
Arnold Ave,, 9 rooms .... »»«" 
Hilda St., 7' rootns . . • • ^'''°° 


Blchardaon St., 7 roouu; 
Chapmnn St., 5 rooms . 
Vancouver St., 7 rooms . 
Davie St., if rooms 
aCiUon St., 2 
Cowloban St. 5 rooms . 

Davie St., 7 rooms 

Chamberlain St., 6 rooms 
Monterey Ave. 8 rooms 2 lots 7500 
Bee St., G rooms .."......• *B00 

rooms 1375 


HiHslde Ay«'i 8.5:oo}T»» 


Burnside Bd. 7 rooms % acre f^JW® 

Alpha St.,T5\roo|nB,,^,..*>* i^^ 
;. Xiyall St., 5 - r oo|i;i^ -iif *^i>,f?, f *<; i-J^J,- 

^>Sma Stw 6 room*^**''*'^—*^-^*^ 

Wgliit ffc. t »o«>n» ...«»' gg 

' m^.. -T VOOttUi • • • • t <ki. - '. vw 

q|r If* "s looms ."_'%»■'' **"• 

t rooms . .J. ^^ • • *'W» 

M^ 7 rooms I . ..^ . . WTS 

WIMi$ W*» 4 rooms ««» 

mffrtagOtiA ▲▼•. 9 rooms . . 6000 

Onlgflowsc Boad, 8 rooms 6000 

Mas Stn « rooms MOO 

G^xgs mead, S rooms WO 

Oosgs aoad, 6 rooms ..., BBOO 

Oaifioll 9^ 6 rooms 3500 

Oorgs Boad, 8 rooms, lots 

00x120 WOO 

OsoOto l|t, 7 rooms BOOO 

Vaaoon^sr St.. 6 rooms .... .4000 

Df^T^i^w fttn 5 rooms .... SSOO 

Orant pt.. 6 rooms 4«00 

Stoddard' Dagt on, 1912 

The Unc comprises five different power plants,^m in six separate cHipif combinations, with seventeen individual body 

^^^^^SXmm&^mim>^^^ as to ,9||^|.|Pf^ complete equipments. 

i^pic^ «!is tfoi^t^^^m^ 



'4^11 'V. , 

ri,* «5nW»v model i» one of the sturdiest, most dependable cars ever put on the market. And one of the roomiest s-paswngir 
n^n^I^^ on the ro^ EqSfpp^^^ a foir-cylinder L-head motor of>.c Renault type ca^t en bloc , that has gjven a;b8olute 
^^hS^ Itr^erTf^^sS^e m is ample. The motor is ^o qget y^u of#h h^vt to. p«t^ou|hand on the radiator to 
le whether U^^^^^ Wheeibase 112 inches. Tires 34 x 4.. Ri^s a^quicJc-Det^hible. Bosch Dual ig^^^^^ 

tl ^n^ludhit ma^eto without extra charge. M«ital enclosure betwee?i;.rurt!iirt#boards and frame* Mohair top and top boot. 
ri?:« wIndiSfel? Robe rail foot rest and foot accelerator. All mcW thmmings are nickel-plated. Colors, chmce of all grey, 
S- blue witf gr^^^^ rS^nrnHear Gas tank, with five l^mps. jack, horn, tools, and tire tools all in eluded (f. o. b. Victoria), $2,100.^ 
Catalogue on application. * ^ ,. . . ' /.-l 

For seven years Stoddard-Dayton Cars have been known to mQtorists for unquestioned quality. Inquire of any one f»mUf^ 
ittf with automobiles and you'll get unhesitating affirmation of this fact. 

The corsage, and one sldt of\tci« skirt 
were draped back with some wonderful 
old lace, cunningly veiling a more gorge- 
ous jewelled embroidery, this drapery 
falling -to the left ha«*--eerner af -*h«i 
gown where It terminated in a jewelled 
tassel o.f great beauty. The wrap, whioh 
went with this lovely dress was in 
reality more in th*' form of a scarf of 
the- brocaded satin, of at least six yards 
in length and two feet wide. 

Edged with sable and lined with 
shirred chiffon, of a deeper pink hue. 
It was intended to wrap completely 
round the figure, thus taking Hhe place 
of thb usual cloak or c<liit. It was a 
truly enviable)^ poiiBewaoo. 

Vaadora St., 6 rooms 4000 

IKapla Bt,, 8 rooms 4800 ' 

mtdga SmUI 6 rooms 38S0 

-Walmat ifc, 4 rooms 3800 

gif art Tl I ' cooms «••.. ASBfll. 

Stfmoot JkTP; ft rooms • • . . 4300 

Onnit n^ 6 rooms 4B00 

Easy terms can be arranged on 

If you jsee 
every line. 

the Stoddard-Dayton "Savoy" five-passenger touring car, you'll understand its popularity. It spea:ks cliss liT 

The (%y Mtrag^ 

T«itc-behiftd its 38 horsepower motor, either speeding or1iai-cUnailag.-a^d then try a stretch of particularly rough rqad.aiiCl 

vou'il look no further for a car which gives extraordinary value for each dollar of its cost. .. ."0 

W* have iust received a further shipment of Savoys and can give immediate delivery of same. . -. r. 

We have just received a further shipment of Savoys 
Showrooms, Workshop* and* Garage 617 Vancouver 9t?e^ y^^ia,^,^ > 

dttt stock of English and Canadian 
Bicycles is comprised of all .the beajt makes, 
such as Rudge-WhitwofAs, Victorias, 
JPremiers, Rangers, RudgeW^ges iwd. Per- 
fects. We gtwarantee every Bicycle against 
defect, foe otie year, this guarantee ;is not a 
f adtoiy guarantee where you will have to 
wait a month or six weeks ^ to have the de* 
Active part replaced. We cirry extra part% . 
fdr al! the different kinds <rf Bicycles in 

t ij- :i/;4^t 

stock and can immediately replace ^^' d^f^Hve part; If^^ have a Bicycle we. will take |t as p|trt paymen^ 
a new one, or you may purchase any of our Bicycles on thi easy instalment plan. 


-**< < 

ENGLISH RUDGE WEDGE BICYCLES, fitted with free wheel, steel rims, detachable tires, rim l.rakc^. 

" • , , „ « ' $35.00 

toe clip=: and bell. Price 

|gf»eLES-iitted"with-~free wheel,- rim brakes, detachjfole^tir^s,.. mud .guards, toe clips ^ ^ ^^^ 


and bell. Frice '. . . 

«L*e ••••«• 

• «•••••' 

VICTORIA BICYCLES, manufacturedin Birmingham, fitted with free -wheel or coaster brake,' mud ^^u^rds, 
toe clips and belly Price/ • ^ 

. k * m M 

PREMIER BICYCLES, fitted with free whfeel, rim brakes, steel rims, detachable tires, mud guards, ^^ar case^ 
toe clips and bell. Price ...................••.....•••••• .•.••••••. •••"••• "'*^;" 

RUDGE WEDGE, fitted with two-speed gear, otherwi se same as No. i above. Price 

With ti«*e^S!|eed gear. .. • • • • • - •...:. ................. • • • • • - • • • •••!•■ •• *•-•••• " " * " 

RU&GEWHITWORTH BICYCLES, free wheel, rim brakes, detachable tires, toe Qlips and bell, 

With two-speed gear ......... ........ 

With three-speed gear • ♦ • • 

• • * • • • 


. $55.00 

c • rr, 

,N«:^t,1Stfit rod, split batted sSk'boiitU,9Dira to^l #«»litete abicJvc hanaand cork grip *!.. 

'^p, iidi* rod split bamboo with, reel plate befow hand, otherwise the sattie as No, i ** ^ 

:i;.^^a. ^; fly rodn^ijiai^boo, 3r|ttrcft,w|thidb>fit«a tip, nickle plated mornittngs with w 
below th* hand and cork grip« • * . t . .w* v*V* » v"*^. * •?* * ••-.-.» •h- ..... . . »■• . y 

^^J^^l^ ttHi^^^ce split bamboo iiil^xtTa'*ip,^tiickle p^lated mountings, 4^'^'^ 

^ aU'dorik> life, with reel seat above or beiaW^e hand • ^2.00 

No, 5, ife or fly rod|,^,g|4^iiN*^ extra tip. g«wi^uality bindings, cork grip with reel 

above or below hand with wood frame corner J)>^.5U 

I iud of mottled bamboo fitted with gupmetat mountings. gO^|ality silk binding -. 



No. u, 

and solid gripj 

ing rod/ 

ith trolling tip.-cMs 

pj^a y-sof-ttJ-i/iTOKfifrt's 

ENGLISH RUDGE WHITWORTH BICYCLES, high grade, fitted with free wheel, rim brakes, extra heavy 
detachable tires, gear case, toe clips and bell. Price. ••••• • $70 OO 

Fitted with two-speed gear ^ ^ 

^. , . ^ ,. , $75.00 

Fitted with three-speed gear , ^ 

able tiresr mud guards, toe clips and bcil. Price 

No. 8, Trolling rod, 3-piece mottled bamboo with exti'a tip, extra good quality bindings, large 
snake rings, gunmetal mountings and solid grip . . • • • $3.75 

High^class split bamboo rods, fly, bait or trolling, bound with best quality one or two-color silk 
bindings, best quality snake rings with good cork handles. Prices from, $8.50 to $4.00 

English Greenheart Rods, fly; bait or trolling, neatly bound and highly finished with best quality 
mountings." Prices from $16.50 to ^^mjd -i|iii^ ^^*^^ 

Fishing Baskets, with good quality straps. if^^Bfeach $3.75 ^^'^1^ ^^'^^ 

Also a-complete stock of Casts, Lines, Hooks, Spoons, I^ly Books, Landingl!?t?^c. 

■Ijrakc, wood or steel rims,? detach- 

920 Government St. 
Phone 817 






bundftv, March 24, ^\iV^ 

THE \ » ^ ro RT K ( OLONI8T 


Here is a Selection of Choice Properties from a large list. Look 

these over and if what you want is not here call in and 

see particulars of other properties listed with us. 




Fort Street, lO rooms l^^^i^K $18,000 

Yale Street, 9 rooms, furnished. $12,500 

Fernwood Road, n rooms, large lot. $11,000 

Harbinger Avemae, 7 rooins, ji? lic^|i /U . . . : ^ 
Pleasant Avenue, 7 rpoms,^^ |0t§^v» •?•>!• k* 
ornwall Street, 6 rp*»ttHir'^'^t9-s'v'yrv¥*^^ 

l^nteri^i^'irlitt^ $6800 

io rooms 96S00 

'« R6ad, 8 rooms $6Q00 


I '■ '! 

',6 rooms 


■u^iuM imi>' 

Cranmore Road, rooms . . . 

Oliver Street, 8 rooms 

Bank Street, 6 rooms ... . . ... . .1*?W^ 

Duckf0^!lgl^j7 rooms, .,;.^v fM.^>^i,- <> 

Cranmore Road, 5 rooms 

FemwDod Road, 5 rooms : . 

Clar^ Street. 5 rooms ,.,...,.... 
Ceaar *Hili Road, 5 rooms : 

. .$5500 
;.. $4500 
, , $4400 


• •«•••* t^ 

.-■• ,.*>* 

• •■«••• 







Rockland Avenue, ij/^ acres $15,000 

Beach Drive, i2Qx i?.Q ....•• $5500 

Hilda, fx) X 135 

Chapman, 3 lots, 55 x 1 36. Each 


Monterey N., 2 lots, 50 x 120. Each $15UU 

Brighton Place, 60 x 120 $1500 

Hampshire N., 4 lots, 50x200. Each ....... .^1300 

Oliver, 2 lots, 50 x 140. Each $1250 

Clifford, 60 X 120 $1200 

Arnold, 60 x 120 > .• .$l«OU 


Never Mind 



thi^ Fallow 


* tv-X 

Use Your Own 

Beach Drive, 88 x 200 . . .* $5250 

• St. Patrick, corner, 120 x 120 . . . . • .$4000 



»*'. <jj>>f. 

ver, corner, 120 x 120 $4000 

Oliver, 56 x 120 $3000 

^ jl^^hard, corner, 120 x 120 • . .$8000 

- ifeacli Drive, corner, 56 x 163 • .$3000 

, Coia^tl, 50 X 120. :^^t*Cil»*^'' Monterey B„ 50x120. for few days. . 

* iii^*;!. 50X 120 .;.'...." $2500 : r*^o«ri<i^y R<*«^' 50X loo 

* • • • • 

■ • • * 1 

*it^->:: ■■.■iUH!::Si]\^-:' 


1 ■■ 


..,.„. *, 



lle^bers V^om Real Eitaife Bxcl 



•rTTTTSC^7^!py^!!!!SSSI&SS^!^^^u^!^7!\^^ •■ * ♦ •itn^ HKi\:vihi:' -•j\..'^-» -»-'■>■ '»';-'i.«>".'-T'*'«<.-' 

.•::'i«i'^«?^';3ifji^^»si!N*'^^ •.,->»/*.*• -» -» 

s <■ 

,-v. ,- »-s..:.;**iir!*'»iifc*i.t-...<'.JHW»*t2«--.'«**''/**.-*^'*''-*;-»4iin*..'*t* v....i^<<i«v^tv«'. ^i v-»j >*■•*' ^ 

, .«^ ,^t,-*t t^^l^ MttU, 

bM eatnedi tbe eii#ybl« f«|iii^^ it «i^ lidiiriy 

ft, yi^iHWdBy Wl ll ill^^ .., 

t^^Hinplan anchona Bairk wdU il i i tf l [ l> ll ncl 
. . it >• ji^^ expert dieinuU wkfcjyify thai ft contaios 



Abtolii# ti<» «Ic^liey»otk«r iiiiikite are aJiW 

An this costs more !n time and money than actually 
needs to be spent— but WILSON'S Invalids* Port is made 
up to a standard, not down to a price. 

Itis recommended and prescribed by some of Canada's 
most eminent physicians , and it is carried in stock by 
every druggist. 

Why, then, do certain unscrupulous dealers sell some 
of the imitations offered on the Ca n ad i an market, and 
•ay "just eis good" ? 

Are they acting fairly and squarely? 

Ask them the reason for the piracy I 

To protect you against these worthless imitations, the 
labels and wrapper used on WILSON'S Invalids' Port are 
registered at Ottawa j to imitate them is— forgery ! Ask 
for WILSON'S Invalids' Port Wine (a la Quina du Perou), 

and look for the ^^//JtCyrr^ °" every 
facsimile signature ^^^-^*-<^^ genuine bottle. 







Do O. Roblio, 

Cnnadlmii Ad«nl. 

Old Irish Whiski 

"3 STAR 





Good Judgment 



>,'■!'- ■.,«^M»'*'fl' t 



■ ■« '.ilt '■■■■■•*>-'t''>' :..'---^'^ 

■y I 

..:;•, ;/'r 

Spread over 4 
Mstrlctloils OT 

, ■ iS^Mf' 



■^•'\ '• 






Let U s hhow Y ou 
These Lots 

Tm Lamidl 


1201 Broad St. Corner of Vie^ 




nil .11 ,iimjin«i|i»iini!n'niriipr»r-iiimiiii- [nrii.ntfftTTTiiTiFirf "iriTTr'riTffim'-rr'iTr'TrTr'''l"rr' 

H 4MHV AM*aMnMriHA4Ma»iBM*««a«w»«a 


Sunday, March 24, 1912 





^i ^' 

'■ .11^ 

The Future and Per 

manent Prosperity of 


14, Vx and Acre Blocks— next to Garden City 

Price, $350 to $500 for M Acres. Ten|ia$50 

a*' .1 -rtt i.r 



if'g; vi I 

f I i? ■ 

tllB Parklai}4 of Victoria. Evif^ lot Is a tiaiiMlllprdeti !0t and should interest the 


..I. ■ 





Fthis Chatilli 


:, but would 
ask you to call at our office and get a marked 
plan and inspect the property or allow us to 
show it to you. Ask our agent to quote 
prices as you go along, so that you will know 
you are getting a bargain in buying Belle 

136116 Vio'Il 6SC6I1 L 

Is 234 miles from the City Hall on the 


City Water 

will be laid past the 
property this summer. The natural route 
for the belt line is along Saanich road, past 
the property and down Quadra street. Get 
in now before ilie improvements, and b^ 
ready to reap the benefit of your quick action. 


AH kinds of Insurance Written 

Cor. Lanfifley and Broughton Sts. 

Phone 1518 

OUiiaay, irtci: c 







Hundred upd Hfty Igjjp'^ 






. *.niK^,-^ic..,:u'./^.^ 

'1-f _;■■■ ...'• -u .li.iij;, ^iiU'^i^AFk.ia^J 



,Ji;ri,l.W?L-M,1. ' 

it>.-j];A«ft~.J( *:*.i:mJ.t 

_,'jrf ',..* i>-.*_ . 





- V 

mU-^ -4 ft t—t,^*' 

fib* Vofieofftwr World, March 20, 

'fiid4ettei' day m the annals o£ progress 
for Canada was written large in her history on 
the 15th of March, when Sir Donald D. Mann, 
through his proxy, Mr. T. C. Holt, signed 
papers and documents in Vancouver to pur- 
chase one hundred and forty-five square miles 
lands around the head — water s of the 

tlU tw(|^fi^bf the St&ine Wver (ife Olam 
Skean In d it|eYetryc) separated froin those 
of fhe Skeena river (Clua-Kaas and Clua-Tahn- 
Tahn forks) and the head of the Klappan river. 

When these contracting pressures had 
ceased, then came the stupendous grinding, 
wearing down action of the glacial periods 
which followed the tropical climate under 
which the coal foliage grew, due to volcanic 

scii a h^dsotn^ dividend, - • -* : ' 

■•-,•_«■'■'•■ ".J ■ • ■ . ■ / 

The property was bonded on the spot ftom 
the owners and offered to his clients, the 
Quebec syndicate, who, however, failed to 
grasp the importance of owning them in con- 
junction with their own and refused to nego- 
tiate. Mr. Campbell-Johnston's elaborate and 
exhaustive reports were later laid before Sir 
Donald D. Mann, for whom he had served as 

consultmg mmmg engineer in the past. 

Sir Donald at once saw the importance of 
this fuel and it§„pQSsiJliliiies^ with Ms g^ 
the value of embryo resources, and so the re- 
sult of securing this area for himself alone 
through his personal energy and tnterpri^ei " 

Another of Sir Donald's schemes had been - 
m all-Canadian route to Dawson, with also a 
trail 6t steel through the Peace River country 
lO'Edmonton'and^erhaps onio Hiill^^^la^^^ 

ithe spheres of quartz lenses and niggerhea^ 
always present in all anthracite countries al 
the surface, here the true quality, free from 
high ash and top dirt, has been demonsti-ated 
to carry 84 to 87 per cent fixed carbon and from 
5 to 6 per cent ash, this without any tests at ail 
at screening out soft partings or washing clay 
rugs from broken sized coals, as egg, stove, 

iuaa i ' marketed 

lurti|>, pea, nut and the var 
graded sizes, to afford comparisons at its best 
„ with Welsh, Pennsylvania^ anJdP0<ailtOntas, all ;- 
of which coals receive careful njechanical treat- 
ment on picking belts, screens and wi^^jh^^ries 
to reduce quantity of ash l^efore being thrown 
on the market Costs pf mining, hauling to 
seaboard and favorable pQMiii|*;|i;i# cargo 
freight tates on a northern, and so shortest, 
circuit to Asia, all of these aiisMsirisAires enable 


Naas river, tliis immense area bringing a wind 
fall to the province of nearly two million dol- 
Wsln alunVp siim,~and a perpetual vast yearly 
royalty. Comprising as it does over ninety- 
two thousand, acres, this property is the con- 
trolling neck of the whole far-extending field 
of the/irouhdhog coal basin. 

but lately developed coSsJ ^area^'co 

J A- %_ 

n- * 

heating of rocks, this ice eroding away many 
thousand feet in depth of rock formation, and 
in£ideiitallyJit ihe same time .the .tQps„of tha 
anticlines of the stratified coal measures, thus 
accounting for the present outcropping of the 
coal seams at the rims of each individual syn- 
cline, extending regularly about five miles 
^ross, obviating any uncertainty as- to -the 
universal existence of cbai seams throughout: 
thq length and breadth ,of this abnormally, 
large coal basin. , There are two series ol 

*^-» 4^ 

tattJI eleven known commercial seams, aggre- 

m^> W 08 f^et thickness in all ^f coal, of ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ 

tlie much^coveted grade of smokeless, hard,,, ,^^^.. the ^pper/and lower ones, probably 

anthracite coal, only known to.extst mijnan^ -BofKcomBmcd amounting to over three thou- 

tity in two other comtn^rctal centre* ^f mdus- .^^^ ^^^^ in'thickncss in a Vertical section; but^^ 
try in the wodd, namely, m Wales and Penn- ^^^ ^^^^ ^^.^^ j^ not as ex^nsive a* thelower. 
sylvania. the former district turning; 6ut an-^^ pWi^ tCT t^K gla/l^al and tj^eteoro^ical ero-; 
nually less than five millions of 'tbnsHMid the^ ^t^'^ ' -^ ^'^t^ **f b 

. . '.,1- * * J ^' sion, 

other mnetv millions to satisfy domestic JlWftflh .^ .^ .S-U'l^ . . . 

«... ... , VSfo.i^olcitnic rocks have thru^ up their man- 

.l^ld-^eadfr since tbe deposition of .t||C coal daiv -^ 
ing the Jurassic and cretaceous era of geologi- 
cal periods to destroy, fault or make uneven in 
grade these smoothly paralleling seams. The 
ca^ol.: transcending from bituminous to an- 
thi^Apite was brought abOut by supernatural. 
staith probably during pre-glaiciar time «tWl^«*i; 
inc^u^ble prel^S, thi^- thermal, mat t^'lje--: 


ufacturing and ^team-raising uses throngfiom 

r&TiaaEJw W.-au laet demoastr'ate^jrbjp'^ 
-ihe terrific havoc perpetrated in all foreign- 
ports beyond, the home centre by the present 
disastrous coal strike in Wales and Cireat 
tarn. : -i; ■" 

Mr. Ronald C. CampbcjU* Johnston, a niin- 
• ing and metallurgical engineer of lon^ cxper- 
: ience throughout Canada and elsewhere, w^ * 


J ^hh idea gnaterialized in a raiiwau alre^iM jg9mpZefec{:;l:,/|i|2 

mileifrom SUmrt at the t^^ffthe i?f #^^%ftM|^P'*^^ f^' 
cUm^s consf]U&ed, By continuing 00 ^e UM '"■ '00si^'Mmi^mm 
under the divide ef the Bear river glaciers into the Naas valley past 
Sirahan lake^ this prm^U '«. as the crow flies,. ImJ^^ 

lence throughout w^naaa ana eisewnere, was « . ; ^^ t:^ ' ;,:' .' i ,> . ^ ^, *• ^t- ' 
mem this far north C6«fitry, latkude S7 *e: ^-inf forC^^^^s tbroUghout the entire 4.s 

grees north, and longitude 128 degrees west of 
^ftcinwich, in a professional capacity during 
last summer to open up coal seams beyond 
Groundhog mountain on behalf of the British 
Columbia Anthracite Syndicate of Quebec. 

He traversed a district seventy miles in 
length north and south by thirty-five miles in 
width east and west, one covering six times the 
area in size as that M^KMsd.coal in Pennsyl- 
vania, all studded here with otfff^:^ <>i this 
sl)lendid grade of coal, since the eleven seams 
by lateral pressure were compressd into vvaves 
succeeding? waves, ft;-''s yicli 'ne' ■0|HS #<l^£'^-.'^ ^^^~ 
clines in an easterly and westerly ^^^©n, 
but extensive faults or breaks ^s'stfcps, 
! \ the' one striking one, rdieving the pres- 
sure as a lin6 of weakness, stretching from 
Destingay mountain across the main united 
Skeena river, over Anthracite creek to 
inountainjof the Devil-s Claws, across Beirnes 
cteelc |o Mooint Alec, onward across the l^aas 
river fork to near the Ninth cabin of the Yukon 
telegraph line. End pressure from the birth 
of the later basalts of the lower Stikine river 
created one notable anticline forming the 
height of land or divide of the watersheds to 



trict to permeate all strata alike, cpal, conglom- . 
ejf^tes, sandstones and shale$, having its gene- 
4l5-4n the stupendous intrusive tertiary basalts 
aifi^ otlier igneous rocks breaking through 
all obstructions of older formations on the 
lower Stikine and coastal ranges. , , 

This thermal process accounts for the 
splendid homogeneous grade of high-fixed car- 
bon, low volatile matter, and so a hard, smoke- 
less fuel throughout the whole eleven known 
commercis^^l^^ seams, twenty, ten, six, four, 
three feet in thickness, spreading over the en- 
tif e^^xtent of this fine coaL«t!«;a, .fttixtlW^. ., 
■ fifteen' htindred and seventy thousand iifiiiS' ^ 
extent. ,,..j., ,, ' " • 

Mr. Campbell-Johnston traversed all the . 
unaltered rocks of these productive coal-bca'r- 
ing measures in the interests of his clients with 
prospectors and others, and among other prop- 
erties chose these one hundred and forty-five 
sections as cofmmanding the approach to all 
the others, being nearer to tidewater, having 
a down-watar route without any adverse grade, 
and so its product, having a natural rebate 
amounting at least to 50 cents a ton mined at 
seaboard over all the balance of the field, in it- 

distant, Herewasanapportunit^ of tonnage for the road 'f^isf^ 

commencement in unlimited amount to make any line pay handsome 
retiirm. So Ifee cdmbinatipn of the two enterprises has been consum- 
mated with imsti^ble admntage th the near /ih#€ to the steamer 
trade, to the town ^Stewart, the Naas valley~nnd all northern British 

Columbia, ^ ^'v vl-\. - -., >;:£i.. 



Before long miners by the thdtlsand^WiU 
find work on this new coalfi^d* towns will 
spring up to supply their wants* families will 
increase in numbers, lumber mills will be busy, 
farmers will find a ready market and there will 
be a humming, thriving centre of industry, 
growing by leaps and bounds when the rail- 
ways take the coal away to be shot into fleets 
■.oi.^sl;eAm-colikr&IO£^aUrDort;s. from Alaska and 
Panama to P4taj^6rija jcn^jac^ross the Pacific to 
Siberia, China, Japan and Hongkong. The 
quantity of the coal in this territory is apparent 
in its abundance, ample to keep a large army of 
coal-hookers active for several hundreds o^ 
years. The quality, by passing below the out- 
crops past the clay-covered exposures, down to 
whcrethe stereotype rock, roof and floor are ic 
place, where the seams find themselves, has 
been proven as run of the mine of normal, even 
grade, where development has passed through 

this coal, with its quantity, proven quality and 
high calorific powers of British thermal units 
134.18, tq command all the s^i^ne coal trad;^ 
of the Pacific ocean in Asia, America and Aus- 
tralia against all comers, so receiving large 
contracts from the fighting navies of the world, 
who must have smokeless coal to' give no warn- 
ing as to their whereabouts, to supply the mer- 
cantile marine, ocean or coast bound, scudding 
in endless numbers and itineraries over this 
great ocean, soon to multiply rapidly by the 
opening of the Panama canal. 

This coal can capture the prairie trade o£ 
Canada and the United States as far east as 
Port Arthur in competition against Pennsyl- 
vania hard coal. Sufficient suggestions have 
been thrown out to demonstrate the vast im- 
portance of this new coalfield to Canada and 
the British Empire to keep the command of the 
world's, trade and its sinews of war under the 
Union Jacl<. 

Call or Write for Information in Regard to Stewart or the Groundhog Coal Fields 


Members Victoria Stock and Real Estate Exchange 

101-2 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria 

Fifth St., Stewart, B. C. 



"iMiMiFJiiwi ygg; 



1 UK \ K lOBlA COLOMS'l 

Sunday, March 24. 1912 


Od« cant a word each tna^rtlon, 19 par 
rent dia^uunl (or ilx I'l luui'o coiisccutlYS 
.oaeilluna — catU wilti orJir. Nu *a\eiti*a- 
luaut uccapiea lor leu lliaa ib ccuta, 

Uuilueaa a.ud X'rofaaaiuual Caida — u( four 
IlDoa or uuiiti— Jl.uO per week. 

No adverllaamijiu cUariieU ou accouat tor 
Icaa tUan |2.»«. 

Phone No. U. 

ilLSl>'£31i UlKKCTOttV. 


KClllTiiCT — W. L>. Van Slel«n, apeclaUal 
yiilsisnt Jiouat and b?'.'?' ^laalgnluK 

viid luodeiu coaalructlon. 

433 §»yward 

A KT GLuVSH— A. F. Koy. over thirty ye»r« 
A «pfrlenwb lu m glaa. leaded l»flu. 
lor churcliea. achool. aud prk^'ate dwelUuifa. 
Work, ami alore »16 l-andora at., next to 
McitiodiKi church. Phone 184. 


AUUAOli Delivery 
Co.. Ud. Tel. Vi9. 

■ Victoria Tranaler 

Tr>l,UJ£ yrlutlUK— Ble'^irlc Blue Print and 
jt> Map Co., laiS Lanslcy aU Blue prliU- 
ine mapa, draughting; doalera In lurvey- 
o"v luairumeal. and drawing orflce aup- 



.yxv^x.,^.> The ColonUt hM 

beat bookblndery In the province. 

rcauU U «QU»1 in proportion. 


>OTTLB8— A» UaU» oC bottle. WMted. 
' Good prloe* paid. Vlctorl* Junk 


1620 BU** •<•» IWW W *e»l» 

.i l l llr l y I n il <ll l > ' ' 


irtiawe*i>i Jftwaw — aairtlwm ♦ Vif^'- 
ttiildtas mvvvra uA oontrtaMiMtFUtr- 

1». vMlawtw tuniMM«m 

BrSlXES.S niRKCTORir (Continued) 

rpVl'EW lilTlill KKl-AlHlNU-l'lione :SJO 
.1 ^v. AVebatiT. M. E. All iiiakea of type- 
wrilera icpiiicd, rebuilt and guuruiueed. 
No. I Moody Bill., Yatea HU 

Mr«irwir «av«^Mi tM4« 

%X i»-g»«B r<ii>t et^fiiir Wh«»* ««»* Jowuoa 
- MMto Ue uA ttsk Baiiltutloii BtMr- 


V/- lUtU*. Importw oC U«cl«k«tilan tranriM, 
tmwi o«i»ttt »)• l>t»twi td» dupaWUty. W««« 
Itf Joknaoa gtriMt. Phone isse. 

UNDERTAKING— a. C. Kuneral Furnlah- 
liig Co. (llaywarU'aj. 1016 Govern-' 
ment ist. Prompt Attention. Chargea reaa- 
onabl*. I'houea 2:H,, -J^ii, ■y:31. .i:i», ■i23». 
Cba». HaywBi-d. pix-aldent, It. ilayward, »oc- 
relary; K, llaaelton. manager. 

AOUUM Cleanera — Duntley Vacuum 

cleanera for aale or rent; carpeta cleaned 

OQ (h* floor without remuvluK. iiuy a UuuL- 

Ify and keep clean. Phoue Hi. W. L Gugar. 

lit Ya t ea Bt. 

WHOLK.SALE Dry Ooode — Turner, Beeton 
& Co., Ltd.. Wholeaale dry gooda Ini- 
portore and manutacturera, tueu'a furnlah- 
Inge, tenia. "Big Horn" brand ahlrta, over- 
alla. Mall ordcra attended to. 

VXTjioLESALK Wlnea and LUiuora— Tur- 
VV ner-Uuetoo Co., Ltd.. Wharf St.. Victor- 
ia — wholeaale only. All the leading UraaUa of 
liquors; direct Importcra. Write tor llata 
and pricea. 

WOOD— Ctieap fuel. Try a heaping double 
load of ahort cut mill-wood, delivered 
to any part of the city at 13 C. O. D. by 
Cameron Lumber Co.. liti., phone » «• 


ARCHITECT — John Hatlewell. 1308 Broad 
af„ room A, upataira; prevloua expert- 
•HP* ia aahKMttBat botuM and btutntM 
MMltat i^K-fWMtr ytarr McparUneo In 
QMuMa inA a«c)«iHl^j . , 

m^mmm^lmtmmm m^mmm llll j lll I II II ■!■ IP 

XlL m«Bt blotika »nd bun«*U>*ik P. '<K 

Box 1011. _- 

A ROiilTBeT-aMa* U. Warren. 414 Bay 
4l- «ar« BtlUdlaK. Vlotorta. a. as phoiui 

HKLP VV.iNTKU MAI.K (l onllnued.) 

^ .M V I 

iiedi opply Acme Pieaa; 

rpiJK laUiid Urtijware Co., 107 Kort St. 
-L ro(|ulrea a atrong boy to learn the 


j-jJUirMnirnro r»p1fl Oatpent*r aad Job- 
%J a»ftlWtofjr, AU»e« Jonaa. bonder and 

r'sa ^ffoeEmfiui^rjgr' 

ARCRITBCT C. Blwooa WatWnfc Rooua 1 
ana a, Orean Blk.. corner Trounca Ajfc 
and Bwnad. Ph'^ne Sisa; re». pltotte i;.l»>«. 

RCBITBCT— 8. 3. Orttftthg, 1008 Oov^ 
•rwatat SU. phoaa t4«>. 

AROHITBCT— Tbomaa Hooper— In pr*«« 
tlea ta a C. (or S6 yeara. Plana and 
BpactOoattona furntaiiM on application. Ottioa 
Naw Royal Bank BuUdlng. PhoQa »i7. 

RCHITIDCT. tandifcape— L. B. Davtek. C. 
EL. deaicna and laya out baautltnl 
coontnr homes. landaoaow garden., parka 
and ptaaaure reaorta. B3i Sayward bloek. 

ANAVAN and MItchall. Civil Bncinear^ 
OWUe% 117 ■«« anmberHin blonV Tal 

a^O neal Eiatato Men — Wanted, a ^uung 
man with pxpcrlcnoe tor uulalde Hat- 

Inga; acato pxporleuce and aalary reuuired. 
1*. O. U ox 160t. 

WANTISU, boy to learn the tiro and rub- 
ber goods !■ Apply to Dun- 
leu *'irii Cti ' * "t' -?. 


Kale, foi 1 


7ANTEU. tlral- 
Uox il&6. Coll 

D. H. 



'A.VrKD-— Mun in lU-Ilver olrculara Moii- 
ilay. FtthrielU Groopry, :5'J <"»ok »l. 

nxn.r wanted— FEMALK (Continued) 

\\rANT10U — ^A 
»V U*lp. Phi. I 

WANTIKD. young laUl 
to learn t<?leplioii 

k'Irl lor raot'her'a 

laUUa of flllr educHtluii 

and cai\ir*. 
naar )'.>»t 

\,\T^\.NTED— Bak<T for bread 
> V simmona, SOU Gordon, 

V\7ANTED. carrier for ColonUt rOUte In 
\V Victoria "VVeat. Apply at the Dally 
fulniilat rirtulallon Deparimmt. 


TANTISD— .\ aniart young man.' 
Ci>'onl8t Job Departmi-nl. 


\TJ7ANTEI>-^A Uve, trlde-RwaKe 
VV man to aell real eatate; give rcfer- 
cnoea. Apply Box 584 . . ■ ' . .' ■■ . , ■■ . 

VXTAIfXKCL lWBt*<:la«* real evtatc aaloaman. 
W" ■ tSSPltmll$ galcainnn for well-Knovn 

.... fwoSttte 
•rancid' pr«K»r»bta 



A|iply BMMf MS. Coio- 

Ijl^ll-,, ir.. .11. II ..T-^M— l.^^^— MfclM^ *■ 

WANiRBO. immadhitaly, wo flrat'Ctaiia 
draltamvn. with agparlence on mod- 
era Br^proof bulldinsa; muat ba *courate. 
ra^ld. knd capable of «••«*«"«, •**«2*: 
tailing! good salary to rlgbl HJ*0'. »WJ0 
but llv* men need apply The Waaihotana 
Lumber Company. Ud.. 128 Pemborton 

Bid* ^ ... 

ANTED flguro on wiring tbraa atorea. 

Aj ply Dern<<rl»»8e t834 Oak Bay ave. 
ANTED, good man for olBne and 
atore. Wro. «. ON(6ll Ccmpany. Ltd., 
V ictoria. BIS Fort at. 

WANTBD, live nusuer who understaada 
Poultry bualneaa thoroughly to work 
on abarMi la conjunction with fruit grow- 
ittg. Th e adyertlaer to run tho fruit grow- 

In t 


yv-v.NTi-ij Vijui.t g; 

' » panlon help in ami 


work; . 

■ Trafflo <■'■'■ ' - ,"..•. 
iian y. ti h 

iiker expi-riiii' < 11, •.■&;t 

rl bUnut 16 tt» roin- 
nll liniiarhold ; Box ft7 






riMlAl.MCU iiui-si-. nllh t;».yei icui.c in aewllitf 
I waiiiB iwsltlon; apply during foretiouna 

I- ' ' • 1 " 'u. 

■»«'•« i" J".'' 

.'i>> liiniaawt/rlii guDd Uoine. 
^n avMiiua. 


gnrAMO.Ni. \\A>II.I>— 

Ai'IlittT-CLAtUf carpenter will lake cut) 
iracia; labor only, it pr<-f«ri»d. Box 


by wi 

.-.1: I. 



iiatllun aa 

hous«ktirper to 




ClUK-VJtKU lot in Nev.port ave.. Oak Bay; 
J tlDOO ;caxh «4;& and t:i montlily. 
Owijcr iuBvIng town. 
Bay Poatorrice. 

Apply Mr. Tyler, <»ak 

/ tOilOX Valley— Kor aale 


rice girl, experi- 

/ .J ". 'Kuiiiat. 

loii aa atenographer, ex- 
iiox. OKI, Coluntat. 

\lirjrM.>W wania houaokeeplng In hotel or 
» T rooming houae; experienced. Box 2n*. 
('olonlat. . 

OUNG luarrlod lady (Kngllah), flealrea 

p'Hrl'I.Mi In •I'rl'-. Of «l C8»h dc-fk: 

li ; ping, typewriting, etc 


nd AccountKnr hlglily 
unlnw mdoii, 

t- .... ..t. . at,.' X 


hold wme «WWj^l«fftttnoiMJ* «IB fitgVS* 

ba ■ jtaaaa<| tm- «<Mnit' **%««# aMa iut^lam* 

»p h.,.,^p^wH»,«pilw*w-.wi» T i ni illi III m w.— ..^w. 1 1 I ,1 

#^Al|!pmnnm wAnn oofttMou: BdAvtiM 

'fyiaXvmmin «ad - matfttaalo: can do all 
V' repafrittg. a aa h a poailton Mttb itilvaitt 
family. AjtBraa* l*n Cook at. 

f^AVWVWtlk wants, poaitlon, lloenaed; 
\> • oan do ah tnra repair; no vbiastioa 
to eounltry. Box 3a 1, Colontat. 

* Ill i j 4 i " ' ' i .i in ' j ' ■ " ■ ■ 1 1 II II • I .1 'I • 

C-«HAUirpiSUR. expanenood. wtabes sItiMf 
J tlon; private family. Box 140, Col- 
ontat. • ^ , 

OMPOSlTori — Job or n«wji waiata work; 
appi y Box 2J0 Coloalat. ' 


H pottiilon aa 

ilrcn; cntlrn 

;niifii; Hppiy ixlo Uolonlat. 



|^y5»t^ /f«(W«.ft. 

Co.. t»f Qftvernaiwt at. 

cleared and 

partly cleared fainis, aeii and 
'town lota; apply to H. H. M. i locul 
agent for E. &. N. railway luiiu . .state 
ngc-nt; office Comox and Courtenay, B^ C. 

CtORNBn L'ook at. and Oakmoant rd: 
■J 1-J'oWJi feet, high, level dry. beauUful 
bullilliis lot, only IIOOO; »^00 canU. balance 
J. n. Ilowpa & Co., «13 Fort at. 
- 7-^. tK<». ji7. » 

DKA.V Height*— We hnV» a lew- choice 
lota In tlila aubdlvlMon; aoo u« Jor 
pricea and t^rma. K. W. Stevenaon & Co.. 
iU3-10C I'embcrton block; phon e 3li-. 

DUNtTAN Bay — Only two mlUa from the 
fulurr city ni-ar the nnrrowft.-vvWse; 
about luO ai-r«-a of good land with tlirec- 
quartcra mile frontuge oh CampbvU i-lv.-r; 
rich loam toll, valuauie timber; would auh- 
di\ldc well: only »100 per uric, which la 
much below nil aniroundins vaiuta; no 
agcnta; apply ownr>r. Box 33if Colonial. 

IGHT acrea, with lu chalna waterfront; 
'the whole, for $600; a (Ino aummer 
place; two huura from Victoria. Howell, 
I'aynu & Co., Ltd. I'iicne I7SU. 


rA.\lKS Ba). near parU una aea; o^nc. 
I ing town; rvaaonable i>rtc«: 'i r.iu 
.\ . .Viagara. 

Bay — Menalci) uUfi-i. txiu.cii 

Igan and f^upei loi slin-cta, »» f*«i 

>■ "•■ •' '1. Uuaaeil ami 


1 . 


• - 





r- lia: 

way, .-- 
aule Oil 

• -- .. f- - . 

. B.. A .'■• 
i atill auni 




H Hoad— 


beautiful hi 
Stluaim Ilea 

gil lot, v'i.« 
Katate Ci>. 


i;:. 1» montba. 

' lor aaie on rtf-i^ma ave. 

road ei. 173x100; 

ra; v.lM site lor 

^ ii'JU; IhSOO I ,ii. in I., 

Owner, i'.' O. Box UltL 

IIMK Bay- 

.-■ ' - 


ui lor aclccllon if 

I'l i.ang Cove at laat 

luveatment Agency, 

A, 'S^aS*''"' 
telf alul^'^li 

CONBTRUCTINO eBflnear or gaperiataA- 
dent buiidlnca, brldgea, dana. Teserrotr* 

i:. ' r ^nri'ViSf ' t t i« p^tBBV tS r un ta t ! p c wnr y } < >« ■ » » ; wl w»t1 aeweae i pi p e ll aea a tn i, nnn . 
l"u".S r tM:u^TYJrf;jd"e.^".oSg^o^ 1 c^te^Wpert; kiom 4», !•» Poadar at. weat. 
rare opportunity to the rl«ht jiarty. Apply Vancouver, 
Box «»6. Nanalmo. B, C, . 

kVflFUt^ Cadar SMI rd. tot, ^tUmh 
KlOffl rPt4, f»Kia«sl«e. only •!#«#: * 
. aurti. balaaoa ,aaa)r. Thia la « «im|i 
boy ftor Boma oaa. A. Celea, Broad ac 

P hona W. 

AdBACry on Button af.. Juet .oft Oak 
Bay ave., 64xt|S, for two daya: lil&o 

«a -tertng. stay ana TlatemAfi. 

^ 111 ' " I ■ , ^ ' ' I' , 

AOOOD ,lnveatm«nt-^KcmwOod r^., next 
««>i'tt«r Si}<taui>(un irwa4i two ^ Oat hoiuM* 
almoat completed- of flva rooms and bath- 
room on each Boor, aeaarate frpni, aod 
back entl^nces; lot &0ia3«: priee tSBOO. Ap- 
ply owner, 107 Bt, tAwrenee at,, or at Fern- 
wood road. 
p ■ I , ■■ I . I II ,1 III ■ [ I. . . 

A LOT on Mnden avo., juat aoutb of 
MoKenxle at.. f«r filOO. A. Colea, 

M aee* a*i ) p hune » ft i 

|i-«atiUl*J ALT— Fine lever lot cIobl- to car. 
*y H3."iO. Hus«oIl ^ fiiPifu -"T I'cinbi'ilon 
~ iVc'lnii. 


F-sU***** coi«v' fV- 

\i)i 1 1 H i ' ift ii 'f "; ii ~; i 


7 ii « i i i' J I t' ll 


K-roo*'d*b«l»Mf >t ^^'••^"vSSKSS'tfe',* 
IBOO caali taw^.fVMy b^f^jl*"* i:™* » d*g5; 

Ing. easy PttymofW}!^^. ■*§¥*' 


R*aitv eo.; SSI iMa;f#llrd 

85SI! .'. " :-^ ,: ;"; ,..'',:.•"" " . .. . 

tRriBLiD-^niMi bttlldlna lot. ««X130. oir^ 

f^; IMHte* Itlftt.: ,OB,.fenB,«,;Bo«^^ 


-T 'Walti 


rs[iAJRFlBt4» lload-^-Flne iovei !«. BOtiSB 
JP ^ood imti, .a* «i«h- rrica IWS;:.^'? 
o«ab. ti»Unio« (, U «nd 1«. /A- «. ttar- 
man. laoT^Langley HH^t (OjivoaHe Cotirt 

i Desirable lota, 89x130. |il 
i'j.iOO; l-:l caah. tlsQUimalt-^At en^ 
of cor line, on waterfront, lot 34xl;:i),. a.i 
*i3ui>; 1-:: oaan. balance arrangfrd. .t'niuli 
Heal ICHiat« Co., 675 \atef at. I'hoae' £iu|i. 

II.NDIC.V Kpedul— A fina high Soft.' «or- 
-^ ii'i on this II venue for i 

Keul Katalc Company. 

»rlo0 by stinaon 

LOT. 1. Cfcll SI. — Only *7iO on eaay lernia. 
G. B. Leigh I on. lUi Government, at. 

or;- ■[.,", , the Wllliiv. 

I. It rftrii. 

>•..!,, ,,,, 1112 (, 

-l-* till.- 
Harri-' ■ 
aa tlu-v 
i^olBhloii. 111^ O 

lOM ■ ■ 


mat th 

' * 

neat at f 

i„ Slill.i 

MAX Si^MJsSit •"' -r.Y:'* V r^'">**' 

•ach. W'tte A c»i).>M'JP«Kbo«wai 

elearedt IMv per Btf*^" H 
439t„ M4., laio mvbW. #t 

Moss §u soata 
(600 cash. Ai't6nr>) 

' ;> ■ : .t 

im » 

MOSS ^r-#3Wtfa*- !*&•..,..-., 
aer at Oaf af<l^^l.4Mlw 

p. .a Box B»^ Bl^ ;•?'?' ' 

% »m ■ . K m II III .ni i .n i 'i i l ufarn i ui | )i ) ^ l ''■'.''n l|l>l Wj ^^^ W ! 
\ronTH itaiBiwKiira >'. Md.-^iSaii3Mti:iiim- 
•i^ shade tree* ; •18'%vttt4|«^'«a«i.^;;'fl|(iiiirfik'' 
Co.. 109- Pemb«irt«io"9lat> '.:'■,"■. ■" .'r v": -.-^x**"" 

.11. n ii<.>i li ii.iii n .| l i «i i I .tilli V I I ii " I 'JIlB l illW 

^AK BAY— Two «». fOfl* m»^-9mir 

■ ■>! a hlnah fnnm Cutli Bty til 

jnUdmRMTOft-rJ. B. Hlckford. 

laao. p. O. Box 3*. BxamlaaUona and Ra- 
porta, Irrlflation and Drataa«a. Bydro-Blao- 
trle Development. .Waterworka, Saweraf* 
a nd Sewage Dtapoaal. 

ftlVll. Baglneara— Oora and. McOregois-- 

wSdTTSmSSr^mastBeV wr con- + "VA J.-H airtU l L ta tOiaa a i. uiamtBW. — taaag 

-' •— Barvo^ora and CIvH Baslaaera. Cbaneary 

Chaaibar% P. O. Box uai pboaa at*. Vart 
Oaorga mte*. P. A. Immif. maaacor. 


%J~13im mraaittiKr and contractor. Batlmatea 
adVMi OB tf I klttOa ot Jobblasi m«a aeat out 
.y tha flaari Phoaa Yiaas. 

— ijj^kilSlNBV anrTurniiaa'-iireaiaiBer ser con 
VT^aleUon «IUi any avhar chimney clean 
^• <^rf <yBptaii Bwa. IMtona i:«-i»aa. 

4r<HrMltBrr Swaa^^Uoyd. Ckln«0F Bimmf9' 

^Kj Phono F218S. 

covered. Guy W. Wftlken iSf'JiiBBaoa Bt.. 
Juat east of Dotiglaa; phont 

CLOTHli:.s Cleaning — Wah <»tai» |ll|lU«ir 
and gents dry cleaning. |ll tailaB -V»» 
repairing on short notice. 17« Govarbttaat 
Pt., Victor ia.. B. C 

Ungton Collieries 
coal, blacksmith's 
prepared. Phone (3, 

RUSHED Rook an4^~Or»vel— Producers* 
Itock and Gra\el Co. Bunkcra. Store St.. 
Joot ot Chatham St.: phvne 306. Cruebe* 
ruck, wBEhed sand and gravel dell\ ereBTlgr^ nsis ■ iiaiaiii 
teams at bunker* »r «a scuwa »l ^lUarr/l^iB; ■" niy^^htfiMiiK JiImv 
gravel pit at Ro,— » «— ^^ *^ TWISbarta* 

pvRAVIdAN — I 

Phone 13. 

DTE Works— B. C. Stasia, 
the largest dyeing attfe 
in the province. Countrjr'®* 
Phone ;no. J. C. Renfrew. 

' YE Works— Paul's Bteaaa''! 

— *«»iw*yp.*iw..^— pi*«**iwwn..-.*«***'— ***— ■ 

fV^ntm iBf iaoBw y ww «( ctiH cwu M» 

\J gla ia ^ a a«« l«a« a j|i»a yM a, ttooai Jtl ' 

r'fdBBU agPBHwar OaftrBB i*t. SaUtb. Stitua 
Vf'4»ai|MBi>lB teMi Bamirvr. Otaca at an 

Boa 'lia. Oolonlat 

ENtiHOttTiC. ateady yOtifi<( mab. lately 
irei-Li... „Mv»-»^.— . -- arrived from Encland, aeeka appolat- 

-li^ "an^r^ liturto 1 meat «a olork. bavlag bad 7 irgarB experi- 
»ppiy>-Appiy- ny i nwr . vy .. - anw M aeMtit- eia r t. IB lan a t ia ti^t i — *fvrr 

'ANTED— A rirat-olass bookkeeper; no 

Apirty 1410 Broad street. 


^MNVBoL-Yottth. abottt 17 y«aHi of aB». 
▼V ta laava alaitrleat wiaiaawk, Apsb^ 
BtVlPt pwtKSlaiTof SAWfctftW. «£., Bad 
wawi Spaeth, to Baa >|». t ^atatrtrt. 
TBy^^TOBiK^ wtartoftila lobblaB boui;^: 

with refereaoatC *». 0.'iMiia t», cBy> 

Box ax. Coloalat. 

AtlUAHTBR acre beautiful grassy lot, 
with uninterrupted view of stra|ta 
and mountains. 3 'minutes from sea an 
Beaehway avenue; car to tJpAaada will palM 
tttts pro;ierty. Vter^flntWk^l* tbta ggptlW 

' ■ ijrwa Of" 

XTOBNCXNO o< «v«ry deaoriptlon don*, «p»» 
jC tract or tfir wark. P. e.\»w XStJ- 

■in ii M i ii t in ff i i I 1 1 ^ 1 tf",l !' »" ' l ' - l """ " 

; aaoM. -4NitMa p«aHta» «a ? 
pi^farred, baa beat references. 
idilma, P. Oi Box 66. 


Bc r e n ffl rf e t w : » rt8 a ",..— , ^ 

lot. liaM, WatHBMH flaalty COb. Uii Oov- 

ByBiMBM y -mewt^-Aseaoy, 

«raM|ant at. 

%t»P tn oorfa viatB nuk-^t^ot ii. 

bit«<« 1 -il^ iWH&Ji .sick of tha anb- 

s teanle cottrt. 

^B 1^» yaar*. Ap- 

TO iit n iTT I aj tiiB'ii i i i iji 

liter — r^ " 

«r tBwMBtta. ^Jkpm ' 

W kaowiar the cUy preferred. Fairfield 
Oroo<lrjr. saa cook it. 


n il 11 * ti ll I ■•^' 

boy; apply 0*llaa hotel. 

j";K" '' r; 

ply ,K«t«tii^timi ^rwt. * Co. Wd, Bay 


ingriU'taSO. B*od atroBB boy. 


i Fort St. WajMMk 
ladles and gcntlemavv^^lll 
new. Phone 624 

contractors. ttlUk 
glnes. Phone Al«i|^;^| 


|':j.ARDENKR— Ck. 

tp epi 

iMA'wftmt^ dtaiaw aa* w J oB mB w. Box 
Mt coloalat 

Apply I7«a 

,leamaa for city: do not ap- 
tf aateab you tuwe had experience 
t lit!tttB» B«»S6i; Bwt U7 ColonUL 

„„ torn ana vrtwMia ta 

■ to .JW — ' — *' ""*** 

practical ele;:trlclank* 
Phone 710; P.cs. phones 
phone and motor work 
oruad ni. 


T UllM at TOTWSWf. T W gwea w BT i 
J: proved. tWo «bousei. telephone, ona 
mile to railway autloa. IISO per acre, which 
ta at least #50 par acra dteaper than awr- 
rhlng in tbo distriot: terma ovar omBtV'* 
rtod to suit purchaaar. Ovoraaaa lBV*at* 


as by day wr 



or coatTBct; good *-orkmitti. Thona fc* 

can i!v« 


"jswc. ys** " 


LAWNS, taania Kt-oitjada, aic. kept la ardor 

,Jk«tit la elty, 
' , Bo* it*. 

Ipliachool Eiitf. $0|4ii»',TJP| 

aorner. Chandler avf 
»'.(» 4 lots; »8«T5; term* v. 

iglABM for BakH-UO accM «t Bft ejijfpliv 

Xf shack, 10 a«rM slasbcdi, straAnM^Wp^ 
faaeed: bait sood laffd) a^iittdU Uj^MilltM^, 

*• , sniall-JWWI'4lll*/»»l»l*l*3W» 

a«Ma alasiied. ^Uffnibr *t^ei(W.'«itbt>ut so 

^ Bpod land .ind good timber. 330 

baU caah. balance easy. Apply 
■Colonist. f^^iJ^rJ-' 


Ruaseil A O re g^ »BT PembartaBj ilWrtMHi l fti Sk 

OAK Bay, two mlautea firatttJBiB>iind cars: 
craad lot. BOatlQ. *r)r *a*-n«» rock: 
pnce aiaoe; ca«b iMlli bihuea o. i-: and i^. 

ArtbUTi K. taariaatt, UBT iMmgley atreet, 
.(top o a i t ij tga i ' t 'bf^ia^ ) ' ,^ -^ 

liiii M i lp i II I I li 'ln I I I '><l i| , 1 # 1 \ • I 

OAitv- Bay— «wi> jo«4 |j(htJ2i). a' block 
tram sea and Oak MBjf-Jlotcl 3i-.;<>v. 
gtWi^ff- * Gregg. 207 t^M»>H|^n DuUJiat;. 

0.\K Bay snap — TOxJlu, on Gonzales ave., 
only (1400. on \ery easy terms. How- 

ell, Payne & Co.. 
Phone 17K0 

Ltd., i::i9 Langley at. 




—Two 60 foot lots, one ft 
nk from Oak Bay hotel; 

$3,850. 01 on I iiig terma. RuMl(^ll U OresB- 

"OT Pemborton Building. 

QAK . 

\J corn 

1 1 X w, 


,a,cre lot In G«^.^, 
and Oiy. ot* 

.>4own. bal. tin 
" Colonist 

(Tfethlng but 
8. Liightou, 

"^smt ^»i» ffl MiftagB Btlona on a farm 
VancOnVir Ttlmilftii »»»'«■ wages Box 
• 227 roionist. 


GAiiDiSNER — Laaaseape Gardener. James 
iiljnpson, 9S1 Johnson St.. phono BllEO. 
expert on all gaiden and orcharA idttfi^'t 
Pruning ana cleaning from tnaeotib'aiiBra 
specialty, lawns graded and flnlsbW tiiivi^U; 
second or third quality, accordlnc to- ooa- 

GLASS aod Glazing — Kvery 
glass, plate, sheet, priai 
tal, leaded, utc The Melrose 
Fert 6t. 

HAKDWAitE— E. U. Prior & cfc, bard- 
ware and agricultural Imolementa, cor- 
ner Julinsun and Government Sts, 

HARDWARK — ^The Hickman 'lyo Hard- 
ware, Co.. Ltd. Iron, steel, hardware. 
cutler y . »0 and 84 I'aiea St.. Victoria. B. <;. 

JAMES Bay window 'cleaners and reliable 
Janitora. H. Keiway. 344 Coburg St., 
Phono XViii. 

FEWKLERS— A. Pctsh. itlj Doaglas St. 
»J tpucialiy of Engllah watch repairing. 

JUNK — 'Wanted, scrap, braaa, copper, xmc, 
lead, cast Iron, aaclta, botliea, rubber, 
tiiebeat prices paid. Victoria Junjc Agency. 
i\l<i btoro bt.. phone 133U. 

LIVERY — Caldwell's 'i'ransier. general ex- 
preaa. sale, ilvery aua boarding atablea, 
• i>\ Curmoi'uui tft., nignt anu day; phone 

'» j5. 

J*J^P4^KB^ 3>«Blaiaa and 

Vttik BMu n^BHlfnaA to 

lUl ClilJTinTIT ■CTst . r, 
O. Box Mf. Telephone 877. 



iii 'm'i^jff i sIS 

m i M i i. ii tj I 


' T OYAL Ord«^ 
•JMblMfcll on Govi 

^MBh'' fourth Tuet , , 

"Wrther notice. AV. tCtij 

Trin~ ' w mtll ^-^itMiiii 

risst, 9ae»tarF.. 

*%^WSlpM» preferred. Mar«l«,n 

" '-<«Wo ' ^wl tt aiult la-BWW* Bft* »»eWM» 
^i^tli^lljuraa fo* paytfoiUi: *wff» '• *>• 

'^O^Iii'««Rta«~t0 4rlve grocery wagon. 

■''"---^"'^^* tar ««ilMBI 
j#T( no cWf- 
«Ni|t Bay. 

■II m \*fmm» 

*tfwi: 'tsw*^ «S^r^^ 


..liu-l'i' CO., 

ViX Best servlcu In ibd city. Tei. 

J ITHOGRAPHING — Lithographing, en- 
'-^ graving and embosaiiig. Nothing too 
i.>tgu and noiriing too tim.ill; your aiation- 
tiy IS your advanco agent; our work la un- 
.luailed west of Toronto. The COionlat 
liming and Publlahing Co.. Ltd. 

SONS of England. 8. 6. Pride or the Isiaaa 
Lodgo No. 131 meets :nd and Tourth 
Tueadaya In A. O. V. hall. Broad Street: 
Praaldent V. Weat, 6&7 Hlilalde avenue; sec- 
retary, W. Dawaon. Head Street. XhOrburn 
■p. u. 

SONS or England, tf. a Alexanara Ladga 
.116. meeu lat and Srd Wedneadaya. 
K. of P. Hall, H. G. King. Shelbourne at . 
President: Jas. p. Temple. 18 Erie at. sec- 
retary.:, ■,: -.-,. I-.; . ,:..! 

V f 18S .M. E. Tayloi 

319 Pcinbcrton block: 
L'TOx. Public typist. Kpecl- 
'ily extK'uied. 

IJAi! and painters; H. Uark- 

I. ne»8 iSc £>on. i^andora ave. 

tJJHORTHA.ND — In fhrce months by 
O Pitman'n SirapMlled 

IJATBNTS — Rowland Brttiatn, registered 
X. attorney. Patents in all countries. Kair- 
neld builcting. opposite P. O.. Vancouver. 

POTTERY WARK— Sewer, pipe, field tile, 
ground fire clay, flower pots, etc. B. C. 
I'oiiviy Co., Ltd., Cur. Broad and Paudura 

».. . U'toria. u. C 

IJLIJMBING — Colbert Plumbing and Heat- 
. Ing Co.. Ltd. For first cla»» workman- 
thip In the above line give us a call. Tem- 
porary orrice, 766 Broughlon St., phone 66;;. 
— '■ — % 

FLUMlilNG — A. N. Atkinaon, plumbing 
alovs atttng. '.i644 Blancbard; phone 

fc1CAVliN01.^■U — Wing on. 17ov Qovernmeni 
!) St.; Phone Jt. 

(Koyah System. 
■OfL-y and evening claasea. TypewrUUig. 

bookkeeping and foreign languageg taught. 
The Royal Stenographic Co., 42!i Saytvard 

Uldg. Phone 2601. 

clHORTHAND — Shorthand School, 110» 
O Broad St.. Victoria. Shorthand, type- 
vTlilna bookkeeping, thoroughly taught. 
OridSi'te. nu good poaillona. E. A. MacMII- 

an, prin cipal. 

. irvmNC; — Mlas Eva Hari. e.Thibltlonpr (»t 
rV ■ Royal of Mu»lc. London, aolo- 

.1 Teacner "f flnglnK and voice PfOd"f- 
il,^. Anna method. Studio BIO 

. igwpgn at. _,_ 

iJtENCIL and Seal Engravlng-G.ncrM 
S Kn.raver and Stencil «""""■• «'* 
?rew"th?r •!• W harf Bt.. bahln d P^ 

rf^HlTF^torlum cle»nj-o» "".^Ji'"" "' " 
!. akin ^or I'll""* R30«- 
1107 Foil "•• 

IVIE Boy'a Bfigaoe. "Sure and etedfast." 
3»tb year.— All ex-members who are 
willing to help on the "object" are re- 
quested to . send their name, addreaa and 
record ot service to Captain >'. \'. Long- 
stait, hon. sec. for B.C., suu» 3v, Meu'nt Ett- 
wards, Vancouver St. 

riAHE Daughters or England Benevolent 
X Society meet In K. or 1'. Hall, the third 
sCiuesduy of each month. »ocretary, Mrs. A. 
E. Catterall, Linden Ave. 


HOTEL — Ainambra, Mrs. o. Thompson u. 
Sons, proprietors; K. D, Thompson, man- 
ager, corner Carroll anu Wator bt«., Van- 
couver, B. C. Vancouver's tirst hotel. Sit- 
uated in the huari oi th« city, aiuuerateiy 
equipped luroughuut. Midday luucu a kpoc- 
laity. j::urupeau plan. iiameU ler good 

Employment Depaitmcnt are soon placed in 
positions. 216 Pemberton block, city. 

EXPERIENCED Sklrimaker; ^ao Jati- 
proven for ledlea" tallofUl** = Pefd. 
Quinker, 664 Yatea ef. 

and each aide of Cadboro Bay road, 
toge of four rooms; cholc*" piopertv, good 
clearpd land; rlr' • '■■ '"" ' ' - 'i^ n- i»ini> 
Prlc*. SJiOO. pel H 
Mnyhcrt. phone .- "'" 
10. Mahon Block. \ lului i.j . Lj. C 

CBE-VGK— i!'? -Vcren. Mnyjroved 6__1-S 
IpWT" •< Vi. iwla rronii '- ^'— ^ .^^-r-.^-^t 
■■;»^0i% jailua\. 317.000. 

Kale —Two superb' Sots, each 
lontroa<» a\enu°. Prlc<» $1000 


uLc if lou ^\n'U 

OAK Bay — Fine apaitmeni 
'opposite Uak Bay hotel 



Trged; facing ...^ .i . l-O 
r; price $7,600; terms nr- 
'. In\estmcnt AgaiiAy, ;.'0S 

>B Sale-~150 acMB^'Cff fpod bottom land 

at Parksvlllc. ^AjWt «''»*'>■ for P>ow 
fronts good mad^ irwM'WWnt 

to grhnol and 

John Mc 

wltl'MMI^'^ parts or whole; sp-ily 
■BllltBM^i't>cciaental Hotel, Nanal- 


$70 per acre, (300 cash, balance In two 
Owner P. O. Box 734. 

TTIQR sale, fifloeu acres, nearly ai 
-T ( 

.iptOR Sal 

T'emhpii toll block. 

O.vic Baj — Claia at. large grssy lot 

sixtli fioin Oak Ha; avenue; h4Kr,;"; 

for casli onl-- Hi")" Hov L'71, Colonial. -; 

AIC : ■^ !}'!:? 

loa. iJsrn. 

(12,M| >-^ _^_ 

\J h.Mi' 

]•( nil,< 1 tcin 1 A, 


1 n drive, near 
* t;icgg, -07 

/ \AK Bay- 

aPiBE^! !,'4t tliit^JMnternment at. 

y^r WSlKIKiNrf at., nne hUh lots. 
Box ■«• fhlrd cash. 6, Vi, ^^^,.■^ 

45x100; (!)no. 

trUKUNI— Two 

Bvx 1232 



' altresa tor 
lew St. 

Tk Best- 

ctmatfy ^it9t 

work ; 
ox 160, 

EXPERIENrED drcsaraahera tuid appren- 
tices wauled at once for high ^class 

work. Apply to Miss 
Spencer, Limited. 




GIRLS Wanted ; apply Popham Brothers, 
Mary St., Victoria West. 

WTA.S'TED. pi>8lt!on by ihrrd-class alatlon- 
VV ary engineer with full knowledge of 
locomotive w6rk. Logging camp or mine 
preicrred; strictly temperate. Vox 153, col- 
onist. ■ ■ • ■ ■ ' ■ '• ' 

70RK bv an experienced mechanic; car 

1 y (Alter. 



iKMtii'.ni; or pnlntlnff "'" general 

LVO \on Alvenslcljcn, Ltd., forty acre 
fartKs Tlthln ffv'; *»f-isH. -"f* 'V»nei>u- 
ver Island: price right, terms easy. Op»'n 
«(venings from 7 to 8:30. 838 View st. 

ou a .fudge of val 'i 

property Is movlnp rap'i I 

me low-pil<< jul near 

60x167, S15<> I &v Dallas, 

(2475; also lay, (1800. 

ilington, south of Fatthhil si,'i50. Howe 
lallS, (1860. Cook St.. ii'.u Hilda. 60x 
ii.'7~<o Moss, near Dallas. 50xl'J0. $1GS6. 
lloi lUTi \ ineoov*;r. 4i5clJ5. (I'too. May 
■tfeai ,MoB», 4rf\10S-, (IS'JC. Two lota coiner 
Faithful for (3760. Wellington. 60aH6. 
(1))00. Thcae can be had on terms and we 
guarantee them to bi- tiui' i\ imtiiay piudut.- 
ei-8. National Reatt} t.o., u.- Government 
strocL , '. . '. , ■ '..'■■ 

ASQUITH Street— Fine lot. no rock. (750. 
Russell t Orcgg. 207 Pembcrton Bidg. 

Linden avenue lot. high and 
_ drv and level; near Fairfield road (2100 
1700 cash, balance 6 and i:: months,. Box i 
:«4 Colonist. 

1r\OR »a.te. 1' 'uinlng half acre, on 

> Giaham ■■ lid view, would make 

a beautiful Uoim. , pilte (2000; for one week 
only. Apply owne r. Box a61, (.'olonlat. 

FOK sale — lu acres, 200 yaius \vaterrront 
norlh shore. Browning haibor, Pender 
Island (200 p er acre; apply Box 3C Colonist 

FOB Sale— 6 acre block In IH mile circle 
1 block from new Hlltsldo car line; this 
property will make an ideal subdivision; for 
particulars appl y 2S21 Gosworth road. 

»~",ORT Csor""e— I vilj "•H t" *>" Imrnedlate 
■i^ purchaser 900 acres good 'and. 6 miles 
southwest of Fort Geoige 'hm iie; price 
**- —n— "'CTC* *cr2Jt2~ ■*' c??^ i..»i»,.o» t^*- ar- 
range. ' First deposit 'buya Apply Bo-k 80. 

-Linkleas aMiiue. Golf t.lnUs 
paik; for this w«'ek only: nice high k-t 
60x110; price (8-'0; cash oi terms; will be 
>\oith (1100 bcliMc a.ulns. Box til Colon- 

iLlVRlt St. — .2 «ri'e-iiHd l"t* p«ch «OKl'Jf>. 

1. 13. 'IS 
iu9 I'em- 

miiiui I'IiIk. _____ 

1 l^lanchsrd — 
1 . 1 uns back tr> 
il 1 and 2 yeaiT. 
, . ton Hldp. 


1 11 


• 'JOiklJO. 
Mason fit, 
Wi*? asi'l J •. 


n-eir situated 

•JL \ M I II V 


Rdmonton rd., high 

ilk. $800. Howell, 

...J Langley St. Phone 

t'trOL'LD like position in doctor's o" 
V \ ■ amall wages for experience. Box 



ODD plain couk wanted. BOX :S7, Colonist 





to attend 

HOTEL — Blackburn, A. ei. xiiackburn, pro- 
prietor. This well known and popular 
hotel entirely rebuilt and refurnished, is 
now open to its yairuii*. Steam heat, fine 
coiumodious rooms, tlrsi class dining ruorh, 
best alteution to comfort of gueala. Ameri- 
can plan, I1.6U to I'^.uu per day. European 
piao, 70 vents upwards. •!« Westminster 
Ave. - " ^^ 

Wtitm 111 Vancouver. B. C. stop at Hotel 
Vllndsor, 748 to 762 Granville streeu 
Strictly first class; all roojns connected with 
baths and shower bathx; tir^at clasa cate In 
connection: located In Vancouver's beat bus.^ 
Ineaa centre, opposite Vimcouvcr's Opera 
Houae. Ogle & Burton, Proprietors. 


ILI.IN WRY— Wanted 

young ladles as 
■■•'Tury work- 
LteS St. 

•cd waitress wanted, 
II, corner Government 

AGENTS for the Imperial Ail Studios ll";- 
eral commission; apply 2S18 Govern- 
ment St., between 9 n. m. and 6 P< m. 

BOY Wttntei 
vVeat Bak 

Bakery, cor. Quarii;. 

.iiiii I'rln- 


OY wanted to drive horse In plumbers 
wagon. Apply 920 Pandora ave. 

BOY Wanted — With bicycle for parcel de- 
Ihering; Ml»« Shannon, corner of Fort 

and Uouglnd. 

I;'1ST.\BLI*'HED Real Estate olTlce has 
J opcnInK fnr live snleiinnin; good 


;iSTABLI*'HF.D Real Estate 

Apply U'<x .10B, Colonist 

wanted at oUce 



K? Jam* 
and Toroinu ^i«^ . i • i . ^ ^ . : 

illK~Uv^-.-^"i^'i General Hospital desires 
„, for ;:',» years training In 

0,1 b... nuralng. Apply to the .Ma- 

tron, J.1I..V..MI. ah General Hospital, i. B. 
Lowe. Secretar y. '■''"■'. 

'A.V'PEO. I "I 
operate small 
V>ly with 




eferencct to 1'. O. ilot '■-'•>• 

\X r ANTED, good strong general servant; 
\v must be good cook; Kood wages to 
right party. Apply In mornlnit'a. between 
10 and 1/, to Mrs. F. L. Smith, 030 Mc- 
pherson ave.. Vic toria Weal. 

W' ANTED — Young woman. 17 or over, to 
naaist with rlilldren dally. 1 to 6; Mra. 
Ooward; 11667, 


Doaltion . as 
1/ or on 

aleoM. ■ 

YOUNO man chaffeur- wishes position; 
oour.try preferred; good references; Box 
473 Colonist. , 

" "^n with one year's experience at 
,H trade desires Job as im^over 


I'Mc; double corner on 
(2000; terma over two 
I .j gcmnn. 

three blocks 


■\roUNG man 24 yeiTrs' experience clerical 
1 work seeks employment as secretary, 
confidential clerk, ov similar capacity; 
knowledge of bookkeeping and all office 
routine; Box 121 Colonia l. 


\ 1 r I Y r > I I.'. . V I : I,: I ) 

lady, active nnd a 

1 housekeeper, relln- 

, ork, day or monthly; 

Box SiiO, Colonist. 

H. A. 

WANTED— !■: ' Il general servant 

to take to Vancouver. Apply Mont- 
erey ave., two doors north of Oak Bay P.O., 

\v e st side of street. .. 

\Tl WANTED — Young woman for housework; 
VV must «)e able to cook; wages fgO; bp- 
ply 918 Cook St. ^__ 


7ANTBU — Younji woman to asalat with 




hnuaework. .Apply iVTrH. F. 
Itch .Si Phone R'.'OIO. 



\ girl for general liouaework. 
Ap^>iy 63.'i Tianalt rd. near Oak Bay 


iraot Klven. 

TT'XT'ERIENCED saleamsn wanted at OUce 
i--' apply to David Spencer, David Spencer 


Vjr ling to work. money. 8 to 10 
ni., 31* Pemherlon block. 



J. Hlook. Lire, Hre 

uftp", I.oana 


W r. H,. »Ji< sayward 
and Accident Insuj- 

ana Aa'^w" 

-T i 

MEN Tvan-.c 
room 7, 

mil Government street, 


good TTlOlir, 

at Real Estate '" " ■ 

(^MALL boys 
O II very: got 

for newspaper di'- 
for Kood work. CslI 

II, - , • J. I I l;viiia 

"ANTKD — Young woman to aaslat In 
general IlKhl housework. App.y 1012 
Terrace sv e. 'j-elephnne R-22S:, 

TANTBD — City manager for life Insur- 
ance com;)any; one capable of tak- 
ing full charge; good prnpoalilon 
right man; apply Ray Anderson 

ward building. 

^•nmnn na work- 



ble I 

James Baj^ ^tUi:iil 

AN experleni'Cil . Immbermald would like 
position 1 or boarding house, 
country pref. I'Ply M. U H.. Gener- 
al Delivery. 

» > I' apartment site In city 
i.J >.rc Fort St.. lan-i •"• 'f. 
urtO; quartnr ensh, u- 

slvely by Dougall & n- 

ment st. We havo two liouscs loi- rent. 

ROUGHTON St.— l.,ot. 00x120. two cot- 
tCKCB. brlnelng In (82 per month. One- 
third cash; (18.000. Rok n?<! Coionlsi. 

BCILDBR'S PrO]. ots 19, 20, 21 
and 22. on Leii, '-. with two cor- 
ners, for (2600, and tots 1, 2. .1 and 4 on 
Bourehler ave., with two corners, far (2,'>00; 
alBo lots 17 and 18 l^ee to Hulton. for 
(lOOO (2), The owner hus given iia the ex- 
clusive aale on thcae to sell for cash or 
trade his equity on ft new residence, »o get 
bu.iy. Rtlnson Real Estate Vo. ■ 

TL-VJRT George. 313 acres, 
S. for subdivision, near Indian Reserve: 
price (CO per n<ie. long terms, might con- 
sider trade. Overseas Investment .\genty, 
208 Pember ton block. 

FOR sale, Beiwlek St.. block from Dallas 
id., near propoi. .1 h -cakwater; > lot 
30x110, (2800; trade ho >i>J lot. Owner. 
Box 'f** ('iilnnlst. 

Vrmstrong, B.C.. < ' 
r part exchange for i 
in Victoria, B.C.. Oak Boy distri 
f erred, cultivated farm, 8 acres, 
from town, modern S-roomed houa..'. tun n 
water laid on, electric light, barn hold 8 
head, stock. 2 good chicken houses vyith 
fenced vnrds. acre orchard, mostly hearing; 
plenty small fruit. Price (6500: iMnn rash, 
terms on balance. For full p' ■ ap- 

ply owner . Wm. Klng sley. An H^.^ 

Ii^OR sale-— I'll aacrifioo 8 nouro, • nsllas 
from Victoria; ideal place for chicken 
ranch. Box 214. Colonist. 

XiV3RT GEORGE— Two blocks of acreage 
JP well located for subdivision, being west 
of Indian Reserve; price (60 per acre; long 
terms. People's Tmst Co i •'■■ Temporary 
Office 20S Pember'^n . HI.' .ria. 

FORTY aero farms on v ;iir ouver Island, 
(60 cash. l)alanco (10 per month; como 
and get particulars. Open <MMiii.u.s :iom 7 
to 8:30. A. V. Alvonslebi : N'lew 


■tjtOUL Bav— 7iod«iK)n and Powell have a 
X? large listing in this locality. Call and 
see us at once. 280 I'emberton block. 

"" ""ifre. large 

M. Shaw, 

PANDOR.V ave., nc't buy on the avenue. 
36x120 ft , between Blanchsrd and 
Quadra and runnlnjf through to .Mason. 
(660 per fool, revenue (36 per month. We 
own this piopcity and will make good 
ten'is 0\erse-is Inveitment Agency, 208 
l»emb*-iton block. 

"TitcTii+TTt 'lot 50x110; 
• n block. 

i;o.. Ltd.. 

large lots Just ott Burn 
goo<l terms, 
•erton Uldg. Plione 1676, 

take baby 
from' month disengaged, (30; phone M. 
T.. y. W. C, A. 

BLANKETS, woollens and Ilannels care- 
fully handwashed by an Engllahwonian, 

Box 66 . Colonist. ^ 

,RBS.'=tM.\KING-— Mlas N. ,1. Watts, of 
707 ',» Yates St., begs to announce that 
the Istoat styles for spring and summer 
wear are to hand. Perfect cut and (It guar- 
anteed, at moderate charges. ___ 

iU'>>S.M AKBR, with experience, dtalren 

nneasementii by the day during the 

Address Box •.:6 0, i^olonlat . 

wants work: 

AN experienced nurse would 



aprlni! months. 


lots, 66x111),' on 


BURNSM-'j- - 
mile circle, facing Carroll street.elovol 
ed, cultivated, fruit trees Bint bushes In 
full bearing, water Inut r.ix It* Col- 

onist, Phono F294 5. 

CWMBRIDOB St.— One only line lot near 
,/ t|,„ f,pn f,,r (11100 exclusively by Stlii- 
son !■■■ ■ ■ it» Co. 

■J U 

lAl! I. — .A. beautiful building lot. 

level and grassy, facing south. 'O0xl20. 
(1500. (600 cash. WIsn Ik Co.. 109 Pem- 
berton Bldg. 

C^ORGE water and ron-l 
T lot. well treed; ch'' . 
726 Fort Bl\ 

GARDEN Olfy — We have a few lots lu 
this subdivision that we can deliver 
st the same price as originally placed on 
the market nine nionihji ago an owner needs 
jfloi; ' iii.i ■" 1-trl.. 120 Pember- 

■ i»i. • • - I 'I- ■■■ ^^ 

(650. term' 

IWBWOOD, ". re. SW5'->, 

third caah. bal. b, 12, 1», 7 per cent. 
Wise & Co.. 100 Pe mberton Bydg. 

ORT .Mann. British Columbia, la to tne 
Canadian Northern railway what 
Prlnc« F.upert is to the Grand Trunk I'n- 
tific Buy now In centre ot new city. Rail- 
wav prices. Write or wire for information. 
J. V. B. O'Brlan, 501 Pender St., Vancou- 


PUBLIC NOTICE— Port Mann TownaUft 
sale The great now Pacific seaport 
,ind urnilnQl of the Canadian Northern 
lallwa^. Millions of dollars have been 
poured' into this new tity the last fortnight 
and nearly all the available lots sold in 
hugo blocks to big capitalists. \v hy pay 
(3000 to (6000 and more for liny lots when 
wo are able to offer for a short llnic our 
few remaining big 60 feet by 164 feel to a 
lane lots In the section right adjoining tho 
Downtown Business Section belonging to tho 
railway company and which are now being 
sold at enormous prices right across tlie 
road from ours and wiiivh we ara sa'.UnS- r.t 
(1650 and up. Our lots are only 300 yatds 
from the waterfront nnd tracks. Send a 
■postcard today for our circular and plan 
and we will show you the opportunity of 
vour illetime. We have only flfty lots left, 
the retnnlnerir being sold. Tho Selwyn In- 
vestm T''^-- Sole Agents. 311 -Domin- 

ion Ti . . Vancouver, B. C. ■■ ;' 

\AN1CU Road— 6 1-2 miles Vlciy>rla near 
Beaver Lake station and new electric 
car line, 2 acre blocks from (1200; 
Booth. Room 7, 1007 Government at. 



GLEN Lake walertrout.Hge; also on Sooke 
rd.. 4 acres make, n splendid hotel^slte. 

Only (3200 oi* very easy terms. 
l.elghlon, llli Govt, St. 

O. 8. 

'lEOIL St. dry lot. 50x120: 15 

Ing pear treivs: tiew ihnt ' 

(300 cash, terms. Owner. Box 3'' 





■ I .. H r. 

GREAT Snap — Nice chicken ranch, elivse 
Blirnalde shops. 4 room new cottage .lot 
60x197 110 laving hens, milking cow, horae, 
$2150;' (1000 down, terras; Conneanx. i'rl- 
deaux st. _^___ ___^ 

HAMPTON Road special— .V fine lot, 67x 
170. near I'rldeEU si., for $1875 excUm- 
Ively by Stlnnon Real Estate (.'oniyany. 

HESSMAKBR, experienced, 
2624 Fcrnwood Rosd. 

>' srtv- 

7ANTED. midille-aged 

Ing hoiisekeepei-; one competent 


take full charge. 

\» I 
V be good plBln cook: ai>ply Mra An 

Cull 463 t:haster st. 

srAicTKD — A aood general aerVant; must 

ra An- 
Catherine St.. Victoria 

(Iri'W Gray 

11 3.7 

i "•' 

Middle aged lady to do 
inarding honml 
iv™l:ur«t, Sltt CourUiey. 

jiiK III n small hoarding hoii»i| 


IT^XPER1IBNCI-;D uphotstress desires work 
-J Bt Ladles homes. Mrs. Cookgley, lOlO 

TT^XPF.RIKNCKD maternity nurse will be 
J-J glad of engagements; reaaonable charges 
apply Nurse, general delivery. Vic toria. 

ARRJISD woman requires situation aw 
houaek«ei>«r; husband smployeU. Box 



r. t. 

lyoStlTlON wanted as home help by mid- 
Jr die aged English woman. Bo.K 386, 

RESPKCTABLS E.-.sMsh ptrS^T. T-sn!" 
evening work; care of children or in- 
vaMda; experienced, trustworthy. Addreaa 
Box 266. Colonist. 


;3M VT.l, 

I il, : 

« MsMngs --Curtpilns snil woollens 

i.i.i:..- H'x is4, (Jolonl»t, 

K,J seitlons nre on sal* at l»n:5 Rlanchard 
St., Thoinaa A- Denny. 

C^tHBAP Ijota — Fairfield, Moaa at. near May 
r' $0x110. $1400: May atreet. nio* level lol 
5RxlSj (15T5; Olive street, near Dallaa. 60x 
r.'i) $1260; George atreet, near Dallna. »0x 
l.'O (laiiO: .loseph atreet. 50x129 $1000: Lin- 
den ond Chipnai, corner '6x1 P.o J2000; 
Robertson street. Hollywood Park. Jl.lOfl. 
Stannnrd avenue $1080: nice loi Ii we street 
south May $1775; Arnr.1,1 avenii.>, iUxlIO. 
(1200; Sniiiligate -ill-'; el ■«.» 11. t'vt'/.', 
(1800; Stevenson street 60x120 $700; twirner 
Shakespeare and HtOiUaln, no rock $760: 
waierfronl Ross Ray <8xl«0 (1576: R. Wm. 
Clark. Room 8, 1112 Government at. 

IHUTKKN ranch, nesr Shawnlgon lake, 
nearly 29 acres, (2,000, with one- 
quarter cash. GIsbert N, Witt, McCallura 


•»^-w_j)_«(VL.*a «t _ .lartier TtiMlerlL'k.; a snap. 
l./"'"o'veriieaH Investment Agency, l}0« Pem- 
berton bliv.'k. 

ATTV ^'Blley 




-4 acres, racing 


JtlOO, IS acres, ready for crop, (5250, Bs 
acres with approximately two mll'ilon r**t 
of Douglas n,' timber. $io.."ino. 13 acres, 
nil under culllvatlon, with good house and 
out-bulldlngs. (S3S0, All can be bought on 
the usual terms. Eureka Really Co., 8S3 
Yates »t^ 

H" EnA\>D St.— Lot 40x128. $500 per foot 
third cash, balance I 

House on property, 
bertolt Bldg. 

and 2 years. 
^Vlse & Co., 10 J Pem- 

HERK la • snap; take a look at Si: Four 
lots on North Hampshire road, near 
Oak Bay, wlih large trees, nicely wooded. 
(1200 each; terms arranged to suit pur- 
(hns.-r, John A. Turner & Co., 201 Times 
block. _ ___ 

CWALT Spring Island waterf rentage, within 
►5 easy distance of school, store, pesi- 
office and church. 1 '4 miles from Ganges; 
nartly cleared and cultivated; this la th.. 
best Iviy on the Island, For price and terms 
see Vlrtovhi-.Nanalmo Investment Co,, room 
330, Penilic rton block. 

OMHVWNIOAN Lake, S very good watnr- 
J^ front lots, cheap. Olsben -N. Wilt, 
McCalUim Block. Do uglas St. 

SH.\WNieAN Lake watej-frontage, "cre- 
.- age and lots for aale, W. A. BU-ke; 
phone L2673. . 

off Central av 

tJHOAL Bay, ffrass lot, 

!o large lot., $ 850. Colllera . 6 Green blo ck 

C1110\L cay. one lot Soxl20. on Boundary 
?^ ril., $1000: $250 casb. balance, easy. 
Hox I'll. Colonist. .. 




VVc have stiU ft few lot 
. . owner's prices, one block of three at 
the ridiculous price of (lOOO. on easy .terms. 
A von Oirsewald. Real Estate, cor. Fort 

and tJuaAra^ " " . . 

otiDNEY^ two lots, .\larhie drUve. 'closs ''• 
fe 'sea. (100 each: cash P»vm#nt .m»il.^ 
balance 1917. Overseas Investment Agspcy, 
aOS Pemhe rlon block. -. -. •^■^ 

S(tDNF,Y— ten acre*, cleared of large ttm- ' 
"^Ifr. about twb mile. fr">n Bidnay WRh 
f^ne view ot sea nnd mouBtalas, (MO per 
acre. B ox *S. Colonist. _ 

SitmrnVlSlON, i to 7 acres, welt "I"***''' 
P5 Gorge side. IZ.2_0«. P?r «cra. Ovfr««* 

Ageno'. 208 Pemberton block. 


OWB' Avenue— A flH« lot near the sea 
fni- tiROO bv Stlnson Real Eatate Co. 


PWT'IMALT snap — Fine level lot Just I60 
(e.-t from iiir Iln"; (I.3R0, on terilis. 

.-I I .V liii-m. -Ill' I'rruti.ilon Building. 

Hin.ToN St.. 
line ahap 
oil. I'ayne * 
T'lione 17X0. 

SOsU'O. close 1" the car: In 
e for biiljding. »12"0. How- 
Cn.. Ltd.. 1219 Langley s;. 

IMl'RpVF.D comsc, n*«r Oak Bay park. 
i>!i Trnnsll *ve,, (1700: $700 caah. 


(•iice ei^sy. 
,«n! tU 

Thomas &. Denny, 1303 Btiancb- 

Prlce for lot (12,000 on 
Us Land Investment C« 

Gordon Head dlatrld, wUh 
I and outbultdtii)lta< 
«asy terMia, Doug- 

TEN acres In „jn^^ 

house, chicken b«rn »"0 •'«i*»>"*L''.*^ 


WRl.VF, acres, ail rultlvated. With tOttS 

aeres orchard, buildings. «tc., iplendtd 
Tblil I* 

Ltd., isii laagity 

view of sea, only (5750. 
Howell. Pnyne, * Co, 
at. Phone 1780. 

a ak4itv 

fnWO lots on Lurllne »t,. Burnalde Hnt.- 
1 division, onft at (760 ahd the oihsi 
»:«ft (ir.o caah will handif. AP^1y «"»!''' 
v:rtor!ft-N9n»in>« riiveairiieni Co.. 330 rerti- 

bei-t'on block. Phone f'^*':, \^ Jl__^ 

riTBvbiots on Falrvfew ra., .near 1& a«d "- 
X railway. (800; taxr t/trVt*. Anif Boa 
30«, Colonist. 

Sunday, March 24, 1912 



I'KOl'KKTV I OR KAMS <(onUim*<l) 


'pWu lul> oil McNeill avi-.. lOSxHO; lho»« 

-L arc L'upltitl luu uud for <iulcl(. wile iiiey 

aUlttlned for »iw«U. o,ti cany t«riu». ^p^ly 

■ itie VIclurlu-AianiXiiio iiivesiniitut Ca., 

ID i'euibcrtou l>lo( ! ,,o sH«, 

'MWO luu on W. at., south of 

*■ Muy. }10SO, lung tornu. Onu lot 
"11 MiiUoii. ncur Daltiui roud. 91!4aO. Terms. 

'. ."ij,- clly. Owner, pii. ■■■■:. 

.IX Wott aaap — Ki- 
my iimlta; |1,U6, > 
Iregg. 207 Pemberton i 


lot near 
XiUM«ll ik 



HOl'81S8 VO& 8AL1S (ContUnntl.) 

UMBS bulU; t&UO up. tSeo ray piiuia aad 
<»i< • ,1. 1 U«x 3(13. Colonial, 

Hiat urr Mobs St., 
■ 11. Ill, lurna. " , ' 
liictily builapi>fil 
$1UUU cash. but. 

i dayti only, |60t>«». 
Govomnitini si. 

uuncrnte b««u- 
dlninx room 

I, tut (iUxl20. 
I li. I'rlcf, for 

ti, K L.iighUiIl. Ill- 




UO; 31500 


G. S. 

avo. ; 



rnment at 

'*"""' •-■■";■ UTU, ;, OM'fll Uiock. 

\' ~i:i0xl80, corner Wilson, 

' f;!U,uiiij, liuoaiar cash. Chillers, fi 
• ireen block. 

VlCTOKlA West by ownor lot 46x180; no 
rock, betii cultivated, oemunt sidewalk, 
street finished; t> minutes trotn car tliUK; 
•.•.;iijly Uox i)62 Colonlat. 

Y^'llSW St. — 180x120, between Vancouver 
' and Cook; houses renting at 326 par 
iiiunth. each. 3300 ;ier front loot. Wise &. 
<'o.. 100 I'emberton lildK. 

HOUSE. i.uiiRford at.~-0<Ruomed. piped 
for nlccjy rinliSicd inside. a!l 

thorouKl' '-rn. Priro $4000. 31U0U 

cash. li. ii. M. 1112 Qovernraent st. 

Oliver and Ueai : 
l)rlce 33000; terms ■ 
vestment Agency, . 

Hay, cornar 
66x168 ft.; 
overaeaa In- 
iierton . block. 

'AT13S StJeet— 3ii\J.» 
sell & Qrcgg, 207 

YATES Street — 80xl3(L,4Ml 
and Quadra, 35i,0«<^., ftlMMU 4l' Qr*f t 


JiSi- !'■ 

n BuildiAK. 

AI I. > .^t-ieet 

B%ATJTirui«i«bi-m«ktnf xioiuo facing 
SQ}il;b ^amlib ,■!..' yai>«fM. tS090 paljri 
*- "-" MMjr} W8 Gorge road. < 

«ora«r — SOxlSO ,oorn*r 

^ mtr MMeboaIn for 38000: this 

►K j BaSifar, rt. Phone 1780. 

'-vH,<|Hltii Btratt, the cheapest lot on 

■srain»"wr ttte '*U, »S0« cash, balance easy: 
JO fflMW*-* Ww »ll Bay ward building. 

"" " ~ VlfW lot, going oii»it.]>, 

teniM. Thomas ft Denny, 

^PUkW/yctjr •■ffjr ten 

X903 Bla;n6liara it. 

I^m: SHAKSSPSARB Street— The best 
#4-iO lot oa Mm str«et; third cash, bal- 
aMli* IL Mi, U month*; Oxendale & Ware. 
»l»«M&wiUM b«lldtog. 


ItMfKIJI^/^ Avenue, positively the 

HOUSK, \ .. 1 St., 3 minutes from 

Jiark. C- julnulva from i'.U., ". 
fireplacHH, furnacR washtubs, etc. 

; ' ' - " different I,, u.. •■•... a. 

O. a belghton, 1112 

oUkb] Fernwood, between Gladstone 

and i'andora ave., 6 roomed. This is a 

very good snap at 34000. Only 3600 cash. 

a. S. Lelyhton, lllS Government St. 

HOUSE— Hillside ave, 8 roomed, in per- 
fect condition, outside wash tub's and 
coal house, lot tOxSIO. Price 34B00 .on very 
easy terms, a. S. l*lghton, lllS Govern- 
ment street. 

roy»i£7rC9ria<»i! i^jfi^awBo aM^«^ 

Mlg>Ht»tf. \m QqWrBTOMIt •%, . 

tdrVLTON^at, Juat off Oak Bay l^va., 
Jul did 7>room bunxaiow. faolnc. iMWt. 
•triotly modern In every way, and intSiadjMI 
» good atabie and 2 lot^ 6»%li9. tUjtvAK 
«a« a oomer; we arc oScitaff. s2!.ai tlu9, 
valuable property for only »6i00, oh r«Mt 
onable term*. Bureka Realty Co., >St TatM 
nU ■ ^ ■' 

MAONIFICBST homo one minute from 
Fori at. car on PernVrdod: large bed- 
rtJoms u?etaJr», all thftronghly modem, fur- 
nace, conservatory. Price ffOOO. iLot 50x 
150. Kehted at 34 B per month. Only »U00 
cash. This la too good to last. O. B. 
ImishluH, 1113 Govutnuiaat street. _^ 

XrEW bouse, city limits. Oak Bay aide; 7 
•^ larse ruotus, mia»ioa nulsli. OIMU flr^- 
places, ;ilped for furnace, fully modern, 
separate toilet; close two carllnes: lot <0x 
100; no rock, taxes 320 per annum: price 
35,500; 31500 cash will handle. Overseas 
Investmen t Agency, 208 Pemherton block. 

NEW 5-room bungalow, off Foul Bay rd., 
not one minute from Willows car. 

33 1 W, 3 «S fa B « ana »t» p e r rrwnth . — H^ 
house off Foul Bay rd, 32900, 3300 cash. 
Nice corner, 2 lots on Uampson st., be- 
tween Esquimau rd. and McCauiey Point, 
32G0O tor the two, one-third cash. Four 
lota on Mt. Stephens St.. 3230O for the four. 
CaU in and see our prices. Hub Realty Co., 
620 Johnson st. 


ANOTHER carload of draught bourses 
lust received; saveral wuU matched 
grays from 30 to 26 hundred. Apply Glee- 
son and Johnson, 26S6 Blanohar<i. 

C'UI1:;a1* hur*a sullatite lor farm work. 66 
J Uoyd St.. Janit« Bay, I'houe lliJlO. 

ClOtiQUlTZ Pouftry Ranch, Royal Oak 1*. 
J O. ; It,'. 11. 1" Liiuiid Reds; my breeding 
poim ure > • om 600 of the best lay- 

ers; 31.60 I lie; 3K per hundred; day- 

iiia L-nlcks 2i)c. uacli; O. V. Uoviile. 

I \i 'K^^ ugica for sale for sitting. 617 

^ rVL Ktll St. .'. ^..■,— ,-..■---.■■.:.„■:.,-■■ :- 

"|. .>^„ .ur hatching; Kellerarraa* White 
J^ OrplnKiuns, 36 and 32; is. C. Buff L.eK- 
t'.orns 36 and 31. 6u per setting; heavy lay- 
ing standard bred stock; recent wins, 2 
Ursts, 6 2uds, 6 Srds. R. B. Butler, Lake 
Bill. Victoria. * 

EGGS— Silver Wyandotte* lead utility 
breeds I'rovlnctai layliiK contest; also 
breed H. 1. Reds, Andaiusiunu und Guniu 
Bantams; t'. & Ijampman. uak Bay; telu- 
pboiiu M12(i6. 

Ij^OGfi for hatchiag — 8.C, while Leghorn, 
■^ 3«i per hundred; It.It for flfteen. Ooe- 
pcl. CoUjults P. O. 

Ip.QGii for hatching; pure-bred black Uln- 
■d orcaa and Barred Rockfj^ 7to.per ■Ac- 
ting. 436 Governuieut St., JUMW Biy. ' 


'f-^m.. t.iiiirJAi»y . ',.]., . V. Coapar'a 

M? Mmif. a. M. CMiat'g ma* FavoreUea, 
f3.sdr MTiubwAA Siat or»ia«uA«i f s ud Is. 
Priat pan. W. -Wblt* OrplnctoB* ifB3»oit*u 
prig* atraln, f 6. Wf bay ciblak*DB tor fat- 

i;jM)R Sale — Fine thoroughbred black Or- 
•a^ pington cockerel; 8 laying R.L red*, 2 
broody hens. 310. Phonfr Yao81. 

whit* rock*. 
Telephone RlOOt. 

>R~8iU«r-<}ood delivery boree ( year* 
old; Box 276 ColonUt. 

IJ^OR sale— 13 laying hen*, 

FOR Saile — A young pure bred Jersey cow; 
easy to milk and very rich quality; prh:e 
376 cash: apply Ctias. Stlglngs. 1316 ISdmon- 
lon road, Victoria. 

IpOR Bale — Black mare, quiet good driver 
' and fast; also buggy and harneaa; Box 
31 Colonist. 


ANEW 6-roomed Hat. with bath, etc, 
Hluiutt-"! on King's rd., fur rent; 3*0 
per I ><'- and Co., t<td.. 

ny.^ ■*<»; 

A" lu'.v iiuuiui-.i i-iiiMtu for rent or sale. 
Uiivida stiuei, Gorge Viuw I'ark, off 

Tlllrii"! I..U.1. 



> Estate, near two car lines 

lu ue let unfurnished, pretty It:-;:-' 

containing tour rooms, ouiu, > 

nearly new and fully modern; bjlnn-. 

eloe: tlttlngs; renli^l 336 muultiiy. 

A. ii III, '1207 Langley St., (opposite 

Court U.>;j. I 
- Wil I » 

i>lV13 i' 1. .1 i.-.u,... to rent on l>avld Kt; 
will be vacant 20th March. Wise & 
Co., loa i'emberton ■lildg. 

T,"^OR Kent — Fine house on Phoenix street; 
J. ciii»« la O.irini car; apply D. Liewis Co., 


JT'C'i I cottage, beautlFuil sea 

view, Adinirala road, lot 60x240. Ap- 
ply W. W. Uuncun, 585 VatKS St. 

[i>OR rent- 

-Rooiii houoi;, 1200 I' 

-»- rd. 

Apply B. P. Johnston. 'J' 

FOR rent, new four room flat, furnace 
heat, private bath, close In, furniture 

. bangaloi*! Utcben. pantry, . , teatbroM) 
at^ woodahad, vavaadal^ ~ front -and .ald*^ 
roomy backy«in) and firwit gardeni W tMd 
abape; hot and !C«i4 water; *iti^t«d on ntM 
hlt^ wnntoi in gouu r#Ai<l«Mli|»i Inv-ilwik '%v 
minute** walk from po*t offle*. :i^nt I2S 
Tor month. Party leaving wi*b** to sell 
part of turnttur*. Including range with boil- 
er and warming cloaA, to new tenant. Fur- 
niture Is solid golden oak in good condi- 
tion. Apply to Box 337 Colonist, or pbone 
2S0 iHiiweva S «.m. a nd S p.m. 

HAWNIOAN I.ake — To let » roomed 
house with chicken run*. pigg«rle*; a 

■ood spring MAtvii auU Ili'eWrtkud. 32u pef 
month; Box 277 Colonist. _____ 

TO let, «-rouu«ed huuse, Vlcluri* West, 
330. 750 Market st. 

fW\0 4ot, iB^ge 8-roomed house with scp- 
JL arale bathroom, toilet and boxroom: 
large basement, open flr»place, on Fern *t., 
near Fort st. and Oak Bay carllnes; rent 
340 monthly. Ap|/ly Furniture Btore, 736 
Pandora st. 


AUUOB ilm« plan your gardva is now. 
For good seeds (all klndm budding 
plants., strawberry, i ■ ^. 

cabbage plants. S> ' ' ' 

Yates St., Just past i ^ ' 

AUO&tE In a responsible persoh's house 
for an old lady who needs r:iirai no 
ohlldreu; statu terms to Box 667, Colonist. 

AAHO.NlsON'S pawnshop ha* removed from 
Broad street to 1410 Govcriuneut St., 
opposite the Westholmo holeL 

A.NTIQUE Jewelry, diamonds, engravings 
and pictures bought and sold. Mrs. 
A. A. Aarouaon, an Joausuu at. 

BAGGAGE promptly handled at current 
rates by the V'ctoria Transfer Co.; 
phone 12!). OfUce open niglx and day. 

C1At.lF01<NlA hotel, 629 Johnaou street. 
J " ■■• V Ingmon's hoadquarter's. Under new 
ni i; titorouelily rouovatud and rb- 

m lercy porter. Prop. 

EM. G1I.,L> and At, Potter spiritual med- 
iums SIO Courtney; phone 1.22811. 

/ 't AltUE.NlNG wanted dally, or contract 
vX pruning a specialty; pho ne YY8'a. 

HBRAMLEY, Carpenter and Builder 
• 2746 Qnadra st., Victoria. Jobbing a 
specialty; estimates given; a post card 
will hftVB prompt attention. 

rAV'.0'yoa tried our S&c. meals at the 
WelPgrn Homi, 1980 store ' at. 

'|"|?..'.yw.."ttant your window* deatted rtil 
M. up uiaiMkMMt .WiBdov «l«aMiM «<Hnpaa 

phone. X4JM^lmiCl^UM)«|*^|K^.^ * '.' ' 

I - ■■iii — i-s 4 f* ■ w«tf*<<ww»tii M ii' u W(iw<f'Hif3 i* w^ » i ^|iw* I W ill n a r 

and <me*tK • pkfNr 3* icor, |a«; i(>utn*Ba 

Vafiumv Cieankr, ca. iPi^>' )«•■ 3>ilin*e 

at. '■■-', ."■"'-.-; '-- ' - 

JL. PUNDBRaON.A Co.. Md.. Builders. 
• Contractors wul tical B«tate. . Pbon6 
No. 1206. ' . 


IND lady would like 
Box 81.^ CoJOclat. 

to adopt baby. 

LIST your property with Grimaaon tt 
Bunnell for quick *ale. We have the' 

MEAL,S 26c, trohi 11 a. m. to 8 p. m.; 
Kiner . George Grill, corner' Tales and 
LAngley street*. 

i I. 1 1 I. 1 1 

MISS Joan OampbelQ, gold medalist, to 
etart step dancing for Juveniles, 3rd 
April. Forester* hall, I^oaa st.. 7:30 o'clock. 
Full particular* apply 986 Heywood avc; 
phone R2873. 

T>AT u* a visit and got our pricea on 


AUTU8 for real eaiaie from 34U0 to 11600. 
('nil 1410 HriUid street. 

m ■ 

Al Six In battle- 

.11 a.ilenuld condi- 
tion; auitaoiB lor Uli« ui private use; buyer 
tttu(ffht driving if nec9*sary; L,upiou, >21 
lione 121. 


■r sale 

-A H 1650 Buluk. 

.,.. hlno 

UXIIjI.'VRV Vaihta urulatrx, motor 
- bottle for sale. Empress Boathouee. 


II 111 tiuy 

* s,.. . 

a llmlu ....,,. .. „.-.. 1 I" !-'-. 

Falrlleld estate tjetween Muss 
street, south of May or Faithful, , 
Prices aAd terms mtist be strictly >' 
able, as am not prepared to pay 
prices. Owner* U>ly, full particulars, uu.v 
17«, Colonist. 

I Si>MFi^ETB iivw iMjl vC-2iJ v.. 

^ national Ubrary or Karaour 

bound in ntorooeo, with caim, fur siile. I'rlcc 

3100, or nearest offer. Apply "tm HiHaldc 

avenue. . 

DUMP wagons— Just arrived carload of 
tro} dump wagons. Prices on applica- 
tion to Brown and bimmons, B- * **• stables, 
V41 Fisguard St. - 

ir>OR sale, young strawberry plants; 32 
' per 1000. BoT,.r.,88 Co lonist. 

1j\<Jll sa:le, nearly new skVboBrd, osl 332; 
■ sacrifice 320; U i '^'i^ 

ti'^OK *ale, roll top ui .»»; 

JD express wagon in good cunUltlon. 
X^JlOpa K-1196. betw een 12 and j o'clock. 

,,jc — A baby buggy; almost netv, on* 
coitcb, extension dining room table. 

ACRK i no acreage 

)<i .indsdownu 

road o; .,-■ «. _<.-. .'.rite mo at 

once staltnn your best price and eaaleet 
tprmii. 1 mean busltirs*. I Just as soun 
use on it. '15, Colonist. 


b e d B t e atlB, s p ring B iaW r iea e B. ta b lg s . 
chairs, etc; It means dotlara to you when 
you buy at Butler's, 734 and 736 Pandora 


■P«ai«paws™sM^^^iw^^^w^^i^"a«ip^Fiii "jii* I ' ■' ■ '"••rr- ' ','•. 'w.'- . 

« aala. tMUKtoMg MiMtf wiaairajecr* 
_ pet. »K»; (^»U• Mw , •»».»*. «• A 
Box 155. . "■ "' ■";" •"•"■■ '■„■"' '■'"■'•" 

Tj%OB *ale-H># H' R, Cgga cgr In MtoaUapt 
JC oondltton ttarougnoot. fiTad , or It-atao. 
Apply H. A. Day}*'* 0«ra«e, 617 Vancouver 
•treet, ' ' 

I" i<0» sale— Black loam. Oak Bay. about 80 
ioada Apply B. P. Johnelon, South 
Hampshire road. 

IJVJB Sale — cedar Built boat, 15 feet; ev- 
' erythina complete. $60; family tent 12 
xl9. 2 poles, pi-actlcaily new, 326; also 5x< 
Premo, now, plates or nims, coat slab; 
price 890. Address Box 268, Colonist. 

FOR sale. fum«t«rt» of rooming house; 
price »'J7S. Apply 1817 Cook st. 

I'l do buslnc*:; 

iiers. as .we 

Wo havi: 

Ijroperty with 

1 . Uecelvtu 

JL/ under blind ads nor 
are not ashamed of on 
the buyors, so plea;li- 
us. Htlnson Real i: 

*17'ANTBI> — A good ualerfront lot on Cor- 
VV dova Biiy, Slato price and terms m 
Box 352, Colonist. 

U'.V.VTBD — From owners only, lots On 
Florence or Empr. »S0() 

cash. V. L,ewls Co., 11'. ''!l'f_ 

^^ITANTEU— -Lois in" Foul Jtuy illstrht. Wi^ 
'A have Immediate buyers. tjuote bent 
price and terme 'S-rdon Burdlok, 620 

Bioughton St., 1 " BIk. 

ANTED, cheap lot m Balvedere. Box 'ik 

Colpnisl, ■■/■'■ '^'i;;-' :— ■ ■-;,;-..■-•-•:-'■ 



ANTBD. a lot that 
«. ^ balance; a* niont; 

•bfiJf'-W' -.CotpDlgt. '. ; " 

'.■ n i ' iii ii ' i» "nil i 1i T< iii j fci '. . • I II ' i , 1 ' i i ' I , II ' l U 'ii 

WAlW«p-rr*lve or vtx lot* t9«<«tli«r. Oak 
ferred. ' oirivni Only. <iftWW» t71P|-jM|.\ ■ 

II- I . I ■ i i li i H. ii ii' iii . ni l I I' l m' II I M ii i i .. i | i |.i. iw .| ii j > j i .i iiiii . iii!i'i ji i nf. -, 

PROPBBTir lYnj««i-r-3*a ;iwgRt„ fJwap icja 
and. aeraaf* ioaida Mm aity llmtta or 
In Oafe Bay dUitrlet. Btlnwm Iteat Bgtafc* 

Co. ' ' ' ' ■ '' ' - .1 


FOR *ale. Hudson 1912 Motor, fully equip- 
ped, 83 h. p., 6 seaU; price 31300. 
Box 333, Col6ni»t. ' 

FOR *ale, two chicken houees, each 13 x 
40 feel, In good shape. Cheap. Inquire 
at 2092 Chaucer street. Phone Y991. 

■ II II . II ni l ll.iMiiW»Wi»Wli#(WW^il*,W,*Wria 

COMFORTABL-y furntehed boi^le to l*t, 
on car line, two mlnutea trom B«a«9n 
Hill Park and *ea, 9 room*, witb avary 
uoiiveiiieuue, >arg<3 gardsai (ZOO par Wi M tra . 
Will lease to deslrabi* Unant. Bat UWt 

*— — , 'I I I . II 'law II ■ 

CRA10Fix>WiBR rd., on car line— To lat. 
nicely furnished <»>ttiBC*-tinnsilla#, 
containing three room*, ba«em*nt» «t«,: 
rental 326 mtmthty. A. H. Barmaa. IdjK 
Langley at., (oppo*lt« Court Hnu«> , 1 i , 

ILI^SilDB «ju*t oil)— To let, nioely ftmt' 
iahed, fully modern bungalowy con- 


If " 1-' 


■ mi m M 1 1 1* Bt r aat; i HTg Hw wt i 

IWM aalA for IIMO; *ee thi* one immedl- 
•tiiffi «aA civ* fOoA terma Oxendale & Ware 


rptj SBAVIBW Aveaue— Fine view lot; 
v' Wry - ea*y terms. Oxendale and 

"l|iy wawi bulVdTnj^ 

iM Street, fine lot Just off 

•tc mod term*; Oxendale & 


L t Uit BA I fe— l i ^-teah tiow* at tbB ngHB r ty 
X; Ranch, FInnerty road. 

-Pure bred 

TO rent- 

-Four-roomed cottage. 
Apply 858 '^'ales St. 

Oak Bay 

"CWB Sale 

A? cockerel, fine atraln: S, 

easy; Ok 

^ Ittreet, the cbeapoat lot 
gtMet: third caab, balBtace 
Wara, ilX say ward btttld>^ 

i i ii ( ii | i l. 

■ II I II ' I II |i ui,i i , i' l" i . ii "l I ' ' I I — — 

«i81 ±(\(\ vmm'$vm; near .Rlchard*onj 
tJ>X-k\J\J tmw^jm mm 6»,reet frontage; 

thir(i.4HMA«,i,|lk^;li.. 1.3 month*; Oxendala * 

• II ' »!>«,pl««j|tt*^»«-"P«P— I I I III I I I i»~~— *— — 

JIS1 fiOO **^?**'^^ Stfaat— Cio*« to wn 

18 months; Oka' 

^yiil|h. balance «, 18 and 
■Hk WawTJX* Sayward 

^IOOITb** and Xlora Road: tha b«rt 

>t on the wttkiHt '«•<"• tn»»; Ojtandal* * 
r'cre, fil3 Saywiwd bulldlnc; 


<IB1 '"■^A f't ia-^MUt taut lot on Pwsdcr- 
ti^Xi iiU-^ii); jit.. bait 1>tock :rrom car; 
this is in>tto VtttntM estate and a good 
byiR, .JH^Xfil^. atJMA at. Phono «f. 


AamaatUfVU new. noasn bom* ot 
. JHWMi Jt*Mm», piped r«r turnace. »ar» 
ufKUM Mit fen aiapart, TWa bouaa la *lta« 
a««ll^^ Btebardi^n «(« lUKl in an exc*p* 
uaiua •ooit- Mi|^. mum tN««. on term*. »»7 
cottmit. ■ 

A GOOD Snap— New bungalow modern; 
'^JIMi 13«>e<4y near «»rj mrlce $UW; teifn* 

3»oa-H»> coiamat. . 

A'^'viXfrrit iittXe bome In the Falrfletd 
' eatate, lialf block from car and Beacon 
MM vartL .$ room*, on lot «7xi3S, taclnc 
Mtttb. M*K*^ 4*9* «•<*> >>aJlance ,|M per 
ntetttb; «Ais^j^ iAlB«t«B «r«ili to p«gt4tffM» 
A. Ooumi MWM at. Pbone 66. 

AHMAA^ &tt Avenury su, choice S-'momcd 
bqnte on 4ot CfxUt. feaoed, . oemenl 
lUKw. piped for fumaoe. aplentfld view ot 
mgfrtmiiiUmm cwuntry; tbe cheapeat and beat 
taMJM (MtnanA in the city at «36«0. Inves- 
Uuua .IhMl 'Mirgain. NktlOMU Mealty Co., 
ixU Oartrament at. , . 

A'~«wil)»;4M» te 6<MfiUir lo^ 

rt 'winajii Mil 'I 'ggfttf I ttiaslitr. iuoo cmaiu 
l^Wfeattm «attM« wUb 

___ .^....-^.i.^^r^^iw'^-ll'NMf I'^ruanlant 
WMIIWi'lu'TyitlT'lBlliTMi''' TTfi atent* aia«a 

t^ibrlK. Two-roomed 
lAd'^Mii on Mad lot BO x 
— -^^iMUunaivnkased. 


._ .M w» Und 

What yote Wj|tM» . 1*% Mow locatfons 
ahd opporiunitfitai OBjft iikvayott ttan and 
money. Coiiien^ W CMJni'WOekt 
. I i i inrwy W ' ' " - ' """( I' " ' 

BEACTiKiTU new X^nOlNl kMirlMNM'lKMnc 
for 36500. 3I&M nHH. <ea*y bal. G. & 
Lelghton, 1113 QovimulliM st, 

I ' 'Il l lu ll ii a iili ' ■ l > | in I L I 

BE.vrTIFUi, 6-room bunmMWi; , iNHBa >i 
beet location. HellywoA'WWM, ^mKr 
tnodcrxi convenience Including furnace lllM 
targe airy basement, street asphalted wM| 
cement sidewalks; price only 34760; flteO 
cash; balance easy monthly payments. 3. 
R. Bowea & Co., 643- Fort at.' Telephone 

2714. - - - ^__^ 

BBBCHWOOD avc;, !<'ew California Buttgl^ 
low. furnished or unfurnished, ( ro«MM|'j 
for sale. .Vpply owner. 23» Boecbwood, |nWl 
before 12 a.m., dally.' ' ,:■ ;u.|fef>ara!f?,^iAitf»;&' 


CA.lIBBir>GiE St., mS 
galcw; 310SO casii. Thoma« & tSenny, 
1303 Blanctiard at. 

/ -UIAPMAJif St. 6-roomed house, with baae- 
\J roent on a large tot. 33760. Howell. 
I'ayne & Co., Ltd., 1319 L>ansle]» >t. Phone 

1780. ■ ■ ■ I- • 

('lOOK Street (Just ofI>, quite near Bea- 
J con Hill Park. modern flve-roomed 
iningalow with beamed celling* anu pd!,<- 
t:l('d walls: bath and lavatory, fall baser 
ment. electric light and gas, good garden, 
lot 49x135. A. H. Harman, 1207 I..angtey 
Hlreet (opiposltc Court .House). 
I — '1 III 

CAOTTAGE. 4 rooms, large lot, minute* 
-' from Oouglas car ' lerrotnu*. 32S00 ; 
3500 cash, balance arranged. Box SS2. Col- 

■VfBW modern 7 roomed house corner lot, 
i3l 60x100, 189D Foul Bay rd. between Wil- 
lows and Oak Bay cars upatatr* 8 bedroom* 
bath room eeparate toilet, ground floor din- 
ing room burlapped wall*, beatnad aelUnsa 
buffet parlor, den, reception ball, .kitchen, 
pantry, scullery, full baaement, extra toilet; 
price and term* apply to owner and boUder 
on prewieea. ., . i-'.^ t ' . 

NEW 7*«»o*ib4 biin«aJiD^, jKa' jWrflaJd 
' eaute, close Beacon Hill paflt/ ^tt» 
crate foutkdatton, cameht floor In baaeueat, 
furitace, 16000; »»000 ca*b, balanoe' ar- 
ranged. OV^r*eas InvertmeAt Agency, z98 
Pomberton block. 

■VTEW 6-roomed house for Bale on car, line; 
J^i baUiroom. i toUeta, electric light, piped 
rtkr {oraace, attiiated on hl«1» and dry. Jot. 
For otttek aMa. J^O«;,.WM ogah. m «• • 
mottto. Apply 0*»*y r. 0«.go»rWt. ... ^ ■ , 

''.'kroBTB..>arJt 8»W,.'«««p;,'.aiaa*l^tf«i :,' .i,<t- 
Jci roimixi Wage. ns.«eo; -WiVtWr' ea^, 
bklanee to salt. Tkoma* * Penny. ISoa 
Blan<» _ " ' ,..'. , 

OAK . Bayr^^Spiendld ,«-room booae. mod- 
ern . abd nearly new, on lot.6*aia«i 
aad inolndlnlr a cood stable; tbla I* a bar- 
■ain; can .be boo»ht <or,;IWOO_ai«|, <« tenna 
fe«tilt. . . BWOka Keitfty Co.. m Tataa •%^.:,_ 

PBMBROKB st,. ovfrtooklnt «ty iPa«*4 
Lbt 70 X 130r a good «rroomed tiouae^ 
m.S90; tbtrd ca*b. Wtae. and Co., ,10» 

PeinlWtOn , Bid*,. . ,. . , ... .. .... . ,..-. :.. 

n ' • -^ , ■ xii I r ■ ■' ■ ' I II ■ ' I I '■ 

PBaCOB' att;- new T<««e«n«d -Itouae. «»M«; 
onarter caab, • balanee - very tfMy. 

Tbomaa & Denny. ISOS BlantAard- «t< - 

■ ■ • .1111 II 1 1 I I II 

SBVWK rooma, flao bouaa an Hl|d»«t^ «9 
«.»ot fox«^ ei(3i»^i»«Kl ^***::.'-?*^ 

ell. Payne ■■£'€o.71m>, MW lAnitfarr at. 
Bbone ■ l? tfe- ;,•-.'-,. . . . I.. ..;;,•! .. • \^ 
roomed houae North flatepglttr* 

. iiiolte close to car. JWM«. o«|jr 

f 1000 caab. Howrtl, Payne, di' Co., Mdi, 
18 19 Langley «t. Phone 1780. 

ciHA'VrNiOAN lafce—To let. a f-roomed 
Sd bou*e with chiekea bonaes and mm. 
plggerlaa and track farden;- «ood BprtDg 
■n.&»' afid Bra wo^; rant 9SS per mostb. 
B <»x «>1. Cnl«Mat ; , 

tHC-rM«»**"*oa*e» 'Wwilakadt :«lM»»a«a»taa 
■ X»»^ 'itojriield. near Yanedttyar. -- "■' 


£iNAl^>i-lTew bottaa on wutowa oar Hale: 
Cf ^Wf or IWM « good termaf.»M«na, 
pantiV; :aiodem, batkiwom. two toll^^ *lac« 
trio llifbt. piped for {uraaoe, open flreplaea, 
Uled beartb, oak tnantalfc, etc. foil; haaar 
ment on cow^to foundation; lot JwtWg. 
day and clear. Apply Owner, on ytfttmn 
oppoalta SKtaiMtlongataa; 'V" ] 

SMBC. T» ft: on Fort street, lot Irresalan 
Wttta K-room«d hou*e ranting at $ti Itef 
month, colalr for f ssoo on term*. Totf ll ba 
sorty vpa didn't btiy when thia Juropa tn 
j[7W8. «. ft I»*l^tOB, »na flkwt. street. 

SPEC., row atraet. opp. Stanley »vfc— T- 
vdonradt boas*, and <ot la tine eondlUon, 

tie wban Won la widened and oliwter li|*ft. 
ijdT to the Jnnctlen. O. 8. IjUghton, IltS 

FAIRFIELD Estate— Ncu 
galow, concrete foundation, cement 
lloor In basement with furnace, 38000; 31000 
rash win handle. Bralne. 208 Pemberton 
nidg. _. 

ifMVr -d bungalow close to car on 
' M St., 34200. Howell, Pay^e 4k 

Co., L- I. •■ ;• LAiigley sf. Pho ne 1780. 

IJViR sale by \owner — t^allfomla bungalow 
JP In bfst close In growing section; paved 
stree*. two minutes from car; good loca- 
tion. ■ exceptionally f^ne view; a bargain; 
owner going to England. Phono K-3189. 

Ir^OB Sale — This most desirable property, 
9-roomed house, modern through-iui, 
almost i^ acre, garden plant-d In hollies, 
laurels, larga and sma^t fruits; Ontario st. 
eoon to go through at tho back, or will sell 
(SO x 12M on Mlchlran st. Price and term* 
on appltcatlOTi to the owner at SJl Mlcbl- 
xan street, .famvs Bay. 

FOR sale, or rent nice new cottag« of five 
rnona. bath. elerlrlc light and lal 
modern lmprovem(!nte, chicken houses, etc., 
with one acr« of land: also use of 9 ad- 
ninlng acres unth sold; situate on Oakdell 
.•srk. r-Alwood App'i' '"!•♦ FI»Rn»rd St. 





". boam- 

- ■•<: terms 

Box 15 t-'ol- 

J.>(.iI:H Hundred Dollars cash and twmly 
dollar* a month will buy a new four- 
r (nued cottage on lot 46x106. Beckett, 
.Mil, or A Co., Uld., 643 Fort St. 



'Vi>«n Linden and Mos* st*. 
JtCM on tcrmr. '3. 
ii Government St. 

ai'r.-;E Hlllaldo avr, — 4-rooniM. lot 
1-0. rino buylns at 33000 on <>iiii< 
H. LelKl^ton, 1113 Govt. st. 

with attraciwa- '^ **Wa»t-«oek bdwa; 
310,000; term* arranged. Oversea* Invest- 
ment Ag ency, 208 I'omberton block. 

8 ROOMED bouse, bam, cement basement 
and walks, fruit tree*, lane, lot site 86 
feet frontage 180 and 140 feet deep; en- 
trance to park on Rupert street; particular* 
802 Sayward block. , 

daQTKA—S-roont ' modern house on Fifth 
^PZi'itjyj St., close to Mt. Tolmle car, and 
on rumored carllne. Full basement and 
small greenhouse at rear; 3T50 ca*h and 
balance 326 month including Interest. Ap- 
ply lo the Vlctorla-Nanalmo Investment Co.. 
330 Pemberton WocVc Ph one 3744; 

<I6 1 (Art — ^^'''" hullt house, corner Moss 
^jHr-iUU George, Falrfleia, high and dry. 

Cheapest house In this deslrabi* locality. 

Apply Owner. 


breed*. Apply Caoneanx. Prttjloaux St.. 

Buff Orpington 

G. Hodges; 

Burn* avenue, 'Sfaywood P. O^ 

XTOB sate— 3 triah Rad Setifcr dor pupat 
" pedigree and prize winner*; F. H. Hob- 
bins, Mount Joy Lodg e. 1978 F airfie ld road. 

T7«OR nle — ^A fine black Hackney mare, 
MJ two year* old, cheap for caab. Apply 
J . Ottnn., HilUlde avenn*. , . . 

FOR sale, iTaariliic Turkey^ g«; Rouen 
Brake*, one fifty; Flemb^ slant rabbit* 
four dollaxa J>er pair: bea aaid du«k *■■* 
tdr aetttnst five dosen for Sva dollar* caab. 
Wlr|t«,4Uinwtf|ra. ,H. and a Oatdotn, Boat 
is. Baiadeir taia nd. ' / .. . -' 

100 beautiful laying ben*,^ 
ily caoneanx. r ' 
off Bnrnelde. look for^ the aMtn* 

aOOO team of ho-se* and dump wagon 
for ■ale. I<, C. Albrety, «34 John*on. 

II ■ ■ * ■" I - . ■ ' ' -" ■"■' 

ivnt tieeetved a car of ^i^ heavy 

boraea tnelndliw.lttree roatcbe<l,»atka of 

bteck and ,thr«a rglkteW ipkira 4t srey« 

yreijiWns trkm «l« M ' .M W. im .. PiSj-i^m- ; 
eaa be ,ae^ \at, «.aj::g(iie ■*at|M, finrwlrb 
park, on Cralgtlower road. st*P%»nBon %- 
Berry, proprietor*, P. O. Box IIU. Phones 
BS»7B an<^ M309. 

HBAVT team for . aaK «M0. Ap|>ty 
Ckabdiar 8n«a. Wllklnaon -lioajl. • 

iiiiiii iii iri i ■ i iii i i ,ii»«>Bw*-< r i Vi i • ! ' » . i m ii ; iiii [ i | iiii -ni l .iii j i 

rkH'^aiwoniat of moving, oar Mtehlnc aaa- 
\^ mn win ba akort. aii «ti« fiar bUtobv 
inc cr^am ay pnaa pena wtit. ba aoi<| at .ira'' 
dbecd wAe. White ocvtaftoaat;. *ei^ 
attaaa gtriDI. MM to W par Mttiif at H; 
Rhode leMntf Reda and Biaek 4»rplngton*. 
tl.»«. W.4t. van Aannit 'KUMMMd M. aub. 
OOfc ,.■■',.., ■ . '. • •' ' ■ 
ifilfi; doien mixed laying rena And e<)«k- 
V *r«I fitr gue. tia> .»*2f Cnrner Bowker 
.aj»d yitinwa.road,, .. : :...;, y y ■'. ' -. 

'lit««l ««e<l' 1HM«:...^ fo^ 

JT ■■■«g,iai; /Apftly. tijf ,..l>eaiau|n.:at,, -y_^' 

.■■■«MMM«MaM«MBSMsaHWMM*BaMfM>lSWB«faH«MMSSIpMa^^*Mr"'^^B«^i^^V> B|ia>llia. I HI'-' 

tJfVemU layUif WWte tiOS^Otn^ and R, 
Hi V Reda; 4gfa for bitohfi^t and day-old 
obic; Wriu for Jkooktet Dougah'a Poni- 
tit Vtoetu. Cobble HIU, B . C. 

SI|tOi<B Gattib BroWn X.«ckoraa and 'Wblt* 
.. Flyswtttb Bottlt aSsa, exblbltlon aad lay* 
las atjmlB ffM »*r aettlas: Pekln Back 
ens *I.SS per aajttMs: 3. z>; went. Third ac 
oO^ Btebaond: an*, p, o. Mo 1, 

.> I III >i , . I ;' ' III , l y I , . i ■ ., i ; li . 

n%0''POiiiIiry rai*er»-4'rnM''*{<K)li> Wtllift Vt}/- 

1> aadottaa «<«» for baieklas per 
aettfas; It par IM; algo Sttft Book; heavy 

iMrias atti*»i mmn ^«*»if«» *1 «« «- 
dei^; <;ity PodKry Yard. SIM Ooawortb 

rOad. ■ ' 

p.1 t I I ii i ii I III I I ' III I ' ' II 

rnHRBB erat-tttaaa b**vy boraea for sale; 
X, welgbt dfteaa to sixteen hundred, two 
aata baaary baraaaa. , X». F. JUKBabradiHl. Met- 
oboaM >.•■■ a;." w aaa ^ 'kotaei;' • S ttilaa ■ eaat 
ot, I7*miur boaaa at Vailay coaatnietloa 
<3o'» oaafc^ , , ^ ^ -^ „ , ^ ,- 

fXMMTBO, a 4nM| fcora* K iwny for |l«bt 
Vir«|elHraii y. i% «♦>. GoiomuA. 

m il l ii i i d I ij iii 1 J ill i ' ' " i " I "' I ' "'" * ' ' ' 

ntMNTSiDH^Mdy bfaa. tit, iMasiM at; 

rpo rent. 

, ^ .lemrt'' WW; «I8» 

dump cart, Mraper and stone-boat: V'efe- 
pltpne <i7 t. _ 


CASH! Cash!.' Caah!!! — Builder* and 
owners. Tell me what houses you can 
offer me at four or five thousand dollars, 
all cash. Don't delay, I mean biiaineaa. Box 
745, Colonl*t. . -■ ■ . 

I WANT tto buy for a homo a 5-roomed 
modern house; prefer to deal with 
owners. Box S78, C olonist. 

I WANT a house In Oak Bay district on 
not too hard terms. Send me the loca- 
tion and pries. Don't delay. Box 146, Colo- 
nist. . _- 

TTITANTED. at once, foi* a client, a small 
* V modem house wtthln ten minutes 
walk of the "Fountain;" price 33000, with 
3500 cash. Beckett, Major & Co., Ltd.. 843 

Fort St. _____„_ 

'tXT'ANTBD to buy — A small hoiise and lot, 
»» 3 or 4 rooms that 3100 will handle 
and monthly paymenta Box 316, Colonist,. 

■tXTANTED. a 6 or aeven-roomed houte: 

^V well finished, on or n' — ■'- '--"r. 

Foul Bay preferred; price al' i 

31S00, Imljinr-e .-HiV. 7\'i 

need i- • , \ 


aanfttt* )2o: 

female, pure ._.. ..__.,-. — 

good temtpered 120; Xl^ McConnol, Oordoh 
Head. ___^ 

JLOST A2«D rotno) 

modern bungalow, 8 rooma; rent 
386, poase*alan early in April. 924 

f|\0 Jet. house, 6 rooms, bath room. h. and 
X e. water; Just outside the half-mile 
circle. Apply 1109 King's road, corner Ora- 

r rent— Good bon*e la Oak, Bay- Oreea 
A'Burdick Brba .. ^-: .;,.. 

I ■ ^ '■ ' 'r *•' '.--^.^^j^.^ . 

«o UBSL,-diuvsBiUKiHr|B«» awmiiB 

ASUITtE ot two boi^MrkeeplnS roam*, 
nicely ;urnl*hed; sa% -«!(*« trip > Usi>t; 
open nreipiaces, etc., eoaveateaw 'located; 
close In. 849 B urdctte avc* . • 

A Three and four room atX vao*«t la 
modera mmtment block, $>t aad up 
including pbone. "Field JkjpnmaBaatnr" near 
corner mwen'a avc. aad Boustaa at. Ptaoaa 

('^OKFOBTABt.E furaiabad ro^a with u*e 
■J of kitchen, on car lUia. Mrs,. Walker. 

<H*T-timita. Beqnimalt Rd. 7b»ae Ml 837. 

ii i:ir ! ii I. ,11 I r , I ■ 

ISIi^H Meat — Utrin* furatabed bouaekeaptas 

-a? room near car; Hi9 iNwtb imrk «t> 

I I I I II I 1 t ii 1 , 11 . I 

"EtOB rent— Unfaml*bed roolua^ Vancouver 
•I: street, one 'mlnuto from Pandora Ave. 
ear line. Apply to L. 3. Sbanahao. 740 
view Street; Pbone 604. « ^^ 

"E^OR. rOat-^Houaekeeping; irooms, f uraiabed 
J? «nd onfttralgbad, ala» .A'rooiaod shack, 
ng Pnl'aa Boad. 

HKmreni, d antte ot well furalabed rooma, 
J?< aJao aiagle; modern aad «loBe,la., A»> 
dliir ligl ICIeblcaiP^St. ■,«. 

■i i ii I „) m ill ji , , 

1J10A Bent-^Two iarn partly 


•M: kbttMikaaptbg rooniik ' wltki 
ctoaa tai 717 Cormoraat atreat. 

F - n i l ' II I I a n I * 

VHStmajgD booaekeeplaK rootta to rent, 
eoraer Bieb moad atid Oak 'Bay** 

X[n7|{il£iikx> room* to iet- with breakJtaat 
" or taa x>i Mtchca; Slfrl Cbambcra 8t ». 

PTIRiNrtSHBD taousekeepfng roomaT isH 
Qovemment *t. 

OU8EKBEPXNG roonts to let, four out 

■tde unfumlabe 
.\prli: no cMldrci 

Aipp«r W, 

■tde unfumlabed bdnaekeeplRg rooma; 
lat .\prli; no oMidrcn. Wood* bloca. 



dora and Donstaa. 

III I H I II , ii ll l'i M «II J I I.I .I» I I ll I III 

HOUSEKBKPIIfO rooms fumlabad, aatur- 
aMbMI.. auBaaii srataw oaa , MocJt Vort 

at. cart , >7»a Kambroka y. 

HOUSBKBBPIMO room. 12K Bgnmaa St.. 
aaar Varawood ear, 
■i i ii.i j iiiiii.'ii ' ii<»i , , | i .1 ,«« I <■, , 1 ,1 1 , ' i ., 

'fjfOvWBi^BllMIJFQ room; naa preferred; 
-aia. gjflf paadiMna. - 

BO^BKBBPIMO Momg; no obtldraa; ap« 
ply^^ox Wt Cii^lonlat. ,• 

RBAl, estate agent* — My house on lot 7, 
Woodlawn Crescent t* aold. . R. B. 

FOR Sale — Folding buggy co*t |10 S 
months ago; phone L3S 96 before 2. 

AUNCHBS — ^All Size* for sale; apply 
caretaker. Oak Bay Boat Club. 

dae conveniences; rental fSO monUily, Ar 
H. Harman, 12«7 lAngiey et., (oppoglta 
Court House.) 


SHORTBAND— Pitman'* Slmplifled (Roy- 
' al) SyatMn, - taught only by tbe-Royal 
Stenographic Co., In three month*, 426 
Sayward buUdlns; day and avenlns <!la**e*. 
Apply immediately for Apfii coarse; limit- 
ed number of puplla only received: Indi- 
vidual tattlaa, POione MM. ^ - 

.-. , , ,, .M*-,*,JW I 1 1 [ III I I I I 

fiSftNGiiNO t,«**ea* ir<v*n -by <Vaal Bdmoad* 
O of Londoa aad Bar!*, barltoa* with 
Tetrasalni in IMft. Bhonea B;I4>5 and 

a58». •• t .V 

TBACUINO, Uia |iich*r> Ufa aad davetoplng 
your btgbest calling la tbia Ufa romov4W 
xfoftr appreaalva oondltloask J. w. Brown, 
liaa Quadra al. \ \ 

mHB| BrUlafei Cotomlrta Crolaittc and BaU« 
X matins Cbmpany, Alberni, I».C; dtirntak 
snaraatead eokhaate* based on careful cratg- 
liiig by experts of timber and other lands la 
•oy part -of BritUh Columbia.^ 

fflO real estftf e ft|]»»t»— r/H» I- and »i Ifc t*. 
X itorMaea and At, Catr^ok ai., itad let &,' ' 
B. T., SI. Patrick at., an aold. «. W. 8IU 
vester and Q. C. ttaarla. 

rpovv&UD Draw. 3«cb, at Hanley'a Tobao> 
JL coBtat, Fort at., S p^ m.,' prompt. ' 

LAUNCHaS — AU- •Izaa - foe 
caretaker Oak Bay Po»t Office. 

MIIiUWOOD; 33.00 'per double load. C. O. 
D.: cordwopd. block*. 97.00; split 
t7.(0. delivered and stacked. JF. C. KiaS- 
sett. (Daverne'* *ueoeaaor). 1616 Bouglaa 
»t.. oppoalte Ctty Hall. Phen* 91. 

lyiSW bnitsy wItb hood,- rabber tyrad. aide . 
Jn aprlasa, revetgrtble aaat for a; snbp at 
half coat: buggy, harae** also broody haaa; 
68» yilaoB St.. Victoria VftnU , 

'fW9 "'■ tabber tyred Oladatone, 1 Toledo 
yy iMiady acale f or sale 900 King'* road. __ 

B'wukt a B«nitfia£«B"Mader7 ihrs* iionth* 
tot lit Vlatm* Modal* $z por r..cuth: 
talepbana m4; JdeaUagtoa Typewriter Com- 
paay, llanttaS, It* Pambarton bullllnj; Vic- 
taria, BL C , - 

BOWBOAT ^or sate, complete with maat. 
. aall, etc Prlea M6. Box W»; .Colyplat. 

ciiDeoNtiBAiin) BtaMotjrat..aai*. Jk Wswm, 

P Itttft-yagaanioa- Boad,. . - ' . . 

8T0CK W «ata-^-4n«e abareii' In Prudan* 
' ttai lavastmeat Co. ot Vaaeoaver, worth 
nt«. far aata at llfO jber<ahare It taken at 
Addrsa* A. B.- S.> P. O. Drawer 6SS. 

T^BATUT furnished 6 roo* hoOae for Hti/li 

sale; .apply i -*ll-JtonUi»t«. Jte«LJ«J»J _q}ogs Jl^ 

veolencds; owner leavuic town; apply 

View st, 

II I II III 1 ^ II II . I II I II *.T*^— — I**— i^l****?*?)! 

AK Bay' district— 4-Booro hooap.. )%• ', *-,.,* 
niahed, to r^at, IM. Llpapotnita mAx .rt^,' 


614 Sayward Bld«. 

nHO reni, fuiriiiahed lO-l^oinad boi 

nioa sroanda, to ^reaponalbla , 
til Angtibl tlst Afi7>y Box'F.'^CI. 

.. i Mi. ■ 

mo rent— V-ROwa. fuVntshed house on' St 
X j^^wrsnoe atraat; -will give 6 months' 
laaae.- f60 par montb. Orccn & BurdUk 


TO let. furnished, for aJx months, an »- 
roomed hou«e near ^Beacon HIU Park. 
with all 'modern convenience* and nice gar- 
den: r^nt 170 a month; adult* only. Tele- 
phone R1093. 

FumUhed for aix months, from 
house, faclns; 
80 Dallas road. 

nfilO Rent 

X May yH.f -aUjtl^.MHgro house, facing sea 



rriouRXMO ear* aad taxi-oaita lyir kir«i <Uy 
X ^aa* - aWtut -mnimi «ti^*«pi< ^M aMWt 
rat**; JNMMSaoa «H ttte&lgair«L;. pljtOM 
l*Vk. . , •. . 

mows tmi C«aatry Realty Cfk> Aaoiiaaaai* 

x> a«& xwpcajaank i7» iraMa.(it..jnww 

V eeeda <bat 


1 , 1 um i x i 


-eitaasai tor JrlnfDria.,|hr«Ji)iMir* a taw 
firat-eiass martsaSaat jaait: ba- 'wortby of 
strict topest ltattoa .- Si ldrc«» -y. 0. 4Bos OS 
aty. . . - 

fo iJet>'~#v)iiMfeMMii' laffomi 

I I' II I I II n Ill t mmii^mtmimml^ 


' A yVRMlSHBO room, aattabta far two 

.A. sanUemaa,'- apply 7»4 ttiitatila av*. 

i K ii i »j) 


OUSBXBBPIKO rooaia list Tatea 


T lOttT housekeeptns m^lvtiataa with laraa 
JLi raittlabad alttlns room and daSMa bad- 
rooht in pWaaant cen{ra4..lMaiUyt .woitld 
ault refUM IManta; apply M^T^kadora. 

1^iGW» iarire room, fluttftt>le for li«ht 

-^Z ||)ft«toekceplACa furjiiihed 784 Humboldt 

ni iiiii ii < ^ iwiiii*»i - —■ ----- - - 

o%^i8^r&xas?«% lit 

AltABOB 'wall taaalBbad bad Mlttes ro«ai 
anttabta for tSi^ttMr C4>apl« ar..$aEa g9^ 
tiemen; in private bomo; also ainslifr taoms; 

broakfut U desired; 14s6 Fort street; pbooa 

2tSV - - 

Bll4tOirr ddVble oralbsia roam, baatedl 
modam a*w mvmi Mmtkfmat if da* 
, airad., SluMsoa |tt. « IPIiona Inmi., 

' M« « i w ia» ^■wi«—i > .iis«>a>a.nbt»ap i <Ma»a>i*iaaw>aMi ! « ■ e >»^* ■■^■■as— — aiinaaiaa— dl 

fWWKfKtA^Ul fonMaMd bedroom liiaak- 
\J t»an IS daalntdi Im Hilda abt phoa* 


IfKlR rant nieaty fanaJgliad atrtetly mod- 
' oh^ momab high ataaf bobsa. Booma |l 

.per day -or (6 ihsr weidt on. Tbe Bfiaamuir, 
7J1S Port at. 

ii^uR34M»«ll4''ii^i»«f. Mi ciriittp -Mliabiii for 
' iMlaa or sa^te! Mm^ ««s eattrtoat 

atreet. . ^ 


•aiit hottse- 


may have same by proving property 
and paying for thl* ad. D. Deaoon, Itayne 

island. B. C. .'' ■ ■ ■' ■ ■■■,:■■■■■ ■ '■ .■''■. ■ :.'i':, 

FOUND, a sterling silver watch, with In- 
itials "B. R. M." Owner may hav* 
same by proving proi>erty to Box 801, Coio- 

tal*t. •.■!.,: ■ ' ■■ '•''■'" \ 

LOST, Friday afternoon. Richmond Vd., 
lady'* handbag containing money. 
Finder rewarded, returning ftame lo_ 943 
Pandora st. ■ , ." ' ' 

LOST, pelirl stud; return to Colonist and 
receive reward. Box- 88J, 

LOST— Between Yates *t. and Majestic 
theatre, black velvet handbag contain- 
ing 310 in bill* (In small change purse) 
with silver. Finder please return to 2648 
Blanchardl at, or to Colonial and receive 
reward. ■ 

JLJ St. and Victoria theatre. Finder re- 
turn to- 855 Qu»ens ave., and receive reward. 

T 08T — Ijady's brooch, consisting 

of two 
and a half dollar gold pieces. Reward 
on return to Bank of Montreal , A. Lyons. 

Suitable reward. 

X OST — Green parrot, 


wire hair fox terrier bitch, tan 
hi<ad and ears. Anyone returning same 
to 1086 f?t. Charles st. will be rewarded, 

LOST — Pin. green stone, gold setting, a 
keepsake. Finder ■ returning same to 
Box 318, Colonist, will be sultlli' 

agreement of sale and map, in 
Finder will be 
iR same at this otnca. 

TOST, an 
J Mni-^^ar*! Nfaekenzle 


rtAd house 
sv.oal Bay 

uflrd,*!, in 

ll^ 1411. 

I A • small ), 

gc lot. easy 

» » f.i>iuaot*. neai 


Answen 1'. O. 

Box 11X3. 

S'ien. aarge black 
nhlle llcliMl KnglUb setter don. 


one found harboring same after this notice 
will lie pr.isecuted. .t. Whfttaker. 

Reward for return of nvnie ,llo«ti»n 


«» f l^ni) i.t lf«f Ic hiiArd bfiMl 

will S.. 
Ill IHV2 

Advertise in THE CQLQNISr 


of three bright, ury. welt furntsh- 
housekeeplng rooms in good houge. 
jiOar, all modern conveal* 
,*t,, Ferttwood . 

lar-^'Wtth tjae of kitchen- 'Aj»^ 
Tuiiy. Alblna at., Z lafflUWi 

rent, nicely furnished rooms; use of 
kitchen; private, select home. Phone 


let — Furnished housekeeping room*. 
modcrat«». 1041 Collinson. 

rent, furnished housekeeping rooms. 
Addrcs* 1210 Fort (it^ 

TO Rent — Two furnished htmsekeeplng 
rpoms close In; apply 621 HlU»lde avc. 

rpWO unfurnished housekeeping; rooms, 
-*- RofKl loeaf '.on. Apply 7.S8 Hillside ave. 

a "two large furnished housekeeping rooms 
■ , to let^ both, h. and c, phone, range; 
one minute from, ear. 1144 Pajidyra. 

WO comfortably furnished housekeeping 
rooma; bright and sunny; no children; 
318 Oswego sL 

and l^oiaNnP aeeda-rPpr 
eeeda <l|at adll Ipmft «ar aa^ W* Im- 
pan dlveet aad, Alt jOtalh ta yoa la balk 
oTpaalO^aa Wfileb wa pat np in tk«,atO;ta. 
Alan ae«d arrain, potatoea and field aeedi,«, 
Aak for our <6'-paca cxtatogne;. it' 
SylVeater Seed & Feed Co.. 709 Yates St. 
Phone 4X6. , > ' ' ' ', 

,. uouHmmtmAKcm ■ . 

AQiVmttlSBB would inveat few bnodJ-cd 
dMBtM w«tb aarvioas m genalna con- 
afra, As»iy Box 7»« C^oniet. 

AST ft, room roomta* ^iipag* for sale; fau 
«U the time; cbeS^, for, caah; apply 
Mife. Halt., letter only. !<»» JMaachard at., 

APAI^TK«NT< boyge, Vabo^ttver •t., II 
rooaaa and all modem TCQtilrement* on 
lot 66x11$, fa6a9;-a*ay tarau; phone ,66: 
Arthur Colea, Broad at. 

r^HAJFft for aale with over two year*'''4«dda 
\J Arthar Code*, Broad at.; p >oB* 66. ■ • 

j»«— «iMl»aMW I I 1 1 H I i i u l Lt.ajL 1 L| i i K».J ' i i j! !]-(- ' "- ' " 

BXPBtMBMCBB. poBltrymaa woali lifte to 
■aeare ^artaelr wl^h small oapital aad 
■nMwk; Box li||l Colonist, ^ 

. 1 - n 1 "[ — . t ■ I ni l ■ 

javoA Sala-^WeU agtfkbliakad buMaeaa. ault 
JC i«dy; aH good stock. loag teaae In 
central poaltion. Owner, leavtas aountry^ 
Partlealara apply D. tH, V letOTl*. 

■ ' ' ' Hilii I 1 1 1 

URMISHJBD room*, 738, Cormorant *t. 


URNISHBD room to rent. 1483 Fort «t. 



W'O front houaekeepltiK looms, furnished, 
on 8imcoc street. Phone R27Tfl. 

WO large housekeeping rooms for rent, 
furnished. 316 per month. Apply 

240 Robert st,. Victoria West, 

WO unfurnished room* to rent, suitable 


St.. off Hillside. 

TWO funl^hed housekeopitig rooms. 
pi' lalde ave. 


UNFl i ' i> housekeeplnar i-fmiil*: 
modern, on car line. Apply 6:' i 

street. Pho ne 1,3423. ^^^ 

UNFrRNLSED rrtoms and three fur- 
nished ro<jm* snd '■■■— imi-- '"-• .iir: 
unfurnished rooms pay i 
a snap fi^r i-'iiiple stai t i,-. 

Apply ' "ly. Box 3K8, i.ioionlsi. 


SCRAP Brass, copper, zinc, lead, cast Iron. 
saolta nnd all kinds of bottles and rub- 
ber; highest cash prices paid. Victoria 
Junk Agency, 1«20 Store St.; Phono 136. 

YY'A.NTBD — Piano, prefwrably . Maaon A 
»' RIsch, Goorlay or llelntsniar.f will 
pay rnsh ir prle» renminati'f. Also sniKll 
ranfte '■'■ l: must 1)P In 

flrm-i-li I'll' l>fui«in». 

^i 7'^ ,Nrisi>— A bout 

' » lonK. a 



FURNISHED room for rent; apply 143!r 
Pembroke at. 

PURNIiiHEU room to rent; also large un- 
furnished room-. 4S4 Superior st., close 
to ParllHment buildings. 

FURNISHED room to let; every conveni- 
ence, 1421 Harrison at.; 3 nitnute* from 
car: 310 a month. 

I7MJRNISHBD room, modem, Veat" cV. 410 
■ (Jswego si. Phono L,2617. 

Ir^CRNlSHED rooms to leu 606\St. Jodn 
St., James Bay. \ 

I ' ' 1. 1 1 ,11 I i ' I I I N . I I . ■ 

y ADY wishes another to share flat\ thust 

■EMB ani*,! real eatatn iHialtteaH, la- sdod 
Jc. ruailhif (Mi4|ar< wall^ fatatabed ofiiea. 

Apply 316 SarmM iOoA. 

-,. IIII I ni l " iii j ii Tin nu ll i mW ' 

•moB ^al4hj.M«a«(S«^ 


*p«cliu^ 66 
full partkiMay* from owner:- Box 26 

-TTIOR Sale, 
i? lot 

located aSiK;i|B i a if .'tiij,_^-,-^ ~ 
Is A raoneymhtcir '4Mi Jw %fie plfttt^ , 
are looking for., , Call and see u» about 
thla The BriUa Realty Co., 1011 Govern- 
ment at.. Room S, 

Jtt fc.;tnTtlWr>i1 house 

* ♦ yasm ^asa 'oa ^^Mi/tmtk ' with 

6 aaraa ot -sauitaaf .f. isilia rooata-Hdownstairs 

b«U, Otoalt rooiVi, lUtalMIt' vantry, etc; up- 
ataira 6 b^dwwiB^. 9;Mnfaoms, iinen cup- 
boaadl ttaawaaMj^MiyiaBII room, laundry 
and taroaaajr 1Mi|,,t:fMP.- and all modern 
again|M|»a<ai<l '^j glffi g'if^ulred; Box 641 

jm^ i ! ! TO. i,i. i . — laftiia ri ui ti ^ 

ffflO liot^Klcely ftmiialied 5 roomed cot- 
X tafe alt madam and »ltu good piano. 
^fataea Bay; cloaa In :360 per month: Rus- 
aell 'ft OregK 267 Pemberton building. 

, i , ,. . . , I .» 

TVTBiOt*B or' parf furnished house to let; 
W '<Klnsadown" Alblna st., the Gorge. 

1 1 I . I J I ii i i 

aBN» wai^"'!!! 
board f^ I 


:^-'and partlrii 

WANTED, comfortable single room wliii 
board for re*i>ectable man In neigh- 
borhood of Beaumont poetofflce; state 
terma Box 38S, ColonUt. 

T> io^itnir «' 
fr»Bt .at ^MMt" ■ 

I r ^ ... I . i i ii l i i i w t0 t ^ tmt/flfn^ 

couple — Board and 
iceping room*. «ea- 
302. Colonist. 

an want* comfortabli- 
'full board with private fan\- 
one.. Box 310, Colonist. 

yOtTMO woman of refinement desires 
room and board In nice locality. P. 
0.< 'Bat.- «1. 


AT St. fraWiilftg Courtney street, single 
and double bedrooms to let with board: 
highest and finest ppsltlon in town; oppo- 
alte' Cathedral ; English cooking stoam heat- 
ed; term* moderate; phone 1,2262. 

BOARD and room, terms moderate, loii 
McClure St., oft Vancouver at.; phono 


-LJ be refined; reference* exchanged.^ 

274 Colanlst. 


L Attn EC furnished room, suit 2 or 3 re- 
spectable men; board If required; close 
in; 1709 Douglas st. 

LARGE fro&t bedroom for two or three 
gentlemen, bath and phone, ftlrnace 
healed, 32.60 each weekly. 649 Government, 
second house fron Empress hotel. 

rpo rent, furnished, rooms; steam heated. 
X Apply Mrs, Houthword, Garlschc Block. 

TO Rent — Nice sunny front roiim with use 
of piano In prlvatn family; single busl- 
nesa gentleman preferred; two minutes from 
car line; for particulars shone 1,3175. 

rent — Two furnished rooms, hot and 
cold water. 868 •yaiea St.: phone T..3;63 


ri'VJ rent, furnished, largo front room, 
X Medina. 


TO Let — Liarga well furnished front room 
and a small one for gentlemen, with 
every convenience; ten minutes walk from 
post office 636 Superior St.: i >'>6Z. 


rent, furnished front !• 
fl rep lace. 1210 Fort st. 

K room. 

fl'^O let — A nice ■ furnished front room for 
-»- two gents or ladles, close In. »23 
Johnson St., cor. Quadra and Vancouv er sts, 

nv) let. nicely furnished front bed-sitinis 
X room, convnlent, cUme-In location. 849 
Burdette ave. 

TO I.ct — Furnished rooms, healed; suitable 
for gentlemen; modern new house. 321 
Ml'^lilgan atreet. 



furnished bedroom to let. suitable 

' '• ■^ 33 per weet, i,!.th t,. and 

' oke St.. 3 J'l -iji car. 

<'»H. and up. 

ysngley st. 

frn . K.N i :^ per night; %'t 
0\j 1211 I> 


PAKKT St., .Inmes Hay, n'lar parlia- 
ment buildings, 34 and 33. 




76 Ur polwi, 1(1 feet 
K. about 6 Ini'hcs diameter at 
delivered to 1] Cook street. Apply 
R. Serleantson. or phone R1485. 


~/^ OOI> general store uusiiieas foi rfci*:, with 
vT live room house, 'situated on (juadra 
street; call for full particulars from llodg- 
•on & Powell. 2 80 Pemberton. 

IJARTNBR wanted for sound paying busi- 
ne."<8 ' now forming a branch offUo. 
Capital required 31«00. Lady or gentle- 
man. No previous; fauainesB ex>erienCB C-a- 
•entlal. For further particulars apply to 
p. O. Box . 1129, city. 

\'X7E are instructed to acll one ot the fln- 
AV est furnished rooming houses In the 
rity, about ''" -or.TnB, everything new. Is 
centrally 10( a has very long lease, 

and is one ilggest money makers; 

price 31'2.00D; not less than 35000 necessary 
to effect deal. We have exclusive »a!e and 
will give bona flde buyers only all partic- 
ulars, Including good reasons fOr selling. 
This house clears |800 per month. Phone 
1446. - • ;' 

du-< pjrtA Acquires management and half- 
qPxOUU Interest in established and well 
paving businesa. Business booked that will 
take nine years to finish. Don't rejiy unlea* 
you have the money and mean bu*inesa 
Bo x 311, .colonist. 


GENTLEMAN sock* residence, with or 
without board. In private family, 
James Bay district; stat* terms. Box 263, 
t^olonlst. ' * 

ADY wants large unfurnished room cloae 
1 in; moderate 
ing, lOOC Tales it. 

7ANTBD to rent — Shack closo in or 
handy to car. Box 312. Colonist. 

CAHALEN. Beacon Hilt Park; privato 
home comforts; single and double 
I room*; moderate incluslv* terms; doge to 
town; phone 18'J6. 

DOl'BLE rooms and board at Saxonhurst, 
Government st.; phone 2 141. 

DOUBLE room to lot, with board, throe 
minutes from Cook and Pandora car 
line. 1216 Rudlln at 

DOUBLE or single rooms with board 616 
Michigan. 1 

i' j^UR.NISHED room, with board. 1363 Pem- 
broko St. 

I>LEASANT room and board for two men. 
fi4 7 .Niagara. Phone L-26 6S. 

BOOM and Board — A vacancy for two 
paying guest*; first class. i!S9< Menzles 
St., _Jamea Bay. - ' 

or 3 gentlemen 
private family; nice home and 
situation; Box 28(5 Colonist. 

In; moderate rent; wrltto Miss Snell- 


ROOM and board for 2 

ROOM and board — Bright double or slngl" 
' room, Bimcoe street, breakfast If re- 
quired, furnace heat and all modern con- 
veniences. 169 Colonist. 

ROOM and board for two young men. 
1263 Denman St. near Fernwood car. 


iOOM'.S and board; beautifully situated ; 
near Gorge; close to car lino; terms 
moderate; Miss Chamberlain, 1237 Uunnysldu 
ave.; off Cr algf l ower rd .; phone R-ilZ6. 

T>OOM and Board 901 Burdette ave.; cor. 

Qundra st. 

OOM and 
LI 35 4. 

board. 211 May st. Pbone 

WJANTED — To rent, with privileges of 
» » purchase, a farm of 30 to 800 acres 
having watorfront nnd good beach. Saanlch 
district preferred. Apply P. O, Box. 1289, 

WANTED — One large room or two med- 
ium size rooms, unfurnished. Apply 

Mr. Van Tasaell, 

Colonist hotel. 


for a term of years. 
;ij! building materlale; 

site ; 
railway trai.ka,;" prtferred, but not indis- 
jyensahU. H. J. Warw.k-k. 412 Sayward Blk. 

rXJANTBD. by April . 7. three or fobr- 
'» roomed unforniahed flat in good and 

central locality, 

Apply Box Ko. 881', Col- 

have 3100,000 til Bdvanee en agree- 
ments of sale; Victoria city property, 
111 amounts of 310,000 and up. Cruft and I 
AiO>hy.^l2« Pemberton Building. V'lotorla. 

\"\nr,I, those having rooma register them 
"^I Y- W. ('. A. Annex. S I Douglas. 


U-'ANTED— Loan or »I00 for ghbrt p*rl(Hl. 
Bon 303. Colonist. 

curlty. Apply clo K. rf. lHe«I • CO.. 
124 - ■ ■ ■"■ " 

P'-mberton Blot'k. 


DOUBLE corner, 
3860. for waterfront 
Box »!i», Victoria. 

Albernl Town. vaJuo 
lot Shawnlgan. 

■I7«OR Vie 

r i-ti-H 

Ictoria nr Vanconver real eatat»— 

•acre fruit ranch near water, on 

Puget Sound; the locality Is' becoming a 

popu lar re.ilden'.lal resort. Box 38, ColOjHl et. 

OR Real Estate — Several auto* fef ex' 

changi;; car values from 6*0a 'Up ftW 

iiooo; wa are ready to d*a); .call at \Wn^ 

Broad St. ____^^____ 

Y\,''ANTrell to trade, la i^xchaag)!, fgl^ 
VV property, a block of Jtood'"" 
stock, or as first payment on b* 
lot. Apply H. J. H*al A "Co. ia4; 
toij »lock. 

\TiriLL. •xohangn equity »46flO la 
»T Stone house, North Va^ 
waterfrootaite Vftneowvei': I«li ' 

Nauaimo. Box istif, Norin 
c. ' •" ■;;;'." ^ ■; ___'.':;; 


Ot«B R»U»1>1* Man In 
■.■order* for best cuai 
(Canada. 4lifh*«t commii 
«St i,iintt«i, iPoroatw, Oiji, . 

MaijTr fiili f'r'-'iiiMJ'.i'i ■x'-'J.aA.^.tt^-Li^ iiifcaSJi^S 




Sunday, March 24, 1912 


WANTED, to rent, hbu>e, atx bedrooms. 
KuUablA for nv« or six mep; Beftoon 

Hill or James 

B«y prolerred. Box 6B0, 

or flv. 
J. H. Ust ^ 

to rent, modnrn buas&low. 4 
close Id; n^ children. 


\\r ANTED 
' ' tago. 

IL. . 


kil^lc; closu la 
Abbott, 1»4. 

>.»« or cot- 

1 as pos- 

.cplione Mr. 


[""AXTEO — To r«ii 

■r three r'loia 
\pply tlS Suy- 

. aid bluck. 

WB have several olleuts (or 
and unturnlahed tiouson, 

large or 

kmaJ), I{ you have any (hint; to rent, see us 
lit once. CrTlmiison it Buniiott, 321 I'ember- 
tdn Bldg. Phone 2S8. 


It«»1 Estate Cuwiohan Station 






Acres, close to Cowlohan station, 

nerc" ;•" cleaned; vood 7^roomed 

house. » f. Water by gravity. 
I'rlto 190" 

.\cn». ' 1 1-t mUes from Cowlchan 
station; geod tlmlvsr • and water. 
Price i3b per acre. 

Acres, good, easily cleared land: close 
to •tatl<xn on good road; running 
''•'•■ tits per acre. 

u«ttr «4ja and station. H^!> per acre. 



Offices: 211 Fembertoa Block and Sidney. 
B. C. Phone M21. 

aCH — 168 acres en 
per acre. 

bloc; price only 


I.VMl rent, new store. No. 
JO «0£t. from Dougiiaa st. 
Dougan, R287!:. 

707 Pandora, 
Apply W. H. 

1AOU rent, ground suitable for tents; two 
minutes from city hall. Phono li- 

-Will lease for five years to »e- 

tenatit store In Central building; 

modern. flr«proof. beet location in city; ap- 

i>ly ii2Z Pemberton building. 


>it> ' pouslaa ' at: 

'*—*•>-• •to Store; 

XnOR Ront- 
lected te 

GROUND floor J; 
large window, ' 



Real Estate. 
Insurance, Timber and Mines, 

IJ03 Broad, corner Yules. 

phoue 217t 

cash buys a house in Haultaln st. 
district with 6 rooms; prlou |;i2e0; 
lurtng fti per month. 

QIMALL 3 acre farm near Sidney 


HOUSE and four lots clone to Sidney sta- 
tlon — the best buy la Sidney today, 

W 8. large m 
ney. Prloa and i 

AL,I.BAY — The North Saanlch waterfront 
quite close to Sidney and wlthlu a few 
minutes' walk of the stat ion. 

JONES Island — Close to Sidney — This Is- 
land has some good land and !■ oat of 
the prettiest spots in the Uulf. 


329 Pembsrtoa Building 

Phone Z18 

Victoria, B. C. 


-About onf aPre of land. 
-,n Sld- 

PORTAOD Inlet waterfront. 6 acres. Price 


$OKA cash and »1B per month lor a 2- 
--OU room ahacJt on lot B8xl»8, Inside 
city limits, 8 minutes from c*r: prl««, llOup 

fflOKA cajfit and ♦is per month for Iarx« 
^.^Xjyj 2-room ahack on 60x1*5, ii«ht on 
Wii^owscarj w t ■woitti. »U0» ; »r»«« l^-^W. 

and Gladstone— 8- 
iiHe just coiupleled, 
. llent lot. Price 

J un balance. 

entire use of baaenll 
I'poj^k-'s TriMt Co.; 

•-'08 Peniborton blc__„. , . .- „, — .. - ^ „ 

- ■ ■ '- --■ -fff^ j uh i i I I II I ,.,--.: . ' . ' ■ h Btml;-^ 9- miitmtg tnm ■««< 

ittifiii^t AsMUmu CMitral initttoB: M>it 

mo cwrt. RaKll «nttomol>it« boule «Bd gooa 
4- Iwdroom. HIT Oi»dr> at. 



tip T»W« St. ^*»»'»* "^" 

IH uM'^i^litinUAlSai. obrner of .two 
gtreata^q 'tC »ronU«« >nd 40X1.- front- 
al; r«v«nu« flBO per month; tlfi.OOO. 

'%|'6TCBOStN 340 acres at $2S per acre. 

acres, »1600; 

iftRAA cask sivoa you oboic* «t * bixi^v 
VOUU bcr «f hottwa trom f s4v« a» ra •» 
IHuns <»t the ot ty. . 

4M Cifiti cMh. baJAOce arransed. puU 
wXUUv you to posgMMlOD of » nj.Y.f- 
roomed -ttoiue onl two larce loU on UUlsld* 
•vo.; prtce oai » 14800. 

rnHRSB-BOOM bouao and lot wltb w»ter 
JL on Cadboro May road, doM to WUlowa; 
price >X836. caab •»lt6. 

piped for 
I5B00, caah 

LANQFORD St. — Nice modern 6 -roomed 
ooUtage with furniture, large lot, all 
well fenced and chicken run, good garden. 
TPrlco for the whole ?10<>0. »1000 cash and 
monthly payments anr*nv«d. 

ib«r '»e»l,JMtM» liiflifnit'- ^^ . . 

lOKNEH of Bay and Prior — Splendid new 
Ciuoin bungalow on' lot" SoxlOi; roOnjS 
I M»lled, beamed ctflllngs. c«- 
I 1.1, piped for furnace, cobble 
»ii.uu ;..... 4. ciu. W« have this for a few 
days only at »4700; cash »13D0 and the baU 
ance |?5 per mouth. ■ • ' 

YALE St., Oak Bay— Fine new S-room 
bungalow, on large lot. dining room 
burlapped. plate rail, open tire vl»«e. buffet 

K..«»* iM ^*z^ ISlr^C Hi»«<M^w<wr ^ A Inl nt '(llill- 

bearlng' friilt troei. The price for one week 
only »3<50; cash »«B0. and the balance yjt 
per month. 

CtLOVER AveT Moss it. — New B-room 
-^ house, modern, Jn full view of sea. A 
splendid buy at J4000. On easy terroa. 


1S14 Oovernment at. Phone 1440 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

WE tol 

lOuse In the city; 60 rooms always 
full, averagln* »150U per month; rent $600, 
wllh 6 years' leasu. This shows a net 
revenue ot 3700 per month, and 36000 will 
handle It. The price Is »i!!,000. 


848 t'orl St., 


Have the following snaps: 
LlVEK »t , » lots, 60x120; 38&U. 


KING'S rd. snap— A 
for 3O6O, on terms. 

line lot close In, 

lot on 

TJliAPRfiaa a*«.i BOxlST. tlSSOi third cub. 


eojillt: »1?S6. third 

LANGCORD Station— 2 H 
caah t£1>0. 


■itukted lot on tth st. cbca? at 


StJMAfi- 8tr««t — FItt*. fealdence 7 rooms ex- 
tra ftpiab and every convenience )60S0. 


Bt ^- 
to DbttCMg; riwita 175- per month. 

GORiOB **., \»f^-0Lti0-'blimM,-»- rooms, re- 
cently btttttv',.*i:*«l->«v«ry convenience, 
and cottB** «t're9;fr'r»er.l»0 by 160. coroe*. 
and fronting on two' rtmOMi «».S50. 

/"iOLWOOD, ntt>derft bouae. 7 room*, stable, 
\J dalry^ etc ;.3-^^res of i ytd; »S,60». 

aLANfyyiUD •vc..'^ 1 •aim. * »»«• tnm 
city; rtiSO. ' J 
HOIOUTIOnQOO c*««*nl; * «•«*.. «»«er- 

HILI/SID^ Ave., ft Blc* modem c»tta4*> 
lot «oxi;se; »8ifi«. • ^■- s* 

iiitrtrnnitrfr^rrt l n-i~*i; ii ii i ■i i if i -ym 1 r-i it -fJn 1 Vm 

vrtfeWm FRAMf TON'S j 

fiXAurr ex*. 

ftoMBS t And 2. SloCiracor Stack. 
C*r. VI«r knd BroBd» op«Mlt* ». SP*""*^ 


'. oa-;v!/i||b^: 

1 1 ta;tf ». DB. 


lot* and m 
and one lot. 

« l;rwdCM«> 

tfKt targe 

fmwni tneka«e 

«MI Mvy urma 

ide car- 

DOUai<AS St.. In IH mile circle, 1 block 
from «;ar, 8 large lots at 11000 and 
»',»00 each, bai t cash. 

ipAlBfflKl.TV Mnss at. Hnutb Mgy. t tnti 
' at tlftOO each, tblrd cacb. 

eaQb. qua rter cash. 

IN Ker avo. we bavi a splendid* lot <or 
- "fW; art* B M h; » mt«u te»-<«omi-e>r. 

IN Portage ave., S minute* trom oar. spies* 
■ dfd i4-»creIorfl«W^wo good'lota. 

T XNDBN »we.. bMt laesHoo. big b Md dry 
IJ olM* to talintia rd. » flftir <oot lot 
lor »ai«»; CMli M«0. 

IN SJielbouraa gjb, hait plotOt tram 'aiUside 
I, *plt»4i« C«M«tr IjB^ 40xi«9. tor HIO; 
XiiitA QtfAt . ___,____„. 

OfT Cedar BlU rd.. one Wo«k <h«i'Blll- 
^ hide. •!< flaa. lota at^MY» aiMH MM 

ea«b, balance t wo yeara. • ■► /. - 

OrF 'Qof^t, St.. tea-nlaatag^tMia^ fiOWaa. 
'•.. aavaral lou tor MM'itm ^ ' . 

Otfaa »bMa 


HARRIBTT Rpad-<:ioae to Burnstda car 
I can delmr some Dne lots at 11290; 
H eaab. '< ■ 

TkRIOR Striet— Vine tot (or IHOO 44 caab. 

ACRBAQE on Lost Lake road; 2 beau- 
tifnl home sites of 4% acres eaob at 
$1000 per acre; easy terms. 

LINKLEAB Ave., Oak Bay-— Nice 
highest par t for 3860. 

WATERFRONT lots on Foul Bay and 
Shoal Bay, beautiful homesltes, 
from 31800 to 33000. Op ve ry easy terms. 

-. - . - ACRBAQE- 
OORTAGB Inlet, near Cross Roads— 3 1-6 
*y'-i Aores, ijaake tine subdivision. Only 
tWOO,'on easy terms. ^ .\ 

ADEOyAIDiB Road- — G -roomed house on 80 
;t 120; 3awn, stables, fruit free*, etc.; 
practically on May st. carline, ten mjnutes 
from city. 32*50; cash 3460; balance easy. 

LINDEN Avenue— Wp liave a oO foof lot 
on the Jilghost part of this nne street 
for 32000 on easy terms. This Is abso- 
lutely t'he cheapest I«l on the street. 

TyORTAOB Avenue Ker Addition— 50 foot 
X lot' for 3700; cash 3300. balance 6, IS. 

^«- _1 

fMOKKBR Brook Street and .««anna:d eve. 
v^' — BO X 130. 31400, on easy terms. 

MOSS Street— BO foot lot for 31400. This 
Is the lowest priced <lot and best on 
the et^eet. 

/^tOBiNlBR Liang St. and Cedar HITl Road — 
yJ 110x182. 318OO. Easy 'terras can be 

I^ELA St., 
•Tj^IXXaBNCE St., 


»ae aot, 58xU«; 3«bO. 

one lot, B0X120; 3IOOO. 

two lots. B0xl30; 31100. 


atad, U ti Mttuni l#a«ia fetph^ Xtv> 
tag atrsam, soo Iwai fe g tnMt traoit f roooi 
houae «ut baraa, .good roatfi 8 muaa fMn 
city. Price only liSOf; caab fiBOO. balance 
over 6 yaara. 


Rem Batati^ Timber. Mlnea and Can) Laada 

Pbone uoa, 8aa Mt. 

120 Pemberton Bidg. Vtetorla. B. O. 

VKooouver Oftloa-fWIneb BtUlOlnfr 
Uembera Vlctorls Real Batata Bxetaaage. 

'■:ww,jll*f T . j ■wl ^ l ^^T l^l lS l, -*-- — '• — ■ — -"*-' '^ ■ ^ ■■ ■— ■ 


XV 33&OU. 

BAY St.. B 


corner, two lot*. 181x180; 

roomed nou»«, lui «u«.i->,. 

E roomed bouae; lot 60x120; 

SHAKBaPEARB St.. S roomed ■ ■ ■ !• nga- 
low. 60x12 0; 33000. 

ROBERTSON St., I roomed ni-w uunga- 
low; 60x1 30; 34760. 
/"GORDON Head. 3 acres, house, etc.; 33500 

GORDON Head, 7 aores, all cleared; 3800 
per acre. 

liti on easy terms. 

Loop MnaaymiikairB tut tli»'4uiii o^'imiili' 

THB future railway termlataa at. the.nortb 
end of Vaaoouver lalnnd wilt be be- 
yond doubt Fort Hardy; now 10 the time to 


- '* Real Batata. Timber and Inaaraaee 
•It Saywvd Building. ■ Talapttane 1421 


«tAA «a•»^-4«^e*J!S*^ %?i"*Jl^ 

#1UU Ctardaa cltrt-Miao ta MBO; new 
Burnatde Une r dna ti>row«b a tiaat. , 

^ateAA eaal>.flue baitdlnar lota in Vifit^ 
WKXKS tuiA Bxtenalon: |ieo« and |Iin; 
about #»•• aaBh, and long tenna Jar bal- 

eaab-><:!oraar Birook and Analf M.. 
iioxiso: Ifstfe 



two «0 ft. lota, Montroaa 
tbtrd <»ata, «. iS and IS 


inontihs. ____«___ 

dboAA caab. Donald au. just alt Bat^Mlda 

>'■'*' ^1 1 * ■■ •. > .. 

dM KA caab, Biatttofoird ave., Parkdnle; 1* 
qPtJLOv mlnntea ttom car; 60x112ft., Co* 

ABBRDBBN St. 2 fln^ totn. •0X120; )>riee 
flOOO- eaab; tMrma smarter caah. bal- 

TTAa*'a».4 » Iota, 46x190, near AMtlj^a 
ii ^1 iflittm fisoa eaob: tbtrd taatt^lwi* 
ance aaiar*' - , _»____«__ ■ "'- ' 

LTtASJL 0t4 2 lata In Vlewfleld Subdlvldos, 
alae 60x120: prlca flOt« aaab; fSOt 
caab, balance easy. t 

T I , I II I ' y«»— * i • 

BBBNSIDB «*\«i*<,«)d»n plaea— Wa fcawa 
a new rotodlvWSn M U U^ Uvoh 
•800 np: third Saab. 0. 12. 1 8. 

•jinsZ Drlvo'^Wa liave' three 'lott at f t»H 
each; 60x110; third cash. 


mas beat douM* corner on Beacon ave.. 
X I6I00, terma. 

CHQIC9 bnaiaeaf lot on Beacon ave.; 
$1600; |erma >600 «aab,- balance in 12 

( I I I 

FNB lot on aactmd street, with amall 
ahaok; price ftisa; tetfia M60 caah: 
Dalaaca (n • year. 

FOR Sale — Oovernment street, 240 feat 
frontage, with double corner. 

"EWB aale. Herald at.. 12eft. on Herald. 
jC with corner. Oovernmimt. 

X«m 6a£F^S<iSiS''lni^'IW ~f t ^ornlf 

gT. Patriok •!« llOOtt. UO 
^CNBII.. novo. (28-74) 
-DRIOHTON ave.. »1400. (3«) 
/^^K Bay ave. owner, t4t«0j 

.-.saai. «■ MELLIN 

gooke Harbor. 


IN THB MATTER of un application lor 
a fresh Certincate of Title ti> Bectlpn 1«. 
Range V East South Saanlch Lilstrlct, Brit- 
ish Columbia. 

NOTICE Is hereby given of my Intention 
at the expiration of one calendar month 
from the first publication hereof to issue a 
fresh Certificate of Title m lieu ot iii<j 
Certificate of TUIb issued to lionry Smith 
Fairall on the 14th day of June, 18»3, ami 
numbered 10632 A. which has been lost 
or destroyed. 

Dated at Land Registry Office, Victoria. 
British Columbia, this 1st day of March. 
19X2. S. y. 'WOOTTON, 

Registrar General of Titles. 


late of 


T XMKXtBAB ave., 12000. 


A KFHION at. 4U00. 


1400.000 to loan (or ereottng as 

xor wnwR foam ig a 

Saaat 4t« jpar Vera. 01 


!WB a tt, » 1 060 > — (♦•♦- 


ft 4EII1P 10 aiofa iMiitrinwf^lBt* wtth^FWJt* 
P ace on Harbor ISO* 1^ aoiai acreage on 
atndta »l»» par acra. '. » ,y ,■ 

■ m ill I I m i l. > ' . 

A\A AOBW on rivar at f J^i* par afps. 

.1 ■' ■ ■"- ' ''' ' 

5A0BB balldtng lots, good ao»- and elm* 
la from flQ O par acre np . 

nROOWBD bouae on 4-6 a«»ra lot $1700. 
, apply to R. Oi ««J!a; a!ain;e> land- 
ing F, O. 

-i r iii i i.ii in Ill I ' I I ■ 

ISi^VlK and Cadboro Bay: 91400. (liij 

XiB7:au ]HM(.iMi^.tak|H9i:JUir}.. . 


agraamaata of aua Vtctarta property t200.' 
000 ta^ta vt t M^^oa and ov er. 

COWlQBUI«F-«AIM>itt' tOOo" aeraa atiftaWa 
(or aMMUtMaa HiCa I or 10 asra M«Mm» 
(or wliMi tiMHw It a grant daaaaad. TWa 

— *^Li5?*^ E" ***** *** 
)ff "i^ar t«ra. on rallwar aAd ntttai 
rbadgi ' 

xxma «t Bator BaiT'-'^is.oo* Aoiw, n.ti 

▼ ▼ par mam s6lt«M« for aattUROMMi am , 
aoMtvIalqfi !■«» 20«aere bloekai waoM oalt 
raadUy «l; ^M par aera. < 


<~v AaraataMflfiir 

AanuM wMMp far iotlMtlaii. t mnaa 
rhw tiMtM*, loM liaL. aiiUMa f«r mOh 
41vWfln. ,.gt„jaflt,Mi» Jwnntwtt PanliMmbk 

[XJE Xi%«-u« AAw^/fSU 902 mestu 


imB A» ptom 9ap-.iM Aaraa, 
i-^ atad. K0« p«K aot* . 

aU aaMiv* 

T INDBK, next «o Itatlaa. 12476. 

|^«0OK at. eloM to Paadargaat. <24t0 (I7l> 

ynamoMxi, ft. moo. ait.) 

Estate of Sninuel Thomae Styles, 

A'lctorla, Uritlkb Columbia. 

All creditors and other persons having 

any claims or demands against the estate 

of the above-named deceased who died on 

the Tth April, 1911, and whose will, dated 

»tll AUgusl, 1899. has been proved in the 

Kupreme Court of British Columbia by John 

, Henry Styles and Elizabeth Kexia Sehl. the 

ij^E^irf^ I'Viiecutors therein named are required to 

^* land iMirtlcuIara of their claims duly verified 

to the undersigned on or before the IBtit 

AiPrll, 1912, after which date the execu-"tt»»."|»4«t-iri»t win p roceou ' xo ois- 

trtbttta tlia.4iWM^~ Of the said deoeaaed 

atnyjiltTt :OSf^^^Bfia «stHXed tberste. h&y* ■ 

fii|P rMHUvlwdt^ w* those olalma ot wli ' " 

tbM wSm Vim Iwre had notice, aiid 

distrtbntad to* mw pailHia «r r 
whoae dalma -thair aMUjaMfMn Itavaifd 
notice. ,> , ^ 

Xtatad thia t4tb Mr «( MttMh llfl^; ., 

Boltottol^ far jt^'^iSti^iii^ ' 

i j^jJB ^ 




vats IB TO CMMTiifx tnat (ba WaUton 
loa OaUlanr Campaay, Utattad. bnidar oC 

to ttM Water CommjaalgHar cor tha VtMnM 


fc ta 


M*^>-* rvtnictt^i^ 

J? ttrtoa, par Mt. flDOs gmaU^aaab pay> 

aabta teat mt a«iaea«, o< wb«4r ft^JUta 
Puatiadga tlvar. a «rf|m8a2r^«t C «airta*nr 
rtva^? iSa aabmutad t» ttta lig waaair H ay* 
gnwr to Oo«3MU a flBMi 
Iv i rtaa%tt taM|g<a,ta 

m ^ ^^ _ 

aactosa ananmaa Mii IU8tt.lBi.~wa 

at «|w,OtklBt Waiar wommnalonar at 

uta «aUH 

'^ BWWwWB'SilBvjtall.'KSPaiwf^s'.'ywPW^WI^ TfT^ 
gM the hereinafter deticrtMd diversion dam 
IP an taereased depth of five feet or leaa. 
- ■ ^44version data : jyjfw Sr^^- ^^ 


a aat 




Nones 18 HBtuBBT 01 
WiUiam Troan. of tha dtp at ^ 

tab Cslamblei la applytat >a Bf»4BliaaMiXi 
the Chnremor Oikao^ oe»iai<ifA>'-to 
for itpproval of the araa pim ^#« «|jAa 
aorlption o| woirlta'. paoMMi'--' -tft* •A'^fiMt't 
atruotedjin W«|t,|| 


and being to Vt»' *t! 

and knowiv W 
af iota anvah. 


jMtJn^torla aforea 
and described as pa«|> 
JIA thirteen of secttoh 
farm, Vancou%er Isl- 
and bas deposited the 
of the proposed works 
thereof with the Minister 
:s at Ottawa, and a duplicate 
Registrar-General of Titles 

In the Lattd Registry Office in the City ot 
.Victoria, British Columbia, and that the 
matter of the said application, will be pro- 
ceeded with at the expiration of one month 
from The time of the first publication oC 
thlB notice in the "Canada Gasett«." 

Pated thU l«tl»"day of March, A. D. 1912. 




KM Batata.- 
Car, WUktnaon BoaA 

OaMita p. tK 

v^ laannuBAa, 
._ .Ottaodlar Avai 
Vlalark ft. (t. 

» aeraa. only tH nUea from Vlotafla 
aM » unmwa tttm, near .earliaa atatJoa 
aite; ff^nx^n 'hamv •hSuT f H (mtt «Npia, 
ratbaildK^Slaluii Jtt|Mbi^aB«ii *o}L^ 
watari ^ cood "dnxif pAoa with aaagr ttntaa. 
tlratHslaaa aab^ivtaton propartr. 

/"tlARBT rd.. eoraar lot. 2-room cabin, bnaf- 
V aem afte. wmr city; prt«« fM*iaf oaaft 
ViOOk aaay balance; good buy. 


U ^tmSTmmS^TII I/m^*!^ - ^»>oaB Z.70S 

tl»..Ji»mJ(((t'r4>«44>«Ws*-t*W. JUtaaaaW 
<U«taM^<lMi^«||M» And not ao well loeat- 
•d iia iPSS 1^1^. call up for one of 
ettr BaeUatt «aff <«to tanatnaaa.' 

g Booma, lElank «t.' ateam baatad. M20«. 
e Boe«g;a, Xfmmm atu lltSOi koiua. . 


Av^~-Lot fOzUO. MM. ^m|ti 

/iAJtt'SBIib nvar. 3war Dn«e»ii Matf^tU 
.^^ at fMO laar aerat loa« <i«Ma«» 

TKMJNIMk aaar «daay. 
M.. tff |2»,00f.^^^ ^ 

Prteap ftam fllN 

'mciU.'Bay. wttb aaa Mnt an auto PMM, 
■W. g Mwaa. siooo. spiattdld far 

CinBBf* farm. 1260 aeraa, with 1000 ahaapw 

aaL U»Mia. »y,par.aaw^ to ttodtoB 
KflfEMttint ymitipSnS'SniSmt Vmmm, «to, 
*. over I iOSi m «»rt^ 

VANGOtJVBit fetraat-«iat «lUi tut*am 
bOaae. 18600. 


«traiJ»-Siat «i> muMUU 

«»iWlSrSS5iS«»*ttfi: prioa 
ttr B <w Wi;"«iN>>' tiH. *» i<i*» *wtoOi 

,_ ava^ ataataa of * aplendid 

tata^ jtaob fopiio^ #1060 eaob. m mr 


iiSi Ki i ji i «l 

^Sf ■!. 


s." ' *,» 

IMMk 4k|«l*l 

ltt.'-«ot B«Kit«. «apo. 


$150 '^.^StJ^^^i^^l 

*ni'i mm 


HOUBB. rootM 
corner oC ^hu— »— ^t-~— — i-z-ja-^-f.i.-; 
with fruit; lovely homa "ott «efeo«Bd altaj 
price »6500; thi rd caah. 

ONE acre (about). ^^S^JI^t^^^S^ 
top of ciovetdaiic. a^fWlLMtli.y , ': 

room modern house: city *a**rf -SBlTBa ana 
trees; 38500; th ird cash and terms. 

OVER Quarter acr)»' in ,Puppliln : et« for 
31000; snap for » worker; only »4J0O 
cash and feasy terms. 

CliOVEBHIIilf—Some flneat ioU in this 
u;nn!! rnsh pskji 

r?UKKr. tdL, «as«aik Cllr, aatght% iHaaa 

^ ^-*^ ^tiSsrSr^k^'^t^ 

ppao^atfad vaOO. m 
|ft.agum«y makif; 

STBAWBSfcHT rJUU»-aMtuA ava,. fira 
adNp ma ••raatft MjMa;,,t«0' <nrt( 

to amah finrila to «caat «HMWttoi| 

l3»»r ««to fMM^ bat«3Mw 1. « aad 

HSli pSaaait aitauototo imk and 

iloken ranoti aSt% 

t>A«Kt>AI4D*-« , Utta 

Jt aaeJt.' - 


60x112. oai:^ tioo 

I^QM «t«»I«t 80tt20; tlSOOi 


ritBLUKaTOK • 
▼▼• atraat. fioM. 


,CB IUvi«>-->lM,«li AoTHii tjba Itoaat 

^^ i im t u I 'I II > 

nria.nnnara at ,9wk. MmtOt totoiiiJ tt 

A latab to aell aastta MM ,da pciaa dMi 

fAiunr Bap ioi*' ' •-""' -t-*^' 

COSKBB Oaok and Oltpbant~48xlS0. 
ftOOft, am ^ la a good h uy. 

COBNtnt m^jSSaSStiSSnRon, facing sea, 

y iiii « iii tm s -g ,> 

SUPBRtOtl and SJiMMmi^Two front- 
,«Ma '00x240. oo^^mtpto. 

J Qf^m Bt.-^¥ -^ox»2. 

'■^ mi^p»»ww»^Bs«P(^9^»»w ^ T • ^_i.j_ 


feet bell 
BN-Vba werJta 
talaalnn irf tba mnsat- 

> dam 

leaa. I 


"iravigable Waters Protection Act" 

IfP- V, '•^ 


D. Mcintosh 

Real Estate and Financial Agent 

UabOD Building. Government St. Viotorts, 

B. C, Telephone 1741 

17K>R a te-vp days we otfcr the fodlowlng 
X: barvaiihs: ■ 

mWO lota on McNalr, oft Cook. wM!h bulld- 
JL lags; price 31700. 

ONE lot 'on McNalr, oft Cook, with build- 
ings, price 3625. 

ONE lot on" McNalr, oft Cook, wli&bnUd- 
lng8;prloe ITTSO. . , » 


Phone 8074. 

Builders and Contractors. 
P. O, Box 417. 521 Bi 

Homes Bultt on the Install! 

. ■ ■ Contract -ri'.'i"'-AS.°*'«!.vv'Mj.-.:.w,m;:5«- 


V^ 21000. 


CITT . PKOPERTr. ' •■-^""■-■^ ■■"' 

i.--413 Sfty-ward.Iilssk,' ,■■.:■■- 


two SNAPS 
AK Bay — An acre lot near the Pona Bay 

buy in Oak Bay today; 31500 cash, balance 
6. 12. 18 months. Price 36250. 


NB lot on irtniayson; a an^p;«t -3835. 

Alphfl, and 


LOT on Bnmside, between 
Delta; 31700^ 

/'^OIBN'BB of Cook and Queen sts. 

\.J 365O0. 

/~%ORNER of Blackwood st. and King's rd,, 
V; 100 ft. square; 32660. 

TjVJUL Bay — I^rge 1-4 acre lot on Cres- 
-t^ , cent road, facing south; terms ar- 
ranged. For quick sale at 31400. 

V IRNOLD ave., 8 rooms," »5500. 

/-iRAHAM St.. 

6' rooms, 347:^5. 


Members ot the Beal Estate Exchange 
Haynea Building, Port St. 

Vboaa'S216. 221-3-2 Pemberton BM^ 


tore UtoJiti|k*tE>eeemb«r, 1012. 

With .^ii£-)DrovisD that daring the eaa« 
structlon «t the said worlca any engine^ 
apjralnted by the Minister of I..ands for tamr-; 
aball have free access to ail part* 
for the purpose ol Insiieutrng 
dknd of aacertalalng that the con- 
^mam H to llWrrlnniiri with the 

»"Mii£SilHBIIttMt'>9Htaln referrred to, 
iR|ii»^r# |gM-.lS r iMPcctioa ahau 

iber. 1211. 

tlve Council. 

,^^^ HEREBY OIVBN that Frank 

of viMaBa. British Columbia, are applying 
to Bte Kxoellency the Govnrnor-General ot 
rjanwda in Council for approval of the area 
ptangi atta amd -description of works pro- 
{MSed to ba contsructod in 'Victoria Har- 
bor, Victoria. B.-C. being the lands situate 
tying and being In the City of 'Victoria 
Iktaresald, and known, numbered and de- 
^MHJiad as Lots Fourteen (14) and Fifteen 
' '■iw and part of l,or Twenty-seven (27) 
: Bpringtied Estate, according to the map 
1 !>af plan flled la the Land Regis- 
try Office at the City of Victoria 
aforesaid, and numbered Fifty-two (52). 
and have depoeited the area and site plans 
dae, 1IMt.,JK<opoeed works and a description 
SiMK.-^th t'he Minister of Public 'Works 
M OMKwa, and a duplicate thereof with 
the Hcgiatrar General of Titles in the Land 
Registry OfHco In the City of Victoria, Bri- 
tish Columbia, and ttiat the matter of the 
aaid application wtii oe proceeded with at 

prlei ttWb.' 

SIDNEY, Rosevale — 1-4 to 3 -acre blocks, 
on B.C. filcctrlc. 3450 up. 

Rd. — 1-3 acre 
A good buy. 

on B.C. elecCrlc. 

TTWUL Bay— BBft waterfront lot, beautv- 
X* fully treed; beat situation on bay. 

„|4200. Easy terms. . 

►ECrlNA and Batiiofora Sts. — 'Largo 
angular lot 10pxl98xl73. 31000. 


TTAMPaHIRlB rd.. 6 rtJoms, 34500. 



ALF aero on GTa,ham, 

just off Quadra, 

NJE-thlrd cash secures any ot the above. 

SOMI3 splendid 
gooa iorms. 

bargains on 'houses on 



Boom 2, 1011 Government St 
Phone 184 

TYOWARP ave., 5 rooms, 



OSS St., 6 rooms,' $4620. 

"pRlOR St., 6 rooma, $4600. 

•pOB-BRTgON »«,, 

f .rn<>ni#, t4Rn(>, 

■XTALB St., 

5 rooms, 3^700, 

PLEASAJfT Avenue, Oak Bay—^New 7- 
roomcd house, fully modem on three 
lots. 38500 38000' ca«h, 


Suite 3, 1214 Oovernment at Phone 1443 

BBACH Drive, Hollywood Crescent-^ 
Large waterfront lot Price 31676. 

BBAC%I Drive, HoHywood Crescent — 
Large comer lot, 126x160. Price flOOO, 

"VTBWPORT Ave.— Tine lot 60x110. Price 
J^ 31000, Nothing so cheap on the ave. 

JaiP^ ■«"^?^''3^t'' 

Notice la 'iifm^fWf*'^ ^^'^ 

' '""' w woii«. i p i '»>fa g>i^ ^^ 

'WSD M t IfnttMW 'Vtlfipm Inn«r 
^ ik^^Mi Columbia, be- 

... . ^ ^ ^ iMlF^ilMiiWiriPlt -' as Lot 

5 . »j»,* i«ay W 8fe»^»^»>» '^' "ilStSl^rtTerL (18) section ten aO), ^saui- 
w aaonar^liMiMiili td.. sretty w^ft^^^j^. ^,^^^1^^^ British Commbia. and has 

depo-slted the area and site plans of the 
proposed works and a description 
thereof with the Minister of PubUc 
Works at Ottawa, and a duplicate there- 
of with the Raslstrar General of Titles 
m the Land Registry CXffioe in the City 
of Vlot«rla, BrlUaU Columbia, and that 
the matter of the said application will 
be proceeded with at the expiration of 
one month from the time of the first 
piubilcetloii Of this notice in thfe "Canada 
Gasette." , ^ 

Dated tMs 18th day of March, A.D.. 

1912. .' ■^■_-' 



6 Lots, Baqulmalt rd., near lAmpson at. 
31S00O. ^__ 

I^RAIOFLOWER rd.— Half>aorsa. 22600. 

atlon ot one month from the time 
publication of this notice in the 

tbla 16th day of March, A.D. 1912. 


ESQUIMALT District— Several pieces of 
acreage. ■ 

T>HONE us for «asy terms on each of the 
jtr above properties. 

SIMOOB and St Andrew's st, comer; fine 
•ite for apartment' houne; price 34200; 
phone for terms. 


Ifal Estate and Insurance, 

Telephone 1318 ,„ P- O. Box 902 

1009 Onvivrnmeot St., Victoria, B. t. 

. , [ ,„ ; ATnphlon anrt Bouchier, neaT 

O Fort.. lZUi.2\2. •!« for 3<000. 

ORCHARD Ave.; n Bay hotel nftd 
water. $1260. 
ELA Street, 


Oak Bay. 3900. 

ALNUT Street— High an.I 


ABBAXrriFUL Island Homo— Wo have 
for sale a small and beautiful Island 
close to Sidney; 16 acres In extent, lightly 
timbered and good soil; situated in a shel- 
tered position m Canoe Pass amid charm- 
ing surroundings; there Is about 3 acres 
cleared and the whole will make a charm- 
nlg country home or an ideal chicken or 
fruit ranch. Can be had on good terms for 
the exceedingly lo w price o t JBOOO. 

JAMBS Bay~On» of the best buys In 
James Bay is a lot 60x14;) with a 6- 
room houae on It close to Parliament 
buildings, on terms for 36300. 


17<L0RBNCE st 
. terms f6r 31OOO. 

nnc lot on 


6 rooms, 34000. 

PINBWOOD. a good corner lot. 60x120, 
Oil", oti HtrpotB, water and sewer, on 

A SGUITH Street, nrar 


-L' cash. 11000^ 

"rTAXF-Acre lot on Fnlrfl 

■Victoria W<'8l. »'.!00 

jiion n««'- 

lot In 




Tel. 2217. y. O. Box 2<«. 

Mrdregor Block, «S4 View Street, 

HAKUIET Road, two fr<)ntages, close to 
Burnaid,-. COkISO, e snap on any 
termu, J 1000. 

THIRD st, close to Richmond ave.. 31x 
110, on exceptionally terms; a 
■ nap, 3 1060. 

& N. TRACKAflK, half acre l('«l'5i 
city limits, fioiitngo on two strests, 
<:i3<Mj cnaih, balance '.! years, |3,t00. 


TjVDRST st, 4 rooma, 2025. 
"DOUROHIIBR St., 5 rooms, 38100. 

IF you want to buy a ihome on easy terms 
at a mortcfate price, conetstcnt with 
being well buillt tlirou(?houf, call and see 
U8. WV make a practise of putting up good 
hom4>s wliether It is a smoll cottage or a 
ten roomed house, so Ihu/t after Ihe winter 
Is over our cllcntg sny. "We were never 
chilly In our home ami our pipes did not 
freeze." Our homes nro warm In wlnl'or 
and cool In summer. Wp 'have aeveriil lots 
in Oak B«y. on which wf can . I)ulld you a 
home to your own plans. ■ Calll and talk It 
over. Now Is the time before the rise In 
value of the lots. 


Money to Loan. 

Life Insurance. Fire Insurance. 

Members Victoria Real Estate SSxchanga. 

till Broad Rt.. Victoria. B. C. 

Price 3860. 

near Central. 60x110. 

LEIOHIMDN Rd., facing Davie St— Tine 
level lot 60 x116. Price 31800. 

Rd.. Sotttb — Six splendid 
Price 3976 each. 

lotr, 50x110. 

C^BDAR Hill Rd. and 
J buitdlivg lot 60x120. 

ROSEBBRT and King's Rd.- 
60x129. Price 3IO6O. 

KInrs— splendid 
Price 3360. 

-Fine corner. 

and Shakespeare 
50x120. Price 3750. 


CORNER Edmonton and G«rden 
X 115, Price 31250. 

St. — Large 

Sis.— GO 

GRAHAM St.. 5-room bungalow, bath 
room; ntte'd for electric light; fuil- 
slse basement; price 34300; terms 31500 
caah, balance 320 4>er month. Interest quar- 
terly. ' 

djj.rrQn — Two nne soufhem slope lots, high 
^ptjyU and grassy; quite free from rocK, 
prl<;e only 3690 each; terma third cash, bal- 
ance to suit. 

LOOK ait this — 6 flne aots, high elevation, 
nne views; for short time only, 34S0 
each; terms dead easy; phone us; these 
are only \Vt miles from post olTlce; a cash 
buyer for the five lots would be llberr-liy 

OLIVlB St., near George st.. flne lot, 60x 
120; splendid view of sea and moun- 
talna; price $1!!75: tormn third *?ash, bal- 
anc-e «, 12, 18 months. 

AViBBURiT st. Fern wood; flne lot. only 
Ave minutes from oar; price only J700, 
terms third, bal ance 6. 12. 1 8. 

DUNEDIN St., flne 7-roomcd house, 3 
rooms upstairs and four down; fitted 
for electric light: cement foundation; liath 
and pantry; price 36. BOO; terms 3SO00 cash, 
balance I, 2 an d 8 years. 

TTMINB home on the Palrdcia id., only a 
X? few minutes from Foul Bay boach; 9 
rooms, beautifully flnlshed; 4 bedrooms up- 
stairs,. 5 rooms down; cement 'oiuulnllon; 
full l)kscm»int, cement walks; high class 
clecfrlo nttlngs; price 37000; terms to suit, 
or will rent for 3*0 per month. 


MICHIGAN Street, dose to Outer Wharf. 
32700. 3600 caeh only handles. 

fyOOK. .Street close In. 
y-J X llfl. Price 36000. 

larg* cornti. 


terms can he arranged on all iha 


very desirable home on Bhelbourne St., 
containing 6 rooms, modern, larRo lot. 
40 feet by 171 feet, pric- only $4,000, on 
following terms. 31,200 caah, balanr,- :i 1 !hn 
rate of 320 per month, Interest • 


1211 Govcrnnicnl si. 

OAK Day — 2 lots, corner I'-^nlriil nv, 
Churoh st, 32100. 




i^otlce iB hereby given that Al'bert 
Qeorgo Sarglson and Albert Edward 
Sar«l8on, of Vlotorla, British Columbia, 
are applying to His Excellency the Gov- 
erncrr-General of Canada in Council for 
a4)proval of the area plans, site and 
deiscrlptlon of works proposed to be con- 
Btru^tM on Victoria Harbor. Victoria. 
B C, belnsc the lands situate and lylnj? 
and belni? in the City of VlctorlH 
aforesaid, and known, numbered and 
described as Lots 1298 and i:i94. Beck- 
ley Farm Estate, Vancouver Island, 
British Columbia, and have depo.<jlted 
the area and site plans of the proposed 
works and a description thereof with the 
Minister of Public Works at Ottawa, 
and a duplicate tliereot with the Rcgrls- 
trar General of Titles in the Land Reg- 
istry Office In tlie City of Victoria. 
British Columbia, and t.hat the matter 
of the aaid appHcRtlon will be proceeided 
with at the expiration of one month 
from the time of the first pu-bltcatlon 
of this notice in the "Canada Gazette." 
Dattd this 19th day of March, A. D., 
1912, — 






Cfoal mining rights of the Dominion, in 

«||litoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the 
kon Territory, the Northwest Terrltorios 
and in a portion ot the Province ot British 
Columbia, may be leased for a term of twen- 
ty one years at an annual rental of 31 an 
acre. Not more than 2,660 acres will ba 
leased to ono applicant 

Application for a leaae must be made by 
the applicant in person to the Agent or Suu 
Agent of the district In which the rights 
applied for ai-e situated. 

In surveyed territory the land must hn 
described by sections, or- legal aub-divlslonn 
of sections, and in unsurvcyed territory the 
tract applied for shall be staked out by th4 
applicant himself. 

JSacb application must ^e nocompanled by 
a fee ot 36 >>hlch will be refunded It the 

ll^tilv a.^P>i\;d for £U 9..nOt «fcV»lin.uie, l,Ul iluL 

ot.herwlBe. A royalty shall be paid oa the 
merofaantable output of the mine at the rate 
of nve cents per ton. 

The person operating the mine shall fur- 
nish the Agent with sworn returns aocouni- 
ing fur the full quantity of merchantable 
coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. It 
the coal mining rights are not being oper- 
ated, such returns should be furnished at 
least once a year. 

The lease will Include the coal mining 
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted 
to purchaso whatever available surface 
rights may bo considered necessary for the 
wrrking of the mine at the rate ot 310.V0 
an acre. 

For full information application should ba 
made to the Secretary of the Department 
of the Interior. Ottawa, or lu any Agent or 
Sub-Agent of Dominion L.Rnds. 

W. W. CORY. 
Deputy Minister of the Interior. 
N. B. — Unauthorised publication of this 
advertlspment will not b« paid for. 



Choice Lots, 81. 
SaraluMH, ea<')i 


iy l^ots, Gladstone ave.. each 32,000-. 

T^OR Sale — In heart of bunlnesn aecllori. 30 


pllco pci 

ll foi.>t 




Hnnli •iiept. fiOx 1 

Lot McGregor Heights, 3150S. 

< t 


Sli Snywnrd Building. 

Bay— Mitchell St., fine high lot 



AK Bay— Mitchell St., fine high 
block from car 11n(>, 31350. 

TATRSi Strret — <"orner 60x120. wllh store 
renting for 3100 per month, 3<0,000. 

OWE Street — Five choice lotjs. 

•pOBT Albernl— Lots In 
A derson lotrnsltc from 

the original 

1250 up. 

avANlCH Inlet— Acreage and wslsrfront- 

NOT1CB5 is hereby given that the half- 
yearly general meeting ot the shareholders 
of the Vanrouver Island Power O'ompany. 
Limited, will be held on Saturda'y, the thir- 
tieth day o£ March, 19i2. at 10.30 o'clock 
forenoon, at Uie oCflce of the British Col- 
umbia Eleclrlc Railway Company, Limited. 
No. 1016 Langley street. Victoria, B. C. 
for the purpose of receiving the audited 
accounts nf the company for the period to 
aoih June, 19l;i, fixing dat^s ot future or- 
dinary moetlnga. of the company and trans- 
acting any other competent business. 


Uth Marsh. 1313, 

Notice Is hereby given that JOihii 
•ilatuuei iienry Matson, ot Victoria, 
British Columbia, is appsylnj to Uls 
Excellency the Governor-Qenersil of 
Canada in Council for approv»l of the 
ireiv plans, site and description «t 
works proposed to be construurted In 
West Bay, Victoria Harbor. VUstwrSa, 
B. C, being the lands situate lylnc and 
bcins In the City of Victoria aforeaftld, 
&nd known, numbered «nd deacrlbed a* 
pa»rt of Block VIII. of jxwt Of lot ntim- 
ber 29. Section XI.. Vlewfleld FlKrm, 
Vancouver IsUnd, British ColumbMt »nd 
has deposited th« «rea and sits #tans 
of the proposed tvorks and a description 
thereof with the Minister of PtiMio 
Works at Ottawa and a duplloata tbarv* 
of with the Refflstrair-Oeneral of Titles 
In the Land Registry Office In tba City 
of Victoria, British Columbia, ai^l that 
the matter of the said appMoatten will 
be proceeded with at the expiration of 
one month from the time of the firm 
publication of thl« Notlo* in tha "Oftn* 
ada Gasette." .; 

Da tod this SZ&d day of Tabtvmlft A,. >1 
D., 19H. ^■ .' ;• \"^'. 



Tin: \i< 

^ \ < <M O.Mhl 

^toek Mairlkete smd 






Advance in Price of Met-al 
Sends Prices Soaring — U. 
S. Steel Touches- a High 

»iul activity in ■Mm'0lKtftJ,$tiivlMJl)Oti»it.tutlt(i 
Ihn ^fUMlxa , -ftty,.. W ll m»» -y'-«i»tiimiOM ■ on th« 
- .Mt»fe-iai »Hrf^ . ■■'■■; . .^TnjOcB, Mw W<l, ggpy?? asspJn 
w««J||« >Ma«i<. ^gdniiMmt with an advaoos 
- t«faJJ|» ».J)M«Mi «f /tl». nwtkl 4o UHo per 
MPHf V •)Ani»rlcan 6iQ«ltUiK was even 

■' •J!i«^■^ wiwil*-.-.*?- .»to; ■■WMk , of 8 points. 
QlMr rlllfluaiH^ 1«M«B 4>f 1«S8 market In- 
^im^^i/miA ttam .t to 8* points or more. 
Tbf ImtiHfrlal. taauM «( less ntarlcet Inilu- 
•IHW |M||f4 from S to 8 points c.r mor:-. 

la, tliMv:; railway (roup theconlei-s uddo 1 

t* tbalr Fsoent rise after a pertod u( dult- 

Roaa *aA aObteaso. ><Ireat Western and weat- 

««rn Md. and iiansas Sity Southern were 

unusually' aotK-e. Tobacco also was excep- 

Uaaajlj; «Uutt». 

Tba ntirket was at Its best In the fltml 
lU«Uf"'#K^ tM buylnjr In co^jpers ami varl- 
oua specialties nbade for a new high level 
all I'ouiid. 

BeUtea buying in United Slates Steel 
sent that stock to within a fracilon or its 
best jwice this year. The market at thi- 
rlni a aiyi hnnKnm mmH *hr — tnttri — m Mp m 
M»teC*0* lunistituted the largest deallnBi 
tor .«nj>^ Saturday this year. 

8«litfs'wero steady but t^ie denuind d'd 
not. Utfe^i' p4cc wKh the Increosed dealluK* 
l« fltooka.' Total sales, par value. »1,872,- 

CMs.::^ iL VM aJ v apood Vi iM>r «enti mid 

PAmUBA ra li per cent oa call during the 

< ,-,, -■!,- 

- jf'- •> N«w York RatM. 
l»#W"YORK. Hn,rch 23.~Money on call 
"i^l™?'* *'™° loans arm. sixty 4ays and 
rlf'HliS*"'" "i^llf 4 PfW *ent; six months, 
*''S!H1S^*' *'*•»*• 4ft»t«antlle paper. 4® 
* ^%yW SS#?*- '8twH9« exchange weak with 
?*'fiBjSPP*''»,to.*W*WS' bills at »«. 84.26 
^'^M^llflf.^'t^ llMk »t t4.S7.:3 for demand. 
^ammmfia flmfct.|il,k9.6«i Ucxican dollars. 
«7<^ BM aflVWJr.Mmlaal. Bonds: govern- 
in«tttli' M id rttUAfim stea dy.- 

Uverpool VliMt rrloM. 
^.^^f^^S2^'' *"*'«'>> 28.— Close wheat. 

*^*'w*ftWi;2Brthw«t OH oih .93 »» 

3^mMAnMiI C. and C. M .»r> 

XMRv^nantar C. and C .to 

*^?Siitsjn»ri«» 1. .04i4 .<« 

^''H'S?. &,■?**'<'• •••*•-'. »-»• 1.7B 

iJ- Si-a!*#^ **"»• »«-•• 

^- TO^&S**""'** •♦* *•** ••»•■ 

at. w««t Psrm. <•> .'. ..i*ii.o« 195.<M> 

I'aclflo Loan ...,.>.. .^.. ,. ,, .|b 

Can.«ttli^8. ahd JL ,.. :» .. 

omaw-.- .v.; g, .^j 

Coroi^tlOB Oulfl 39 .48 

Ka6t«oty flrtd r ,. .60 

T^nct^y Jim ,,,,... .» , ;j4 .j^ 

Nugget Gold :.... .4» • .: 

Ilambler Cariboo .80 - 

E=:ianil«rd l>«nd .r ., 1.50 

Glacier Creek'. ..• 02 .o| 

Portland Canal .08H .04 

Rpd. Clirr «69 

fitewari! >*: siM t>. 20 

»fl*«Wno OoW ;...* .OT 

SooMn^tornt^ '.....,... '.. 40 

' J .f: BalM. 

aV'JMMWIir Land at S(.7»; 30 at 8.75; 
U at «ifftr eo at 6.TS: 30 at «.7G:«10 at 
tJA> ' . . . 

. ';:' ■ "^^^^ , • 

(rtneftlMtM fty *i W« Btovanaon * Co.) 

8Mck|fe!>., High. liow. bid. 

AnwL'Cg^^ .,i..... 80H 78^ 79% 

Amtr,:.S!9Xk,. jhML 104 H 10s 104 

-^™'^'^<Ft ^l><^ ....... ,ilfH 67 »7^ 

APM^mnitS^jiafBi- $«% u% 6»u 

jam, j S l i e iiiigHva .... 80 ss^ «8^ 
, AUMfe.Jhnrii^ ...«..,. 8S%, t«)4 ' SSli 

AWtfr. "StuScr " lii!U«4 tit wjl 

AiatT. J. ppd tr..., 148 4 148 »4 }48<ifc 

Aiuc:. Tobacco 1084^ 103 lOa 

.\^m«r« .Wvolen S9% 

v^ni^jin^Hh'** ^tH 40* 41 

Ati'hliion- JOSH losvi 108^ 

H- and Q 106% lOSffc 10»H 

U. T. VU i,j.., S3 8Ji4 Si*4 

C. P. R, ..:. •in-.t, 333',i za3H 

t'ontral j^HNMfiHM- ., ... 2gv4 

Chos. and 'Ohio .'. 78?i 7S>/4 78V4 

C. and O. W ,. ij^j 

C. M. and K . P. 11014 10914 llO'/i 

Coi6. F. and I ' ., 2a ^4 

<'''(). Sonineyn »-,. ' ... 44- 

(joiUdi'iii fohs .... r. \% .4% 

Ot. Nurthcrn pfd .... J.T.l'i l.'}3 138 

<;t. Northern Ore ..... 41'), 40\ 41 

Illinois Central 1.^1 ISOli 330'i 

Jntor-Mrt. iii'i 19^ iii 

Inter. Harvestf't I ■ , iir, ii 111.4 

I* and -N 1 ." ^^ 1;" ]."7 

I.ililgh Valley Iu7 JCG'.i l«6\ 

Mnokay Co's. i .. 78 1, 

M. IC. and-T., '"'i'^^- 30V4 

■ .■fCUlt 1,"() .4 

■'-ad 58% CS't, r>S 

Xavada Cona -'0 '-i :.'0 20 

N. T. Central U.TH m'i 113% 

X. y. o. and w nft'i .;• - ■, 

Narroik and Wett. .... Ti!t% 10 j. 

Nnrlhprn Pacific l.-'.-'a 1:^2 ■» jj."«j 

i'.nclfio Mnii .. 32% 

Pt-nnsyl. Hallway • .vaij-iiUiSi, 124% 121 Vi 

IVople's Gas 'MBkBKkS':-' ' ■ • • 107*4 

T'rrrKod i*tfp\ fnr •mbHH^* ' . .'. ' 38K 

' iBiHiid :v ".^ ;:t :'7 \ 

■■' .'-herrioI.T 17 

ithern Paclflf: 1 1 ;! % Ifj'i 112^^; 

ijthi'rn rintlway J!!',.! :'fi'i 21) H 

'l'"nn. Copper . 40 ',i 40 ',4 40^4 

To.tas PnMflc ,. 'iMi 

Twin Clt y . . 105' 

t'nion P.ialflo ;:('= M'.ftAi I'oH 

T s. niiiii>f.r ' -' ^ Ti.'H 

'■• ■■-■. •'-•' 7«li 68« 

•1" !■ ■! ':i 11.114 

rinh Popper .. ■■>% 110% 

^'lr«tlnla Ohemir .t^i 54 4i 

" "' '^1 '5% «% 

1 Union ■ iH t^^^ 

:iUltOUS<! , . ,, ,>>, "•":. 

Total sales." 324 .800 shnr*s. 


fruits and v»>retablPK 
;!.• u appoaranr.> on the 
Kim from Ciilirornia and 
finm (■?aHf<irii(<i and onl.^ , , 

and OroKon. Gruiie fruli ii, cic-ilInK from iw 
'o 'jn cent*, anil ornnRes «t any prlr.> from 
':■"'■■'■' '■• 7«.- ftvr iii>r,' Vc-i ■'..i-;.-;. , t-m 



"slraw. p«r ion .... i 14.00 

llran. p*r. 100 lb». . 1,(10 

Fhorli. vnr too \hn ] J3 

Oa<i, nrr 100 lb*. 1 (1K©1 TJ 
food Wheat, ptr li> ;i z.ouftt-it 

Crushed Oats, per 100 Iba .... 

Uarley. pur 100 lbs. 

Cracked Corn, per 100 lbs. ... 
Feed Cornmual, per 100 Ibfco.. 

Huy, iier ton ~ 

Ctiup Kued, per 100 lbs. ...k 

Wiiule corn, per 100 Iba..,, 
• ru(h«d Barley, par 100 lba>. 
.virilr'a Hay, per ton. ...... 


i-'rcati Island Sggs, por doa;..i 

Cn«i»«— • ' . . 

Canadian, per lb. ............ 

Calllornia Cheese, per lb. ., 
<.tcani, luca., cauu .....i.,,* 

Albsrta, per lb......',,.,.,**, 

Best Dairy, par Ibu .,>....« . 

Victoria CreaMHte>JB||ipm: •• 
Cowlchan Cri^d|R^^p|'^lto>... 

bait : »piUm':m^l^WlktrVr''-J^^ ' 
B. C.''.'.9ttl^w . .*.•*•.•,....,..«• ^ ., 

;•'.'•' •'■■■. ."w!Pft' 

MdM of Woods, img j.,...,^j#„ 
Uoyal Standard, bag ........ 

Wild Kose, per sack.. 

Kubtn Hood, per sack ....... 

casaitt, per &3E ...; '.i. 

teoftat's bast, par hag. ;...;« 
uruiad Snow, tsarsaisit '..... v 

Tbreo Btar, par sack •»' 

buowllake. per bag 


Oranges, per doaen 

Tangeriuu do., pwr dos 

Cira^ Krull. each 

i-*i>,uns. per £uana ■.... 

tionatiAS, per 'losaa 

Apples, per 'joa. 

Pineapples, each 


Ueef, per Itk 

Mutton, per tu. 

Uuttua. Aunirallan, per lit... 

\ «al, dressed, per 10 


kowt * 

\>g«t«tei«4. ' 

Me!(ic:in Tomatoes, per lt»...i. 

Plurldu do., per lb. •• 

yaraiair. ttunca 













.40 . 



Cucuuiuers, each 

Potaiuvu, itKf sack 

Anncruii t'uiatuus, per SACk- . 

Cabbage, new, per lb, 

Uarllo, per lb 

Oregon Unions, S lbs. ....... 

f AUTJtrarian onionn, » lbs.-, .v.. 
Lettuce, hot house, per hd. . 

beets. ,t»t ItK 

Carrots, par lb. 

New Carrots, 3 bunches ....... 

Cauliflower, each 

Celery, per stalk, 8 for 

Sweet Poiatoea 4 Iba for.... 

Urean Onibna 8 buitcbaa .,..« 
CttroBS; per lb. ........ .f.... 

Pumpkins, per lb. ...i'.v^i; 

Curly Kaln. par IL- ........... 

Rhi.barb, local hot houay," .p*r ' 

bunch ■ ,. ■ f 

Rhubaifb, cailfornian, per lb. 
Asparcgus, Callfomfan, 3 iba. 
Asparagus, Seattle, local, pw 

lb. i 

Artichokes, each ■...'.;.....■..' 
Watercress, Cal.. per ijuhoh.. 

.2S« .75 

.10 .16 .i^ 


.01 .31 






2.50® 3.00 
,8« . 

.06 ■ 


■ '.JO '■•" 
■;»■■ ' 


QaM SttOBttoB Id U. 8. A. 
MBW rT<»nK, >i*i«itrt3.«|*iB' m«««^ 

will aay in Iti iji«art 'ttiw«ir »ho -jftsArtat: 
bouses banks At! Kew: ,|ltfrk. deiuttU ?wi:| . 

iBitpnianta ol lUiidS 10 EBtii C£a»e 6'OnS t&O 

Ihtartor reported in their weekly statement^ 
exhibit a coil'tinned decrease In cash owing 
to operations with tho sub-trcasUry, gold ex- 
ports, etc. The striking feature uf %\\li 
present situation is ifouitd in the Jpnr ,rai*«i ,, 
prevalXing for monfey'iu the face W.a at^rr 
l»luii revenue whjt^b ib.. slM^I(ikl>^|^.i»«^glV 

proportions, f he most plauslbla. ewfifitiiatlM^ , 
i* that the banks had a reftrj^, «t ifm^ 
in the shape of ct^dit* ab|!<iitd: HAA »'.»;• 
o«rtaln that a sharp rtee M ieaii 0M*tloilHf' 
srllt reverse the tide ut iiold export* to ana 

■•-■« I 
»»'*.«:»'. ojt 

Brttlalt Coluial>i« IMwdslWflMt, SnMUes, 

Sealed tendera, addressed to tlia* tmder- 
■igtted at Vancouver,' B. C; and endorsed oil 
the envelope "Tender for Bupitllds," trtU be 
received up to noon. Itaroh £Kth. tU3. (or 
the supply of the foIlowteK ailiclea. for use 
of the British Coluntbia Dredging Fleet, at 
Vtrloria, ' B,. C, <«>r L» month* •BOtngi. MaMsk.- 
8Ist, 11*18; 

Hardware. , . .,, 

Pacfclngi. ' ■ 

Mantua Kope. 



Dhip Chandlery, 

paints. Oils and Varnish. 

WIr* Rope, '^ ' -" 

•^ FreOtr Vish. ' ,,.,,., 

Valves and Ptttlnga, 

Oils, Qreases, etc. ' . • . ■■■■■ - 

8t««i Castings. * 

. Fresh Vegetableg, "- 

The duppiiea ntUat be or tlie Beat ^aklity 
ef their sBvtra) .kinds and must be dellv«r^ 
at the peinu ipadflad i& the vartona IPnKlli 
of tender. ,, 

The department reiwi^es tl^a light fo *<(-.^ 
cept the whole or part of »ny toader. 

Forma of tender, may be obtjk^tad at the 
offtee o'f Wm. Henderscm. 'ttH(,,''|{«iid«nt 
Architect, Victoria, B. C. iik^iehrVtmt' of 
O. A. Keefer, Ksq., District .'HfuSfimtlt,'- Kew 
Weaimlnoter, B. c apd at tite offkso 6f 
tlia .liuperlnteodent of predgea. Boom 40. 
Poirt,oYfifa Uuilfltnc, yitncouver. B. c 

'41i«'i>ep%rtmi^t to4Ni not Wikd H^tt to ao- 
c<q>t tu* iowast or aiqr tender. .. 

" ■ Bmni>>ut a udBiit o f B re dgm, t~' 

Vaacoftyer.- B. c. 
March 18th. 1913. 

Newspapers will not be paid for this ad- 
vertisement If they Insert it without au- 
thority from the Department. 

l>f XHK iit'rUKMK COl^KT Olf BBlTl»il 

In tat jmKimr\pt the '-winding Up Act" 
and ta tlNrifimlpr »<: the Britisu Culumbla 
liortiuuttuirai ttttttes, Umlted. 

Ihe creditors of the abuvu named company 
are leituited un ur before the 15th day of 
Apiil, 1U12, t'o send their names auu ail- 
di<.!>8>-B and the ij.ii ticulais of ibttir- (lebts 
or claims and the names and addresses oC 
their bollcliors (If any r to W, CurilM bamt>- 
■sbn ot number I21B L.angley street, Victoria, 
the offltlof llQuioaior t»t the said ootapajiy 
and If so rmiuireil by nolluu in writing 
Irom the said official liquidator aca by 
their solicitors to come In and prove their 
Bald debts or clnlrtis at .fudge's onambers 
at the Court 1 la, JB. C„ at such 

time, as shall ,» such notloe, or 

in default Uuic.ji. ii..y will be exciuabd 
from tTiu benefit of ony distribution made 
oetoro such debts ore proved. 

The 16th day of May, ;i»ll, at 10 o'clock 
In the lorenoon at the said Chambers la 
appointed for hcarini; and abjudicating upon 
the debts and claims. 

Doled this Bth day of March, A. D. 1913. 
(Signed.) B. H. TYI(R\VH1T DKAaa. 
■■ . Betclstror. 


Xavlgable U'aten Protection Act. 

NOTlCtJ Isi horetiy given tliai the Victoria 
Harbor Hallway company, of Victoria, Urtl- 
Ish Columbia, is applying to His Kxcellency, 
the Oovernor-C' -.leral of Canada In Council 
for the appro. j1 of the area' plans, site, 
trestle works and bridges and description 
of works proposed to be constructed on the 
south side of Victoria Hn • ;,,i,g the 

8hor« 'Ine thereof, and ai irk wa- 

ter In the said harbor, a. . i,,;r that 

ihu said company has depuaUed the above 
mentioned plans of the proposed works and 
f I Iplloria llioreof with tho minister of 
•■ VVurkH at Ottawa, and a dnpiloaie 
: .■-■if with tho Xienlsirar aoii(.ral of Titles 
in tho Land I{>gl»try ofllne at the Cl;y of 
VIclorin. Urltlah Columbia; and that th« 
sAld npiillca'.lon will l>« p.'oeeoded with at 
tho .?xplriiit.)n of one month from the first 

pllbliCiUlliI: " IKlllr,. Ill I),,. Ciuiada 


Dated l.i.j- -M,i il,\y i.f MmkIi, 1 (. 1 3. 
, Its Solid' .ison ft Htl»! 

6i« roil Bi rla, «, C. 

Notice Is hereby given that Lucy M. Kirk, 
of Vu-torla, Ilrltlsh Columblu. Is opplyliitf 
;■• I1i» IC.v !li iioy the Oovernor-Qenerul i^f 
I'liiiiiila 111 (.'uiini'l! for approval of the aroa 

.in», site ill ' ' 

. ■>posed to be 

\Utorla harbor. .. . „ 

laii-is sltuaik lying s' m th» cliy 

of Victoria, P. C. and known, 

numb^i < ,' ■; ! 

slon s< 

lui.- '"» "I "lu 

jir.. u thereof 

wlu, ...v .......= .„, ... ..1-,..., ; 1 isTieries at 

Ottawa and a dupllcaiu thereof 

with the Registrar-General of titles In 
the Land Iteglstry offline In the City of 
Victoria. British Columbia, and that the 
matter of the said appUcullon will lie 
proceeded with at the expiration of publi- 
cation of this notice In the "Canada C.a- 

""'•" - ■.- ■' -■-■■^•.uM..-KXltK^. 

Dated, this 19tta day of March, A. D., 

1913. ■,■ 


Municipal Bye-Election, 1912 

'.I ;" j^^iCle «& C-ONTBACTOBS 
WtuH Urn PubUc BnHdlaga 

S«»1ed iauders Wu! bu f«c«l«s4 bjr tbo 
Moo. the Minister of Public Works up to 
It o'clock hoon on Monday, 36th day of 
March, 1013, for supplying and delivering 
best lump coal required at the Provlntcial 
Oovernment Buildings at Victoria, as dnum- 
erated hereunder, during the flscal yeui end- 
ing 81st March. 1913, to be delivered In 
such quantities and at such tijues as may be 
directed during the period above stated. 

The approximate annual cunaumptlun of 
coal at each of the buildings named Is as 
follows: — \ I 

iioil iuutp ouai .U\ saiika — 
Parliament Buildings, Victoria . . . 380 toiu 
Uovernment House " .... 110 " 

Court-house, " ..... 80 " 

The above mentioned quantities are not j 
quaranteed; the quantity actually required ' 
may be under or above the figures stated. 

Tenders to be based on ton ot 3,340 lb. 

Cachw4ellv«ry must be accompanied by an 

a mei a t WB i g i i- t uagt e r ' i eer t lg faiH. 

Tenders shall be accompanied by a cheque 
in the sum of 3100. on a chartered bank 
of Canada, made payable to the Hon. the 
Minister of "Publle Works, which wtlS bo 
forfeited It the party .tendering decline or 
neslfict ta ^nter. loMi iha-jiontraut, wbetL 
called upon to do so. ' 

The cheques of unsuccessful teoderera will 
be returned upon the execution of the con- 

The Department Is not botmd to aeeept 
the lowest or any tender. 

Tendere must be aicned by ^he actual 
signature of the tenderers 

jr. B. GtUFFITH. 
Pubtks War]|w Engineer. 
t>epartment of Publto Works.' Vi'^toria. B/ 
C. tth March. X9M. . •• 

.J^ibHe^hool Oeski 
_ Sealed tenders superscribed -Tendera for 
School Deaits," will pe received by the Hon. 
the Mlainar of Public Worka Up id S 
tal'l?*-*, *"*" "'Monday, ut djgr lA AprtI, 

it^2*r'*"iterii!?l**" !»«»•<» «f «f««d atfd 

. ' wiiiViM lumtiL 

■ ■-■'•EliS .IS** ■!'"•*-*•■•■'■■ ••■•!•'■ .■■■' . 

msa No. % «5 

deak.* "T*'^*'* ** **^ inoted at a pric* per 

Tb* nttm^ it the deak iiid maker to te 
inantioned in tender*. «»««r *o sa 

the Minister of Public Worka, or by cash. In 
1 .S«!l?"'""i*. ?' »wo hwndrM and fifty UuUara 
( 5850 ), which will be torfulted if tne party 
tendering decline to enter into coutr^tst when 
called upon to do so, or U ho fail to com- 
plete the contract. 

Cheques of unsuccessful tendeWdra will be 
retunwd upon ■sitnihfc of obntradtT • 

The Departacat is not bouua tu accept 
the lowest or atjy tender. 

. J, K. ORIPPlTU, 

DeTarimenf of Public Works, victoria. B. 
C. 13th March. l»ix 

. NOtlCB 

'VtAvxasMia •wA'x&ut morscncnr 

XQtfce!lfi. ii«r:nby flyea tlikt Mery 
Jean <;roit' of Victor^ Brltiaii Coiutn- 
Uta. is »p|ilyln« to Hta BiceeUency tb* 
tlvT«rn»r«U«*iiai^*i ut viatienw m t^wtiiicti 
Wt mwtotU. Ot tbe tirat i»uui«. Mt4t aoa 
Oamiriptian ot worsa yropowd to «« 
^lMiirMet4id, In \v«>iti'3«.>-. Vtuturl* ll«r- 
liiur» VtttorUit i*. w Mioa Uie . iahd« 
.Mt|Htt9 lytM «3U| «wt«N|vrf« «|u> City of 
Vtctotf4^»l:<»i««a>a. «aft'ji^W|f numbered 
and Ueucribeu a>» part 9$i^tmik V ill. of 
part of -JUot number 9fi^- ij|«ctloa XL. 
Vlewfield i<'«irin. Vancouver Island, 
biriUBlv OOlumbui, aa4 ' 
kre* itnil »itu pli 
«oriHi.«B4 8^.*iu 

irtu^mmm ^ttt^'iev^m m ti 

Hetmrr-w't^te tn tJi« City of ¥%ei[4i„. 
BrltlBlx Columola, unU that tiie matter 
of the w4d application will be pro- 
ceeded with «t the expiration of one 
month from the time of the first pub- 
lication of tula Notice Ih the "Canada. 
Dated this 2and day of irobruAry, a. 

O. 1912. 





Tenders, sealed and endorsed, for 
sections of or for the whole work, will 
be received by the untlerBlgned, up to 
12 o'clock (noon) on .Saturday, ^arch 
SOtb, 1912, for the construction and 
completion/ ready for use, of a main 
tnmk sewer and outlet, from the inter- 
munlclpal boundary on Foul Bay read 
to Bold Point, Shoal Bay. 

PlmtB, Bpccincations and all other in- 
formation inay be obtained from Mr. 
R. Fowler, C. E., Municipal Engineer, ut 
his ofllce, 10 Law Chambers, Bastioii 
street, Victoria, B. C. 

The Council does not bind themselves 
to accept the lowest or any tender, 

J. S. FLOYIJ, , 
C. M. C. 
10 Law Chambers, Bastion street, Vic- 
toria, B. C-. March I4th. 1912. 

LIST «% Co! 


City Market Flag-uard St. 

Entriis for Tue. 26th 

Z young hortos. 1 mare In foal. 2 goo. I 
cows and calves, pottltry. varlouH 
bree4s«. Wagons, buggies, harness, Im- 

i- - i'-il- 

.i^Ilc nctlcs Is hereby if! vcn to the 
i.,c. (ors of the Municipality of the City 
of Victoria, that 1 retiuire the presence 
of the said Electors in the Court Room 
at the Citv Hall, In the aforesaid City 
on Batui^ 30th day of March, 

1912, from iz noon to 2 p. m., for the 
purpose of electing a.v>eraon to repre- 
sent them In. the Munlclp&l Council CLB 
Alderman for Ward No. 3, to fill the 
vacancy cauBo4 by the rpslgnatlon of 
Ml W m \ Cilpason. 

Th« mode of Nomination of Condfdates 
»hall be as follows: 

>"a«iMUtet4iB «tiaU« lia.nomliwted ill' 
wrltins. the writing sbatt 't^ im)>iwrlbe4 
by two voter* ot th« af^l<atMintr «■ 
priope^fr aadl' aesatti^r, sod shall te''der' 
llvered to the Retorninf Officer .at any 
time betweeB t&e date of ttiil^ notice and 
2 p, m. of the day of the Nomination, 
and in the event of a poll being necea- 
Ba>y, such poll will be open on Tuesday 
the Second Day of April, .1912^ from 9 
o'clock a. m. to 7 p. m. In the manner 

For the*offlc€ of Alderman for Ward 
N>. 3, in the Polica Coart, at the City 
Hall, of which every person is hereby 
required tu take notice and govern 
himself accordingly. 

The persons qualified to be nomin- 
ated for and elected as Alderman of the 

City of Victoria shall be such persons 
as are male British Subjects of the full 
age of twenty-one >-*«r«, and are not 
disqualified under any law and have 
been for the six mbnths next preceding 
the day of nomination th« reglatered 
owner in the Land Registry Office of 
Land or Rei^l Property In the City, of, 
Victoria of the assessed value on the 
last Municipal Assessment Uoll of Five 
Hundred Dollars, or more, over and 
(^bove any resiatered Judsment or 
charge, and who are otherwise' duly 
queiified an Municipal Vot«rB. 

Given under my hand at Vtetorlat 
British Columibla. tbl^.., .X2nd d^ of 
March. 1»12. 

WM. W. MORTjttCOTTf ' 

Rotumttty OfiUiir* 


l i II I ! I 

Tenders will lie received by t9» u^der* 
signed up to Monday, t » m.. \h* 1st 
day of 'April, for « wag*en>-to be used 
for ptitting dOit* In to epoToy Hum to 
Itbe Ptyt^Kl. Vlif wagoa vUl rooutre to 
iMtva two compartments and to bava 
i;rtinKed a^le at' rear, so that It WIU; 
be im low to the ground m posalble. 
Pn^t wh«el8^to pum undorneath front 
of w«gon< JPh« parUaa tenOarlng on the 
above will be I'equlred to funslab pl«3<a 
^itd speclflcaUotts and time t«auired|. to 
build the same: with atl acceaaary 
lamps, locks for spplng doora and com- 
picte the aatne In good working order 
to -the satisfaction of the Pound Com- 
mittee and pound 5£a«per. 

The ibt^st: or any tet>d<» stet xiteta- 
Oarily aocpte4. 

- .MX.. W., . MOATHOOrr. , 

PoroMtslng Afftttt. 

my IlillVJi^ 38; l»tl. 


Horses, Wagon, Harness, Etc. 

Tenders will be received by the 
undersigned up to lo a. m. on 
Saturday the 30th for two (2) 
grey horses, harness, wagon and 
top, wliich can be seen at the 
Police Patrol Department. Terms 
cash. The highest or any tender 
not necessarily accepted. 


City Hall, March 23, 191a. 

Purchasing Agent 


n^u ..fritaa»-jfc«rtl Jt^Wwi 


totiOars will to* roeelwd.liir tli* ttnaw 
signed up to a p., m. on Monday, Mait^ 
Sath, for one pnavmoaiio Siiit 'iKbaVk^tf^ 
a cut and tnem«jpan4ttm «an b^ ***^ o.t 
tne puwhatfng agootna ottaat.cne pamea 
tendering for the above wtU require to 
furnish full speoineattons and cuts of 
tlvtf machine they Intend to supply, and 
tho time t^ey require to doltver free at 
city store room. Pandora Street, and to 
guarantee the machine against mechani- 
cal defects for the space of three 

The lowest or any tender not neces- 
sarily accepted. 


Purchasing Agent. 

City Hall, March 19. 1912. 


Tenders will be received by the under- 
signed up to 8 p.m. on Monday. March 
35. 1812 

For 20 tons %,inch lead pipe as per 
sample and apaoixteationg'whten can He 
seen at the offico of the Purchasing 
Agent, City Hall. 

Lowest or any tender npt aeoasaarlly 

t*ar«ha8t3ig' A^ront 

aty Hall. Mareb IS. IfVL 


separate fender irtll ba vaoalvwf tip to 
a p. m. Monday, April tat. IM, for 
Blectriesl aupplics, samples And swMBtH' 
^ttoas can ba seen at the Pu««]b|Mdn«; 
.IdROat's olBeO Ut wbom all tendars ninat 
1^ addnss^ 

The lowail'or our Vts9»r sot B>et»» 
sarily aceaptad. "^ 

' WM. W« MO»<rHCO«3*. 
Itnroltaslag Agent, 
cnty Hall. Mareb l«th. l»ts. 

■- . . :.- r .. ■ „ .il..,. M , « , „ ■, < , , , ,. 


* - . I . . . . . „ .1 . ^, 

Tenders wui be f«etfv«|.ap to Widay. 
the Mnd Insi. 8 p. m^ jToJMi'brlfdc UtaOk- 
sKitb's btiUdtnf. acooirdfair to ptam and 
apac}flo»tl«na whleta can ba seen *.% tbO 
offioe Of th« undaratgned, to whom tend- 
era must ba addraased. A certuod cbeqne 
Of i per dent, en wnOunt of tender on a 
C a n a di a n t^aurtsrsA ^x^aX te aecompan^ 
each tender, made paynble to the City 
Treasurer. .The attc;osssfOl tenderer's 
cheque Will ba rataMad -na security for 
thf work until flnlsbtkd. The unauooeaa- 
f ul tenderers' obatiaaia will be raftimed 
OA the atgnlng of oontraot. Tb* lowest 
or any tendar not neoassas^ly neiMpi*^ 

WM. W. TiOWtUiSOTft , - 
' PurenasUf Ai^f. 

Oty Hall, Miu«li'l9. 1011 

Western Dominion Land 
and Investment Co., Ltd. 

with which is incorporated 

Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Ltd. 

Beg to announce that in addition to their Victoria, Vancou- 
ver and London, Englaiid," branches, they have now 
opened a Branch Office at 


where a Real Estate, In.^urancc and GcneraJ Financial Busi- 
ness will be conductec' 

SON &^m: 



Canadian Marconi 

103-6 Pemberton Building. 


Conp^Staa imr'iif 
(a Be BMatad 

sMnwar," IMIIsH 

Tb* s**«rt«HiM '^•f^'luplih Columbia in- 
sdtii )«6ii»p«am»;piaa* ter the gwoMna 

«BlwaB» and «Hi»n '<>«■ tho propos«|*i*. 
ttnlveiSit*, iteewer with more jB ii Hwd 
-'—^ "^^ "^1 Buildings to be erected a«t 
kted cost ot 81,600,000. 
iU.OOO win be given for the 
most successful designs submitted. 

Particulars of the competition and plan 
Ite may be obtained on request from the 

lo be sent in by July Slat, 

vnivenniy. «*|ii 


Parliament Bulldluas. 
Victoria, Brltiih Columbia. 

Maynard & Sons 

Insttnictedby Mr. .1. A. Van Tassel, we 
will sell at the 


t Beacon HUl) 


2 pein* 

AH the furniture and effects In the 
hotel. Including: English piano, parlor, 
dining room and bedroom furniture, all 
the bedding, etc., Nti«;get steel range. 
On view Tuesday morning. 


Preliminary Notic* 
. iiMtrubt«d,br tbe own«rs 
«*H at tb» 

~<Late Pease's Farm) 

Bnmslds Bead 


Tuesday, April 2nd 




Liirge Incubator of 16,000 egg 
,,cai)<uiiy. Also balanofe of luixiber and 
galvanized iron. 

Further particulars later. This sale 
is open for entrle-s. 

MATNABD at soxrs 

Auotlonaers 796 View Street 

Davies & Sons 

Arc aelUnfr out large quantity ot 


•tovaa and Other Xfleota at 


Advertise in THE COLONIST 


Notice Is hereby given that all persons 
having claims against the estate of 
Rob<-rt McFaddon, late of Victoria, 
British Columbia, who died on the 
;Jth day ot November, 19U, and whose 
„W1U has been proved In the Supreme Court 
of British Columbia by Susan Maddaford 
iicPadden' and William McKaddon, the ex- 
ecutrix and executor therein named, are 
hereby required to send particulars of their 
claims to the undersigned on or l>efore the 
10th day of May, 191:!, after which date the 
executors will iiroceed to distribute the as- 
sets of the deceased among the parties en- 
titled thereto, having regard only to the 
claims ot which thoy shall then have had 
notice; and all persons lndebt»d to tho de- 
ceased are requested to pay the amount of 
ihelr Indebtedness to tho undersigned forth- 

VIcto-la, B. C. 

UQCOR AC-r. 1310. 

Section 35.) 
NOTICE is hereby given that. on the 
Fifth day of March next, application will 
bt. made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Polios for the grant of a license for the 
sale of liquor by retail In and upon the 
premises known as The Hotel Ganges, sit- 
uate at Ganges, Salt Spring Island. B. C., 
upon the lands described as tbe northeast 
eorner section two (2), range three (3) east, 
bait Spring Island, B. C. 

Dated this 1st day of February. 1913. 




Preliminary Notice 

Messrs, Stewart Williams 
& Co. 

duly Instructed by K. B. McKay, ISsq,, 
late Surveyor General, will sell by 


.\t his residence, 

617 Douglas St. 

opposite the Parliament BiilIdlngK 

Tuesday, April 2 

at 2 ii'.'lDCk the whole of lii« nearly new 
nnd well hept TurnUurc and Effects. 
Fvirthpr pnrtlouliir.'< liiior, 
'i.'uo A, — tiuutier. btbWu.i. Williams. 





Have the honor of informing the public that they have been 
instructed to sell by Public Auction on 


Instead of the 2nd 
(.\t a ])lacc til 1)0 mentioned later), 360 lois, niDre or less, in 

tlie townsite of 


Being a subdivision of Section 3, Quatsino District 

For further particulars, apply to 

An excellent business 
location, lot 6ox(5o, with 
side entrance on lane. 

pi.-:r I'OOT. 

About one-fifth cash. 

Sec 11.-- altdUl thi.s. 

British Canadian 
Securities. Ltd. 

909 Go verrim€iiir Street 





8ur.d«y, March 24, 1912 

The C. P. R. Has Just 
Ordered Five Hun- 
dred More Workmen 
to go to Coquitlam 

Every Day Somebody 
Else Makes a Small For- 
tune out of Good inside 
Lots at Coquitlam 

Everybody who is waittiig^ 

i«g-^;ai^ifato^:oat^ of' -CotimtlaiB^ ' . "Sma^iaiiimmm^,'^ 
tien ■ wi!«|li|gdng ,n^ 


-• -^Theyi^' 
rush ther#~^ 
who can keep up with 

• '^Five other railways besi4|||:,the^.v %it--^ 

One. has floated aloan oiMllpl t0 c^ *^^ 

terminals or ''exten^ve }ii^^^rc.;/T:i^^ ^-p^ill^liOft, 

and money for those who 6t;wi lots. C* ;■; ' 

More industries, more hotels^ more restauran^^ggp botises, 
more offices, more people, more everything for OS^qmbm every 
day. More money for you if you are in right. 

Get in right. 



commg a 



1)6 you Imow what HlWttis to a city to g«^ con^iJfa^^ 1^ 

iiliyx railways go to the $ai^^ 

^^^^s in buUdihg fine 9i»fts, rtimiing modern, fast 

il^iB«t««l9St of aU by low freight fpg^ 
ttiage for manuf actureri^pwi 

and up 


The C.P.R., G.T.P. 

G. N. R., Union and 
Southern Pacific, and 
Chicago, Milwaukee & 
Puget Sound Railways 
will make Coquitlam 

' f^^.?^& '%y V -'** ' 

Added to this, Coquitlam wiU be a deep fresh-water ocean port, 
where any vessel can sail— at low tide the water of the Pitt River 
.is 60 feet deep. 

Coquitlam will also have two tram lines undoubtedly in the 
near future. The power hues run through there now. - It will 
have cheap electric light and power, also at competitive rates. 

And, being an.ocean port, readily accessible to the coal mines of 
Vancouver Island and the rest of the world, CoquitiamwiU also be 
able to get "black" coal at the cheapest rates. 

Meridian Centre is the Coquitlam "Golden Egg"— a rare prize 
for investors. 

Meridian Centre fronts on three commercial thoroughfares, lies 
ao to 40 feet higher than surrounding property, is near the 

]^li|feess centre, and both the G. T. F. 
'^^^^^tss through Meridian Centre. 

CentrJffl M>W good water, electric power and 

^^g ^^ |||aa^^^r|tlt|^^ ^^°"*^ °^ ^ splendid 99- 

•|oot,rbad,%i&^ the municipality shortly. 

The Coquitlam golden egg is going to be served during the next 

few days. Take the advice of ourselves and others who are sell- 

sr adjacent property which they bought weeks ago, and 

vv^^in Meridian Centre. These men are making a big profit 

on ^ir former purchases, but recognize that they can begin on 

the ground floor price right in the heart of Coquitlam all over again 

by buying Meridian Centre. 

If you live in the city or vicinity, call at once. We are open 
every evening. 

Dont wait another day. When 
the full importance 6f all these 
lately announced railway develop- 
ments become generally known, 
you can't get inside Coquitlam lots 
at double the present prices. 

Wire at our expense saying how 
many lots you can handle or how 
much you can pay down, and we 
will pick out the best unsold lot at 
your price. 


. . r V , .-i.n ■ and others h-x-e taken Ib-^ opportunity tlirough us of "getting in right" at Coquitlam. See that you 

Since making our inaugural announeement. dozens ot \ ■elouan, and «"^"; J^^ '-^"^^ ..i:'(3i^0l'Nn FLOOR PRICES AT MERIDIAN CENTRE, COQUITLAM. 
join this group of men who are making their money multiply m value through INSIDE LOTS A 1 OROINDILUUU 

It Is Easier To Make Your Money Work For You Than You For It 

Meri iL c!nt. .^n'fLo to 40 feet h.gher than «un.unding property ^^^^^^^^^Ji;^:^^ ^ ^^-- ^ ^-^^ ^^ "-'^ 
on a good road NOW, one that will have a tram hne and be part oi the Coast-to-Coast automoDue 
Call or wire at once or cut out the coupon attached. 


14 Cash, 

6. 12, 18 


Live Salesmen Wanted 

In nil sections of Vancouver Isl- 
Good commissions paid. 


Ylotozio. B. O. 



1229 Douglas Street 

Geo. C. Crux, Mgr. Real Estate Dept. 

42 1 Pender Street West, 
Office Open Every Evening , Vancouver, B. C. 

W M, \^ ILSON & CO., 

122!) I)ouffIa.'? Strett, 

VlclorU, B. C. 

1 want to make a aulck turn- 
over on a small Investment. Senfl 
me Information about Merldao 
Centre, Coquitlam. 

Natrip . 





fjawWwwww****'*'***''" ■